Poor Jerry Sandusky, Prison is rough on him! Not as rough as you were on those kids, pervert.

This ain't the Shower Room, Jerry.

This ain’t the Shower Room, Jerry.

Jerry Sandusky wants to be moved from his “harsh” prison setting. Things are really bad for him.

HARRISBURG, Pa.— A lawyer for former Penn State assistant Jerry Sandusky said Friday his client has gotten his fighting spirit back after his child abuse conviction and sentencing and hopes prison officials will find a way to house him under less restrictive conditions than he currently experiences.

Well, it’s nice to know you’ve got your fighting spirit back, Jerry. Some of the kids you molested never got their lives back. Rape is like that, you cockroach. Personally, I’d love to see you in the “Less Restrictive” general population. At least they have standards, and vermin like you are at the bottom of their list.

Rominger said Sandusky, 68, rates as a Level 2 inmate on a five-level security classification but is being kept under much more severe Level 5 conditions. He said Sandusky is alone in his cell for 23 hours a day during the week and around the clock on weekends.

What a bummer. Things would go a lot faster for Jerry if we strapped him to a table and gave him a special little IV drip.

“It’s a tough life, Level 5,” Rominger said. “And I know some people in the public will say, ‘Who cares?”

You’ve got THAT right.

Boo Fucking Hoo, Jerry. Maybe you’d like some furloughs so you can be with little boys?

“We’re not completely devoid of common sense,” Rominger said. “We understand the prison system is trying to balance their concerns about physical safety. We are just looking for middle ground.”

Good idea!  Let’s put Jerry in the “middle” of the prison “grounds” five minutes before exercise period, and send the guards on a coffee break.



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  1. Woman official assassinated by Afghan goatfuckers.

  2. Like most baby rapers, Sandusky is probably a model prisoner.

    No drugs, no gangs, no tattoos, and he’s well educated.

  3. I had to chose the shower option for the pervert since it would be karma. Shower “hung like a horse up his bunghole” payback for his little shower time “horse play” with little defenseless kids.

    Better yet douse him in club soda and feed him to the Shepherds. They’re good at giving bad guys something real to complain about. Boo hoo, ESAD.

  4. I say put him in the general population in the prison Jeffery Dahmer was sent to.

  5. That’s why he is where he is–the rules don’t apply to him. I pray there is a special place in hell for him.

  6. had to choose the shower option 😯

  7. They should ship the POS a thousand miles away so his wife, who heard no evil, saw no evil and spoke of no evil, but enjoyed those perks, can’t visit him that easily. Cockroach.

  8. awwwww No death penalty option? or even be killed by an army of angry children? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XIFtG4JIaHE

  9. I have said for years that most rapist should be given the death penalty.

  10. Jeepers! No forced castration with a butter-knife?

    My only regret is that ‘Joe Pa’ never lived to rot in jail.

    Has anyone blown up his campus ‘memorial’ yet? I’d love to take a sledgehammer to that bronze state.

  11. Be careful what you ask for, Mr Rominger. I’d give Sandusky three days before he’s back under lock and key 23/24 hours a day… much worse for wear, of course.

  12. A rapist takes a life no two ways about it. Your ability to be in a “normal” relationship with your partner is gone. You have hang ups you never get past. You are angry when it comes down to it and that is for life. You learn to live but nothing is ever really normal as far as that goes. You have to create a new normal and trust me when I tell you little things can trigger some awful stuff. A rapist steals your life plain and simple and death to the monster that did it is a fair deal in a way. A life for a life. Bad thing is his misery ends when he is killed you have to live on and remember.
    I have no sympathy to man or woman that thinks it is ok to force themselves on another and cause such misery.
    The shower is good then the needle.
    His wife should be there by his side.

  13. Sandusky.Is.Pure.Evil. And his wife? Mrs.Pure.Evil.Accomplice.

    What utahwoman said.

  14. The thing is, his wife is not a woman who didn’t have anywhere to go like so many women who are afraid to speak up. She could have turned this bastard in, divorced him, any number of things, and she would not have been left on the street. But alas, she enjoyed the perks of being the coach’s wife, which she would no longer enjoy if she didn’t Go Along To Get Along. You can NOT convince me she didn’t know what he was doing in that house. I would laugh in the face of anyone who tried. And remember when she tried to run over the reporter with her SUV? She enabled him by Doing Nothing. All those years. All those years. And all those lives destroyed.

  15. Sorry–nothing on that list that’s “good” enough for Jerry. And YES, the wife should be charged and tried as an accomplice.

  16. LOL ‘entrepreneur”charged with 23 counts of fraud, scam and money laundering. Con man received ‘Entrepreneur of the year’ award, rubbed elbows at white house, had Jeb Bush on his board of directors.

  17. Agree with everything utahwoman said. She’s very wise.

  18. And for lots of laughs right up until the end, watch this:

    I sure do hope that link works.

  19. OMG that was HILARIOUS! Wish I could find it on youtube. The person gave NO credits.

  20. So Obama met ans shook hands with that PSY guy who sang a song about killing our soldiers. #whatapresident

  21. FOUND IT.

    I think that youtuber was unconscionable, posting without credits. I GOTTA PUT THIS UP.

  22. Yeah Bawack attracts all those America haters. That’s because he’s one of them.

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