Local anchor team quits on-air – over management refusing to allow balanced news

The “longest running”  local TV  anchor team in Bangor, Maine shocked staff and management by quitting their jobs together at the end of their broadcast.

Cindy Michaels and Tony Consiglio have been anchors at ABC affiliate WVII and Fox affiliate WFVX in Bangor for six years, but claimed that the owners and managers had been increasingly intervening in their newscasts over the last four, reports the Bangor newspaper.

“It’s a culmination of ongoing occurrences that took place the last several years and basically involved upper management practices that we both strongly disagreed with,” said Michaels. “It’s a little complicated, but we were expected to do somewhat unbalanced news, politically, in general.”

It requires integrity to do this. This station is FOX. Now, if only someone at NBC affiliates would get some too.

The story goes on to discuss the station manager Mike Palmer and decisions, such as this one:

Palmer sparked a political tiff in 2006, when he was the stations’ general manager, for telling his staff that they would no longer report stories on global warming. When “Bar Harbor is underwater, then we can do global warming stories,” he wrote in an email obtained by The New York Times. “Until then, no more.”

He explained that he placed global warming stores in the same category as “the killer African bee scare” from the 1970s and “the Y2K scare when everyone’s computer is going to self-destruct.

Now, as you all know, I am not exactly a Global Warming zealot. I mean, I have an attic full of incandescents in anticipation of that  offensive, profit-driven, dangerous CFL law.  I’ve probably said similar things to what Palmer said, but then I am not the “News,” through which I can mislead millions of people with one-sided facts and opinions.  I’m just some little blogger with an opinion who is really sick and tired of  blind, slanted bullshit and having to hunt for the truth, because I can’t get the same story twice from the  news outlets.

Personally, I  think this kind of management is what is wrong with our news media in general, whether it’s FOX or MSNBC. It’s all biased news all the time, and how many times have we all complained that the media is ignoring something very important or an entire critical issue?  How about the treatment of the BP oil spill as if it all went away like a hangnail?

This story isn’t just about Global Warming or whatever they are calling it today. It’s much bigger than that. It’s about Control Of The Message. The media have completely lost their objectivity and willingness to present straight unbiased stories — and allow the public to make up their OWN minds. Instead, our major left and right media outlets have become viewer manipulating machines, both actively and subliminally running over critical  ‘unsuitable’ details with a bulldozer. I know some of you have mentioned at times that  owners and management set the slant for these cable TV News Travesties, newspapers, radio, etc etc.  We can thank “deregulation,” after which a couple of ornery people bought up all types of media, thus controlling the information flow,  And maybe this story confirms just that. This, to me, should be an indictable offense, in fact, it becomes the razor-fine line that separates our media from Pravda. For example, I got this story off of AOL’s news page, to whom Huffblow made a perfect marriage. They are so left they are hanging onto the edge of the cliff by their fingernails. This story involves  a FOX station and two anchors who might hold their view of Global Warming. If it had been two local  NBC anchors complaining that they push Global Warming All The Time without the other side of the story, I would bet that AOL would have skewered those two anchors instead of the management of their station. This is what has been going on with our media day in and day out.

Watch Cindy and Tony quit below. And wouldn’t you pay to see the looks on the faces of the people not on camera?  I take this personally, which should be no surprise to you. You have seen several times that Principle is more important to me  than consequences. So, you should  not be surprised that, even though I probably don’t agree with them politically, these are two people I would want to know in real life, people who are willing to lose something for a principle. People whose integrity is worth more than anything. I sometimes think this type of person is the only person worth knowing, it’s just that there aren’t enough of them, are there? Integrity. It’s free, but not at a cost! So don’t hold your breath waiting for Brian Williams or Brit Hume doing this anytime soon. Or Chris Matthews. Or Sean Hannity. Or……oh…..hell, just fill in a name.


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  1. Long Island Power Authority sends out regular power bills in spite of weeks without power for customers.

    Authorities. One of the most anti American, anti-democracy ideas every perpetrated upon captive New York ‘customers’. They are mean, they are unelected, and they are fascists.

    And this is typical.

    “I can’t get LIPA to acknowledge my existence on earth to talk to me about anything,” he told The Post. “But I guess they had power, so they could print my bills. Nice, right?”

    Cheer up Dude, I’m sure they will be turning off power on old people who didn’t pay their bills this winter too.

  2. Mursi/Mrsi/Brotherhood con job, attempts to turn Egypt’s Arab Spring into Arab Winter by grabbing sweeping powers. Golly what a surprise. Buck up Egypt, you’re about to become Iran. Mubarak is going to look like a day at the beach when these fascists gear up. Is next: Women in body bags.

    Goodbye Tourism. Hello abject poverty and fear.


  3. Great post and kudos to these two actual journalists!

  4. No No No, everybody has it all wrong. Fox says the real war is the War On Men. No kidding. You can’t make this shit up.

  5. Revealing, isn’t it, imust? It’s FOX. It’s MSNBC. It’s the NY Times. You name it, we are being handed a plate of their select crap and nothing more.

  6. Sheesh Uppity, what’s that expression? Take it with a grain of salt? We need a block of salt these days. Like that “article” you linked on the “war on men”…..seriously? WTH?? You CAN make this stuff up and the author of that “article” obviously did!

  7. Maybe the author of that article on the “war on men” would prefer we move toward the Saudi system.

  8. Yeah that would be nice, I’ll bet. Gotta stop edjukimating dem wimminz.

  9. Boo Hoo, women pick men who aren’t losers now. Oh boo hoo, slug.

  10. During this time, I’ve spoken with hundreds, if not thousands, of men and women. And in doing so, I’ve accidentally stumbled upon a subculture of men who’ve told me, in no uncertain terms, that they’re never getting married. When I ask them why, the answer is always the same.
    Women aren’t women anymore.

  11. ROFL. What a baby. A real Pithecanthropus Erectus. I guess the guy can’t keep a woman and everybody knows why. But him. lolol.

    Damn, you just can’t get free domestic servants anymore! Bummer!

  12. Hey imust. Why don’t you do this man his due justice and write this up in a post?

  13. Fortunately, there is good news: women have the power to turn everything around. All they have to do is surrender to their nature – their femininity – and let men surrender to theirs.

    If they do, marriageable men will come out of the woodwork.

    I’m dying here. Like who cares.

  14. Okay Uppity, I’ll do it tonight.

  15. LOL I can’t wait. Deck is cleared for you.

  16. Some Men are looking for another Mom. 😆

  17. Hi to FF, sorry I missed you in real time yesterday. Great to see your amazing doggie. That is my favorite kind in the world. Shepherd mix. Awesomely smart and loyal and loving. Great family you have!

    So looking forward to imust chiming in on wimmenz changing attitudes. As if they haven’t been accusing us of that for as long as there has been recorded history. We uppity wimmenz have nerve demanding we be treated as equal human beings.

  18. Hey, why not try macaroni and cheese Italy’s way and listen to your arteries harden.

  19. It is tough being a centrist and independent. There are critical thinking skills involved. We don’t just follow our red or blue team off of the cliff blindly and we always, always, always question authority and look behind their masks. We also cannot just say this pile of crap is better than that pile of crap with a straight face. I watched way too many smart people get fooled into thinking there was a less stinky pile of crap this time round. Nobody passed the test to earn my support this time.

    The lesser of two evils is still an evil.

    Hillary or bust!

  20. Uppity, did I mention I am on a wheat free diet? Not having it daily for several months in a row has done wonders for my health but it is very, very depressing. I have been known to have pasta for three meals in a row – including hot pasta for breakfast – or left over pizza breakfast.

    That looks like heaven in a bowl.

  21. The woodwork, huh? So that’s where “marriageable men” are these days! Kinda like termites. LMAO.

    Can’t wait for imust’s post. I bet it will be classic.

  22. Wow, Karen, what a bummer!

  23. Getting a cat is a good remedy for depression.

  24. I come here mainly to harass Karen. I think you should ban me, Upps.

  25. In this particular case, it is acceptable harassment.

  26. Bravo to these Journalists. We need more like them. Weather it is a right leaning station or left it matters not you eat the same shit. News is supposed to be unbiased period. You are to report the story not your slant on it or omit it all together because it does not follow your agenda. Like you Uppity if I am interested in a story I look it up on the net but that too has become way too biased. It feels similar to having to go to the garbage dump and comb through it to find the ring you lost. Not worth it. This country is a total mess and the main reason lies at the door step of the media. If there were honest stations reporting the truth no matter what our politicians would most likely not be pulling half the shit they are.

  27. Good lord what has the world come too ? Karen on a diet ??

  28. All I know is Rupert Murdoch is no conservative. He is a globalist who wants every penny he can get his hands on.

  29. I eat tons of stuff, not to worry, Utah. It is just all heart healthy foods and gluten free for the most part. I still eat all day long. It will be a sign of the end of the world if I do ever stop stuffing my face.

    And Beata, tomorrow my parrot will be here while I babysit for 2 weeks. He can be quite aggressive at times. Not sure who would win – cat or bird. If you look back at the uppity mug pic of my “grey cat” pay attention to the beak slurping up the tea. It draws blood with minimal pressure. They have a mouth like a pit bull. They can crack any nut with it and bend metal into pretzels. He’d terrorize a cat. I have seen him terrorize humans!

  30. These are but a few left. Soon, they will become extinct.

  31. Hill Billy, the bigger they are the more involved they are in the slop bucket of the world. Power and greed go hand in hand with extreme ambition. They get to be Gollum or Midas like when they get filthy rich.

  32. Karen
    I will not pressure you about any specific cat. When you get settled, I would suggest looking into fostering . A good way to get your feet wet in your new home town. Look for a group that provides the vet care, holds adoption events (do not expect you to place the cat yourself) and makes sure all the kitties are spayed/neutered before adoption. This way, if the foster works for your situation, you can then adopt. If not, you have still saved a cat from a kill shelter and when adopted can foster another until you find your match.

  33. Hillbilly, creatures like Rupert are the reason dereg got us in this blackout pickle. Previous to that, no one POS like Rupert could own several forms of media or turn themselves into a conglamerate of Message Controllers. Sometimes regulation is a good thing not a bad thing. It keeps the ruperts at bay. too late.

  34. Karen, birds scare the crap out of me. I once hit the deck when a parakeet flew toward me.

  35. Some Men are looking for another Mom

    And some men are just repulsive to women in general.

  36. Mt L, Bill is contemplating visiting Karen for a couple of months After that time, any other cat will look good to her.

  37. John is in the room with the spice kittens. awwwwwww. lots of kisses.

  38. The mother cat worships him. I mean she worships him.

  39. John just left and the look on Rosie’s face is clearly that she misses him already.

  40. The kittens are pretty much spoken for but not Mom. You know how it is with adults. I tell you that cat is awesome, I would take her in a NY minute. I think he should keep her. She also jumps out of the area and spends time with him alone, and the way she looks up at him and mews when he looks at her, you can tell she wants to stay with him.

    The shelter he fosters for is No Kill so she’ll be safe but it would be a sin to have her in a shelter life, she’s a lover.

  41. Phewwwwwwwwww. Glad to hear you are still raiding the fridge Karen. Had me very worried there for a bit that the Myan’s might be on to something or you were prepping yourself for this next rapture. We all know Uppity is not invited to the upcoming rapture lmao.

    As for the kittens they are cute but me I have always preferred an adult cat . Just not into kittens. I like full grown fluffy , preferably black and male CATS .

  42. My group’s got a very cool longhair black cat, Utah, shall I ship him?

  43. http://www.washingtonpost.com/national/how-hillary-clintons-past-choices-predict-her-future/2012/11/25/32db2556-3026-11e2-ac4a-33b8b41fb531_story.html

    You can tell 2016 isn’t very close. They aren’t skewering her. Give it time.

    On a recent Monday, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton walked with her husband onto a stage at the New York Sheraton to cheers and whoops and a standing ovation that only got louder as she tried to quiet things down.

  44. I wonder if this will bring Laker Dude out.

  45. Shayyyt Uppity you are relentless aren’t you ?? lol

  46. So does that mean you’re taking the cat? 😉

  47. More on the state of the fourth estate:

    On Fox, Journalist Tom Ricks Accuses The Network Of Operating As A Wing Of The Republican Party

  48. He’s awfully cute too. Big boy. Greenish eyes. Very handsome and sweet.

  49. media matters should talk, lol. We won’t see a piece like this on MSNBC at MM though.

    You see? Nowhere to turn.

  50. Click on my tweet or miss it.

  51. Uppity–If you want to put a Live Tweet in your comments, the method is different depending on where you’re doing your commenting.

    When you are commenting from the box at the bottom of the blog page, you only have to paste the Tweet link (which you can get by right-clicking the date).

    When you comment by replying from the WordPress comment page, you have to click the Embed this Tweet link and select the contents of the HTML tab.

  52. Thanks for teaching me that, Sophie.

  53. np. I will enjoy the ability to retweet instantly!

  54. It’s 10 PM and I am absolutely exhausted. If I fall asleep now I will be up at 3 AM.

  55. socalannie, on November 25, 2012 at 11:03 PM said: Edit Comment

    I want to watch Downton Abbey Season 2, but I don’t want to pay for it. Any suggestions? I think they’re on Season 3 in the UK now?

    Try Hulu Plus. They have a seven day free trial. Watch it over 2 nights (or three). There are 9 episodes in season 2. That’s what I did. Even if you miss the “seven days” it’s worth it for $7.99 for one month. I hate Hulu, but that worked for me.

  56. Hi FF. Keep me awake.

  57. Still up?

  58. Good for these anchors! How refreshing to see two people with the courage to stand on principle.

    And you’re right, Upps. That War on Men piece is preposterous. Wasn’t it written by Schlafley’s niece who has a book coming out? Case building much?

  59. Schlafley’s niece??!! Aww Jeez…the fun just never ends.

  60. Awesome post, Upps. That clip was great, they did that with class!

    FF, thanks for the tip!

  61. Haha! Funny tweet! I’m reading the comments backasswards, as usual.

  62. OMG I just assumed it was written by a guy, I never IMAGINED ANY WOMAN would be THAT STUPID. But there’s this blurb at the end I didn’t look at till now. Perhaps you might be interested in this flying asshole’s book:

    Suzanne Venker has written extensively about politics, parenting, and the influence of feminism on American society. Her latest book, “How to Choose a Husband (And Make Peace with Marriage)” will be published in February 2013. Visit howtochooseahusband.com for more information.

  63. Uppity, thank you! I love Cream! Those pictures were great. How are you doing? Did you have a good holiday weekend?

  64. Oh God, that is truly vomitous. And war on men??? wtf?

    Hey Upps, Laker is in spam. He loved that! It did bring him out of his cave!

  65. Yes I knew you’d like it Laker Dude, you asked me about them a few times and their RKO concerts. Yes we had a good Thanksgiving. Great food, great company. Even my dog enjoys it. lol. It’s one Holiday I really do like.

  66. Laker Dude, you might like looking into these guys. They were Chicago Transit Authority originally. They brought the brass in.

  67. Shafley genes. Splains a lot.

  68. Uppity, if you’re still up…the post is in the draft file. Actually in the regular post file as a draft.

  69. My next door neighbor has a darling small parrot that is very friendly and does tricks and two pretty cats. They are all adopted pets and get along pretty well.

    btw, when I said truly vomitous, I meant all that stuff about the war on men, and they can’t marry becuz women aren’t women anymore, etc.

  70. “Shafley genes. Splains a lot.”

    Yes it does!

    Uppity, when I made your chicken marsala a couple of weeks ago, I made it gluten free. I used almond flour to coat the chicken and served it over corn-quinoa pasta corkscrews. It was delicious! We aren’t totally gluten free, about 3/4.

  71. I just read IreneB’s comment on last post about Parades End. Sounds great!

  72. imust, yer on for AM!

  73. I’m fading.

    G Nite.

  74. No, no cats for me right now

  75. Okay, see ya manana!

  76. Thanks Uppity. That’s a great Cream song. I love ECs wah wah pedal in that one. I watched a documentary about them a while back. Ginger Baker was hysterical. What a crazy old dude. And a great drummer.

    I’ve heard a few Chicago songs, will check out more. The folks know one of them and go see them when they are playing nearby.

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