Sunday. Spaghetti Day.

………..And Bill’s recent tweet.

………and Freedom Fairy’s Appropriate Response:


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  1. Laker says thats “freakin’ awesome” & I agree! Nothing like some good ol’ MKB drama, courtesy of Uppity & FF for the holiday season. Bill’s story must continue, and we must continue it, until he takes his rightful place as ruler of….

  2. it, until he takes his rightful place as ruler of….


  3. Oh My Bill! What a great post!

  4. Is the Freedom Fairy a real person?
    Now you got me very curious…
    another mystery…
    and I did not know?
    does the FF come from the “other side” with a magic stick?
    Or may be just Bill, showing his greatness…that’s what Madame Belle thinks.
    Love it!

  5. Socal said she’d given up gluten for the most part and so have I. I do have small amounts of pie, cake, ravioli or pizza on occasion without problems but bread now gives me issues. TMI. lol.

    If you haven’t been to still4hill lately, go catch up. She is doing that wimmenz stuff again – thats just silly rocks and grlz stuff, Hilz.

    Gotta love her.

  6. The fixit fairy isn’t real but the Freedom Fairy is an artist who lives in Florida and used to post here often.

  7. FF (Freedom Fairy) does the changing headers here. Or at least used to when she was here daily. People come and go, it is the way it is. Sometimes we change, sometimes things around us change, sometimes we just need a change and we move on. It reminds me of the Beatles song – In My Life – but not quite so emotional or real as past lovers, past dear friends we no longer see.

    Hi to any lurkers who no longer post here! There are lots of youse. Come by for the Hillary tributes when she steps down!!! We are certainly going to be pulling out all the stops to honor her.

  8. I really miss her too. 😉

  9. From still4hill an interesting way of addressing Hill.

    MODERATOR: (Via interpreter) We welcome our guests. Yes. We’ll begin with a talk from Egypt’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, then Her Excellency Minister Clinton will address the press.

  10. Karen:
    Thank you for the brief on FF and the still4hil link.

    You are right we need to come up with a very well deserved farewell to our real Commander in Chief and best Secretary of State ever.

  11. Hi to any lurkers who no longer post here! There are lots of youse

    Yes indeed there certainly are. Even those who swear they wouldn’t return.

    I love the Her Excellency title for Hillary. It would so piss off her detractors, who incidentally, are outnumbered by many miles.

    Freedom Fairy is not out of touch with me. She is just respecting our shift away from politics as a mainstay. She still has the need since the election.

    Now that the election is over, I really don’t mind politics. I just got sick of the talking points and the feverish turning of shit into ice cream. I never could deal with that. But mostly, my reason was I didn’t want this blog turned into a war zone same as people did in other places. Then they would show up here all fired up, forgetting our rules. It’s just not allowed here. Never was. And like it or not, EVERYBODY knows this. I could see it coming, bounce from one blog, shit on somebodoy, bounce to another, shit on somebody and I wasn’t having any of it here. I would have ended up having to monitor day and night and I would have banned shitloads of people. Surely anyone with a brain knew this would never fly here. I think some do understand the concept now and I am glad for their presence. But if anyone comes here looking for “It” they will get “It”. From me. Nobody is ever going to change the rules of this blog, in a mob or alone. Period. I stayed around for a reason, to keep you safe from malicious attacks, and I will continue to do so. When that need ends, I will go about my merry way. You’re welcome! 🙂

    This remains a place where you will be treated with respect, unless your history implies you are about to start something with someone really soon. It’s a safe place. It has always been that way. It will always be that way. What the fuck is wrong with a safe place? Anybody? Meantime, it wasn’t personal even though some took it as if it were all about them. I saved my blog from becoming a shooting gallery. I do not feel in the least bit guilty about it.

    By the way, I do think imust should have gotten some applause for picking up the traffic slack during the election. You should tell her so.

  12. Not to mention….there’s a lot of Hillary Hate out there. Really bugs me.

  13. And yes, I love me our Still For Hill. I have a sidebar with a link to her, in fact. She does a LOT of work keeping us up to date on what Our Girl is doing daily.

  14. belle, FF is indeed a very real and very talented gal. Nothing will ever ruin our friendship, no matter who or what tries. She is an artist, the real kind, and she does murals for clients. She’s also just a super great person with a heart of gold.

    When i closed the blog for renovations, her comment showed you just how well she knows my thought process. I felt that four years of being trusted and held in confidence, and keeping people safe was no longer worth it. People are fickle on the internet, that’s for sure. You never know what you’re gonna get in the end.

  15. Yes imust, the Hillary Hate. That ends at this blog’s door. Always.

  16. Hey I remember that In My Life song. Here ya go Karen, you loyal, sensitive soul, you!

  17. When does hillary leave, at December 31? Or at inauguration?

  18. Her Excellency Minister Clinton

    I love it!

  19. YOu got snow, Soph?

  20. No. We’re supposed to get “light” snow on Tuesday though. You?

  21. It’s been snowing all day. But it’s not sticking to the roads or walks. Just a dusting on the lawns and things. It’s around 30, too warm to stick, but there was a chill factor earier today. It’s been a bit windy.

  22. Hello Everyone!

    I received a signal across the great ether that there were comments about whether FF was real, or just an internet imagining. I see that was cleared up – and cleared up nicely! Thanks to all who still know and love me.

    Now to a few things. AS for “The Political Season” Uppity was right. I was very engaged in seeing if the tide would turn from Death by Fire to Death by Drowning. Or visa versa. AS you all know, nothing happened and the status quo is set once again. I am still somewhat engaged (in particular on the issues surrounding Benghazi) but I am detaching myself from as much as possible as I just no longer care who runs this Government. It certainly isn’t the people and hasn’t been for a very long time. I too have become fairly disgusted with the bashing of Hillary, even though I do believe there are things she needs to answer. I realize that she serves at the pleasure of the pResident and I do not, nor ever have expected her to do otherwise since she took the job. I am still a supporter. Her very long body of work is what I judge her on, and it has saddened me and made me mad at times to read so many former supporters throw her out and be vicious in doing so on some of the other blogs.

    In much of this, my politics have changed too. No from D to R or anything like that, but what I have seen in the former Democratic Party is a level of nastiness I have never seen before and I want no part of it.

    I had seen it in the Republicans so it comes as no surprise when they are a horrible as they have ever been.

    I support women’s issues in my own way (and for those of you who do not know, I am a 55 year-old gay woman) so I do have some skin in the game, but I cannot stand the likes of Sandra Fluke and Elizabeth Warren. To some that is blasphemy but tough shit. They are both, IMO, liars and opportunists and do not represent the best in American Women.

    So I have checked out a lot. I tweet and re-tweet things I find interesting from everyone from Iowa Hawk to Edge of Forever. There are no “always right” POV’s, as you all know.

    In the last several months I have been deeply involved in learning to paint on canvas instead of walls. I’m getting too old for that. I have also watched the first two seasons of “Downton Abbey” with the fervor of an addict, and am busily training my new puppy (now 5 months old) ‘Bucky’. He is a SPLENDID mix of Black Lab, German Shepherd with a bit of hound (probably black and brown Coon Hound) thrown in for good measure. He is brilliant and funny and loves the cats.

    I still go to the nursing home two times a day to see my friend Charlotte (who will be 90 in January) and even though she is mentally fine, she can no longer walk. I take her her mail, bring her Lobster Bisque from her favorite restaurant several times a week, wheel her in her wheelchair once a week to dinner at the very nice restaurant next door to the nursing home and I take care of her bills and such. I am currently overseeing the rebuilding of the seawall at her home.

    As far as work goes, I am suffering the Obama Economy too. Very little mural work at all these days. However, I am working closely with a repeat client on designing and developing a line of pet products. She will be using the profit to develop grants for single mothers to help get them on their feet. So, right now, I am the Queen of Designer Poop Bags! This is the first venture into what is currently a $53 BILLION a year industry. So I have hope things will improve. You all know how people are about their pets! 🙂

    I’m sorry I have not been doing headers, but am glad to see Uppity has a big enough stash to recycle some of them. I have hundreds still in the computer and will more than likely surprise you all one day and do some more. But not just now.

    I am really on the computer in the morning (mainly) with coffee before my day gets going. I don’t watch much TeeVee and when I do, it’s Bonanza, The Big Valley and The Rifleman. I don’t have cable but can get the cable stations on the computer if there is something I want to see. Of if there will be plans for good coverage of the end of the world in December (LOL). But that being said, I would much rather try to learn to paint people or be in the dog park with Bucky than be watching Wolf Blitzer when the end times happen.

    Sadly, I am still single, but that’s another story. As long as I have my friends, my great neighbors and my animals, my life is good. I can eat Milk Bones too if it really gets ugly. After all – I did as a kid and I am still here!

    So – there ya have it.

    And Uppity is the best ever. Never forget that.

    I shall return. And thanks for all the nice words.



  23. It’s been windy here too–yesterday and today.

  24. Hey FF! Don’t go away yet! You promised me pics of that funny dog! I want them. Send them or I shall send my Uncle Louie to get them. This would not be pleasant.

  25. OK – I shall. If he will hold still long enough. Every time he is cute beyond words and I get the camera, he runs. He thinks it will steal his soul. I have a few, but they aren’t very good. Except one. With Kat.

  26. Aww….what a nice post from good ol’ Freedom Fairy! [waving] I agree with what she said about the New Democratic Party. I do not recognize it. They have learned the worst lessons from the Republicans. What’s sad is those tactics seem to work, so why would they change? I can’t watch the news the way that I used to (pre 2008) because I can see the manipulation and the bias. I don’t care if if it’s left bias or right bias….it’s still bias. I agree with Pat Caddell and think that the biggest problem isn’t really left or right, but the media. There are no watchdogs, only lapdogs.

  27. Send the good one then. I’ll put it in comments so they can see your cutie. I am so glad you got a dog after the pain of losing Angel. Consider that Angel sent the big guy.

  28. imust there isn’t a word you just said that I don’t agree with 100 percent. It all just sucks. Tough enough we have two shitty parties, but we have to have shitty media too.

  29. I have a post for tomorrow on tap you will probably find revealing. You can view it in the drafts if you want, imust. You have The Power.

  30. FF, nice drive-by!!

  31. FF pic coming up….

  32. Freedom Fairy’s Tippy and new addition, Bucky The Dog.

    What’s Tippy saying here?

  33. Tippy looks a lot like MKBill, just sayin’.

  34. Bucky at 10 wks. Squeeeeeeeeeeee!

  35. Yeah tippy does look like MK. She’s got a grey cat too, kat. Kat just kind of moved in. lolol.

  36. Geeze, had I known I would have cleaned up my house! All that crap in the background is my easel, painting chair, paintings, etc. I move in from the garage as it got too hot. Now it’s too cold! LOL



  37. Kinda looks like a studio to me. I like it.

  38. The USDA recommends that farmers buy Protection Insurance (like you have to when the Mafia moves into your neighborhood).

    As most folks here know, GMO seeds from Monsanto are protected by patents. As the winds blow, the seeds cross-contaminate non-GMO neighboring farmers. Instead of these farmers being able to sue for trespassing, Monsanto has consistently sued and won for patent infringement. (Defies logic, doesn’t it?)

    The USDA assembled an advisory panel for this problem. Their solution? Buy insurance. Yup. Among other things, it’s real clear that Monsanto’s predatory behavior is not going to be impeded. Ever.

  39. Yeah insurance to pay off Monsanto when they sue you for having “their” seed. They run around putting farmers out of business by planting nearby and waiting for their seed to reach the crops, the bastards. They sneak on farmers’ land and test their soil!

  40. They ARE predators and they have a hold on our government.

  41. Our prop 37 lost here in CA. Not by much though, like 47 to 52% something like that.

  42. You all DO know Obama/Monsanto appointed a Monsanto guy to the USDA, right?

  43. imust Monsanto and their biotech buddies spent over $40 million to defeat Prop 37. Their lies were legendary.

  44. Real farmers haven’t got a chance. How can they stop the wind?

    It’s deliberate. And the courts should have sticks shoved up their asses for this. But then they probably own the courts too.

  45. Or the judges have large holdings in Monsanto.

  46. Not surprising that Obama ™ appointed Monsanto cronies.

  47. Aw god, we are getting more screwed by the minute. They own our two major parties too. Whomever owns the food and water of the world, owns the world. And there are two companies buying up water systems too. I have info gathered for a post on that, I’ve had it for a year and just can’t bring myself to write it. Our water. Our water.

  48. How can a judge possibly justify making a farmer pay for the wind blowing? For all we know Monsanto can sneak on their land snd pimp their seed just like they sneak and test the soil. When did a normal act of nature become a person’s fault?

    Insurance against what? Even with a payoff, they still have to close the farm.

  49. When we had more crooks in elected office than decent people trying to do the right thing.

  50. They have scared states off too. God, they are criminals right out in the open. Europe is shoving it to them, even Africa is refusing them, and we are letting them own our food with their Roundup in it.

    They always say, “There’s no evidence that GMO is harmful”. Not, “GMO is not harmful”. And that study that found carcinogenic effect, they are trashing it and harassing the scientists. Not the media is silent. Of course.

  51. OMG FF. That’s what eminent Domain is all about. Another travesty upon property owners, and we are supposedly not a communist country.

  52. To be fair and balanced about it, every recent president has had Monsanto inside their administration. GW Bush, Clinton, GHW Bush, etc. Approval to market rBGH came from Bill’s FDA.

    Fact is, Monsanto and their peers are inside the govt and they are the lifers. The presidents and other elected officials are temps. Monsanto is bigger than the govt. and we are never going to get any politician to chop them down unless we get a Teddy Roosevelt by accident.

    Speaking of which, the History Channel was running a series on The Men Who Built America. They bought president McKinley because WJ Bryan was going to bust up their monopolies. McKinley got assassinated and we got TR.

  53. Well here’s to another TR. Soon.

    You’re right, Sophie They are the mafia.

  54. FF some start out with decent intentions in government and then they have three choices. Be Bought. Be threatened. Or Be Set up.

  55. They are killing off butterflies and helpful bees, you know. I have a post half done in queue on that for six months. Monsanto must makes me phycically sick when I start looking under the rocks.

  56. How nice! Team WTF/OFA will be making a Rule Book for the drone killing. Yep, you know that Team WTF/OFA, they always want to play by the rulzzz.–election.html

  57. WTF. That’s almost satire.

  58. OMG. It’s not even an Onion article. Why do they need a kill list–was the deck of cards inadequate? I guess there are more than 52 now.

    Funny (not the ha ha kind)–Obama feels he’d use the list responsibly but doesn’t feel the next president would.

  59. Wow! I got the Freedom Fairy to visit Uppity.
    Well, all I have to say to you two is that I just LOVE this site.
    The looks, the wits, the spark, the fun and actually classy; and of course the CATS!

  60. I foresee The Onion getting ahold of this though, Sophie.

  61. Do you even beieve how cavalier they are about a kill list? Is this not typical Millenium Gen or what? They’ve seen so much grizzly shit on TV and on the streets (and they walk right by so they don’t get any on themselves) and in the horrid games they have access to, that a Kill List is like, Oh yeah, like this is a a cool computer game, right?

  62. OMG I am watching Hoarders on AMC WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. They probably WILL come up with a video game for Obama’s kill list.

  64. imust, years ago, Richard Bach (author of Johnathan Livingston Seagull, Bridge Across Forever, and other books) proposed that nations should wage war via video games–games that were so real and took the same skills, but didn’t actually kill anyone. Losing country still loses.

  65. Sunday aftrer Thanksgiving. Still leftovers. Yummmmmm!

  66. Interesting idea. I remember that book Jonathan Livingston Seagull. The title was longer than the book!

  67. What was that movie where the kid broke into some scientist’s computer and started playing a game called Thermonuclear war and it turned out to be hitched to the govt computer and it was real?

  68. Crier landed in spam. I didn’t see it till now.

  69. Now I’m confused. Here in Chicagoland, Wednesday is Spaghetti Day. To each his own, I guess. 😉

    As for your turn toward the non-political, John W. Smart has gone down the same road. I can understand it;.

  70. You can only take so much of fighting and moaning, Andy and it starts to wear thin, not to mention it can ruin a blog.

  71. War Games with Matthew Broderick.

  72. I got myself out of spam btw. I feel like Otis Campbell when I do that.

  73. Well hey you have The Power!

    Yes! War Games!

  74. OMG these hoarder shows. This guy thinks he’s elvis in addition to being a hoarder, he’s completely insane and his house looks like a freaking public dump. There was one earler who had canned food that expired in the 90s.

  75. Tomorrow, a lot of Americans will be eating Turkey ala king even if they don’t like it. lol.

  76. I made a turkey casserole yesterday, but today we had spaghetti…..I wonder what made me think of that for dinner???

  77. I’m watching “Downton Abbey Revisited” on PBS. It’s almost as entertaining as this:

  78. Is the tuxie in the pic of FF’s pets, the kitteh she used to call MKBs cousin Bob?

    FF’s headers are still delighting us years later. That is an achievement!

  79. I want to watch Downton Abbey Season 2, but I don’t want to pay for it. Any suggestions? I think they’re on Season 3 in the UK now?

  80. Try to find it online?

  81. imust, Bill made you do it.

  82. I saw a TV promo for those Dugans, or Dugars, or whatever that reality show is? They have 19 freaking kids? Is this supposed to be some shining example? Something to strive for?

  83. 19 kids and counting… they are gonna have more???

  84. They have a baby. Good God. She’ll be dead in a few years if she keeps dropping kids like that.

  85. Okay so MKBill take note! This dog has it’s own blog AND tv show!

  86. From the yahoo article about the kill list:

    Earlier this year, critics of the “kill list” launched a petition on the White House website to create a “Do Not Kill” list to protect U.S. citizens from drone strikes by their own government. The petition, though, failed to meet the 25,000-signature threshold required to get an official response from the White House.


  87. What a lot to read on this thread – haven’t visited this site for ages. Like the new masthead. Love the Freedom Fairy image. And the Downton Abbey spoof.

    What will hopefully come your way in the US (if it hasn’t arrived already) will be Parade’s End, BBC series based on novels by Ford Madox Ford. Has Benedict Cumberbatch in it and Rufus Sewell.

  88. Bill spends all HIS computer time at the Playcat Channel and

    ………Waving to my UK tweet pal, Irene.

  89. Disney has become sooooooooooo irrelevant.

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