The Secret Life of Walter Mitty’s cousin Jill Kelley

Nothing like knowing your top Generals have discernment when it comes to who they hang out with.  Feel free to read James Thurber’s Secret Life Of Walter Mitty  and tell me this turkey, whom nobody really knows, isn’t living in Walter Mitty lah-lah land.

More amazing: She managed to get personal access to the USA’s Brilliant  Top Brass. My apologies to those who are offended, but……….Jesus Chrrrrrrrist!

Listen to the analyst at the end of this video. I’m with her. WTF were these guys doing? hanging out with……this? Something is REALLY wrong here.

Is Next: Jill and Natalie Reality Show.

UPDATE: Daily Beast has Jill Kelley history.


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  1. And according to the Washington Post:

    “A military officer who is a former member of Petraeus’s staff said Kelley was a “self-appointed” go-between for Central Command officers with Lebanese and other Middle Eastern officials.”

    WTH? I find this very disturbing to say the least.

  2. Oh Jesus. i can’t believe this stupidity.

    I just KNOW there’s something really big and awful associated with these two sisters.

  3. Reminds me of that tacky couple that kept managing to get into Obama parties.

  4. Piers or however the H he spells it, is such an idiot. He is so off base as to border upon moronic.

  5. This is better than any mystery novel ever written. I am guessing there are many women like these that are paid to get close to these men, so they can be controlled if needed at some point in time. The bottom line is this is all a smoke screen. The CIA probably has a secret detention camp near by. Obama did not allow help for those who were murdered. And worst of all: It was being watched live. I keep saying Nixon lied, and nobody died. Obama lies, people die.

  6. Hillbilly the daily beast link i just posted sheds some light on hiw these woman got in the fold. Still, these guys are dumb.

  7. Dumb is being polite UW.

  8. Excellent threads and posts, Upps. The last thread was so hysterical and so right on. It is a wonder how you put it all under the microscope and pick out all the little cockroaches and their little lies.

    The whole damn lot of them should be fired as soon as they are investigated briefly. They do not need to spend millions of tax dollars to out these incompetent and dangerous dick-thinking fools.

    NY Mag had it right in the url. The people in power on both sides of the aisle aren’t worthy of their status at all. They didn’t even know that these con-job sisters were broke and spending like they were rich.

    I may not be rich but I am happy eating my PB&J in peace.

  9. The quote that Beata posted is extremely disturbing. Not sure why we spend money on security clearance, than have loose cannons like this with that type of access. Finanacial problems…ME connections…free access to rooms full of top US military brass…what could go wrong??

  10. Did the sisters think they were going to get money for their story? I mean the affair between the writer and the general had been going on for years – so why all of a sudden would she send one of these scum threating emails? I still say the emails were not really from the writer but some one else who thinks that all women would act that way – so that brings us back to the twins.

    The twin tramps have to have an angle. Are they buds with Jar Jar? The more they talk the worse the look (and they look pretty bad).

    This is not about infidelity – it sounds more like it’s about information that would make Benghazi look like a walk in the park and this is an attempt to make sure that info never sees the light of day. And I still say it is to take the spotlight on something the WH wants to pull.

    Yes, I think a female general would be on the look out for such trash. But then women, if half way intelligent, know to avoid stupid crap because the least little thing will stale their careers.

  11. The Kelly family ran a bogus cancer charity. Well, bless their rotten greedy hearts. They fooled the head of the CIA. Besides having an affair and thinking he could conceal it when he wasn’t good enough to even do that, his choice of wimmenz he trusted is astounding. How did this jerk manage to pick a great wife?

    Obama is doing a serious presser. He is however picking the reporters in a strange way. He is calling names from the audience specifically. They are asking mostly other questions and not much on Benghazi. Tax cliff – I agree with the dems – tax the top 2% and keep the other 98% at the same rate they are now. The rest of his responses are so haltingly stated it seems he has to really think about his stance. His usual um, uh, oh, ah, pauses are as annoying as ever. Also his arrogance is as “in your face” as ever.

  12. Hey, maybe there are some good porn titles to be had: Saving Private Parts, Rear Hunter,Whora Whora Whora, Ten Inches To Navabone, The Battle For His Bulge,….:)

  13. Hugo I just found you in spam twice. I have no idea why. Carry on. lol.

  14. TY Karen, I’ve always been a person examinig the bark when everyone else was looking at the trees.

  15. LOL Hillbilly you bad boy.

  16. See, this is why we can’t have men in charge of the CIA. A nice pair of boobs is all you need for full “access.”

  17. I am just a poser though, I don’t watch that crap.

  18. TY, Uppity.

  19. MB, egggggggggsactly.

  20. I guess it was just your turn for the spam gremlin, Hugo.

  21. Paula’s drivers license found in a park. A person with access to sensitive information can’t keep track of her license. Cracking up here.

  22. The infamous Rock Creek Park.

    Hee – someone beat O to the punchline on using the local for their latest pulp fiction.

  23. Goodness gracious, these men and women are not exactly the “best and brightest,” are they? 😆

  24. lol. Hard to believe, isn’t it?

  25. How sad is it that our own top generals are making us laugh our asses off.

  26. Sadly Boys will be Boys. 🙄

  27. Gotta start salt petering these idiots.

  28. Nixon lied, and nobody died. Obama lies, people die.:lots of them 👿

  29. Giving you a big hug, foxy.

  30. Ok, so we have a woman who has in her possession classified documents and she can’t keep track of her own DL? Good to know that her clearance has been suspended, according to a report I just heard on CNN. Next question is, was she jogging in RCP, or meeting someone.

  31. was she jogging in RCP, or meeting someone

    What a scary thought.

  32. Incidentally, no one knows where she is since this broke.

  33. To be honest, my antenna tells me that I don’t think she’s a problem. She did have an affair with the guy and she is a bit mouthy about foreign affairs, kind of letting people know or think she has the inside scoop in her speeches –and she’s kind of egomaniacal, but I don’t think she had specific malicious intent other than possibly her own advancement in life.

    Now the Twins, they bother me. In the end, Jill Kelley told on herself in a way. This woman calculated her social advancement using a con. Thus, the debt. Her access to Generals was an obsession. And that is a disturbing thought. I don’t trust her.

  34. I would go so far as to suggest that the DL did not find it’s way to RCP by accident. The twins are very disturbing. It’s almost as if they found one group was going to use the affair as a threat and decided to/were asked to add their particular brand of con job into the mix to muddy the waters. Did someone promised the twins something and they tried to play people against each other to get even more? Their story, to date, is more than a bit bizarre.

    I got a blip on my phone from local news station that says the biographer is staying with her brother in DC. I would agree that she seems to have a bit of an ego but does appear to be someone who would even want to engage in small talk with the likes of those twins.

  35. I agree the twins are more alarming, but Broadwell is becoming more interesting to me now. There’s no reason I can think of for her to have classified docs in her possession if she’s just a biographer/journalist. I also agree that she’s egomaniacal. She brings to mind the astronaut who drove for hours in a diaper with duck tape and weapons to confront her lover’s lover. Just a tad twisted.

  36. Oh for sure Paula is way above Jill’s mental pay grade.

    I heard on one of the BS channels that Kelley tried to pull back the investigation, put a stop to it, when she realized some of those roads would lead back to her. In effect, her reporting those emails led to her doing herself in. Priceless.

  37. Excellent post– you sum it up so well!


  38. Natalie is a lawyer according to the daily beast link above. You should read that link. It’s got a lot of info on Jill seen nowhere else, very informatie.

    Anywho……..she’s a LAWYER and she needed two Generals to write a letter to a judge for her? She was so lame and negative in the eyes of the judge that she couldn’t come up with a lawyer’s argument for herself????????

  39. THX djmm. Check out the one below it.

  40. I wonder if Barack will give me my pony now.

  41. Ok it is juicing up and I will wait until the whole thing unravels. I loved how Obama said Benghazi is on him and if McCain and Graham want to go after someone go after him. Graham responded loud and clear they intend to do just that. Maybe I will get my dream and see Obama go out in shame.

  42. Paula is with her brother in DC. As for the twinsies, both were invited to Patraeus’ daughter wedding this summer and schmoozed with Joe Biden.

  43. Uppity — just read your last post on the military brass — frightening + coffee spew! Nice to see you in fine fetter! Thanks for the great reportage.

  44. So Joe knows them – and O knows Joe knows them……….one incestuous little circle of life.

    Did the twins sit with Joe at the off the beam table? They could not have put them at the kiddie table because the average 5 year old is faster on the uptake and has better manners. Was MO at this table because she would fit right in with this gang.

    Did Jill and Natalie think that because they do not use the same last name that no one would connect the dots?

    Is Natalie affirmative action for special foreigners graduate or paper mill graduate? Looks far too old to be a graduate of an on-line law school.

  45. Upps, did you read about Kelly’s fake cancer charity? Yes, these twins are pretty scheevy. And yes, they do remind me of the kartrashians. Black eyeshadow, tight clothes, scheming, blech. I was reading about them earlier today and scanned the posts and noticed the posts were talking about that pink dress she wore, saying it made her look like she had “double nips”. I thought that was rude, but I looked again at the pix, and it did, from the weird style of the dress. These women have no class. Those generals must be demented.

  46. Ani, I do hope you meant fettle instead of fetter.

  47. ML, they have online law schools now? I want to go for that online brain surgeon degree. Jill is married. Natalie was married, but uses her maiden name. Or something like that.

    So they got to sit with Joe. Is that supposed to be like a good thing? lol.

  48. Ladder kicker that she is aside, did anybody see that asshole reporter ask Pelosi how come she doesn’t step aside for a younger leader, and her answer was I know you ask that question of everybody except maybe Mitch McConnell. And she’s right, that pissant would have never said that to a man. Then she said she came to congress late because she had to raise her child first and men get to go to congress earlier so they get to grow their seniority starting early…….zzzzzzzzzzzzztttt!

    Now come on, that fucking reporter should be pulled off his job with a hook if he’s that much of a stupid asshole. I don’t know who he was though. Would love to know so there could be an email campaign to his employer to kick his ass out for age discrimination. I can’t believe the brain dead assholes this country is raising.

  49. Ah, his name is Luke Russert. Is that a tim russert nepotistic retread or something.

  50. Have big probing doctor appt today. Would appreciate your fingers crossed.

  51. Okay, I know it’s nancy and her awful laugh, so bear with me. Luke Russert is what NEPOTISM gets us. He should be fired for this.

  52. Good luck today, UW. Our best thoughts and prayers are with you.

  53. Fingers ,toes , everything crossed my friend.

  54. Mt Laurel, I’m surprised these two didn’t jump on Joe’s lap to take a pic like the biker. Nuts, the world is nuts.

  55. Splains a lot.

  56. Leaving shortly. I hate this shit.

  57. While you are there think about Peyton Place in DC and laugh. I’m sure that will let them know that you are just fine.

  58. Check out all the Red Solo cups! Reminds me of a tune:

  59. Best of luck, Uppity.

    I know this is way OT, but I think it’s worth sharing for those interested in food safety. Apparently USDA is planning some changes to the poultry inspection procedures. And the press is not paying much attention. Thank God for whistleblowers. I have not read the proposed new rules, but I’ve read some stuff on prior attempts to speed up the inspections and it sounds like safety is not in the equation. eeeewwww!

  60. *waiting with fingers crossed for UW to check in*

  61. Big Dawg admires Ann Romney and says Sandy won it for The One.

    Romney: “I spoke with president Clinton the day before yesterday, he called and spent thirty minutes chatting with me. He said a week out I thought you were going to win. And he said, but the hurricane happened, and it gave the president a chance to be presidential, and to look bipartisan, and you know he got a little more momentum, and of course he also said that when he was watching Ann speak at the Republican convention, he decided he was tempted to join the Republican Party. So he may have just been effusive with generous comments as he chatted.”

  62. Yes Uppity, there are online law schools.

    Having worked with the DC government quite a bit, I am more than familiar with people who “earned” degrees by paying “tuitions”, taking a couple classes at a local rent a room site, recycling papers written by others and buying graduation gear. It happens with the Feds as well but there people are more likely to out questionable credentials some point.* To date, this is not as prominent in the VA and MD governments.

    *Note: Unless they have the right connections or are a cabinet appointee of a certain person who looked presidential in photo ops.

  63. I’m home and still standing. Cystocope and ultrasound. At least so far, it does not appear that my problems are going to kill me in a horrific way, if you get my drift. For this I am relieved, at least so far. Still have an IVP and possiblly something else, I think a cat scan. Will be scheduled today. Given my history with ornery kidneys from days gone by and the presence of microscopic blood, they aren’t leaving stones unturned. I was stressed big time with worry waiting for an appointment with the urologist I wanted. I felt waiting for the best in the area trumped seeing somebody mediocre in a hurry. So, I’ve passed a hurdle in that he didn’t see any biopsy-able things, but kidneys require some more visuals, especially since the issue is not resolved yet.

    That’s all I have for now and I’m okay, just a little tired and that cystoscope was not a day at the beach, although at least I knew what to expect from the past.

  64. Praying for you Upps.XOXO XO 🙂

  65. Ah, his name is Luke Russert. Is that a tim russert nepotistic retread or something.
    Yep making Daddy Tim proud. :roll;

  66. Now THIS is a really interesting expose of the USA Press. They will print any drivel, any lie, and tiptoe around the truth for one thing and one thing only: ACCESS. Pls read it.

  67. Cystoscopy?!

  68. So I had to have them do that to me to get you over here! Damn! It was worth it, then.

  69. CCCann’t talk….still wincing over cystoscopy…..
    glad you are okay though Uppity!

  70. Yeah, think razorblades later. And scotch poured on the wounds. That about sums it up.

  71. Moron ties dog to phone booth while buying at Starbucks, comes out, finds dog stolen. Now the shitbag who did this deserves some serious pain and suffering if she’s ever found, but I have to say that anybody who ties their beautiful dog outside a bulding, leaving it unattended is a complete idiot.

  72. Ouch! How about just drinking the scotch and call it a day! Here you are on the computer after all that! You are Uppity and Tough!

  73. Eh I am in bed with a laptop, so not THAT tough. Mr U is going to make dinner for me and he’s a good cook, and He’ll do the laundry. I ain’t hurting enough not to think. Just prefer not to take a leak for a week or so but I suppose that’s not an option.

  74. Ouch again! imustchangethesubject. Did you see this on gretawire? Walter Mitty’s cuz says she had breakfast at the WH on Sept 28th. Is that anything like “Breakfast at Tiffany’s?”

  75. LOL Breakfast at Tiffany’s!

    Oh Lord that Jill Kelley is some seriously Mitty-type character. She’s got a really exaggerated sense of her own value. In the real world they call them Groupies. Needs a sociopath test.

  76. Most of us would run away like our hair was on fire if we saw Joe Biden coming at us.

  77. I forgot holly had a kitteh!

    Jill’s going to melt down becuase she lost her access and will have to go back to just being a regular person. Well almost-regular, considering she’s wierd. She’s not going to like her life stripped bare and showing her for who she is. And that $2 million debt is probably going to occupy some time watching the mercedes be repo-d and looking for an apartment next to the dirty masses. Good thing she’s married to a surgeon. For now. Bet she’s sorry she contacted that FBI guy with the shirt.

  78. Yikes! Joe Biden and Cystoscopies in less than an hour….has this turned into a horror blog when I wasn’t looking??

  79. Only for me, imust.

  80. As for Nancy the Ladder Kicker…I say….Karma Baby! How funny that Luke Russert, of all people, okay of all children, call her out for being too old! And her shock! Her outrage! Wasn’t it Nancy who said something about needing Obama because he was “fresh”?? Welcome to the Golden Age of Obama Nancy! Youth rules… seniors….better just go away they bother the hip ones.

  81. In late August, the Republican National Convention in Tampa served as the backdrop to a bizarre business meeting that showed how Kelley used her military connections to open doors off the base as well as on.

    Adam Victor, president of TransGas Development in New York, was in town to network and find business opportunities. Someone introduced him to Kelley, and the two spoke in a VIP section of the convention hall.

    Victor said Kelley described herself as a close friend to Petraeus, which impressed him. In fact, he said, Kelley told him she might help him with a coal gasification project in South Korea. She said she could gain him access to the highest levels of the South Korean government, Victor said.

    Kelley told him she was an honorary consul for South Korea, and Victor said she told him she had obtained the position with the help of Petraeus.

    Kelley and Victor later met in New York. Kelley mentioned her fee if any deal was brokered — $80 million. The fee was so unrealistic and excessive, Victor said, he immediately realized he was dealing with an amateur. He rejected it out of hand. He said Kelley then asked for a counter proposal. But Victor wasn’t biting.

    “It’s stupidity,” said Victor, who nonetheless said he liked Kelley. “It’s inexperience. I got annoyed because it was clear that I had wasted my time and money.”

    The Korean Embassy confirmed Wednesday that Kelley was appointed as one of its honorary consuls in August. South Korea is one of more than 50 member nations represented at MacDill’s Coalition Village. Embassy officials declined further comment.

    The official South Korean news agency reported that Kelley had “good connections and network and a willingness to develop Korea-U.S. relations,” including free trade. CNN said South Korean officials are monitoring the sex scandal and will revoke her status if she proves “problematic.”

    The post is unpaid and comes with no official duties. But such consuls must be approved by the U.S. State Department, which issues honorary consuls an ID.

    In a recent 911 call to Tampa police, Kelley complained about crowds of reporters around her home of Bayshore Boulevard.

    “I am an honorary consul general, so I have involability (sic). . . . They should not be able to block my property,” she told police. “I don’t know if you want to get diplomatic protection involved as well.”

    The State Department website notes honorary consuls have no such protection. Her State Department ID card says, “The bearer shall be treated with due respect.”

    “You can’t go speeding and then tell the sheriff you’re an honorary consul and immune from getting a ticket,” said Carl Kuttler, former president of St. Petersburg College and a longtime honorary consul for Russia.

    Kelley was proud of her titles.

    “Btw I was made the (honorary) Ambassador to US Central Command’s Coalition!” she told a Times reporter in a Sept. 28 email. “In addition to that, I was just recently appointed to be the Honorary Consulate General to South Korea! I’m in DC today — just left from breakfast at the White House. . . . I really hope to see you soon!”

  82. Only for me, imust.

    Do you mean that literally, figuratively…or both?

  83. Well today it’s literal. A few times it’s been figurative. lol.

  84. Yes we should replace all older women with young men from Luke’s fraternity. But we should keep the old men. Thing is, he’s an insult to women and older women everywhere. I don’ wwant to share Nancy’s karma. I want her to get hers all by herself.

  85. LOL! (don’t laugh if it hurts)

  86. it hurts anyways. lol

    Guess what? Patraeus has given an interview. Will be interesting to see his spin.

  87. True, Luke-boy insulted all women, but then again so did Nancy, “I didn’t see any sexism” “She may have benefitted from sexism” and “He’s Fresh” Pelosi!

  88. Interview or testimony? If interview, what channel?

  89. Okay, question answered before I asked…..scary!!!

  90. Oh my Uppity, I can truly feel your pain. Kidney stones by the bushel and other urinary problems run in the family . Stents are not fun but one survives. Add in all the fun with those lady parts that wanted no part of O (or at least those left) and not so benign fibroids, I have had all those tests.

    If you have never had an IVP, the prep, like with so many tests, is worse than the procedure but be warned, the table is COLD!

    How is your CBC? The best iron therapy I have even used is called Vitron-C. I found it far better than any of the run of the mills options like Slow-fe. Mixes the iron with high levels of Vitamin C and even on high dosage had few tummy problems.

  91. I am familiar with IVPs, ML. I know them and they know me. The table isn’t just cold, the dye is cold and the vein cath insert hurts. More often I’ve had them in emergency so there was no prep at all. just pain on a scale of 1-10 as a 17.

    CBC is fine, the bleeding is microscopic.

  92. All crossable body parts duly crossed for you, Upps.

    You just allow yourself to rest. Allow yourself to be pampered. Allow yourself to think positive thoughts. And do not just get well, you go right ahead and BE well.

    These things are non-negotiable. 🙂

  93. Muh dog has her chin on me. How can I go wrong?

  94. Needlenoses’s breed is the absolute best for getting one through bad days. I can feel that nose. And see those eyes. They have very kind eyes.

    I was going to add the part about the dye next (if you had never had the joy). You know, like that story about telling someone their pet has died, you do it one step at a time.

    Never had and IVP without prep. Have not had to have one in a while, I think they no longer require the 48 Fleet Prep. Perhaps that is why I thought the test itself was better. Plus, I could go and eat after two days of nothing but clear liquids.

    The dye also makes me a bit dizzy – so I try and make sure I have a designated driver.

    Best advise I ever had was that you should never end your day watching the news or anything tense but with laughter. Helps you sleep better and heal faster.

  95. Yikes Upps! Poor you. Get well hug and kisses. XXO

  96. Well since my brother died of anaphalaxis in the doctor’s office during the scratch test, I ride herd on any tests I am forced to take. I insist someone is in the room at all times and that the epi pen etc are right there. One in a Million means nothing unless you are the one in the million.

    Overall, I would say the IVP makes you feel pretty awful during the dye injection. I guess everybody sees it differently, but it’s just a general awful feeling to me.

  97. Yes Collies have that sympathetic thing they do with their eyes, ears and brows that is so endearing. And they have that all-knowing look. She’s giving me her full attention as are the cats. They don’t even want dinner yet. Very sweet.

  98. I’ll see if I can get a shot of her

  99. I’m okaay NES, considering. I’ve fought bigger monsters. That’s how I look at it.

  100. I, too, took a swipe at young Russert:

  101. Good for you NES. It’s not about that ladder kicker Nancy. It’s about women and “older” women. And it’s about a nepotistic little snot who would be selling shoes at Payless if his old man hadn’t been Tim Russsert. In fact I tweeted that to him. lol.

    That was a celebration of new women elected with all women there and that little piece of shit couldn’t resist a monkey wrench. He would have never said that to McConnell or Reid.

  102. Okay I got dinner delivered to me. I see chicken soup and an asparagus and parmesan omelet. Very nice.

    Be back.

  103. imust is BACK! Yayyyyyyyy!

    Hello, pal.

  104. Hey NES!

  105. Now if only PMM and lorac were to return, it’d be like old times again. COME HOME!

  106. I didn’t leave NES! I just took a break after the SElection!

  107. I know, imust, you returned from your break. Cause for celebration!

  108. munching and reading…

    NES I think I read enough insults from one of them right there in public not to care. You saw them yourself. With or wihout a ‘name’ it wasn’t hard to decipher. For anybody. The other person, I can hope she returns.

    There is life after political races. There are many important things in life, life is too short to fester fester fester.I did 12 yrs of it. No more. Finito.

  109. imust is a staple! here, want some omelet?

  110. Nothing like a health scare to shape you up about what’s important, what’s real and what doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of life. My enemies no longer matter to me.

  111. Omelet! Yum! imusthaveomelet! Maybe that should be my new post SElection, 2nd Golden Age of Obama handle!

  112. It’s good too.Lotsa romano cheese, and shallots. But I’m not hungry. Will have to feed some to dog so he doesn’t feel bad.

  113. Dog agrees with my last comment.

  114. The dog can read too! Amazing!

  115. She can read the omelet.

  116. Was it susan rice who called Hillary a monster? I need to know who that was so I remember to tweet Fuck You when things go sour for that person.

  117. okay nevermind. that was samantha power. She fell into the black hole, didn’t she?

  118. iwantsomeomelettoo.

  119. Omelet gone. Say thank you to dog.

  120. Far from falling “into the black hole,” Upps. Samantha Power is deeply embedded in the WH — a Deputy Nat’l Security Adviser. And, my prediction is she’ll be the next US Ambassador to the United Nations. Watch.

  121. Saw this at John Smart’s. I think this woman would be a good midterm candidate for the far right.

  122. Okay I can’t lie her any longer. This is for the birds. Gonna go get some air.

  123. A bit off on her title, but she’s definitely in the WH and connected to the National Security Council:

  124. iwantdogtoo

  125. Okay I can’t lie lay her any longer.

    Knew it! LEBANESE!!

  126. Here. I meant I can’t lie here. Was that like a freudian thing?

  127. Can’t have dog. See that link above about the guy who tied up his dog outside starbucks and someboody stole the dog? I wouldn’t try that with my dog. Instead of a later video of the thief walking the dog in a supermarket, there would be a hospital video of her having stiches.

  128. Ah well at least we don’t have to see that POS Samantha much.

  129. True that on Samantha. But then again, she resigns the campaign but still gets a post in the administration. Here’s her infamous quote:

    In a freewheeling interview conducted by the Scotsman newspaper, Power used an expletive to say the Obama campaign had blown the recent primary in Ohio. She suggested voters there had become “obsessed” with the economy and said Clinton had played on those concerns.

    “She is a monster, too — that is off the record — she is stooping to anything,” Power told political correspondent Gerri Peev. She added of Clinton: “The amount of deceit she has put forward is really unattractive.

    Yeah “obsessed” about the economy…how could we be so “obsessed”?!! It couldn’t be the high unemployment, foreclosed homes, etc…, must be Hillary Clinton!! How dare she win that primary that we couldn’t game like a caucus….er…uh….obsess about the economy!!

  130. OMG, I had the camera in the bladder test a few years ago and it was no fun at all. I had fibroids or some crap – they never did figure out why I was in pain for two weeks and bleeding. It stopped as mysteriously as it started. Lots of scary days though.

    Hope yours passes as fast as mine and with no repercussions.


    Hugs to the prodigal daughter who returned too. And a pie for each.

  131. I saw that Pelosi vid on an article I read and loved how they all stood up instantly to the spawn of the other pig who daily knee-capped Hillary.

  132. Did someone mention pie? 😉

    Glad you’re home and resting, Uppity, and that Mr. Uppity is taking good care of you.

  133. Yup that’s Samantha. She’s a real asshole and will get Hers sooner or later. They all do.

    Got some air, muh dog took me for a nice easy little walk.

  134. Happy to see imust and to hear that Uppity is taking care of herself. Hope all goes well.

    Looked at mcn’s link. Those twins are horrific. Again, I say, those generals showed an extreme lack of judgement getting mixed up with them. It looks like Paula had reason to be worried (in a subjective way of course, I know she had no bizness being involved with him in the first place), and that JK was pretty close to Petraeus.

  135. You can’t make this crap up. Politics is so filled with mudslinging that they need to wipe it out of their eyes for a few minutes so they can see what buffoons they really are.

    He also is just getting crotchety these days. Telling a reporter it was one of the dumbest questions he ever heard, etc. This man is losing it since Obama won. The Red team fans are frothing at the mouth and are slowly sinking into madness. It is sad to see people jumping off of cliffs due to Romney losing. Romney would have sucked too, FYI, Mr. McCheese.

  136. Your dog is good for what ails you. It was my day off and I went to a local animal shelter today to drop off a car trunk and backseat full of supplies on their wish list. I have been cleaning out the house and saving blankets and bird toys and items for a long time and finally got down there to drop it off. They asked for my name and I said put anonymous. It did me a world of good to think of those critters being a little more comfy and having a little more fun.

    And no, if you are wondering, I did not go inside at all. I put the stuff in the parking lot by the front entrance and ran for the hills before a pair of forelorn eyes made me a mommy!!

  137. I for one am sick of watching these two parties smack at each other. They look like little children on the playground at recess. I hate them all. I think they should all shut the fuck up, get in that room and do their job for a change, and get their fucking faces off the camera. We don’t need to hear their plans until their plans are actually there. Then we can all cheer or yell, but Jesus, shut the fuck up now, you blowasses!

    I have been toggling between MSNBC and FOX and believe me, I know why this country is in trouble. It’s a tossup as to who has the bigger partisan assholes blowing smoke out of their own asses. Enough!

    And the race is over. I do wish the Republicans would give me an option instead of making things look worse about themselves. My God.

  138. Yes Karen, my dog is good for what ails me and so are my two cats. You know that, which is why you mentioned it. Yet you won’t give yourself and a poor animal the chance to do the same for each other. You are such a good soul, you would be soooooo appreciated!

  139. Somebody keep me awake. If I go to be early I will be up at 3 AM.

  140. That’s why God invented you Upps. To appreciate me!


  141. Lorac, come here right now and trash the place. You know you want to. I will even forgive you if you put up those hideous disco vids.

  142. You know, if Texas succeeds in seceding, there will probably not ever be another Republican president in America–unless they become moderate.

  143. The other day I posted that Israel was heating up. The situation is getting worse – no surprise to anyone here. It is wonderful to spend our lives in a country under peace within our borders. It is a luxury.

  144. All 50 states have petitions now according to a headline I saw. Not that any of them will actually do it. And you’re right, the GOP will not let them. They can’t ruin the red teams game plan.

    Lorac, wake up Uppity with some awful disco music.

  145. Yes it is wonderful Karen.

    I have been following israel’s tweets.

  146. Oh Poo. Texas is seceding every five minutes.

  147. That’s why God invented you Upps. To appreciate me!


  148. No Oh no. Not the disco vids.

  149. Like to see Travolta try that now with that load in his pants.

  150. Hey I was a Dancing Queen. Today I can barely walk to the john.

  151. Needlenose will drag you around. Just latch on for help to the potty.

    Your taste in music should be bringing Lorac around any minute but don’t expect any clicks from me on any of the above. Bad girl.

  152. The mouse should flush her out.

  153. Sweet.

  154. You aren’t clicking? Are you kidding? I’m dancing here.

  155. RIP girl. Your song was so hot.

  156. Sorry upps, I don’t do disco. I don’t have a pet at the moment. I do do snack time though. Popcorn. Pies. Peanuts. Pretzels. Basically anything tonight that starts with the letter P.

  157. Hey I clean house to Marvin Gaye.

  158. Glad you can dance though! It means you’re feeling a lot better. Either that or you took all of tonights pills at once and washed it down with some of your Glen drinkiepoos.

  159. Yeah codeine does give you a parallel universe.

  160. Hey I love to dance. Period.


  162. Kitty in that vid died a few months later during teeth cleaning. Bummer. Good vets have better anesthesia for cats that reduces these things. Traditionally, cats don’t do well with anesthesia, so vets use different thnngs and also give them oxygen after the surgery to help them come out of it. One of my mother’s cats went into major depression after surgery for stones. I slept next to that cat and talked to him all night to help him orient himself again. It was damned scary.

  163. ROFL Arnold and John Edwards. Two pigs in a pod.

  164. Darn! I missed the Disco Party! 😦

  165. Yeah! You can catch up by just clicking, girl!

  166. imust, swing upps out onto the floor. She wants to hustle.

  167. Karen…

  168. I wanna do the electric slide. Drag me across the floor. lol

  169. I can do the hustle!

  170. Are you ready for the black friday live blog from you-know-where? It starts as soon as the turkey comes out of the oven this year. You can eat leftovers when you get home if there are any leftovers.

  171. Upps, all this bouncing around has to be good for the kidney action. Is your bladder full yet? Take two aspirin and call me in the morning.

    Dr. Karen.

  172. After my recuse mom cat was spayed, they put her in a large dog crate for me to take home and mentioned that she had a really bad reaction. It took me days to coax her out. I moved that darn crate into the bedroom every night so she would know I was there. Talked to her. played Christmas music, tried every food know to earth. She would drink if I used a bottle with a sport cap. After two days she started drinking and eating on her own and using the tiny litter box that would fit inside the crate. She still fears hard carriers and cages. I have to use soft side to get her to the vets. I decided right then that she would never under go anesthesia again.

  173. ROFL 102 year old doing the Elecric Slide

  174. You wore me out. Good night!

  175. lol thanks for keeping me up.

  176. ML, I know it’s scary. Been there. Boy when a cat can’t handle it you’ve got to work and hug him and and talk him back into life. I think now it’s better than it was 20 years ago though. Much better anesthesia for cats

  177. Karen I was thinking of black friday and the live blog and just concluded I can NEVER top the original.

  178. Feel better Upps. It sounds like you still have some stuff to go through, huh? Fingers crossed for you.

  179. I’m okay leslie. I’m pretty resilient. More or less.

  180. Hey, hey!! I thought last year’s BF live blog was pretty good!!

  181. Yeah because that one was yours. I’m tapped out.

  182. You wanna do it again, I’m game.

  183. It’s become a Thanksgiving tradition… football and left over turkey sandwiches!

  184. I think those two black fridays were the most hits this blog ever got in one day, except for election 2008

  185. Hey maybe we can do one together. You know, keep tabs on what the other is doing.

  186. You could just rerun your original, like they do with the Christmas movies. The “It’s a Wonderful Life” is one of my favs! “Ju-ju’s pedals?” [sniff-sniff] “Teacher says, every time you hear a bell an angel gets his wings.” [sniff-sniff]

  187. Yeah like the UW version of It’s a Wonderful Life

  188. Together? Isn’t that what was supposed to happen last time when you left me in the cold??? [tapping foot]

  189. Yes! You could call it….”It’s a Wal-Mart Life.”

  190. Every time you ring a bell a fugly person enters Walmart.

  191. ROFL! See! You’ve got another one in you!!

  192. Yeah I kinda forgot last time I was posed to be there. Wanna try again? I promise not to behave.

  193. Or you could cross it with the movie and show what life would be like if you were never born and there are Wal Marts everywhere….except when you wake up…they’re still there!!

  194. Wal MartVille.

  195. We gotta think about this one, imust.

  196. And I gotta go to bed. I’m blasted.

  197. Well, the easiest would be to do the rerun of the classic, and people will love it!! 🙂

  198. Yeah I guess. Easiest for us anyways. lol.

  199. Just don’t wake up at 3am dreaming of WalMarts!

  200. Sorry imust honey, but I’m really fading fast. Gotta go to sleep.

  201. I am very happy to read the outcome of today’s tests my friend. I wince in pain thinking about it though. I will not click a video. Sorry disco and rap are not my thing. I think I would rather face have a sledge hammer to the foot then listen to that crap. See you tomorrow I am beat. Hard day at the office.

  202. Feeling better today. Razor blades are much less powerful. Was going to email you Utah but got lazy. Sorry! And I woke up knowing “So far is so good” is a good thing and will eat the rest of the elephant one piece at a time.

    Much to a few people’s chagrin I imagine. Fuck them. And I mean that. A very wise person once told me, if someone is too emotionally expensive to be near, treat them like a dead person. I would like to be treated like a dead person by my detractors and promise to do the same in return. I like my little nitch here and I love those who like it with me. The internet is big enough for everyone and those who seek to think I or anyone else have no right here will sooner or later have to have a conversation with themselves. Life is just too short to be bothering with perpetual anger, misery and snipers. Next thing you know, you die. It ain’t worth it. Sooner or later we all have to have a conversation with ourselves, you know? I had mine. I’ll probably need to have another one now and then. Heh.

    This also means UW blog is still standing. It’s still a safe place for those who need one. And I thank God for my Third Eye and my decision to look ahead and ensure it stays that way. Look around you and know i didn’t make this decision on the fly without thought and discernment. That is all.

    While I am not completely out of the woods, I feel much better about things and see what’s important much clearer. This blog will reflect that, at least occasionally. As always, there will be no personal insults, no threats to people, no bullies, no bullshit and no chronic misery. This blog will never be a war zone. And now and then I will write some pretty good shit! I hope you grow to appreciate that.

    Carry on knowing this. I love youse.

  203. In other news, Warren Buffet finally catches up to PUMAs:

    Warren Buffett Endorses Hillary Clinton For President In 2016

    “I hope it’s Hillary Clinton,” Buffett, the fourth-richest man in the world, told CNN on Wednesday. “I like what she believes in. I think she’s extraordinarily able and energetic for that matter in pushing those beliefs. I don’t see how you could have anybody better qualified.”

  204. ROFL screw Buffett, he’s just heading where the wind is blowing

    Listen, Mornning Joe just did a blockbuster piece with Cristie and Randy Weingarten and the historical MERIT PAY contract they bargained, which was passed. I am looking for a video of that. it’s recent so might take some time today. But if anybody finds that video please give it to me, I would like to do a piece on it. They were truly on the same page.

    If it’s what it looks like this could mean an influx of attacting more of America’s Best to teaching.

  205. On this Hillary thing FOUR years ahead, I feel that they are setting her up sometimes. I mean we are talking four years here and we still have to get through this administration alive.

    I strongly believe that as soon as a boy they like shows up for 2016, they will skewer her. I don’t trust any of them.

  206. Sophie you want to check your emails.

  207. He hopes….yeah right…as if he and his ilk are the ones who actually decide these things. And btw Jimmy Buffett, she had the right beliefs AND the right skill set 4 years ago and was supremely more qualified than the toad sitting in the WH right now. P.S take your secretary out for a margarita or two, I hear she pays more taxes than you.

  208. Damn right, imust.

  209. imust, you do a good Emily Litella impression. Nevermind.

    I just saw this crapola. Now they want a woman prezzy. Now they are seeing the Hillary we saw despite the brainwashing smears of the obots and the vast right and left wing conspiracies against her.

    None of the other wimmenz have a rats chance in hell. There is only 1:

  210. Yea Uppity happy to hear today is a better day. Got to say I found that enjoying life is a great idea sometime ago and wasting time fighting with slugs who have no life other then the internet is a waste of my very precious time. It is one of the main reasons I do not come into forums or blogs that often. Yes I think your place is safe …….lmao I know it is because I know you rofffff. I have had a belly full of folks who pretend to be someone they are not on the net or have to have more hits then someone else or have to have a feeling of self importance because in the real world they have no life so to speak and can not handle the fact they are but a speck on this earth. Guess it is their way of being famous lmao. It cracks me up that folks almost worship a name on the web and then can so suddenly lose all this worship and jump ship to case another hero of the moment. roflamo. Kind of like the junkies that worship Obummer then jump ship when the rats appeared to another hero who they can go ga ga over.
    As for Hilary I believe her shot has come and was taken from her. After this next four years I believe the Pubs will get their shot again. People do this . It is a cycle. Obama will screw it up in the next four years and this I can say with certainty. The only way we will see a female in the oval office in 16 will be if she is black or Hispanic and then I do not think party will matter. This nation is so so divided over race, right and left, male female right now it is sickening and all brought to you by that great guy Barry O.

  211. Karen they will turn on her like a junkyard dog first chance they get.

  212. Hostess is going down. Twinkie addicts are going to need help.

  213. I should add and the two parties who can not get their heads out of their respective asses and govern either. They both drive good folks away from the polls . Folks are disheartened with the options they are given and many see either party is hopeless when it comes to actually getting things done that benefit the people that elect them.
    I said it before several time and will say it again.
    REPUBLICAN; the party for smaller government who can not refrain from trying to govern your vagina and uterus or weather you sleep with the same sex .
    DEMOCRAT; Pretending to be the face of feminism while going for the Stupak thing, failing to pass the paycheck fairness act, Skewering Hilary over and over, and returning folks back to slavery in a manor via welfare.
    Each election you and everyone else get to waste your time and gas to get to the polls and choose weather you are bitten by a rattlesnake and slowly die or you are gobbled by a crocodile and die faster.

  214. Yea another great thing the unions have done isn’t it ? 5000 folks are union in Hostess so their idiocy to follow their mobster bosses cause 18000 to lose their source of income. We have a huge hostess plant here and half the place here works there. I was looking a list of places that held lay off untill after the election and have since announced layoffs it is huge and I mean huge. The unemployment numbers are going to skyrocket if the government really releases the true figures. This is no cry wolf folks we are in deep shit here.

  215. Oh and on the Hostess thing. Although it is a sad thing to see so many lose their incomes and join the ranks looking for work and going on the government teat until they can get a job my hat is off to Hostess for standing up to the union thugs ! I am happy to see a company no buckle and stand up and hit back .

  216. Yes they will Upps. Make that yes they DO. Read some of the comments about her at that link. At least the mainsteam press has found attractive pics of her finally. In 08 they went out of their way to find pics of her that were awful.

    And the GOP has decided they too need to have more token wimmenz since we vote and we read and we are almost important enough to run things for real – but not quite, of course. We will stay in our places, help them win and not ask any questions. Right? Right?

    I love how the other token wimmenz are telling the big boys they need more token wimmenz to make the ruse look almost real. We know they will be the ones doing the menial tasks while the boys mansplain things to them and promise them a seat at the big table if they are good little wimmenz.

    We may as well not have the right to vote with the crap they offer us.

  217. So glad you are feeling better today, Upps. Enjoy the good things! Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. xoxo

  218. Hey, I am the vid-jockey here!:)

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