So these three German Shepherds walk into an English Pub….


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  1. Those are beautiful dogs & I’m not even a big GSD fan ๐Ÿ˜‰
    (of course, to some of my clients they’re irreplaceable)

  2. Too cute!

  3. This is the short version of this video. The dog in the forefront is the mother of the other two.

  4. Now there’s three babies that I would want to adopt. I LOVE SHEPS. That mamma has the coloring my two babies had. Those three dawgs, Rosie and the 4 spice kittens – are 8 animals I would melt for. But then again, I could love up nearly every damn animal I met my whole life.

    That said: *singing* The parrot is going back to my daughter today, the parrot is going back to my daughter today, the parrot is going back to my daughter today. HOORAY! HOORAY HOORAY!

    Upps, one look at the 4 new pics of Rosie and you will be assured she is in good hands. The boyfriend is a keeper, she is going to love him.

  5. Happy Hanukkah to all celebrating the festival of lights! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Yes Happy Hannukkah to all our Jewish members/lurkers!

  7. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy! Rosie looks so contented!!!! Looks like a nice place too. Rosie, you GO girl!

  8. I am on a Dump binge. Filled up four large trash bags of things i don’t want to see any longer. Goal: To be able to dance in the attic. I’m sick of having too much Stuff. I want to travel lighter. I attacked the walk in closet today too.

  9. the equal pay act, and the other first-Obama-term accomplishments.

    I stopped right here, TWANDX. I am sick of this bullshit of pretending Lilly Ledbetter has a whit to do with the Paycheck Fairness Act, which NEVER happend. I am sick of these Obamazoids bullshitting people. They can go ahead and bullshit themselves but I don’t think they are doing that. I just think they are bald-faced liars. And the last thing America needs is a Carbon Tax so rich bastards like Jeff Immelt and Al Gore can make more millions on something that you can’t see or touch and call it a commodity. This author is so off the deep end, I don’t think his fingernails can hang on much longer. Methinks Hillary would disappoint him, and that would make me happy.

  10. I want Rosie’s new owners to adopt me too. Their place looks really swanky.

  11. Yeah. Nice fireplace! Cats LOVE lying in front of fireplaces!

  12. Penquins on the move again in the header. Little buggers. Probably planning revenge against imust.

  13. Oh man, we just had shrimp and broccoli scampi over linguini and I ate too much.

  14. Gotta pay the piper, imust!

  15. What’s the story with imust and the penguins?

  16. It’s a sad story of penguin abuse, sophie. Lack of ice which was supposed to be for the penguin but instead got used for booze. Dehydrated, he draged himself back and begged for asylum and protection, so FF placed him into a snow globe to keep him safe. Very sad indeed. Of course, imust denies the entire thing but there you have it

  17. Wow, and imust seemed so trustworthy and dependable too. Sigh… At least she didn’t attempt to make a penguin pie. That would really be a travesty.

  18. Well there were penguins that came up missing but we could never solve it.

  19. They are much better with BBQ sauce than in a pie. Pengy stew is even better. Savory and tender.

    A Spice Kitty fan made a video. Get out the kleenex.

  20. still4hill is keeping busy listing the awards Hillary is getting in her final days. They keep coming, as they should. Makes a PUMA proud to have supported and worked for the best damn person for the job of POTUS to come along since her old man had the job.

    It is bitter sweet though. She’s getting her just rewards and all her previous attackers are pretending they were always on her bandwagon, but it is always the case that her time was robbed from her.

  21. OMG that video is SOOOOOOOOO cute. She captured the whole thang!

  22. “placed him into a snow globe to keep him safe.” HA! How does trapping him for eternity in a snow globe keep him safe??? Do you think a pengy would go WILLINGLY into a snow tomb???? Sophie, you have to trust me. Or are you going to believe the one who is giving out penguin recipes??

  23. Very sweet video of the spice kitties.

  24. Harumph! No response to my plea for solidarity! Just kitteh talk. Imustpourmyself a glass of wine (sans ice).

  25. Or are you going to believe the one who is giving out penguin recipes??

    ROFLMAO!! Ok–I’m listening–tell your side of the story. (And pour me a glass of that wine while you’re at it, sans ice aussi.)

  26. Hey i didn’t give out those recipes. Sophie knows i would never lie to her and if necessary, I can call in FF for a witness. He begged for the snow globe, the poor dear, abused ice-less thing.

  27. Yeah I can’t wait to hear her story this week, Sophie.

  28. tsk, tsk, tsk. Which one is yours, lush?

  29. So unlike this well cared for pengy

  30. And here’s imust’s former penguin shortly after he got away from her and was relocated. Happy!

  31. Those shepherds are too cute! That comes close to Judy and Liza with the intervention. ๐Ÿ˜†

  32. LOL Fredster, that vid was too funny. Corn cob holders and salad shooters, ROFL.

  33. Oh well how cool is this? The young woman who played Ruth Dakin Bailey in It’s a Wonderful Life, disappeared from Hollywood after the film. Stuck in the days when you could have a career OR a husband, she left acting to marry. She married an auto executive in Michigand and she showed up this week in Michigan for a screening of the movie….at age 86, with hubbie, and she seems to be quite happy with her choice. And how cute, she said she hadn’t seen the movie in a long time…while the rest of us watch it every year.

  34. Upps@10PM. that’s amazing she hasn’t seen the movie in awhile. At times we’re inundated with it!!

  35. Upps: You should see Judy fixing Cream of Wheat for Liza and the gang! ๐Ÿ˜†

  36. I’ll bring Judy here. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Judy fixes breakfast for Liza and the rest of the gang.

  37. That happy pengy had too much pie. Sugar rush, likely…

  38. Upps, you have email when you can check it.

  39. Lush!!!! [hic] I am not a lush!!!!! *pours another glass of pinot* This glass of wine is for Sophie!!! *gulps down pinot* Okay, the next glass is for Sophie! Hey, it’s Russian River Valley! I have come to the conclusion that the *Woman* known as the Uppity, will never admit the truth! I need the Freedom Fairy to corroborate my story, the TRUE story of my sweetie Pengy, named….Pengy. Taken from me at a tender age….imprisoned in a globe…..and then to make matters even worse….the lies about what REALLY happened. If only, if only there was a body of people, a 4th estate if you will, that would ferret out the truth! Expose the lies!!! Find my pengy!!!!!!!!! But alas, no such group of people exist. It is up to me, and only me!

  40. Well you can skip trying to bribe Freedom Fairy, that’s for sure.

  41. If you adored Barack Obama then you could count on Chris Matthews to ‘prove’ your story. Is that worth it for you?

  42. I love Judy Garland! I remember watching her TV show when I was a kid.

  43. I’m going to bed. Thank goodness I can rest easy knowing that the penguin is safe from you forever enconsed in his snow globe.

  44. Adored Bronco Bama? Who adored him??

  45. My pengy will escape from that snowy prison and be reunited with me….someday!!!

  46. Okay, so I went grocery shopping today. I needed milk and took a half gallon off the refrigerated shelf and looked at the expiration date. It said, Dec. 21, 2012. I thought to myself….perfect! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  47. Love the German Shepards. They remind me of a mother and two pups we had.

    This is a cool video showing a dog trained to drive a MiniCooper.

  48. Porter! You go boy! Nice find hugo! I gotta use this! Let’s watch and see who steals it first, though. My money is on…..

  49. I stole it from SmartPlanet.

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