This Christmas, show your woman you love her like a Saudi. Give the gift of an SMS digital Tracking leash

Oh Honey! I want one of these too!

Now, why would I want to leave???

Saudi men can now be alerted via text message if women try to escape from the country. The new digital leash on women is being resoundingly criticized over social media channels. “Hello Taliban, herewith some tips from the Saudi e-government!”, wrote one angry commenter, according to Al Arabiya. The new technology has reportedly been in place since last week, and was discovered after a husband was alerted by immigration authorities while traveling with his wife.

“Saudi men earlier had the option of requesting alert messages about their dependents’ cross-border movement, but it appears that since last week such notifications are being sent automatically,” explains the BBC.

Yella, Yella Ahmed! I want lunch!

This invention is such a relief I am sure.  It is sure to spread throughout the entire godforsaken Middle East for local applications:

With this device,  men won’t have to nail the windows shut when they leave the house and lock their wives inside.

No more taking all that time and energy finding that girl who got ganged-raped so you can execute her.

No more will 9 year-old girls be able to hide from that marriage to that 75-year-old pervert.

Your family members can locate her on the spot during those needy moments when they want to beat the crap out of her.

With our SRS device, no scheduled Burying Up To Her Neck And Stoning Her To Death procedure  or other exciting execution idea will ever run behind schedule again due to these pesky women running away and hiding. We’ll be On Time and make sure you get to watch without missing your post-stoning  lunch plans.

While you Saudis are at that secret all- dancing boys-and-booze party at the Palace, you will never have to worry about whether any of your wives stepped outside for fresh air without a chaperone again.

The Taliban won’t have to spend valuable time finding the woman who is scheduled to be shot in the head today.

Now a Saudi wife can’t sneak out of the house and drive!!!

Oooooooooooo. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Nobody in Afghanistan will ever have to worry about where his wife is when he spends those long days and nights with his goats.

Honor Killings can be carried out so much  more efficiently throughout the Middle East and in the USA once this device allows a father to find his daughter and behead her really fast for talking to an infidel or behaving too Western.

The Taliban can track girls walking to school and set them aflame before they even get there, saving the cost of cleanup after a burning building.

……And more importantly, A Saudi wife will never be able to escape  that hellhole, seek asylum in an actually civilized country where women are held in higher esteem than goats, and tell the world about what it’s really like for a woman stuck  in Saudi Arabia.

……And our ‘leaders’ will continue to bow with their asses in the air and hold hands with these decrepit princes because  they have oil. Otherwise, the entire world would  easily admit what clinically insane, morally bankrupt throwbacks to Pithecanthropus Erectus these assholes really are.

Honestly, the way American Dhimmis pretend these  Sharia savages aren’t torturing and killing their sisters whereEVER they go would be laughable if it weren’t so tragic.

This is not culture.
This is not custom.
This is criminal.

–Hillary Rodham Clinton


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  1. It is the perfect gift for the prince who has everything! And everyone!

  2. imust, you just reminded me of a Saudi prince story from decades ago. I was working for a shipping company at JFK airport. We prepared documents and listed contents of packages for international shipping.

    We got these long boxes addressed to a Saudi prince that just said they were exercise equipment so we opened them to define what kind of equipment so they could ship without problems. When I cut open the boxes I found long shiny heavy duty weaponry and guns. Well, if they were aimed at me, I would have gotten lots of exercise.

  3. Wow karen! What happened with that equipment? Did it get sent the same?

  4. Paris gay mosque – great idea in theory but not so much in practice. They say in the article they want a “safe place” to worship. Why do I think that will be the least safe place to worship? They will be followed and they will be attacked by the zealots. If I lived near this mosque I would run for my life.

  5. No imust, we called the cops and within a few hours some guys in black suits with badges flashing came and took them. They asked the driver who picked up the packages from the shipper some questions. That guy was a joker, he loved to goof around but he turned white as a ghost and was dead serious when he saw those guns.

  6. Sad that men treat their wives worse then the goats. 👿

  7. Perfect confirmation of the accuracy of this post. 2 freaks in Afghanistan arrested for beheading a 14 year old girl who refused to be a prostitute. Fucking animals.

  8. Ouch!
    Very depressing stuff…

  9. God, what those poor women endure. I wonder if we’ll ever get to see them rise in revolt during our lifetime?

  10. They should all kill these freaks in their sleep on the same night.

    These people are animals. I’m not even sure they are homo sapiens.

  11. The goat guys are not even advanced enough to be a long lost line of Neanderthal:

  12. You know, UW, that second pic on this post, the same one you had up on the sidebar for the longest, is the best statement against Sharia. One tiny opinion here, but the whole mentality is just wrong. Akin to very insecure folks in desperate need of trying to control something which is not ordained to be controlled by any person whatsoever. Just a group of annointed ones making up some rules that suit their egos.

  13. I think these lunatics should all be castrated and forced to wear burkas, while the women laugh and point at their crotches all day long.

    My fear is that the rape-lovin’ Republicans will pick up on this idea and go, “Why didn’t I think of that! Oh honey, I’ve got a present for you….It’s imported!”

  14. Reading about the stuff (refuse to swear) going on in the middle east just sickens me. Thousands of years ago it was bad enough but human beings have advanced, these germs on earth have not evolved one bit. Oh sure their weapons have etc but they have not. I still subscribe to the belief that there is no teaching them or reasoning with them. They only understand dominance and death and that is what the USA ought to give them via a Tomahawk up their butts.

  15. MB: Sounds like a plan!

    Crier, the pic is still on the sidebar, way down.

  16. Utah if there wasn’t so much oil over there, I think the civilized world would have turned these freaks into a crater hole long ago.

  17. They should all kill these freaks in their sleep on the same night.

    What a great idea! They couldn’t prosecute ALL of the women. And besides, who would be left to do the prosecuting?

  18. I guess they would just have to appoint women judges. Case dismissed.

  19. OT. Today I got an e-mail from Bill Clinton to spend a day in NY with him. What “global initiative” is he looking to fund today?

    All you have to do is make a contribution to help retire Hillary’s campaign debt between now and December 6, 2012, and you and a friend could win a free trip to New York.

    WTF? By my calculations, that debt should have been paid off twice by now. The first for her campaigning for the Big Zero in 2008 and the second for Big Dawg winning it for him in 2012.

  20. Uppity you are so right. Oil is why we went into Iraq as well not WMD’s. They can try to hide the truth but people know. Truth is Iraq back fired . That is why we keep bowing down to these savages and kissing their ass. What is a few million women to a wealth off the oil fields ? Politicians are well vested in oil and making tons from bilking the average Joe Q. American to fill their tank. I think that is why we do not drill here. Joe Q. American would make money from it as they do in ND and not Harry Reid. If women need to be sacrificed to gain wealth so be it . We are sacrificed here plenty as well.

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