Aunt Chippy: Wrapping %*$*ing Christmas Presents

BIG h/t Sophie!


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  1. I am so glad you were able to find that on YouTube. I laughed so much, tears were rolling!

  2. Tears are rolling on the left coast, too!!! High-larious! Thanks, Upps. I NEEDED that.

  3. Me too! I was laughing so hard I was crying!.

  4. OMG look at her at the San Gennaro festival. This woman is a riot!

  5. I was going to go to bed, I am so exhausted, but thought I’d stop just to see what was happening today.
    OMG! I am laughing so hard tears are streaming down my face. I’m forwarding this to everyone! The people who will laugh the hardest are to ones who know just how OCD I am about wrapping presents. They are going to fall on the floor!!


  6. OMG rof fricking floor………………………..

  7. I laughed so hard I almost got sick. lololol.

  8. This is how I imagine Uppity wrapping presents…although I don’t see a glass of Scotch anywhere. 🙂

  9. I’m laughing so hard my stomach hurts!! Oh gawd, that’s funny.

    Thanks Sophie and Upps.

  10. MB, that would be because I threw the bottle at somebody. But that would be the cheaper stuff. I ain’t no fool.

  11. OMG!!! That is hilarious!! ROFLMAO!! Priceless! Great find Sophie and Uppity!

  12. Damn straight Upps! Never, EVER throw the good stuff at someone’s head. I think that’s the 11th Commandment.

  13. I tell you what, this would be funny to anyone, but speaking as a New Yorker, there is not only of us alive who doesn;t relate to the rhythm of this woman and what pisses her off!! Thank you Upps! Oh, sister, did I need this today!

    By the way, check your email…

  14. I never leave a store without a wrapped gift. And, of course, there’s Amazon’s pricey wrapping service.

  15. I know, I know, I’m such a L.O.S.E.R…..

  16. Anyone that knows me well knows this is me lol. Only difference is those dull scissors would have been launched. She actually was a bit mild I would have landed in the middle of his chest !!

  17. Ok I had to go look at more. I am dying laughing

  18. omg, those were hilarious, laker & I rolling here.

  19. This is why I love those gift bags and tissue paper things.

  20. Are you kidding I have REALITVES just like her! I may BECOME her myself when I’m 72. I’m kind of on my way now!

  21. Confession: I do the same thing NES does.

  22. Hey Socal Family, thanks for your Christmas donation to that drug addict, Bill!

  23. Forget the story, just read the comments, get some coffee and read ALL of them to understand the mentality of these people and why there is no hope for the GOP at this rate.

  24. I love Chip’s Easter Tips but I thought she was calling the dark chocolate bunny “dog” chocolate. I wondered what is this “dog” chocolate? Is it something new? Lol.

  25. Newt is right. no competition at all. 🙂

  26. Gingrich on NBC’s “Meet the Press” called Clinton a “very formidable” person who is married to “the most popular Democrat in the country.”


  27. love the vid,s. 😆

  28. omg, the comments on that nasty-newt article were crackie! (Thats what I think they’re on, crack). Yeah, run Palin and other tea partiers.

    Upps, haha, you’re very welcome!

  29. Hillary cancelled trip to morocco, she’s sick with Wega (whatever’s going around).

  30. socal, forget palin, I thought their clamor about going further right to Win showed some real cognitive dissonnance. I hope they do that in 2016. Yeah, give us Rick Santorum or something and, if Hillary runs, she won’t even have to leave the house to win.

  31. Whoa, very cranky people re: Right To Work.

  32. As a union member I hope all the states pass the right to work laws. I do not want to pay dues to the political arm of the Dem party for no reason at all. I don’t get big bucks, that’s for sure. My benefits are comparable to others in private markets. The main difference is I HAD to join the union to get my job. They did offer something called “fair share” but it was the exact same deduction as union dues. I was informed that over 95% of the employees are with the union and that if I didn’t join I would stick out as one of the few who were union busting…

    I joined and pay them for no reason. AFSCME is one of the better ones, at least. They backed Hillary big time in 2008 after they polled the members and found bo had less support. Since then though they’ve supported bo and reading their convoluted logic as to why and their total political propaganda support for him – just makes me nuts.

    I don’t want to be in this union and if I want to keep my job I have to be.

    It is a joke. They gave away all my real benefits long ago – my retirement plan is pitiful. Everything good about the job is covered under Federal and State labor laws – overtime pay, no discrimination based on sex, etc.

    Those Michigan workers are nothing more than thugs. Rioting and creating civil disobedience is ignorant in a time of record unemployment. They should be glad they have jobs and shut the hell up and certainly not be out there breaking the law and attacking people.

    JERKS. They will not get any sympathy for their actions. The states with Right to Work have better work conditions and companies stay in business. Go figure…

  33. Aunt Chippy is a character. Not sure if she is just acting for the most part or if she is really like that. It seems staged for Kimmel. The San Gennaro one especially. The reaction to the food guy seemed planned.

  34. Eh I’ve been union and I’ve been management, so I have no problem flat out saying that both sides know fully well how to Blow Goats when they want to.

    I just don’t think it benefits them to behave this way. I think that’s what tanked them in Wisconsin, people don’t like feeling intimidated and others feel offended. I don’t know the answer, but surely they could find better spokespersons than someobody who has Thug written all over his face. That is all.

  35. Yes it’s part of his show, but let’s face it, you can’t be an Aunt Chippy if you aren’t an Aunt Chippy. lol.

  36. Man it’s cold here.

  37. Whaa? Missed the big Uppity 4 gazillion ppparty? Damn. Aunt Chippy is a riot awright…..related Uppity? Scammed dary, too!! She offers to give the guy a circumcision….whoa. (crossing legs tightly). Going to send Sophie’s find to my wife and others, who may become the next Lorena Bobbitts.

  38. cccccold always follows the storm. Stay warm, Upps. Another headed here this weekend and will be there a few days later….Christmas present.

  39. Rubber duckie you’re the one… big bathtub needed, Thames sized:

  40. John shared pic – ain’t it the truth? awwwwwwww. silver kitteh beauty.!/photo.php?fbid=10150737765910590&set=p.10150737765910590&type=1&theater

    btw: the area of Florida I decided on this week as most likely place to move was Edgewater. I told my daughter and shared pics of some places I was considering and boom a tornado hit 2 miles from a house I as considering. It snows in NEPA but houses don’t fly…

  41. Hey Hal, it’s gotta be even colder there! At ease with the legs. Aunt Chippy doesn’t post here. Yet.

  42. Awwwwwwwwww that looks like my Joe Man!

    And that ducky is adorable!

  43. Very interesting, karen. Good to hear from someone who’s part of a union.

  44. Newt is right. no competition at all.

    foxy, all Hillary’s ‘competition’ will all be inside her own party. All the misogynists and Clinton-haters in the party haven’t gone away. Just watch, they’ll deprive her of the nomination yet again. Maybe they’ll throw up a minority woman to be the anti-Clinton candidate so they can’t be accused of sexism. Just today, a most annoying ‘bot said Solis Doyle (Labor Secty.) would be a good nominee and winner, and he was afraid Hillary had “too much baggage.” Like anyone’s heard of the Lab. Secty., FCS!

  45. Confession: I do the same thing NES does.


  46. Wow, NES. Whoa indeed!

  47. What’s with all the Whoas? I get packages wrapped!

  48. Yeah she’s got “baggage”. It’s called experience. And the highest approval numbers of any of the DC Clowns. That’s baggage. Listen, I think the moderate republicans who are repulsed at the far right will vote for her. I think women will vote for her. And I think seniors will vote for her. And I Know hispanics adored her, as did asians and blacks before Obama pretended she was racist so he could get some votes.

  49. Interesting data about right to work: 7 of 10 of the poorest states are right to work, but only 1 of the 10 wealthiest is.

  50. I think that could be because when times are great and everyone is doing well, RTW isn’t a thought. Because if I do well and you do well, I’m happy and you’re happy. But when times are rough the idea of RTW becomes more attractive to areas that aren’t doing well and need to attact businesses which are all to happy to relocate there and increase their badly needed tax base. It’s kind of like that.

  51. Let’s look at it case by case, in this case, Detroit. It’s a ghost town now. A shithole. A dump. Highest unemployment rate in the country. No tax base. It’s kind of wierd to imagine unions fighting for………….what again?

  52. While unions have been greedy gavonnes and their executives have been as rapacious as their corporate counterparts, they did serve a purpose and without them, people could still be working in buildings without fire exits.

    It would be too easy to blame the state of manufacturing in America on unions (and they do deserve their share of it), but the corporate execs really killed it.

  53. Sophie, there are “stats” from the unions and there are stats from the anti-union forces to back up both versions. It is complicated by the fact that many of them were not right to work until recently. The long term states provide more reliable data.

    The law allows people like me to drop out of our unions if we chose to. Right now I am forced to be in the union that has done zippo for me in 9 years. I give them money and they give it to obama.

  54. Oh hey I never deny that those two sides take chances apiece fucking everything up! It’s a We-They thing right along. I guess my only point is it seems kind of silly to be hanging out in a place like Detroit where there aren’t going to be ANY jobs and demanding that what few jobs there might be –like maybe— must be Union jobs. When you definitely have nothing to offer anybody and definitely have no cards whatsover, and when you are looking at a completely devasated shithole, it might be nice not to act like a lowlife asshole thug fromm the Mob is all I’m saying.

    If you say there will be jobs My Way or No Jobs, which do you think is going to happen? If they see that video,and if that’s the climate, how many companies do we think would even consider going there?

  55. Texas Republicans Suddenly Realize Cutting Birth Control Access Increases Unintended Pregnancies

    Ya think?


  56. I’d like to see Aunt Chippy do a segment with Paula Deen. Y’all!

  57. Nothing like a greatpair of scissors to cut important items! Hahahahahahahahaa!

  58. Fabulous Sophie! Thanks for putting it up UW. It made my day. I used to wrap Christmas gifts for a store. I need not say more. 😀

  59. greedy gavonnes

    Meant to tell you, in the formal, this is “Cafone”.

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