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I had a small chime attached to the door frame for my dog to tell me when she had to go outside. It was kind of annoying to hear that tingling at 3 AM in winter, and then trudging down the stairs, freezing my ass while my dog was out there….. Until one night when I noticed the dog was sleeping near the bed and the chimes were ringing. She’s smart, but I knew she couldn’t astroproject (yet). It was then I realized the cat was ringing her chimes in the middle of the night — and pulling my leg.



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  1. Eminent Domain Nazis strike again.

    Texas landowner told he has to give up his land for the Pipeline, threatened by the company.

    He said ‘here’s the deal. Either you sign what we put in front of you — take this offer — or we’re gonna take you to court. You’re gonna have to get lawyers, you’re gonna have to pay all the court costs and we’re gonna come in here anyway. We’re gonna take this property, no matter if you like it or not.’ That’s exactly how he presented it … We had that land for 37 years and we just wanted to live our life out peacefully. We never even thought about somebody else trying to come through there.


    They tried this shit through something like 11 counties in upstate NY a number of years ago, some Canadian company represented by RUDY GUILIANI, tried to erect 200 foot towers throughout the whole bunch of counties, attempting to steal land from residential areas and farms. They thought they could get away with it. It didn’t happen. Those people organized with a vengence, fought the crap out of them for a couple of years Got donations up the ying yang for lawyer costs……. And won. If you don’t push back on these corporate freaks, they will take the whole country.

    It’s too bad this guy in Texas isn’t an Oil Man. That would be fun to watch.

  2. That happened in Las Vegas when I lived there. Hundreds of homes taken for the ” airport expansion” that never happened. The whole time they were snagging these homes for a fraction of what they were worth they planned on moving McCarin airport to Sloan outside the city limits all the time. So when they fessed up they would not be expanding now they sat on all this very valuable property , you guessed it just off the Vegas strip. City decided it was ” useless to hang on to acres of junk property” so sold it to the highest bidders. Yep the big casinos and Trump etc to build on. End result home owners robbed and big guys scored land they wanted all along and could not get.

  3. congress critters get richer like this all the time too. 👿

  4. Utah the SCOTUS made it so they don’t have to sneak like that any longer. They can just sieze the property for development and not even bother asking a government to help out.

    I remember when a bunch of angry people went after InJustice Souter’s beloved home property to try and seize it like he helped corporations seize other people’s property. That son of a bitch was driven nuts and he deserved it, the bastard. He thought eminent domain was just fine and dandy just so longer as nobody wanted ot sieze HIS property. They harassed him long after he left the SCOTUS. I hope that bastard dies being tortured like that.

    Justice’s farm a target


    Justice Souter, who was in the majority ruling in the Kelo case, has lived at the farmhouse in Weare since he was 11 years old. Clements indicated that it was necessary to build on that location because “it is a unique site being the home of someone largely responsible for destroying property rights for all Americans.” The action has given rise to a great deal of support nationwide, as many are writing to the councilors of the small town of Weare to voice their approval for the proposal.

    I thought this was magnificient so that bastard could feel like other people feel when a government and a private developer tell them their beloved home is going to be stolen out from under them for a fraction of the value besides, leaving you with no place comparative to go, not to mention the emotional stress.

  5. utahwoman, on December 16, 2012 at 10:24 AM said:

    As the late, great George Carlin once said, “You think you have choice in this country? Here is your choice: Leaded or unleaded, decaf or regular, window or aisle…”

    Those that have power just keep pretending we have the same chance they do, but in order to make that true, they would have to stop using their cheating tricks to keep the status quo.

  6. A frightening Must Read and right in tune with out discussion about how we need a national discussion on how we deal with violent mental illess.

    “I am Adam Lanza’s Mother”


  7. Thanks for that gawker article, Upps. The comments are interesting too. Some good ideas are proposed and some of them are shot down by others with statistics and with knowledge. It is complicated and more so because it is personal. How does a mother destroy her own genius child who is sometimes a gentle sweetheart? Half the kid is still her darling son – how Solomon like her decision must be. Reminds me of Sophie’s choice but with one child instead of two.

  8. Here’s the Original author of that article. Gawker has a nasty habit of usurping other people’s work and not crediting it. There are more than a thousand comments
    Photo of the boy included.

  9. Look at this comment and it’s not the only one.

    You are a terrible parent. None of the things you child has done here has justified your callous disregard for his being. So he wants to wear the type of pants that he’s not allowed to. So he acts out and says things in an attempt to get what he wants. You don’t have the right to define your lack of control over him as a mental illness. Shame on you. Shame on you for giving your child mind-altering medication before his brain has fully developed. Your child is not mentally ill, your child is uncomfortable doing the things you are making him do, and instead of correcting yourself, you are doubling down on your oppression of his own personal identity. With regard to anyone here siding with the parent, I hope you seek help for your lack of parenting skills.

    As IF there aren’t plenty of people on this earth who just aren’t wired right.

  10. That was a very powerful essay Uppity. And the comments….I just shake my head. If you read the comments on any article online regarding this tragedy, some are sympathetic and kind, but many are mean and are people attacking each other and calling them names for their comments. The comments alone make me wonder what has happened to this country.

  11. another killer in the making and a mother who is without the means to change it. But that she really SHOULD get the cats out of the house.

    My heart goes out to you. My son is 15 and when he was about 2 1/2 I started to notice that his tantrums were different than just the terrible twos. He would hurt himself and scream. Since then, he has been in a mental hospital twice, through a variety of drugs and he seems to be ok most days, but I still worry. He has no friends, doesn’t know how to make or keep them, and is in a special school because he just cannot maintain in a regular one. He also has won spelling bees and math bees in elementary school and is very loving and kind and sweet. But when he is upset like the other day when I got angry for him eating a lot of the snacks from the freezer he went to his room. When I calmed down and called him down to hug and apologize for yelling he said he had punched himself in the stomach because he hates himself for doing things like that and started to play a game that is a shooter game. Just the day before that when a student in class got him upset he said ” I like guns”. We don’t own guns. I will never own one while he is here and with all of his issues I have to be prepared for the idea that I will have him with me for the rest of my life. When he is in a good mood he will pet the cats nicely, other days I hear the cats cry out when I see him pet them and I know he is trying on purpose to hurt them, so I think all the time, should I find new homes for them? When most kids are getting ready to learn to drive we can not even consider that for him, he cannot even look at one place for 3 seconds let alone concentrate on driving. I do get afraid because he is now taller than me and a large kid that he could really hurt me if he wanted to. But I still love him with all my heart and pray all the time that he grows out of this craziness and can function like a normal young man. I thank goodness that I am disabled because I would have been fired many times for having to come home or leave to get him from school. If he didn’t need to socialize I would home school him. Hugs and for all of us mothers that have to deal with a troubled child and weigh their child’s life and safety with the lives and safety of those around him on a daily basis, my prayers and love goes with you.

  12. Anyone here who can post on BLOGSPOT please make a comment to the woman with the cats her son is torturing to Yes, please rehome the cats.

  13. Sorry. I posted this down below.

    Very sad, but too many familes are going through hell alone with mentally ill members. A few years ago, one of my family members by marriage was murdered by her own son. He was in and out of hospitals and on and off his meds for decades. And she was dealing with it alone.

  14. This week the cops stopped one nutjob in Oklahoma from doing a mass murder with bombs FCS, and another in Indiana who had 47 guns in his house and was ready to go kill all the kids in the school next to his house. Likely plenty more that were caught who were ready to created havoc on a small scale, such as domestic violence – before it happens but how many more are out there. How many violent lunatics are plotting and planning? Scary.

    Those kids were angelic and the adults were heroes. The pics are sob inducing. The support is world wide but the little town in CT will never be the same again and nobody can fix what is broken and heal the loss.

  15. As i read the comments there, it’s frightening to see what is living in these homes with these frightened parents who know not what to do.

    God, Hugo, how awful.

  16. Sorry about the posts down thread. Thanks for posting the link to anarchist soccer mom.

  17. Upps, when I was a kid there was a nutty kid in our neighborhood who was walking around with a newspaper with dead mice on it. He claimed to throw cats off of a nearby roof too. Years later I read that animal abuse in childhood was a sign of that person growing up to be a serial killer – mental case who would commit major news someday.

  18. One of the scariest statistics is that 1 out of every 150 babies will develop autism. We don’t know how to successfully treat autism yet.

  19. Leslie, I know autism is not being dealt with very well either. But they don’t generally turn out to show up in schools and shot 20 people either. There are varying degress of autism, I know that, and most of them are not in a danger zone, are they? That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be better at addressing it, just an inquiry.

  20. We also have this nasty habit of declaring every kid who is a bit hyper in school as ADHD, and I think we do a grave disservice medicating them like we tend to do.

  21. Yes Karen it’s true that animal abuse is tied to virtually every serial killer.

    Which is why I wish someone who can comment on blogspot would go over to that link and encourage that women who is worried about her son with the cats he deliberately hurts……..as to whether she should rehome the cats. I wish someone would kindly encourage her to do so. I’m begging here, before it’s too late for those cats. She seems concerned enough to do it if someone would encourage her. The comment is by “Wendy Toney” and is posted on
    December 15, 2012 8:31 PM

  22. Im surprised that the psycho who caused me to get my first gun hasn’t killed a family member yet. Last I heard from people who still live near them, he’s in the house but nobody sees him any longer. This guy was so psychotic, he belonged chained in the basement, no kidding.

  23. Families are between a rock and a hard place. I’m so glad that article by the Mom of the 13 yo is getting a lot of attention. People need to really have a good look at what happens to these families. When that murder happened in my family, there was local online news coverage and the nitwit comments showed zero understanding of mental illness or compassion for all the immediate family had suffered and will continue to suffer. Hang him, fry him, shoot him, don’t spend my tax dollars on a trail or housing him in prison. All really very hateful. Meawhile, he had no idea he had just killed his only friend and devastated the rest of the family.

  24. Uppity, I’ll bet some of that guy’s family members would have liked to chain him in the basement at times. They get zero relief until death do them part.

  25. Chaining up family members in the basement is frowned upon in most states.

  26. must see ping-pong cat:


  27. Dang you keep looking at my cards, Karen. I got that on the yousetubes saving for a rainy day.

  28. Well Hugo, I know there were a few times when someone held the basement door closed while waiting for the police, while he threatened to kill everybody in the house.

    They didn’t want him hospitalized. They did everything they could to discourage it. Very protective mother. It’s a wonder she’s still alive. Police would come, cart him away, and he’s home in three days. He should pray she lives and lives because if she dies, his siblings are going to refuse to have him scaring the shit out of their kids in their homes.

  29. I don’t care. This is Simply Priceless. The worst human rights violators on earth is calling for the USA to get control of their guns, like they do. That way, when they want to shoot somebody, they can’t shoot back.

  30. LOL! This from the country that brought us melamine if food products and lead paint of children’s toys? Yep, they place a high value on human life.

    This is an old dog video, but one of my favorites. I just watched it again and it still amazes. You can delete it if it has already been posted here.

  31. I didn’t make that crack about the basement, upps. I think the basement should be locked, flooded and filled with alligators, but that might be mean to the gators to serve them psycho drugged meat.

    Great vid, Hugo, a classic that deserves repeating.

    If you ever need a good cathartic cry just watch those kids on SNL singing Silent Night. My daughter is 35 and knock wood escaped childhood, teen years and early adulthood with few scrapes and bruises. She’s a happy and well adjusted kid and admired. She had the utmost care and love a family can give to a child and she was protected very well. One day a pervert was at her elementary school in a van and my daughter and her friend were waiting to be picked up by my father. He told them to get in the van. Her friend ran one way and she ran the other way. We lived two blocks away and she ran to my place – up a one way busy and narrow street the wrong way – thankfully. Her friend ran around the school and ran up to people coming out of the building and told them about the man in the white van. My dad pulled up in his car and her friend told him which way she ran and he tore off after her. She was safe on a neighbors porch.

    There but for the grace of GOD go I. A mother’s worst nightmare.

  32. Karen, I meant the ping pong kitteh.

  33. Oh I see, it was Hugo.

    Fixit Fairy…………..

    Oh wait, that’s me…

  34. It’s not that I don’t care or am not concerned for people like Lanza. It’s just that I am FAR MORE concerned at the victims he was already capable of making, and nobody flagged him. I think our system is SERIOUSLY broken and it protects people like this, allowing them to make decisions for themselves which makes THEM feel better, as in, I Don’t Want To Stay In This Hospital. I think this is wrong and it CREATES dead people. We never seem to learn. There are so many mass killers who, in hindsight, we know had some real problems and handed out some real read flags, and instead of the system reigning them in and getting them off the street, it ignores their FUTURE victims. It’s always, golly we can’t do anything until HE does. I think this is bullshit and instead of having conversations about people having the very guns they need to protect themselves from these sickos, we need to change laws about violently mentally ill people who are a danger to themselves, yes, but MORE IMPORTANTLY, a danger to innocent people. The same goes for these stalkers and domestically violent people who just get to walk the street even when a mother BEGS a judge for a restraining order, like that Fucking Judge Moxley, who CAUSED deaths of children for pandering to their fellow boyz.

    Links to previous posts to follow.

  35. And look how well restraining orders work, and how well we monitor murder suspects and fail to keep them from doing it again while we’re deciding if we should put a lid on them

    Go to Florida and make a turn from the wrong lane and those cops are right there writing you a ticket. Be suspected of murdering a baby and they look the other way while you kill your wife too.

  36. Better get a gun, taser, or bodyguard to go with any protective order. Those mean nothing to the defendants, except another reason to kill their prey.

  37. Upps, lol, it wasn’t you, it wasn’t Hugo and it wasn’t me. It was a certain erstwhile circus performer whom shall go nameless…

    The Hillary supporter (Billie Jean Kling or something like that) had a judge release her drug addict and armed son in law who came back and shot her other daughter, iirc. I know the woman has some issues here, but she went through absolute hell with her two daughters who were nearly killed by a violent insane man. She was at a Hillary rally when it happened and Hillary called her when she found out what happened to her.

    I read a statistic (not sure if it is accurate) that about half of all prisoners in our nation’s system are legally mentally deranged. Some of their crimes – you’d have to be NUTS to commit.

  38. John the Spice kitten foster parent has an update and a cliff hanger. He says there are two cats over the years he wishes he would have kept. One was a grey-silver named Tony who looks a lot like Uppity’s Joe. The other one he will name soon. (10 bucks says it is Rosie or pepper.)


  39. Nope. Twas Hugo i was speaking to.

    Uppity, I’ll bet some of that guy’s family members would have liked to chain him in the basement at times. They get zero relief until death do them part

    And yes, my money is on Rosie. She worshipped him. When a cat strains to have constant eye contact, it’s love, pure and simple. She watched him like his kitty in waiting.

  40. Well just so she doesn’t return here like a bully and decide we should do as she says and think as she says else everybody is a stupid bitch and a dumb fucking…whatever, With Fuck this and Fuck that. And then run off and do another “Stupid Uppity Woman” post.

  41. Hey I just clicked and that Tony sure does look like my Moby Joe.

  42. LOL.

    Just came from Still 4 Hill and her updates on Hillary seem to point to her healing well and the concussion being a mild one. She’s a tough woman and she will be fit and fine in no time. She’s on brain rest – now THAT is certainly very hard for Ms. Smart Power to do.

  43. Hey I got a good crack to my head with a concussion once and it made me even smarter.

  44. Header penguins sure are busy, and Bill is definitely oblivious.

  45. Maybe Bill is trapped in a snow globe like a certain pengy I used to know.

  46. Cute new sidebar pix. I’ll have a good story for you guys tomorrow.

  47. I’ll have a good story for you guys tomorrow

    Chit!! After work or when? Inquiring minds want to know.

  48. I hope Sopnie checks in. I’m sure she knows people who were affected by what the POS did.

  49. Lordy, I hope not.

  50. Just checking in.Hugs all around. 🙂

  51. UW, ha ha about your smart cat dinging the bells and fooling you. Your cat is just a prankster, out for a little cat laugh. Not humorous at 3 a.m., however. Nice to see your little doggie learned how to chime her needs though. Dogs can be quite smart when given the option. So now, if your kitty still ringing the bell for fun??

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