Happy Thanksgiving!

And have a happy day. I can assure you all the thieves in DC are not thinking of you, so don’t think about them.

Uppity loves youse. And she has much to be thankful for today and will be thinking of what she does have not what she doesn’t have.

Be Thankful.

If for nothing else, be Thankful this isn’t your cat.

I’m going to kill you in your sleep for this.

…….And let us remember those who gave their lives so that we might enjoy Thanksgiving.



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  1. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

    Oh, yes, my cats would absolutely get their revenge if I did that to them.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Uppity & Co.

  3. Who doesn’t love Lawson???

    So what’s everybody doing today?

  4. Twandx, back-at-cha.


  5. So what’s everyone doing today?

    Same as always, Upps. Eating. Lots.

    And packing things that I don’t use often as a preparation for moving to Florida someday… after my house sells, God willing, asap. I am as done as the turkey – stick a fork in me I hate the cold and frost out there.

  6. Happy PIE day!

  7. My God, Karen has already started eating! Lock up the fridge!

    Needlenose loves loves loves Thanksgiving. She gets to lie quietly under the table and I pretend I don’t see people feeding her under there. There’s also a five year old kid she loves to herd and who loves to be herded. She’s a great baby sitter, just ask his Mom. Then we get to take home the carcass and she gets to eat scraps mixed into her food for days. To her, Thanksgiving is Nirvana. The cats get a doggie bag too. invariably one of them throws up and Needlenose eats that too.

    I am seeing video of people slamming on Black Thursday. So now we have TWO days when America turns into one huge Jerry Springer Show. It’s very embarrassing and I do imagine other countries laugh at videos of Americans body checking each other at Walmart. Especially China, Cha Ching.

    Seriously, folks. These are people who complain that the economy is bad and they can’t make ends meet and on and on, while they stand in line for the flat screen TV sale. Then comes the charge card bill. Rinse and Repeat.

    Over and out.

  8. Happy Thanksgiving Uppity and all. Quite day at home with hubby and Goof. Goof doesn’t do table scraps unless it’s fish!! Many things to be thankful for, having a job etc.

    I won’t be doing the sales, what a joke! I have everything I need and there is nothing that I have to have.

  9. Dogs eat well today and for that matter the rest of the week. They eat darn good every day but they think these Holidays rock too because they get all the yummies that hit the floor weather by accident or on purpose. Everyone please be safe, have a warm happy day and agree with Uppity , be very thankful today and every day for all the wonderful blessings you have and do not dwell on the little stuff that can make your life bad . Life is meant to live and enjoy and I do. Spend time with your pet and be grateful you have them because they are truly a great blessing. The wrecking crew and I will go spend some quality time playing in the mountains chasing something after we feast. Hugs to all and enjoy your day.

  10. LOL! funny pic Uppity, but cat will get you alright.
    Happy Turkey day!
    And happy birthday to me.
    St Cecilia’s day, the patron of the music and musicians.
    I was born on this day at 10am many years ago and was given her name; and interesting enough I got all the musical genes in me which I love and feel blessed for it.
    I wish I could share with you’ll my music and compositions, but someday…I’m keeping positive on the outcome of my music.
    Music is the food of the soul.

  11. Happy Bird-day Belle.

    Agree totally about music. That was one of the first things I googled when I decided to move. Festivals galore where I’m going and they do them year round even not just a couple summer weekends.

  12. Dogs demand equal time. This brought me some “happy” tears. Finally something the celebs get an “A++” for.


  13. You won’t get any argument from me about music. And happy birthday, girl!

    I have updated this post in memory of those who have given their lives for today.

  14. Happy Thanksgiving Uppityites. 🙂

  15. I have always hated holidays. They are overrated and can’t be over fast enough, imho. Nevertheless, I hope you all have a reasonably tolerable Thanksgiving.

    Karen, get a cat.

  16. Happy Thanxgiving to all 🙂

  17. Upps, today I give thanks for you…for being there every day since early 2008.

    Happy Turkey Day to all the compadres here.

  18. Happy T-Day to Uppity and Uppityites everywhere.

    While there is much we lack, from top to bottom, from left to right, there is still much more we have. We still have a big, beautifully messy Republic, and we the people plan to keep it. Forever. And, most of all, here in Uppityville, we give great Thanks because…

    We have each other.

  19. Hey Upps, I had a rather vivid dream about you last night. You were very tall…and very flirtatious.

  20. I am off work today coincidentally it is my rotational Thursday off or I’d be there right now. I’ve been scooting around the various web sites that I frequented now and then since 2008. I am stunned.

    I am very, very thankful for this site. The crap I just read on a dozen other sites made me cringe. Just awful to read – half baked non-sense.

    Thank you, dear woman for the gift you give us everyday. Logic.

  21. Uppity and imust – can you pick me up one of those giant jars of pickels again when you are at walmart tonight. And a stack of pies to distribute on the cross country pie delivery service that I am going to organize…

  22. The cat in the new turkey pic looks like Rosemary. The spice kittens have two speeds – sleeping and wrestling.

  23. Happy Bird-day Bellecat :).

  24. No can do on the pickles karen….at least I’m not going to Walmart tonight….maybe Uppity is???
    I know you’re all dying to know what the First Family is having for their Thanksgiving Dinner tonight:

    An organic, brine-soaked roast turkey and honey-baked ham make the main courses. There are two kinds of stuffing: cornbread and oyster. Macaroni and cheese, greens, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes and green-bean casserole round out the sides.
    The Obamas don’t skimp on dessert. Six pies make a roulette of sweets for diners. Apple, cherry, banana cream, sweet potato and huckleberry are joined by what is reportedly the president’s favorite: pumpkin.

  25. Imust, at least you won’t get slammed into a cart and go rolling across the floor just for a deal on a TeeVee.

    So the turkey is eating turkey and we KNOW he is a ham. I have pie envy. I want a piece of MEchelle’s pie. Each one of her pies, no, actually they can keep the whole sweet potato pie. I just had lemon pie and key lime pie. Yes, some of each. I love citrus, shoot me.

  26. oh and not to worry imust, I still have some pickles from the jar you two got me at last years black friday event…

  27. I agree karen, the Obamas should really share their pies. I mean 6 pies!!?!! Counting the MIL they have only 5 people in their family (that we know of)…..that’s more than a pie per person!!!!! Time to share your pie POTUS and FLOTUS!!!!
    Who’s Pie? Our Pie!!!
    OccuPIE the OboPIE!!!!

  28. Whew! What a day! I have been on the move since I last posted this morning. Thanksgiving went well and I have lots of pie left over. Lots of everything left over, in fact. I am exhausted and need to wait for the dishwasher cycle to finish to put in the next round. I ate so much, I can’t even sit comfortably. (I can’t help it if I’m a good cook, eh?)

    Lily thoroughly enjoyed her first Thanksgiving. The other two cats generally run for cover when guests come over. Not Lily. She was out there all day, playing with my niece and nephew. They brought her a new toy. She will sleep like a baby tonite. We both will.

  29. Hi everyone, I just got home. I hope you had a wonderful day!

    Thank you all who give thanks for me, for I surely give thanks for you!

    And NES, was it good for you?

  30. Lily is a little firecracker, that’s for sure. I can picture her enjoying her day and curling up with utter content in a ball of fur. awwwwwwwww.

  31. I think we are much overdue for a lily video. just saying.

  32. Boy that spice kit “Pepper” is really one fresh girl!

  33. Hope all the Uppityites had a great Thanksgiving! We haven’t eaten yet! Having Greek dinner tonite. Will make a turkey next weekend for all the inlaws. My SIL & BIL are out of town cuz my nephew got hit by a car and having surgery, but it sounds like he will make a full recovery, for which we are all very thankful. On the news, they are showing people fighting at the big stores. Ridiculous people.

    Yes, would love to see Lily.

  34. I had brine soaked turkey once. It was delicious.

  35. Thanksgiving at the White House? I bet they have a boatload of company.

  36. Yes, whomever Valerie invites. And at least one movie star.

  37. Speaking of Greek, I tried a Greek baked lamb and potato recipe with lemon that was out of this world.

  38. It was smashing, Upps.

  39. Oh Good NES. Send video.

  40. Happy belated TG ot all!

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