Don’t you wish you could put the “Journalist” you despise most in this guy’s place?

These days, this would probably mean a Pulitzer.


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  1. I think, symbolically, this is what happened to Keith Olbermann, only nobody filmed it. Too bad, so sad.

  2. What more can one say…the video speaks volumes!

    Very behind for Sis’ arrival…

    For the record, Maine Root Ginger Beer is WAY better for Dark and Stormies than Goslings. Just use Goslings brand for the rum.

  3. For the record, Maine Root Ginger Beer is WAY better for Dark and Stormies than Goslings. Just use Goslings brand for the rum.

    No wonder you’re behind.

  4. I have this theory that you can pick out people who voted Third Party. They aren’t celebrating that Obama won, and they aren’t wailing and gnashing their teeth because Romney lost. These are people who already expected to be fucked no matter which of these two guys won. You don’t proclaim you are voting third party and then act like the world is coming to an end because a particular one of the two major FAIL candidates won or lost. You knew they would both blow goats as President and expected to be disappointed either way. Third Party voters also tend to have better Blood Pressure readings this week and have retained some semblence of self-respect, dignity, rational thought, and calm. This third party thing is good for one’s health, methinks.

  5. That’s likely true for those who voted for none of the above. I did miss Ralph Nader this time.

    Love the video. I think we’re going yo need more than one bag to cover all of the lowlife calling themselves journalist.

  6. Yeah Hugo but just think of all the non-biodegradable plastic we will keep from the dumps!

  7. And now, for your DAILY CUTE.
    Needlenose as a puppy, dispositioning campaign literature. Note her body hasn’t grown into her head yet, but nevermind..

  8. Actually that was a landsend catalog. She was pissed there was nothing for dogs in it.

  9. I voted for the other guy not third party and BP is fine. I do think it criminal that Harry Reid can stop a senate hearing on Benghazi and that F&F is all but lost to finding the truth and holding the ones accountable but this is the way the USA goes these days. Protect the criminals at all costs and let the victims just go away. I guess 4 dead means nothing to people anymore. Eh .
    I do believe that after the last 4 years not much is going to phase me when it comes to politics and covering up, taking down more rights and so on and so on. It apparently is the way this nation wants to swing. On that note I have to go got another hard day at the office. Yesterday my BP was most likely skyrocketing but it was from work . Bad day and damn near told the powers to be to shove a railroad tie up their ass. We will see how today goes.

  10. Land’s End has nice dog stuff. I got coats for mine years ago and they are as good as the human coats. Not useful for a collie though.

  11. I missed Ralph Nader this time He would have gotten some votes too. :).

  12. That one was just their clothing catalog, dogalog.

  13. I think if Ralph really cared about America, he would do what he is actually good at and rip the auto industry a whole new asshole for some of the death traps they are making. The Pinto was Car of The Year next to some of these golf carts they are pimping.

  14. One thing before I head out. That picture is too cute . A good caption for it would be;
    And this is just a sample of what I will do to your black mail photos, furniture and clothes if you mess with me, got that ?

  15. Yeah and that’s probably what she was saying too. That and Get Me More Food Or I’m Heading For Your Closet.

  16. “Mom you have to believe me it really was Joe setting me up ”

    ” Would you believe I really thought there was a possum under that ?”

    See ya all later got to go.

  17. That dog is just gorgeous. What a nice way to start the day.

  18. PETA might think this is a good idea.

    Southern tick bite causes potentially deadly meat allergy.

    Rough on those Texas BBQs!

  19. TY Socal. She knows it too. And she IS a wonderful way to start the day, every day! Saying good mornig to this dog is a joyful exercise.

  20. Ralph Nader is still kicking butts and telling the truth through Public Citizen. That is the best role for him, but I also like to hear him call out the lies from both sides.

  21. Yes he does do that but doesn’t have to do it running for president. You hardly hear from him when he’s not running. I think that’s a sin. He also is strangely silent on things that mattered not only to him in the 70s, but which are front and center as a danger today. But he says nothing. Why isn’t he all over the airwaves ripping Monsanto a new one for their frankefood, I wonder. We could use a guy like him, consumerism is his only real claim to fame and he doesn’t do it any longer. He’s an abrasive kind of seedy guy who has a lot to say in his usual rude way, but he sure isn’t presidential timber.

    What am I saying? I haven’t seen any presidential timber since Clinton.

  22. Agreed. He’s not presidential. Not sure why he’s not more visible lately. Maybe the MSM doesn’t want to give him any air time.

  23. Well!
    I voted Green Party and for a woman, Jill Stein; and now you’ll are weeping because Nader was not on the tickets? Like if Nader had been in the third party ticket he would have won…I’m confused.

  24. Here’s the only Greenie I want for President

  25. No, not weeping. I just said I missed him during the campaign. I would have voted for him instead of voting for no one. I’m not taking issue with how anyone else voted. Sorry for any confusion.

  26. I used to sing that to my mother’s beloved cat after she died. He was a broken cat after she left him. He never recovered. Her other cat did well and lived to a ripe old age with me, but he just didn’t want to live without her.

  27. Hey I went Stein because it was her or nobody. I am not even a greenie. Not by a long shot. But I remember how she said she would fight for the rights of women to run their own lives, so i gave her a nod. There is probably nothing else in her platform I would be happy about. But the two Clown tickets were just not going to cut it with me. Besides, she was a woman and since most men vote their gender I thought I would give some back to them.

  28. Phew! OK.
    I realize that Nader has gotten a whole more media exposure and kick on issues that Jill Stein ever got during her campaign.

    What I still like about Jill Stein is her stand for health and environment issues. There is plenty of cancer and diabetes in our country and is pretty much linked to our contemporary life styles regarding gm food, contaminated water and polluted air we breath. So much for progress and new technologies.

    Yesterday the subject was the BP oil spill and the $$$ they been fined.
    That money is pennies to the huge harm done to the sea life, food that we eat and will take decades for ecological regeneration to healthy standards, regardless what clean up chemicals the authorities use and tell us.
    And I can go on and on many environmental issues…yes I’m a greenie.
    But most, I’m for women’s rights and equal representation in our body of government.

  29. I saw some of stein’s youtubes and all I can say is she was a WHOLE lot easier to listen to than Ralph ever was.

  30. Maybe Ralph is rough around the edges because he’s been a watchdog for so many years. Not sure a warm, fuzzy type is right for that job.

  31. Agree, his style was good for Nader’s Raiders, just not very good for a President is all I’m saying. He was pretty nasty when he went after the auto industry and they deserved ever second of it. I just wish he had the same fire today because we have a lot of bad shit being done to consumers and nobody is stopping them.

  32. Uppity, I think a big part of the problem is that most consumers pay little to no attention to the bad stuff that is being peddled. Maybe we’re accustomed to stories about deadly junk. Maybe the Pinto expose was cutting edge at the time. Since then, we’ve had exploding tires, roll-over SUVs, lead on Mattel toys, salmonella in dog treats that end up killing babies, ……etc. There have been recent reports on Public Citizen that made my head spin, but got ZERO press coverage.

  33. Re plastic bag over journalist’s face. That’s what Tingles Matthews looks like when he’s practicing safe-sex with Obama.

  34. Hugo, I think that’s because we have been reprogrammed to accept being treated like dog crap as customers, as if we work for the company we are paying. It’s become the new normal. Customer service is non existent and everybody who takes our money and calls us ‘customer’ thinks we owe them instead of the other way around. They have no regard for the people who keep them afloat, in fact, they treat us with disdain. All you have to do is call a customer service line anywhere to get the message.

  35. I just saw an ad for the Barack Obama Victory Coins. Rolling my eyes here.

    The coins are a lot like our actual money. They’re worthless.

  36. Ralph was good in his day, but he’s old and subdued now. It would be nice if we had a new Pro Consumer King or Queen to stand up for us and lead the charge.

  37. Victory coins? fgs, how stupid. Can you believe people buy this crap? Tacky. Besides, bronco bama seems so weak and frail and tired. How the hell did people ever think he was going to be a great leader? Hillary is so much more of a strong leader. Kills me to think about it.

  38. That war in the ME is now moving into the Golan Heights area. What a mess. Making lasagna, so gotta run for now. Laker was in a rock band performance today. He did really well.

  39. LOL. obama victory coins. Talk about dog crap.

  40. If you plant the victory coins in Michelle’s victory garden they grow into money trees.
    True story.

  41. The lead in them will then be worth more than our dollars.

  42. How the hell did dwp land in spam. WTF is wrong with spam.

  43. By the way dwp, that visual is sooooo Ewwwwwwwwww.

  44. Michelle should be particularly obnoxious for the next Four, considering she doesn’t have to impress anyone.

  45. Recommend they build his presidential library in Indonesia.

  46. Was Michelle trying to impress us in the first 4?

  47. I’d say, funny as it sounds, she was holding back. lol.

  48. I hope somebody hides some lobsters for posterity so she doesn’t deplete to extinction. Hope she gets the gout.

    I will say her makeover was a good one. Except for that horrid wardrobe. But she actually got decent looking and behaved with some tact. A real achievement that took 28 assistants.

  49. They’ve already found the perfect building for Obama’s library. It needed to be just the right size to be able to contain all of Obama’s presidential accomplishments!

  50. An old phone booth?

  51. LOL! Close!

  52. Better?

  53. It’s gotta hold his achievements, right

    Then it’s too big.

  54. ROFL. Glad it’s not a boot box. Too big.

  55. Closer?

  56. I’m thinking more like a head of a pin.

  57. I was thinking the same thing…

  58. GMMTA

    (Great Malicious Minds Think Alike)

  59. So true……

  60. Yeah that looks like about the right size. There’ll still be room for memorabilia too.

  61. You think there will be a ACA room, with a wall naming all the dead people?

  62. Maybe photos of the ten remaining seniors?

  63. ROFL!

  64. I don’t think they’d keep 10 do you?

  65. Not deliberately.

  66. I’m sure they’ll have stables on the grounds for all of the ponies and unicorns.

  67. An altar for TOTUS of course.

  68. I think his biggest achievement might be 0% unemployment. Achieved when 100% of the country is out of work and falls off the rolls.

  69. I’d put in a room made of glass with tvs playing a loop of the healthcare bill’s negotiations on CSPAN…oh wait…..

  70. zero unemployment would be historic.

  71. Maybe then we can find out what’s in it.

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