Anita Finlay’s Christmas Coupon For You!

To my dear Uppity-ites!

This year, my life has been about words — spoken, written, sometimes shouted — sharing a heartfelt message with students, talk show hosts, and, well, anyone who would listen.   Writing Dirty Words on Clean Skin has brought me to unexpected venues, offered great opportunity and taught me more than any master class ever could.  This has been a fierce year that has at times felt, to steal Robin Williams words, “…like riding a psychotic horse toward a burning stable!”

But no words can or should be spoken louder than my expression of gratitude to each of you for helping me put Dirty Words on Clean Skin on the map, for cheering me to leap past my fears to have a voice and leading me to believe that no matter what is in my path, I can handle it.

DWOCS Winter Wonderland Final Snip

As a thank you…

…through the month of December, if you know someone who would benefit from Dirty Words on Clean Skin, or if you want to share this message with others, simply write to me at Anita AT anitafinlay DOT com with your request and address.  I will contact you for credit card info and send you two signed copies for the price of one…$15 plus tax/shipping.

Even puppies like DWOCS

Even puppies love Dirty Words on Clean Skin

If you have not yet read the book, this is one of my favorite 5-star reviews from Amazon, simply because this gentleman is not necessarily my target audience:

The Political is Personal by Allen Lewis Rickman

“An unusual book: a coming-of-age story framing excellent reportage about the vicious misogyny directed at Hillary (and Sarah Palin) in 2008.

Finlay’s done her homework extremely well — there is not one unsupported assertion, not one weak allegation, nothing that feels overstated or biased. One leaves the book sadder-but-wiser, so to speak… sadder to see that something we thought was on its last legs, old-

fashioned sexism, is still quite healthy and ready to be called into service when the occasion demands; and wiser because it won’t surprise us now.

Perhaps even more interesting is Finlay’s personal story, which is woven through the book. She tells of her parents’ relationship when she was a child (some very moving stuff there), which led to her (very reasonable) feminism; of her becoming active in Hillary’s campaign; of the scales falling from her eyes as she saw how so many people never ask questions, never investigate their opinions, just follow and conform, blindly, bigotedly; and of her evolution into an engaged citizen and nobody’s fool.

I am not a Hillary supporter, but this book made me very angry on her behalf. I am not a feminist, but this book made me disgusted with the sexism of the chattering classes.

It’s a very well-written book, and I learned from it. You will too.”

8 weeks at #1 on Women in Politics Books!

Number 1 DWOCS

If we ever want to see Hillary Clinton, or any qualified woman, elected president, we must first deconstruct the biased media narrative that serves to stop us breaking that highest, hardest glass ceiling….

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Happy, happy holidays to you and thanks for opening your home to me and my work!


54 Responses

  1. Great post Ani thank you.And happy holidays to you too. 🙂

  2. Thanks, Foxiladi, and thanks for all your kindness. Uppityite have been my greatest champions and given me so much encouragement. I know I have not been able to comment here much of late with all my running around and marketing. Please know how much I appreciate you all.

  3. Hey I think I will turn off comments on the blog and see who complains.

  4. Ani, your book meant so much to us. We lived through it and you were the only person to chronicle all of it. We were called delusional. We were told it was all in our heads. You proved it happened. They will never be forgiven and we will never forget.

    Upps, you can turn off comments, it is your blog, but you will have to deal with very loud WHINES from the peanut gallery via email. Hourly.

    They say Pengy tastes like PIE. At least when baked in a crust.

    Speaking of Pies, I had a mammogram today and my wimmenz bits looked like flat flesh colored pies under glass. How would they like their damn heads flattened like that. They should be putting penis under glass for exams and pressing the squish button. They’d come up with a gentler exam within a year.

  5. Karen, I have been saying the same thing about mammograms for years — let the guys try it!!! And thank you for your words about my book. So everyone knows, by making this offer here, there is certainly no pressure whatsoever. I know many here have read it but in the past, I have been asked for signed copies and thought this was a budget conscious way to make them available — and also to extend that to anyone else who might like to be informed…

    Uppity, thanks for always giving me a home!

  6. Uppity, thanks for always giving me a home!

    Hey! Long as I didn’t have to feed you and clean up after you, no problem!

  7. They don’t come up with less painful mammograms because they don’t use them on guys’ balls. Otherwise they would have come up with a painless method, be assured.

  8. I almost ran over a cat today, I was horrified. I was at a stop light and he must have crossed in front of me just as the light turned green, so I started to move but didn’t gun it, thankfully. I saw this kind of flash above my car on my side and stopped and there to the left was a black cat finishing crossing the street. I turned the corner and he actually turned and looked at me, like Hey! The light was red, whatja do that for? He looked like he had patches of fur missing from fleas or something, and looked kind of mangy but spry and well fed. If I had somebody with me I swear I would have picked him up and gotten him off the street and payed my apologies to him in the very best way with a cleanup and adoption. Thank Goodness I wasn’t being a cowboy at that light. Sputter!

  9. “The New Teflon Clinton”
    Check out the approval/disapproval chart and cheer.

    Take THAT all you bullshitting, “I supported Hillary in 2008, but now (Fill in the bullshit blank)”

  10. Who can trust what any of her numbers mean, but certainly, more people have to come to see her for who she is rather than the media spin. If she does run again, however, they will trot out the same crap because it sells copy and works to scare people and keep them glued to the speculation see saw.

  11. Well I guess then she should just lie down since they don’t want her to run.

    I can trust what her numbers mean. So Who is Me.

  12. ??? Huh? I trust her numbers mean that a lot of people think she’s great but these media arses I don’t trust worth a damn.

  13. And I wish to God she would run…what do you think the odds are?

  14. I think she will not run for prez in 16. She gave it her all in 08 and was beaten down by TPTB – left and right – without mercy.

    She also gave her all the last four exhausting years. She says she wants to watch HGTV and travel for pleasure and if Chelsea gives her grandbabies they will be her delight. Hillary and Bill earned their retirement and the right to rest on their laurels long ago.

    She is going to do important things too, surely, but not POTUS, imho.

  15. I hope Hillary gets some rest and by 2016 is rejuvenated and ready for more action. She’s not done, just tired. I left public service a couple of years ago due to total exhaustion. But as my batteries re-charged, I realized I needed to return . I’m hoping she will do the same, not only for herself, but to fill the public need for a real leader after we suffer 16 years of bozos in charge. She will step up.

  16. And just in case, I’ve decided o start saving money to donate to her campaign.

  17. The USA is still hanging on to it’s idiotic old school ways when it comes to a woman as head of the USA. I think if for some reason Hilary or any woman is going to stand a chance it will be by way of the vice presidency . Meaning we will have to get over that hurdle first and let the slanderous comments flow there. You can rest assured they will and it matters not which side takes a female to the white house as a second. The comments about the lousy job being done will fall on her not the pres. It will somehow be her fault no matter what. Think if Hilary was Obamas VP.
    This country may be a leader in many ways but as for women leading .there we fall two notches above the goatistans. Even though we have women as governors , senators, congresswomen they still are belittled and degraded. Will it change ? You tell me.

  18. Hugo, if she annouces she is going to run I will rescind all my vacation days off and personal days and save them all for her campaign. I will work overtime to donate to her. I will cover my car and my house in HILLARY ads. I will work for her as if she is my family member running for office. And I will even slum at places on the net with chronic CDS to set them straight and I will not back down for nobody no matter what they say or threaten to do. She earned it and she is that remarkable.

    So was Bill. I never regretted working my ass off for Clinton/Gore.

  19. That’s great, Karen. I was not able to do anything but donate and wear my Hillary gear in 2008, but I hope to do more in 2016 if she runs. It would be an honor.

    Utahwoman, I agree with you about the US being to notches above the goat people when it comes to women in leadership roles. I was hanging out on a conservative website and the comments about women, especially non-conservative women, were vile. I gave up trying to point that out to them and don’t visit any longer. It’s really shocking that the discourse about women in politics has not improved

  20. Just reading these comments is rejuvenating my spirit – as well as filling that same spirit with the dread of a repeat perfomance by the yahoos and other assorted *&#%^&($s that we saw and heard in 2008. (But honestly, I don’t think she’ll run again. And who could blame her?)

    Also by that time, I should be retired and will have unlimited time (but not $$ resources) to spend promoting and defending and volunteering for HRC as never before.

    I’m at work and finally closing up my desk for a few days of holiday prep work at home.

  21. I would love for Hillary to run again. I still think she would be an excellent president. Yes, she looks like she could use some rest, but if she decides to run, that also means she’s decided she’s had enough rest!

    If she decides she doesn’t want to go through it again, I hope she and Bill decide to use their combined political capital for ordinary Americans.

    For example, they could become professional tattletales. Oh, the stuff those two know about every one and every back room deal that was ever made.

    Another example, they could become leaders of a populist grass roots movement (sounds a bit antithetical). The huddled masses could use a cannon or two.

  22. while under the pretense of fiscal responsibility, Republicans secretly raised the cap on the budget to defend DOMA.

  23. I will definitely buy the book as soon as I get a pre-paid Visa card. This is one book I will definitely read.

  24. Hillary’s statement on Susan Rice:

    Statement of Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton

    Ambassador Susan Rice has been an indispensable partner over the past four years. We worked closely together to secure tough new sanctions on Iran and North Korea, build an international coalition in Libya, and support the independence of South Sudan. From the National Security Council to the State Department to the United Nations, Susan has worked tirelessly to advance our nation’s interests and values. I am confident that she will continue to represent the United States with strength and skill.

  25. Thanks for posting Hillary’s statement, Sophie.

    Susan Rice requesting her name be withdrawn must be so upsetting to Fox and Friends. The entire network will have nothing to talk about now. All their shows and all the guests on all their shows seemed to have nothing to say but nevertheless daily used Rice as their whipping post – for the past three full months. What will they do now? Without their insane rambling-on constantly about her what will they find to say? How can the whole network carry now that the only speaking point used for the last full quarter of a year has been removed from their playpen? I guess they will have to stop beating that dead horse now that it has been buried for good. I’m sure those trash hounds will find some innuendo and red meat to stir up the mud and incite their rabid viewers. The Beck Gold Buying Zombies Must Be Fed or they might wake up and realize they’ve been acting like Chicken Little.

    I cannot stress how much I hate how this horrible tragedy was used as a political tool by the GOP/Fox.

  26. According to Fox, if Mitt won he was going to give us all the ponies that obama promised us but didn’t deliver on – and take us to Disney, too.

  27. I’d like to see a GAO audit of the contract the House Repubs have with a private firm to do something with respect to DOMA. If DOJ is not going to defend DOMA, what are our tax dollars getting from that firm? This smells just from a wate, fraud, and abuse perspective.

  28. A conservative group is reporting that the investigation into Benghazi is being hampered by lack of cooperation in Lybia and Egypt. Maybe since the Susan Rice controversy has been removed from their quiver, FOX will use this new report to beat up Hillary and the admin approach to dealing with the changes in those countries.

    Not sure what exactly they would have done with a Repub admin in place. Seems to me Bush was the one who wanted to spread democracy in the ME. Well, here it is!

  29. Bedelia Bloodyknuckle, on December 13, 2012 at 8:25 PM said:

    Thanks Bedelia — and may I say, that is one of the best screen monikers I have run across in a long time. I think we need a series of books…The Adventures of Bedelia Bloodyknuckle…or is there one already?

  30. I think McCain also went after Rice so hard because he was loath to go after Hillary — let’s see what he does now.

  31. Bedelia is a college student who is my personal Second Wave trainee.

  32. Hugo, i still maintain that DOMA should be changed to DOMDMDMDM

    Defense of Marriage, Divorce, Marriage, Divorce, Marriage, Divorce, Marriage.

    This would paint a more acurate picture of how so many of the religious right love them their marriage. In fact they love that ‘sacred’ bond so much, they can’t help but do it over and over again.

  33. They are going to lose that DOMA fight. In fact they already lost it. Boo Hoo.

    The irony lies in their own multiple marriage addictions. It’s laughable, really how little respect so many of them have for the bonds of marriage given the divorce rate.

  34. I’m thinkin’ Ani looks pretty hot in that red dress and I’m not even Lebanese.

  35. Seems to me that Bedelia Bloodyknuckle should be a Gryffindor.

  36. Well she certainly is brave enough.

  37. I think Ani’s smokin’ hot in her red dress and I’m not even Lebanese either.

  38. Karen, stop watching Fox and get a cat.

  39. 8 weeks at #1 on Women in Politics Books!

    ….And many, MANY more! JOb well done, Ani. Now for the encore… 🙂

  40. Let’s see now. What new project does Ani have up her sleeve….

  41. UW at 258. Thanks for not having the instant lead foot at that particular moment. The poor animal was grateful. Animal lovers laud you!

  42. Karen, great comment @ 9:18pm re Susan Rice. It pisses me off what those hypocrites did to her, especially considering how they looked the other way over Condi’s ridiculous statements. What do the rest of you guys think about it?

    Ani, I finally figured out how to get my last name off my amazon name and also left you a 5 star.

  43. 8 weeks at #1 on Women in Politics Books!

    {Standing Ovation}

  44. Upps, sorry haven’t been around as much lately. I work during the holidays and am often not home til 11p and exhausted.

  45. Thanks so much, SoCal!

    And thanks for the reviews on the dress!

    As for what else I have up my sleeve, the next book will be called “You Stole My Bra, and You Ruined My Life: Ruminations on the Mother/Daughter Relationship”…(keep it under your hat) 🙂

    otherwise, I am still trying my damnedest to sell this one and leaving no leaf unturned, as it were!

  46. SoCal — -what name did you leave the review under?

  47. TownCrier, you are always so sweet!!

  48. You mean you can’t figure out which one is me?

  49. Um, NES, what’re you trying to say?

  50. Really, NES, I don’t care what you’re trying to say with that photo. I’m just glad you posted it. It was a nice way to start my day.

  51. Hey, NES I sent you that pic of Craig like a year ago. You kept it. I mean a guy has gotta be hot for you to keep his pic like that.

  52. Ani, great post and a lovely gift idea. Congrats on how well your book’s doing.

    PS: I love Alan Rickman (aka, Snape).

  53. Thanks, NES…hopefully, sales will continue to grow over time. The reaction to the book has been tremendous but it has not been an easy sell. good word of mouth has been gratifying to say the least!

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