Remember this next time you see “one” ant in your home — and be glad they don’t vote

This video won the OPEN category of the 2012 ESA YouTube Your Entomology contest. The video, by Marlin E. Rice, shows a swarm of predatory ponerine ants searches the African savanna for their prey–termites. When they locate a colony, they bite and sting their victims, and then return to the nest with jaws loaded with dead prey. For more information, see

The Videographer notes these are all females. Should we assume the males are home with the remote watching a game? Or are they serving the Queen?

This must be what they mean when they say  “an army of ants”.  They are very organized, focused, and militant. To be sure there’s no Patreaus in there stopping off for a little Bury The Salami. This could be because they are females. Females bringing home the bacon, so to speak. Apparently, this is not a problem in the ant world, it’s only a problem with homo sapiens, who seem to perhaps have less evolved brains.

Remember this video when you switch off the lights…….and remember, there is never just One Ant. If you don’t believe me, kill one and leave it there. Wait patiently and be secretly watchful, and you will see another come along and carry the dead ant away.  Or just go to bed, and wake up next morning to find the ant you killed……..gone. Which begs the question: Do they have ant funerals?

This is how they roll. Be glad Spiders or Cockroaches didn’t win the award.

*And though she be but little,
She is fierce.

Sleep tight!



* Shakespeare, from a Midsummer Night’s Dream; Act III, Scene 2



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  1. More on America’s Finest..Protecting……….Serving….
    Badly, no, make that fucking stupidly and easily readable shredded police documents become part of Macy’s confetti.

  2. Median family wealth is at a 43-year low. Soon, corporations will have all the serfs they need.

    According to Wolff, between 1983 and 2010, the percentage of households with less than $10,000 in assets (in constant 1995 dollars) rose from 29.7 percent to 37.1 percent. And yes, that “less than $10,000” figure includes the many households with no assets at all, or “negative assets” — what we in the non-academic world just call debt.

  3. I watched this a few times but still can’t believe this mind blowing optical illusion art:

  4. DailyMail:

    A teenage girl was beheaded by a relative in northern Afghanistan after she turned down his marriage proposals, according to reports.

    The victim, named as Gisa, was decapitated with a knife in the Imam Sahib district of Kunduz province on Tuesday, local police said. She is believed to be around 15-years-old.

  5. Priceless. Simply Priceless.

  6. more amazing illusions here:

    and this classic – jon stewart rips glenn beck vid is a riot:

  7. As a token of his clinical insanity, Glenn Beck now has a set that is an identical replica of the Oval Office. No kidding. You can’t make this shit up.

    Long shot of Special Glenn’s Special Set.

  8. Karen, first video says “Does not exist”. That was fast! lol.

  9. We told them they were being manipulated but they were too busy sucking on the koolaid teet to pay attention.

  10. All the above links still work for me. Maybe they are in my cache?

    Here is a direct link to the brussup illusion vids that should work:

  11. Romney Ryan face tat guy is getting it removed. Stuff happens when people lose their minds over politicians but it should not be facial…. lol.–election.html

  12. OMG – Biden is trying to be an uppityite! Go away Joe. And leave our pies alone!–politics.html

  13. What kind of nut tattoos ANYBODY’s face on their own face? What kind of nut tattoos their face with ANYTHING. Do these people EVER plan to interview for a job? If so, do they plan to advance with shit carved into their faces? Cripes, how stupid can you be? You have roughly five seconds to impress when walking into a room. Nice job, assholes!

  14. Hey – go to my pad and vote for person of the year please:

  15. Upps, did you see this?

    just came home for supper and had to let you know.

  16. Did someone mention PIE?

  17. My reaction to Bill’s email soliciting funds to retire Hill’s campaign debt:

  18. I cannot believe what assholes they are Karen! Gilda and her family STARTED that org. I see the fans are skewering them. I hope they get their asses Komenized. They deserve everything they get. Unbelievable, but typical of an insensitive generation of little assholes who think it’s all about them, even unto droping the name of the person who gave them their employment in the end. Typical of AARP, too. All about Them, hot thos annoying old people.

    I hope their donations hit the crapper. That’s Gilda’s club not theirs.

  19. WTF is wrong with Bill Clinton? That he didn’t even get Obama’s agreement to pay Hillary’s debt in exchange for pimping Obama to victory is unbelievable…just unbelievable. I think it proves my point: he did it to feed his own narcissistic ego — to get love from the bots who’d rejected him 5 yrs ago.

    He’s on my eternal shit list.

  20. Yikes on the ants, Upps! I’ll blame a sleepless night on you.

  21. Yikes on the ants, Upps! I’ll blame a sleepless night on you.


  22. Like I said months ago, Hillary has a better ride not running against an incumbent. Just saying. And she’s gonna need those bot votes since the Republicans will be blowing the dust off their Forever We Shall Skewer Hillary Playbook. Strictly from a strategy standpoint, it works.

  23. I got an E-mail requesting money to help retire her debt some time earlier. I was hoping that it’s a sign that they are checking to see if her supporters are still behind her. I hope so.

    I remember some talk of Barry helping to retire her debt after the 2008 primaries. I hope she didn’t take any of his dirty money.

  24. Sorry NES, I will not bash Hillary or Bill. They are not perfect, but they are a whole lot better than most. I look at the totality of their work over decades and measure their commitment and dedication to principles that I agree with.

  25. NES, Hillary could have asked him for the money herself. Bill was the leader of the party and is still the highest ranking member of the party. Full two terms served. Did you want him to come out and support his long time enemies who swift boated him and every other democrat?

    You just wanted him to stand around with his hands in his pockets and let the RED team win? I know they toss it around all the time and it normally doesn’t mean anything but this time the threat of them filling the Supremes with Right Wingers was a real threat. There will be several appointments coming up soon and I am glad they will not be from the Red team fanatics. So is Bill. Hillary and Bill are Democrats. They are the best we have ever had. No way in hell I would take them off their pedestals. Not for Monica, not for working for BamBam, not when they’ve given their all for us.

    I have Big Dawg and Hill’s backs. May they never give me reason to change that support. I am just as proud of them today as ever. They are simply the best we have – leaps and bounds above all the others.

    I don’t think Hillary will run again for public office. But that sure doesn’t mean that she is done making a difference in this world. She just might end up as one of those Supremes, if that is what she sets herself up to do. Bill is sticking around politics, not full time but near. It is what he does best. And damn, he is good at it, best president – EVER.

  26. Ants are misunderstood insects. They are nature’s cleaning crew.

    But they are a nuisance when they show up in your house.

  27. From Huff Po:

    “After ending her presidential bid in June 2008, the now-Secretary of State was left with $25 million in debt. She has since whittled that figure down to $73,000 as of September 30.”

    If that is accurately stated she is paid off in full except for some pocket change. Bill said he wants to spend a day with a big Hillary supporter. I believe him when he says he enjoys being around her fans. He is her biggest fan and he delights in our admiration and respect for her.

  28. Just lurking late and have to say the goat piggy back picture made my whole day!

  29. I honestly think hanging on to Romney isn’t healthy. To worship him is ludicrous. The truth is, he’s in a club now, known as “ran and lost”. He was not an incumbent, so he is in the same category now as Mondale, Dukakis, McCain, Perot, anyone else who also ran. These are people who, years down the road, you have to stop and remember which president they ran against. What separates them all from Hillary is she has gone on to serve the country, she is The most recognized, respected and admired woman in the world and is toe to toe with a number of ex-presidents. Fact is, she’s a step above all the other also-rans in that she didn’t scurry away with her tail between her legs and pull the plug on “public service”. She’s the real deal when it comes to her causes. Unfortunately, she is missing a dick. And that brings us to another problem with the two parties of Patriarchs. Maybe Hillary just confirms how mediocre they all are on the world stage. Just maybe, huh?

    I cruised the blogs for awhile after the election and now I have stopped. I see and recognize people who NEVER supported Hillary pretending they did and skewering her four years up ahead, that is how much of a problem she is for the republicans. NES doesn’t fall into that category that’s for sure, but she does fall into “I can’t let go of Romney” category, so we have to be a little patient with her because we adore her and we know she is Real.

    Truth is, Romney lost. He lost to one of the worst presidents we have had in my lifetime, but he lost. It’s a lot like when Bush won his second term. But he got that second term because his opponent simply was not up to snuff. If you want to blame anybody for Romney’s loss, try blaming Romney. Unlike Hillary, he failed to deflect the negative aspects of hs own self by outweighing these things with the Positive, particularly in the area of Public Service. Secondly, he was pumping out one blunder after the other, up to and especially including his “47%” crack. Truth is, I am not on the public teat and I didn’t vote for him either. I didn’t vote for Obama, but nothing convinced me he was going to treat me like a human being from the moment he picked that POS zealot Paul Ryan. Sorry, but your own actions contribute to your outcomes, and that one was a huge mistake. We are all quick to talk about how so many people on public assistance got there because of their own attitudes and shitty decisions. But we aren’t too quick to say the same about rich people who lost presidential elections. Romney failed to show people he was the REal Deal, he failed to show people he Cared. And although these things might not matter to Some, they obviously mattered to more people in the end. Enough people to impact an election. Six months from now, what exactly will Mitt Romney being doing for America now that he lost? What are his human causes that he will take with him for the rest of his life. Mitt Romney is no Hillary. And yes, I agree that the SCOTUS was a HUGE issue here. I felt that long ago, too. For me, it was VERY hard to tell what ROmney really thought, was he a centrist like he was as governmor, or was he going to pander to the far right to ensure his second term. These things bothered me. They obviously bothered at least 51% of the rest of the country. I was not willing to overlook the dangers here. I saw the danger of barack obama but nobody gave me an ALTERNATIVE other than the HOrrible Opposite of the Horrible Status Quo. When a person lets at least half of the country know he doesn’t give a shit about them, they tend not to feel warm and fuzzy about him. Did Obama outsleaze him in campaigning? Yup. But he should have been more prepared. Running on “Not Obama” was a huge mistake and the result of that is what we see today. It’s like when Horseface ran on “Not Bush”. Look how well that worked out for him. Bush outsleazed him. To watch someone even pretend either of these two parties is not SLEAZE is a head-shaking experience for me.

    In any event, It’s Done. Am I unhappy with what’s president? Yup. But at least I know what I’m gonna get. Do I like what I’m gonna get? Nope. But I didn’t like what I thought I was gonna get with a R R ticket either. I read some comments in places where some bullies were shoving people around, threatening their own security, personally attacking them as humans, and telling others who felt like I did that they were “Stupid” and they would “Hold them accountable” if ROmney didn’t win. Really? Stick that up your ass, as in Who The Hell Are You? To declare you are a lover of freedom and individual rights and then make cracks like that is just…….well……laughable and a huge Hypocrisy red flag. It doesn’t matter who ran out and voted for Obama, or even if they did it for a stupid reason. Their vote is theirs and everybody else is just going to have to live with that, and if they can’t, then they are the antithesis of a Republic not the people they are screaming at. People might better serve America if they focused on their own party they seem to love so dearly, for their party is shit, regardless of which party is theirs. If one of these two parties were actually decent and not living in some nasty parallel universe, the outcome of that election might have been a landslide. But it wasn’t, and that is more telling than anything.

    Okay I’ll get off my soapbox (eventually!). What I won’t do is bring my political soapbox to other people’s living rooms and crap all over everybody and create a war zone with my own personal agenda. I did that one time and I have regretted it every since My rule in other places is the same as my rule here. What’s good for me personally is NOT necessarily what’s good for America. And far as I can see, we had two tickets that weren’t worth any of the horrificly nasty, rude and cruel “”passion this last election garnered. It was no more conforting to watch than the 2008 primaries. In fact, people behaved just as horribly as the Obots did in 2008. Some of them were horrified in 2008 and took up the very same playbook. I look back and I think, I’m not glad Obama is president, and I wasn’t glad Bush won a 2nd term either, but in retrospect I think Kerry and Romney would have been just as awful.

    What I saw happen here at Election 2012 was more people deciding that they devil they knew was less scary than the devil who was challenging him. That’s EXACTLY what happened, folks. Admit it. Think Nixon and McGovern. This last election season showed us all that the devil could be in two places at once, so to speak. But the truth is, it’s done. Done, I tell you. Done. Life is too damned short to fester over a guy who isn’t even thinking of you this morning. Mitt Romney is not a Great Man. He’s achieved many great things, though, and all of them were First and Foremost for his own financial benefit. Just like Obama except with more dollar signs. For now. Just some food for thought.

    Romney was no Reagan. In fact, Reagan was no Reagan. He did a lot of shitty things and dubbing him a Saint doesn’t change that either. These people are all human, and it would be really nice if party sycophants would stop pretending any of them were or are saviors.

    One more thing: Anger will eat you alive from the inside out. I refuse to play any longer. We all need to grow up and recognize that we are On Our Own. We have been On Our Own for a LONG LONG time, it’s not New. And the Sky Will Not Fall. We will Endure. It’s what we Do. We’ve had worse and will probably see worse. But since we are On Our Own, we undertand how to Endure by now. There is nobody whose life crumbled or improved immensely on November 7 that I know of, except those who actually think some shitty mediocre presidential canddiate or incumbent is going to change their lives for the better or worse–if they just Sit and Wait. If anybody actually buys that, then expect somebody from Nigeria to send you $14 million dollars.

    One thing is for sure, I learned some things about people I thought I knew, some grew dearer to me, others I wouldn’t trust any longer as far as i can throw a baby elephant. Times of stress bring out Who You Are. With that, UW blog will carry on as always, nothing here has changed nor will it. Nope. The Sky Did Not Fall because of an election, nor will it fall next week. Oh to be sure, we’ll get pissed off. So how is that different from the last 12 years, anyways? One thing is different, though: We’re all 12 years older. And it’s kind of scary to imagine throwing away Four More years festering over a bunch of theives and bullshitters who are only separated by an R or a D after their names–when we all could better serve ourselves by getting control of the parts of our own lives and lots in life that we are responsible for ourselves.

  30. ACK I wrote a book! Sorry!

  31. Good point about Hillary not abandoning public service after 2008. True public service is a calling, not just a job, which is why I believe that she will run again. She just needs some down time.

  32. The WH released a video of Bo walking around some Christmas trees. That dog must be drugged. Very low energy or a 4 yo pup. Mine are 11yo and would have been romping. Something is not right with Bo.

  33. Hugo Bo has never been anything more than an ornament for that family. I feel very sorry for the dog. I have yet to see him have eye contact with any Obama and that tells me he has no relationship, no leader, no one to worship. Hopefully he has that with the paid person who is really raising him.

    Besides, NOBODY who REALLY wants a dog takes longer than a year to find one and pretends they are going to rescue one when there’s a pedigree’s bun on the oven with their name on it. This whole thing was a Kennedy-Obama setup and I can assure you, had Obama lost that election, there would have been no dog. Just another stage act.

  34. Good post from 2009, Uppity. So, right on. It’s sad that they just trot him out for photo ops. Looks like the dog is always trying to drag them to his real human friend off camera. Now that Barry has been re-elected, maybe they will give him to his real human friends and let the dog be happy elsewhere.

    Definitely, Bo was a set-up intended to help Barry ride the coat-tails of JFK.

  35. Just read your rant up above Upps. Well said & Right On! Life goes on, we need to enjoy what time we have.

  36. lol socal. which rant?

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