Hold off On That End Of World Preparation Checklist!

Author and astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson dismisses the popular internet doomsday theory that a “Planet X,” aka Nibiru, will return to our solar system in 2012 and fatally disrupt the Earth’s orbit — a claim Tyson describes as a “marvelous work of fiction.”

deGrasse Tyson is currently the Director of the Hayden Planetarium at the Rose Center for Earth and Space and a research associate in the department of astrophysics at the American Museum of Natural History

This interview occurred on February 4, 2009. Not that science ever got in the way of crackpots, of which there seems to be no shortage here in the Us of A. This is going  to be such a bummer for all those religious zealots who were looking forward to freaking their neurotic little children out so close to Christmas.


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  1. Tyson is part of the cover-up!

  2. C*mc@st has already thrown in the towel. The past several nights, it’s been very difficult to log on. Last two nights, it was impossible. The Tech tried to set up a service visit and was not allowed to set it up for my area saying there “had been” a service outage (that had been restored) only I guess they missed my house and weren’t about to come out here. I think they believe the Mayans. They didn’t even robo-call me back for a review of my experience.

  3. Comcast and Verizon have the same playbook. Pretend you’re the only game in town and treat people like you are doing them a favor allowing them to pay you. If necessary, reroute their call to someone in India who learned English last week.

  4. I’m getting ready to leave for the day. I wonder if I’ll have service tonight when I get home. I’m amazed I still have service right now. They (comcast) probably aren’t yet awake.I had nothing last night.When December ends, I’ll look to something else…aybe my nephew can do something for me. Everyone else in the family has benefitted from his tech savvy. It just didin’t feel right to me. Now, I don’t care.
    Have a great day everyone.

  5. leslie, there area few things I would do to fix it, including unhitch the wireless and put the usb into the port on your computer to see if it’s the signal or the wireless router. Also I have had situations where the cable company’s code from central was routed to the wrong place instead of my home. I would also consider resetting everything and doing a fresh linkup. Also I would check the security of your home network and make sure its WPA and not WEP. If it turned out that its a cable problem I would call them up and do what I did, tell them to cancel or fix. Their choice.

  6. Thanks Upps. I’m on the train using my tablet. Last night, because I’ve been reading you for so long, I remembered your saying these things in the past. So before I contacted my esteemed Internet “provider”, I did every thing you just suggested. Still nothing. Later, service came back for about 30 minutes. Then nothing again. I’m done for this morning. I’ll come home tonight and see what happens.
    I just wonder if anyone has suggestions for alternative Internet service in the near north Chicago suburbs. BTW: that routing to someone else’s locatin happened to me last year. These people need better help.

  7. …as they’re learning on Staten Island, the only people left still with jobs are those willing to play the cutthroat games associated with downsizing. They draw a paycheck but have no earthly idea what the actual performers DID in those jobs prior to being “lost to budget cuts.” Those are the hacks answering phones and “faking” service. Eventually, they’ll send in an independent contractor who will get it taken care of and leave you their number.

  8. leslie, I suggest you call them up and tell them you either cancel now or someone fixes it now. If nothing improves, you should check out ISPs in Chicago and then do an internet search for complaints, to see how they roll. Personally I think your sporatic problem is at Comcast Central and I suspect they know it too. I say play hardball with them.

    Note: Be careful not to switch later than the last day of your service date with Comcast. which you already paid for. If you go one day over into your next month, your “oartial” payment to Comcast can and probably will be nearly a full month’s payment. Cable companies are very sleazy that way. Time Warner did that to me and I was switching to another plan of THEIRS. My bill had nearly a full month due on the old plan plus a full month due on the new plan, because I was two days over when I switched. Beware.

  9. Time’s interview with Morsi. I find it very fitting that he was “touched” by the movie, Planet of The Apes.

    I find it hard to believe that Time would consider making this caveman Person Of The Year. Or rather, I SHOULD find it hard to believe, but it is, after all, Time.

  10. By “sleeps with cellphone”, do they include sitting on the nightstand or is this who actually (and I know several young ones who do) sleep with the phone like a new age teddy bear?

  11. Don’t know. But when I go to bed I don’t want my cell anywhere near me so long as nobody I care about is sick. Even then, my landline is available. Last thing I give a crap about is checking for text messages when I am in bed. In fact, I am one of those people the people in that survey complain about when they expect people to answer texts quickly. To hell with that crap. The thing that gets the most action on my cell is voicemail, because I just don’t give a shit if it’s not the select very few who have their own ring. Everybody else can just wait. Period. There are places I simply cannot stand to get calls. Like the supermarket. If it’s an emergency,ok, but don’t be calling me and asking me what I’m doing because you are going to piss me off. I am defintely not a cell phone slave. I often forget to check messages, to be honest. And I am not interested in the net when I’m away from my computer, either. And don’t send me pics or your kid or dog every five minutes either because I am not interested and don’t fake it well. I will never be one of those humched over people who spent their entire lives looking down and texting. I kind of like to look people in the eye in person. Young people are all going to need chiros and orthos very soon in life. Look for more carpal tunnel too.

  12. Not busy here. Guess I can take a few days off. Super.

  13. Upps – it’s been quiet at my place too. Holiday weeks are like that!

    It’s really amazing how people will, literally, believe anything. We are not the brightest creatures, are we? I wonder if Douglas Adams was right….the dolphins are the superior race, just visiting our idiot planet for the fish. 😆

  14. I guess c*mc@st wanted to keep me on until the end of the world.I’ve been home for a little bit and the intertubz is/are working for now.
    Okey doke, let’s see what happens on 12/21.
    Thanks for all the support and suggestions. I won’t be home much tomorrow and Sunday, but I’ll keep checking when I am…………..
    How funny that you and myiq had the same theme today.

  15. HHGTTG was the best, madamab.

    obama is going to hawaii and it is going to cost us taxpayers a lot. Anyone surprised? We should have had a poll for how long till he takes his next long vacation now that he isn’t pretending to work.

  16. Yeah Madamab, which is why man so enjoys eating Mahi Mahi. Kind of like getting rid of women, gotta get rid of those dolphins, or anything else that shows up that ole mediocrity.

    You keep honing that stellar writer of yours. There are some serious Uppity tendencies there. lol.

  17. I had the coolest thing happen today. Of course it’s all a coincidence but still one can’t help but think otherwise.

    First, a touch of background for those of you who don’t remember, A good while back, I was running with my dog when I hit a patch of ice on the path. I hit the deck and my dog wouldn’t let other people on the path near me. I did get up and hurt my foot, with what I thought was just a bad sprain. I hobbled to my car with the help of my dog and another runner. As it turns out I had a hairline break. It didn’t take long for that foot to get arthritis and my running days were over. Since then, the foot bothers me occasionally and the ankle swells like hell. So I have this this foot wrap i am supposed to use which helps a lot.

    Well, today, I was sucking lemons because the foot was bothering me and I wanted that wrap, but it was upstairs and I really wasn’t up to climbing up there because the foot really hurt. So I just put my foot up with some ice and chilled out. Now, my cat Joe has this habit of doing this singing thing upstairs, which tells me he is going to bring down a ‘gift’ to the bottom of the stairs, and give it to the dog, who waits at the bottom of the stairs. it’s a routine. Sometimes it’s a plastic bag, or a slipper, or a towel. This has escalated since his special companion cat died last year. So I heard him singing and chortling, and next thing he’s heading down the stairs but I can’t see what he’s carrying. He does his drop. The dog picks up the gift just like always and parades around with it in dog-fashion. Only this time it was the foot wrap. And she brought it to me. No kidding. I am not making this up. I know it’s a coincidence, but still………

  18. I disagree with you UW animals know!! Just they aren’t always helpful but they try. =D

  19. Welp, Goofster, I’d have to see something like that happen twice to be convinced it wasn’t just a coincidence that he picked that up He generally gets things either from the bathrooms or from the master bedroom. If the closet is accessible, which is rare, he’ll grab a slipper or something. So I know it was up there and out in the open right now, so it might have just been handy. I did thank both of them though. Profusely.

  20. Very cool pets you have Uppity! I agree with Goofs, I think they knew you needed it.

    I hate all the utility companies myself, and am always forgetting my cell phone.

    Tomorrow is Uppity Pot Roast day! The doods are ready & drooling!

  21. Oh yes, Time Magazine and their Idiot of the Year. They and Newsweek are so irrelevant now. I would feel sorry for them if I didn’t think they deserved it.

  22. I love that story about about Joe bringing a gift to Needlenose. So cute!

  23. I wonder how DE’s dog Zoe is doing? She looked like a sweetie also.

  24. Late getting back, but I think sleeping with the phone is going over the edge. Having in on a nightstand (but not checking constantly) is normal if there is no landline. But then, I am often lectured for not picking up on calls. I explain that the cell phone is often in my tote or computer bag and unless I am expecting an important call (e.g., family member undergoing surgery), I do not check it more than a couple times a day (or less – I tend to forget).

    I don’t text and refuse to even respond. I really hate texts because I have no text plan and I am charged for those silly intrusions. Had that turned off completely on my mother’s phone. I think calls and emails are more than enough. So I am going to guess I am in the bar charts not shown.

    Time and Newsweek – Highlights magazine (the one for the young ones) has more substance.

    I was working a crossword puzzle on the Metro and one of the clues was an old photo magazine (the answer was Look not Life and I wondered how many even remember Look). At any rate, it made me think that those two photo magazine actually had more journalistic integrity than today’s new outlets that all seem to be copying from the People magazine playbook.

  25. O/T and just because it’s fun:

    Maybe this is why Boo Boo keeps going back to the Pacific Rim:


    The comments are bizarre. The unicorn, kool-aid, crowd do not even recognize that they are making fun of themselves. But then I am going to guess the Hufo staff missed the point as well.

  26. Uppity said:

    You keep honing that stellar writer of yours. There are some serious Uppity tendencies there. lol.

    And you be sure to keep your hands off of him too; he’s ours!

  27. Re: illnesss/injuries. I know you saw my latest update so you know what I’m going through. With you and the break, I don’t envy you and cold winters.

    I keep my cellphone on the nightstand because I use two of the alarms on it. They are great alarms!

  28. And you be sure to keep your hands off of him too; he’s ours!

    I never stick it to my friends. Definitely not one of my character flaws.

  29. socal, we can assume Zoe is is cute and happy as ever. I got a card with the mugs and Zoe signed it too. Which reminds me, where the hell is DE.

  30. I love that story about about Joe bringing a gift to Needlenose. So cute!

    If not a little wierd. Also has resulted in lots of hopelessly unusable socks.

  31. The unicorn, kool-aid, crowd do not even recognize that they are making fun of themselves.

    But then I am going to guess the Hufo staff missed the point as well.

    Redundant sentences.

  32. Dolphin fish are unfortunately named and are not related to the mammal dolphins. They are common fish. I don’t eat fish but family members have told me it is tasty. I’ve seen them in the water. Odd shaped and easily recognized by the long “sail” on its back.

  33. The secessionists are almost as scary as the obots. First of all they are petitioning the WH even though that is not part of the rules of secession. They are doing it purely for hysterics and drama and attention to their fruitcake cause. They’re going to move to the western mountain states and make a new land… “Amish with guns” – what can go wrong? These people need to go to college not Montana.


  34. intertubz still working here and that means I got to read about Joe and Needlenose and your poor foot. They are just showing you that you mean as much to them as they mean to you. I do not think it a coincidence.

    I am so uninvested in my cell phone that I frequently forget to look for messages. I don’t like texting and that seems to be what my kids do the most. So in order to stay connected to them, I have texting. People at work are also invested in texting, so when I’m out for the day, I have to let them know via text. But that’s the extent of texting for me. If I could, I’d eliminate the cell phone. Yet as soon as I say that, I know that would be the end of my contact with out of town family&friends. So that won’t work.
    The best use of the cell phone for me is as an alarm clock. Note to self: set it at work to leave on time.
    I wouldn’t mind working 10 hours each day if I didn’t miss the last rush hour commuter train. When I do, it adds at least another hour to my commute that day.

  35. Karen is absolutely correct!
    Mahi Mahi is dolfin fish, not dolfin.
    Not Flipper

  36. My cellphone is on my nightstand, BUT it is because the alarm clock has a charging dock and I can set my music playlist in the phone as an alarm.

  37. North Korea has nothing on the Serbs who are so afraid of Count Dracula that they carry garlic around.


    Sophie, if I hadn’t been told girls can’t do math, I would have been a marine biologist. I didn’t find out till way later in life that I can do math.

  38. Bummer karen. I bet you would have been awesome at it.

  39. I did it as a hobby instead and it was wonderful until all the reefs of the world died due to global warming and pollution. 30 years ago I would come out of the sea glowing with joy. The past 10 years I have cried underwater on every single dive. From Hawaii to Central America to the Caribbean without fail every reef is dead or dying. The UK did an extended survey and it was published a few months ago with dire news. They found there are only two living coral reefs in the entire world and those two are nearly dead as well – only 30% alive. (The article says Cayman but it isn’t Grand Cayman it is the remote part of the two lesser islands of the cayman system.) Since it takes coral a year to grow an inch it would take many thousands of years for them to regrow even to a small percentage of what they were when Cousteau first filmed them and they were bursting with a myriad of life.

    My daughter emailed last night from a remote Carib island. She was an avid fanatic diver and here she is surrounded by blue seas in paradise and she told me after one dive she will not do it again. It is too depressing. She saw one puffer fish and it looked sickly. Sigh.

    All the resorts lie. They publish pics from 10 years ago when their reefs were alive. I have done dozens of dives in a dozen places around the world and the reefs were all without exception totally and recently – and so sadly – dead and gone.


    Key Largo used to be heaven underwater – even just a decade ago.

  40. Well I can’t tell you how happy I am about that dolphin information, now I can eat it and not feel like I am eating Flipper. It is a very tasty fish and i have avoided it because of my visual. It could easily be my favorite fish. It is not only tasty but I find it delish.

    The sea is destroyed because of corporations dumping, among other things, PCBs and other horrid stuff in our water. GE made the Hudson come in two types: Chunky and Creamy. Toss in mammoth oil spills that our president and press like to pretend aren’t a problem “anymore” and there you have it. I will buy that man has destroyed the sea. I will not buy that climate had a thing to do with it. I worked for one of these huge corporations and was privy to some interesting things. We buried tanks on the land and got away with it. We had a “Welcome Center” to our “Water Purification” plant. You could come for a tour at any plant and sit and wait in a lovely entranceway, where beautiful fish swam happily on a huge tank the size of a buick. What you didn’t know as you sat there is, the day before you arrived, we probably ran some of our “Purified” runoff water through a subtank of those lovely fish and if they died, we knew we had a problem. Not that we did anything about it, but hey, at least we knew. Then we replaced the fish. I suppose you could call them “renewable” fish.

  41. lesllie glad you are up and running, perhaps those mental daggers you sent worked. heh. I love your opinion of what my cat and dog did, but you know me. Time will tell. If I see this kind of thing again I will, 1) freak out and 2) Know that They Know.

    Ditto on cell phone. In fact, you reminded me to check my messages. lol. I shut down Call Me Maybe and Mozart ringtones and put it on vibrate long ago. NOw it mostly sits on some table somewhere and moves around by itself when I am out and about without it. Eh.

  42. Karen you will die wanting to be a marine biologist, I will die regretting I didn’t become a Vet. Maybe next time around, hey?

  43. I also find I do not need a cell alarm or any other alarm. I have cats. You try to wake up later than usual with a hungry cat hanging out and you get this.

  44. Karen, I just pulled out your Secessionist comment from spam. Have no idea why it was there. Feh. Texas screams Secession every time they don’t get their way. It’s kind of like a kid in the supermarket having a tantrum at the checkout counter. It makes their troops happy, else they wouldn’t put on the Big Show. Personally, though, I am all for letting all relgious crackpots have a couple of states all their own, preferably with fences around them so nobody sneaks out and starts bullying anybody else. In fact, I’m all for letting all zealots from all religions live in the same place and watch them kill each other off.

    The real irony here is many of the states who are screaming about taxes are the biggest entitlement states in the country. Now that’s shooting yourself in the foot.

  45. Upps, whether the pets acted coincidentally or on purpose to bring you what you needed at that moment is for you to decide since you know them and their past actions regarding their fetching routine. To an outsider it sure strikes me as if your cat knew what you wanted.

    The reefs of Key Largo died off after a repeating super high and super low water temperature series of events. It kept hitting them over and over this decade but it was unprecedented in history and the reefs had not had any “bleaching” over their 10s of thousand years of life. Lots of factors contribute, pollution is one primary reason, certainly.


    At Clearwater festival they take pride in cleaning up the Hudson somewhat but, but, but, they do not endorse actually swimming on the beach at the festival. Boating is safe but do not touch the Hudson or eat the fish.

  46. Karen, GE has spent billions to keep from cleaning up their Hudson mess. Green Company my ASS. If they couldn’t make CFLs in china for pennies and sell them for five bucks under duress of a law created by their poliical poodles, they wouldn’t bother going “Green,” trust me on this. Secondly, the fact that CFLs have been studied and shown to contribute to cancer, the fact that they adversely affect people with migraines and epiplepsy (collateral damage), and the fact that they come with their own frigging hazmat cleanup page at the EPA are the Hallmarks of GE’s Greenness.

    The Hudson is their mess. They know it, the world knows it and the polliticians know it. Guess which one of those three Wins?

    There’s a health advisory for every single fishing area in NY. Every single fish hole, from canals to lakes to rivers and streams. I know it’s just a coincidence that those waterways fed from areas where GE plants were located are in the worst shape…..just a coincidence….

    They say Mario Cuomo drove GE from NY. Shame on him for demanding they stop killing people. But nevermind.

  47. Only in PA:

  48. i wonder what the doomers will do after the 21st comes and goes… what’s the next doomsday? 3-5 years off is a good rule off thumb. far enough off to create a history channel series, close enough to make it feel urgent.


  49. This is getting tiresome.

  50. Ok Karen, you must be right about the cat. He just brought me some wine and crab dip. Okay, most of the crab is gone but he’s in Learning mode.

  51. As The Saying Goes,
    There Is No Place like…..Home.

    So the Prodigal Son would sayeth.

  52. madamab:
    I’m so totally with you…we earthlings are regressing instead of progressing…

  53. ALALABAD, Afghanistan — It is doubly miraculous that the young woman named Gul Meena is alive. After she was struck by an ax 15 times, slashing her head and face so deeply that it exposed her brain, she held on long enough to reach medical care and then, despite the limitations of what the doctors could do, clung to life.


    Afghanistan is home to ahimals on two legs. We should crater that place.

  54. Nice header.
    The pic of Bill looks exactly of a “Wonderful” cat I had in the late 80’s into the 90’s. She stayed with me for 8 years and her name was Vaughna; got run over by a truck and die under my bed.

    I cried so much over her passing that my lover at that time got really upset that I had such deep feelings for a cat instead of him.

    Then I got Madame Belle and he broke up with me. Belle and I enjoyed 18 loving years together.
    Lovers? they come and go, I found that to earthlings, I’m very disposable. So why invest in them…

  55. Sounds to me like you were lucky to get rid of him. Hope you held the door good and wide for him when he left.

  56. Karen, that is heartbreaking about the reefs.

  57. Should be Ridiculous Man of The Year.

  58. Upps, if there was a pet that would bring me a hot cup of tea and a slice of pie – I would know about it – and have a dozen of them. lol.

  59. A cat delivering pies….that could be a problem…..

  60. Just what Joe needs. More weight from pies. He’s already the size of a Buick.

  61. I wish WP allowed the blocking of IP addresses from reading blogs. I would enjoy it.

  62. If I had the time I would buy a domain and have some real fun.

  63. West Point chapel hosts first same-sex marriage

    Penelope Gnesin and Brenda Sue Fulton, a West Point graduate, exchanged vows in the regal church in a ceremony conducted by a senior Army chaplain.

  64. SophieCT ~ Thanks for the story of the ceremony at WestPoint. It was very touching.



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