Leading Military Perverts and Creeps On Parade–Or no wonder rape doesn’t matter in the military

Yes Paula. We know he was All In.

We are constantly hearing all about General Petraeus, hero, saint, and occasional Flavor Of The Week as a potential candidate for President. He had an affair with Paula Broadwell, who is a graduate of West Point, has a degree in Political Geography and Systems Engineering, a dual Masters Degree in  International Security and Conflict Resolution, and  is or was a PhD candidate (full Harvard scholarship) who claims she was doing Leadership research involving the General.  In spite of her missing literary background, Petraeus thought she was just the right person to write his Biography. And so he….um………Embedded her. Why would anybody be suspicious??

He and his Engineer Biographer carried on an affair, the length of which is uncertain. But you can be certain all efforts will be made to ensure it didn’t begin while he was still in the military, since an affair in the military is a crime.

The General’s Biography is appropriately named, “All In”.

General Petreaus throwing around one of his balls.

Ah, but so many people say, Hey! The guy is a hero! He’s America’s Best! He’s very capable and competent. Well I guess that’s true, if you consider he was the head of the CIA and couldn’t even carry on a covert affair successfully. Just saying. It’s also true if you actually think personal life and character Don’t Count When It Comes To National Security. More about that later.

…..And then there was the revelation that Ms. Broadwell may have taken advantage of her access to classified information on the General’s computer, or in his shorts, or somewhere. This was followed by the additional revelation that she anonymously sent harassing emails to Petraeus friend, “socialite” and “volunteer” military “social liaison,”  Jill (Khawam) Kelley. One would wonder just how bright a West Point Grad with a  degree in Systems Engineering could be when she imagined that her emails couldn’t be traced, but nevermind. The Not-So-Anonymous emails were under investigation by a FBI agent who is a friend of Jill Kelley, until he got pulled off the case after it was discovered that he sent shirtless photos of himself to Kelley. So,  if we have a friend in the FBI, (as we all do,  right?), we can call  him and get that agent to investigate something personally instead of passing the case onto a neutral, objective  party like any sensible professional would do.

I swear they were just 30000 internet jokes!

The plot thickened like cold molasses when it was discovered that Kelley was also receiving “Inappropriate communications” from Petreaus’ Afghanistan Command replacement, General John Allen.

Apparently, while soldiers were eating desert dust and being shot at by Taliban Goatfuckers under his command, The General found the time to transmit “Up to 30000 pages of communications” to Kelley over a period of two years.  Are they kidding? Stephen King doesn’t write 30000 pages in two years. Of course, nobody has any idea what “Inappropriate” means at this point, which makes speculation the Fun Thing For Bloggers And Talking Heads To Do.  The truth about those pages is obviously saved for the next episode of The Emperors Have No Clothes.  In any event, I’m sure they weren’t exchanging chili recipes.

Would you like to see a photo of  The Kardashians   “socialites” Jill Kelley and her twin sister  Natalie Kahwam with  Holly and Davey Petraeus?  Thought so. Here you go.

No visible generation gap there or anything, right? They all appear to have so much in common, don’t you think? You can read about Jill and twin sister Natalie. “who courted generals and racked up millions in debt”  here. Nothing to worry about with these two, right? That’s why, after a judge granted custody of  Natalie’s kids to their father and questioned Natalie’s honesty quotient, Ole Davey wrote a letter to the judge for her to increase her limited time with her children–As did General Allen. If offered, I would  make the bet that Paula didn’t send those anonymous emails for nothing. Paula is starting to look really good next to these two. But hey, what do I know.

All of this kind of makes your head spin, doesn’t it?

…….And of course, there is that twist with respect to Benghazi and how Altar Boy General Patraeus had to resign because he was innocently tempted against his will by a slut, who is *”Aggressive and Unhinged,” (*Note: look at the url and note NYMag forgot to change the url name when they changed the Title to “Ambitious and Inappropriate”). Not that The General is Ambitious and Inappropriate, or even Aggressive and Unhinged, mind you.  Boys will be boys! Anyways, this resignation put everybody who ever  salivated over a conspiracy into a feeding frenzy, because now  The General Won’t Testify About Benghazi.  Nonsense. He will testify. That is, unless subpoenas no longer exist in this parallel universe.

*Screen Shot.

Anyways, being the curious soul I am, I started looking into this situation myself and never dreamed where it would take me.

Truth is, compared to  the rest of what’s going on among our Military Leadership, Petraeus looks like a Boy Scout. A very Dumb Pre-Pubescent Jerkoff Boy Scout who was taught neither self-control nor common sense over at West Point.

Let me elaborate:

See this Perverted Piece of Shit with the Dead Eyes?

Imagine that you and he are deployed in a remote Middle Eastern shithole, with nowhere to turn because he’s the Boss.

This Cockroach is Brigadier General Jeffry Sinclair. He’s been the target of  hearings  during the past week on the following charges: Forcible Sodomy (Military for RAPE), pornography, ignoring orders, alcohol, and misusing government charge cards.

Imagine this ugly bastard demanding that you perform oral sex on him and then threatening to kill you if you tell anyone.

Take your time. I’ll wait.

Imagine this ugly cockroach  pressuring you in a threatening tone to send him naked photos of yourself.

Imagine having an affair with this piece of shit, deciding you want to get away from this animal, only to find out he’s not going to let that happen.

Take your time again. I’ll wait. Oh and one more thing: Obviously all these women who testified, lied. He’s just a sweet, sweet innocent fellow with eyes like a shark who got set up. Besides, he’s a competent General and that’s what counts. Unless you are a woman trying to serve  your country while being held captive by this cockroach.

……..And we wonder why Rape is no big deal in the military, considering the morally bankrupt crap that lives At The Top of the heirarchy?


Okay, enough about that putrid piece of whale shit, Jeffry Sinclair.

Now I would like you to meet 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team, Col. James H. Johnson III.

This creep was charged with bigamy with an Iraqi woman, paying off her father, hiring her as some kind of  liaison,  and fraud – meaning he bilked the government out of six figures.

His punishment? He was fined $300k. Oh, and he was ‘relieved” of his command and given a formal “Reprimand”. He’s still in the military. Yes that’s right, I said he’s still in the military — and he’s still Col James H. Johnson III. Of course, he’s the son of  Retired Lt. Gen. James H. Johnson Jr, but I’m sure that didn’t make a difference, aren’t you? Doesn’t this make you feel so very safe, knowing guys like this are in military leadership roles??

And we wonder why Rape is no big deal in the Military.

What do you think would have become of this thieving bigamist if he were an enlisted man?

Take your time answering this. I’ll wait.


There’s more.

Just as I was done shaking my head, thinking I was reading transcripts from the old “That’s Incredible” series, I remembered the story about an undisclosed number of Pentagon employees and Contractors, who were caught working day and nite protecting you and collecting Child Pornography on government computers.

I remember covering these Effing perverts, and now I am wondering what became of them. Their names weren’t released because their privacy is more important than the children who live next door to  child porn afficionados. If they weren’t government employees, their disgusting faces would be plastered all over front pages, like they deserve.

I wouldn’t bet that they are no longer working at the Pentagon either.

All of these stories kind of make you wonder who hasn’t been caught yet, doesn’t it? Which brings me to the question of whether “Personal lives” are any of our business. We are hearing how maybe we shouldn’t bother with these little “character flaws” and should focus on competence with  military leaders. Well I can attest that in the Real World, if you go to work for a company that has military contracts and need secret clearance, they will investigate your ass to the nines, up to and including your personal life and character. Unless things have changed dramatically and National Security is an “open border,”  this is a fact, Jack. Character DOES count. Affairs, perversions, weaknesses and habits,  and things like mounting debt, theft, drugs, gambling, etc etc  can ensure you will NOT receive Secret Clearance, and don’t even mention the possibility of Top Secret Clearance. These weaknesses are all threats to security. They speak of a person who has the potential to be blackmailed or bribed for information. Furthermore, I would hope that any person with even a smidgen of morals would see things like rape, life-threats to acquire sex, and child pornography go way past the definition of a “Character Flaw”.



Finally, I leave you with one question: Have we seen any women generals involved in affairs or perverted scandals lately? In fact, have we seen  or heard from any women generals at all, lately? Ooooooooooo Rahhhhhhhhhh!


Post Script: I just wanted to say hello to Eric Cantor. If  he did try to leak the Patraeus’ affair, it’s a fine kettle of fish that didn’t work out as planned – but  it sure Effed up our confidence in our military leadership.  Not that they don’t deserve it.


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  1. Righteous.

    What matters most must never be ignored. Or forgotten. Or forgiven.

    This is why Uppity Woman does what she does.

  2. This is a must read, because this is what a certain crackpot fringe that controls the Republican party would like to do to American women.

    I snatched this link from Dakinikat’s place.


    Savita Halappanavar, who was 17 weeks pregnant, died of septicaemia a week after presenting with back pain on 21 October at University hospital in Galway, where she was found to be miscarrying.

    After the 31-year-old dentist was told that she was miscarrying, her husband reportedly said that she had asked for a medical termination a number of times over a three day period, during which she was in severe pain.

    But he said these requests were denied because a foetal heartbeat was still present and they were told at one point: “This is a Catholic country.”

    Medical staff removed the dead foetus days later after the heartbeat stopped but Halappanavar died of septicaemia on 28 October.

  3. Thank you Rev Vet. I needed that.

  4. No, thank you, Upps. As “our” very own (however sometimes reluctant) female General, rest assured that there remains a loyal Army proudly marching with you.


  5. At ease.

    You were military, am I off base here in any way?

  6. But Pat Robinson has no problem with the good general. It’s all the woman’s fault for being attractive.

    “She is an extremely good-looking woman,” Robertson said of Broadwell. “She is marathon runner, she’d run Iron Man triathlons, and so she’s out running with him, and she’s writing a biography. And I think the term is propinquity. And there was a lot of propinquity going on.”

    He then offered up this potential reasoning for Petraeus’ affair: “The man’s off in a foreign land and he’s lonely and here’s a good-looking lady throwing herself at him. He’s a man.”

  7. If anybody knows about propinquity, it’s Pat Robertson. He’s been hanging out with the devil for decades.

    Furthermore, if the General were a Democrat, Roberston would be railing about what a pervert he is and how sacred the bonds of marriage are.

  8. I’ll bet Patraeus is in one nasty mood. I’ll bet he has been in plenty of nasty moods. And guess who gets to placate his nasty moods and put up with him? Why his wife of course. I have read comments about her looks and all I could think of is, this is just another guy who wore his wife down with his ambition and temperament and now he’s trolling for someobody who looks like she once looked before he got to her. She also wasn’t supposed to get old. Only he was allowed to get old.

    This ia a common story.

  9. So… is there anyone out there that still believes that there is NO double standard or that equality under the law exists because the Constitution says so and that women still protesting and demanding their human rights are just nut cases?

  10. I too, was married to an ambitious, high maintenance guy. I left him. True liberation will never happen until we value our lives and freedom, over security.
    Beaten down women belong in Peggy Lee songs, and even she, is long gone.

  11. Uppity although I agree it is a matter of security I can tell you from personal experience that the greatest part of our enlisted men are doing this and not getting into trouble unless you have the ” pesky wife” forcing the issue. I know this to be true because when mine was caught with a hooker by the MP’s I was paid a visit by his captain to ask me to just forget about it or to divorce quietly and say it was irreconcilable differences. Many of the military wives I knew got the same thing and further told you sure don’t want to be the one to disgrace the military and a hero do you ?
    What I am trying to put out here is this stuff is so common place in the military it is unreal. The man I had been married to is of course my ex and I did not bring adultery into it trust me here. Is it wrong ? YES but it is what it is and back then a woman was still not protected under the law. I just knew far too much of this going on and top brass was no different. Yes these guys go and risk their lives and that alone makes them get a green card if you get my drift. So I will just say this again from the President down this stuff goes on, is it right ? No but is it going to stop again NO. Is it a security risk ? Yes but spies ( cia) have been bedding women for info forever and are told to do so. Could this woman have secrets ? Yes . Will she talk ? I doubt it.

  12. Men use women and that is a fact. We are still seen as the lesser. It has changed a great deal but the fight is long long from over and even if we get to be equal women will fight or have to continue to fight to retain that status. Men somehow think what God gave them between their legs makes them superior and all women need that thing. News flash men….. although it might be fun and feel good they also come in boxes with no male attached lmao.

  13. Yeah well I’m sure the generals’ wives got plenty of those visits. I do wonder how it is they expect women to take this indefinitely. Note your own is an “Ex”. The thing is, Utah, is shit rolls downhill. The attitude of leaders leaches out to the workers. It’s that way in companies and it’s that way in the military. Shit rolls downhill. And that is why I mentioned that rape is no big deal in the military. Secondly, these CEO Generals think of the troops as lowlife implementers just like in corporate America. The people doing the real work in the field while generals send emails to women don’t know what the Generals know. They know a piece of what’s up, their current mission. These generals know EVERYTHING that is tied to our national security and therefore their behaviors ARE a security risk

  14. conner, my grandmother used to say never marry a guy who is even prettier than you are. lol.

  15. She also said, Whatever a man will do once, he will do again.

    Wise woman, that immigrant with no education.

  16. I know people who worked for General Allen and think the world of him.i do not trust the reporting on this part of the story. The number of emails allegedly exchanged with the socialite seems overstated. My guess is that 30000 emails exist and are being examined and the number involving her is much smaller. But the press just keep talking for ratings and any innocent people will just be collateral damage. No such thing as waiting to get the story right. Just my two cents on Allen. I do not trust what I hear from the babbling idiot press.

    I do want to know more about why military top brass is hanging out with socialites, particularly ones with big legal and financial problems and ties to a funky cancer charity. We need to cut defense party spending.

  17. I am willing to bet that Paula was onto something with that Kelley woman and we have just reached the tip of the iceberg with these two sister con artists who made idiots of Generals.

    I saw on one of the news channels this morning that she wants the press gone and told them she is an “Honorary consulate” and is entitled to “immunity” This woman is Walter Mitty. Pocketa Pocketa Pocketa.

    She is in huge debt pretendig to be a socialite.

  18. Hugo, totally agree that there is no way this guy wrote 30000 emails to her. I think I mentioned that in the piece. I’m sure he has people who think the world of him and he let them down by hanging out with troublesome people and put himself in a risk position. It’s as simple as that.

    Fox is reporting that their ‘source’ says some of his emails were “phone sex” quality. They should talk, since Bill O knows all about trying to force employees into phone sex. I don’t trust fox, but am a bit surprised they aren’t defending the General, it’s who they are. So there must be something there. Time will tell.

  19. We’re talking about a guy who was about to be appointed Supreme Commander, fucking around with opportunistic children at parties and sending out emails to them besides. I blame him for any part he holds in this. He’s supposed to be an adult, a leader leading by example, and a man with a measure of control and good sense, considering his job.

    What’s going on here is not just a ‘mistake’ on the part of these generals. It smacks of egomania, immaturity and downright stupidity and it is a huge travesty for America to see them naked like this because of their own bad judgment.

  20. This is likely the tip of some bizarre iceberg, indeed. What is going on between top brass and these party people? Why are they so tight with a socialite that they write letters to the Court in her sister’s custody care? This smells. The press needs to get cracking on the military party scene. Given the Fort Hood workplace violence, why have questionable creatures partying with our open brass. Hello. Anyone convened about security at Central Command? Scary!

  21. We don’t have all the facts and I’m just guessing no one has seen all the e-mails, including FOX. Also, investigators need to determine who had access to Allen’s E-mail. Thy need to prove he personally sent any such email. Petraeus confessed and Allen has not. Panetta is still standing by him. No doubt, guilty or not, Allen will not likely be promoted.

  22. lol hugo, today’s press is too dumb and lazy to investigate beyond what comes off the wire. Seriously, they don’t even know how to actually investigate things nor do their owners want them to. They read their reporting from something somebodoy else either wrote or approved. And you are right, there is something seriously wrong with this picture. That two sisters nobody really even knows, can pretend to be socialites, become “Honorary Consolates” in Korea (yup he made her an honorary consolate) and have ready access to top brass by first name, hobnob with them at parties and God Knows What Else, while being in $2 million debt to keep up the sham.

  23. I heard that Kelley speak about her ‘immunity’ etc, and she sounded kind of dumb and childish to me. She’s their own Snookie. lol.

    And what if she has other reasons to have infiltrated them, hey?

  24. Let’s just say a woman General would have discounted them in about 15 seconds. It’s the antenna thing.

  25. Dirbags at FOX just did a ‘panel’ discussing why men in power do these things and women done. The answer: Why men do it because the Can and women don’t do it because they Can’t, and this is because there aren’t enough of them in power but as soon as their is then they Can. And of course they used women to discuss this to confirm it.

    Assholes. Somebody should shutter FOX and MSNBC

    Incidentally, Patraeus WILL be testifying on Benghazi. Scrap that conspiracy theory.

  26. Dumb and lazy press. Exactly.

  27. A roundup of all the references to Paula Broadwell’s body in the press.

  28. Kick ass post Uppity!

  29. One last thought about the lazy, dumbass press and this story: I can’t recall whether it was CNN or FOX who kept repeating that there was a link between Monica Lewinsky, Kelly, and Broadwell. I stayed tuned to hear the details, and all they had was that one of them hired an attorney who had something to do with the old witch hunt, and the other knows a guy who knows a guy who hired an attorney with a link to that same old BS from the ’90s. Just more evidence that the MSM is pukeworthy when they try to cook up a bogus link between this story and Clintons.

    Pea brains!

  30. Yeah FOX loves shitcanning Bill and Hill. Assholes. Jealous because they’ve go nobody anybody wants to follow. Bush gone four years and even they never think of him.

  31. You must include this general UW.


    He got off easy. $30,000 in payback, 1 star demotion and still receives $200,000+ in pension and benefits.,

  32. Brilliant, Uppity. And frightening.

  33. Funny how that General lost a star and robbed a fraction of what the bigamist robbed but he didn’t lose a star because his daddy is a general too.

    $200000 in PENSION? We pay them 200k in PENSIONS? WTF! No wonder we’re broke. And they pick on seniors making $13k a year on social security, and they actually paid something into it.

  34. Conan, whom I almost never find funny said Paula’s book comes in hard cover and REALLY hard cover. lol

  35. Your link article mentioned a comment that Broadwell was more of an acolyte, not to be taken seriously as a reporter – my thoughts, exactly, on most of the coverage of Obama. Those two “billion dollar campaigns” spent most of that cash on TV advertising. So, WHO exactly benefits from spinning and grinding the facts to keep viewers following the leads? Would you not call those jokers “acolytes?”

  36. Stunning, isn’t it?

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