It’s that time again! For the Turkey Testicle Festival!

Another year has gone by and your bucket list has check marks. You’ve visited Paris and Rom — and still, you have not participated in this One Of A Kind celebration.

I ask you as you grow older: Do you really want to die without ever having visited a Turkey Testicle Festival?

Proving once again that Americans will eat anything if it’s fried in lard and covered in BBQ sauce.


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  1. Attention those who said I Told You So many times: The adult in the room is heading to Gaza to seek peace.

    Now who do you think that would be?

    President Obama is sending Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton to the Middle East in hopes that she can help mediate an end to the bloody conflict between Israel and Gaza, even as a second rocket landed close to Jerusalem on Tuesday.

    John Kerry must be so J. Boo Hoo.

  2. 45% of Americans would rather skip Christmas because it’s too damned expensive and doesn’t have a whit to do anymore with the guy whose birthday it’s supposed to be.

  3. Go Hills!

    Wouldn’t it be an amusing dis to both Kerry and Rice if Obama chose Colin Powell as his SoS–after all, the guy did endorse him. It’s a 4-fer: solves the problem of who to pick of the two contenders, puts to rest the idea that Powell’s endorsement was based on skin color, and gives Powell a chance to redeem himself for the yellow cake uranium lie.

  4. I like that idea, Sophie. I think Powell is a good man despite his having twice endorsed obama.

    Uppity, that’s an interesting fact about 45% wanting to skip Christmas. Sounds good to me. I have not done any mall Christmas shopping in years. I only buy crafts or gifts from local small businesses. And I’m not even doing much of that any longer. The commercialization is really ugly.

  5. I still maintain that Colin Powell knew he was lying. He may have been pressued by that POS Cheney but he knew. Colin Powell is not dumb. So now we want an experienced liar to lie for an experienced lying president? We keep forgetting. SOS doesn’t work of us. They work for a president.

  6. UW: I am certain Powell was lying. so, ummm, where are you going to get an inexperienced liar? Like Kerry and Susan Rice are the most truthful people we know? Redemption for CP’s lie is the 4th item in my 4-fer.

  7. Hills is a stellar SoS because she’s stronger than the prez. So, it seems the way to go is to find someone else stronger than the prez, in which case, Kerry, Rice, and Powell are all out. All I can think of right now are Aaaahnold and Christie! Can you imagine Christie in mideast negotiations?! “Don’t be stooopid!”

  8. Kerry is guilty of being an elitist idiot who can’t string two words together that anyone wants to listen to. I don’t know if he’s a liar. Well,,,,,,,,,he’s a politician, so…….

    Susan Rice, which lie have we positively caught her in? If you tell a lie given to you as gospel intelligence, is it a lie or are you a patsy? Did she know it was a lie? How do we know she knew it was a lie? I think our intelligence message was controlled. The only thing I don’t know is by Whom. Yet. We just don’t know. Maybe we will or maybe we won’t. But the jury is still out on this. Nobody in his or her right mind goes on TV and tells a lie they weren’t handed. The claim here is that’s the intelligence she was given. The question is, who controlled intelligence messages now and who controlled THAT message. Maybe she was a patsy. I mean, what’s a UN person doing discussing Benghazi on Sunday TV? Hillary obviously wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot poll. Oh there is no doubt here, there is more to this intelligence story than we know at this point. And of course, tons of disgruntles have already decided what ‘really’ happened before what happened is even revealed. Blind anger does that to you. I know I’ve done it in past. No More. If it comes from the angery far left or the angry far right, I discount it immediately. Can’t help myself. Ive been burned and disappointed one to many times.

  9. How many lies make a liar? One? Five?

    Answer: It’s one. The question is, are you a patsy, a liar or are you a forced liar? And if you are a forced liar, as my grandmother always said, whatever a man will do once he will do again.

  10. LOL on Christie. He’d have them crapping their pants. Funny guy.

  11. Did you see him on SNL?

  12. I just heard McCain pretty much say Hillary isn’t good enough and we need to send Bill there, because he’s got immense respect. How do you feel about THAT?

  13. What was Ambassador Stevens doing in Benghazi in the first place? The embassy in Tripoli is heavily fortified and the ambassador
    would have been safe there. The consulate, on the other hand, is lightly fortified and much more vulnerable to attack.

    And for that matter, how did the terrorists know in advance that Stevens was even going to be there? Wouldn’t you assume that the ambassador would be in his country’s embassy in the capital? There is so much more here than what we already know. I hope the right does keep perusing this. I want answers and if we can go after a president for having sex and telling a lie about it dammit this is far far more serious!!!
    At what point in time did it become the Senates job to protect the President from his crimes ? Damn people need to wake up !!! Obama got the briefs he gets them daily or weekly. They are written documents and I want to know . Someone has knowledge where they are and believe me there are many copies. Someone has copies of briefs and will finally step up.

  14. I feel in many ways McCain is right . Sorry to supporters of Hilary but going over there a woman just is not seen in good light and we know that to be true. It is not about how bright she is it is about their disdain for women. I do think Bill would make more of a impact then Hilary. Not that I am putting Hilary down but facts are facts she is female going into to talks with cavemen that would love to see her burried up to her neck in sand so they could torture her and kill her. JMO

  15. Too fucking bad if they don’t like women.. She has the check and she has the power and are we suggesting that we should harness women for these assholes? And has anybody told McCain he didn’t get elected? He didn’t get elected because he ran the most inept, incompetent campaign I have ever seen in my life, up to and including local yokels. Now who’s incompetent? You go out there and tell people someone is INCOMPETENT? On what basis do you do that? You say she “SHOULD HAVE KNOWN” and how is it she SHOULD have known? The Sunday circuit occurred because the John McCains of this world insisted someone talk talk talk. If she had known classified information, should she have just told it too, so that the same assholes could say she revealed classified informaiton? What exacty IS t his man saying other than to rattle cages and get some camera time? Somebody please tell me?

    And why wasn’t he this brave and bold in 2008?????? We might have forgone all of this. Or maybe we might have lived something even worse, because he’ acting like a flailing bitter loser. And I RESENT his remark that Bill should go. It’s not his fucking decision for one thing and for another, it SMACKS of Hillary only got where she is because Bill. What the FUCK does this woman have to do for these dipshits, bleed in front of them?

  16. Kevin Clash voice of sesame streets Elmo leaving due to allegations of sex with under age boys……….Sheesh

  17. First she should not have had access to that info. But we do know she is a puppet for bam bam and gee we needed some smooze for the public before elections didn’t we ? Susan Rice in a nothing in my book. I mean that. And now because folks do not like her we are racist. She is a BAM BAM puppet and hell no I do not want her in there. I wish to Christ Hilary would stay. I agree that these cavemen are nothing and I really hope Hilary stands up and tells them to live up to their cease fire or get a USA bomb up their ass. I think she is quite capable of doing that but again do you not see that they will disregard anything she has to say ? Israel will applaud her. I just know what McCain is saying and as for Hilary making headway with these cave dwelling goat fuckers he is right Bill has more of a chance to get them to listen. Sad but true. Does that mean I would rather see Bill go ? NO ! He is not SOS and has no business doing her job. She is SOS and it is her job to go over there and attend these talks. Do I think headway will be made ? NO. As you said when does a cease fire work with these savages ?

  18. I’m not calling S. Rice a liar over the Benghazi crap. I think she was a patsy. Okay.. I misspoke with liar. The reason I don’t like her goes back to the 2008 primaries.

    Rice was one of the first former Clinton administration officials to defect to Obama’s primary campaign against Hillary Clinton. Rice condemned Clinton’s Iraq and Iran positions, asking for an “explanation of how and why she got those critical judgments wrong.”

    So where is Rice on Iraq and Iran now?

    I don’t like Kerry for blowing 2004. I think he threw it on purpose. I don’t think BO as speaker was an accident and I don’t care who thinks I need a tinfoil hat over that opinion. Then there was his going on and on (AND ON) about Obama’s “superior judgement” in 2008. As if.

    As for McCain, he’s lost it. Ever since the election of 2008, he makes no sense. In fact, ever since he hugged W, he hasn’t made sense.

  19. And has anybody told McCain he didn’t get elected?

    Yes. Obama has. And he looked like a very, very small man when he did it.

    Bill can’t go over there and smooth things out because this might really start to look like that miniseries, “Political Animals.”

  20. Well going in and voting for McLame left a sour taste in my mouth and I would never have done that had there been someone worth voting for on the other side. My McLame vote was a protest vote. He is standing up now when he looked like a wimp in o8 but what the heck a broken clock is right twice a day too. Benghazi should not just be swept under the rug that is my opinion. If McLame is the guy leading the charge so be it.

  21. What was Ambassador Stevens doing in Benghazi in the first place?

    Funny you should ask that, Utah, because I have a theory…I was wondering if Stevens wasn’t the one pushing to be in Benghazi. Everything I’ve read about him makes him sound like the type who would want to be there, against all odds–that somehow, despite the danger, he had a plan and could make it work. I think he convinced the administration and impressed him with his bravery and optimism. But his plan didn’t work. And I think no one in the administration is willing to throw this likable, courageous, never-say-never guy under the bus (and I would agree with that). It’s just a theory…

  22. Calling Susan Rice a liar is wrong because unless the info was handed to her which it should not have been she most likely thought she was telling a true fact. Fact is she ought to be left out of the thing and McLame needs to lead the charge back to where it really belongs and that is the top OMAMA ! I did not say I agree with McCain on all he is saying but he does make some points and main thing is his mouth is keeping the heat on the real issue Benghazi and it needs to be opened up. This is bigger then Watergate to me. Much bigger.
    Susan Rice to me is someone that is well an Obama bimbo and could never act in the capacity of SOS the way Hilary or Condi did. NEVER !!!!

  23. Oh I’m not disagreeing that it shouldn’t be swept under the rug. LIKE FORT HOOD WAS. What I am saying is not everything is a “Gate” I’m just so sick of one side or the other calling everythig on earth a “Gate” and I’m sick of hearing for the last TWENTY years of presidencies, the word IMPEACH! Every fucking time something happens everybody knee jerks and yells WATERGATE! IMPEACHMENT! After awhile it is just plain stupid looking to me. Behghazi is under investigation from State. You can bet if Obama did some bad shit or anybody else did some bad shit, Hillary will find a way to make sure it leaks.

    And there is that story that Benghazi wasn’t a consolate at all, but a CIA station….

  24. Interesting take Sophie. All I know is let’s get answers and get to the truth no matter who it hurts. Do you not think the families of the four dead deserve that ? Were they sacrificed and for what ? Too many what if’s out there and I am not going along with the video did it thing. I truly believe there was an order to ” Stand down” . I think Hilary did her job and believe me many do and she is not guilty of any wrong doing . I just can not see her fall under Obamas plans and go along but what could she do when ultimatly the order to go for it has to come from him ?
    It is sad to see Hilary leave but I think she needs to sever herself from this group and fast. The shit will hit the fan in the next four years and she needs to be long gone from any of them. She is a survivor it is what she does. Bill needs to cut all ties with this group as well. If we are to see a 2015 run for the White House she had better get out and get out quick.

  25. Yup she’s obama’s puppet, just like Bush had his puppets. So what’s different? I disagree that she should have be briefed because we don’t know what classified information there was and what was ongoing. You can’t say wha you don’t know. If you see her on Tee vee, you will see she repeatedly said, more information is coming in and that this is the best information she has right now.

  26. And has anybody told McCain he didn’t get elected?

    Yes. Obama has. And he looked like a very, very small man when he did it.

    I remember that well and I am not denying Obama is an asshole. What I AM resisting is all these armchair analysts who DONT KNOW what they pretend to know and who shoot at people for Effect. Haven’t we just had enough for this for 20 damned years and look what it has done to our country while nothing useful to anybody gets done.

  27. Rice is a soldier. She’s not a turd in the punchbowl. Valerie Jarrett is the turd in the punchbowl ala Rove and Cheney. I’m sure if Hillary learned to live with Obama, (for the time being), she’s learned to live with Rice FWIW.

  28. Haven’t we just had enough for this for 20 damned years and look what it has done to our country while nothing useful to anybody gets done.

    Yes, yes, and yes.

  29. It’s just that every four years, a little less than half the country acts like the fucking sky is going to fall and chicken little was right. And we’re ALL STILL HERE.

  30. The Cronie Capitalists are coming!

    No! The Socialists are coming!!!

    Losing stings. Especially if you’ve been porky and cock-sure, an indicator that you are no better than what you want to replace. In life, we all win some and we lose some. That’s how it goes. You Endure, because that’s what intelligent people Do.

  31. Every four years since each of us was born, a president was elected. And we got up in the morning just like we did the day before the election, and we did the same thing. To suggest any differently is to be an applicant for drama school.

  32. I’m sick of Obama taking the credit for killing OBL but when something goes wrong he’s MIA. Where was the “gutsy call” then? He sends Susan Rice out with his stupid talking points and when people start asking real questions uses her as a human shield by distracting from the questions with a *you’re being mean to Susan Rice* BS argument. It’s not about Rice, it’s about Obama. His stupid campaign for reSelection and his lousy first term. He didn’t deserve to be president 4 years ago and he doesn’t now. Things are a mess because he’s a mess. He’s not a leader period. The fact that Hillary has to walk two steps behind him everywhere they go together makes me sick.

  33. Listen, I hear you. It’s not that I don’t hear you. But do we really want to be miserable for four more years in addition to the last 12, while life ticks by? Politics is a sport to these creatures. It’s all about THEM winning, not about US winning. Not now. Not ever.

  34. If politics were the first name of our spouses, we would have divorced them years ago. lol.

  35. ^
    THAT !!!
    So this is why most days I get time to myself I take my wrecking crew and go to the hills as far from human life forms that I can get and enjoy what nature has to offer. It is why I took a hiatus from the interweb too. I just really get so sick of the shit. I do know I need to stay informed but ignorant bliss is sometimes all so much better. I do what I do because I am a survivor. Some see me as nuts by stock piling everything and that is their right. I do not like to get caught with my pants down. Do I believe hard times are coming ? YES I really do. If the last 8 years are any tell tale sign it will be and I will not be hurting as bad as others. Beside the fact that there is always a chance for a natural disaster. The wrecking crew love deer meat lol. So they will get their food too and they will eat that trash fish trout lmao.

  36. But do we really want to be miserable for four more years in addition to the last 12

    So happy you said 12 instead of 4. Because it has sucked for 12 long years. Obama ran his 4 miserable years against the 8 miserable years that preceded it and squeaked out a tiny little victory for himself.

    Over these 12 years, I have used up most of my misery, angst, and dread and now need to hoard the rest in case I need it.

  37. A thread about turkey nads, and nobody thunk to contact the Hillbilly? What the hay?! I like to get a whole mess of chicken giblets, throw them in a screened pan, sauce em’ up with red pepper and garlic, and throw them on the que. Makes for great finger food while drinkin’ beer and cooking the rest of the meat on the grill.

  38. Hill Billy, you might be the only one around here to have had a taste of those poultry sacs. I seem to recall someone else, maybe NES, having them at some exotic local, too.

    Agree with about 80% of the comments above. Don’t need to nit-pick the specifics, I enjoyed all the remarks. Must say though that although I love Bill and if Hill wasn’t on the job he would be great to go over there and be a peace maker. McCain is a doddering old fool if he thinks Bill should go when we have a perfectly capable Hill to go. Would he have told Thatcher, Albright, Meir, Condi, etc. that they should be replaced by their husbands? Hell freaking no. That was a blatent sexist and otherwise underhanded and uncalled for suggestion.

    Those Reps are even uglier when they suck on sour grapes.

    Idiots. The war against wimmenz is still on going. I hope Hillary responds to McCain when she comes back from trying to save the world.

    I don’t think Powell knew. He was fed false information and he was asked to speak on it and he did. He lived it down slowly and no acting could have been as good as he was when the lies were exposed. He fumed. He stuttered his apologies. He made it clear he was fooled and that it was a huge stain on his career. My family member worked directly under Powell for years and still finds him to be one of the most outstanding people he ever met – and he met them all during his service.

  39. The kits must have been active because right now all 4 and mom are out for the count and in dream land.

  40. Spoke too soon. Momma woke up and I hear somebody talking to them.

  41. No, Karen, NES was the one who drank the $50 a cup Sumatran Koi Luwak coffee from the beans Asian Palm Civits eat and then crap out.

  42. Aha, NES ate something worse than TT.

  43. NES Quote:

    Hey you bitter-clinging provincials, listen up: your own NES has had this coffee. It was in approximately 2005 or 2006 in the Mandarin Oriental hotel in San Francisco. A mere 50 dollars for a cuppa. Yes, it was delicious.

  44. 3 – 5,000 calories on Thanksgiving day.

    And the worst culprit is pie! DAMN!!!

    Will not cut out the PIE – the hell with the Turkey and taters and gravy and bread and butter. Give me pie.

  45. In case anyone is interested, the Church Of England just voted NO on introducing female bishops. The Episcopal Church ( the American brand of Anglicanism) already has women bishops–in fact our Presiding Bishop is a woman.

    These are the results of the vote:

    In favor of female bishops:
    Bishops: 44
    Clergy: 148
    Laity: 132

    Bishops: 3
    Clergy: 45
    Laity: 74

    Bishops: 2
    Clergy: 0
    Laity: 0

    The legislation needed a two-third majority in all three houses of the General Synod to pass.

    It came down to the laity, that is, the people in the congregation. Sigh.

  46. karen, Don’t blame the pie!! They said pecan pie is more fattening than pumpkin pie, but they didn’t say Don’t eat the pie! Frankly, I think the that green bean casserole with the canned condensed mushroom soup would be the calorie bomb. Or the candied sweet potato casserole, with brown sugar inside and marshmallows on top.

    Remember though, you’re eating for two days if you go to the mall on Black Friday. You can NEVER get a table at the food court on Black Friday!

  47. Who’s been dissin’ Pie???

  48. NOT ME, NOT EVER!!

  49. Thanksgiving is stressful. We need all the comfort food we can get. Potatoes….pie….it’s all good. Stress is worse than a few extra calories! Live well! Eat pie!!

  50. I love Thanksgiving. Got to be my favorite of all Holidays . Hang the calories. I eat then wait what I consider a respectful amount of time usually an hour or so then go grab my turkey sammich. Turkey sammiches are the bomb. Hardly ever go for pie sorry Imust but it just is not my thing. I can make them and folks say my home made pies rule but I just never really cared for them myself. A roll dipped in gravy is more to my liking lol. I do admit I like the filling in pumpkin pie and eat it but toss the crust and never foul it with whipped cream.

  51. The crust is the best part…….

  52. I like pumpkin pie for breakfast. I think it’s really good for you, as is sweet potato pie.

    McCain needs an attitude adjustment. Maybe he needs to recall that there have been powerful women leaders in the ME while we in the US are still acting treating women leaders like novelty items. Get over it, Johnny. Hillary is as powerful as Bill, maybe more so.

    As for Powell being a liar, that is likely true of him and most other appointees in any administration. I believe that politicians surround themselves with people who will be loyal to them not to the public they serve. You will never be in the inner circle if your loyalty is not gauranteed. I believe his military background made it more difficult for him to not follow orders when he suspected he was being used as a patsy on the WMD bamboozle. I read somewhere that he stated he had doubts about the story that he was to read at the UN, so he insisted that Tenet sit right behind him and be on camera as he read the story. Although I don’t care for Susan Rice, I think she’s in a similar boat. Go read the talking points and take the heat for the team.

    Thank goodness Hillary has been smart enough not to get caught up in the political nonsense and reads her own talking points. Unlike most appointees, she has not been a sycophant.

  53. You Endure, because that’s what intelligent people Do.
    Indeed life goes on. 🙂

  54. Oh I am sure that Hillary has had to carry out some missions she might have done differently if she were President Libya and Egypt come to mind.

  55. You Pieness,
    Please be assured that any appearance of Pie Disrespect was unintentional. We Hold You In The Highest Esteem and would never offend your namesake, at least not if we intend to live on. We lie ourselves Prostrate to The Apple, The Caramel, The Walnut.

  56. As the Day draws closer, let us recall other Memorable Days of the Turkey. And the Pecker.

  57. It’s true, Hillary has made a point not to put her face out there for the talking heads to mangle. She understands that they are the hook and she is the fish they love to snag.

  58. . We lie ourselves Prostrate to The Apple, The Caramel, The Walnut.

    Can I hear an amen?

    Btw, which one is the turkey?

  59. Btw, which one is the turkey?

    Therein lies the riddle!

  60. Perhaps this will help.

  61. Confession: I mist cranberry sauce in with the mayo and put stuffing on my turkey sandwich.

    I am so ashamed.

  62. What was Barney (is that the dog’s name) doing in that last photo that has everyone shocked? Rolling over?

  63. W dropped him.

  64. I will say this. There are a lot of shots with W holding that dog and, anybody knows you don’t interact with a Scottie like that unless he really likes you. Terriers don’t play Pretend well. They will bite first. I think he really liked his dog which is more than comes through for Obama and Bo. It’s all strictly photo op with him. You can almost see them taking the shot and then getting the dog the hell out of the place.

  65. YOu could tell Laura was a cat person too. The shots of her with her black cat, India I think the name was. A cat won’t stay on a lap for a photo op unless the cat is comfy with you. YOu’ll see a tail and an ass before you go Click.

  66. I lost my train of thought as I am babysitting kittens in the office and they now clawing their way into my lap. I think I need to tell their foster its time to trim those sharp little spikes.

  67. Kittens back in playpen.

    Well dropping theo dog is better than serving him as an entree.

    I think the Bush pets preferred Laura. She seemed to just love those animals. Cats especially.

    Kerry is so dumb he probably cannot even spell lie. But he can use to Heinz 57 money to hire someone who can lie for him.

  68. You can tell if they love animals by how cats act around them. A dog will take a command and sit there for anybody if he’s trained. A cat, Fergettabowtit.

  69. I just remembered when my dog failed her first CGC test, Utah will rememember. She advised me in the aftermath. There’s a part of the test where you have to leave your dog with the examiner and walk away…..and disappear. Well She stayed fine till I went around the building and disappeared. Then you could hear her for a mile. SHe was breaking glass with her bark and trying to get away. LOLOL. It was really my fault because I don’t particularly think it’s a good idea to have a dog so comfy with a stranger who might steal the dog. So I didn’t do it often with her, maybe just the groomer or the vet or somebody she knew well. This was a complete stranger. So she failed that part of the test and I had to work with her on it. So some dogs won’t even sit still if they don’t feel right about it.

    I see Obama with Bo and all I see is photo op. Never see the dog looking at him in the eye, a big tip off. Tehre are other signals too. I don’t know who in that house Bo loves but I hope it’s somebody.

  70. I think the foster guy takes Rosemary out of the pen to be with her. That cat really likes him. This is the week about when a mother cat is starting to want the kittens to pester her less and get on their own more.

  71. Welp, John McCain found out that the talking points on Benghazi were changed all the way down the intelligence chain including by Clapper. Apparently they weren’t sure it was Al Queda or some such shit. CIA and FBI signe off on it too. To use his approach, why didn’t John know that? If he didn’t, he’s “not very bright” himself. He should have “Known better” flapping his mouth without knowing if he didn’t know. So he dominated the airwaves for a week, calling an Oxford Graduate and Rhodes Scholar, “not very bright”. He looks like a bumfuck and he deserves it. I can see right now that nothing is going to change for the next four years and these two sides will not get down to some real business and get something useful done. McCain blew smoke out of his ass and Sharpton will be yelling Racist for the next month. Nice going. And when was the last time we heard John McCain call a man “Not too bright”?

  72. And this is why I can’t stand blogging politics any longer. There is no integrity left on either side. You can’t get a true story out of bloggers, it’s all slanted shit with spittle being sprayed everywhere. I wrote probably 2000 anti obama posts so nobody had better even try to call me biased here. It’s just sickening, makes me puke. It’s all the same. Sore losers, arrogant winners, rinse an repeat. Bleck. Just bleck.

    Come with me. Have some fun before life removes you from the life equation. Nobody ever did lie on their death bed saying they didn’t spend enough time listening to politicians and bullshitting bloggers. I guarantee you that. Don’t be the first, please. Don’t believe what you see till you check check check and always consider the source. Which means there are no real sources any longer, just personal politics. Can’t even find a news outlet any longer.

  73. P.S. Hillary has landed is Israel, and this is a situation we should worry about, as it could erupt is to a major war and more of our own war machine sucking the life out of domestic policy. I hope she succeeds but I don’t hold out hope for a ‘cease fire’. There is no such thing with Hamas.

  74. Hope this works. I found this on an FB page for the Smokie Mountains. Humans aren’t too bad some times.

  75. Darn. I tried to embed a video showing the rescue of some baby critters. Back to the drawingboard.

  76. Hugo if it’s not a youtubez it won’t work.

  77. I think we could use another cute attack. Think i’ll put a post up.

  78. Can’t even find a news outlet any longer.

    No kidding. I’ve been looking at Raw Story and truthout lately. For the most part, not bad. Anyone have any news sites they consider reliable?

  79. Found it on youtube. Hope this works. It’s a must see.

  80. Hugo, that was so cool!

  81. Reliable news sites? Oxymoron.

  82. I’ll check out raw story, I find truthout to be biased to the left.

  83. I fixed that for ya, Hugo.

  84. I have that video on ice, was going to use it sooner or later. Very touching.

    Lucky they didn’t get attacked by mom.

  85. Oxymoron is right. Where on earth can we go to get unbiased stories? CSPAN gives us some stuff.

  86. I’m going to put up a cute attack post. Cripes we need it.



  88. I don’t mind if a news site is biased, particularly to the left. I do mind if they lie or leave out things because reality doesn’t fit their narrative. I don’t like opinion stated as fact, but I don’t mind opinions about facts.

  89. TY for fixing the video, Uppity. It is touching and amzing that no one was hurt. One brave lady in the back of that truck!

  90. I don’t either, Sophie, except when they leave out some of the facts. I just want…..the raw story. I better go check that place out.

  91. Yes hugo, a very brave woman. Not so sure i could have done that. Of course, they are black dumpster bears, though, I’ve seen enough of them to know they just want your food.

  92. “…Come with me. Have some fun before life removes you from the life equation. Nobody ever did lie on their death bed saying they didn’t spend enough time listening to politicians and bullshitting bloggers…”

    Amen. I’m with you, sister. Hey, anybody else tried that Ghirardelli ‘Sea Salt Escape’ chocolate? It’s like sex in a foil wrapper.

  93. Yeah! Whoda thunk chocolate and salt would be so damned good!

  94. Whoda thunk chocolate and salt would be so damned good!

    sources imply that the chocolate covered pretzel was actually invented by Herr Franz Joseph Liebniz in 1544 in Hamburg. Herr Franz owned a pretzel bakery which was close to a chocolatier. While this fact hasn’t been verified – it makes for a good story.


  95. Yum.

    Happy Thanksgiving y’all!

  96. Chocolate & salt is the ultimate.

    Btw, you haven’t had the best choc until you’ve tried Ricchuiti chocolates. Google them.

  97. That chocolate isn’t crapped out by a Sumatran Civit is it?

  98. LMAO, Upps.
    Nope, it’s made by one of your paisanos, Michael Recchuiti.

  99. Re: NES and Chocolate. Leave it to a dago to come up with better chocolate. He probably tested it out on all his mistresses.

  100. I was just surfing trying to figure out what “medicaid expansion” means in the ACA. Apparently, it means that the poverty level will be raised to make more people eligible to get medicaid. Those are the people who make a few bucks more but could never afford single pay health insurance. I also learned that the SCOTUS made a ruling that this expansion is OPTIONAL by state. So here’s the list of states and where they stand on it. Ironically, the states with the most poverty, right there in the south, are the most resistant. At first, I was worried about this in terms of state taxes, or more specifically, county taxes, since in NY, medicare is paid for by county and it’s a huge budgetary burden to property owners, especially given the huge exodus of people from Upstate. As it turns out, if a state says No to expansion, they will be cut off from federal supplements, including existing supplements, which would be a huge burden on state property owners, so I’m not sure why they would reject it. I would imagine that rejecting it would also increase the hospital charges, as they have to get the money the uninsured don’t pay from everybody else. This is just thinking out loud on my part. I have no idea if this is a good or bad idea financially for states, other than it does increase the number of insured, probably would reduce bankruptices, would keep local taxes from increasing for medicaid costs, and keep hospital charges stable. As it doesn’t affect me, I haven’t crunched any numbers to argue for it or against it. But I thougt I would pass a map onto you. I have no idea if this effects anyone here, but just in case, you can find your state’s current status here:

  101. Oh and just because I love riling up Utah, it seems the law allows insurers to charge smokers 1.5 times the rate for insurance. Barack, of course, can puff away, since you all pay for his insurance anyways. Hypocrite.

    ……..ducking under the desk, shivering….

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