Now here’s the kind of Forward Thinking we all like.

Rare Specimen of actual Democrat with leadership skills.

Rare Specimen of actual Democrat with leadership skills.

There are a few edits here done by the Team Hillary Elfs, lol.

I  don’t know about you, but I  might actually make it through the next four years without a head explosion after seeing this.

There are about 15 30-second potential TV spots here. Heh Heh. Minus the Obama insert, of course.

 If she runs, the Republicans are going to need new degrading Hillary graphics. Those `5 year old ones have gotten kind of ratty and overused by both extremes — and that Hillary Nutcracker, etc etc. are, what shall we say, irrelevant now? And let’s not pull tha Age thing, okay boys? Saint Ronnie might roll over in his gold-filled pyramid crypt, you know?

I will remain cautiously optimistic, because I wouldn’ t want to be disappointed, but for now…..

h/t Foxy.


13 Responses

  1. Completely awesome. I’m seeing Hillary ’16 buzz everywhere. Maybe it’ll be a case of “he who laughs last, laughs best” and we’ll get to see Madame President at last.

  2. Please, please, please!!!!

  3. Hey Fredster! Hope you’re feeling better! Eeek! Time to get some sleep!

  4. How about recognizing and confirming our gender instead of falling into the habit of prior speech patterns that extoll the male gender as being the only one?

    I suggest, “SHE who laughs last, laughs best”.

    On another note, has anyone else noticed how news items are now beginning to blame SoS Clinton for the Bengazi mess? Some are even loading up their slurs and artifices used against her in the past.

  5. It’s to be expected. She makes their dicks shrivel. Personally, I think she’s impervious to these clowns now.

  6. Here’s another interesting take –

    The FDR-magnitude expansive coalition that Hillary Clinton could inspire by tapping powerful demographic waves that define our politics and reaching across gender, age and racial lines is a mathematically perfect counterpoint to the shrinking-tent Republicanism that demonizes moderation and tolerance.

    Read more

  7. I said in 08 that a deal was made.but I thought it was 4 years not 8. 😯

  8. I will tread lightly because I know that many here like Hillary. I have zero faith in any presidential candidate that is selected by the two parties. Just look at what happened to Hillary in 08. And every GOP selection since Reagan. Talking from a true conservative/right wing POV, I have to vote 3rd party because I refuse to comprimise my values and beliefs. I know I am very cynical, but I believe the president is nothing more than a hand puppet for the Goldman/Sachs, globalist elite who use their free hand to fist the American people.

    With this being said, I think the best course of action is to band together with like minded folks, in states and counties, and run for school boards, city council, and county seats and boards. PTA’ too. I am in the middle of a race for my union chapter’s presidency seat. If I win this, I might be the only true conservative to win any seat in the country who has no strings attached anywhere:)

  9. More than anything I want to see Hillary as POTUs, but all this early buzz reminds me that she was supposed to be the annointed in 2007, and we know how that turned out. If she runs, I hope she has better people running her campaign. Like Carville.

  10. Yes, Hugo — no more backstabbers!!

  11. Hey Hillbilly, the part about serving in office? Let’s just say I already gave at the office. Several times. Your turn.

  12. I will bet you were good at what ever office you held! Ya know, if I win my race, I will want to be addressed as “The” Hillbilly 🙂

  13. You’re already “The” Hillbilly. 🙂

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