Attention shoppers: Stock up on your Twinkies. Hostess is going down. RIP Sorbic Acid

This is a sad time for Twinkie and Ho Ho addicts. Hostess is filing for bankruptcy and liquidating assets as well as about 18000 employees.

I imagine Twinkies freeze well. Besides, they have a shelf  life of something like Forever, so Twinkie-Ites can stock up. Ditto for White Bread. And nobody does White Bread like Hostess.

There was a time when it was rumored that Twinkies could survive a Nuclear attack. No kidding. That’s how long they last and how tough they are

Now why do Twinkies  last forever, you ask?  You are asking that, right? Well,  because they have enough preservatives in them to kill a rat who is just walking by one of them.

Five ingredients come from rocks.

This got my attention. However, it only got worse when I discovered that the ingredients come from phosphate mines in Idaho, gypsum mines in Oklahoma, and oil fields in China. Okay, so now I was wondering if I was watching a real news story—come to find out, I was.

The Twinkie, which was created during the Depression, contains thirty-nine ingredients. One of those ingredients is a preservative, sorbic acid. Sorbic acid is an ingredient I see on many packages, and I have never thought twice about it. But author Steve Ettlinger did. He found that sorbic acid is actually derived from natural gas.

If that isn’t shocking enough, he goes on to talk about other ingredients like cellulose gum, Polysorbate 60, and calcium sulfate. Apparently, these ingredients are also used in sheet rock, shampoo, and rocket fuel. No wonder Twinkies make kids run around like crazy and have even been used as a defense for murder!

Mr Ettlinger also found that the vitamins, artificial colors, and flavorings in Twinkies come from petroleum.

I started to wonder how this tasty treat made from gas and rocks can be so light and airy. In comes Mr. Ettlinger again. Apparently, it’s limestone that makes Twinkies light. And that tasty cream center—it’s got to be milk, right? No. It’s made of shortening; there is absolutely no cream in the cream.


Deconstructing the Twinkie is like trying to deconstruct the universe. We think the millions of people … would agree that Twinkies just taste great.—David Leavitt, Vice President Snack Marketing at Hostess.


Yup. Me too!

Yum! What a loss.

I do however support the right of  everyone to stick anything they want inside their own hopeless bodies. This is in Spite of the annoying and self-righteous Food Police who really need to show up when they are 50 to show us  just how great they look Now. However, Twinkies will not be a choice in the near future, That goes for Ho Hos too:

Irving, Texas-based Hostess has 565 distribution centers and 570 bakery outlet stores, as well as the 33 bakeries. Its brands include Wonder, Nature’s Pride, Dolly Madison, Drake’s, Butternut, Home Pride, and Merita,

Hostess blames a strike by bakers and says it does not have the financial resources to withstand a nationwide strike. Their union says the closing is the result of years of financial mismanagement. I’ll bet they’re both right.

18,400 people will lose their jobs.

Imagine the Run on Twinkies that’s going on at Walmart right now.

Imagine the run on the Unemployment office that will follow soon enough.

I went to the site for a list of their soon-to-be-gone products in anticipation of a junk food funeral — and got this message.

Minutes later, the same site redirected to, where I found a CLOSED statement. I think it’s pretty safe to say Hostess isn’t kidding.  But you Twinkie addicts can at least hope that “”Selling Assets To The Highest Bidder” also means they will sell their Twinkie recipe to somebody.  Who Knows? Little Debbie may come to the rescue since their cakes are practically bombproof too.

Or maybe the Chinese will buy the recipes, toss in some melamine and lead, and export it to the USA.

Or… can always sign the White House Petition to Nationalize the Twinkie Industry.

We the undersigned, hereby request Barack Obama to immediately Nationalize the Twinkie industry and prevent our nation from losing her sweet creamy center.


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  1. RIP sorbic acid.

  2. Now see this is a perfect example for Bain Capitol. This would be a good buy for them and restructure it and bring it back or buy it’s assets and distribute them into other companies capable of making them work. This for the most part is what Bain did. These folks are losing their jobs due to greed of the union workers and yes there was mismanagement but as I read that had been addressed and the folks responsible were let go ( most likely with a cushy golden parachute) but let go none the less. Then workers were asked to take an 8 % cut back and a 17 % health insurance increase ( Obamacare at work here) and the union told them no go and go for massive strike. Fine a company trying to come back from all kinds of bad things now told by union thugs to stick it in their ear they want their money . Well here we go a company follows through on it’s threat and closes. How’s that working out for the workers that were unwilling to give in now ? How is that working for the thousand who were not union and did not strike ? Yea that was a great plan on the unions part and goes to show how well your unions are working for you. To me this is proof a union does not represent a worker any longer but is after power and money for their bosses and to hold companies hostage to pay . Kind of similar to the days of Al Cappone when businesses had to pay protection fees to the mob to keep the mob from destroying the business.

  3. Sad to joke about but will Obama come to the rescue of what is most like MOOs favorite late night snack ? I doubt it after she has all but banned kids from eating the toxic tasty treats. She would have to come out of the closet as a late night Susie Q eater lmao

  4. It appears my Little Debbie remark is prescient. Apparently they are interested or something. Why not? They buy sorbic acid by the barrels.

  5. Hey Uppity, here’s some more evidence supporting your epic right-ness about the prez election. Only 38% Americans consider themselves pro-life while 54% Americans say they are pro choice.

    The Republican supported social agenda is going down. Fast. The GOP can go down with the ship or find a frickin lifeboat.

  6. Wow Murphy, and it’s the Republican blowjob Rasmussen saying so.

    At this moment, that party is still pretending they weren’t conservative enough and that’s why they lost. Or they have to “reach” people and deliver their ‘message’ in such a way that we all accept that we are dog shit that needs to be controlled by them. I am still waiting for that huge Gift I got from the democrats. I want my damned pony! I’m also “Urban’ so I must be On The Take. Only I can’t find what I’m taking. Only gift I got from them was when they screwed Hillary in 2008.

    Anyways, I do hope they get their shit together and stop making themselves look even nastier. I would like to have a choice when I vote. Right now they are members of DENSA. Hopefully they will calm down and think. Losing hurts so they are lashing out right now.

  7. You know, I get the distinct feeling that trying that bullshit on women about how their rights don’t matter because everything else is more important to everyone else –isn’t going to fly any longer. It hasn’t flown with me since 2008 and that’s not going to change anytime soon.

    There is NOThing more important than a person’s Rights as a Human Being. Nothing. You legislate utilities. You legislate airlines. You don’t legislate an entire gender at your whim. Especially when there are more of them than there are of you. Fuck that shit. Anybody who pulls that backseat to everything else shit on me is going to get their proverbial guts ripped out. I don’t care who they think they are.

    I wonder how many women reviled at the thought that the right wing freaks controlling that party and the pope were going to pick a couple of SCOTUS members.

    I maintain my statement that Paul Ryan was the End for Romney.

  8. One word to the wise:


  9. Have no doubt Little Debbie ( choke gag) will pick them up. It was their major competitor.
    Hopefully Little Debbie will not pick up any workers that went out on strike or were union members. Messages need to be sent loud and clear. All unions are parasites and kill the host.
    These folks that refused to go back to work need to be denied unemployment benefits and welfare just as a person who is on unemployment is for refusing to take a lessor paying job. Fair is fair they had a job they just wanted more. Wonder if the union is going to take care of them now lmao. The union should be forced to pay their unemployment benefits !!
    I wonder what the talk is in households that were on strike because they did not want to take a cut to their pensions and pay for higher share of cost to their healthcare ? Do they realize that their pensions are now in the hands of the bankruptcy courts ? Unless the great one steps in for his buddies the union goons and bails this out claiming Twinkee is too big to fail and hands the company to the union thugs like other cos. we know these folks are now joining the ranks of folks living in the realm of reality. Hope and Change is you hope you will still be able to live on the meager amount of change in your pocket. Job well done re-electing this guy.

  10. Christmas PEEPS ???? Yea was looking for another type of ornament lol

  11. Another oil rig fire in the Gulf

  12. 4Medivaced 2 missing and here we go again

  13. Warning this adorable and addictive and may lead to real kittens:

    live stream kittehs:

  14. Yeah another oil rig. When Valdez went down we heard of the dangers and repercussions for a decade. BP spills exponentially more oil and nobody says Boo. Like it didn’t happen.

    Anyways, whomever had that idea to put wells under the ocean ought to be hung at dawn. it is NOT safer ad is DESTROYING our food supply.

  15. Off shore wells in shallow water were not any more unsafe then land rigs but when we because of eco nut made them go into deep waters it was insane. When you are a mile or more down under water it is virtually impossible to contain these things. Eco nuts have done some good like things with PGE dumping chromium into water and things like the LOVE canal but seriously they have gone way to far with the save this and that. They cause more harm then good. Take your toxic light bulb. It causes more damage to the planet making them and cleaning up the mess then the energy used by the good old fashion one ever did. Take your electric or battery powered cars ( please) they cause more toxic waste to be produced and dumped then oil or gas has or ever will cause to the planet. The nickle content in these darn batteries alone is enough to kill us off.

  16. You know Uppity I have been thinking today in light of this Hostess thing and now the oil thing. Are we really moving forward today or going backward to the 1800’s by way of government and unions becoming the bosses and owning the slave mills and being held hostage to the company stores ala Obamacare and high energy costs etc ?

  17. It’s destroying the entire food chain, not to mention killing people who eat what’s contaminated.

  18. ROFLMAO I knew someone would try to get Twinkie to be a nation ico and taxpayers will have to bail it out roffffffffffffff. Yea I bet the union thugs are already on the phone to the bummer in chief to gain ownership of yet another company.

  19. Twinkies are obviously a National Treasure!

    It’s a joke, Utah.

  20. I know Uppity but it is the lessor of two evils. We would not have to be in the ocean at all if these fuckwads in power would open the public land back to drilling. It is insane to think we can just stop going for oil. We are dependent on it right now and alternatives that have been offered are a joke. We spend countless numbers of $$ on studies for alternative sources but who are we really fooling but Joe Q public that buys that shit. Seriously if we could put a man on the moon in 69 are they trying to tell me they can not come up with a good alternative to oil ? This person is not buying it and not buying one of those battery pieces of shit either.

  21. LOL Karen I guess I shall have to capture the recipe.

  22. Karen:
    Good kitty link…I want to take them ALL…

  23. This made me think of a line from an old routine of Rita Rudner’s

    “How come when you mix water and flour together you get glue…and then you add eggs and sugar and you get cake? Where does the glue go?”

    Although of course there one is dealing only with potential GMO problems.

    In looking for the exact quote I had in mind, found this one that really seems to encapsulate the never ending parade of not so scandalous as just plain dumb sex scandals:

    “Some people think having large breasts makes a woman stupid. Actually, it’s quite the opposite: a woman having large breasts makes men stupid.”

  24. Damn those kitties are cute. I have a link somewhere of a human society that does live stream too. Very cute. I bet they get adoptions from it.

  25. Lol, Karen is just a tease who can’t commit.

  26. utah:
    The science and technology is been available for decades; but the money that comes with oil exploitation and the creation of dependency fuel in our societies is now more powerful that one can fathom, no any different than the Insurance business.

  27. Midnight is still waiting at Petsmart. He’s cute, too.

  28. Build your own twinkies lol. Chalk full of grease.I’ll pass ty. Got to wonder other then the sorbic acid suppliers what other companies will lay off due to Hostess no longer buying from them.

  29. Bellecat I so agree and as I said I am no fool. These bastages are never going to sell me on this stuff. We have the knowledge and have had for a few decades but we still have tons of suckers out there all too willing to part with their money on the latest and greatest ie the Chevy Volt.

  30. Yes, poor Midnight. He’s tagged. Shame, really.

  31. The Volt, to me, was today’s Diesel car. Remember when they came out with them? People ran out and bought them because deisel was cheap. A few years later, after everybody could smell and hear you coming, nobody could sell their cars. Resale: Zilch.

  32. No B & W or B or W kitty for me. They might be related to MK Bill!

    Orange. Beata. Orange. And after I am in Florida and settled. Why get a pet now when I plan to move a thousand miles away?

  33. Yeas I so remember them as I do Lee Iacoccas K car roffffffffffff. I do not think you could find a K car in the most remote junkyard these days lmao.

  34. Been spending the morning trying to figure out WTF Obama is up to. I hope he understands that whatever he does now is HIS and HIS alone and he can’t blame anybody for it. He will be held accountable in this term. If I were he I would be very careful about what I do and its ramifications in the future, as history will judge him on it and his ego is so huge he wants to go down in history as something good. If I were Barack Obama I would take a GOOD look at his heatlhcare program because I suspect when that shit hits the fan he is going to have a lot of angry Amercans with pitchforks standing in front of his borrowed home. He needs to talk to the Republicans about this program and fix it. If he doesn’t, I pity his numbers in 2014 and beyond. This program is a travesty for seniors, for people on single pay and for anybody who is accustomed to health care that saves their lives and doesn’t kill them instead. When the numbers are no longer suppressed, we will see that, while he added people to the health care rolls, we lost many people who could no longer afford the hiked rates We will see more doctors dumping medicare. We are already behind some pretty remote countries in health care ratings, I don’t see this plan making that better at all. If anything, we might move further down in the ratings.

    I have seen payments from my private insurance and insurers are following his lead. The payouts to doctors is pathetic.

  35. The momma cat in the Spice vid is the kind that speaks to me most. I had a calico baby. She was tiny because we rescued her when she was too young to be on her own in a BIKER CLUB FCS where they put her in a helmet and spun her to watch her walk crooked. I grabbed her, fixed her up at the vet and babied the hell out of her. She purred like a lawn mower her whole easy lifetime after that. Grateful cat.

  36. Karen, here’s your small orange kitteh at the Wilkes-Barre Petsmart right now. A beautiful girl. She would love to help you pack for the move to Florida.

  37. For example, a microscopic urine analysis: $86 at a clinic that has to pay for a lease, heat and light, water, qualified technicians, a receptionist and other employees, benefits, materials and insurance. Payout from my BX BS insurer: $16. My upfront copay for lab work: $0. You do the math.

  38. Bonsai, Beata!

  39. Karen I have to agree with you. Sadly I think you would be a great adopter for Midnight but if your life is not settled and timing is not right it could end up as a mistake. I will never again push a pet on someone or think I know how to match a person with a pet . Said person must be really out there hunting one and ready. Then I would help them find the right match. My pets found me in one way or the other. I have always wanted to buy a puppy or kitten and raise it in my own way but so far it has never worked that way I always find one that needs me to give it a chance at happiness. So I have basically scrapped the plan of buying that perfect pet and resigned to the fact that the perfect pet for me is one I take from a bad situation and show it I do care. The reward of a life long love is priceless. But you have to have your life in order and be able to give said pet the time it needs because pets no matter what they are need time and love. Uppity knows my dogs trail and tribulations and what led them to me and also knows these guys would put their lives down in a heartbeat to protect me. Moving can be a nightmare for you and your pet especially if you are renting. Many places just will not budge on allowing pets and can make the list of places you want to live become a very short list and maybe not at all a list you would love to live in. I own so it was no problem at all to take on another little soul that needed help. Not my first choice of breeds but the breed is growing on me and she has become a little loving grateful fur ball. Never am without her by me when I am home. I am covered in Shih-Tzu, ACD, and now Cairn Terrier bodies.

  40. Ebay is bargain high on the last Twinkies.

    Seller wants $200,000 but will sell for $250,000.

  41. Oscar the blind kittena wins best cat video award on the internet. Video here of this joyful cat. This one taken day after his adoption.

  42. Uppity spot on , on Obama and healthcare. My premiums spiked so much since 2008 I had to let it go and am now among the ranks of the uninsured. God help me if I get ill seriously but it was pay that and freeze or go without a vehicle to be able to go to work or choose the other. I was financially sound in 08 not the case now. I am not in dire straights but do not want to be there either. 4 years from medicare so hope the health holds out or these bustards figure out just what they have done to us who did have premium coverage and no longer can afford it . When a person has to pay $500.00 a month to heat a home and then take out loans to be able to feed your family and fuel your car it is nuts. Some folks will make it through all this mess to be true but many who were careful and saved and planned to retire and live a fair life with things paid off and have a comfortable retirement will now never see those days.

  43. Oscar and his best friend Klaus receive care packages from everywhere.

  44. Oscar on the day his new family found him. Poor thing was out there alone. Bless him.

  45. I saw the Hostess thing on the news this morning. I hope they have some Zingers left at the store when I go later today. 😦

    Utahwoman said:

    Off shore wells in shallow water were not any more unsafe then land rigs but when we because of eco nut made them go into deep waters it was insane.

    Don’t you also think that they went into deeper waters was because the oil deposits in the shallower waters was running out or not there, but it was further out in the deeper waters? Just asking since I’m from Louisiana and oil and gas reports and newz was just part of the daily paper.

  46. Love that blind kitten video. Their other senses really sharpen. Sallyanne has lived a great life blind but sadly she has now lost her hearing and has pretty much become dependent on us to take her out to potty. She does make it to the door but lives only in the kitchen these days. But when she was younger and lost one eye then the other she still could hear you and would decide to attack and play.

  47. Fredster as I understood it they were forced to deeper waters by the EPA. Not saying what I read was 100% spot on who knows these days that what you read is actual fact and not fiction.

  48. LOL I knew Ebay would have twinkies.

  49. And because of the shelf life, you will see Twinkies for a long time on Ebay. hahaha

  50. Yeah a twinkie can outlive you!

  51. Think I’ll see if I can buy some. Sell them on ebay when the rest run out.

  52. I see the ring dings are going well too. ROFL.

  53. OMG Fredster eats Zingers.

  54. Aw, the video of little Oskar warms my heart. He will enjoy a happy, full life thanks to the good people who adopted him.

    My soul cat was blind for the last few of her 21 years but she could still jump up on a window sill, bathe in the sun, and listen to the birds. And she always managed to find a soft blanket to sleep on no matter where it was.

    I waited just four days after she died to get another cat. It wasn’t the perfect time. My life was not in order. By most people’s standards, it was in chaos ( and still is ) . But I took a leap of faith and have no regrets. My current cat is a comfort and joy to me through it all.

  55. Utah my soulcat Giz went completely deaf as a result of vestibular disease. He was deaf as a brick, but he didn’t care. He learned hand signals really fast, wasn’t jumpy if I touched him and generally didn’t give a rat’s ass that he couldn’t hear. Only thing that bothered me is I couldn’t Yell MASAAAAAAAAAAAGEEEEEEEEEE! anymore and hear him come running for his massage.

  56. Yep, I love the all 3 varieties. One daily is good for the soul.

  57. Dying laughing here. Twinkies on ebay ranging from $ 2.00 to $ 100.00 OMG. I would run out and buy out the bakery outlets here but I was beaten to it according to the local news. I could not believe the people going out of the store with bags and bags of them.

  58. Yes Uppity as you might remember I had a deaf ACD who I rescued from the needle and he has become my sons soul mate. Most do not realize he is deaf until they are told. No difference in his actions other then needing to have a laser light shinned in front of him as his stop command. Hard to yell at a deaf animal to get him to stop lol. Sallyanne did fine being blind but now that her hearing is gone I will admit life is rough for her to function on her own. Still I refuse to put an animal down for these reasons. Only way Sallyanne goes is if she is no longer able to function without being in pain and so far other then the creaks and groans that go along with being 90 in a dogs years she is fine and happy and healthy.

  59. Fredster isn’t a Zinger a coconut covered twinkie ?

  60. ROF MASAAAAAAAAAAAGEEEEEEEEEE. It is hysterical how we all have words or little diddys for our beloved pets. I used to sing a little diddy to Sallyanne and sometimes find myself still doing so even ( pardon the pun) if it falls on deaf ears.
    All my kids get their own little songs or names or both lol. Yes even hairy scary Carrie has her own now. Damn little shit that she is has moved into the home and heart lock stock and barrel. She and Whiskey have become a team.

  61. True Confession: When my kitteh does # 2, I happily sing “It’s Howdy Poopy Time” to the tune of “It’s Howdy Doody Time”.

    I obviously need some psychological help.

  62. Coffee spit Beata !!!!!!!!!!! TY my monitor needed cleaned anyway lmao

  63. Cheer up. I sing It’s Raining Collies, (Hallelujah) to my dog. To the tune of It’s Raining Men.

    We are very ill people.

  64. And Utah my deaf cat had a big mouth before he got deaf and you should have heard him after he got deaf. He had some siamese in him so there’s your hint.

  65. You realize that there will be withdrawl. And what will happpen to foodies that insist on frying their Twinkies?

  66. well perhaps a transitional drug. Little Debbies. Kind of like a twinkie methodone thing

  67. You line em up at the clinic and give them a Little Debbie and a glass of whole milk and then it’s on to group therapy.

  68. well yeah that might do it, but there has to be something in them made of shortening. I think shortening is integral here.

  69. Like the vodka custard donut in the article. Instead of custard, it could be a filling similar to twinkies, which is all shortening and sugar.

  70. Anyone read or hear of a twinkie murder yet ? I mean watching the news people are going berserk to buy these things. I am thinking before the day is done someone will die over a twinkie.

    Yes Upps I can imagine Giz’ tone. Sallyanne’s bark has gone up at the least 5 DB’s. Siamese had loud howls anyway add that to not being able to hear their own howl and wow.

  71. How’s that working out for the workers that were unwilling to give in now ? How is that working for the thousand who were not union and did not strike ?

    The way I understand it the Strikers will not get unemployment but the non union non strikers will get it. 🙂

  72. Woot! Guess what I’ve got?

    Mugs! The two protype Uppity Woman mugs!!! Mugs!

    And three GORGEOUS boxes of note cards. If you folks have not seen Scott and Angi’s note cards you are REALLY missing something. Simply STUNNING! I mean STUNNING.

  73. Foxy I saw the same thing in the 90s when plants were consolidating. You would see the big union people blow into town and rile everybody up to strike and refuse to take any cuts of any kind. Then it would get really bad and that plant would close, and the big union guys would pack up and leave the locals on their own. With no jobs. Very sad. Conversely, I saw a company work the touch labor to the bone, double shifts, weekends and holidays, wipe them out pushing product faster than scheduled for the year. Once they pushed things ahead and got a years worth of stuff built in three months they would throw them a party with ice cream sundaes and then lay them off. Make no mistake.. Both sides can REALLY suck.

  74. Twinkie Murders. ROFL.

    Might be some happening in Walmart right now. Black Friday is going to be a grim day with no Twinkies.

  75. Boy these mugs are big. Takes care of that first and second cup in the AM really well. Mr U will be fighting with me over color because I like the yellow one best and so will he. Guess who will win?

    I will tell him he’s a flake using an Uppity Woman mug anyways.

  76. Just returned from getting lunch and the store in our complex at work still had plenty of Hostess items on the shelf (yes I had to take a peek). At their regular retail price. No one was browsing the aisle so perhaps the word is not yet out in Northern VA.

    This particular store is rather small and they are very efficient in their use of space. The Hostess, Little Debbie’s and Krispy Creams on are on side of the aisle and the specialty health foods and organic snacks on the other side. If you think about it, it’s a rather good marketing strategy.

  77. But who’s fault is it? Those greedy middle class workers or inept management?

  78. Both. Trust me, I’ve seen that movie several times.

  79. Holy Chit, fried twinkies, fried snickers, fried oreos, and fried corn are you kidding me ? No wonder folks arteries are clogging up. People actually eat this crap ????

  80. This is gonna be rough on those IOWA state fairs. Well, the candidates showing up will still have Pork Chops On A Stick to pretend they are enjoying.

  81. You are right, it’s the lard that is important. Forget the liquor. hahhhhahahaha

  82. Utah, not only do they eat it, but this is the stuff that foodies on the food network channels line up to film.

  83. Yes I agree both. But when it comes down to it as I read they did in fact make changes to management albeit a bit late but were trying to make a come back and due to folks not buying like the past and cost in fuel and junk they cram into this stuff they most likely still would have been facing trouble even without management issues prior to this. I am betting the bulk of employees ( non union) would love to still have their jobs. Hostess has a plant here that has over 600 employees and they never went out on strike yet today they are getting counseling how to file unemployment paperwork. Sad. And add to this whole screwed up mess folks that were union and wanted to go back and concede and keep their jobs were fined by the unions. How’s that union working out for you now ??

  84. The Washington Examiner is reporting that when asked to comment on the demise of Twinkies today, Chris Christie declined. He said the question was a setup for SNL and that he has been a topic there enough already.

  85. Obviously lard is an aphrodisiac.

  86. Now I don’t care. That link to the IOWA fair and GOP primary was pretty damned funny. 315 comments. That’s back when people had a sense of humor.

  87. Nevermind, Chris Christie pulled of an historic settlement with teachers, the kind that may set the example for the country, complete with MERIT PAY for a change. Now a good teacher won’t have to lose incentive knowing that the slug in the next homeroom will get the same raise. Give the man a twinkie. you should have seen those two, it was a love affair unheard of.

  88. Wish I had that video of Christie and Weingarten this morning on Morning Joe. The head teacher honcho and the governor practically kissing.


  90. What a coincidence about the death of the Twinkie….a couple of months ago, one of my FB friends was going on about Zingers. Hadn’t had one in years, so I bought a package, and thought they were awful. I couldn’t get past the chemical aftertaste. So I thought, hey, I’ll buy some Twinkies, get a good ‘snack cake’ fix. Hell, they were worse! Tasted nothing BUT chemicals. Gahhhh.

    Little Debbie’s are far better. Their Zebra Cakes are my Kryptonite.

  91. I dunno I never ate a little debbie and haven’t had a twinkie since I was a kid. I just don’t like overly sweet cakes that are wet with glycerine. I like baked goods from bakeries. I know. I’m a baked goods snob. But I figure if I’m gonna eat that bad stuff, it’s gonna be a damned cannoli that was made today.

  92. I’m a cupcake addict myself. Our local bakery, Jake’s Cakes, makes these really outrageous combos of flavors. I figure one here and there isn’t going to do much damage.

    Little Debbie makes these yummy heart-shaped cakes for Valentine’s Day. I buy up loads of boxes and send them out to everybody (the ones left, ha!), even to my man in England. He’s now A Fan. They do have a very definite ‘sell by’ date on them; they just don’t have that yucky chemical tang to them.

  93. For those who are interested, here is Israel’s twitter account, containing their up to date status with Gaza.

    This is the ONLY democracy in the Middle East.

  94. Agree that sometimes you just have to have baked goods, just think getting a home made cupcake is way better. I looked at the calories on Little Debbie’s little coffee cakes once and nearly dropped to the floor.

  95. Rocket from Gaza stuck in Israeli family’s back yard. Photo.

  96. I love theebay sale pages that point out their twinkies are not from day old shops/outlets and are “Fresh”

  97. Late to the conversation, but I know that you all want to hear my take on this…

    darraghcmurphy, on November 16, 2012 at 10:59 AM said:

    Hey Uppity, here’s some more evidence supporting your epic right-ness about the prez election. Only 38% Americans consider themselves pro-life while 54% Americans say they are pro choice.

    The Republican supported social agenda is going down. Fast. The GOP can go down with the ship or find a frickin lifeboat.

    I would bet that most of the 38% wish to ‘practice pro-life’ in their own lives. They have no interest in making everyone pro-life. Funny thing is that most of the 54% who are ‘pro-choice’ are not interested in making people have abortions. Solution here, if you are pro-life then don’t have an abortion and if you are pro-choice don’t stop people from having all the children they wish to have. End of that problem. Now, moving on to the ring ding problem. (Glad I am gluten free, because if I were not I would be running to Walmart.)

  98. Exactly Honora. I take major offense to people who say pro choice people want to tell people what to do. On the contrary. They don’t want others to tell THEM what to do. Nobody is TELLING people to have an abortion. Nobody is trying to make laws forcing others to have them. It’s a choice. You make yours. I make mine. Pro choice people simply want people out of their lives, do not need nannies to tell them what to do, or men thinking women are so stupid they need their guidance. And whatever they decide to do for whatever reason, they are doing it within the law.

    But the rape stances are simply surreal. Simply insane stances. Unbelievably insane. I mean these people are not normal and very very cruel, and they treat women as if they aren’t there.

  99. Loved murphy’s graphic too.
    It tells a story. Either they are going to get the picture or they are going to have a hard time for life.

    I continue to hold that the selection of Paul Ryan did Romney in.

  100. Honora I apologize for not including a ring ding pic just for you. So many junk cakes, so little room!

  101. I’m actually happy about the demise of Hostess. I think their cakes are crap. I grew up with Drakes cakes and Devil Dogs and Yankee Doodles were my favorites. I was pissed when Hostess bought Drakes. I haven’t had either since. (And I think Little Debbie’s sucks too.)

    The good thing about the old places going away is that it leaves the field open for something new.

    And yes, I would rather have fresh from the bakery over cellophane wrapped snacks any day.

  102. More on Hostess and their evil union.

    While the company was filing for bankruptcy, for the second time, earlier this year, it actually tripled its CEO’s pay, and increased other executives’ compensation by as much as 80 percent.

    as the company was preparing to file for bankruptcy earlier this year, the then CEO of Hostess was awarded a 300 percent raise (from approximately $750,000 to $2,550,000) and at least nine other top executives of the company received massive pay raises. One such executive received a pay increase from $500,000 to $900,000 and another received one taking his salary from $375,000 to $656,256.


  103. Great link, Sophie. I immediately started ‘Wonder’-ing what the CEO’s were making in that company. Wow–late July raises were outrageous:

    Brian Driscoll, CEO, around $750,000 to $2,550,000.
    Gary Wandschneider, EVP, $500,000 to $900,000.
    John Stewart, EVP, $400,000 to $700,000.
    David Loeser, EVP, $375,000 to $656,256.
    Kent Magill, EVP, $375,000 to $656,256.
    Richard Seban, EVP, $375,000 to $656,256.
    John Akeson, SVP, $300,000 to $480,000.
    Steven Birgfeld, SVP, $240,000 to $360,000.
    Martha Ross, SVP, $240,000 to $360,000.
    Rob Kissick, SVP, $182,000 to $273,008.

    Looting the coffers and leaving 18,000 workers holding the bag. Jaysus.

  104. Like I said upthread, I’ve seen management be just as evil as unions. It’s sleaze vs sleaze. If all of this is true, the union fell for it. Also not New.

    Truth is, they should have had the good sense to know that this was not a good time in the USA to be striking. With those raises, it is clear that something skanky was going on and the union people inadvertently helped.

    Looks like a looting. Loot and Gut.

  105. I really can’t blame the unions on this one. Even for striking. Who wants a pay cut? Especially when it’s going to pay for pensions and you’re never going to get one.

    I have mixed feelings about unions. I was in a few when I worked in a trade and hated the whole mentality. On the other hand, I liked what unions did and do for workers. I made a point of finding work at a non-union shop that was in close proximity to a union shop. In a situation like that, the CEO is forced to do better than the union shop to keep the union out. With no unions, companies will go back to treating workers like shit–they way they do with exempt employees today.

    But in this case, the union is being scapegoated. The company fully intended to vaporize just to get out of paying the pensions.

  106. I’ve been union and management and, like I said, they both can stink up the joint. Mostly, they take chances apiece.

  107. My father was a unionized industrial general contractor. We never had a union problem, not once. They liked him. But there were plenty of jobs we couldn’t win because we couldn’t compete with non union companies. But at the time there was plenty of work, particularly military work. They had preferred contractors. But some union companies were sleazeballs and had non-union companies on the side. Others went out of business because they couldn’t compete. I think Hostess was losing to companies like Little Debbie. I wonder if they are non union. Would be interesting to know.

  108. I’m pro-union, I agree with what Sophie said.

  109. It seems that they filed bankruptcy twice before, not once. These guys knew they were going down. Thus the pay raises for themselves. Bennies at closing time.

  110. 5 to 1 Little Debbie buys their assets.

  111. MCKee Foods, Chattanooga Tennesee headquarters. Owns Little Debbie.

  112. imust. When you go to Walmart next week, will you be on strike with the workers?

  113. Did Hostess still make those horrid snowballs? With the thick sickeningly sweet layer of marshmallow and almost-coconut surrounding the cake? God, those were horrific. lol. The marshmallow was rubbery and tasted like perfume.

  114. Go to Walmart? I never shop at Walmart.

  115. Okay come on, this is funny. 31,000 signatures on a petition to impeach obama. So who is the petition to? The White House. All righty, then. Might be nice to know what branch of government you are supposed to petition to impeach another branch.

    Dear President Obama, please impeach yourself.

  116. Me either, imust. Walmart is solely responsible for the lowering of the standard of living of Americans. They were the initial turd in the punchbowl with 4000 little sweatshops in China in the early 90s. They were the lead. Wherever they go, the standard of living goes down. They get people layed off and rehire them on the cheap, and put local businesses out of business. I will never shop there.

  117. Impeach yourself is putting it kindly…..oopsie…did I say it? Or think it?

  118. ….and while you get 25cents off a tube of toothpaste, they have you paying for the health care of their lower level employees by showing them how to apply for medicaid. Walmart is evil.

  119. Yes they were the lead and now we accept them as the new normal. Cook the frog slowly.

  120. Not me. I did a techical exhange with them years ago and it was easy to see what they were up to. Yes they did it slowly and erosively. They created a circle where all roads force you back to them. They lower the standard of living and then you are forced to shop there to save money. That is their business model.

  121. Walmart is the kind of company that was the reason unions started up and became necessary. The mold is back.

  122. I bet sam walton got rejected by hell. And his kids are worse because they all inherited without lifting their asses. Now they sit in penthouses laughing at the peons. The waltons are a huge chunk of What Went Wrong.

  123. LOL imust, now we can see why we are so good at Black Friday. hahaha.

  124. @UM at 10:22 PM exactly!

  125. Our mutual hate of all things Walmart perhaps??? LOL!

  126. Ayup. I know it’s hard to believe, but I’ve never been in a walmart. Thats how visceral my reaction was to them years ago.

  127. Love those snowballs when I’m stressed out. But when they start being manufactured in Mexico, I will find some other decadant crap to eat. I stopped eating jelly beans when I learned they are made in Mexico using Mexican water supplies. This is nothing more than another corporation finding an excuse send jobs out of the country.

  128. On nooooooooooooooo not teh snowballs!

    Mexico? ROFL.

  129. Wait i think I was in a Walmart once. A grand opening or something. It was political though. Does that count?

  130. I don’t shop at Walmat either and agree with everything you said at Uppity Woman, on November 16, 2012 at 10:17 PM

    I went there once because someone gave me a gift certificate. I took my niece and nephew and bought Legos. First time, last time.

  131. On the topic of unions, I’m pro-union generally. I have worked with some big unions on issues involving serious problems with impact beyond its own workers. No doubt, there are some greedy, slimy people in unions, but absent unions, no one is even pretending to look out for the US worker.

  132. Rockin’ post Uppity! And comments, which took me an hour to read! My god, those things sound disgusting. We ate them when we were little, in our lunches, foil wrapped things. When my mom turned health nut in the mid 70s, we stopped eating processed food. We didn’t miss it. My mom was (and still is) an amazing cook, and we make our own cookies.

    Sophie & Iriandese, thanks for posting that stuff about the exec raises. Skanks and crooks.

  133. It does count…I shall consider your punishment. The box of merlot and fruitcake is on it’s way.

  134. Walmart was the first to stock GMO corn this summer. Skanks.

  135. As you know, you don’t ever want to get me started on GMO and frankenfood.

  136. The box of merlot and fruitcake is on it’s way.


  137. Remember when they got caught hiring 15 year olds at Christmas…and had them wielding chain saws on trees? WHen they got caught they ended up with a pissant 100k fine and finagled the D of Labor to agree to give them THIRTY FUCKING DAYS NOTICE next time they audit them. They own the department of labor now too.

  138. And how about when that warehouse was locked from the outside on third shift and there was a fire that killed all the workers because they couldn’t get out.

    That happened with Purdie chickens too. Processing plant. They locked them in so they wouldn’t take smoke breaks. Fire killed them all.

  139. Who wrote that? WHere is it?

  140. OMG imust, that is cruel and inhumane treatment!

    I didn’t even BUY anything!

  141. I’ve also never been to walmart. The closest one to me is about 45 min and 4 towns away. Although I wouldn’t go to one if there was one 5 minutes away. They tried to put one in our area and couldn’t. When the old Ambassador Hotel went up for sale, the main competitors were walmart, who wanted to put up a giant complex there, donald trump, who wanted to put up condos there, and LAUSD. LAUSD got it and put up 3 schools & a public park there and the main one looks like the old Ambassador, the theater looks like the old Coconut Grove, and they saved all the exotic woods, and statuary and other nice things and used it in the new buildings. Obviously I’m prejudiced since hubbie works for LAU, but I was happy (as were most of Angelenos) to see walmart & trump get the boot there.

  142. I’m going to bed. Shaking over that fruitcake and merlot.

  143. Upstate NY DA admits he was a porn actor. Including Deep Throat 2. Cortland County. Figures.

  144. Oh god, I had forgotten those awful Hostess Sno Balls. I swear they were Nerf balls covered with pink fake coconut and marshmallow. Blech.

  145. I have never been to a Wal-Mart. I’m having that put on my gravestone. My one claim to fame.

  146. The funny thing about the Hostess demise is that people who stopped eating Twinkies years and years ago are now paying big bucks to get a box to save them for the future so their kids will get to try them!

  147. I loved the way you could take the icing off a Hostess cupcake and it would chip like a layer of paint. You just know it was full of wholesome goodness. Yum.

  148. Ugh. I’ve had a monstrous headache all day and thinking about this gross stuff is making me nauseous!

    Laker has never had any of those. He says he has seen them at 711, but was never tempted to try one!

  149. I loved the way you could take the icing off a Hostess cupcake and it would chip like a layer of paint.

    OMG I’m DYING Here! And that white squiggle like a rock. I’m telling you folks, this is a huge loss!

  150. ………..Laughing so hard I’m crying.

  151. That’s going to make it more difficult to survive the zombie apocalypse, especially for Woody Harrelson’s Twinkies-addicted character in the movie Zombieland.😄

  152. My theory is if you eat foods with lots of preservatives you’ll live longer.

  153. imust, thanks for link. It seems that the country is in for more protests and divisions, for some time to come.

    imust, Upps was talking about delis upthread. Have you ever been to Brents?

  154. LOL. Yesterday, I bought my Twinkie box of 10 for $2.79 at Safeway. I think it’s been 20 years since I’ve eaten one. Ate two with my after-work coffee.

  155. Well played

  156. Perhaps they whisked the twinkies off to a bunker?

    I bet cheeto eaters are nervous. They have much of the same chemicals and if mary jane keeps going legal, the stock might rise a lot.

    This could close down dkos.

  157. Yeah Tony but now the movie will be a cult classic. Everyone will watch it for decades to come to get a glimpse of Twinkies. Certainly not a glimpse of Woody.

  158. Wow lyn, you ate two? You must have had a buzz-on. Sugar, sorbic acid and caffeine. Three of the major food groups.

  159. Wouldn’t you just love to hang out near Walmarts Hostess shelf with your cell phone recording creatures filling baskets? Endless material. I hope somebody does that and tumblr’s it.

  160. Taking Sonshine out practice driving. If you are in the Baltimore area, stay inside. ; )

  161. This could close down dkos.


  162. Yes socal, I’ve been to Brent’s years ago. I used to love to get their open faced hot roast beef sandwich! My favorite is Weiler’s though, it was my dad’s fav too.

  163. My Dad’s fav was the Brents on Parthenia? We are closer to the one in Westlake, and I love their Reuben and their pancakes. Never been to Weilers, will have to check it out. Hubbie goes to some deli called Langers downtown, and we have gone to the Jerrys in the Valley, and like them, but they are more expensive than Brents and we think not as good.

    Sophie, love that Twinkies/Mayan thing!

  164. Yummmmmmmmmmmmm, Twinkies!

    Crying rivers of tears here if they really go under.

    These are indeed sad times! 😦

  165. Feh Crier, if it were Cheetos, Obama would bail them out for the Kossacks. Can’t have that signature orange hand and organ in danger.

  166. When I left teaching for industry, I didn’t have all those vacations and summers off. I had all these daunting responsibilities that could cost millions if I fucked up. Sometimes I swore I wasn’t going to make it. I was being pulled in five directions. Funny, though….I was never as tired at the end of the day as I was when I was a teacher. Now why do you think that is? Walk a mile in those shoes, folks. Walk a mile.

  167. Yes, on Parthenia near Corbin. The Weiler’s deli east of there, on Nordhoff & Balboa. I agree about Jerrys, it’s way overrated. Years ago there was Capland’s on Devonshire. I was sorry when they went out of business.

  168. Damn will you stop with the delis? I was wishing for a covered roast beef sandwich because of you.

  169. Don’t blame you….they’re dee-lish!!!

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