Goatf*ckistan brings us multiple Cockroach of The Week Awards

On the beach in Afghanistan

On the beach in Afghanistan

So many savages, so little time.

Seriously, folks, this prehistoric country of Afghanistan could keep an entire COCKROACH OF THE WEEK blog busy with a backlog. This is because these freaks aren’t even human.

It’s just so difficult to choose between these two throwback to Pithecanthropus Erectus stories, they will just have to share the honor of confirming what a shithole Afghanistan really is.

There is just no end to how shockingly prehistoric and disgusting  the men in this country really are. Yet, our own country pretends this is no big deal.  Instead of cratering these cockroaches, we give them Viagra so they can rape and kill more womenand children while guaranteeing their pleasure isn’t hampered in any way.

Indeed, our own high level DC political pimps refer to this “Cause” of Hillary’s–the freeing women and girls from animalistic treatment as a distraction – as a “Rock In A Rucksack” AKA a Pet Rock. That damned Hillary with these stupid causes for women and girls in caveman territory is holding the USA back from important things in dumps like Afghanistan. That is exactly how  immoral, amoral and convoluted Washington DC has become. Meanwhile, the “Moderate” Taliban and it’s knuckle-dragging followers will probably regard this week’s cockroach awards as just One Of Those Things. A badge, if you will.

child-beheaded-in-AfghanistanThis us Mah Gul. Or rather it was Mah Gul. This is her head.

Two of Afghanistan’s finest two-legged wild animals  have been arrested for beheading this  teenage girl.

Now why would someone take time out from porking his goats to do ths? Well, because, after having run out of little girls to rape or set aflame on their way to school,  one of these two psycho  filthy pigs wanted to marry her — and she and her her parents had the good sense to tell him to go hump a goat and GTF out of here.

Two men have been arrested in Afghanistan’s northern province of Kunduz in connection with the beheading of a 14-year-old girl.

Local police officer Nizamuddin Hakimi told RFE/RL that the girl’s body was found late on November 27 in the province’s Imam Sahib District.

Hakimi says that a preliminary investigation revealed that the two suspects had asked the girl’s parents if one of them could marry her.

Both the girl and her parents reportedly rejected the proposal.

This is really standard fare for these Effing Scheeves, really. This beheading falls on the heels of another beheading of a 20-year-old woman who refused to be a prostitute for these smelly bastards. Wouldn’t you love to see these POSs fed to a big hungry pack of dogs, starting with their junk?

But wait! Don’t leave your theater seats just yet!

axed15timesNot to be outdone as this week’s typical Afghanistan cockroach, we have yet another story of these outstanding examples of two-legged wild animals.

This is Gul Meena.

For “Honor” where there is no honor, this young woman was struck with an axe 15 times with such animal-ferocity that her brain was exposed. But alas, there are actually some remaining members of Homo Sapiens left in Afghanistan. With the help of this seemingly small minority of Afghans who have remained in that shithole, she got some help  – at least as much help as  someone can give a young girl who has been axed in the head 15 times to the point of exposing her brain. She’s still alive, at least at the time of this writing. I’ll just bet her life is going to be terrific after being hit in the head 15 times with a sharp axe.  Now please go ahead and tell me that the freaks who did this shouldn’t be skinned alive in public and that you wouldn’t buy a ticket?

It is starting to look like actual civilized countries which house beings who have actually evolved into humans, up to and including the USA, might have better spent their money helping to get the women and girls out of this godforsaken demonic sh!thole, giving them asylum–  and then turning this disgusting time-warped sicko two-legged Jurassic Park of  a country into a crater. But what do we do instead? Why we let some of these psychotic freaks into our countries, where they do these same things to their wives and daughters before our very eyes and on the sacred earth of Democracy. And  then we call it “Domestic Violence” instead of what it really is.


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  1. Horrible, just horrible.

  2. BTW, as for “domestic violence”, the KC Chief football player who killed his 22 year old girlfriend and mother of his 3 month old baby, then killed himself was a good guy according to Yahoo news.
    I read that the heartbroken team played yesterday but gave a moment of silence for “domestic violence”. Sure, homicide is just domestic violence now. I guess I should be grateful it got “a moment”.

  3. The DC cockroaches can’t risk stepping on toes too much in Afghanistan. Our own robber barons are still trying to get that pipeline built. Screw women. We need oil and natural gas. We couldn’t obliterate the Taliban so NW we’re back to kissing up to them hoping that they will become the security firm for the pipeline project.

    Human rights is not an agenda item for oilmen or the gf’ers with whom they are doing business. Maybe Hillary will expose some of the backroom BS.

  4. I must, I wonder if that guy was using some performance-enhancing substance that increased aggression. Not trying to provide an excuse for him, but I’m sure the NFL wants to just keep moving and not have too much focus on players committing murder and suicide.

  5. OT but WTF, is AOL newspage trolling me (waving to the huffblow)? I put that whale video up two days ago, I found it by accident on the youtubes. And lo and behold, they have a clip of it on their “news”. The video was posted in September so it’s not some new news.

    Typical lazyassed “reporters”. And of COURSE, they have NO reference to the ACTUAL youtube video. God forbid they should give traffic to the video’s OWNERS. It’s embedded as belonging to their own asses.

  6. Oh yeah he was a real Good Guy. Why didn’t he just kill his own ass and leave her the hell alone, the shitbag. And it probably was steroids and I still regard that as HIS fault for taking them to show everybody what a big strong piece of shit he was. Artificially. It’s just too bad he’s dead so we couldn’t execute him. This is what happens when we place shit on a pedestal and pretend it’s ice cream.

    I lost patience with these sports “Heroes” long ago. I don’t respect any of them and hold them all in comtempt as a bunch of frauds. Most of them are nothing but drugged up animals who, without their steroids, would be nothing but mediocre guys who couldn’t get a minium wage job with their scant brains and damaged minds. These are people who are treated as heroes to our kids, and that explains a lot.

    And we make excuses for their savagry half the time and let them back into the game. And then we make them heroes again because they ‘repented’—-they repented because they got caught. Think Tyson, that piece of shit. Besides beating up on women, he abused an entire menagerie of lions, panthers, leopards and tigers, and had to relinquish them to a sanctuary with promise he would pay for their care, which he promptly did not do, putting the sanctuary to near bankruptcy. And I won’t even get into that dog abusing piece of shit Vick, who is now on the field again, gratefully getting his ass gored daily by other players who are probably pissed off to even see that piece of shit on the field. But yea, we CHEER him.

    Note: I think I broke a record here on the word ‘shit’ count. lol.

  7. Monsters exist in the Western Hemisphere too,
    The article points out the silliness of Sandra Fluke,[ apologies to those who take her seriously.}

  8. Take the partisan/personal politics someplace else, please. You are welcome here without it, though. I made a very difficult decision before the election and it holds now. Wrong blog for this. This is not a political war zone blog.

    But now that you bring it up, if that POS Issa didn’t convene an ALL MALE panel to discuss what to do with wimminz, and then tell them they are not “qualified” to discuss themselves with their superiors, we would have never even heard of Sandra Fluke. We reap what we sow. Which brings me to my other point. This is a feminist blog. Anybody who has a problem with that, well that’s their problem and that’s why God made an Exit button on blogs. In other words, I am in no mood for this shit and neither are my members.

  9. Hey Hugo I have an idea. Instead of Afghan pipeline, why don’t we just turn all those animals into an alternative energy source?

  10. Why not, Uppity. They already stink up the atmosphere. May as well put them to good use.

  11. It just never ends because I swear they all want to top each other. 😦

  12. Chris Vaughn also qualifies. He’s the rat who murdered his wife and 3 kids when he was taking them on a “surprise” vacation to Great America or some such place and tried to pin it all on his wife. He wanted to live in the woods and “find” the meaning in his life. He should find that meaning at the end of a noose. #%^*

  13. Lol at the American Thinker claptrap. I never would have heard of Fluke had slimebaugh not called her a slut and requested porn videos from her. The author of that article actually trivializes brutality against woman in her insane effort to mock American women who merely expect to be treated equally and have access to medical care and drugs. The author surely knows no one equates the BC controversy with murder and mayhem against women. Apples and oranges.

  14. leslie, how’s your internet connection now? All Okay?

    Truth is, these guys are not operating on their own strength or skill. We need to turn our sports toward realism. They all want to be Super Men and they are NOT. If none of them used sterioids, the game would go on, someone would win, someone would lose, and we would have sane players worthy of respect and admiration. What are we teaching our children when we cheer these drug soaked losers who artificially make themselves more than what they are, and go insane from steroids in the process?

  15. go insane they are a little nutty already 😆

  16. mcnorman:
    Never give up, never.
    Thanks to our true Leader in Charge Hillary R. Clinton:
    Women’s Rights are Human Rights.
    Uppity; keep exposing the cocks and roaches…

  17. Yep, Hugo, apples and oranges. Mexican drug lords! Good God, where did that nitwit pick that idea from? I looked at the authors previous articles and found one titled “Hillary is illery” or something. It implied Hillary Clinton is mentally ill. Typical Republican lunatic ignorant rant. AT publishes crapola and passes it off as caviar. Ryan did sponsor that bill. Romney did veto access. And yet they point a finger at Fluke and call her a liar?! Doubling down on their war against wimmenz, clearly they didn’t get the message when all their candidates who attacked wimmenz were not suprisingly big election losers.

    When Sandra Fluke spoke at the DNC we were live blogging at a UW members home site. We agreed with everything she said – except for her obama support. Most of us could not and would not support either Red or Blue team crapola. I voted for Gary Johnson since he was the closest thing to not crap I could find. Stein would have been my second choice. And anybody but obama or romney would have been my third choice.

    Conner, by “monsters” who are you referring to? There are monsters all over the world in every country. Surely, you remember that Hillary was called one in 2008? Right? Sometimes people lie for political partisanship and sometimes they are so far from center they are blind.

  18. Sorry have no time for Fluke. She was at the O campaign office in our complex and made the rounds. She is a real winner. And I do not mean that as a complement. Professional student who refuses to grown up an take responsibility for herself and has no true concern for anyone’s welfare but her own.

    And why are all these women upset over BC pills? They are easy to obtain. And cheap. Much easier and far less expensive than a couple decades ago.

    They should be concerned with things such as STDs and HIV. I have been on enough of those ubiquitous Blue Ribbon Panels/Task Force Initiatives to have come across a large number of young women (and quite a few not so young women) who think the pill covers their little butts for everything.

  19. The murder/ suicide. Murder is not domestic violence. There is now a child with no parents who will grow up to learn daddy killed mommy.

    The guy supposedly shot himself in front of the coach and others and they did not postpone the game??? Forfeit the darn thing. A women is dead because of one of your players and you watch him turn the gun on himself and your best reaction is to have a moment of silence.

    The goat lovers are already here.

  20. Mt. Laurel, It is about much more than birth control pills. The mandate was about all forms of contraception devices upto and including sterilization. And of course, it is without any doubt, contraception preventatives SAVE the taxpayers money. But that is besides the point. She is entitled to appear and speak her mind without the constant attacks by the lunatic right wingers. She graduated from Cornell (my daughter did too) and went to Georgetown and is an attorney. They treated her like a stupid little girl who has no right to speak to their all male club. And Rush was and always is WRONG about everything but mostly he is entirely horrific on wimmenz issues.

  21. Some women cannot take the pill. Smokers, women with cervical issues, etc. – the pill is an easy solution but not for all. If men got pregnant then birth control would be a mandate from puberty on.

  22. . If men got pregnant then birth control would be a mandate from puberty on

    And abortion would be a sacrament.

  23. Cancel a game for a dead player and the woman he killed? Are youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu kidding?

  24. Please let’s get off of fluke. Like I said, I don’t want these kinds of wars spilling over here.

    Obviously, it was an accident and the person just had noooooo idea there would be an argument. And the dish ran away with the spoon. And apparently fluke is the equivalent of the monsters in this post. All righty then.

    We are a feminist blog, we believe in birth control and other people not minding women’s bodies or business. We do not owe an explanation for it to anybody. Fluke is incidental. nobody seems to notice the root cause of the whole fluke fluke. That would be Issa. Blame him for thinking he can tell women what to do and shove them around and degrade them publicly in the process–as if he is in charge of them. He asked for it. He got it. Not to mention those tax-exempt religious bosses he was courting, who have no business in the legislative process unless they want to start paying taxes now. They all played right into it. Boo fucking hoo. They deserved it and they got it. Personally I am sick of hearing about her. She has no real meaning except that which people offended by her keep assigning to her. As if chasing after Fluke is going to fix a thing. Seriously. There are far more important things to worry about in this country right now than whether or not somebody likes Fluke. It’s always the same old spittle-mouthed bullshit from the far left and far right. I hate them both to the point of Bleck. Chasing around after gnats, selective memory, the whole damned thing.

    I personally would love to hand out birth control to anyone who is on pubic assistance AND offer them a cash reward for NOT getting pregnant. Talk about saying money! Pregnancies cost money, our money. Health of a child is expensive on our money. All of this is so effing stupid because it’s so obvious. The circular thinking is mind-numbing. We don’t want to support others but we don’t want to keep them from having babies we will have to support. WTF? But I don’t care either way. I do think that if Birth Control isn’t covered Viagra shouldn’t be either. I mean what kind of country covers boner meds for guys while not covering protection against their boners? Ah nevermind. LOL.

    Let’s just drop it. Some people just know they are about to create a food fight. Ignore it.

    Don’t waste your time arguing this tweak.

    Carry on.

  25. “We are a feminist blog” Call it what you want UW, but I like the heck out of everyone here!:) I know we all have one thing in common: The outright hatred of the goat pluggers and their treatment of women.

  26. Yeah Hillbilly! You tell em!

    And check THIS out.

    On Monday, Hungarian Member of Parliament Marton Gyongyosi called for the creation of a list registering all Hungarian Jews, with a focus on registering Jewish politicians and those of Israeli descent. He explained away his actions by deeming Hungarian Jews a national security risk. Gyongyosi has now made international headlines for his blatantly anti-Semitic remarks, which were eerily reminiscent of Nazi rhetoric.

    The world is being run by psychos.


  27. All I know is if somebody doesn’t call me soon I will never know where the F my cell phone is. I need a bungy cord for that thing.

  28. Somebody needs to shutter seaworld and force them to stop holding wild sealife captive for the entertainment of others.
    Here’s a young girl bitten by a dolphin.

    And how many deaths and attacks has that one whale racked up now? Set these poor animals free. They were not put on this earth to balance assholes on their noses for the price of tickets.

  29. Watching the dvr of the spice kittens. It does wonders for the spirit. We should have a lily-cam, a joe cam, a needlenose cam, pamela’s cat cam, ff’s dog and cat cam, etc. sorry to all the pet’s I left out. We should have all the uppity pets on live cam for when the crap flows.

  30. dvr at 834. 4 heads pop up from the little area on top of the older tower, meowing is heard and a foot steps into the room. Time for the human climbing toy that moves.

  31. Spice kittehs should be leaving for homes soon, you know. I hope Rosie finds a great home and worry because she worships her foster dad. Fortunately they are No Kill shelter, but to think of her in a shelter for life would be awful. Wish I could snatch her up right now.

  32. Not playtime yet. John told the kittens he’d come back and sit with them soon, after the doctors visit. He’s had either cat allergy or a cold.

    He did wake them up though and they are spunky.

  33. I don’t know how accurate the comments area is but someone said two of the kittens are going to one home.

    Here is John’s facebook page. Click on the link because there is a christmas kittens pic that is way too cute for words.


  34. I like to do my dolphin watching at the beach or off the bow of a vessel. Not only should Seaworld stop using them for clowns, but the parents should tell the child that her career goal–dolphin trainer–is not a good path. They sickened me on their morning show appearances whining about the kid being bitten. No responsibility on their part.

  35. That Hungarian MP story is incredible. He must have flunked history.

  36. I think it’s pretty safe to deduce that the mammals at seaworld are NOT happy in their environment.

  37. Yes I saw that one watcher named Barbara is adoping Sage and the orange and white one. I think that Pepper is a pisser.

    Christmas litter pic is VERY cute.

  38. Hugo forget flunking history, he flunks the sanity test.

  39. Rose is getting spayed tomorrow and her nails trimmed while she is under. John said that on the video. Someone named Sarah is adopting too. Barbara F is getting Sage and Mace. Sarah and Barbara are picking them up Saturday. And John is giving them the feather stick and other donated toys – to go with the kittens.

    dvr at 1025 approx and in the comments sections too.

  40. @ bellecat

    I don’t give up. Dang, these creeps just never give up. There is always another trying to best the other creep.

    Just look at some of the priorities.

    Both surgeons use a technique — follicular unit extraction — in which groups of hairs are taken from areas of dense hair growth to be implanted in the mustache area.

    Bouhanna said the patients were generally aged between 30 and 50, and were able to fly home the day after they had the procedure, which costs about $7,000 (€5,500) and is performed under local anesthetic.


  41. CNN just covered the Brookings tribute to Hillary. The snippets of the video brought tears to my eyes. Tony Blair and Netenyahu showing her respect and saying the best is yet to come

    Blitzer just asked Carville and Matlin about her running in 2016. Carville hopes she does. Maitlin not so sure, but she mentioned the loyal Hillary machine. Yup. We’re still here. Glad to hear Maitlin say so.

  42. ROFL pornstache implants.


  44. Re the bastard footballer that shot his girlfriend, in front of her parents, and then went and shot himself in front of his coach, I find it very disturbing that he was given any kind of “moment” or “memorial” before that game. Completely inappropriate to show honor to a murderer. If I were the parents of that poor girl I would be hysterical. And she just had a baby. What a pig. And yes, it was probably roid rage, but that doesn’t negate his evilness. No one is forced to do roids. They have ruined sports.

  45. Hi Uppity.

    I was actually using my tablet on the bus going to work. But the internet connection is behaving – so far. As soon as I go t internet connection back up and working….i then had to deal with netflix probs. I think i’m not meant to use anything newer than quill and ink and VHS. lol
    I was on the phone and also internet Chat Help with netflix for nearly 2 hours Saturday. And it still isn’t working as it should. But it does stream on my teevee.Thanks for askingan see the movies I chose.
    Thanks for asking 😉

  46. Ok leslie, glad you’re up and running.

  47. See? that mess there at the end of my comment ???
    I corrected that before I posted. And it’s still f#*ked up.

  48. leslie would you like aunt uppity to fix it for you?

  49. Uppity, if you can figure out what I was trying to say, that would be loverly. Thnx

  50. UW…I am happy to be kicked out, your blog, your rules. If you read the
    linked the monsters to which I referred were the members of the Mexican drug cartel who murdered the ex Mayor.Atrocities against women are not limited to turban wearers.
    The point was to illustrated that crimes against women are occurring just south of our own border.
    I directed a clinic for over 20 years that offered free birth control with multiple choices of methods, Anyone aware of Public health policies in this country, would know that free birth control is a non issue. . Getting some groups to use it is the real challenge. Advocating for women’s control over the size of their families was more than just a theory for me, it was my life’s work for a long time.

  51. Well that’s fine Conner, but that your own focus on your own comment was most definitely Fluke, not Mexican border atrocities. You comment was what it was. And you had to expect a response to that, since we want none of it here. That is all. It’s also a pretty good guess that nobody here wants to read anything written by someone who is petty enough to still be festering over Sandra Fluke, enough to tie her into even this–which is just plain ludicrous, but no surprise.

    We have people on this blog who LIVE near the border and we are no stranger to their savage behavior, so you need not not assume we only know about the Middle East. It was however, the subject of this week’s Cockroach award.

  52. LOL leslie, I was hoping YOU would know what you were trying to say and then tell me.

  53. And if you were thrown off my blog, you wouldn’t have been able to post your comment.

    The underlying assumption here is that we wimminz here in the US of A should be glad they don’t kill us here, so we should just shut the hell up and be glad that all they do is make laws governing our bodies and refuse to make laws stopping our paycheck discrimination, and we should just tolerate that we have SCOTUS members reminding us inferior bitches that we are not protected by the Constitution….. and other silly things we should just STFU about, because we still have our heads. It’s my contention that the only thing that separates these USA zealots from the Middle East and Mexico is that we have laws against murder and the punishments are severe. Otherwise, to be quite frank about it, we would eventually lose our own heads. They still seem to get away with beating the crap out of a lot of us though. The truth is, if the Sandra Flukes in this country (including those of suffrage) hadn’t been obnoxious and In Their Faces, we would have laws in place crafted by a bunch of guys wearing Beanies right now. This is how theocracies in horrible places got start. A look of disapproval, a deroggatory remark, a little law, followed by a bigger law and……well you get the picture. Next thing you know women were wearing hefty trash bags all in the name of religious laws.

    This I believe is why the reaction here was outrage. Just some food for thought.

  54. Warriors need a battle to fight, I get that, Those of us in the trenches see a different battle, and it is cultural in nature.
    As things stand now, the only women producing a lot of children are those who can least afford them, either emotionally or financially.
    The are so far down on the self worth ladder that they see no options, and they bring up children in the same code.
    The costs to Society and public health would take your breath away.My buget alone, in the NYC area would have fed a small country for years.
    Let me add that this group includes every Race and nationality. Little more than girls themselves, they have no hope and no plan for the future. Unless you include finding someone to ‘love’ them, even if it’s a helpless baby.
    Given our hyper cynical politics, they represent votes, period. So the pols devise programs to keep them semi fed and semi healthy, but just like compound interest, the situation is growing exponentially.. These same women have access to free birth control and in many states, free abortion, so that is not the battle to pick, at least for them. If one lives in a state where these services are not provided for the needy, then there is a real fight you might want to have. Maybe Obamacare will render all this irrelevant but I doubt it.

    I agree that paycheck disparity is just plain ugly, but without near-full employment, it is not going to get the attention it richly deserves. Far too many women are just happy for any paycheck they can get at this point..
    The above points are why I found ‘she who shall remain nameless’ stunningly superficial.. No necessarily the message, but the messenger.
    Working in the war zone, changes a person. We should all aim before we shoot, including me.

  55. Well there is nothing you just said that I can possibly disagree with Conner, but for my maintaining that to bring Fluke into that story was ridulous and a sign of an obsession geared toward telling women to STFU because they are lucky they still have their heads. It just didn’t belong there along side a story of brutality of the highest order. And there are states that have tried feverishly not to provide these services to anybody, especially the poor. We have Arizona, counting back to the first day of a woman’s period to declare it’s too late for an abortion, we have George and Oaklahoma (and some very brave women and men who packed their chambers and stared them down to defeat them. Had they not done this, that law would have been passed).Again some obnoxious Flukes gave them pause. There was Virginia trying to force vaginal ultrasounds at a woman’s expense. Comparing women to chickens, pigs and cows and how sad it is to see that livestock lose a baby (Georgia). talking about how rape is arranged by God and a blessing–and hardly ever “legitmate” even. All of this is designed to degrade and control through legislation. These things must not be fluffed off, because they aren’t casual efforts, they are designed to control. These fights are worth picking because, as I mentioned, it all starts with a little law, and then a bigger law, and then next thing you know, you are hobbled. These people know that once you control a woman’s reproductive rights, the rest of the subjugation becomes exponentially easier. Asking for rights you were born with will get you nowhere, expecially since nobody assigned one gender to dole them out to another gender. No movement in this country that was ever successful began at the top, nor did it succeed for politeness. history bears out that you have to show up with torches and pitchforks, and you have to be vigilant of those who would whittle at your rights one piece at a time. Therefore, there is no such thing as a mole hill in the case of gender control. To make a mountain out of a mole hole, all they have to do is continue to add a little dirt while nobody is looking. And the poor and downrodden are never looking, they are too busy surviving. That leaves the rest of us.

  56. I agree that paycheck disparity is just plain ugly, but without near-full employment, it is not going to get the attention it richly deserves.

    I’m thinking, we’ve had some pretty good economies in the past five decades, and it didn’t get the attention it richly deserved then either. The thing is, I see a pattern here where women are pressured to give up the cause of their ‘trivial’ rights by men whose same trivial rights are important. It’s been that way for a long time. Oh, this election is tooooooo important. There are More Important things to consider. Women have allowed themselves to put their own security and rights on the back burner EVERY SINGLE ELECTION YEAR. It’s high time they figured out this is a patriarchal game they need to stop playing. When someone pooh poohed what Paul Ryan said about rape as not important considering the bigger things we need to deal with, I was livid. I am still livid.I will remain livid, and one by one I will do my very best to show each and every woman I know what is being done to them every election season and how it is helping them to lose their ground, lose their rights, and lose respect, including their own self-respect. I stood in the rain and snow for women’s rights and all I see for the past 15 years or so is women Losing, and helping themselves do it by remaining silent for another year–while the Whittling goes on.

  57. speaking of cockroaches….

    Judge ousted in Fort Hood shooting case amid beard debacle:


  58. They fired the judge? UN FUCKING BELIEVABLE. That POS MURDERER was violating military law with that beard and they threw the judge out? That POS should be DEAD by now. Executed. Finished! He’s nothing but an animal, and a MASS KILLER.

  59. Yep, the Judge was fired – actually for upholding military code regarding his sporting a beard – uhhh, denying his right and requirement, based upon his Muslim religion, to have a beard.

    A mass murdering, honorably religious PSYCHOPATH with the power to slap down a Military Tribunal and knock out the presiding Judge?

    “Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore”

  60. The hardest thing I had to learn in my job was that no one can help those who don’t want to listen.. That’s not to say one should ever, ever, surrender. All those of us who care know that eventually a rising tide lifts even reluctant ships.
    Women will never reach full empowerment until they reach back and empower those behind them. This is not optional, it is required. It is, in fact, what men have always done.
    But any soldier knows that sometimes the battlefield moves, the states you cite, are the new war zones, and change is not likely until their own residents vote the Neanderthals out.
    Meanwhile, in clinics they are are still caring for pregnant eleven year olds,

    and teenagers with HIV..As I said, the war is cultural now too, much more so than when the Women’s movement came to strength. After all, those children are in the future of our own children and grandchildren.
    Lord help us, I must go clutch my pearls now.

  61. I know Conner. Some people just won’t help you to help them. It’s very frustrating because it’s like a self-fulfilled Doom prophecy.

    And yes, Men network and carry one another. Women compete. I think it’s set up that way, to be honest.

    Honestly and truly I always made it a point to help women in my tenure in Corporate America. Some of it was frustrating but most of it was a great feeling. We need to help women the way men help men.

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