Gov. Chris Christie and AFT Randi Weingarten Up In A Tree: Historical Merit Pay agreement

This is historical. Whoda Thunk It? And they stop just short of wet kisses! I love a good love story, don’t you?

So what do you think about it?


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  1. Amazing Upps.I am always surprised by this stuff. 🙂

  2. Love to see it. It is about time we return to a reward system. As it sits right now there is no incentive to do better then the guy beside you. Why would I or anyone else bust their ass in this life to do better when the guy beside you will get paid or get the bonus you will for doing substandard stuff ? This is part of the reason we make crap in this country. There is no reason not to.

  3. A good place to do this too would be the welfare system. Reward those who use it short term and get a job and get off it. Offer them a bonus. Stop giving free phones etc to those who just hunker down and live on it. Most all jobs in this country pay equal pay and give regular raises to all. So why do a better job or show up on time for work ? Be just one that works there and do not give anymore then the next guy. Darn sure do not offer to do anymore because you are the fool. When big business employs this type of standard again workers will vie to out perform each other. Right now there is no reason.

  4. I disagree with merit pay for teachers for a lot of reasons. Contrary to popular belief (aka since Raygun) teachers don’t fret about the teacher next door making more money then they do. Teachers are worried about…you know….TEACHING. Merit pay WILL create that environment though….very sad.

  5. You know I did some research about the Free Phones thing and the truth is free phones are not just handed out to anybody and they are not new. Virgin Mobil distrubtes free phones to disabled, seniors, in other words really poor people, many of whom have no phone at all. These people can get either a landline or cell through a Lifeline program. It gives them 250 minutes a month and they must show a need, up to and including an IRS 1040 form. There is a pot for supplement but it’s done by state. Not all states do it, many do. It is not just some free for all giveaway. I saw some video of a black woman being really brash about her Obama Phone and, frankly I think the whole thing was staged. Personally, I’m not mean enough (although somewhat mean, lol) to think that some old woman who lives alone and shut in without a phone ought to be left there like a dog when she gets a heart attack and can’t call anybody. The fact that there are cell phones involved is simply a sign of the time, previous to that, they were helped to get a land line. I think in the case of the elderly or disabled a cell phone is probably a better idea.

    I’m sure there are abuses but I am also not sure that it’s nice to throw the baby out with the bathwater, or to be more precise, to let people like the elderly who are poor just die and lie there till somebody smells their body. I think we, myself included, have in our minds that things like cell phones are just being handed out for fun and games and nobody really needs one, and fuck anybody who can’t afford any phone even if it puts their lives in danger. I think we have lost sight of our own hearts sometimes. If there is abuse, it should be ferretted out. But that shouldn’t mean we should let needy people just croak. Same deal with food stamps and anything else, particularly for the disabled and elderly. I have slowly begun to realize that a country that despises its sick, incapable and elderly and leaves them for dead really has no moral compass.

    Ironically, governors in some of the poorest states refuse to participate and that says something to me about those governors that isn’t very good. In any event, there is no Obama phone program. The program was there under Bush too. And probably under Clinton, for all we know. I’m sure there are abusers who do fall into that “Taker” category, but thinking nobody could use a little help just to stay alive is kind of like saying all us Italians are Mafia. I know people who are on disabililty who really don’t belong there, but that doesn’t mean the vast majority aren’t disabled or very very sick. I saw someone die under Reagan when he arbitrily cut people off of SSDI to see who fights it. I think that sucked and I hope he has answered for that. I wouldn’t want to see us turn to that kind of behavior again any more than I want to see us become one big welfare state.

    I have no idea why I just vented about that. LIke I said, I have had a few epiphanies in the past month or so. That happens when you think you might croak I guess. lol.

    Here’s Virgin Mobil’s site.

  6. There is one little detail about this agreement that worries me. And that is the politics of school districts. Trust me, until you’ve been a teacher, you won’t know what I am saying. If not carefully audited by ReALLY independent people, they might see bonuses just flying into the hands of people the principal likes or the union leader likes, or somebody on the school board likes, and you might also see bonuses denied to better teachers than some of the ones who got the bonus–because those teachers didn’t suck up very well.

    Also, what’s to become of the teachers who teach in the underachieving schools, meaning schools where a class might just be riddled with not very bright minds. It’s tough enough to find teachers willing to do this. WHen I taught, the remedial classes were dumped onto the newbees.

    Conversely, I was a pretty good teacher.I had tenure when I left. I liked teaching. One of the reasons I left, in addition to being coaxed away for way more money, was the thought that i would never make any more than the slug next door. That bothered me. I wanted to advance myself faster and wanted that merit recognition for achievement in my life. I didn’t want to live waiting for my next step. And I wanted to know that doing a great job got you better things than doing a shitty job. Must have been something in my childhood. lol.

    Seriously, if we are to attract the best and the brightest we need to think about how they advance and how to retain them if we do atract them. We don’t do that by treating an entire profession with disdain.

    I’d love to hear Her Pieness’ take on this.

  7. Oh I see pieness spake while I was typing my screed.

    Interesting, Your Pieness.

  8. Well, I already weighed in a little. I’m hesitant to discuss it much because the subject has become such a political hot button. I think what you said @12:55 pretty much sums it up. The teachers who will benefit the most from merit pay are the divas who suck up to administrators, and they already enjoy the highest pay and are always given the most perks. The teachers who SHOULD get merit pay are the ones willing to work in the most impoverished areas or take on the classes with the most needy or difficult kids. The teachers I know, (sans the divas) do care about being paid fairly and appropriately for the amount of education they are required to have, but they’re most concerned about their students and how well they are mastering the skills and standards of their particular grade level.

  9. Regarding the cell phones, you know they are becoming more of a necessity. I don’t know if it’s just in my area, but I’m seeing fewer pay phones in public places. There seems to be an assumption now that most everyone has a cell phone.

  10. I have nothing but admiration for those who teach trust me. Most oft it is a thankless job and I do remember the punks that could destroy an entire classroom. I was educated in the 60’s in the Los Angeles school district which at that time was one of if not the nations highest education system in the country. When you graduated from LAUSD you went out with what is equivalent to a college education these days. However I have to say that I had teachers that had to be the best in the country and others that ought to have been fired !! The bulk of my teachers taught and made you enjoy coming to learn seriously however I had 20 or so that could not keep control of a classroom and it was hell to even show up for that class. The class was in total chaos and you learned zip because the kids were sitting on desks , throwing stuff and the teacher just sat there. Could not wait until the class ended to get the heck out of it. Half the time to be honest I cut those classes and went out for a smoke. I had one teacher that to this day stands out to me. He had 100% control and you feared him yet his class was my favorite because he lectured and gave his take on history of the states and you had class discussions and once weekly a quiz. I loved his class and we were treated like adults and with respect for our opinions on things too. I had a second grade teacher who was black. Unheard of back then and one of my true heroes. We back then had the AB system rather then making kids wait a year to go to school. It was a good way to go. If you were born in December as I am you started school in February and were part of the winter class. Anyway this teacher taught B2 A3 and B3 in one classroom. Full control and order. If a child in her classroom was bright enough to move on she moved you on. I started her class as a B2 and left as a B3 and skipped a year grade. I did again in the 9th grade enabling me to graduate at age 16.

  11. imust, a memory that stands out in my mind was how our school would rotate study halls. That is, one year you got to suffer 150 hormone riddled juniors in a cafeteria study hall, and the next year somebody else got that study hall and you got 25 studious kids in your homeroom. One year it was my turn for the peace and tranquility of a small controlled study hall in my home room. After the first week, the principal came to me and asked me a favor. It seemed that another teacher, and I feel I am understating what a shitty, out of control teacher she was, couldn’t “handle” the cafeteria study hall and was crumbling. The kids were out of control, two of them were caught humping in the basement, etc etc etc, and……….could you possibly switch with her? So, I ended up losing my rotation into a peaceful study hall because I could handle the little beasts and she couldn’t. I resented this and it was things like this that made me think why am I here killing myself when a slug like this will get the same raise I will get. I guess that is why I still feel there must be a way to reward or at least not reward those who do not deserve it, without the danger of school politics making the decision.

  12. oops she taught B2, A2 and B3 now for those who were not a product of that system it meant when many were going to summer break and would return say from 3rd grade to a 4th grader we returned to finish the third grade and in February we would be placed in the 4th grade. No child had to wait a year to start school.

  13. imust re: cell phones, also known as Invention is the Mother of Necessity. I grew up without one and lived and I know you did too. But it is true that many are also opting for cell phones now INSTEAD of land lines. Times have changed in that respect. i know many younger people who have no landline at all, so I think it’s fitting that the program should offer the option to have a cell instead of a landline, but not both.

  14. Yes Utah, when i went to elemetary school, kids started school in either January or September, i forget what the term was for January graduates. But I was one of them. They called us “PGs” but I forget what it stood for. YOu started in either semester, depending on when you turned 5. Or something. That was very common in the 60s and early 70s in the USA.

  15. In any event, imust, do you have any thoughts on how it is that Weingarten and Christie were so agreeable to this idea? I mean was it the dollar signs from the free money from facebook?

    I’ve seen districts implement really stupid shit because the grant money was there.

  16. UW @ 1:21, yes that is exactly how it is now. But that teacher is usually the diva teacher. The diva cannot handle the difficult kids so she (and it is usually a she because there are more women then men at my level) is given the easiest class. Easiest also tends to be the higher achieving with a lot of parental support, so these divas will be the ones considered to be “the best” based on their test scores and will end up with the bonuses. There are no independent auditors going around checking to see if there is fairness or balance to classes, they look at data and administrators favor and reward their divas.

  17. Ah imust, some things never change.

  18. I should also add that since the diva does not get the “bad” kids, the diva parents (most involved) will request (read demand) that their child be put in that teacher’s class. Naturally, they want their child in the class with what they consider to be the best peer group, it’s understandable, yet they it leaves the other classes filled with all of the behavior and learning problems.

  19. @UW 1:31, yes, you answered your own question. I think it was the $$$ for the districts and state combined with the change in political winds. Teachers are losing the PR battle and are becoming more and more battle fatigued. It’s a hard enough job and now teachers are being bashed from every side. The white flag goes up.

  20. well it does make them both look like they’re working together too. Optics. Also, being unable to collectively bargain salaries makes the bonuses a way to assuage, and it’s not costing the taxpayers a thing and blah blah blah. I thought, I haven’t seen this kind of huggy stuff since the union president married the superintendent. lol.

  21. lol speaking of problem kids, i remember no one wanted this one kid whose obnoxious mother was on the school board. he was a real problem so i took him and told him I don’t give a damn who your mother is, I have tenure and a damned good record and you will sit in my class and not pull any stunts. I thought for sure I would hear from that woman. I didn’t. The kid later grew up to be an adult infant whose mother actually showed up at his place of work to stick up for him when he got into trouble. how do you spell dysfuctional. Boy in my time, we had some major assholes on school boards. They would show up unannounced and fuck everything up, because they Could.

  22. If this country wanted to make a major cut to school taxes, all they would have to do is make it illegal for a school board member to create a job for a relative, friend, or lover. Big dent right there. Second big dent: Illegal to hand out contracts to friends, relatives or lovers. Life in prison for getting caught with a kickback. Add another big dent.

  23. Yes, the trend is to have decision making done supposedly at the “local level” which really solves nothing. Politics continue whether in a large district office or small school site advisory council. Palms get greased, suits parade around, and good teachers close their doors and do their jobs without any fanfare. At the end of the school year, they open all their gifts exclaiming that the “World’s Best Teacher” mug was “just what they wanted!”….read all the hand made cards, tear up, hugs goodbye and give a special hug to that kid that may have given them the most grief all year and realize they’re really gonna miss them!!

  24. Best gift I ever got was a bottle of home made wine. Boy that shit was goooooooood.

  25. Nice!

  26. Uppity I am not a heartless bitch either. Many folks have little to no choice about being on SSD or welfare. I am more then happy to contribute to them but for each person that is truly in need you most likely have seven or eight that are not or are taking and working under the table. These are the bastages that need to be caught and then forced to repay every dime and further never allowed to get on the system again no matter circumstances. One bad apple does spoil the whole barrel so to speak.
    In my opinion many teachers are under paid for what they do but there are many that need to be fired as well. Teaching is and always has been a thankless profession yet where would we be without them ? My grand daughter wants to be a teacher and more power to her but she is already nixing the public school system . I forget what it is exactly she is going to do but it involves the military so most likely she will be very secure.
    Yes you are right about cell phones but that is not going to make me fall in love with them lol. I fricking hate having to be interrupted while someone answers a text etc. Here in my house I am a shit head about them seriously. If you come here to visit shut the damn thing off or get up and leave. Do not think I am going to be nice as I have to hear your phone ding a ling every few seconds and I will not be polite to you if you are carrying on a conversation with me between your texts. I will get up and leave or you will be asked to leave. It is not just plain out RUDE it is also annoying and insulting !!!

  27. Watching this mess between Israel and Palestine. Come on Israel just unleash. Enough is enough. You have had to duck missiles and bombs long enough. Your people deserve to live in peace. Now this boob from Egypt is going to Gaza to be with his buddies. So when do you think Israel will have had enough? What will our position be when they do ?

  28. No argument from me on Israel. I hope they level the whole frigging middle east. The only democracy there and people here think they are the devil instead of the goatfuckers who want to “remove them from the map”. This is something that is not negotiable with me. ANYBODY with any sense can see they are a target for Iran and all those other freaks. poor poor palestine my ass. they have the entire middle east to turn into a shithole and they can’t stand jews there,, even unto a country that allow THEM in but not vica versa, eh? NOtice Saudi isn’t saying a word, because if the truth be known……a lot of the middle east would like to see Iran blown to hell. Gaza has been lobbing missles at Israel for years and then when they get their ass kicked they whine like babies and everybody feels sorry for them. Israel has been the only stable place in that shithole and our only ally that hasn’t tried to attack and kill some of us.

    And Obama lets it happen. I gotta find that pic of his buddy Edward Said, who is currently burning in hell, throwing rocks at the wall. Him and Khalidi and Obama were thick as thieves. That’s why that video of Obama speaking at that party didn’t get released in 2008. He hates Israel too. The Jew hatred in this country is downright frightening and conjurs up another horrible time.

    The two state thing is bullshit. The state won’t be big enough. The idea is to push Israel back until there isn’t even a corner of that earth left for them. All you have to do is look at the two clashing cultures to see who the animals are.

  29. Yay! TY imust!

  30. Well at least Obama is shutting up about it. I think he knows where the line is. What scares me is what’s in his mind after Israel heads for a ground war and whether or not he’s going to intercede. Since the vast majority of the USA people who aren’t ignorant young pissants support Israel, I think he knows he’d best cut the Islamo Kissy Facey shit.

    Cease fires NEVER work with savages. It’s been proven time and again so I don’t believe it. they keep talking about how Israel is attacking them but don’t mention that they are attacking Israel. This is a bunch of bullshit. And frankly, I don’t know how any American Jew could possibly support Palestine. First them, then You. Is this like some kind of Stockholm syndrome thing?

    What part of Hamas is a Terrorist Organization funded by Iran do people not understand?

  31. I think they removed the halocaust from history books in this brave new Bill Ayers educational world.

  32. Oh heck anyone that has their eyes open can see Obama hates Israel plain and simple and how he has disrespected them the last four years. I have no sympathy for Palestine they are ignorant women hating cavemen and if they are wiped out so be it. Civilizations have been doing this to each other for years and if you want to continue to live in prehistoric times you will be. Civilized societies like Israel need to take the upper hand and just do it because God knows we won’t. We sill sit back and take their shit until it is too late. I pray Israel will be the one nation that stands up to these goatfuckers and wipes them out. I am sick of seeing missiles lobbed into Israel and killing them. Sick of it and Israel needs to just forget about what the UN thinks or we think or what any other country thinks. These people have a right to live in peace as does anyone else yet the goat fuckers have wanted them dead since forever and so do many other places. I have no idea why any self respecting Jewish person would have voted for Obama that is a mystery to me .

  33. rof we must have been typing at the same time lmao. I back Israel 150% and ground war be damned go for broke and unleash the bombs and take that cavemen out. Their brains have not progressed past fighting a dinosaur anyway and they have not learned to build a house they still live in dirt dwellings.

  34. I too Uppity am firm in my conviction that Israel need to blow the ME to hell and back.I think they will take Iran very very soon. I give them 6 months. Palestine will set the course for things. I think Israel was waiting to see if the US got a president that would back them or get stuck with the same shit. Their coarse of action is not determined by who is in the White house at this point I just think they were waiting to not give Obama a sure road in. I truly believe they will go into action this time and soon very very soon.

  35. Yes I agree they took action after obama won. this is his fault for sticking that fence post up his ass.

  36. Well we sound like a couple of war hawks and drove everybody off.

  37. Everybody is hiding in their bomb shelters! Either that or watching UCLA vs USC like me! Go Bruins!!!

  38. Well yeah there’s that too.

  39. I’m supposed to be cleaning my house because my sister is coming to help me clean tomorrow. (Like cleaning for the cleaning lady.)

  40. Before we moved my Dad in with us, I got him a Calif lifeline phone. It was landline and cost me $5 per month.

    imust, my Dudes are Trojans fans, but I’ve always like the Bruins myself, not that I care enough about football to really care but anyway am glad for Bruins. The Trojans season sucked anyway.

  41. About the merit pay for teachers, I can’t decide. I am generally a pro teacher person, but the fact is, there are teachers who are not that good at their job. Hubbies has been to several classrooms where he’d see one teacher being really dynamic and having all the kids attention, and then the next classroom, the teacher wouldn’t be paying any attention to the kids. Also, when laker was in 2nd grade, his teacher was nuts. Seriously, I think she was bi-polar and not on meds. She had laker and I in tears 3 times over the first three weeks of school. I asked for laker to be xferred and the principal said no (what I expected, in our district you have to hire an attorney to get anything done for your kid), so we quit, joined our local secular homeschool group and enrolled laker in Laurel Springs (an accredited private school for homeschoolers). As you know, we loved it so much, we didn’t go back. Still, I am always sympathetic to teachers.

  42. Sophie, I do the same thing. On the rare occasions when I have someone come in to clean, I run around doing a half assed sort of cleaning first!

  43. Why are people hiding in their bomb shelters imust? What am I missing?

  44. All the war talk between uppity and utah socal. I’m sorry you had such a bad experience with your son’s teacher, and I’m glad that homeschooling has worked out so well for you. However, I have to disagree with you on a couple of things. In LAUSD, for example, there are about 40,000 teachers, so can you find some that aren’t as good at their jobs as others? Of course, but I think the majority are good at their job and work very hard. Also, I disagree with what you say about the power of the parent. Yes, if your child needs a lot of accommodations, (the district sees $$$) then yes, you would need an advocate or attorney. But for a simple transfer to another teacher, no. I’ve done it, twice. All it took was camping out in the office and making a lot of noise. And for the record, Charter Schools are no picnic! They’re supposed to be the great savior of education. Not quite. They’re little fiefdoms. Instead of a principal, you have an Executive Director, CEO type. My daughter is in a charter (which happens to be our home school) and I’ve had a horrible experience dealing with the Executive Director jerk an all of his lackey assistants. Like talking to a wall. They hide behind the Ralph M. Brown act in meetings and stare at you blankly if you decide to try and speak up about something and then just end the meeting doing and saying absolutely nothing. And because it’s a charter, they have very little accountability. So I’ll take the old fashioned regular public school any day.

  45. EVERYBODY cleans for the cleaning lady. Anybody who says they don’t is a liar.

  46. Charter schools are a lot like any other school. There are good ones and there are shitty ones. There are good principals and shitty ones. I never thought charter schools were an answer to anything other than taking one set of problems and exchanging them for another set of problems.

  47. I feel you have a lot more power as a parent dealing with a regular public school than a charter. Charter schools get big heads so to speak and they think they are untouchable, which, because of the current political climate, they kinda are….and that’s not the dynamic you want if you’re a parent, where the school thinks it’s better than you.

  48. I have no experience with Charter Schools, but have heard there are good and bad, as Upps says.

    imust, my hubbie works for LAUSD, but we do not live in the LAUSD territory and laker has never been to one of their schools. We thought about putting him in LA #9, the high school dedicated to the arts, but the drive would have been too much for me, and he was happy where he was. I don’t like our school district, and in fact, rarely find anyone who does. Several of my friends have had to hire attorneys for piddling things, like getting their kids classroom changed, etc. Everyone I know with a special needs kid has had to get an attorney to deal with the IEPs and other stuff. Also, our district spent a million bux changing the math books out for that new math (I think its called everyday math?). It takes the standard algorythims and changes them for ones that take 3x as long and take half a page for one problem. Everyone I know hates it. They all protested en masse, all the way to the superintendent but it did no good. The super told them they had already spent a fortune on it and they were keeping it. So then all my friends and relatives, especially the ones with sons, had to shell out a lot of $ for math tutors for their kids. It was insane. A lot of them ended up bailing and started homeschooling or private schooling. During my 10 yrs, the # of homeschoolers in my area increased at least 10 fold. A whole industry developed around us of teachers and venues for classes and events. I was always getting stuff in the mail trying to get our groups business. Also, one school (K=5) actually closed in our town due to insufficient enrollment. I felt bad about that, but there a lot of people here are frustrated. laker was supposed to get occ. therapy, it took a year after his approval for a therapist to show up, then she had two sessions with him and disappeared after that. We saw her in the parking lot at the end of the year and he asked her why he never saw her anymore, and she said she was so sorry, but she was swamped. He was in preK at the time. We’ve paid for phys therapy for him ourselves since then, and after that we just became used to paying for his education needs ourselves.

    I do like LAUSD schools much better btw.

  49. Hubbie says that they are trying to make a charter out of Los Angeles #9 High School (the one with the fancy architecture off 101) and that Eli Broad is behind the charter group! Hubbie is pissed, wants it to stay in LAUSD. It is their best school.

  50. “I feel you have a lot more power as a parent…”

    Thats what I wanted when my kid was little. i felt powerless and I hated that. I hired a teacher once (for the homeschool group) to teach public speaking classes for our kids and he told me that homeschool parents are people that don’t like to be told what to do.” I laughed, but I realized he was right, and I never forgot that.

  51. Uppity @ 8:13: ROFL!

  52. Well that’s the irony. Charters are supposed to give parents more power but my experience (and others I know) has been just the opposite. The charter my child goes to was always a good school, one of the best actually, and then, as you said, it became a charter. So people new to the area think it’s good because it’s a charter, but that’s not really true.

  53. Uppity Woman, on November 17, 2012 at 8:13 PM said:

    EVERYBODY cleans for the cleaning lady. Anybody who says they don’t is a liar.
    Call me a liar because I don’t . I want my money’s worth ! Oh wait I never had one. No one cleans my house but me unless Mr Utah is on my bad side and I took off for a several day drive lmao

  54. Utah, you’re so funny!

  55. Yeah well I know I’m gonna get smacked for this, but the truth is, Utah is a rough tough creampuff. Trust me on this.

  56. The problem with Charters is you can NOT run a school like a business. You are not pushing out widgets, you are molding kids and teaching them things. The product is not a bicycle, it’s a mind.

    PLUS…you have all these variables for each one of them. Home life, health, IQ, social status, family, self impression, it’s endless.

  57. Hey Utah,, I know you took the ACDs on those drives because if you left them home you would come home to a mauled husband.

  58. My dog, you look at each other crooked and she gets between you and carries on in a Stop This Right Now tone.

  59. Did I ever tell you that Rough Tough Utah rescues ACDs on their needle day, because idiots don’t think before they get a strong dog that needs a strong leader? And then she takes these marked dogs home and turns them into loving pets? If I tried that with a mean or abused ACD I would be under a tombstone.

  60. Utah is a grand gal! And she marches to the beat of her own drummer.

  61. And that’s one heck of a percussionist!

  62. I am a cream puff ????? Oh now you have gone and done it lmao. Thank you Socal and yes I do. Sophie too funny. Cream puff my eye. I am a cranky cantankerous old biddy lmao.
    ACDs are my dream dogs. I hate seeing them destroyed for being nothing other then what they are and idiots do not know how to handle them. They are the most protective , funny and loving dogs only you get hell with one that has not been taught boundaries but then again isn’t that true of all dogs ? ACDs just take it ten steps further lol. Got to say I am amazed at the intelligence level of the Cairn Terrier too.
    Hey dear uppity best lay off calling names like cream puff lest I tell them what a true marshmellow you are lmao.

  63. Man that is a different looking ACD. Box dogs lmao

  64. My grand daughter is a teacher.Brand new just out of College.Right now it is part time Sub. 🙂

  65. Wait, I am confused – cream puff? Marshmallow? I thought the last thread was the one about Twinkies.

  66. Karen, Eh, we’re perpetually confused, always change the subject. It’w what makes this blog work, along with other parts of a secret formula that nobody can duplicate. The fun part is how quickly we all adapt to it. Knid of like a hockey puck gone wild.

  67. Did someone mention cream puff?

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