Coupla Things That Happened On Your Way To Trying To Find Accurate News on Cable

You KNOW you hang on his every word.

You KNOW you hang on his every word.

The title says, “Obama meets with ‘Influential Progressives”.

So guess who the Influential Progressives are? Why, Al Sharpton, Arianna Huffington, Rachael Maddow, Lawrence O’Donnell, and Ed Schultz.

Earnest wouldn’t give details on who was in the meeting or how long it lasted, but HuffPost spotted several attendees on their way in just after 3 p.m., including MSNBC’s Maddow, Sharpton and Lawrence O’Donnell. Ed Schultz, also from MSNBC, tweeted a photo just outside of the West Wing. Arianna Huffington, president and editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post Media Group, was also in the meeting.

Funny, I thought they were MSNBC.  You know, like, maybe, a Cable “News” channel.  I thought Huffington Post was supposed to be a news site too! More or less. My bad. Silly me.

Talk about In-Your-Face complicity.

Why isn’t the title of this article, “Obama Meets With His Pravda“?

America could sure use more of  this.

Ed Schultz  and Arianna Huffington giving Obama advice. Jesus H. Christ.

ProgressiveBloggersatWhiteHouseMKBBut nevermind.

MK Bill is a little put out here.

At least MK Bill (second from right) was invited when Obama had the same kind of special meeting with his Influential BFF Bloggers. All boyz, of course.

Even Bill.


On the other side of the sleazeball press, we have Fox “News”  throwing a post-election tantrum cleaning house and taking out the garbage. As I said already in this post, but it bears repeating: America could sure use more of  this.

Fox dumped Karl “I guess nobody will be giving me billions to run my “genius” mouth again” Rove and Dick “This Election Will Be a Romney Landslide”  Morris.

This song is for you, you two opportunistic  parasites. I guess you’ll both be affected by the economy in the near future.

My apologies to my beloved Eric Clapton.

********************************************************************************************************* will never be this hunk's wife.

Sigh…you will never be this hunk’s wife.

Now,  I hate to complain, but I would like to know where I can go to get $8,000,000  just for being a flying asshole.

I need to text that slithering reptile Dick Armey to find out the answer.

That’s what FreedomWorks paid him to take a hike. I guess they figured out what most of us already knew about this shitbag since somewhere around 1995–when he suddenly disappeared from the mouthpiece spotlight after his Freudian slip calling Barney Frank “Barney Fag” during  one of those national press conferences when he and Newt were waving around the Contract On America.

You know, whenever I saw Dick Armey talking, I was always waiting for him to burp and fart. Or maybe pick his nose.

While Tea Party people repeatedly denied before the cock crowed that he appropriated them, and while he sure acted like he was in charge –cha ching, the cat is out of the bag..  Armey’s FreedomWorks  claims to have trained their activists. Dick declared that they were going down an “Unproductive path” on his way out the door. Knowing what I know of Dick Armey, this probably meant they aren’t mean enough. If you ask me, going down the Dick Armey path is what did them in, and one end result is their removal from key House committees this very week. They probably actually had good intentions before he bullied his way into their lives.  Or maybe the whole deal really was Dick Armey’s to begin with. Who knows, since nobody tells the truth any longer. However, in keeping with  his I Get The Last Word habit, Armey says that FreedomWorks has been the Tea Party since its founding in 2004. Funny, I thought they got started  spontaneously as grass roots in 2009 when Rick Sanchez blew his cork for them on Tee Vee. Ah well. Small detail for a carnival barker like Dick Armey. You be the judge. The important thing is Dick Armey is going to “get on with his life” and I hope that means he’s getting Out Of Our Lives.

Here’s one of Dick Armey’s very typical classy moments.  Ignore the nauseating Chris Matthews and Joan Walsh Obama-Blowing stuff and start at 1:55, where, when all else fails, attack a woman by telling her that you are

Puking2“So damn glad that you can never be my wife”.

Well Dick, I’ll bet you’re not nearly as glad that she’s not your wife as she is. I know I’m pretty glad I’m not your wife. And your constant attack on Medicare, demanding that we do away with it entirely was very heartening, considering YOUR government health care plan is way better than Medicare, which is why you have no use for it. Fuck you, Dick.

There could be a silver lining here, though. With Armey finally in STFU mode, the Republican embarrassment quotient will be reduced significantly. There may be hope for that party yet.

And Dick, your Momma gave you the right first name — and you are just a hunka burning love. All we have to do is ask you. So this one’s for you.


80 Responses

  1. Someone should send a FOIA request for the minutes of the Obama meeting with those so-called press people. We need to know the purpose of that meeting. Don’t tell me that they are press and not reporting what took place in their WH meeting.

  2. That’s the deal. They have no “Press” at MSNBC any longer. They are all talking heads masquerading on a news show. Same deal for Fox. Think about it.

    They should both be stripped of the word “News” in their name.

  3. OT but bears repeating. Why do I get the distinct feeling that John Kerry is behind the Rice hammering? I mean, these boys are old old Senate friends and Horseface wants that SOS job BADLY. It’ not as if we trust him as far as we can throw him, is it now? He will make a horrible SOS. Nobody will be able to listen to him without falling asleep. Imagine hiim following Hillary act. What a buffoon.

    Just sayiing

  4. horseface, LOL.
    Anybody that takes the SOS after Hillary will have a pretty tough act to follow and big shoes to fit in.
    It will give me soo much pleasure to see them fart all over. Not very good for our image abroad, but very good for Hillary’s legacy.

    By the by, if those mentioned above are “influential” liberal journotlist;
    I am Cleopatra…

  5. Upps I put a new video on the Hillary thread enjoy. 🙂

  6. bellecat, on December 5, 2012 at 11:49 AM said:

    horseface, LOL.
    Anybody that takes the SOS after Hillary will have a pretty tough act to follow and big shoes to fit in.
    It will give me soo much pleasure to see them fart all over. Not very good for our image abroad, but very good for Hillary’s legacy.

    By the by, if those mentioned above are “influential” liberal journotlist;
    I am Cleopatra…
    😆 me too 😆

  7. I try to not watch the ” News ” any more. It only serves two purposes these days and that is to piss you off or depress you. I no longer give a shit. Both parties control and are out to destroy each other and take your right to life from you. Listening to the democrats kills me with their in your face shit and then we have the republicans that preach smaller government all the while telling you what you must do. Bottom line is they both are sending a very clear and loud message to me that says I can go F*** myself. Ok I got it. Ignorance is bliss to me these days seriously.
    I work, come home and knock off a few video games and watch a movie and go to bed. I have at best 20 years of life left and am no longer going to sit and worry about who wants to F*** me over. I just want to enjoy my life and what ever happens happens. I can do nothing to change what is going on so I am no longer concerned. I used to post all over trying to get some to listen and they did not and we have hat we have and go where they take us so be it.

  8. Thanks Foxy, on my way over. And thanks for your contribution to Bill’s disgusting habit!

  9. Very welcome Upps 🙂

  10. I’m gonna put that bugger up later.

  11. HuffPo is reporting Dems don’t want horse face as SOS because they don’t want his seat up for grabs. Nine Dem Senate seats will be open in 2014 and his would be 10. I hope that’s true. No one who pushed Obama as the 2008 nominee should be rewarded with anything but obscurity.

  12. I don’t care why they don’t want him in the SOS slot, WE don’t want him there. He is a socially inept, unable to communicate buffoon. You would think that would be THEIR reason too, but they don’t give a fast fuck about America, it’s all about party power to them.

  13. Read a saying the other day and love it.

    Democrats think the Republicans are waging a “war on women”. But they don’t think Obama’s buddies in the Muslim brotherhood are.

  14. John Kerry as SOS ………wow what a fun filled four years we are going to have. I just can’t wait.

  15. JK isn’t Man enough to fill Hillary’s shoes. 🙂

  16. John Kerry is not WOMAN enough, to fill president Hillary Clinton, who is working as SOS, shoes.

  17. Bahahahahah HP Boston! You tell em!

  18. I suspect the Red team wants revenge for Brown and the seat so they are hyping their attacks to the hilt on FOX and Red Team websites to discredit Rice before she is even nominated. Their attacks are relentless and not based on anything at all. Jon Stewart did a great skit showing Condi Rice insisting there were WMD and McCain praising her and making wild unsubstantiated claims that led us to WAR but he supported that Rice wholeheartedly. Fox news did the same. She was perfect for the job even after it was clear she lied and misled for the Bush war machine – over and over. But this Rice BEFORE she is even nominated is attacked visciously and despite her intelligence and education is mocked as ignorant.

    So yeah, they are clearly, obviously manipulating the public opinion before the horseface’s seat is even up for grabs they are fighting for it.

    They can’t lose any more power and now they are hell bent on revenge.

    Red vs Blue – pick your poison. Bo should pick Huntsman as the SoS candidate and blow McCain and Fox’s little minds.

    How much you want to bet Hillary and Bill get to pick who follows her?

  19. And the Red team wants the Foreign Relations seat most of all and that is the major reason it is soooo appealing for them to get Kerry out. They’re operating like Rove taught them. Down and dirty polical mud slinging. The country and its citizens be damned – they are at war on team blue. They are going to fight tooth and nail to get any power gains they can. Ugly as ever and the citizens of Mass are just bystanders.

  20. Huntsman is a good idea!

    I saw an interview with that little twit, Howdy Doody Messina, and they asked him which candidate they really feared and he said there was only one: Jon Huntsman.

  21. I know I’m gonna get my ass kicked for this, but I actually liked Condi Rice. I know she misled the public, but after having to watch Hillary do things I know she would never do if she were president, I comprehend that the SOS serves at only one person’s pleasure: The president. The job is to implement the President’s agenda and nobody else’s. You just wait for those moments when you can sneak some of your own agenda in, but that’s about it. Hell, I’ve been in that movie albeit not on a national scale.

  22. John Kerry as SOS ………wow what a fun filled four years we are going to have. I just can’t wait.


  23. This sums up Mr. Secretary vs Mr. President:

    Kerry knows he cannot leave his seat unguarded for a moment. They got him in their spin machine and are relentlessly brainwashing the masses that Rice is a no-go — for NO REASON.

    I hate politics. Really, I do. Nothing to see here. Drink the RED kool-aid or the BLUE kool-aid and you will spout their propaganda, too.

  24. We’ve had many excellent and bright Secretaries, Condi deserved that job, no doubt about it. Jon Stewart was right to rip McCain on Rice vs Rice though. Condi went on sunday news shows and gave wrong information that she was provided. The other Rice did the same.

    One was worthy and brilliant. The other was visciously attacked – not for her Benghazi statements but for her standing in the way of a coveted seat in Mass if she was the Secty candidate.

  25. at the boston herald from the above link there was this headline:

    somebody get up there and make a whole lot of pancakes and waffles.


  26. Can anybody think of one really significant, memorable, or even kind of important achievement John Kerry has spearheaded in all his years with his ass in a senate seat?

  27. I appreciate it’s immature to engage in schadenfreude, but my inner id is happy that uber RINO Karl Rove has been benched, but, unfortunately, FOX doesn’t have the power to bench Speaker Boehner, as well.

  28. Yes Upps I can think of two things. His yacht avoided Mass taxes by berthing itself in RI. He was crucial to obama’s win over Hillary.

  29. re: Kerry, as a military brat, I remember that Kerry not only verbally attacked troops in Vietnam, but more recently in Iraq, as well. My paranoia suspects that Rice was floated as a diversionary tactic to distract from Kerry’s horrible possible nomination.

  30. Karen, Hillary trashed Obama in the Mass primary. It was a big laugh on Kerry and Tedward. She creamed him.

  31. oh yeah adagio, just what your party needs, more right wing crackpots to lose elections. Keep up the good work.

    This line in the sand shit is getting old.

    And this country is getting pretty tired of these two crackpot extremes taking chances apiece destroying America. I hope the whole lot of them gets trashed by moderates, as in RINOs and DINOs, so we can get something useful and unhateful done for a change.

  32. Wow, when did uppity become a Boehner supporter? I’m just looking for somebody who supports free market capitalism & believes in limited Constitutional government. Boehner & Cantor are purpotedly kicking all the fiscal conservatives off committees. I just don’t want the US to go bankrupt & very few in either party seems to really care.

  33. There’s no hope for any of the cable news stations. CNN is trying to outFOX fox … I won’t watch them with that misogynist Eric Ericson there either. I have no idea what’s happened to actual journalism. It’s not on TV any more. I stick with a few newspapers and most of them are foreign–like The Guardian. Thank goodness I can actually read the economics reports straight of the CBO analytical units or I’d be totally taken in by all this fiscal ‘cliff’ crap. All you see any more is game theory in action on TV and in politics. It’s about the power plays and those outcomes, it’s never about people and real policy.

  34. adagio: the US can’t go bankrupt and the deficit situation has been on the mend for 3 years now. Go straight to the CBO documents and check the numbers. Don’t believe anything you read or hear on the news these days. They just want to scare people into giving their power away and their earned benefits to help few big companies and rich people.

  35. I’m neither a Boehner supporter nor a non supporter. In fact, at this moment I feel kind of sorry for him. Frankly, I shudder at what I suspect you would put in his place to ensure yet more unhelpful and mean, nasty gridlock.

    I’m looking for somebody who isn’t an extremist asshole poking his or her nose in everybody’s lives in one form or another. I’m looking for somebody who, when he says he believes in “individual” rights, e doesn’t mean only the rights HE approves of. And most of all, i am looking for ADULTS who stop acting like pissant children fighting over the football, and who are ADULT enough to reach that silly thing known as CONSENSUS without getting hacked by their own party. The USA is in the condition it is in because of these two UNBENDING extremes who have done nothing but make sure NOTHING good ever happens.

  36. Yes Daki, there IS no journalism left. They are Party Kingmakers, depending on which channel you turn to. It occurred to me that there IS no news on the cable “News” channels, only talking heads with opinions. They should be forced to take the word “News” out of their titles and then plaster a DNC or RNC sign in front of their headquarters.

  37. Daki, adagio ate three of the red pills long ago.Extended release! lol sorry adagio but hey..

  38. You know what else I’m looking for? Someone who indicts every single member of the House and Senate who ever voted to steal a total of $2.6 TRILLION dollars from the social security pot over the years, only to turn around and decide to punish their victims. Don’t you dare try this at home, you will be in Rahway for Life! I want all of their assets seized and sold at auction with the proceeds placed in the social security pot and then I want each and every one of them to serve a life sentence with no parole. Good riddance to thieving trash. Then there will be lots of empty seats in congress and the next batch will crap their pants at the thought of getting caught STEALING from an account that they have NO RIGHT TO.

    THAT’s what I’m looking for.

  39. News Channels are just talk radio now. Their hosts all have shows both places. They’re not journalists. Their bombastic celebrities. Unfortunately, the newspapers are corporate and are trying to make profits these days. The real journalists are few and far between.

  40. He was crucial to obama’s win nationwide, mostly by strong arming his policial cronies, the super d’s into tossing her aside for him. I know she kicked ass in Mass. They saw what happened with Axelrod’s version 1.0 and didn’t want to risk 2.0.

  41. I didn’t know that Karen. I always imagined he had about as much pull as a rubber band. Truth is, his own constituents thumbed their noses at him, so I guess he had to go the threats and bribes route with the superdelegates.

  42. Who knew that obama is the first Native American POTUS?
    Seems to me Native Americans were not too thrillled with him in 2008.
    What Changed?

  43. Hey Karen my group picked up a sweet little orange kitteh. Shall I ship him?

  44. Cable news is a joke. Their job is to get eyeballs for sponsors.

  45. I know what I said about orange over black and white but for the love of God would you look at the first picture on John’s critter page and tell me that Pepper isn’t the cutest thing in the world.

  46. Well, I think Greta is a welcome oasis in the cable news slime pit. She seems to genuinely care about a broad viewpoint and has remained civil and supportive to Hillary, on the whole. Re: Susan Rice- despite my extreme distaste and distrust of Kerry, I consider SRice to be an arrogant sycophant if both descriptors can co-exist. So what if her performance isn’t appreciably different from Condi’s- 2 wrongs don’t make a rice. I do admit I have a bit more affinity for Condi, who has displayed humility, intelligence, and good musicianship, although I haven’t forgotten her performance in Bush world.

  47. lililam, wow I haven’t seen you in a long time! Glad you stopped by again and hope everything is well. And yes, I will give you Greta. I like her and have always liked her. And I LOVED her OBVIOUS support of Hillary in 2008. Women in power who support other women in power always give me hope. Greta is like that.

  48. Agree about the cable channels. And non-stop commercials!
    Karen, interesting idea about Huntsman! That would be entertaining, to see all those heads explode. I would rather have Rice than Kerry also. Would be kinda funny, two black women named Rice as SOS.

    I don’t feel sorry for Boohoo. He’s made his bed. btw, there are a lot of articles out quoting billionaires and millionaires saying that they agree that their tax rates should go up.

    Dakini is in economics, I trust her take a million x more than the talking heads.

  49. lililam, a few weeks ago Greta had on Liz Cheney for a few nights in a row and they were insinuating that Clinton was to blame for all the evils in the world. They accused her of things that would have been easily cleared up if they had just read the State Dept. daily briefings. Liz said Hillary hadn’t released any information, etc. and it was all a pack of lies and Greta sat there tsk, tsking and nodding. Watch the video – it was so ridiculously wrong and full of partisan political lies. FOX SUCKS.

    So does MSNBO.

  50. Karen, oh yes, I have said it since the first day I saw those kits. I pick Pepper. What a pisser she is. And I’m a Tuxie fan for sure. She’s going to grow up to be a very fun cat.

  51. Thanks, Uppity. Yeah, she was about the only mainstream place that felt sane at the time.

  52. Oh shit i hate that Liz Cheney. She has the same snide, snotty tone and attitude as her rotten old man. I wouldn’t spit on her if she were on fire. I am very disappointed in what you just told me.

  53. Karen, Liz Cheney has a real vendetta against Hillary. I never picked up that Greta agreed with her, necessarily. Greta has a lot of people on her show and Liz seems to be a paid Fox hanger-on now.

  54. socal, agree Daki is way over my head when it comes to economics. Thank heavens somebody knows about it because if anyone depended on me, there would be no clue.

    I said I feel sorry for him because I think he would be a reasonable man if he weren’t harangued by crackpots all around him. i sense an inner struggle in him. I really do. And when you take a look at what’s around him, he looks exponentially better. I think he wants to deal and I also have no doubt they will skewer him for it, call him a RINO, primary him, torture him, call him all their stock names. Kind of just like what the far left did to some democrats who actuallly thought it might be a good idea to reach consensus instead of drawing a line in the sand.

    You would think that party would take the hint and ban together and push back collectively to the rigid people. You would think this last election would have taught them something, because this country re-elected a president they didn’t think was so hot, and they did that because what was challenging him scared them even more. And not because they were all on the take either, what a bunch of bullshit that was. I resented it and I won’t forget it. I didn’t vote for Romney because I could never tolerate Paul Ryan, Rape Apologist. And I KNOW I wasn’t alone.

  55. socal, I would rather have Dracula than Kerry as SOS. He is not good for the job, he won’t be good for foreign policy, and, well basically he’s not good for anything as far as I am concerned. He’s just a lifetime seat warmer. I can’t even imagine what that clown would be doing for a living if he weren’t an entrenched politician. Maybe work for the ketchup company, because if you ask me, his wife is way over his head. John Kerry wants to body surf and go yachting. The Senate is just the place where he can Be Somebody. In fact, he’s nothing but a Limousine Liberal. The very Elite everybody talks about, only he did it through marriage. If a woman in congress did that, we would never hear the end of it. I really do not like that guy one bit. Can’t imagine what Mass. sees in him.

  56. I have just GOT to show you guys this photo Lyn5 took of her two cats, Eddie and Fozzie. This is an award winner.

  57. Oh wow, those are two beautiful kittehs. Are they Russian Blues?

  58. I agree about Kerry having accomplished nothing since he came to the Senate. For years he got away with being MA’s junior Senator and let Kennedy do all the work. Now that Kennedy has passed away, Kerry is still a slacker. I do not want him as SOS. Heck, I would prefer former Indiana Senator Richard Lugar. He and Hillary have always seemed to admire one another . Granted Lugar is dull but he knows foreign policy and is extremely intelligent ( he was a Rhodes Scholar ) .Too bad Lugar is 80 years old and probably not up to all the traveling a SOS must do .

  59. They’re brothers. I think they are Feline Domesticus Americana. lol.

  60. My Joe could be a brother.

  61. Haha, Upps, I swear I almost wrote earlier that Kerry is just a seat warmer for the Dems! Ah, we’re on the same wavelength. Agree with all you and Beata have said.

    Those cats of Lyns are beautiful. I also thought they were some type of exotic breed. Amazing fur and faces.

  62. I love the photo of Joe. His fur is so shiny. Joe has to be my boys’ distant brother, but they are domestic medium hairs. Their mother is a shorthair. LOL about their being exotic. They are silly guys who love to talk.

  63. Drop dead picture of the cats Lyn. Joe Joe Joe !! Uppity knows I loves me that Joe. Isn’t he a looker ???

  64. Joe is gorgeous. His fur is so shiny and rich looking he almost doesn’t look real. You can tell he has a great diet.

  65. I have no idea who Joe’s mother is. I picked him up off the street and he was too sick for anybody to want. After I spent a ransom on him, then everybody wanted him because he was cute and healthy. I remember the day I brought him to the vet for his final health blessing, he looked so good a woman in the waiting room asked me for him. Gave me her phone number in case I changed my mind. Next, a techie handed me a bill balance to choke a horse and said she would love to take him because her cat recently died. Then she cried. I’m like, wow you people are so benevolent. Now that he’s all well and clean you all want him. Usually, if I can find a good home, I give the cat up, but this time, I said to hell with you all. I went through his crap with him and I’m keeping him.

    JOe’s a very social and polite cat. Which is a good thing because my vet says he has the biggest canines of any domestic cat he’s ever seen. They can be seen with his mouth closed. lol. Anybody who shows up at the front door, he sits on the table near them and demands pets. I wish I had a thousand for each person who asked if they could have him, even now in his adulthood. JOe was worth saving. He’s a good boy. More or less. lol. He and his late companion cat saw me through some rought times, as I had elderly cats, and they comforted me as I watched them pass at ripe old ages, including my soulcat. So Joe and I are solid. And permanent. And he loves him his Needlenose.

    socal I do feed them well, but in Joe’s case, mostly he LOVES being brushed and harasses me to do it. My Clairol Cat. lol.

    Joe’s waving to Auntie Utah.

  66. Joe is one handsome boy. His fur looks like silk. Can I have him? Lol.

  67. LOL Beata stand in line. I have a tenant who begged me for him everytime she brought the rent. SHe’s the one I gave that cat “Dude” I pulled from PetSmart. She wanted a big lovable boy and now she has one. But she still harps about Joe.

    I’ll pull up a pic of why everyone wanted joe AFTER he was all well and healthy. Hold on.

  68. This is what Joe looked like when everyone suddenly wanted him. Nobody wanted him when I scraped him off the sidewalk, nearly dead from starvation, dehydration, anemia, Wheezing, hookwormed and crawling. I cried when I picked him up. Why should I have given him up?

  69. Waving hi at my Joe and sending a good hug and much pets. Asks Joe to pat the Needlenose too so she will not get her feelings out of sorts.
    Uppity you know I think you did the right thing. Joe needed you then and does now and always will just as you do him. His story is much like Red dogs and I darn sure am not letting him go. I let many go but he too needed a kings ransom spent on him and nothing will split us apart but death.

  70. Joe stole my heart and gave it to another woman!

  71. I love cats so much, I should have had fewer kids and more cats. Why is it the ones we rescue from certain death turn out to be the loves of our life ?
    My true love Bogey showed up at the door and refused to leave. Look at a picture of a Maine Coon cat on one of those charts at the vets office and you have seen Bogey as he is now, not as he was on that ” dark and stormy night..”
    If anyone out there lives in a place that won’t allow dogs, but will allow cats, first allow me to respectfully say that you should move. Barring that, get yourself a Maine Coon. Bogey is bigger than my Bichon, and way better behaved. He comes at a whistle, he is loyal to a fault, and still does the silliest things that make me laugh every day. If I weren’t technically challenged I would post a pic of him stuffing his big ol’ self in a tiny Easter Basket on the kitchen table.
    I have been told that when I leave the house he plasters himself across the front door until I get home..
    Everyone needs someone or something that loves us so unconditionally.

    Fortunately, eldest kid is a vet, if only the others had gone into plumbing and appliance repair…or something equally useful.

  72. Bogey knew what he was doing. Cats are smart that way. I came home one day and my little Tuxie was sitting in front of the door, she crawled up my leg and said, Are you my mommy?

    They’re very smart and they Know. And if you’ve got yourself a Maine Coon, then nothing you have just said about him is a surprise. Gentle Giants, with very bright minds, and really quiet about it as they study things.

  73. Feh, Lyn, Joe steals everybody’s heart. That’s their punishment for not saving him first.

  74. Utah, he rules the dog. It would be sad if it weren’t so funny. At least once a day I hear honks, whines, yells, groans and the typical collie noises. I already know what’s up so I don’t run to see. Joe will be upside down and she will be hovering over him poking her snout at him while he pretends he’s gonna give her the Five Razors. Never once have I seen that cat leave a mark on that dog. I can tell you this, if I lost one of them, I don’t think the other could handle it. I think I mentioned he brings her gifts from upstairs and drops them at the bottom of the stairs where she waits. My dog is trained to never go upstairs without an okay from me. So Joe will hide up there and it’s pathetic to hear her whining for him at the bottom of the stairs till I okay her rise. My dog, who is about a dozen times bigger than that cat will not enter a room if Joe says no. Seriously. She’s good for Joe, because he really went off the rails when I lost Roni last year. They were real companions. And Joe still sleeps in that cat’s bed instead of her own, which is hilarious because she gets stuck in it, stands up with the bed attached to her. But she always let him have her bed because it had more room. I think that dog knew he was not long for this world long before I or anybody else did. I am so lucky to have a dog who just adores cats. I can bring a new cat in and foster and that dog is like a big old nursemaid.

  75. My cat is very independent. When I tell her I love her, she says she wants to date other people.

  76. Yup Beata, you’ve got yourself a female cat. Sorry, but it’s true. There are exceptions, of course, I have had them. But for the most part, give me the big ole boy cats.

  77. Oh and one more thing, Hillbilly, honey. Plan on being bribed, and if you refuse, plan on being threatened, and if that doesn’t work, watch your back or they will set you up. Plan on immense property damage as well, and phone calls in the middle of the night asking you how your elderly mother is. The system despises purity and will try to rattle it at every turn. Just warning you. You might want to also count on ruining your personal life and your business if you have one, and plan on begging for votes ever few years ago and spending mountains of your own money for the pleasure of being treated like you owe everybody for “Putting you in office”. States, counties, cities, they are just like the federal government only with a smaller pot to deal over. You’ll hardlly recognize the difference, and everything you do will be considered the wrong thing by a fair portion of the electorate, and whatever you do, get rid of that long-term thinking idea.

    Good luck with all of that until such time you realize this ain’t worth is and you’re not going to do it any longer. But have no fear. The old standbys will be right there, eager to “serve”. Themselves.

  78. I thought taking the red pill was a good thing. I understood it to mean that one questions authority & doesn’t accept government-media-complex propaganda. I’m still skeptical that annual $1Trillion deficits are sustainable. I’m suspicious that w/ QE infinity & unlimited printing of dollars that we’ll end up like the Weimar Republic where people needed wheelbarrows of money to buy a loaf of bread. But, again, most people in both parties don’t seem to care.

  79. Well that’s what I mean about three red pills, Adagio. Do you REALLLLLLLLLLLY think we will need wheelbarrows of money to buy a loaf a bread or is that kind of Sean Hannity over the top? Come on Adagio, do you really think Romney was going to fix a thing? For Chrissakes he has the same masters as Obama. All these two HIJACKED BY EXTREMIST parties have done for years is take chances apiece RUINING America using their Own Way, much to the chagrin of the OTHER EXTREME side, which is pissed off that they lost their turn to stab America.

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