Head explosions among religious zealots. Cue the paranoia as these two guys apply for marriage license.

(h/t Fredster)

Texas, you had best not take your population growth for granted!

schenker_620Now here’s a delightful way to drive red state religious zealots Out. Of. Their. Minds.

There have been many powerful images made as the process for legalizing same-sex marriage in Washington has worked its way through debate, legislation, a vote and is now becoming a reality for many couples.

But none of those images have struck a chord like the photo above by Seattle photographer Meryl Schenker.

The picture shows Larry Duncan, 56, and Randy Shepherd, 48, as they apply for a marriage license in the King County Administration Building.

(Photo, Meryl Schenker)

Originally from Dallas, Texas, they told Schenker they moved to Washington 7 years ago because it was more gay friendly.

Cue the head explosions.


30 Responses

  1. Am I missing something? Why would two gay men getting married in Washington make anybody’s head explode?

  2. Love is grand. 🙂

  3. Religious zealot hypocrites make my head explode.

  4. I guess it depends on what part of Texas you live in. Nevermind, what do I know? I live in the middle of the desert.

  5. I love this; it looks like a happy ending to “Brokeback Mountain.”
    Congrats, Larry and Randy.

  6. LOLOL. I thought it was those two red state guys for a minute there.

  7. myIQ, they don’t look like the new yawk LIB-er-al types. They aren’t exactly two dandy looking young dudes or smart sophisticated city slickers. They look like southern moonshine makers or the guy in Pa you go hunting with – manly men.

    That’s why heads would explode. I think that’s what was meant by Upps. I might be wrong.

  8. lol, they do look like the Red State video guys! lol. Didn’t think of that.

    Matching flannel shirts, now that is love. Red, white and blue.

  9. No need to explain, Karen. xo.

  10. I think they are bears. Seriously. I have a bear friend.

  11. McN you might live in the middle of the desert but look at all the excitement you get to enjoy, like the…….um Fireworks.

  12. I’m not prejudging here, but I don’t think these two fellahs take in a lot of Broadway shows. But nope, that’s *not* going to be the image most folks think of when they think of two gay men applying for their marriage license.

    Hey! Just thought about this: are we sure this isn’t conservative hillbilly? 😉

  13. I just think it’s delightful.

  14. Yeah, Hillbilly! Is that you???? You devil you!

    Somebody run over to Hillbilly’s place and fetch him.

  15. Sweet Sue said:

    I love this; it looks like a happy ending to “Brokeback Mountain.”
    Congrats, Larry and Randy.

    Brokeback Mountain: The alternative ending

  16. Hugo you mean like Grizzly Adams?

  17. I just think it’s delightful.

    So do I and I love the fact it takes a shot at some of the stereotypical images of gay folk!!

  18. Yes Fredster, no more can anyone hold city slickers suspect when the moonshine guy up the road might be the “culprit”. lolol.

  19. They are a sub-set of gay men, Uppity. Grissley Adams fits the physical profile. I first learned of bears when my friend went to Barcelona for Barcelona week. I’m not making this up.

  20. Bear celona week. Auto speller will no let me type the whole word.

  21. Shows you how stupid I am Hugo. lol.

  22. I just happened to have a bear friend or would not have a clue.

  23. Spice kits last day with John. They’re all going to be adopted, hopefully, tomorrow, and then their lives begin in ernest. Surely John will have a new batch of cuteness very soon afterwards. So precious – all 5 of them are great ambassadors for rescue fostering. They caused loads of donations to flood into their sponsor shelter. Great job being adorable, Rosie and kits!

  24. I’m gonna miss those little buggers, and especially their Mom.

  25. Hugo: Bears can be cuddly too! 😉

  26. Karen, John has a youtube channel with highlights of the Spicers and OTHER litters he’s had. He’ll get another litter, count on it. He has the perfect setup and you can tell he’s got it down to a science.

    I just saw that the kittens are being adopted in twos. Pepper and Basil, and Mace and Sage.

  27. Fredster, that appears to be true and some do enjoy Broadway too.

  28. I love this pic. Congrats to Larry and Randy!

    They need to adopt a cat now.

  29. From reading the comments on the Spice Kits site, it sounds like they are having some kind of kitteh adoption event at a PetSmart when the Spices go to their new homes. Even though Rosie and her babes are spoken for, there will be other kittehs available for adoption. I think that is a fabulous plan. Hope lots of cats get good forever homes!

  30. Congrats Larry & Randy!

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