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Next time you think you’re scared, look at this and know you don’t Know SCARED!
h/t Fredster from over at Madamab’s pad.

Brace Yourselves.


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  1. You liked that one huh? That *would* scare the cr@p out of me!!

  2. Yes. Magnificent but scary! That poor kid. That was up by Vancouver BC wasn’t it?

  3. Well, you all have my attention. Phew. Times like that you just hope the wild thing doesn’t “get” what that canoe is about, doesn’t see it, will just pass by. Like when I used to really feed the animals here, had 40 pound bags of black sunflower seed lined up in the hall, and the bear was standing on my front stoop for 5 – 10 minutes trying to open the front door of this trailer lol. And the other times it stood on the railings there trying to peel my roof back – like opening a can, I guess.

    I really stopped by to see what was happening, then contribute to Bill’s nip supply. That’s because I’d been concerned about the feline I brought home to live with me about 2 months ago. Rosie. She was looking kind of down in the mouth, sleeping all day and all night. It didn’t help that she’s been “doctoring” with a new vet, learning to eat that shitty looking ID with meds in it yet. Her mom has been pretty concerned with all the sleepiness, but then had the inspiration to add a fresh coat of the nip to her SmartyKat doublewide SuperScratcher+.corrugated cardboard nail sharpener And in a few minutes, all was bright again with kitteh. She’s back to chasing the red dot while simultaneously keeping an eye on the cluster of dancing ribbon strips. She sends regards to kitteh Lily whom she has never met but yet feels a kinship with. Also a lesser but very real connection to Smokey Bones, and of course, Bill.

    So as I was saying, I came here to help Bill out. The whales scared the bejeezus out of me. And then I saw the anti-catnip header. But that’s not going to stop me. Just watch me hit that nip button.

    PS to Karen: that Cosmic catnip banana Rosie has because you gave one to TL, comes in handy over here for chin scratching.

  4. Very scary!

    The young girl’s accent sounds Australian to me. Could the video be from that part of the world?

  5. Well then Pamela, much like medicinal marijuana, if a bit of the niperoni helped sweet Rosie, then so be it!!!!!!! Bless you for being her Mommy. I think you said she’s age 10, yes? Well that’s not all that old for a kitteh, especially one who gets the good catnip!

    And thank you for your contribution toward Bill’s disgusting habit. No doubt he has snatched it away already and is on the corner out there as we speak, waiting for his Buy.

  6. Listen, if I were on that boat, 911 would have been too late.

  7. Beata, well one thing’s for sure, it ain’t New York!

  8. Wellllllllllllllll……….if that didn’t make you need a change of underwear, how would you like to be THIS woman?

  9. No doubt [Bill] has snatched it away already and is on the corner out there as we speak, waiting for his Buy.
    Very picturesque, Uppity.
    Correct, my gal is 10 years.
    Believe I’ll save the Pilot Whale Attack video for tomorrow. lol.

  10. @socal: I thought it was Canada also, but when I looked at the comments on youtube, it is Australila. Beata wins the guess the accent prize, and I have no idea what the prize is. 😉

  11. That kid was hyperventilating and in extreme fear. I think her father could have done more to either calm her down or move the boat away a bit from them. That said, I would have been IN the water with them if they were that close and I had a wet suit on. You Tube info says it is Fraser Island. I looked it up,it is in Queensland Australia. Beata gets the kewpie doll.

  12. OMG Fred, I didn’t see your comment. I was looking it up in another window and typing in this one. LOL – strange minds think alike. 😉

  13. No Kewpie dolls. Penguins. We give out penguins here. Give Beata a penguin. Next week the Depart of Penguin Social Servives will visit her and make sure that, unlike imuststealicefrompenguins, Beata has the appropriate setup for her pengy.

  14. Ok I was right, Pamela, she’s ten. Middle aged in my house.

  15. Did you guys notice the father kept saying how the whales stink? Imagine being that close that you can smell their stench. And exactly what the Ef does a whale smell like anyways? Fish?

  16. Too bad I’m moving next week and will be leaving no forwarding address.

  17. Looks like risky business hanging around whales in small craft. I’d stick to the bigger whale watching boats and respect their space. No matter how much people think they know about animals, once a situation get out of control, they can end up squished. I had a recent incident with a horse and heard mentality that could have ended badly. I still don’t have my horse-hsndling confidence back. Gotta give the big critters their due respect.

  18. They have bad breath. The blow stinks when they exhale.

    Definitely Hugo. Big animals or little. They can snap at any moment. My parrot weighs one pound and can draw blood with ease when it is mating season and he gets suddenly nuts for no known reason.

  19. We have an Uppity Pot Roast in the oven. Heh, heh.

  20. Right, the accent def sounds Aussie. I immediately thought of the Fraser River I guess.

  21. True, Karen. There is an unfolding event in my neighborhood tonight involving 2 family dogs attacking a child who has been medivaced to a trauma center and both dogs shot by the police. You never know.

  22. Beata said:

    Too bad I’m moving next week and will be leaving no forwarding address.

    Well!! No Pengie for you! We cannot allow an orphaned Pengie to just wander around with no home.

  23. Oops! My apologies for the misspelling of *pengy*. Mea culpa.

  24. Hugo@9:40: How awful.

  25. Apparently Beata doesn’t know the punishment for rejecting a pengy.

    Not good. Oh, not good at all.

  26. Now let’s seeeeeeeeeeee. If I were to guess which kind of dogs those were who maimed that child, what would I be guessing?

  27. Ah the pot roast celebration. I can smell it from here. You have no idea how complimented I am that you have adopted a number of my recipes.

  28. Ewwwww stinky whale blow!

  29. Never, and I mean, NEVER, leave your dog alone with a child. My dog adores kids, she’s a Collie after all. She’s also a dog. People are really really stupid.

  30. Oops! My apologies for the misspelling of *pengy*. Mea culpa

    There will be Punishments.

  31. The kid was not alone and reportedly it’s not the usual suspect dogs. Very tragic. That pack behavior thing probably kicked in. The kid was visiting.

  32. Hugo, did I read that a very old woman was attacked by a pittie in her yard in your neck of thw woods this week?

  33. I tell you ever since my dog and I were attacked by two of those beasts, I hate those dogs and would not hesitate to shoot one dead on my property. I’m not taking any chances ever. Next time we might not be so lucky. People let these dogs loose in the dark and think it’s okay, well it’s not. And even on leash they are deadly, as proven by what happened to me when the owners arm nearly got ripped off with the leash and the other broke loose. To hell with this shit. I am sick of moving out of the way for these dogs and nobody even try to convince me they aren’t programmed to kill by their horrific backyard breeding that is rampant in this country. I carrry police grade pepper spray when I walk my dog and I am just angry enough to kill one after I blind it. You’ve got to figure an animal lover like me has pretty much had it when I start talking like this.

  34. Yes, that was a pit bull. I was sorry to hear that because a court ruling that pits are inherently dangerous is causing havoc in this state. They don’t need more bad publicity. It’s the owners and greedy breeders.

  35. These badly bred dogs must not be allowed to perpetuate Hugo. It’s as simple as that. They have to be eradicated. I really believe this. Real breeders breed for temperament, they don’t just let two dogs screw and reproduce. ESPECIALLY not an animal aggressive-breed like these dogs inherently are. Some breeds are animal aggressive even with the best breeders. Our country is infested with these defective dogs now and every time one of them maims or kills, the owners swear up and down how “Sweet” they are. People are ‘rescuing’ ticking time bombs.

  36. That’s what happened to my friend’s son, Hugo. The neighbor’s “Sweet” pittie took off out of the house and headed right for my friend’s back yard, where the Sweet Dog ripped her ten year old son’s face off right in front of everyone. Fuck this shit. Sorry, but that’s how I feel. If it’s a pit it’s automatically suspect to me.

    It should be illegal to breed dogs without a license. Period. We put millions of them down because of assholes who don’t know what they are doing. The fines should be so stiff, nobody can afford to dare it.

  37. One of my dogs was attacked by two German Shepard’s off leash on a dog beach. They left the beach to attack my boy. They following week, he was jumped by a Manchester Terrier. Now, I only walk in a park where I can see where other dogs are and steer clear of them. I just completely avoid trouble.

    I don’t trust pits and don’t want one, but I hate to see what’s happening as a result of the court ruling. They are being dumped t local shelters because people are facing eviction because of the dogs.

  38. GSDs are also instinctively animal aggressive dogs.

    What we have going on here are stupid morons who shouldn’t have dogs much less kids, getting dogs that are too much dog for them. It is NOT cool. You want a big dog you had better learn how to train that dog, and even then never have them loose. It is NOT impressive to me when someone brags on how they “Can” walk their dogs without a leash. Bullshit, it’s a dog. An instinctive trigger sets in and there you have it. If you see my dog, you will never see my dog off leash. When my dog is off leash it’s somewhere where NOBODY can get hurt.

    And small dogs are no bargain off leash either. Many of them are nasty little pricks. I got nailed by a Pomeranian and I sent the little bastard flying. I still have the scar on my leg that little bastard left me with.

  39. Hugo in defense of landlords, there are 11 dogs an insurance company will dump you for if you allow them on your property. I own rental property and I allow dogs, but I will NOT allow a mix of any of those 11 dogs. Landlords do NOT want that liability. If you have a pittie in one of my apartments and he decides to chew the face off of someone (golly, what are the odds?) I AM LIABLE–and I will not be covered. I threw someone out of an apartment because they thought they could “sneak” one in.

  40. I agree a breeders licence is a good idea. Case in point: I have s rental property and rented to a nice couple who turned out o be lying idiots with a pit mix that was not disclosed to me. I told the imbecile o keep it on a leash per state law and he lied and agreed to do so. Then I get threatened by the HOA…….etc. long story but I learned last night that he let her have two litters. He needs cash for his drug habit so he sells the pups. The dog is a sweetheart, but he is irresponsible lowlife. He broke the lease this weekend and I could not be happier. I saw the of running loose again this morning.

    I worked in an inner city for years and observed countless inadequate thugs tugging their little pits around the city. Also carcasses near dumpsters. Just pitiful.

  41. Neighbourhood brawl over a cat leaves five injured
    By Jonathan Pearlman, Sydney

    A neighbourhood brawl in Australia over the ownership of a cat has left five people injured and forced police to draw their guns to break up three warring households.

    The dispute occurred shortly about 11:30pm on Thursday in the rural town of Gympie, north of Brisbane

    The dispute over the ownership of the cat occurred at about 11:30pm on Thursday in the rural town of Gympie, north of Brisbane

    Police said the clash in Queensland “eventuated over a cat” and left two people with severe cuts from a machete.

    “It was one house versus two houses,” said Detective Senior Sergeant Gregg Davey.

    “It was an incident that boiled over… One group came armed with machetes, hammers and a steering wheel lock. It’s such a basic neighbourly dispute. There are other avenues to sort these things out.”

    The dispute occurred at about 11:30pm on Thursday in the rural town of Gympie, north of Brisbane.

    Police received numerous emergency calls and arrived on the scene to find several people injured and a man walking towards them armed with a machete. Police drew their guns and tasers and brought the clash to an end.

    Two men were arrested: a 29-year-old and a 26-year-old who was not a resident but happened to be visiting one of the houses.

    Four men a woman were taken to hospital, including two who received serious injuries.

    Police said they were unaware of tensions between the houses until the fight erupted. About seven people took part in the dispute.

  42. It’s not just thugs and losers with these dogs now, Hugo. The dogs that attacked me were well cared for and the owners were no thugs. Just morons. Two pitties together can be vicious pack beasts.

    Most common breeds that raise the hackles of insurance companies:
    Akita, Alaskan malamute, bulldog, bullmastiff or mastiff, chow, Doberman, German shepherd, husky, Presa Canario, Rottweiler, Staffordshire terrier (pit bull) and any combination of these breeds.

    I make it clear to potential tenants. I cannot have these dogs on my property. End of story.

  43. That landlord liability is now the law in my state. I hate to have a no pets clause but after my recent experience I’m considering it. My imbecile tenent told me he had a chi and a fat cat. I learned of the pit through a third party.

  44. There’s a video tribute to Hillary out there so keep your eyes out for it. Tony Blair ends it saying “perhaps the best is yet to come” and to that idea I say – you bet yer ass she is going to keep on doing well and bloom where she is planted as she always does without fail.

    She is more outspoken and taking off the gloves in the final round:

  45. Whoa FF, that cat must be laughing his ass off. Most cats have no one who wants them. This cat has people killing each other over him.

  46. Ooooooooooooooo Karen, i want that video!

  47. I did not steal the pengy’s ice. FF locked him in a snow globe some kind of performance art I think.

  48. This is my first experience as a landlord, so live and learn. I will be adding more language to my next lease.

    American bulldogs are the ones that attacked the child tonight. The kid had never been to the hose before. The dogs have been trouble before and the owner has been previously cited for violating leash laws. So this does sound like another case of negligent behavior with animals.

  49. I had doberman – shepherd mixed dogs and of course they have rottweiler in them too. As long as they have a wide skull from the rotti they are normally not viscious. The ones with the dobie skull – a more narrow skull can cause trouble. The brain gets pinched and they can easily get into the “bad dog” syndrome. Often they need to be put down due to the crossbreeding issues. My dogs were angels and they adored my daughter to no end. They were the most gentle and loving animals and had amazing amounts of patience, intelligence and loyalty.

    They stopped jumping on me when they smelled that I was pregnant. They knew before I had the test. Then after the baby was born they ran back and forth from me to the crib every time she woke up. Later they’d knock her onto her diapered butt back onto the lawn if she tried to step off the sidewalk – nobody taught them this. They fretted over the baby and guarded her at all times. They were so tolerant too. They were gentle as bunnies with her and with everyone. My cat too.

    I know it is a general rule. And I know if I got another Shepherd and it had any bad tendencies I would have to either give it up to be a police dog or watch dog type of life. Not all Shep pups turn out to be lap dogs – but on the other hand some surely are big ol’ sweethearts.

  50. imust. two words – 12 step.

  51. Great cat story. I would fight with a machete or my dogs. These sound like true animal lovers–good people..

  52. Bucky and I were attacked by a Catahoula-Pitt mix the other day at the dog park. We are both fine, but needless to say, we both were unnerved. The stupid woman who owned the dog just SAT THERE until Bucky went into full self-defense mode and pulled his lips back so far his nose was between his eyes trying to protect himself. He’s only five months and this dog was a year.

  53. They always just Sit There, FF. The owner of the freaks that came after me and my dog stood there because THEY didn’t want to get hurt.

    Karen try that head explanation to the insurance company and it won’t be pleasant.

    Pittie people claim the blue nosed pitties are dangerous and the red noses aren’t. Or maybe it’s the opposite. Far as Im concerned a pittie is a pittie and he will see the business end of my Glock on my property.

  54. Yeah Hugo, lucky cat, that is if one of them lives. lol.

  55. I love German Shepard’s. I grew up with 5 of them, including 2 working police dogs. Those two were donated due to behavioral problems, but came home to live in our house. They loved us kids.

  56. catahoula and pit. Now that breeder was really bright.

  57. Okay here we go with the Snow Globe lies associated with a certain abused pengy. I recall the snow globe issue and the poor pengy begged to be placed into the snow globe to be safe from a certain delinquent owner who stole all of his ice for mixed drinks.

  58. The thing with GSDs, and i like them very much too, is that some breeders breed out certain tendencies and others deliberately breed for the same tendencies. It’s all a matter of which breeder is selling you the dog. You gotta ask a lot of genetic questions. Same with Collies too, to be honest.

  59. I personally think they ruined GSDs when they started breeding in that slanted rear quarters. I liked the traditional GSDs much better.

  60. just found the link for a video of the night on the State site – haven’t looked at it all yet.

  61. I tell ya Upps – this dog got a bead on us as soon as we entered the gate. Bucky first went under all the people at the picnic table to escape, and this dog “Radar” went right after him. I got him to come to me and took him to the other side of the park. That bastard came right after him and of course, he wanted to stay close to me for protection. So, here I was looking like a whirling dervish with my puppers sticking to my shins while this asshole dog was biting at the back of my calfs. He got the leg of my jeans twice and my hand once but just barely. I was just ready to feel him sink his teeth into my leg. When Bucky realized I was the one afraid, he went into full fight mode. I SCREAMED at this dip shit to GET YOUR DAMN DOG, and she walked over – no leash, and kept saying “Come here Radar, Radar, come!” That dog could have cared less about her. Finally some other people whom I have come to know broke it up and she got her dog. I was shaking like crazy. And I was livid. I said “Come on Bucky, let’s go!” And she then said “I guess we could leave”

    I said she should and she did. I told her she had NO business bringing a dog like that to the dog park. When I was there today, I spoke to some others about “Radar” and the stupid woman. I was not the first victim, but I will be the last. If I see her again, I will report her to animal control or the cops.

    Parents bring their kids to that park (stupid, but true) and all it will take is that dog killing or maiming a child and that woman MIGHT finally get a clue.

  62. That slant is a bit too pronounced and cannot be good news as they age.

  63. “I personally think they ruined GSDs when they started breeding in that slanted rear quarters. I liked the traditional GSDs much better.”


  64. Yeah I got that vid from youtube. Hope the tribute is in it with the introduction.

  65. Yes Hugo, agree. Hip Dysplasia is a problem with them as it is. Have a dear friend whose shepard got it and he bought a wheelie for the dog. It as so touching to see that family walk that dog on wheels.

  66. FF if that were me, that dog would have gotten a faceful of pepper gas and then the owner could just drag him away screaming. Those two breeds are NOT a good mix either. Really dumb to get that mix in a dog. One day, the dog will rip her face off.

  67. There was THE CUTEST pure bred white GSD puppy there today too. “Scout” was her name. She was 3 months old and had ears the size of teepees! She was SO ADORABLE. The girl who had her was in the regular park. We spoke over the fence, and I told her to take Scout into the small dog area to let her run. There was no one there, and she was still unsure of bringing her into the big dog area. Bucky fell in love through the fence.

  68. Yeah GSDs are not only good looking dogs, but as puppies they are………SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

  69. I thought that mix was a bad idea as soon as she mentioned it. I’m sorry, but Catahoula’s are boar hunters. And Pitts generally just suck as “pets” (there are exceptions – but seldom in packs)

    Bucky is a black lab/gsd but he doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. He is a mommy’s boy. Unless he hears something at night. Then he has a VERY big dog slow growl and bark already.

  70. One of our 5 ended up with that and had to be euthanized. No wheel carts in those days. And I’m sure it’s tough on that family to deal with that dog. One of my current fog was temporarily paralyzed for about s week after an injury. He only weighs 50 lbs and it was not easy to deal with. I got no sleep and was worn out from lifting him. Luckily, he recovered despite what the ER vet predicted. It took more than a year to get him close to normal function.

  71. Hey here’s my dog at two weeks when I claimed her, even though the breeder said I couldn’t have her, and probably couldn’t have any of the litter since the waiting list was a mile long and I was on the bottom. I am a very pursuasive lady.
    This pic was on their website and i Zeroed in on this little potential needlenose. Can you see why?

  72. We had three German Shepherds. They were beautiful dogs and very intelligent.

  73. Awww, what a darling Needlenose was as a pup!

  74. Hugo, in the end they had to put their dog down. I tell you they didn’t get out of bed for a week when they lost that dog.

  75. Hey FF, Bucky’s just doing his job. I’ve seen my dog nearly go through a glass door when somebody was coming up the steps she didn’t feel right about. We must always remember, they have these instincts to protect their families.

  76. Cute pup!

  77. lol socal, collies look like beagles as babies.

  78. We’re heading to bed. He now can jump up there. LOL. Then he wants to attack my head with kisses. Kat came in the other night when I went to be and sat on my chest. Bucky was at the foot of the bed. Kat just kept looking at him, and would stretch out, snuggle with me, make biscuits, stare at the dog, get cute, OWN ME, stare at the dog. This went on for some time. I was laughing my ass off at Kat trying to work Bucky’s nerves about WHO was MORE important. When she finally moved to the end of the bed, Bucky leaped up and came CRASHING into my side to get as close to me as he could, and put his head on my stomach and stared at Kat.

    It was funny as hell.

    Night all.

  79. She was born on Mar 19, my late brother’s birthday, and it wasn’t till late april when i found out she decided to not only let me have a dog but to let me have the one I wanted. She let me know by emailing a photo of her in an easter basket with “Happy Easter Mom” as the caption. How cute was that. I think the email from my vet saying he would give me one of his kids if I wanted it did the trick. lol.

  80. Yeah FF my cats do the same thing to my dog. It’s so sad. lol. G’ Night.

  81. upps, my daughter was born 3/19 too. Needlenose does look like a beagle. Shepherds have those rounded looks too as pups. Where do they hide the schnozzola and the bat ears?

    FF, glad you and your pup are not injured. Dog and cat positioning themselves to get the most of your affection is adorable sounding. They’re both loved very much, clearly.

  82. Running out to spend a day with family. I baked a crumb cake because my sister doesn’t like pie. I don’t know what to do with her. I wonder if Her Pieness can talk some sense into her.

    Great animal conversations here!

    FF: Bucky sounds like a love and a faithful one at that. 🙂

  83. Not liking pie is a sign of problems, not to mention an indictable offense. The poor woman needs help

  84. Karen I have no idea where the Schnozzola and airplane ears spring from in these dogs. You get up one day expecting to look at a bit of an oversized beagle puppy and you are staring at an anteater who stole the ears off the Mogwai in Gremlins.

  85. I’ve been AWOL most of this weekend and have to skeedaddle once again. But: That Scared The Cr*p Out of Me. I haven’t read any comments as I have to rush away (again).

    If I’m not back later, . . . . . have a great week everyone.

  86. Did someone mention they didn’t like PIE?

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