Black Friday: Man left 2 year-old in car to buy a 51 inch TV at K-Mart–and then left without kid or car..

….Let’s hope this cockroach isn’t indicative of too large a number of Americans, although I fear he might be.

Police say he left his girlfriend’s child there in the car to buy the TV, and after the purchase, he somehow went home with the TV, completely abandoning child and car. (h/t imusthavepie, who is right. The second part of this story doesn’t seem to add up, but then it IS Black Friday).

I’m sure the worthless media will spend all day figuring it out, even at the expense of a major disaster in the USA. Because let’s face it: A good Kardouchian story trumps a flood, an oil spill or a terrorist attack any day of the week. Still, why would a little kid left in a car while the asshole responsible for him shopped for a TV be important if Alec Baldwin has something to say and politics?

In any event, this creep should be hauled in for endangering the welfare of a child, child abuse, and abject moronic stupidity. And I’ll bet his girlfriend is still with him this morning, because you just can’t cure Stupid. As in ‘Well at least my son is back home!”.

What’s your analysis of how he got the TV home without the car OR the kid? I mean, obviously, he got a ride… So take our poll below the video.

Behold the face of Black Friday: A TV on sale trumps a kid.

*h/t Karen


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  1. It’s colder than a well digger’s ass here, it’s snowing and the wind is blowing. And of course I put off errands till today….

  2. Going to be 85 degrees here today. Not bragging, just saying. As for this story, the guy didn’t have to be drunk, he could just have a Black Friday High. High from getting that flat screen at a bargain. Like I said before, buying stuff is the new crack.

  3. It truly was a black Friday- JR is dead. I’m in morning

  4. It’s amazing that guy lived as long as he did, since he spent most of his real life pickled. He had a liver transplant in the late 90s and probably would have died then if he didn’t get the jump on the list like so many important people do.

  5. Pie chart of most popular pies:

  6. Uppity:
    Your header designs are just great; not only funny but very stylish and of course apropos. Are you a computer graphic designer?
    You are brilliant. I love them all.

  7. Hey, you would stay pickled too if your mother was Peter Pan and your wife was a genie.

  8. That guy that left the child in the car should be prosecuted. 😯

  9. Did someone make a PIE chart?

  10. Nope, Belle, I am not brilliant. All of the headers were a gift from Freedom Fairy. It is just amazing how many there are. She’s the brilliant one. I just put them up. I couldn’t put together a photo shop graphic if you put a gun in my mouth. Without FF’s headers, we would never be called the blog with the Living Header. We would just be stuck with the same boring header day in and day out.

  11. On a scenic drive through Long Islands farm country on the north shore I once stopped at a pie shop that still haunts me till this day. I think it was one of these two lovely shops. The pies were stacked and the variety was staggering. They had combos. They had double or single crust. They had the most amazing aroma you can imagine coming from the back room. I brought home no souveniers.

  12. It was this one for pies:

    And the other place we stopped and picked our own raspberries. I remember now! That blackboard makes me hungry.

  13. imustgotoLongIsland

  14. OMG those pies. Kind of makes the apple I just ate kind of pale.

  15. Fall/Winter 2012 Pie List
    Apple $15.00
    Apple Crisp $16.00
    Blueberry $16.00
    Cherry $16.00
    Peach $16.00
    Peach Cherry $16.50
    Strawberry Rhubarb $16.50
    Raspberry $16.50
    Raspberry Peach $16.50
    Raspberry Cherry $16.50
    Raspberry Plum $17.00
    Strawberry $16.00
    Rhubarb $16.00
    Apple Rhubarb $16.50
    Blackberry $16.50
    Blackberry Apple $16.50
    Apricot $16.00
    Boysenberry $18.00
    Pear $17.00
    Cranberry Pear $17.00
    Pumpkin $16.00
    Cherry Cream $20.00
    Blueberry Cream $20.00
    Raspberry Cream $20.00
    Lemon Meringue (Thursday – Sunday) $20.00
    Coconut Meringue (Thursday – Sunday) $20.00
    Chocolate Cream (Thursday – Sunday) $22.00

    Can you imagine the list for their busy season – summer?

  16. So our Big Gun, Hillary, brokered a deal in Gaza. Guess we didn’t have to “Send her husband” there instead, eh, John? Sorry about the missing dick, you know?

  17. I’m going to see Life of Pie!

  18. Sophie, I looked at your pie chart and on the list of ingredients for crusts on the right hand side, it doesn’t list flour!

  19. My favorite pies are of course my grandmas, aunts & moms. Next to them, I would say a bakery we went to on Lopez Island in the Puget Sound. We were boating for a week and anchored there for the night and the next morning hiked into the tiny town and there was the best bakery I’ve ever been in. It was 20 years ago, but we all still remember it, the most incredible pastries, pies, they even had pizza that was superb. We ate pizza for breakfast, then some pastries and brought some pies back to the boat to last for the rest of the trip. We always wanted to go back there.

  20. I’ve been on a (mostly) gluten free kick for a while and I bought a wheat free/gluten free pie at Whole Foods recently. It wasn’t bad, but definitely was weird.

    imust, the bakery at Gelsons makes very good pies. They cost $16 but are big and heavy.

  21. Yes socal, I miss Gelsons!! So I went to Whole Foods this year. I bought a Vegan Apple Pie, it was good, not as sweet as most apple pies.
    Yes, I mentioned PIE!

  22. Indeed socal, that chart is missing flour! (I have to admit, I did not make the chart. I merely discovered it and provided the link to the biggest pie fan community I know.)

  23. No caramel apple walnut.


  24. My favorite bought pies are J Horner. They have won bakeoff after bakeoff. Their pies are awesome.

  25. Things that make you go hmmmm……fire at the State Dept. in DC.

  26. Upps, is that the Baker Square pies? We had one here many years ago. Can’t believe it closed. Yes, they had great pies.

    Haha, Sophie, I know you didn’t make it! It was a cute webpage!

  27. Yes it’s Baker’s Square, socal. They are still around in the midwest I guess.

  28. That cherry cream pie on the list sounds delicious! (smack, smack, smack of lips!)

  29. Jayyyyyysus, we’ve got snow. Kind of pretty though. Clean. In a few days it won’t be so clean. lol. My dog LOVES it.

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