2012 Saban Forum Tribute To Hillary Clinton


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  1. What could have been.

  2. I cannot believe this radio-face gasbag is still on the air

  3. Thanks for finding and posting the video. Love it, right up to around 5:45. I was thinking of your earlier post. We definitely coulda had a V-8. No small thing to have all those men acknowledging her leadership qualities.

  4. Pelosi said it would be so exciting to see Hillary run?? STFU! We coulda had a V-8 if not for dolts like Pelosi.

  5. I love that Hillary tribute. She is the best of the best.

    I love how Caffutery refers to the “chattering classes of PUNDITS” with such scorn, like he’s not one of them! Too funny.

  6. Yep, that first vid should end at 5:45

    Cafferty, Pelosi, Dowd – yeah, where were they in 2008? Sharpening their knives daily.

    Ben from Boston and others had spot-on PUMA-like comments. 🙂

  7. Ricky Sanitarium got his-bad-assed-self a one day a week job. Columnist for World Net Daily. You can’t make this shit up.


  8. WND, the last place I go for information. I got burned by them and a deliberate sin of omission. It seems there was this horrific scare about a job opening in the military under Obama, that indicated, you know, kind of a FEMA camp thing. Then lo and behold, I checked the actual listing page and the position was listed back during bush years. I was so pissed off I actually have those links somewhere. Sins of omissions revolt me. Great place for Rick.

  9. Oh not to worry. If a hillary presidency were to ever come to fruition, I am sure they would get theirs. Not in a good way,

  10. Wow, what a tribute. Thanks for posting it. Our Girl is absolutely amazing. She just gets better as time goes on. Her compassion. Her energy. Her intelligence. Her strength. She is incredibly inspiring. Who on the world stage can begin to compare to her? Not even Bill, imo.

    I decided to skip the video of the gasbag. Why ruin an evening? I hope never to listen to or see him again.

  11. Sounds like Rick has his future ahead of him at WND. Good luck with that.

  12. Beata, if the coughing that gasbag Cafferty was doing during the video is any sign, you might have your wish soon enough.

  13. I guess there were no jobs available at The Globe or the National Enquirer for Ricky to have a place to go until he starts up his 2016 campaign for President of the United States of America.

    What the hell happened to our country that we get these low brow goons running for office? FCS there are people on this board who would be better at the job than Rick. imust would run a stellar WH kitchen and I just know the Food and Drug Administration would be over-hauled. There would be a pie in every home even when it wasn’t Thanksgiving.

  14. For real, Hugo. I nearly coughed a lung up when he said Pelosi said it would be so exciting to see Hillary run. So exciting, eh Nancy? But too exciting back in 2008?

    Loved Ben from Boston!

  15. Maybe Rick can write for the Vatican.

  16. I think it would be really exciting to see Hillary run up and down Nancy’s back.

  17. One of the things I hate most about Christmas on the internet is the penchant for idiots to stick those g’damned floating snowflakes all over their sites. Even WP is doing it on the stats page. Looks like dandruff to me and is distracting.

  18. A few months ago, Bloomie called Hillary.

    In a telephone call confirmed by three people, Mr. Bloomberg encouraged Mrs. Clinton to consider entering the 2013 mayor’s race, trading international diplomacy for municipal management on the grandest scale.

    They say it’s because he wants to hand the office over to someone competent. I believe it because he’s been fond of her. But maybe he wants to run for president and doesn’t think he can beat her! (I find that believable too because he’s a politician.)

  19. Well I’m sure she will tell Bloomberg to kiss her ass on a busy corner. She has got the World Stage bug and she’s had it for a long long time. Bloomberg’s job is piddling compared to what she has done and is yet to do.

    He probably also made the call to help out Andrew Cuomo who is NOT his father in any way, shape or form.

  20. Bloomberg will never be president, I don’t give a rat’s ass how much money he’s got. His intrusive stupidity is becoming legendary.

  21. Imagine the nerve of that turkey. Hillary is World Stage beloved and he wants her to imagine his job is some step up, like she’s dumb. What an arrogant asshole he is. She could snatch Governor right out from under that shadow of his father, Andrew Cuomo if she wanted to. What makes Bloomberg think she’s going to squander all the world’s good will for a comparatively small pond called New York. Hillary doesn’t belong to NY any longer, she belongs to the world.

  22. I guess you agree!!!

  23. Maybe what Bloomberg meant to say is that it’s time for a woman to be Mayor of NYC. But it’s beneath Hillary.

  24. Yay the Hillary tribute!
    But we knew all that stuff about Hillary years ago….what took them so long??

  25. The city’s business community, of which Mr. Bloomberg is a leading member, has long fretted that after his 12-year mayoralty concludes, leadership of the city is likely to return to an elected official with little or no boardroom experience

    Seriously Bloomie? You can’t find ANYONE in all of Manhattan with boardroom experience?

  26. Seriously, imust. People need to start listening to us. We are downright prescient.

  27. The guy has really got an exaggerated sense of his own value and ‘brilliance’. If you ask me, NY will be lucky to get rid of him. As it is, she circumvented the law and ditched his term limits to give himself another term High. He will leave known most for telling people how many ounces of liquid they can carry around “his” city.

  28. Yes Sophie, I agree so much I stole it.

  29. Thank You Uppity Woman for covering Hillary and this video. I was searching for it today. HUGS 🙂

  30. 2016, I expect Nancy Pelosi there to block Hillary Clinton again…just don’t trust the leadership after they didn’t count her votes. Seriously, Hillary won the popular vote, and that rankles Nancy Pelosi who wanted her out. Those of us that went to D.C. to demand they count her votes know, who supports Hillary Clinton.

  31. Oh yeah WV, you aren’t kidding. Nancy is a snake in the grass.

    And you’re welcome! We hunted for it (for embed) for two days!

  32. She’s a ladder-kicker, Nancy is. Doesn’t want any other woman reaching higher than she has.

  33. The Pope is on twitter now. I can only imagine what women hating drivel will come from that.

  34. I tweeted something about the Poop I noticed. He only follows 7 people and all of them are Him. No kidding.

  35. that video blew me away. However I didn’t know Kissinger was stil
    cognizant of what was going on…you know…sorta like Regan.

    I’ll say this too: the way the Senate Repubs are going with this State appointment, our girl may be there for a wee bit longer than she thought.

  36. Whenever I hear Kissinger’s voice I think, if there is a devil, this is what his voice would sound like.

    He was always a very creepy man, the kind you would envision having a horrific secret habit, or more than one.

  37. Upps, Yep, I know what you mean. For sure Kissenger is a complicated man and there is a lot brewing under that larger than life surface. The gruffness of his voice and his accent makes him unique and he stands out in a room filled with men in suits. I have in turn hated him and admired him over the years. He was a key reason Vietnam didn’t end earlier, despite public opinion and protests, and yet when the decision to withdraw came he executed it well. Here is an article that brings out accurately much of the past decades of this man’s public role and his eel like slippery escape from Watergate.


  38. The British Royals line of sucession laws will change to give heir to the throne status to a female first born child. A girl child will be third in line for the throne after Charles and William. A victory for wimmenz.

    “In October 2011, Commonwealth leaders agreed to change succession laws so that the daughter of any future UK monarch will have the same right to the throne as a son.

    Under current laws, if a girl was born first to the couple, she would lose her place in line to the throne if a boy was born later.

    The law has not yet been altered but a Cabinet Office spokesman said formal consent was expected “very shortly” and ministers have indicated that the legislation will apply to any royal births from the date of the leaders’ decision.

    The monarch is also head of the armed forces, supreme governor of the Church of England, head of state of the UK and 15 other Commonwealth countries.”

  39. Yeah Hillary! Love her.

    I’m beginning to think she WILL run in 2016. It’s going to be awfully hard for her to resist the siren song of the WH in the midst of the universal acclamation that’s engulfing her.

  40. Four years is a long time NES. They’ll skewer her. It’s what they do. But it would be fun to watch a woman be teflon for a change like so many men seem to do. I’m hoping it just pisses her admirers off, and I’m not just talking PUMAs here, it’s much bigger than that, considering her approval numbers. In fact, when Rick Lazio tried to bully Hillary, he helped her bury him in a landslide. I think The Planners Of The Removal Of Hillary As A Threat had best tread lightly this time.

  41. In fact, judging by this old quote from an old piece, I would imagine she’s come even farther with her skill at deflecting assholes.

    …in 1976, she met with some men leading the get-out-the-vote operation and pressed them for specifics about how many phone calls they would make and how many cars they had secured for Election Day. As Mrs. Clinton kept grilling them, one man reached across the table, grabbed her by the turtleneck and told her to shut up.

    “First, don’t ever touch me again,” Mrs. Clinton told him, as she recalled the incident in her memoir, “Living History” (Simon & Schuster, 2003). “Second, if you were as fast with your answers to my questions as you are with your hands, I’d have the information I need to do my job.” And she walked out.

  42. I think should her life lead her to not running, she will hone Gillibrand. That’s what I think.

  43. I’m afraid of getting my hopes up about Hillary in 2016 and then having them dashed. My gut feeling is that she envisions a meaningful role for herself outside of elective politics. I think she has been there, done that, and wants no more of it. Who can blame her if indeed that is her choice? In any event, I hope Hillary will do what SHE really wants to do – with no pressure from anyone or anything else. She has certainly earned that right.

  44. I predict Hillary will not run for any public offices again. I may be wrong but I believe what she said 5000 times and have no reason to doubt her. I do believe she will always, always, always do what is best for the people of this country and for the world. She will make progressive change for women and for all sorts of human rights and do it with heartfelt ease since it is her calling in life.

    In contrast, Romney is going to make Marriott Hotels a lot of money.


  45. Now Karen, Corporations are people too!

    Seriously though, I don’t understand the preoccupation with Romney at all, in the news, by party, etc. He falls into an also-ran category now. Right up there with Mondale, Dukakis, Perot. The time will come when we will forget he ran or who he ran against. Like I said, he acheived a lot of great things, all of them for his own profit. I don’t think he would have been a great president and we already have a president who is not great. in fact we’ve had 12 years of Not Great and will have 16 years of it in four years. It would be nice to know that we will have a good president in four years. I think that Hillary would be a good president. But at this point I would settle for anybody who would be a good president in place of the assholes being forced upon us by these two horrific parties.

  46. Upps, I went to look at their “brands” of hotels and business ventures and realize I have never, in 55 years of life ever spent a single night in one of their beds. I am not up to Iconic Marriott surely but I can’t even afford their low end rooms. But then again, life goes on without a night at the Ritz Carlton, and camping in a tent isn’t so bad… with bug spray.


    Pardon me, pass the grey poupon.

  47. I’ve stayed at a few of their places, conferences, etc. I’ve seen better and worse.

  48. HuffBlow is pimping this survey site today so I decided to check it out. Apparently they have a grading system for public opinion on places like restaurants, brands, etc..and they claim that Papa John’s took a huge hit along with Applebees, Denny’s for saying they were dropping health insurance due to Obamacare. I thought, who the heck are these people, I never heard of them. Turns out they’ve been around for a decade …….and are based in England and Wales. Um…

  49. I refuse to stay at Marriot hotels because of what they did during our fight to pass the ERA. They threw money into seeing it go done and spread all that crap about unisex bathrooms. Evil Evil Evil people. My daughter got married in May at a Ritz Carlton so I had to spend a week in a suite there for that, but otherwise, I don’t do Marriot.

  50. Upps, Your old punching bag pal, Dick Armey, is in the news. And it is pretty amazing how the Tea people have learned so much from the “politics as usual” gang of theives and lobbyists (or is that redundant) who jumped on board right away. Grassroots my ass. They pay off bribes with the best of them and have $$$ in their eyes.


  51. Daki I don’t remember that, so thanks for telling me. I will most definitely bear that in mind from now on.

  52. Karen, for you.

  53. Thanks Upps for the Video of our girl.
    And I too believe she always do what is best for the people of this country and for the world. 🙂

  54. Yes! Elizabeth Warren is going to the Senate Banking Committee:

  55. Yay! about Warren going to banking committee. I’d love to see her become senate leader.

  56. Hahaha! Great twitter, Upps!

  57. Crap, I did not know that Marriott owned Ritz.

  58. What was it, again, about her being not only ‘one of the most respected women in the world; a proven, great leader; and, a relentless activist for human rights’ that was so horrible, frightening, polarizing and dangerous to this country and the world?

    Glad I bought me a couple of “stress release balls” last night – one for each hand. 🙂

  59. Thanks to Daki, I just looked up Marriott, Mitt and the ERA and came across some of the history of the Mormon owned Marriott International and the issues in the history of the church with all kinds of civil rights and progressive ideas in general also. I assumed it but didn’t know anything concrete until now about it. This site is run by current Mormons who want the truth, no matter how ugly, to be stated and they provide links to documentary evidence.


  60. The kitts and Rosie are due back from their spay/neuter day in a little while. Ouch. They knew something was up when he put the 5 of them in the carrier – with some escape attempts. John said the carrier was heavier than last time. He had them in it for a vet visit just last week. Leaps and bounds they’re turning into cats.

  61. She isn’t a threat to the country or the world, she is a threat to the patriarchy of this country and the world.

  62. Ah the spice kits are going to be a little goofy from the anesthesia. I’m sure John will make sure they don’t hurt themselves. Little Pepper will have the worst of it, of course, because she’s a girl. And Mom Rosie too, that sweet thing. I’m sure John will take her out of the crowd and hold her.

  63. Still4Hill has some great photos of Hillz today:

  64. Hey Foxy I see you contributed to Bill’s addiction. Thanks!

  65. Bingo.

    Well, she got the last laugh – and while simply doing her job with actually putting to use all that SHE brought to it, demonstrated that ‘their’ GOD WAS SETTING UP THE LOB FOR HER when she was denied a place at ‘their’ penis pong table.

    She WON… and is deservedly being applauded all around the world.

  66. I LOVE the way she bashed Letterman at that dinner. It was a riot. she’s getting them all back. hahahaha.

  67. Karen! Spice kits are back. John is with them. That Rosie looks right up at him in his eyes. She worships him.

  68. They’re home and using the litter box a lot and checking out their bottoms that were fiddled with.

    Rebecca B is adopting Rosie on the 8th.

  69. I cleared my cache and had to enter my name again. I thought I was here posting when they came back but it wasn’t going through.

    They got their dagger claws trimmed. He said they’ll be falling down for a while till they learn to cling.

  70. Oh good I am glad someone is taking Rosie. I do think Rosie will have some adjusting because she seems bonded to John.

    He said she was fractious at the hospital and when he showed up she sprang to him, like Daddy Daddy Rescue me!

  71. Gotta go walk the Clydesdale. See you all later.

  72. This is the first time I’ve watched the Spice Kittens. If they have just come back from being fixed, why doesn’t their caregiver take Mama away for awhile? She must be in some discomfort and if the kittens try to nurse, oy! I feel bad for her. Mama looks harassed and needs a timeout, imo.

    My cat is so J about the Spice Kittens. I had to mute the sound on my computer while I watched so she wouldn’t go nuts.

  73. Is Rosie the Mama? She’s lovely. I like a calico almost as much as a tortie.

  74. You know Obama used to stay at Marriott hotels….that’s how he got all his experience to be a president. Yeah, I know it’s supposed to be Holiday Inns….but they only get you to being a doctor….you gotta stay at a Marriott to get to be POTUS! “I’m not really qualified for president….but I did stay at a Marriott!”

  75. I will also stay away from Marriotts. I watched those Spice kittehs yesterday and got to see them play. The mama cat is beautiful. What a great idea that guy has. He makes the stray cats celebs and then everyone wants them. Brilliant.

  76. Yes Rosemary is the mother cat. I would snatch her up in a nanosecond. She can get out of the pen very easily. She comes and goes all the time.The walls are tall for the kits but not for her. So when she’s in there, it’s by choice, so not to worry. She seems agitated tonight, mainly, I think, because it’s been a stressful day and her kits smell of hospital and she knows they’ve had something done to them. Typical of a cat as a mother, she is more concerned for them than for her own surgery.

  77. Okay, Upps. Thanks for explaining that. I was concerned about the mother cat.

    Heh, about the “hospital smell”. My cat always knows when I’ve been for tests, etc. and it makes her very nervous. Thank god she is so healthy. I’ve only had to take her to the vet once in 2 years ( she had already been spayed when I got her ) .

  78. This sweet little calico in Bartonsville, PA isn’t a celeb kitteh. Nobody’s waiting to take her home. She’s had a very rough life and needs Karen to love her.


  79. I’m relentless. Lol.

  80. Awesome video, Uppity. Thank you for finding and sharing it!

  81. What did I miss about Spice Kittens? Is there a link or something *to* something?

  82. LOL! Looks like one is pooped out on the climbing thingie!

  83. Beata, thankfully somebody stopped and checked out that shoebox. What a horrible life that cat has had. Those people have karma to pay.

  84. I know, it ruined the rest of my day reading what they did to that cat. I didn’t want to tell anybody to click.

  85. Upps, I didn’t mean to ruin anyone’s day with the link to the poor calico. I hoped it might prompt someone to adopt her. She did survive thanks to the people who found her and those who cared for her afterward. They say she is a loving and sweet cat. Really a miracle. Please remove the comment if it is too disturbing.

  86. Whoah! We could see THIS one coming, Foxy. LOL. Perfect.

  87. Ah pay me no mind, Beata, I am just one of those people who won’t face reality and who get physically ill over things like that.

  88. UW, just posted a “pro-woman” thread at my place……I writes it all by meself……with a link.:) It has to do with all of the goat pounders in Ejupt that are mobbing/attacking women.

  89. What a good boy you are Hillbilly!

    Everybody, hop over to Hillbilly’s pad and read his post. And don’t drink any beer.

  90. HEY! Never tell folks that they can’t drink beer, no matter the time of day…even at work:)

  91. Well I don’t want them returning here smelling like a brewery, Hillbilly. It spoils our wine-fest. Next thing you know it’s the Jerry Springer Show.

  92. I never thought about this! I could turn all the Uppities into the BeerBillies! I know you have a bunch of professional types here, who I love dearly. And to think they would start hanging out, drinking beer, pulling fingers, and watching NASCAR gives me a crazy feeling, but not in a Chris Mathews sketchy sort of way!

  93. You’ll never turn them, Hillbilly!

  94. Just give me a chance. I got Hillbilly charm:)

  95. Well yeah Hillbilly, that box of wine just melted me. xo

  96. World Net Daily. Hahahahaha. Remember when I wouldn’t even allow their fake links on the blog?

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