Workout Kitteh Works Out.


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  1. my cat runs at the sight of anything with a motor, but this is adorable.

  2. My cat played on my ex-husbands pool table more than he did.

  3. The 5 angels are gone. The new mom’s are on a line to claim their babies. The ending is a tear jerker. John got teared up and said all of them were his favorite. How could anybody chose? All of the above.

    The last 24 hours they learned a lot of new tricks. Escaping with ease, new toys, getting their heads stuck, hacking into the computer and messing around with the keyboard, pulling up the carpet to bury food… it is definitely time for them to go! One more day and he wouldn’t have a house left for the next batch.

  4. LOL they got smart in the last week. It’s what happens. Been there. I saw Pepper get a real bashing from Mace this morning. She was different from the other three in looks and they knew it, so did she. She’s going to be one great cat. She’s going with Basil to the same home. And Sage and Mace are going together too. Rosie has also been claimed. I knew he would cry. I figured i would too, so I opted not to watch.

    They’re young and will adapt just fine. Rosie’s gonna take some time forgetting John. But in the right home, she will. And I don’t doubt for a minute John made sure she got a special home.

  5. LOL on the pool table! Scraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatch.

  6. Uh-Oh! Snowmen and penguins in the header! Could a trapped pengy in a snow globe be on the horizon??? Watch out pengies!!! Don’t worry – Auntie Imust will save you!!!!

  7. Cool video! Simpley Looove it!

  8. Awesome!!!!! 🙂

  9. Yeah, imust to the rescue. Is her ice machine worn out? Did she forget to fill the trays? Are there no convenience stores to pick up a 10 lb bag? Snowmen, pengy, and tuxie cat. The b&w header is so artsy, you’d think this was a classy type place. *choke*

  10. Watch the header daily. The changes will be subtle but There.

  11. Just finishing up a post on that cockroach Sandusky who things prison isn’t very fair to him. But I will spare you from that vermin for the weekend.

  12. Et tu karen? You cut me to the quick! Rumors of ice cubes persist but the truth will prevail.

  13. imust, you stirred your drinky-poo and it was tinkling and crinkling with ice and frost on the glass. The poor pengy was sweating.


    and PA, Pie Anonymous, too, while you’re at it. 24 step, imust. 🙂

  14. imust, the truth already did prevail when a poor poor dehydrated Pengy showed up begging for amnesty. Or at least asylum.

  15. Hahaha ps have been traveling in NC am feeding a feral kitteh of the dunes while staying near Kitteh Hawk, lol Happy Merry Christmas to all at Uppity And Co…………I swear my black and white dune cat looks like Uppity cat, so comfy……..

  16. Ps loves michelangelo paw lololololol

  17. VB, that kitteh in kitteh hawk, NC might be a lost cat from Sandy. They got hit heavily – the outer banks region. One of my favorite spots, Pea Island wildlife refuge had 12 feet deep dunes of sand on the roadway and that is close to where you are. Cat might be lost and on its own since the storm.

  18. Valentine. The stars have spoken. Godpaw has spoken. You must pick up cat and bring him home with you. End of messsage.

  19. Uppity and/or FF put my pengy in a snow globe and I have proof!

  20. What Karen said. Must rescue cat. Bring cat to rescue place or, better yet, bring cat home. Please do not leave him there. It’s an odd place for a cat, you see? You may be his only and last chance.

  21. Ever wonder what happened to Al Gore? Exhibit A:

  22. Hmmmmmmmmm header changed.

  23. Dick Cheney Exhibit B:

  24. Penguins in the header probably spotted an empty snow globe and somebody (who shall remain nameless) with a net!

  25. yes! hugs you see pix at my blog! look in shadow xxoo!

  26. these cats are all feral here never seen anything like it — they live behind the restaurants or off the beach — loves this little cat, loves it! wants it too, all my life the cats the dogs… am very far from home — but looking at a home……. hugs! finallyy could meet uppity if gets it!

  27. pengy march, stage left. reverse course, run for the hills. Imust is thirsty.

    the spice kittens in their new homes – looking so sad! awwwwww.

  28. the spice kitten only stream at flickr for those who don’t do facebook:

  29. Yes obviously that particular cat is yours now, Valentine. YOu are responsible for his future.

  30. Hmmmmmm they’re moving kinda fast…

  31. imust, the pengy begged us to snow globe him to be safe from you. We don’t deny this.

  32. Love the video. I wonder what a cat thinks about running but going nowhere…

    I wonder if any of my cats would like a treadmill. Doesn’t much matter–their mom doesn’t like them.

  33. Way off topic, but I was reading the comments to an article at Politico and there was a comment from my 10th grade history teacher. Wow.

  34. Sophie, I kick my cats off the treadmill. I figure if something can go wrong it will.

  35. Wow your 10th grade teacher. Did you say hi to her?

    Is she in a nursing home? just kidding.

  36. Him. He’s certainly retired, but not that old.
    I said MY 10th grade teacher, not YOURS.

    :::::::::::::running as fast as my legs can carry me::::::::::::::::::::::::

  37. Sophie, omg. I’m not a yappy dog fan but that story and that slideshow of adorable dogs is so heart-warming. Beautiful story. So great to hear of people with the means doing something for animals. Better than spending it on yet another mansion or yacht. And it assures them a spot in doggie heaven.

  38. I am so ancient I can’t remember my 10th grade teachers. They’re all a blur to me now but 10 years ago I bet I would have known the names.

    I still have a good memory for important things but even now the details are slipping away. CRS at 55 is common, so I am told. I can still do crossword puzzles so I have not crossed into scary-land, yet.

    Now where did I put my cup of tea?

  39. Karen, next time we do a Kitty Relay, we’ll get a jet.

  40. Karen, thanks for posting the Spice Kittens’ pics. I don’t think they look sad. Just confused about their new surroundings. They will be fine! They all have good forever homes. And Rosie was ready to let them go. Now she has time to herself in her new home. ( She is the one that stole my heart. What a beauty. )

  41. Look how cute he is sleeping!
    kittens before adoption

    They look fine. Rosie is even more gorgeous up close. They seem to have decent homes, and certainly don’t look like they are lacking for anything. The fact that they went in pairs is a good thing. they will do fine. That pepper is a pisser in his new home too. Rosie is such a calm thing, isn’t she? I didn’t see a pic of her at her new home, did you? She’s got to deal with leaving the kits, which is okay, because the time was about right for a mother cat to say, get moving guys! But I do believe she seriously worshipped John, and maybe this is her nature, to bond to her person. Whomever gets her is a lucky person. I can tell.

  42. Speaking of jets, there IS a guy who runs an airline that strictly transports pets. He does a lot of rescue transporting. I have a recent link somewhere, where a dying man was far away from home and his dying wish was to see his dog, and the airline transported the dog to him. I’ll try to find the link.

  43. I taught High School and still run into students. Some of them, years later are friends, to be honest. One of them works for my dentist. lol. Another and I became friends years later. She passed on, it was a bummer. One of my students runs a zoo and he is just so cool. We have lunch whenever he’s in town. Others I have run into in odd places here and there. Its kind of cool. I had some great kids.

  44. Name of the airline people is “Pilots and paws”. how sweet is that. Here’s one they did.

  45. On the critter cam page is a poster by: Rosemary Elizabeth – Kitten Cam Mama

    Thank you to everyone for your support and love for Rosemary and her kittens! They all went home and quickly to great new homes. My boyfriend and I are ecstatic to say that we did get her! It’s all so surreal right now! I’m also surprised how quickly she is getting used to things. She was freaking out a little on the long ride home (about 2 hours to my boyfriends place from Everett) but calmed down along the way. I think she actually liked the ferry ride the most when she got to explore my car a bit while it was parked and traveling over the sound. She seemed to like seeing the water.

  46. Bet you were the best teacher, Uppity.

  47. Well that one worries me just a wee bit. She has a boyfriend. They break up. She has to find a place that takes cats. I am assuming the adoption people checked her out so I’ll stop worrying. But I would have liked to see her in a secure place that has lower chance of disruption. But Rosie is a pretty easy going girl, and I am also sure if things don’t work out the rescue people will help out. I just didn’t like the sound of it, but then I shouldn’t judge from just a comment on the internet, so forgive me. But as further proof of how easy Rosie is, she enjoyed a ferry ride. lolol, Joe would have been howling like a coyote.

  48. I tell you if I lived nearby that place I would have taken Rosie in a nanosecond. I have a knack for finding those special ones.

    Incidentally, remember DUDE, who I rescued from PetSmart on his last days? He is doing SOOOOOOOOOOOOO Well! My tenant just ADORES him and she has eased up on begging me for Joe now. lol.

  49. DUDE, saved from PetSmart, kill shelter, a few days left.

  50. re teaching, Valentine I was pretty good if I do say so myself. lol. My kids all remember me in a good way so I guess I did well. I live right near one of my ex students too. lol. She brags all the time that I was her hot teacher. I was like 22 years old when I had her in class.

  51. Karen, I couldn’t find a DVR of John’s last minutes with them, talking to the followers. I guess that’s probably good. lol.

    They were fun to watch because it was from birth to adoption, although I’ve done this a number of times myself, it was a kick to see the spice cats grow on cam.

    I don’t do litters any longer, I am best at working with semi ferals, mostly adults, and taming them. I also have a setup to foster for a long time without contact with my own cats. It’s a great setup, with trap door access to areas of the land, and I have three siblings now for four years, I call them Benny and the Jets. They are orange cats and, while they are tame, unfortunately they are only tame with me, but I’m still working on them. Their room is air conditions and heated and they want for nothing. I have some pics of them somewhere. Poor things, they didn’t have much going for them, they were already nearly a year old when I took them on, and would have been put down, I think. I lock them in once a year and my vet, who is also my friend, comes to the house and gives them their rabies shots and a checkup. So they have a good life. I would say their adoption prospects are very low in future, so I guess that makes them mine and that’s okay. Besides they are really attached to one another and companions. They LOVE my dog! She wakes them up every morning but sticking her head in their door and telling them to get up. lolol. But I have a limit to how many cats I have in the house proper and that’s that. I do not want to be known for having a home runover by cats.

  52. I know this is out of character for me, but even I have to admit that this pet rat is cute.

  53. Dude is a sweet boy. So glad he has found a loving home.

    I would have a houseful of cats if I could but my home is only two small rooms and a bath. No basement or garage. My tortie diva is a bit tempermental and very possessive so she’s the only cat for me right now. I have managed to talk several friends into adopting rescue cats over the past year so at least I am helping in some way.

  54. There’s a blizzard in the header!

  55. Happy Hanukkah!!!

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