“Democratic” Senator Leahy quietly attempting to crap on your privacy rights while you look the other way.

Here is an example of what happens to powerful people when they don’t have term limits.

While you are being inundated with Fiscal Cliff Fiscal Hill bullshit to ruin your Thanksgiving,  and while you are watching entrenched politicians calling people names as if they are on the playground at recess, it appears that Your Good Friend and member of the ironically-named “Democratic” Party, Patrick Leahy, has performed a 180 and quietly rewritten a bill that purports to “Protect” the e-mail privacy of Americans.

Mr. Leahy’s “American” rewrite consists of the following. I don’t suppose we will hear that Sympathy Hire, Luke Russert, asking  a man like Leahy to step aside for younger people, though.

Revised bill highlights

Grants warrantless access to Americans’ electronic correspondence to over 22 federal agencies. Only a subpoena is required, not a search warrant signed by a judge based on probable cause.

Permits state and local law enforcement to warrantlessly access Americans’ correspondence stored on systems not offered “to the public,” including university networks.
Authorizes any law enforcement agency to access accounts without a warrant — or subsequent court review — if they claim “emergency” situations exist.

Says providers “shall notify” law enforcement in advance of any plans to tell their customers that they’ve been the target of a warrant, order, or subpoena.
Delays notification of customers whose accounts have been accessed from 3 days to “10 business days.” This notification can be postponed by up to 360 days.

A vote on this insulting American “Democratic” travesty, brought to you by a split Congress full of extremists that have seized America as their own play toy, is scheduled for next week, when I am sure you will be occupied listening to more press bullshit to keep you adequately detoured. Who knows? Maybe Romney will say something stupid to keep you busy while this man has the audacity to submit this bill to a vote. You’re all terrorists now. Except for the POS who killed people at Fort Hood. He’s a Workplace Violence guy.

Carry on.


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  1. Nothing, i repeat, NOTHING, is more important than your rights.

  2. I can’t wait till I am old upps. I will have one more chance to be attacked and discriminated against. As if being a woman isn’t enough.

  3. You know I agree with you there but people let these bastages know loud and clear we were willing to give them up in favor of health and safety so here we are today. I warned people long ago and I was seen as the idiot. So long as people are willing to allow laws that take human rights and freedoms away in favor of safety and health or climate change welcome to being enslaved to those who find the quickest way to riches, politicians. After all it is the only game in town where you can vote yourself raises.

  4. Stepping aside for age only applies to women, Karen. Just ask Luke. Women should probably step aside for a younger……man.

  5. Yeah Utah, I read someone’s tweet that said Bloomberg is pissed about Hostess because he didn’t get a chance to ban Twinkies first.

  6. This does not suprise me at all considering my family has their mail open for mailing while Arab. Clearly, my middle aged husband who is the chief technology officer at a high tech company is a terrroist. When I complained to our local post office, I was told by a turbaned Sikh that they are just trying to protect us, etc. I am not sure how reading birthday cards is protecting the country. Why not just stick RFID’s on our asses so that you can track us at all times? Oh, I forgot, the government is montioring my email, better be a good little girl. They have probably done this for quite a while now, based on what happend to Petraus and are just trying to legitmize pissing on the constitution. Of course they would do this near a holiday because nobody is paying attention. I wonder what sort of Christmas presents they have in store for us? You really don’t need the right to assemble, or the right not to incriminate yourself, or freedom to exercise your religion?

    BTW, the number for the senate switchboard is 202-224-3121. Use it while you still have the right to.

  7. In NYC, some moron whose father had a stroke made that law about restaurants not using salt. Of course now medical journals have reversed the salt thing and now you die if you DON’T eat salt, making this guy look like to overreaching asshole he is. In NY they actually tried to license all bicycles. Fortunately that got trashed from the laughter. Bloomberg makes rules about how big your soda can be. And I simply can’t forget the attempt to pass a law that automatically gives ownership of your dead body to the state for organ harvesting. All of this is in the interest of public good. Way over the line, all of them. So why not get rid of all your other rights. Privacy is just soooooo overrated. If a politician doesn’t like you, what stops him from probing your entire life and then giving it to a Kos or a Drudge for display, to shut you up and disparage you? It’s not as if they haven’t done these things already.

    This is what’s going on in this country. Whittle Whittle Whittle from power hungry people who have no interest in your interest or your rights. In 2014 the CFL law, forcing people to use putrid light and telling migraine sufferers who have CFL triggers to go fuck themselves. We have seat belt laws that can kill anyone 5′ tall, snaping their necks, but they can’t get waivers. We are made to feel guilty if we don’t buy cars the size of golf carts or Chevy Volts that can’t be sold used because Ooooooops!

    But the guy at Fort Hood? He has rights.

  8. Wow AnnE, that is just horrible. And the RFID thing isn’t far off. They recently did it to kids in a school to track their truancy. No kidding. I have links.

  9. Slate is leftist. So here’s hotair. to be um……..fair and balanced.

  10. You know you’re over the line when the right AND left get pissed.

  11. Copy and put it here so people don’t comment on it there okay??

  12. Oh, yeah UW it is terrible. I called up the Postal Inspectors and complained since the local POS didn’t do his job and was given a complaint number and was told someone woud get back to me. Yeah, sure. I called up about three months later and was told that they had no record of my complaint. When I gave them the complaint number, the date and time of the call, and the first and last name of the person I spoke to, I got a call back in 15 minutes. Along with a bullshit speech about how they were just trying to proctect the country. The TSA, the porno screeners at the airports, etc, are all window dressing. The reason that the country has not been attacked since 9/11 is not because the government has spent billions of dollars on wars in countries that should have just been carpet bombed, or because they are pissing billions away on unproven technology, but because of the first responders of 9/11 and the men and women who brought the plane down in PA. Men and women who are willing to die to save others is a concept that those pissants just didn’t get and it threw them for a loop.

  13. On Leahy, first he denied supporting warrant-less e-mail searches, now he’s pulled his support from the bill.


  14. Yes and our ‘Justice’ department agrees with him. Somebody ought to tap their emails about fast and furious.

  15. You are right AnnE. And never expect the post office to respond to you. they are the only game in town. I could tell you stories as well.

  16. The picture of the man speaks for itself. He can play the Joker in the upcoming Batman movie de jour…

  17. If I could, I would allow Fed Ex and UPS to take over for the post office. Not only would it make money, we would probably get some kick ass commericals too!

  18. Sophie:
    Does Hillary have something to do with the truce?

  19. Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnndddddddddddd Bellecat wins the How Did I Get Into Spam Prize today!!!!

  20. Uppity:
    what happened?

  21. Yeah Hillbilly right now I have a $500 check sent to me that is floating around for three weeks. And I know it was sent.

    I’ve had my bank statements land several roads over, ‘”accidentally” opened too.
    I’ve received another person’s 90 day pill supply.
    And I once sent a priority mail envelope that was recorded as delivered 2 months before I sent it, and IT floated around for days and days.
    My neighbors and I deliver our mail to each other constantly.

    They laid off all the real carriers, put part timers in and in summer, students. They chance the route as soon as they learn it. Some of these part timers can barely speak English as well. But all of the managers and supervisors in our post office are still there, and there are plenty of them. The USPS is not a carrier problem it’s a management problem and we pay that postmaster who calls himself “CEO” over a million and that’s without the perks and bonuses. That’s right, bonuses for fucking up the post office.

  22. I have no idea Belle. It’s just your turn I guess. lol.

  23. Yeap! that’s our girl.
    The true leader of our country.

  24. I’m pissed about anyone having access to my email account that I did not personally give it to; in other words, not only is this surveillance thing a violation of my rights, I think spam is also. Or selling my email account, or allowing spammers to robo-email when they don’t even have an account. If people want to advertise, let them buy advertising on whatever forum they want or if they must mass advertise, let them send their junk mail to my mailbox, which is OUTSIDE my home. Who would ever imagine that all these creepy companies would have the right to invade our personal computers, chock full of important personal data, INSIDE our homes! This is all so wrong to me, on so many levels. It makes me furious. btw, I’m on the donotcall list and I still get robo calls and other telemarketers everyday. They don’t let you find out who they are and if you report their phone #, they just change it. I am fed up with crooks and liars invading my privacy and the sanctity of my home.

  25. I maintain this all is brought to you by folks demanding the taking of a smokers rights in favor of their own then moving along into your cars by forcing you to wear seat belts and have air bags regardless of the fact you have to drive with your seat all the way forward to be able to reach the pedals and steering wheel as I do knowing full well that a 20 mph accident could cause my death. Eh but wtf folks will not have to pay my SS if they are lucky enough because I will die in my truck from the air bag. Then again if and when that airbag goes off and it does not snap your neck or put your glasses into your eyes blinding you later you can worry about the poison in the thing killing you. But what the heck it makes someone feel safe right ?
    Then we have the food governors. My mom died of something fifty years ago so let’s stop others from dying thing. Ban this ban that shit why not ban human beings all together for public safety ?
    It is getting so living is no longer enjoyable we just live and we do not enjoy because something you enjoyed is banned or soon will be and then add the taxes on things you enjoyed or the rising costs and all you have left is to huddle in your home if you still have one and wait to go to work.

    I can not understand folks that live worrying daily about their health etc. I mean if that is all that you can think of are you really living ?
    I have lived a very active and dare devil life. Not a life for all I know but it was for me. I have parachuted, para sailed, raced, done many things that could have killed or crippled me and to no regrets. It was nobody’s business but my own.
    I am not nor have I ever been one who lived life according to how others thought I should and would never have been happy staying hunkered down doing the same old grind and being safe. I crave adventure and thrill. It is what makes me happy. Taking a motorcycle down a track at 140 MPH was a true rush and I was going to hurt no one but myself. But folks think they have the right to stop any and all such adventurous things because they would not do it . Sad. Some folks never live. Not saying you have to do what I have done because many like going to an opera for fun to me it would be 100% worst torture I could ever endure other then going to a ballet which would make the Opera look darn good. I hate them both and would never stop someone from enjoying it.
    Me I see no difference in paying for someones dare devil lifestyle that goes bad any more then paying for someone having tons of babies and not working, or paying higher insurance premiums for health care so those who did not have it can have it via my tax dollar.

  26. Really enjoyed the Squeeeeeeeeeeeeee! post

    The post office did have one good commercial.

  27. bellecat: Yup!


  28. Yeah I love that commercial too. I just don’t love the PO right now.

  29. LOL Utah I swear if you ever write a comment less than 500 words I will get a stroke.

    Yup the air bag will kill short people. end of story. Collateral damage.

  30. Hey you guys, Fredster is laid up and on meds for the past few days, and still bedridden til Monday, when he goes back to his Dr. Please send him some good vibes and wishes.

  31. Well you should have had several my dear Uppity. lol
    And yes I am a short shit.

  32. Looking to see if my Wasabi peas are going to be banned. Damn I love those suckers

  33. Fredster, a “getwellster” message sent to the heavens for you.

    Hope you’re on the good meds and have things to be thankful for even when you’re feeling sucky!

    We can all be thankful for a certain lady who knocked some heads and has given us something to be proud of in this world for many decades.

    God Bless Hillary Clinton and her not too shabby spouse.

  34. UW, the US government should not be in any business because the don’t have to compete, and they don’t have to turn a profit. Don’t get me started on student and home loans. BTW, I had a mysterious e-mail show up from the FBI’s K.C. office a few years back. It was strange to say the least.

  35. Hillbilly the purpose of the USPS was not to turn a profit but be a not for profit service. It worked fine for many decades till several consecutive “CEO”s showed up to fuck it up. It’s not supposed to be a business, it’s supposed to be a secure service that breaks even or better. The last thing I want is some theiving entity delivering my mail for a buck and doing to America what health insurance companies have done: Screwing the customer for the bottom line and stockholders.

    As it stands, nobody with any resourcefulness gives a shit what stamps cost any longer, since, I don’t know about you, but I pay everything with electronic withdrawal and I use roughly one stamp a month and that’s only because I don’t trust the recipient with access to my checking account.

  36. Yeah Jesse Jackson gets elected and then resigns so the chicago thugs can pick a thief just like him to succeed him. He belongs in jail so he holed up in a mental hospital. They are getting more an more obvious by the day, these political sleazebags. They don’t even care if you Know what they are up to. You can bet he’ll get well fast if he gets off. Sleazebag. And what kind of brainfart votes to elect somebody who’s in a mental hospital anyways?

  37. Yeah what’s up with The Fredster. Somebody send him a bottle of scotch!

  38. Agree on emails socal. If you want to never have me EVER trust you again, then you go ahead and forward my private email to you without my permission. I will never forgive you and I will never forget it. I will revile you for life. So you can imagine how I feel about a bunch of governmental sleazers who have more to hide than I do looking at my emails. I regard it as a raid of my underwear drawer.

  39. Incidentally all you gmail users..Google admits auto reading all your mail to and from. They use it to bombard you with those ads. So far. In the future, your profile is owned by them, built on things you’ve said, who your friends are, what they said, and, well………..good luck with that.

  40. the US government should not be in any business because the don’t have to compete, and they don’t have to turn a profit.

    Hillbilly, I disagree. The government has done quite well for We The People on the entrepreneurial front. I wouldn’t even know your handle if not for ARPANet.

    The PO was profitable for quite some time until, as UW said, the private enterprise geniuses were called in. If it was run by private enterprise from the get go, mail would not go to every single citizen (regardless of how long their driveway was). We could go back to the way it was, when only some could dispatch their man on horseback to deliver a wax-sealed message to their friends.

    There are businesses where the government can do better than the private sector and businesses better left to free market and still other businesses where both can serve a role.

  41. Fredster drinks Makers Mark. Forward the Scotch here.

  42. Excellent post! I am glad to see the Senator had to disavow the revisions that he wrote.

    Just saying, SOS Clinton looks great in a green jacket in the picture with the Egyptian Foreign minister. I am not sure anyone else could have pulled off the cease fire — I hope it lasts.

    I wonder whether the ME situation would be completely different now, had President Obama not insisted on others taking the lead on Middle East peace efforts. I wish SOS Clinton had been allowed to personally lead this effort from the beginning. But then again, she was needed everywhere.


  43. Yeah he ‘disavowed’ them after he got caught. Creep. What the hell kind of Senator writes up a bill and says he doesn’t want the bill but hey let’s do it anyways. Fortunately I think or at least hope there are enough sensible senators to shove that right in the trash can where it belongs. And if our Justice department is behind this, then they need to change their name. But then what can we expect from a “Justice” department that makes it okay for Black Panthers to stand in front of polling places with billy clubs, and then tells them they can’t do it again till 2012.

  44. Forward the Scotch here

    Yeah that’ll happen. lol.

  45. Spice kittens are so unconscious I thought it was a still picture. lol.

  46. Apple pie in the oven…

  47. Where I live, I get better service from USPS than FdX or UPS. FdX always jerks me around becuz my BIL worked there for years and left on bad terms, and we have the same last name, so they always jerk us around. Put a slip on the door saying its the 3rd and final delivery attempt when its the first; smashed up boxes, delayed delivery, etc. UPS has gotten better, but they used to deliver my stuff to other addresses and twice had packages found on the side of the hill soaking wet!?! Also, I ship books and art to a lot of locations around the world. Unless they ask for FdX, we use USPS. It is waaay cheaper. For instance, I am shipping a litho to Macao next week, using USPS Express Mail. It is almost double to send it by UPS & over double to send it by FdX and that is for their economy int’l service, not their top service.

  48. Stonelion mailed me that thing I have an addiction to, Verner’s Ginger. She mailed four 12 packs clearly marked and told them what was in it. I received it a few days ago, soak and wet. Want to guess why it was soaked? You got it. It was banged around so badly that three of the cans broke and spewed Verher’s everywhere. another two cans looked seemingly undamaged, except they were ..um empty. Quite a few of the cans were dented as well. Teh cardboard was so soaked it just fell apart so the cans were strewn everywhere. When I went to pick up the box off the landing, half the bottom fell out from wetness. It cost a lot of money to mail that box. The guy is lucky he dropped it off while i wasn’t home. Now don’t tell me UPS didn’t know that box was in unacceptable condition.

  49. JJJr gets to keep his congressional pension too.

  50. gmail users..Google admits auto reading all your mail
    I don’t do none of them Google thingies not even their Chrome. 😆

  51. Yeah, UW, maybe we can get Bernie Madoff to run the PO–at least they’d have the illusion of being in the black.

  52. AnnE, they actually would be in the black if they did not have to pre-pay pensions. Also, their insolvency is projected, not current.

  53. I see Jesse Jackson has resigned citing mental illness. Not to be cynical, but the diagnosis seems to be cynical conviently timed to a federal investigation.

  54. The spice kittens are all at the vet now. There is a sign in the room saying to watch the archived “active” vids till they return. Cutie pies.

    And yes, I mentioned pie. It is Pie Eve and I just had my first piece with a cup of chamomile and honey.

    How many people knew about JJJs problem before he announced his disorder? He tried to buy a US Senate seat knowing he had serious issues with his mental health. If he pulled it off he would be Senator Nutso now and could have sold it again to the next puffed up fraud.

  55. #AungSanSuKyi

  56. NES, was it a peck on each cheek greeting, perhaps?

    Happy Pie Eve.

  57. Yeah, there is a vid. He gave the peck on each cheek greeting.

  58. Hillary also kisses her in the vid you posted.

  59. Pie eve, eh? My apple pie’s out and my pumpkin pie is in.

    Karen, you really do need to have stern words with your Godchild. I left you a note downstairs saying you need to get her off of the counters. “She eats things no cat belongs eating: pumpkin, broccoli, apples, corn bread…” And now she’s eying the pies.

  60. karen, she couldn’t have been more uncomfortable. It just isn’t done in certain countries. The guy should brush up on local customs before he travels.

  61. Sorry, karen, there’s is no “peck on each cheek” greeting between men and women in certain countries — like Burma, Pak., etc.
    And, yes, Hillary may do so — she’s a chick.

  62. And, no, one doesn’t do kissy thing, under any circumstances, after a press conference, in front of the cameras.

  63. You would think they would get a little instruction book on these things. Or at least a quick briefing as they were on their way to the event.

  64. Jaysus! He kissed her!

  65. 16 years of embarrassing assholes for president, coming up.

    Attention shoppers lol. HT DE

    This photo I posted of GW Bush kissing Fiesel in the last thread most certainly IS a photoshop as DE implied. I snatched a photo of him with fiesel off of a news page at the time and cropped it. But later, I was too lazy to go find it and snatched that one off google images. It was plastered everywhere. As it turned out the photo I snatched was of them with their lips close but not kissing. Of course, the left bloggers photoshopped it, which is one more reason I NEVER trust the right or left notable bloggers any longer. I do not like being conned. So chalk another one up.

    The other photos I posted are real, of course. So at least they did hold hands a lot, but that kiss never happened.

    Real photo

    Scheevy blogger lying photo:


  66. He kissed her because he is surrounded by mental infants, the same morons who helped him give the Queen an ipod and the blind PM some DVDs.

  67. With the pissant idiots hanging out with him, it’s a wonder they didn’t tell him he could slip her the tongue as protocol.

  68. I really stopped by to say Happy Thanksgiving to everyolne in Uppityville.

    Let me say that JJJ comes from Fraudville and two of the people who are waiting in the wings – Mel Reynolds and Todd Stroger are both of such questionable character that they might end up with the same number of votes cuz ppl won’t be able to choose the worst one to represent them.(Reynolds represented that district before JJJr. But he was convicted of crimes and went to jail for some time. He’s out now. And although you can’t hold elected office in Chicago if you’ve been convicted of a felony, you CAN hold federal office with a felony conviction. Tonight I heard a man from JJJ’s district saying he hoped someone would come along who would do something FOR the district. Implying (or I was simply inferring) that JJJ hasn’t done squat for that Cong. District anyway. I’m surprised they even noticed he wasn’t around for the past 6+ months. (Who knows, maybe they didn’t)

  69. He kissed her because he wanted to show his male dominance and put her in her place.
    Not to mention she and Hillary have an actual friendship that goes back years!! The POTUS never met her!!! What.A.Jerk

  70. POTUS, a Jerk? That’s putting it mildly. I hope she had bleach ready. Eewwwwwww, I can’t even think about it.

  71. That kissing the bush photo is the worse photoshop evah.

  72. USPS loses money on first class mail.
    USPS makes money on priority & express mail.

  73. It wasn’t a photoshop, DE. I snatched it personally off a news story, albeit an AOL story, lol, but it wasn’t Huffpo. Got another one of them walking and holding hands. Wanna see? I’ll dig it up from photobucket and mail it to you.

    lol collage
    Saudi Embassy shot

    One puts his ass in the air for him, the other holds his hand and kisses him. Suck up to Feisel’s oil.

  74. I think they lose money on first class mail because the bulk isn’t there any longer. People (including me) pay their bills electronically for free. They get direct desposit for free. Free Free Free beats buying a stamp and waiting around for it to arrive. They make money on priority and express, I think, because they are very competitive with it. Still, much of what used to go priority in business can be sent electronically. And email has taken the place of many letters. They didn’t see this coming but should have as far back as fax machines.

    I would bet NO business would want to take over first class mail, not for the current price, that’s for sure. Especially not beating a walking path to rural areas. So what do we do? Stop allowing cards and first class mail? Do we tell rural people to go punt? Is that progress? Do we really think UPS is going to dispatch people to deliver mail all over the USA and its territories for under 50 cents? Really? Privatizing was something I screamed for till I thought about it. My guess is 1st class mail will always be a loss now, no business in its right mind would want it, so shall we just stop? Really? Really? Or how about we charge 5 bucks an envelope? Think that would work? What about all the advertising mail nobody wants but does seem to work for businesses, since they keep doing it? I was thinking it doesn’t affect me, but then, who is going to get my driver’s license to me when I renew it? Do we hire new DMV people across the state or is mail from Central more efficient? How about the people who don’t have or can’t afford computers and can’t pay electronically. Blind people, will we expect their dog to login for them? Do you have any idea how many MILLIONS of people have no charge cards? Just think of the documents you get in the mail, you don’t get them every day but you get them. Your car registration? A check from Aunt Edna for your birthday? Talk about JOBS, what would happen to the greeting card industry and all THOSE jobs? The list is endless if you think about it. We must have 1st class mail and there is hardly any way to make it cost effective, much less profitable.

  75. He kissed her because he is surrounded by mental infants, the same morons who helped him give the Queen an ipod and the blind PM some DVDs.


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