Times Square Pro Palestine,Pro Israel demonstration


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  1. Why do I have a gut feeling that John Kerry is behind the focus on Susan RIce?

  2. John Kerry walks into a bar. The bartender says, “Why the long face?”

  3. Knock knock.
    Who’s there?
    John Kerry.
    John Kerry who?

    (I haven’t thought of a punch line yet…..maybe that is the punchline..)

  4. John Kerry wants to be secretary of state. he wanted to be secretary of state in 2009. Secretary of State makes him hard. John Kerry doesn’t have a chance against Susan Rice. You figure it out.

    Can you imagine John Kerry as Secretary of State so nobody anywhere can understand what the fuck he is saying?

  5. John Kerry ? Who in blazes is that ? Oh yea he is the dumbo that ran for Pres once and is trying to get a position where he can hear his name mentioned on TV once in awhile again lol.

    These jerk wads that sup[port Palestine make me ill. A pox on them and their home. Israel need to step it up and fry all these countries that want them dead. Israel deserves to own their lands and sell that oil.

  6. ROFL!!!! Hillary falls asleep during O-Blah-Blah’s speech!!!!

  7. LMAO why should she be different?

  8. That’s the only way she can get through it! Poor thing!

  9. Shit I almost fell asleep myself just watching that clip.

  10. Qweshtyun: If you had a .22 and kept shooting at your neighbor’s house with it because you want him to move out, and you knew your neighbor owned an AK47 and put up with your pee shooter gun time and again……….and then one day you actually hit him in the foot, so he turns his AK at you and obliterates your dumb ass, should anybody feel sorry for you?

    That’s Palestine and Israel. yes there are more dead palestinians. That’s because that strip is nothing but a launch pad against Israel populated with people who breed like rabbits, so it’s not hard to hit a bunch of them. Toss in the fact that they keep shooting Israel with a .22 and hitting them in the foot and there you have it.

  11. Obama must have put his finger in the air to see how the wind was going, because he came out in support of Israel today.

  12. Hey, power napping is how Our Girl gets through her 20-hour days. It’s Obama’s fault that he made her come to his speech during her naptime. 😉

    It truly amazes me that people don’t question why there are still people in the camps after almost 80 years. Seriously, do they think it’s the same people who were kicked out of, or left, their homes in 1946? How does that pass the smell test?

    The desire to control the oil in the Gaza strip, plus a generous helping of religious insanity, will keep the “Palestinians” in that area forever.

    I really wonder what can be done at this point. The problem seems impossible.

  13. But the “smartest president EVAH” blows it again the minute he walks on the world stage…

  14. She’s not sleeping. She visualizing herself going home and getting some rest after having to spend 4 years keeping the child propped up. Poor woman must be exhausted.

  15. Obama must have put his finger in the air to see how the wind was going, because he came out in support of Israel today.

    That is exctly what I said ealier today.

    I need to watch where I say things like this.

  16. good one, Hugo.

  17. leslie, when it comes to Israel and Hamas, I don’t watch where i say it. I am not going to be held captive by ignorami and little pissant idiots and parrots who had the holocaust removed from their history books long ago.

  18. Palestinians are now using women to push for bilateral talks. I hope they don’t kill them when they fail. Still, I suppose it’s a better job than being a human shield so they can show everybody pictures of their dead women.

    What’s to talk about. israel is a soverign country, the only country in that shithole that acts like a democracy instead of a bunch of 9th century savages, and hamas is funded by Iran to remove Israel from the map. Not much to talk about after that.

    Palestine gambled that they could step up lobbing their rockets because Egypt is ruled by Islamofascists now. They gambled wrong.

  19. uppity, where I work anything said against Bronco can result in some real unpleasantness. This has nothing to do withsupporting Israel; it has everything to do with supporting Bronco.

  20. Ah well, that’s what’s happened to politics in the past 12 years. If it isn’t one side acting like assholes, it’s the other. They take chances apiece gloating and generally being assholes. 4 more of Obama assholes.

  21. It wasn’t that many years ago when we had presidential elections, somebody won and somebody lost, and everybody went to work the next day, accepted the outcome, and didn’t fester over it and make enemies of each other besides.

  22. Anderson Cooper is a biased, unprofessional asshole.

  23. You can tweet your support of Israel here

  24. thanks for the twitter link. Because of work I’m offline most of the time on most days. I guess I need to be spoonfed info these days.

  25. You’re welcome, sister.

  26. I have to say I fail to understand how any American who has Jewish blood flowing in their veins or has lived through 911 and watched in horror at what was done on our soil can stand against Israel . I just can not wrap my head around it. I have had to many times second guess what people in this country were thinking but this is a no brainer. I understand if you are a displaced goatfucker come here to spread your hate but seriously what is it going to take to wake people up ? Do we as a nation need to live like the people of Israel ? Do we need to run for cover when we are out shopping or working ? Do we need to hope a rocket does not hit our home when we are eating or sleeping ? I guess when we continue on the path we are on ( denial of facts right in our faces) we will get it first hand what the Israelis have been living through for ages and ages.

  27. Hillary steps in to get the men to play nice again. She had to get a babysitter for bozo and leave her Asia trip. I would love nothing more than to have her broker a lasting peace in the ME, but I have zero faith in their ability to live in peace and stop being a big ulcer for the rest of us to deal with. The whole ME should be ashamed of itself. JMHO.

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