Squeeeee Attack! Compilation of a baby panda’s examinations


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  1. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Scratching a baby panda’s belly looks like a dream job.

  3. I know. Their faces reflect absolute joy.

  4. I do volunteer work caring for horses and it is uplifting to work with such critters. I’m sure working with the wild ones is even more special.

  5. I’ll die wishing I had become a vet.

  6. That was once on my wishlist, but ended up on another path. After ending my career, I quickly found the horse gig.

  7. It’s what happens. Opportunities knock, we take them and other things get moved to the back of your mind.

    I honestly hope reincarnation is real because next time I plan not to be tempted or detoured.

  8. That was soooo adorable! Laker & I watched it. We saw a brief clip of him on our local news. They are so cuddly looking. Yes, scratching his cute belly looks fun. There are so many beautiful creatures.

  9. Fox is having a Countdown To Doomsday special. Lest you doubt they are out of their minds.

  10. Haha! Thats something I don’t doubt.

  11. This isn’t that interesting, but PETA attacked the new Hobbit movies for cruelty to animals and Peter Jackson responded back:


  12. Peta has become a caricature of its own self.

    We have the military pimping out a video of a Beluga whale taking like a human, while not mentioning that the whale has been dead for two years, and as propaganda because they want to import more whales to kill, and it’s funny how you see nothing from Peta. And even if they had said something, nobody takes them seriously any longer. Over The Top is an understatement for these nutcases who have a nearly ONE HUNDRED PERCENT KILL RATE for animals they “rescue”. PETA Loves killing animals. They think my dog is being tortured because she exists and because she’s my pet and friend. If my dog got lost and PETA found her they would kill her without asking her how she feels about it. People bring pets and strays to PETA thinking they will have a chance to find homes, and instead they find the needle. Furthermore, if you’ve ever seen one of their bizzaro protests, you would swear many of them are suffering from anorexia. Not to mention their offensive commercials, including one where a woman eats vegetables talks about it like she’s having sex. Apparently it’s okay to exploit women just not goldfish. Some of the crap they pull suggests an obsessive mental illness on the part of some of the participants. The spice cats that we watch with joy, who look so loved and cared for wouldn’t have a chance at a PETA place. I wish I could find that website I put up once with the fish and how we hurt their feelings and they talk and shit.

  13. Psycho PETA Ad.

  14. Peta has become a caricature of its own self.

    For real. Any good they might have ever done is eclipsed by their extremism and insanity. It’s time for a new group to displace them.

  15. That’s because Hollywood funds their craziness, Sophie. Stars give them money so they can make insane ads and do insane things. If anything, they have created MORE grief for animals.

  16. Whoa I found an ad from UK that is so disgusting I can’t put it up.

  17. A bus was bombed in tel aviv, note the caption on the photo that implies it’s retaliation because Israel killed poor innocent Palestinians who have been lobbing missles at Israel for ten years. I tell you we can’t get any honest news any longer.

    Israeli rescue workers and paramedics carry a wounded person from the site of a bombing in Tel Aviv, Israel, Wednesday, Nov. 21, 2012. A bomb ripped through an Israeli bus near the nation's military headquarters in Tel Aviv on Wednesday, wounding several people, Israeli officials said. The blast came amid a weeklong Israeli offensive against Palestinian militants in Gaza that has killed more than 130 Palestinians. (AP Photo/Oded Balilty)

  18. Hillary Clinton’s statement on the bus bombing.

  19. That statement by Hillary is nothing short of awesome. Hillary has bigger balls than mccain and bo do – combined.

    It is a relief that she is on the job. Nobody is going to fill her shoes.

  20. Leahy is a dumbass and I will not forget what he did, along with Howard Dean, to attack Hillary and promote Bo-diddly in 08. That state is full of left cliff dwellers. I am sure they think this is swell because it has a D after the name. FCS, Big Brother anyone?

    Maybe “Luke son of Timmeh” can ask him if he is too old? The republicans are crazy. The dems are crazy. What the hell is in the water in DC?

  21. Upps, I agree we should enjoy life more and pay less attention to TPTB who are intent on utter destruction and ravaging while they are on their mad hatter media party extravaganza — but —- we need to get this crap out and gripe and not hold it in. The daily “you can’t make this crap up” file is enormous. It is so unreal to see what is going on today and the only thing I can think of to sum it all up and explain it is that we have dumbed down this world so much that we are now surrounded by lunatics and low-life slugs without a clue.

    Stop the ignorance! TEACHERS – DO YOUR JOBS!

  22. So who has their pies made already? And what is your address?

  23. Leahy is a prime example of what happens to powerful people who don’t have term limits.

    This story deserves a warning post. Unfortunately, I can’t do one today.

  24. New post up. Had to do it in hurry or would have a WHOLE lot more to say.

  25. Re: “new post up” – it is in your blood. As soon as you see something like this your buttons are all pushed and you must post it or explode.

    That is why we all share common ground here. We must watch the train wreck in all its gory details. At least we don’t put lipstick on a pig.

  26. LOL karen. I am about to begin making my pies! And you’ve already got my number! Actually, you should come here and keep your Godchild off the counters. She eats things no cat belongs eating: pumpkin, broccoli, apples, corn bread…

  27. On Leahy, first he denied supporting warrant-less e-mail searches, now he’s pulled his support from the bill. hmmmm…

  28. Yes and the “Justice” department agrees with him.

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