By Popular Demand, the Annual Re-run of Live Blogging At Walmart On Black Friday

Some traditions are forever. Watching It’s A Wondeful Life at Christmas, Launching fireworks on the 4th of July, and……Live Blogging At Walmart on Black Friday.

Last year we strayed, or more like it, we had a reprieve, as Imustprotest, AKA Her Pieness did indeed Live Blog At Walmart her own self. For those who missed it, you can laugh your ass off  here, where Imust awaits my arrival and I never show up, so she goes it alone, as if we had any doubt she would.

And so, in Uppity tradition, we bring you the original, local (very local) award-winning Live Blogging At Walmart On Black Friday.

But first, please remember that at Walmart……Every time someone rings a bell:

a) Someone empties the Little Debbie shelf and,
b) An over-extended Captital One card is discovered at checkout and
c: Someone holds a half-eaten donut in their mouth while getting a flu shot and
d) Another fight breaks out at the electronics conveyer belt

© Copyright, Uppity Woman 2009. All Rights Reserved.

Here at a local Walmart a 32″ Tee Vee is on sale today for $268. I told everyone I don’t like and every over-extended loser I know who constantly buys things he or she can’t afford about the TV. I kind of figure if I am going to have to pay for their defaults, I might as well have some fun watching the stampede, right? They really should use Sam’s family and the board of directors of Walmart as workers on Black Friday, so that innocent hard-working underpaid Walmart employees don’t have to deal with the stampedes of already over-extended suckers they deliberately create while laughing from their penthouses.

****So Live, from Uppity’s place, blogging at Walmart’s.

7:45 AM–They don’t open till 9, but the parking lot is crowded as expected. Word has it that Capital One is thrilled about this sale. The TV, at $268 and $29% interest is going to make for a very good quarter for ole Cap One.

A couple of arguments have broken out about who arrived first and should be let inside first, but so far, no blood shed, although I have heard vocabulary words I haven’t used myself in years. Okay, I’ve used them but NOT A LOT!

There are certainly some interesting vehicles parked here. I haven’t seen some of them in years. I see several cars still have their drivers and riders inside, all eating McDonald’s sausage McMuffin with Egg and other healthy fare. Others have left their cars to eat their healthy breakfasts, making it easier to just throw the empty wrappers and bags onto the ground, much to the glee of the seagulls that seem to have appeared out of nowhere. One guy is eating a Burger King Croissant sandwich, but the others won’t talk to him.

It’s very touching to see so many people willing to help the bank account of the one company that single-handedly brings down the standard of living in every community they raid–and then rewards everyone with toothpaste that costs twenty cents less.

8 AM: More people arriving but no place to park, forcing them to walk more than 50 yards for the first time in several years. All the handicapped parking spots have been taken by seniors who appear to be in remarkably good shape, forcing real handicapped people to figure out another way to get closer to the doors. I don’t know about you, but where I am, as soon as you turn 65, you get yourself a “handicapped” parking tag from your doctor, even if you play golf daily.

8:30 AM: Walmart employees are arriving, perusing the parking lot in horror before they swiftly take a curve to the back of the building to enter. Some lights are being switched on inside, which has resulted in a low roar from the crowd. The glass doors are already riddled with fingerprints of customers peeking in to plan their routes. Some keep tugging hard at the doors to see if they are unlocked even though they just saw somebody else do it. I do hope some of these folks have brought their Purell with them.

It’s truly amazing to see so many people with their kids gathering at the entrance, knowing how Walmart got caught hiring 15 year-olds and assigning them to wield chain saws to cut Christmas trees –a situation which resulted in a fine equivalent to a week’s stay in a good hotel penthouse for one of Sam’s kids— and a miraculous agreement with the Department of Labor that they will give Walmart 15 days notice before showing up to inspect them again. Truly truly heartwarming, isn’t it?

8:45 AM, the crowd is becoming rowdy. I hear rumbles of why on earth they cannot open the doors now, after all everybody is there! People are gathering around the doors in groups and there is some, jockeying, pushing and shoving going on. One guy just popped another guy in the face, although I am not sure why. I guess I should get closer but you can understand why I don’t think that’s such a good idea. After all, the doors will open soon! Some people are acquiring a glazed look in their eyes. This would be a great time to post Walmart’s Board of Directors and the Walton family inside the doors. Last year, a guard got killed thanks to their shenanigans designed to shake more money out of people who were buying things they probably couldn’t afford. Worked out well for Bank of America though!

I’m sitting in my car now. I don’t want to get hit with any flying objects in 15 minutes. I think I’ll pass the time counting the McDonald’s wrappers floating by me in the breeze. I am also counting the seagulls. 48 right now. And 9 nervous pigeons. They seem particularly excited about the bits of sausage stuck to the paper.

9AM, two really nervous looking employees, apparently managers, walk out of the inner doors to unlock the Gold. The crowd roars. One of the Unlockers pushes his hands toward the crowd to tell them to back away from the doors. Amazingly, they cooperate. The doors open and the two employees scurry quickly to the side so they don’t get hit by the doors. Apparently, they have been trained to avoid being hit by a door. That’s really big of Walmart, don’t you think?

The crowd pushes through, as if they are actually exiting a burning building. Doesn’t appear that anyone is injured though, just shoved around a lot. As I now move closer, I notice the doors look REALLY dirty. Time for some Purell.

Once the mass entrance dies down, I’m going in, just me and my Purell. Wish I had brought my dog but then I don’t suppose they would let her in. Besides, that wouldn’t be a nice thing to do to the gulls.

I notice some stragglers are driving in and I noticed a “Holllllly Shit” look on a few drivers’ faces as they notice the lot jammed with cars. Some of them slowly drive off, apparently figuring a TV isn’t worth the walk.

I am going in………..

If you don’t hear from me in a timely way, know that I have enjoyed blogging for you. Feel free to donate to my funeral arrangements.

9:20 That was uneventful. I am greeted by the typical walmart greeter, only this one looks as though she has already put in a full day. I’ll bet Walmart doesn’t offer her health insurance options. This is also very heartwarming……the way Walmart takes the time to coach their lower level employees on how to apply for Medicaid, thus managing to get taxpayers to bear the burden for Walmart in exchange for 15 cents off the price of a bag of chips. I am truly touched, aren’t you?

I am a respectable distance from the electronics department, but close enough to see what’s going on. It’s very easy to discern the spot where the 32″ TV is. Some lady just body checked me because I was in her path. She has a kid in the cart and appears to have unloaded the entire shelf stock of Little Debbie cakes into her basket. The kid has a lot of snot coming out of his nose but she doesn’t seem to notice. She’s heading for the TV area.

9:30: Im moving in a little closer. Somebody really needs a shower. It may be more than one person. In fact, the ambience tells me that it’s probably a lot of people. Several people are having intestinal gas attacks too. It’s probably all those sausage McMuffins with cheese working their way into their systems. You couldn’t get me to move in any closer even if the 32″ flatscreen were fifty bucks. Lot’s of TeeVees being sold. I hear a nearby conveyor belt thing moving through some flaps, and I notice plenty of people standing by. Kind of clever of Walmart to show everybody else how fast those TV’s are being sold to somebody else.

The place is starting to look like the night shift cleaning squad is going to have its work cut out for it. Maybe this time, Walmart will be nice enough not to lock those undocumented workers in the building like they did that one time when the building caught fire and the employees were locked in with no possible exits. Walmart is such a swell company, isn’t it? That’s why everybody shops there!

9:56 The crowd is rowdy now. It seems that the 32″ flat screen is officially already out of stock. So fast! I’m shocked. Shocked I tell you!

The crowd is yelling RAIN CHECK! Some very pale guy in a white shirt, polyester pants and an official Walmart tag on his chest, who was probably once an Engineer, is shouting to the crowd that there will be no out Rain Checks, but they do have another even bigger flat screen TV on sale for $432, much to the chuckles of Capital One. There is a good deal of swearing going on and the crowd starts to thin, although a number of them stay behind to take a look at the OTHER TV on sale. Nice job, Wally World.

Many walk away disgusted but they don’t leave the store. They begin to shop, having their hearts broken, they must find something to replace that TV they can’t get. Dammit, they came here prepared to spend $268 and by golly, they are going to do it!

I’m getting out of here, heading for the door. I notice the checkout counters. The conveyers contain plenty of flatscreen TVs. Some of the people in line have a rather smug look on their faces, because they heard the rumor that their TV is now out of stock so soon. I guess they showed everybody!

One common theme at each of the cashier stations is plenty of charge cards are being swiped. It’s been another great hour for Walmart, Capital One, Chase, Bank Of America and every other credit card company that has cranked up the rates of those who cannot defend themselves to 29%. I also wonder how much swine flu will be spread today.

Next: Christmas Eve!

UPPITY NOTE: No gang. I am not really at Walmart’s. I wouldn’t be caught dead in a Walmarts. They have single-handedly started the movement that has dropped the standard of living in the USA, and while they continue to do so, their victims shop there because they can’t help themselves. They need to buy things a bit more inexpensively since their standard of living has been reduced — and Walmart is happy to oblige, since Walmart is one of the main REASONS people need to shop a little more inexpensively.

And let’s face it. This very scene I am depicting is being played out all over America right now.

Walmart, if there is a place in hell for an entire corporation, then you should be the very first to grace the spot.

And don’t forget to save room for Best Buy!

(ht helenk)


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  1. From an article today, proving the expression, “you just can’t make this stuff up”:

    Not everybody was happy with Black Friday starting earlier.
    A petition asking Target to “save Thanksgiving” had 371,606 supporters as of Thursday afternoon.
    Mike Labounty, 34, in Lyndonville, Vermont, was shopping on Thursday night for 32-inch Emerson televisions and other items on sale at the Walmart in Littleton, New Hampshire, with his partner, Darcy Mitchell.
    “I think it should go back to Friday,” he said. “It breaks up families. Just look at us — our kids are with their grandparents and they should be with us on Thanksgiving, but we’re here getting them a TV.

  2. I think Black Friday is a huge exploitive embarrassment too. It’s just a great example of greed on both sides and the folly of compulsive spending of money you don’t have, along with the glee associated with extracting that money. It probably bothers me because it tells me something about America that I don’t want to look at. And it IS a sign that family gatherings are shit next to a TV you don’t really need.

  3. UW said downstairs:

    I think we are much overdue for a lily video. just saying.

    I need help to do that. We’re talking 3 or 4 cameras and a handler. She moves too fast and covers too much ground for me to do this alone.

  4. imustbestupid because I really don’t get that last sentence. Why can’t they wait until Friday to get the TV?

  5. Sophie, the teevee on Black Friday is half price or close to it. Giant flat screens for $300 type of pricing for one day only. That’s why they break down the doors to get them.

    Now all those people also have to have cable bills to go with those Capitol One payments for the Big TV. And they’re going to need a new couch when they wear it out from cheetoes stains and butt indents from the springs sagging. Pass them a beer and a remote and pass me some ear plugs and a book.

  6. Oh, that didn’t answer your question. Pie hangover here.

    I think most of the great deals on big ticket items are over in the first hour of the sale. I am 55 and have never shopped like a lunatic so I am just guessing. They should blast Madonna’s Material Girl as they stream through the doors. The newsreels are scary.

  7. JJJ used funds to furnish his home. Bet he bought some high priced flat screen TVees with our dollars. You know he didn’t go to Walmart.

    and would you just look at the latest delusional and insane remark from Pelosi at the end of this article. He may be bi-polar but she is just nuts.

  8. Okay karen, I get it now. I’m not really part of the bargain shopping crowd. My Mom and Sis are and are actually at the stores now, having arrived whenever they opened in the early AM. As is our tradition, I meet them at the mall at lunch time in the Food Court. There are never any seats to be had, but somehow my Mom manages to get us seats.

    I don’t ever go expecting to buy anything on my list or to get a great deal. I go to find out what interests my mother. She is the hardest person on my list and doesn’t tell people what she wants, so I get my ideas watching what she looks at. She also needs help carrying her purchases, so I bring the cart. She also like this and likes having girls-only day with her daughters and now her granddaughter. So, I park in another country to go to the mall with them. At the end, we meet up with the men-folk for dinner.

  9. You can bet I am not going to cry over JJJ.

  10. Yeah. Boo fucking hoo on JJJ.

  11. Sophie, they can’t wait till Friday to get the TV because now they don’t have to. And because the Waltons get their money a day earlier and can get the same people over again on Friday besides. It’s all dual greed and obssesions with one side extracting money and the other side obsessed with Things, many of them Things they can’t afford. Capital One and Walmart are Happy with two days of lotsa money. The shoppers are happy with another bill, and next week they will promptly complain how bad the economy is and how they can barely feed their families and buy gas. These holidays have gone completely awry, but I can tell you Walmart has a lot to be Thankful for. As for the consumer, they get what they deserve. Too bad some of the rest of us will get to supplement some of them. As for holidays with the family, obviously that means as little to everyone else as it means for Walmart, since the consumers show up on Thanksgiving. Holidays are now officially not holidays at all, they are Bargain Sale Days. WHich is kind of funny, because next week the bargains will get better.

  12. Mmmm…nothing like apple pie for breakfast!!

  13. Uppity, the part that was confusing me was how pathetic the statement “It breaks up families.” was as if they had no choice. Now I understand the sense of duty they must feel because the TV is half price and that they really are victims.

  14. Attention shoppers lol.

    The photo I posted of GW Bush kissing Fiesel in the last thread most certainly IS a photoshop as DE implied. I snatched a photo of him with fiesel off of a news page at the time and cropped it. But later, I was too lazy to go find it and snatched that one off google images. It was plastered everywhere. As it turned out the photo I snatched was of them with their lips close but not kissing. Of course, the left bloggers photoshopped it, which is one more reason I NEVER trust the right or left notable bloggers any longer. I do not like being conned. So chalk another one up.

    The other photos I posted are real, of course. So at least they did hold hands a lot, but that kiss never happened.

    Real photo

    Scheevy blogger lying photo:

  15. Hey sophie did you check your mail and have a laugh?

  16. A kiss is not a kissaA

  17. I just saw Messina state that the one R candidate they worried about was Hunstman.

    So much for republicans getting the point.

  18. Marketing has really convinced people that if they buy something they don’t need On Sale, they are actually “Saving” money. Seriously!

  19. Hi everyone! Happy Black Friday.

    My mother loved to shop but never shopped the day after any holiday except Christmas. she got the most beautiful cards and wrapping a paper and ornaments and “saved lots of money”. My father used to tease her saying he could see just how much money she saved when he looked at the checkbook and noticed there was “less money on he bank, not more.”. lol.

  20. BTW My sis and her hubby were driving back from a T’day dinner w/friends (They live in VT;the friends are in MA.) They saw a huge crowd in a parking lot as they were driving and decided to see what the todo was. Yup, Walmart was open T’day afternoon and people were rushing to get in even though he cash registers would not be turned on until 8:00 pm. I’m in the Midwest and we hadn’t even had dinner yet. People were already stampeding the tores one time zone away!
    I told her to tune to Uppity today to read live blogging from Walmart.
    If she did . . . hi Hil.

  21. Yeah, who would want to miss all this fun:

  22. Isn’t it ironic that so many of the same people that think it’s good for Walmart to be open on Thanksgiving, who hail Black Friday as an economic achievement also are the ones perpetrating the War On Christmas meme?

    I wonder if they forced the cashiers to say, “Merry Christmas” on Thanksgiving or would they be grateful for a mere, “Happy Holidays.”

  23. If Leslie’s sister tunes in…………Hi! If not, Why Not?

  24. Leslie’s sister is Hillary Clinton??

  25. Pie for Breakfast Day

    Reclaim “Black” Friday in the Name of Pie! The Friday after Thanksgiving is hereby declared Pie for Breakfast Day. Friday, November 23, is Pie for Breakfast Day 2012!

  26. Every time I read this classic post it just gets better. 😆

  27. I knew I had hit it when I was laughing so hard i was crying while writing it.

  28. Well, isn’t that special? The White House Christmas tree arrives via a horse-drawn carriage:

  29. Pie for breakfast day! Yay!!

  30. Stolen from Sophie’s link:

  31. I found that TV Land was running lots of fun old programs all day for Thanksgiving (Lucy, Andy…) so I put it on in the background for Mom to watch while she read the paper and worked her puzzles.The sheer number of Black Friday commercials was overwhelming.

    I was in and out of the room between cooking stages and found there truly was something to be thankful for inside that blitz. Not only would those crappy commercials expire, but as of today I will not have to watch the ones for target and the texting angels/devils/whatever the heck they are supposed to be hovering around young girls shoulders while they texted back and forth. They won, by a large margin, as the absolute worst of the worst. Bad concept, poorly executed, annoying beyond belief and emphasizing the horridness of senselessness as a good thing (I am sure Ferdinand and Imelda approved). Yes, they made the Jarred and Audi commercials look good.

    I was going to post a link to share the awfulness but the commercials were evidently so bad they have been pulled from you tube!

  32. The auto spell changed selfishness to senselessness.Perhaps it is commenting on the O gang. They take the prize in both categories.

  33. I love this post. Well worth posting annually.

    I hate shopping almost as much as I hate holidays. Bah humbug! I will buy a Lanz nightgown for my mother through The Vermont Country Store catalog and that’s it for my Christmas shopping. I highly recommend that catalog, btw. They have lots of good classic items.

  34. That 5 piece string band was fun, especially the lyrics. I love roots.

    If you go to the spice kitten page be sure to scroll back on the dvd line to around 11:45 and watch the 15 minutes until 12:00 on the time line.

    Hysterical and adorable. So precious.

  35. Celebrate Thanksgiving old-fashioned way Invite every1 in neighborhood-have an enormous feast & then kill them & take their land. JStewart

  36. Having a real cat is much better than watching the spice kittens. 😉

  37. Wow, I remember Lanz/Salzburg. Not what I would wear now but they were great when I was younger. Funny you mention Vermont Country Store. They started spamming me out of nowhere and I have no idea where they got my email address, but man, it was every damned day. I never made a purchase froom them. Their “unsubscribe” didn’t work either. So I had to email them and tell them to please stop and how did they get my email address? They didn’t answer my question but they did politely stop with the emails.

    One thing I hate about online shopping is, no matter if you ‘umcheck” the box about “special emails” they clog up your mailbox with them. It’s really very annoying and rude, I think. Landsend does it, and don’t ever buy from the gap because they will spam the shit out of you and if you try to unsubscribe they tell you to login and change your ‘prefereences”. When you get there you find you already have Leave Me Alone Preferences. However, the PRIZE winner is Best Buy. I bought my laptop there in a store and made the mistake of giving them my email for renewal of that horrid Kaspersky if I wanted it. Anyways, I didn’t even get home and my mailbox was inundated with their shit. They would send like four or five spams a day. They had this “manager” you could write to to ‘unsubscribe’ and he ignored you. Finally, heh heh, I emailed them and showed them the email I was about to send to their CEO (and I made sure they knew I knew his email address –and all of a sudden…….poof! No more spam.

  38. Having a real cat is much better than watching the spice kittens.

    This is the truth. Karen is like the guy who goes to AA and starts drinking tons of coca cola, pretending it substitutes for that beer because it’s carbonated and stuff. So Karen went to Kitty Anonymous amd declared, “My name is Karen and I need a kitty!” and somebody told her to watch live streams of kitties instead.

  39. Ok karen I’m watching it, I love when you see two little ears poking up from the top of the condo, and that pepper is a handful. She shakes her butt too. lol. She’s gonna wreck somebody’s house. Hahahaha. I am favoring the buff colored kitteh myself, but overall I think the Mom cat is the best of the lot. I’d take her in a flash. Hahah how they jumped at the camera and yanked the mother back down to them. Poor thing is getting tired of this. Time to move on children!

    But overall, if you went and got two cats you would watch that DVR section live every day!

  40. I have never ordered anything online, Upps. I sometimes order from catalogs by mail because it is hard for me to get to stores. The Vermont Country Store doesn’t have my email but they have always been very nice to me on the phone. I never give my email to stores. I just pretend like I don’t have a computer. “Email? What is this email thingie of which you speak?”

  41. lol beata unless there’s something in it they never get my email or i give them my junkmail address. Like for example, you can get a 20% in store coupon from bed bath and beyond if you “sign up”. So I have this trash email I use, print the coupon and then go to BBB and buy what I want. I did the same with Pet Supplies Plus, because I get a card that saves me money on things. Everybody should have a junk email address for things like that. That’s why I was surprised Vermont had a real email address, especially since I never bought anything from them. Shows you that these vendors sell your information to each other. They do it with catalogs too. I get inundated. If you buy an item, they sell your information to other companies that have items someone “like you” would buy. Lots of dead trees.

  42. Dog claims turkey carcass pickings.

  43. Your Daily Cute.

  44. No surprise there, imust. Just surprised they didn’t use him this year. The patrician Bush family really should be living in england where Babs and the gang could be Royal family. Ah well, at least he seems to have a brain which is more than I can say for his brother. Wouldn’t surprise me at all. Would get the Mexican vote, not so sure about all the other latinos, though. But he’ll probably never get past the right wing crackpots in the primary. That’s the R’s real problem. Only nutcases need apply.

  45. Awwwww… love the cutie pictures!

    As far as the Black Friday shoppers, I’m going to have to go brave them to pick up a script for hubby. Sigh, I’ll be watching them throwing their money away while I pay a $605 co-pay for his med. Idiots!!

    It does make me pretty grumpy to see such idiocy in action!

  46. Awww! Cute pic of the pets!

    This is hilarious. Hope the cute pooch got a treat at the end of it:

  47. $605. Holy shit. Nothing like insurance brought to you by a private entity that is trolling for profit and stockholders instead of saving lives. Most people could never afford that ‘copay’.

  48. Check out these Black Friday morons.

  49. Indeed, I used house payment money! I have found a couple of foundations that help with this type of med and we qualify so I will be hitting them up on Monday for reimbursement of the expenditure.

    We did have a co-pay assistence program from the drug manufacturer but all ready went thru it. My vacation has been sent finding and qualifying for another co-pay assistence program thru a private foundation.

  50. I get the feeling that video is a loop of the same short clip.

  51. Oh man, Goof, I hope you get the help! Geeze!

  52. I am so biased. To me, if you have to bend down to pet it, it ain’t a dog.

  53. Thanks Uppity, I have found that one can’t count on hope alone, one has to be patient and keep calling till you get someone understanding on the phone. 😀

  54. Whew, I found my old account… 🙂

  55. Your Daily Cute.
    So precious. 🙂

  56. TY foxy I can assure you the cat is in charge.

  57. The cats are always in charge! 😆

  58. BTW anyone else having problems with wordpress. Darn thing makes me log in everytime and then wants to share my comment with Facebook walmart!!!

    I keep saying heck no and logging into wordpress directly.

  59. I always have that problem with some blogs, and never with others. At Smarts I always have to login. Always. For each and every comment, and I have no idea why WP does that in some places.

  60. Facebook has the perfect name because wherever you go they try to force themselves in your face. I despise them.

  61. Dittos, I’ve stopped all use of Facebook, talk about being an intrusive stalker!

  62. Just looked at Sophies link about the fighting at Hel-Mart. Black Friday is a horrible day. Aptly named though. Brings out the black part of peoples character.

  63. I quit FB not long after we joined it. Someone hacked in and posted photos. There is no security there whatsoever.

  64. I don’t get black Friday, i really don’t. The quote I posted above floored me because of the twisted logic. Walmart didn’t break up their family on Thanksgiving, that was a choice they made. Consumers have power but we don’t use it. Consumption of the latest gadget or designer tennis shoe is the new crack. Consumption addicts will do anything for a fix.

  65. If anyone is interested in the viralized movie Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, you can see it here for free. It’s about a guy who was a complete mess and went on a juicing diet. This guy is really funny and the movie is VERY interesting. While I would never live on juice, I am a juicer and it really IS a great way to get dense nutrients in your body and the basic juicer recipe IS a great way to lose weight or just to feel better. You don’t have to live on juicing but doing it once a day is good for you because you could never eat all the veggies you can juice into one glass, and of course, it does curb hunger.

  66. Here’s a Black Friday story that doesn’t add up. Man leaves 2 year old baby in car while he goes into Kmart to buy a TV then forgets the kid and goes home?

  67. UW at 5:00,
    Looks like your buddies are quite peaceful during the live blogging. Hee hee! A great reminder of why staying at home can be way more satisfying than scoring any material goods on Black Friday.

  68. Hey Crier! Good to see you and well said!

    imust, I heard that. what the heck?

  69. Black Friday is an abomination. I wish it would end. If stores want to put stuff on sale for the holidays, fine, but they shouldn’t start their sales on Thanksgiving, or midnite, and the sales should run for a week or two, like any other sale. This revolting spectacle makes all Americans look like assholes.

  70. Crier, our pets just simply understand What’s Important.

  71. My guess is the kmart teevee guy left the kid because he was with another woman and they left his car there and she ave him a lift and they had ribs while setting up the new teevee.

  72. I HAVE A POST ON THIS SUBJECT UP. With Poll, thanks to you, Karen.

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