Egyptians protest by the hundreds of thousands against Islamofascism at Presidential Palace


Above is a recent shot outside the Egyyptian Presidential Palace today. The Brotherhood’s Poodle, Morsi, was last seen leaving through the rear exit.

Why, there is hardly room for another protester! Go Egyptians!

The Egyptians are pretty pissed off at Morsi’s power grab and effort to turn Egypt into an Islamofascist state. 

It’s not as if this should be a big surprise, since The Brotherhood is and always were his handlers.

I give the Egyptian people a lot of credit. I am sure plenty of them will die for this cause and we will do nothing to help them, just like we did nothing to help the Iranians when they revolted in the name of the Freedom we purport to encourage. This makes me personally sick.

Once again: Go Egyptians!

Here’s a shot that was taken three days ago. Looks to me like they are in this for the long haul to fight against Morsi’s “seizure of nearly unrestricted powers

Mideast Egypt


24 Responses

  1. Hillary is going to be very busy right up to her last day. This must be tough diplomatically since Morsi got credit for helping with the cease-fire between Hamas and Israel.

    Power to the Protesters!

  2. I will continue to reserve judgment until this whole thing plays out.

  3. Morsi should have given them a nice sounding democratic constitution then implemented an Egyptian Patriot Act.

  4. Read a piece an hour ago or so that said he was backing down a bit – now that he clearly has strong opposition to his power grab and his plan to sharia them all. Some reports say he will allow adjustments and possibly delay the referendum. I don’t trust the “news” sources since they are relying on anonymous sources within the brotherhood that do not want their names used… for obvious reasons.

    We can only hope for compromise and moderation. What’s the likelyhood of that? Maybe there WILL be a rapture on the 21st!

  5. There is one possible solution to the Egypt problem, a method that worked in their blood thirsty past:

    From the WSJ

    When Mohammed Ali Pasha hoped to consolidate his authority over Egypt in 1811, he invited the leaders of his opponents, the warlike Mamluks, to a grand banquet at Cairo’s Citadel fortress. After the meal ended and the unsuspecting Mamluks began to file out the door, Ali signaled his guards to slit their throats.

    Mohammed Ali’s dynasty ruled until Egypt’s last revolution in 1952.

  6. NES gave me this article written in 2004 about the Brotherhood. I think you should all read it.

    And here’s a composite of The Brotherhood, how they started, who (and what they are).
    I have no doubt they will start killing these protesters in a bloody fight. These are Islmaofascists and they want their Sharia, one way or another. In the world. One way or the other.

    Easy for us to just be observers, but don’t think they don’t have their eye on the west in a horrid way. And can you say CAIR?

  7. Morsi should have given them a nice sounding democratic constitution then implemented an Egyptian Patriot Act.


  8. 7 dead/700 injured and NY Times leads with a pic of Brotherhood helping the injured. I hope that paper crashes, it’s got a good start.

  9. Here’s a vid of an interview analyzing Morsi’s speech. It’s with a harvard prof, fwiw, and it’s Amanpour, who never ceases to amaze me with her incessant western hatred and love for islamofascists. Ironcially, she’d be covered in a hefty trash bag if they ever got ahold of her. you’ll not that she also has an interview scheduled with Anwar Al Awlaki’s old man, nothing like stroking the family of Bin Laden’s replacement.

    Even this Harvard Dhimmi makes it pretty clear what Morsi has planned is not very good for women.

  10. Inside the Brotherhood’s torture chamber.

    You know what. Unless you know the terrain, it’s best not to blow smoke. This is some serious shit. I’m going with NES’s gut. Can you guess why?

    We aren’t going to get anything but pablum from the NY times. They’re going to give us the whitewashed Brotherhood. It’s time to look at the other side and the people there too —and what they have to say.

  11. Beheads his sister over extra marital affair …to restore Honor. Carries her head to the police.

    It’s not like we aren’t seeing this shit right at our own door. And we are forced to call it “domestic violence”. Horse shit. These people are animals.

  12. Upps, we saw this coming a long time ago, didn’t we? The left end nut jobs cannot see it still. It is as clear as the nose on their face but they want to pretend, as you say, that shit is ice cream.

  13. I just don’t understand what anyone cannot say something as plain as their own face. Seriously. You can’t pretend this stuff away. It’s erosive

  14. There’s a Muslim fellow I follow in twitter who explained it all so well. He said if you want to know the difference between Muslims and Islamists, 100% of Muslims oppose Morsi, 100% of Islamists support Morsi.

    It’s the same here in the USA, we have both here.The latter lop off their wives heads and stab their daughters, or run them over with trucks. Look at CAIR. They were founded by the Brotherhood.

    If the right wing Christian Theocrats did some of the shit these people do here, we’d be infuriated. Not that they wouldn’t love to, given the chance. Theocracies are raw poison.

  15. Hopefully the masses will prevail, and Morsi and clan will be quashed. Soon.

  16. Thanks for these great posts and links today. That article says that God told them to conquer the earth. These people are demented. Really sick what people do to each other for their religions.

    Charlie Crist turned Democratic today. Sorry I don’t have anything interesting to add. Worked all day and nite and am exhausted.

  17. Since the fall of Mubarak, I have been waiting to cheer.

    The Egyptian Revolution shall be deemed a true success when, and only when, the free voices of the daughters of Egypt proclaim it.

    To hell with Morsi and the weak, savage, cowardly monsters that call themselves the “Brotherhood”; it is a Sisterhood (Muslim or otherwise) that I wish to see empowered.

    And for that, I will cheer. 🙂

  18. The Mideast isn’t ‘complicated’ – once one recognizes it for what it is: a Political (‘divide and rule over’), Religious-ized (‘bind up into…’) Construct of Evil.

    …Yeah, we’re going to rush right in and ‘support-help-arm the people of Syria’ ???

    Chemical weapons risk: Syrian missiles and shells

    The second is that some portion of Assad’s arsenal could be moved to Iran or Lebanon or fall into the hands of foreign fighters with ties to terrorist groups who are helping Syrian rebels.


    James Quinlivan, a Rand Corp. analyst who studies the elimination of weapons of mass destruction, said Syria is thought to have hundreds of tons of chemical weapons material, including not only sarin and mustard gas but possibly also the nerve agent VX, which, like sarin, kills by attacking the central nervous system.


    U.S. officials have said it could take as many as 75,000 ground troops to secure all of Syria’s dozens of chemical sites in a worst-case scenario in which the intervention would face Syrian resistance.

  19. What RWV said.

  20. I agree with What RWV said too. 🙂

  21. Informed rational freedom loving people have all the reasons in the world to fear islam. The twin fogs of political correctness & ignorance must be dispersed before western society better understands this menace. Even a brief review of islamic theology & history quickly exposes the deadly roots of this evil ideology.

    Mohamhead was a 7th century murdering warlord who rose to power on a river of blood surrounded by thugs and gangsters using intimidation, violence, deception and trickery to expand their criminal empire while mercilessly suppressing and killing their opponents and enriching themselves on stolen booty.

    The evil koran is a collection of sayings and speeches by this diabolical madman claiming divine guidance from some mythical sky-god which has inspired generations of crazed fanatics to abhorrent behavior resulting in historys worst ever crimes against humanity starting 1400 years ago and still continuing even today.

    Islam is just another fascist totalitarian ideology used by power hungry fanatics on yet another quest for worldwide domination and includes all the usual human rights abuses & suppression of freedoms.

    and some snappy infographics, great for emailing…

  22. It’s the same in every heavily patriarchal community: Sexuality is heavily regulated, and whenever impropriety takes place the least powerful person takes the blame and the punishmen – not the agressor.

    This applies to women, children, and gay men, because this kind of patriarchal community is set up for the convenience of dominant straight males.

    Hasidim are nuts. Ever reformed Jew I know can’t stand them.

  23. We’re not unaware, nor have we failed to cover on this blog the crackpot hasidics, Boopsie. Like right wing evangelical nutbags, Hasidics are not normal people, just crazy assed religious zealots who have bastardized their religion’s doctrine to suit their own insanity. Do a search on the word “Hasidic” here and you’ll see I have not been kind to them because they deserve no kindness, because they are nothing short of crazy-assed zealots with very bizarro doctrine. So you see, us “Kids” didn’t “miss” that at all, but we adore being called kids, considering the average member of this blog is in his or her fifth decade of life. However, neither of these other two groups, while they are wildly annoying assholes, have a habit of blowing up entire buildings with thousands of people in them in the name of their God, at least not yet or not recently. They tend not to come here to America and lop their wives heads off, shoot, stab or run over their daughters with trucks. Or at least, not in a pattern kind of way.

    One thing ALL religions have in common is the hobbling of women, in fact, it kind of looks to me like Religions in general are all about women and the dick-centric creeps who have a problem with their own lust and perversions.

    I didn’t allow the posting of your first comment because I found its openining a bit offensive to Jews in general rather than Hasidics in particular. I’m sure it wasn’t intentional on your part.

  24. No problem, UW.

    What makes me crazy about Hasidim – and I know this from personal experience on Log Guyland – they move into progressive, mostly-Jewish towns and slowly buy up businesses and homes and then get into local politics. And they try to dictate THEIR RULES to the populace, Jews and non-Jews alike.

    What is most disturbing about the Hasidim is they inforce a strict code of silence on any ‘incidents’ within the community. That’s why you seldom hear of their violence towards women or children, and the only way one hears about their homophobia is from gay men and lesbians who are physically thrown out of their homes and cut off from their families if they see evidence of even a whisper of same-sex attraction.

    Here’s the article I cited in my earlier post:

    These alleged intimidators must think they’re judge and jury.

    Four Orthodox Jewish men were hauled out of a Brooklyn courtroom and arrested yesterday after they allegedly used gangland tactics to intimidate a teen as she bravely testified about her alleged sexual abuse at the hands of a prominent Hasidic leader.

    The sex-abuse trial of Nechemya Weberman was thrown into an uproar when the accused child molester’s supporters surreptitiously snapped iPhone pictures of the 17-year-old on the stand.

    The four were nabbed after one of the images of the girl was posted to a Twitter account. Weberman, 54, is accused of sexually abusing the girl over three years — starting when she was 12 — after her parents sent her to him for counseling.

    A day earlier, the alleged victim was left trembling after Weberman allegedly glared at her through a glass door to the courthouse conference room where she sat during a break in her testimony.

    Yesterday, the judge lashed into the four men — all members of the insular Satmar sect of Hasidic Judaism in Williamsburg, of which Weberman is a leader — for outing the young woman as she testified about alleged sex abuse that prosecutors say Weberman made her endure during what were supposed to be counseling sessions.

    “You know about the Torah, you know about rabbinical courts. This is a civil court!” Supreme Court Justice John Ingram thundered to the four men after they were caught. Your phones will be held for possible criminal prosecution. You may wish to avail yourself of counsel.”

    Lemon Juice, 30, Joseph Fried, 23, Yona Weisman, 23, and Abraham Zupnick, 23, were walked in handcuffs from Brooklyn Supreme Court to the Brooklyn DA’s Office for questioning.

    They were facing criminal contempt charges that could carry up to a year in prison, a source said.

    “I didn’t take a picture,” Weisman protested weakly.

    “They’re on Weberman’s side. All they want to do is give her hell,” fumed Sori Schlafrig, 18, a friend of the girl. “I think they should rot in jail.”

    After the men were removed, Ingram ordered all spectators to surrender their phones at the courtroom door, adding that photos were also taken of Weberman and a defense attorney.

    “I don’t know what’s wrong with you people! Turn off your phones!” Ingram railed. “Now we have to take all their phones, just like in a gang trial,” said a law-enforcement source. “It’s the same thing you have with the Bloods or the Crips.”

    Earlier in the trial, the girl testified that her father lost his business and her nieces were forced to leave their school after she came forward.

    Yesterday, white paper was taped over the glass partition through which Weberman glared.

    In June, four ultra-Orthodox men also were charged with trying to force the teen to drop the case.

    (‘LEMON JUICE?!?!’)

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