SOS Hillary Clinton delivers remarks at Saban Center Forum on Middle Eastern Policy

Look! An actual leader. Which is why we cannot have her.

Tons of pics and a transcript can be found at Still For Hill, of course. When you want Up To The Minute information on Hillary’s itinerary, it’s the place to go.


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  1. Let’s face it, If Saban had put togther a glowing video tribute to Obama it would be PLASTERED all over the media and youtube this morning. But since it’s Hillary, we have to go hunt for it. If this pisses you off, it SHOULD.

    If anyone finds the introduction to this video post please post it so I can put it up. I bet Still For Hill will dig it up.

  2. It does continually frustrate me! Not to be outdone, Obama even had to interject himself at the end of her glowing video. Ugh!

    At any rate, try as they may to keep Hillary away from us as a leader, they will fail. Ultimately, “the people” recognize a true leader when they see one.

    Thanks to you, Still For Hill and others for the wonderful and needed continuous documentation!

  3. Still For Hill is a MAJOR resource. She knows where Hillary is and what she’s doing every single day. That’s a lot of work. I would be exhausted following Hillary’s itinerary.

  4. Well you check out THIS cockroach????? Hidden cam found in women’s bathroom at Podiatrist’s office. What a piece of shit!

  5. Given the critical condition of the ME and ongoing changes there, I’m guessing we will see her back on the scene in some capacity. I don’t see her just walking away from the conditions she describes in her remarks. We need her skills. The world needs her.

  6. c-span has all of the below video except for the tribute one. They have the full PM Lieberman speech and they have the Brookings Speech as well as the Q and A but no luck with the Tribute to Our Gal and her many morphing hairstyles as she ran around solving world problems.

    6:00 pm Welcoming Remarks
    Haim Saban, Chairman, The Saban Forum
    Martin Indyk, Vice President and Director of Foreign Policy, The Brookings Institution

    6:30 pm A Conversation with Deputy Prime Minister Avigdor Lieberman
    Q&A moderated by Robert Siegel, National Public Radio

    8:30 pm A Salute to Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton
    Keynote Speech by the Secretary of State
    Q&A moderated by Tamara Wittes, Director, Saban Center for Middle East Policy at The Brookings Institution

    6p-7:30p/8:30p-10p Willard Intercontinental Hotel
    Also LIVE on

  7. Second Video down on this page contains the “Tribute to Hillary Rodham Clinton.” ( I can’t copy it to embed, but there it is.

  8. Hi why not! Good to see ya.

    Has to be a youtube or I can’t put it up, unfortunately.

  9. Dying to see this and I can’t get the videos to show up in any of three browsers. WTF.

  10. I am just so fed up with our OBVIOUS press and having to search for things. If justin beiber or kim kardashian had a tribute it would be front page news to these clowns.

  11. OMG!!! That tribute video was awesome!!!!!!!!! And the best part, or worst part, when they inserted O-Baa-Ma at the end…..What.A.Contrast!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why that man is president instead of her….just makes me so angry only swear words come to mind….really UNbelievable.

  12. I know – I couldn’t find it on you tube or ANYWHERE else as an embed-able format.

    You said it: “Let’s face it, If Saban had put togther a glowing video tribute to Obama it would be PLASTERED all over the media and youtube this morning.”

    There you have it.

    (Good to see you also, Uppity. The election put me on MUTE – but I have been lurking here – just so I would not go completely over the edge.)

    Can’t wait to see what Don Obama Quixote has in store for his second act….

  13. At cspan I keep trying to get to it and if I have to watch that memorial to that senator who served two terms a zillion years ago, like he’s some kind of important dead prince, I am going to spit.

  14. imust, unfortunately I can’t see the video. Looks like Brookings is a very intrusive website and my security has blocked their scripts and shit, so the videos are white space for me.

  15. imust – yeah on teh one. Thought for a minute there he was on the verge of choking himself up – over the loss of his one sure thing? Or was that fear of the future in the little boy’s eyes, maybe?

  16. Oh no Uppity. I wish I knew how to upload videos to youtube myself. I can’t believe they stuck Obama in at the end….he ruins it! It really looks like an afterthought. Or like someone at the WH demanded it because the video is well done goes to black and the audience starts applauding but some one keeps saying in the darkness….”wait! wait! It’s not over yet!!”

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  18. Teasers… the last two to offer tributes on the video…

    Benjamin Netanyahu: “For someone who knows a thing or two about political combat, I can tell you, I don’t think we’ve heard the last of Hillary Clinton.”

    Former Prime Minister Tony Blair: “I just have an instinct, the best is yet to come.”

    And, when it’s over and audience is applauding Haim Saban’s introduction of “Hillary, Hillary as we all know her” says: “Wait, she’s not running, yet!”

  19. Have a wonderful day.

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  21. imust I know DE knows how to load them. I had a loading program that does it but don’t have a youtube account to load it to.

  22. Darn! Well Brookings has a youtube page so maybe they’ll upload it soon.

  23. why not, thank you! That tribute was wonderful. I was all choked up and then the second part came on and my tears dried up and all I felt was revulsion for the little man in power who had to make snide and arrogant cracks about her amid his forced praise. ICKY, he is ICKY.

    Hillary is awesome and very deserving of respect and tribute. She is also humble and funny and most of all truly a smart power woman.

  24. I am so J! You guys have seen this and I can’t!


  25. Upps has to see this. Somebody help put it somewhere safe for her to view it. I won’t say my favorite part till everybody sees it.

  26. I felt the same way karen. His “tribute” at the end was nauseating. He can’t, just CAN’T let her have a moment. Narcissist, narcissist, arrogant jerk.

  27. I wish I could put it somewhere for Uppity to see!!

  28. I’ve been searching all the sites that upload vids and having no luck.

    It will come out, our Head Mistress mustbepatient. Have some pie till you get to see it, Upps. I didn’t have pie or anything sweet in the house so I loaded up a rice cake with peanut butter and peach jam. Sorta a peanut-peach-pie but one that is actually good for me and low fat, sugar, no gluten and minimal calories too … a substitute sorta pie.

  29. …………..sniff…..


    can I haz caramel apple walnut?

  30. Obama hates hates HATES that the world loves her and not him.

    I relish it!

  31. brookings site isn’t good but how about c-span?

  32. *Puts apple slices and walnut meats on a rice cake for Upps*

    Hey, I don’t have any crust or caramel but what I have is yours.

    Fingers crossed that Upps is at c-span watching and not here reading.

  33. ……….blows nose, snatches wierd concoction, runs off and hides.

  34. I tried cspan for half an hour. I kept getting the other video, preceded by that memoriam for that silly dead senator you would think was Chruchhill.

  35. Oh my. This calls for comfort food.

    I’m gonna go make a meatloaf. And I will continue to make comfort food till someone brings me that video. Tomorrow will be mac and cheese.

  36. Yes! karen it’s on that CSPAN video!!! Way to go karen!!!!

  37. Uppity it’s on CSPAN! Lookie at karen’s link!!

  38. Awwwwwwwwww look at this face. His time is up.

  39. I think karen deserves the meatloaf and mac n’ cheese for finding the CSPAN video!!!

  40. ……………….watching and cruncking rice cake.

  41. OMG this is sooooooooo awesome!!!

  42. I watched it again but this time after the black out I was ready. I hit pause as soon as the big buffoon came on and caught him in an extra goofy looking face. I still have it freeze framed in another window just because it makes me happy to see his distorted face.

    GO HILLARY!!! 2016, baby!!! We got your back and you’ve got a whole lot of people waiting on you to lead us.

  43. Here’s a pie Uppity.

  44. imust – gluten free. arrrrggghhhh. No macaroni allowed. No breadcrumbs in the meatloaf. I will have a nice salad and hang myself.

  45. Maybe just a sliver or two of that gorgeous pie.

    *putting the tea kettle on and whistling between drools*

  46. For karen….

  47. Oh Gawd. I was really swooning and then that bummer showed up on the screen. Jesus, that should be against the law.

  48. No bread crumbs?????????That’s just a big burger!

    Oh. Oh the pie. Oh.

  49. I told you Uppity!! He ruined it!! And didn’t look like a total afterthought? Or Obama said….Hey! Wait a minute! Whaddabout meeeeee????

  50. And don’t worry Uppity, that pie photo isn’t from a recipe site, it’s to advertise the pie pan from Williams and Sonoma.

  51. Awesome! Brava, Brava ,Brava Hillary!
    why not: thank you for the link, but I just had to skip the Blahrack portion.

  52. Seriously, imust, it felt like a dog peeing on my leg.

  53. The Bozo is like gluten, gives me cramps and nausea..

  54. Is any of the big media fucktards showing this tribute to our awesome Leader in Charge?

  55. MAD magazine did a pic of obama as Alfred E. Newman and I thought of it when I saw that head-bobble, goof-ball, jerk-off, no-clue commentary he read that was written by his childish ignorant staff.

    Barack Obama is Alfred E. Newman -- Suckers!! e newman obama

  56. gives me nausea and a headache.. 👿

  57. Hillary got back at Letterman for all the jokes against her! lol funny woman that Hillary. What is lettermand doing with talented artists and musicians! Bazinga. Every place she goes she is promted to run in 2016 and she is praised and thanked for her outstanding service.

    from –

    “Clinton also took special note of Letterman, saying he must be wondering what he’s doing in a crowd of talented artists and musicians.

    “Dave and I have a history,” she said. “I have been a guest on his show several times, and if you include references to my pant suits, I’m on at least once a week.”

    The crowd of artists and entertainers gave Clinton a standing ovation as she hosted her final salute to the nation’s artists as secretary of State.

    Kennedy Center Chairman David Rubenstein gave her a subtle nudge to run for president in 2016, saying there’s another room at the State Department to name after a secretary who later becomes president.”

  58. Nice that kenney center folks think Hillary should run in 2016. She’d probably be POTUS now if not for teddy and the family’s attempt to adopt Barry.

  59. That’s right Hugo. Ted, Caroline, and even Maria Shriver. I blame them all.

  60. I just watched the Hillary tribute video. She is amazing. (Excellent advice to shut it off before Barky’s appearance.) Anyone know who made that video?

    I see how the whole world loves her and how our MSM and A-holes on some blogs are stricken with CDS and it brings to mind “Prophets are not without honor except in their own country and in their own house.”

  61. Sophie, I thought that was You can’t be a prophet in your own land.

  62. I always envision Tedward being forced to spend eternity with Bob Novac. I think this is suitable for both of them

  63. Basically, same idea–Matt 13:57. My quote is from NRSV. (Too Episcopalian?)

  64. hahaha sophie.

    You can’t be a prophet in your own land is so typical and more typical of Hill, methinks. The world adores her. America screws her. Every consultant I know knows about the inability to be one on your own turf. That’s why they network and an “out of towner” gets the contract in their home city, and then hands it off as a subcontract. Of course this costs the client more money but then, it seems deserved. lol.

  65. I must confess that I have detected a chalky undertaste to meryl Streep of late. First off, she is a huge Obama blower. She follows very few people and he is one. Hillary is not. Methinks when it comes to Hillary, she is just a good actor. I cannot shake this feeling. That and the feeling she is only trolling to Play Hillary in a movie.

  66. Upps, Streep’s speach at the women’s conference about Hillary had me smiling and gushing. Let me find it and put it up. I know she’s an actress but I don’t think she’d fool Hill for long. If Hill trusts her and is friendly to her then that’s a good sign too.

  67. Yes I saw that, I think I put it up when she did it. I gushed too. It was after that in subtle things that made me think she was a great actor here too. I am sorry I feel that way, but I still feel it nonetheless. I don’t think i like her as much as I used to now. I can’t explain it.

    We don’t really know that they are good friends, you know. Of course they get on well before their cameras. It’s their job, both of them. I don’t imagine these two are great confidants off camera is all.

  68. Let’s just say I don’t see Hillary having her on speed dial.

  69. Here’s Matt 13:57 from the New Living Translation:
    “A prophet is honored everywhere except in his own hometown and among his own family.”


  70. I’ve just begun listening to an audio book, Who Stole the American Dream?, and I have to say, it’s incredibly interesting. Much of it could have been written by people here.

    Decent synopsis over at Amazon:

  71. Yup that quote is on the money, Sophie.

    I guess you Episcopalians like longer sentences. lol.

    Verily I say, this quote verily the Truth.

  72. Hey that looks like a book I would like to read.

  73. You guys sure are talking about some interesting shit tonight.

  74. Meryl Streep as Hillary? Nah. I’d rather see Amy Adams play her. Not that I really want o see a movie but her.

    That book Sophie linked does look worthwhile. I bookmarked the link.

  75. Uppity, you can go to this page and click on the acronym for each of the translations and you will see that plenty of others are just as wordy as we Episcopalians!

  76. Yes but surely the cleanest economy of words says it best. You simply cannot be a prophet in your own land.

  77. Yum, my banana and blueberry smoothie. Touch of maple syrup.

  78. Tomorrow we shall see a tie for Cockroach of the week award.

  79. Thank you, Uppity, for the great shout-out!

  80. I remember staring at Hillary’s book Living History sitting on the coffee table for weeks trying to figure out who it was she looked exactly like until it struck me — Rebecca DeMornay!

    I’ve never been a Meryl Streep fan. I enjoyed her in Silkwood and The River Wild, and that’s it. I’ve been wondering forever what the big deal is about Meryl Streep.

    karen for Clinton — Tinkyada makes great macaroni. Firm and tasty. Ancient Harvest makes some good linguine and spaghetti with quinoa. I’ve been cooking with them for years and usually order multiple boxes and bags from Vitacost so I don’t run low. Udi’s makes really good bread, Gluten free bread used to really suck but now there’s a good one. Everyone will eat it. It’s just expensive.

    We also eat the Amy’s. They have quite a few gluten-free meals.

  81. You are welcome and deserving, Still4hill. Your job will be more difficult soon, but i have faith we will still get good information on our Home Girl from you!

  82. monkeypants, thanks.

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