The 12 Pains Of Christmas

I figured you could relate:


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  1. Oh, soooooooooooo true!


  2. Red in the header…

  3. Observant! While we all chatter, something is amiss.

  4. I can relate…..

  5. I love the little guy who’s trying to find a tree. Reminds me of Charlie Brown in the end.

  6. The woman festering over her inlaws cracks me up.

  7. Rand Paul made up his own Ophthamology Certification. He started an organization, appointed his wife to the board, and so far, he’s the only one they’ve ‘Certified”. Isn’t that just like a Libertarian?

  8. I love these anti-gubbermint types who make a living in political office and whose daddies do too.

    A current controversy in my neck of the woods is government oversight of physicians , especially those dispensing narcotics like PEZ. A lot of commenters don’t think the gov should have that power. It should be between doc and patient. One of the most outraged commenters thinks licensing docs is a power grab by the gov. Turns out that commenter is a local gubbermint employee.

    Gotta love those hypocrites. They don’t even get the irony.

  9. First day .. pull 12 year old tree out of box
    Second day … get kid to hang lights
    Third day.. have another drink and forget about it
    Fourth day… piss on cards
    fifth day… piss everyone off no bills for gifts
    sixth day….marry an only child whose parents have passed, problem solved
    seventh day…shop online
    eighth day….slap the shit out of the little turd issue solved
    ninth day… shop online issue solved
    Tenth day.. gift cards
    eleventh day…forget to pay the cable bill
    twelfth day …. IPOD with aerosmith on it

    This was cute though lol

  10. First karen eats penguins….now cats???

  11. Karen, how do you prepare penguin? Like fish or like poultry?

  12. Penguin wearing a Santa hat in the header.

  13. Yes things seem to be subtlely moving around up there in headerland.

  14. I’ll bet Karen knows if penguins taste like chicken. And here we are picking on imust for abuse (although her former pengy said he’d rather be dinner than go back).

  15. My pengy had the good life I tell ya! And I certainly would never have EATEN him!!

  16. imust, what constitutes the good life for a pengy in CA?

  17. Penguins love California….

  18. Penguins relaxing at the beach….

  19. Penguins leaving their limo in Hollywood…..

  20. And of course there’s plenty of shopping in LA (California)…

  21. Feh. Shopping penguin I posted yesterday and he’s from Japan not LA. Looks a lot like him. In fact it IS him. No self respectin penguin lives in LA!

  22. LOL Limo pengys.

  23. Remember this poor guy?They were all gawking at him in a dump and all the dumbells didn’t realize he was sick. Thank heavens there was one person there with brains who rescued him. He managed to “wander” 4000 miles.

  24. How about this guy who got taken so good care of he refused to be released.

  25. Getting harder and harder to keep up the fairy tale of my pengy’s imprisonment in the snow globe isn’t it???

  26. No it’s getting easier and easier to tell the troot. That poor poor pengy begging for asylum. Besides, FF bears witness!

  27. imust, what constitutes the good life for a pengy in CA?

    Ice. Lots of Ice.

  28. Trying to get through Baa-Baa-Waa-Waa’s special to see Hillary Clinton. But I have to sit through Honey Boo Boo, Ben Afleck and the lady who wrote 50 shades of Gray.

  29. The first hint it’s probably not worth watching, is Barbara Walters. lol.

  30. Yeah, I ain’t sitting thru that. I can get my Hillary news elsewhere.

  31. Seriously. I don’t do Bawah Wah Wah ever at all anymore. Can’t stand her and that snippy View place of Obama worship. They do allow a token dissent voice but they obviously come and go. Reminds me of when Hannity had his Token Combs.

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