Hawaii Senator Daniel Inouye Dead at 88

inouye006The Senator was 88 years old.  He was the first Japanese-American to be elected to Congress.

He lost his arm in WWII and was a Medal of Honor recipient. It is reported that his last words were one word:


He served as a member of Watergate and Iran Contra committees. He was one of the Japanese-Americans placed in an internment camp.

Inouye died of “Complications from Respiratory Problems”. This probably translates into pneumonia.

I never followed Senator Inouye much. That’s because he didn’t have  a big blabbering  mouth, put some thought into it before he opened that mouth,  generally didn’t talk out of both sides of that mouth, never seemed to garner votes by instilling fear into his constituents, didn’t seem to be ego-centric, seemed to actually have a conscience, and your life was never in danger when standing between him and a camera. You might not have been so lucky with some of his current and former Senate colleagues. Think  Harry Reid and Alan Simpson.

We probably could use more Japanese-American Senators. Their culture is one of honor and integrity–thiings that seem to be sorely lacking on both sides of that aisle. God only knows what the Chicago thugs will swoop down and replace him with.

At 88, he was President Pro Temp of the Senate. Obituary and photo gallery here.

Senatorial responses:


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  1. While I know this is not a good time to say this, it’s the truth nonetheless. It seems the only way slots in the Senate can become available these days is when an aged Senator dies of old age, one of them gets appointed to a position where he can behave like a powerful asshole, or a Senator gets caught with his hand in the cookie jar and has to resign either in or out of jail.

  2. RIP. A long and impressive service to our country.

  3. Seriously somebody needs to do something about those demons. Problem is, you don’t want to dilute the first amendment. Like Nazis and Skinheads, they have the right to be really really evil people. Best thing to do is wait till one of them dies and do the same thing to every one of them. See how they like it.

    They tried that here with a soldier’s funeral and let me tell you, the people gave them the time of their rotten lives. And that included the police. They were so afraid, they left. I have confidence that CT will have plenty of volunteers to show up and give them a run. Maybe the Hell’s Angels will do their thing again. They are great at blocking signs, making barriers, and scaring the shit out of demonic Assholes. Westboro freaks will never get within a mile of these funerals. More and more they are becoming useless to themselves as people have figured out how to thwart them. The only press they get now is their announcements of just how evil they are going to *try* to be.

  4. I remember Inouye as honorable. Not too much of that left in politics. Poor guy must have been in despair over the state of affairs in Congress.

    The Westboro fools showed up in this area at a high school to spread homophobia. They were outnumbered and hopefully frightened by the locals. I hope the CT police provide decide to be absent at their protest.

  5. Hugo, WTF with these people?

    Ok, nobody warn the Westboro Baptists that we are all gun-toting survivalists in 4000 sq ft McMansions here. (Yes that’s snark, and yes it also violates one of Uppity’s rules, and she can FixIt Fairy or delete it if she wants. I just needed my 15 seconds to protest the mindlessly judgmental in our midst.)

  6. Is that Westboro cult really a church or do they just protest?

  7. RIP Senator.

  8. Sophie, in this case, all you did was say what I was thinking. Like I almost said, when they tried their bullshit here they were lucky they got out alive.

  9. I wish they’d make up their minds about why this happened. Inquiring minds want to know.

    Joan Walsh said:
    Newtown itself reflects the unresolved tensions at the heart of the American experiment: A warm, caring community which also turns out to be home to a lot of people who put gun rights ahead of all else. The fact that so many Americans equate guns with freedom, as well as control, is both a symptom and a cause of what killed Nancy Lanza.

    Yet, James Dobson blames gays, abortion for shootings:

  10. I must be getting really old, because I can’t stand Joan Walsh, etc, OR Dobson and his ilk.

    But I thought Senator Inouye was a fine human being and a true patriot. I am sad he will no longer be a presence in Congress – or on earth.

    R.I.P. Senator Inouye.

  11. Yes, indeed, leslie: Senator Inouye was a fine human being and a true patriot.

    I have to agree with Uppity–he was too busy working to become a caricature.

  12. Would a real religious leader utter such nonsense while people are grieving and need consolation instead of blame? At least the Pope only offered sympathy, prayers, and blessings. Dobson needs a lesson in humility, compassion, and piety. He’s no better than the westboro fools.

  13. I love that you chose a photo of Sen. Inouye with President Clinton for the post. Thank you for that. It’s getting tough to read the intertubes lately.

  14. What bullshit. This isn’t about guns, god or gays or abortion. It’s about a HUGELY BROKEN mental health system and the laws surrounding treatment, which gives a sick person out of touch with their own reality the right to ‘decide’ on treatment, and which gives insurance companies the right to cut off treatment when they do get some.

  15. Bill Clinton gave him his medal, imust. That’s worth pointing out.

  16. Sophie, I was over at Salon reading your Dobson link, ugh, what a jerk, and saw a headline about Social Security under attack by obama.

    Who here knew the liberals would regret supporting him really soon?

    raise your hands everybody.


  17. There are a lot of people chatting about the shooter being on anti-psychotic meds that have severe side effects including worsening delusions, paranoia, murderous and suicidal thinking. I never heard of the drug and there is not confirmation from a reliable source that he took that drug.

    Years ago a friends son was started on a depression drug and he did not take it as ordered. He would take it, stop, take it again in wrong amounts, stop, etc. and he screwed himself up worse than ever. She found his body hanging and a suicide note. He had a young baby and a two year wife he left behind. His mother was so grief stricken her cancer came out of remission and she died shortly after. His meds played a huge role in his suicide. He was on drugs that list suicide as a potential result of using this med.

  18. Senator Inouye seemed to really represent his constituents and was usually able to balance the needs of his state versus the country. He was well known around town in DC for his lovely demeanor, gracious manners and exuberance. Like to work. He could play politics but was not consumed by politics. Never gave up his individualism.

  19. not sure how accurate this site is but they claim to have nearly 4800 examples of news stories that mention SSRI type drugs and 16 school shootings.


  20. Those are depression drugs, right? Mood improvers like Prozac?

    We let kids go through the normal pangs of growing up and dealing and learning but giving them Prozac type drugs. Then we wonder why they can’t adapt to life as an adult. Not very well armed in the GOOD way.

  21. You can bet his mother knew he was a problem. Either she chose to shelter it like some do, or the mental health system failed her like it fails so many so miserably. It’s a system that says you can’t tell a 20 year old he HAS to be treated for his personality disorder because he has rights, including the right to just listen to his voices. You in fact can’t force him to do anything until he kills somebody first. And let’s face it, you HAVE to have a personality disorder and be SERIOUSLY deranged to kill all those children. And his problems didn’t just start this year. Someone was telling me they read that he had a psychologist or psychiatrist when he was in High School and that professional said he was impervious to physical pain. No red flag there to do anything about is there? Nah.

  22. Look at Amy Bishop as a perfectly disgusting example of how a privileged family got a DA to bury the fact that she murdered her own brother (DA = Former congressman DelaHunt got caught with his pants down, that shitbag who allowed this psycho to get away with it the first time). Then all these years later she goes into a faculty meeting and kills a buhch of colleagues. Surprise!

  23. Yeah Karen, Obama is going to cut another 400 billion in “savings” from Medicare so that ALL the doctors in America either work for free or drop medicare. Specialists are already dropping it all over the place. I know seniors who got letters and that’s no lie. So cut some more, you Asshole.

  24. A friend married this guy who felt pain but then suffered some kind of neuro damage to his central nervous system that left him unable to feel it. He was otherwise normal but he did have some illnesses and died younger than normal, in his 40s. They watched him carefully but one time his hand caught fire while cooking. He calmly put down the frying pan and told her his hand had melted. He spent years in bandages.

  25. It is scary getting old in this time of political callousness. It was clear that he didn’t care about old folks from the get-go. Now that he doesn’t need their votes, watch out.

    btw – I am still miserable sick. I got an antibiotic from the doctor. I hate to take them. Last time I took this one, Clindamycin, I was almost as sick from the pills as I was from the bug that caused me to need to take them in the first place. Hopefully this time it is more gentle on my system.

  26. I don’t know anything about football but this guy, Chris Johnson, made me cry with his tribute to the victims. He wrote their names on his sneakers.

    scroll down for a pic of his shoes:


  27. Just a funny because we need one:
    Mayan Weather

  28. Sophie, the mayan weather report is great. I saw a similar one and it led me to a site with jokes and I ended up spending way too much time going through their archives.

  29. Obama put SSI benefits on the table??? Color me shocked!!!!

  30. Just wondering…..will there be a live blog of the end of the Mayan Calendar on Friday? Talk about your Black Friday.

  31. You’re right, Upps, of course Lanza’s mother knew he was mentally ill. One feels very sorry for her, not least because the little jerk killed her. But, pray tell, in what world did she think it was a good idea to teach him how shoot guns. Seems axiomatic that persons with less than a normal range of empathy shouldn’t be trusted with guns.

  32. .will there be a live blog of the end of the Mayan Calendar on Friday?

    Oh Please do!!! It could be a combo Mayan and Solstice party!

  33. NES: If only logic like that was more common…

  34. ROFL on the weather charge, SophieCT. Good to see ya.

  35. Solstice party? I’m in but only if I can wear a toga and sprinkle flower petals on the floor and dance barefoot. And there must be solstice pie. And candles and incense burning. Do we have a virgin? Surely we’ll need one of those.

    12/21/12 at 11:12 is the big bang. Spinach dip!

  36. “This isn’t about guns, god or gays or abortion. It’s about a HUGELY BROKEN mental health system and the laws surrounding treatment, which gives a sick person out of touch with their own reality the right to ‘decide’ on treatment, and which gives insurance companies the right to cut off treatment when they do get some.”

    Amen, Upps! I heard the most idiotic comment by a “woman on the street” (fortunately NOT an NPR commentator) this AM concerning the debate over allowing teachers/administrators the right to concealed carry:
    “What kind of message are we sending the children? If a student brings a weapon to school, he is EXPELLED…” [sic]

    We are the ADULTS; adults get many privileges that children do not! Man oh man, I often despair for the future of the human race…

  37. I am not for teachers or principals carrying weapons. I don’t think it’s good for a child to see her teacher shoot and kill someone right before her eyes.

    Eight of those kids were Daisy Girl Scouts. Those are pre-Brownies–the innocents.

  38. I think any child still left standing in that room would have preferred to see their principal shoot that POS instead of waiting their turn to die.

    But still, arming teachers and prinicipals won’t stop these crazy people, they will just shoot the teacher first, or the principal. The problem is this country does NOT force psychotic people to get treatment because they get to make the decision when they are too crazy to make the decision. Time after time, we read after the fact that the killer had some serious mental issues. We are not proactive, we are reactive, at the expense of innocent people for the “Feel Good” law that protects potential murderers first.

  39. Sophie that graphic is hilarious, I will put it up with h/t to you of course. Which you had put it up where everyone could see it. Too funny.

  40. Minor quibble – Inouye was never placed in an internment camp. Japanese Americans made up 1/3 of Hawaii’s population back then and the government couldn’t afford to lock up that many people because it would have wiped out the local economy.

  41. Idunno, Uppity. I’m sure I’d like to see the teacher take out the shooter, but I don’t think it’s good for a 6-year-old to witness someone they trust and respect cause death.

    Anyway, the “arm the teachers” argument was shot full of holes. Adam’s mother was armed to the teeth and it didn’t do her a bit of good.

  42. 60 Minutes did a segment on assassins and school shooters in 2000. It is fascinating.

  43. I heard that Fox fool talking head Bolton came right out and accused the injured SoS of faking her illness. This is outrageous and ignorant. T

  44. She had a nasty virus. She fainted and hit her head. She has a concussion and has been on IV and had two teams of doctor’s at her home.


  45. For real, Karen. I was disgusted by the comments I read at one of the articles about it. I mean people never effing stop with the CDS. What the hell is wrong with them?

  46. Great header, always. Pengies done good!

    This man and Liz Cheney and that whole network should be sued.

    This woman is so above them and ther moronic conspiracy theory.

    She WILL appear when she is well, jerkoffs.

  47. I despise that Liz Cheney, she looks and acts just like her snotty, rotten old man. The hair on my neck stands up when i see and hear her, it’s like a rerun of a horror movie.

  48. Ok everybody NES sent me this and you have got to see it. Tell me what you think.

  49. Given that FOX exclusive, I am wondering why his mother didn’t just call the cops and have him hauled in for evaluation, the law allows that you can keep them for 72 hours. It appears she was filling out conservatory papers and didn’t keep it from him. This also shows you just how SLOW our laws are when it comes to psychopaths.

  50. Karen, I can have one of those virginity-restoring ops if we can’t rustle up a true virgin in time for the pah-tay.

  51. I wonder why she waited until he was 20 for the conservatory papers. That should have been….or could have been done when he was 18.

  52. I lost my virginity several times.

  53. imust, maybe he stepped up his behavior after he turned 18. After that, HE has a choice, if you can even imagine that. And THAT is what is wrong here.

    Sophie, I don’t imagine she was armed at all when he shot her. He probably did it to her in her sleep. I’m sure she wasn’t carrying in bed. But to be honest if I had that living in my home I would have gone to sleep with my finger on the trigger. I think the kids who were still standing would have seen the principal as having saved their lives if she had shot him. I am not advocating carrying guns in school, just saying that, a six year old knows the difference between Die or have your Killer Die first. None of those children is better off dead.

  54. Re: Hillary, Fox and all the internet “I used to support Hillary, but” bullshitters can just stick it up their asses.

  55. Maybe. There’s a lot we don’t know about his condition. If he was diagnosed with autism or aspergers as a child, had an IEP, or if he received assistance from a Regional Center. If he was getting Regional Center assistance, they would have advised her on getting a conservatorship.

  56. Uppity I can’t believe the blogs, the supposed Hillary blogs…..I can’t even read many of them now.

  57. Yes imust, we just don’t know the details and probably never will since he killed her too. I don’t think aspergers means someone is crazy. I think this kid had more going on in his mind. I would hate to see autism and aspergers get a bum rap. They are problems, yes, but I don’t think they make mass killers out of people as a rule. The fact that he was reportedly impervious to physical pain alone was a red flag.

  58. It’s not easy to have someone picked up and taken to the hospital for an eval. We don’t know what he was doing and what proof she had that he was a threat to himself or others. Additionally, the hospital may not evenhave held him or if they held him for 72 hours and he got out, he would really be PO’d and more of a threat. His mother may have been taking the path that she felt would be least dangerous or upsetting to him. Proving incompetence and proving someone is a threat and requires emergency committment seem like two different things that require different types of evidence.

    I’m sure it broke her heart to have to get him into a hospital and it’s even more traumatic to have your sick child hauled off by police. There apparently was no right answer for how to deal with him.

  59. Hugo, by my recollection, the psycho I lived near got hauled away for the three day trip plenty of times and it wasn’t hard at all. It was just hard KEEPING him there. I would guess she was scared of him. Knew he would come back in three days, etc. 20 mothers’ hearts got broken instead of hers and she got murdered.

  60. “Supposed” Hillary blogs is right, imust.

  61. Some of these killers really LOOK like psychos, and he’s one of them. That freak that shot Gabby had that same crazy look.

  62. I don’t imagine she was armed at all when he shot her.

    That’s the thing–I’m reading comments in just about every Newtown article saying that the answer isn’t to take guns away but for more people to be armed, like everyone’s going to have their weapon aimed and ready to fire at the moment they need it. It’s a flawed argument.

    This article says Lanza was taking an anti-psychotic called Fanapt with bad side effects:

  63. If it wasn’t hard, it’s because there was enough evidence to convince the judge that he was dangerous, as opposed to just sitting around hallucinating. That pesky part where they get released is hell. Then it’s all about revenge. It is not an easy decision to go down that road.

  64. No I don’t agree with everyone on earth carrying a gun. I mentioned her not being armed because of your comment that she was armed to the teeth and that didn’t work out well. Having guns in the house and being armed are not the same thing.

    I just think that things like this, the rapes, the release of these dirtbags after serving short terms, releases of killers and other disgusting animals, and the unwillingness of this country to deal with psychosis to protect others are the reasons people do need to own guns. I am not giving up my gun. Gun sales to women have risen exponentially because WOMEN ARE ON THEIR OWN. The news is simply RIDDLED with proof of this. The law does not help us, we must help ourselves. The law is now no longer there for victims, it’s there for criminals. So when people start talking Gun Control, this bothers me a lot. I want my gun. I want to make sure I have a chance against the Adam Lanzas the law allows to walk the streets. I am not going to be a victim willingly and I see my gun as my only chance against the criminals we turn loose to rob, rape and kill again. Sentences are never fully served, life doesn’t mean life anymore. The entire setup is against the rest of us. So if someone wants to break into my home when I am alone, he’s going down the stairs backwards. And that’s that.

    SO he was taking an antipsychotic, side affects aside, nobody takes an antipsychotic if he’s not psychotic.I hope.

  65. @Karen

    I watched him during Watergate. Impressive is quite accurate. He carried himself in such a dignified manner.

  66. I’m not reading any criticism of Hillary about Benghazi. She handled the follow-up appropriately. Period. She accepted responsibility for what happened on her watch to her employees like a real leader should do. Now comes the report of the independent investigation. Critics need to shut up and read it, then ask question like civilized people.

    I think she has done the right thing by not getting out ahead of this report and make statements that will come back to bite her as did Susa Rice. That’s called experience. Knowing when to speak.

  67. Uppity, you’re right. Imagine having a form of dissociative mental illness that can only get progressively worse as one grows into adulthood, whereupon self-reliance, successful career and normal social life are all expected.

    If the story is true about his mother coming to terms with her own limitations in helping him – risks to her own safety (if she was considering involuntary commitment) she had to have known his coping skills were limited – given his behavioral history. He was unpredictable at best, FCS!

    If he hadn’t murdered her too, wouldn’t she probably be facing charges for him having access to those guns in the house, given his obvious, deteriorating mental state???

    What a senseless, gut-wrenching tragedy, all the way around.

  68. Having guns in the house and being armed are not the same thing.

    Exactly. The flaw in the argument.

  69. Spray me I went to Fox. I read the part about the mother finding a school for him and planning to move to Washington state at several news sources – not that that makes it true. She could have been trying to commit him but it is not in alignment with her discussions with others as widely reported. Again not that it is true. At best it is under investigation and the truth will come out. They say he took a screwdriver to his hard drive and the TECH teams from the Feds are having a hell of a time getting data. Smart evil murderer bastard.

    Whatever the reason it won’t change things. So sad.

    And yep, he is the picture next to psycho in the dictionary.

  70. NES, now that offer is really taking one for the team. And lawd knows virgins, even the secondtime around kind, are hard to find.

    You get to pick your own method of sacrifice since you’re such a sport.

  71. Well no it’s not a flaw, really, SOphie. There are calls for ARMING teachers and principals and that is just plain bizarro. Imagine being a teacher walking around with a pistol on your person. Imagine a big crazy senior taking it away from you. I am not a big proponent of the whole world carrying. Conversely I do think it’s too easy to get a gun license in many states, mine is not one of them. I think applicants need to be thoroughly researched for past criminal or psychological issues and I think there should be a LONG waiting period so that somebody can’t walk out with a gun in the heat of the moment. I also wonder why people need automatic weapons other than they say it’s their right. What on earth would you need one for other than the thrill of owning one and shooting the shit out of a tree. But I do not like people who know nothing about what “semi automatic” means declaring that 9mm pistols like my Glock should be outlawed. The reason they are popular as protection hand guns for women is you don’t have to cock them like a revolver, they are lighter and easier to handle. If only revolvers were available, hair trigger .357s would be used, because without a hair trigger, that kind of revolver is not so easy to shoot, and they are heavy and they kick, and the chances of an accident with a hair trigger is IMMENSE.

  72. Yes why not, it only gets worse because once they reach 18, THEY are in charge in their own convoluted way.

    I imagine she was in a catch 22. If she got rid of all the guns she was at risk, if she kept them, well………we saw that result. I don’t suppose she imagined he would do a mass killing. But she really should have taken the guns out of the house and maybe kept one without him knowing it. I don’t know the answer but yes, she WAS responsible for him having access to those guns.But I don’t think she would have been charged because he was not a minor.

  73. I see further up that the UW blog police informed that Inouye was not in internment. I got it from and early Huffpo video, I think. RIP anyways, Senator.

  74. As far as arming for protection, I do think about that young mother who’s husband had just died and she had an infant and lived alone in a in very rural area. Two guys who knew she was alone tried to break down her door and she put the baby in the crib grabbed her gun and shot the first jerk as he came through the door as the other jerk ran off. Now there was a good use of a gun.

  75. Yes imust, that young mother is the perfect example of protecting oneself.

    Lanza’s mother, on the other hand, was apparently still in bed (in her pajamas) and the resident psychotic had access to HER guns while she slept. It’s pointless to be so angry with a murdered woman, who apparently had full responsibility for her mentally tortured son, after her divorce – but, she provided the arsenal and hindsight for the living is 27 + 1 dead.

  76. Hillary smells like roses. Take that daily Fox liars since 9/11.

    Oops it really was Republicans in Congress who underfunded the security.

    I hope she writes lots of books!


  77. I am on my kindlefire. That link might be wacky. Hillary is simply the best!

  78. Yes I have a post on that woman who shot the intruder. The scumbag. The world is a better place without him.

  79. Bolton with his forum on Greta said she wanted to fake the illness till after she had a chance to read the report so she could change her testimony. The report was in her hands days before Thursday you ahole. Keep making stuff up for the viewers at fox. They have a small mention of the report and claim State was hammered. I guess they truly are fucktards and blind with CDS.

  80. Now how about this little shit who killed his mother when he was ten and by LAW, he can be released when he turns 21.

    Tell me nobody needs a gun to protect themselves from this little piece of shit when he gets released.

  81. Deep Breaths, Karen. It’s only Bolton. It’s not as if he is some grand American leader with millions of fans. He’s basically some guy Bush sent to the UN. End of his story.

  82. Upps, great post, very nice tribute to Sen Inouye.

    Why do Leslie & Myiq have Ds after their names? Does that mean they have a demerit? Heh heh.

  83. TIME’s person of the year short list:

    Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo!; Mohammed Morsi, president of Egypt; Undocumented Americans; Bill and Hillary Clinton; President Barack Obama; Malala Yousafzai, the student activist from Pakistan who survived an assassination attempt by the Taliban; Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple; and the Higgs Boson and Italian physicist Fabiola Giannati.

    Obama?!?! Also, can you believe this crap about reductions to SS in his budget talks? What the hell is wrong with him?

  84. Did they really say the shooter has Aspergers? There are a lot of famous people with Asp. When I heard this, I though he sounded more schitzophrenic. Are people on the Asp/Aut spectrum known for being violent? Laker has taken phys therapy with an autistic kid for years, they are good friends and go to movies and play music together. He is 20 btw, and his parents did that conservatorship thing when he was 18.

  85. Yes they said he had aspergers but they didn’t mention that he was also crazier than a rat in a coffee can.

  86. Re the gun issue, I can see people owning a rife for hunting or a small handgun like Uppity has for protection, but I really wish they would get rid of these fully automatic guns, the ones that shoot 100 rounds or whatever in a few seconds, the grenade launchers etc. Why do we need these things in our neighborhoods?

  87. I know the diff between semi & fully automatics btw, and if I get a handgun, it would be a semi. I had to learn to shoot a revolver when I was young, and a rifle of course on the gazillion ranches I have been on.

  88. If you have a (D) after your name you can say and do anything you want.

    Unless you’re a woman.

  89. Looks like we’re giving more money to Pock-EE-ston so they’ll be our friends.

  90. The report clears her and he is still blowing goats or whatever that fuzzy thing is on his ugly bushie face. Greta has been sniping at Hillary and allowing her guests to do so nightly. She should apologize and the dish will run away with the spoon and Fox will be forgiven.

    And NES is a virgin again. Amen.

  91. Utah teachers are allowed to carry guns if they have a concealed carry permit and I believe Kansas is the other state that allows it. Our schools are not gun free zones. If you are licensed to carry you can . It used to be you could not have a weapon with in 1000 feet of a school that has now been dropped last year.
    I agree 100 % with being able to pack while bringing your kid to school. What use is a ccw and a gun when you have to leave it at home due to so many gun free zones ? Gun free zones are an open invitation to a maniac who wants a good place to kill. I doubt I would ever choose to live in a state that has tight gun laws again. Criminals know they most likely will be shot robbing the seven eleven here because so many pack guns. We have crime here yes of course we do but we also see many of these home invasions end with the invader being taken out in a body bag. We have some gang issues in SLC and again we also read where someone shot back and gang banger in body bag headed to morgue. We have crimes that are successful you bet we do and it is usually someone who believed in gun control and did not own one that was a victim. This is why I choose to live in Utah and if it was not here it would be Idaho, Wyoming , Montana or the Dakotas. Heck in Montana auto dealers will give you your choice of a 30.06 rifle or 12 Gauge shotgun as a bonus for buying a car. I loved that deal.

  92. People that feel the need to have an AR15 or AK 47 are not all nuts or people killers. I feel the need to have them in case. If there ever was an invasion or we sunk to economic blackness people will be hungry and hungry people are very dangerous people. Assault rifles to me are something you have in your be prepped for anything locker and leave them there. Gun bans work as well as drug bans have. Drunk drivers kill more people then assault rifles do shall we try another ban on booze ?

  93. You can’t stop the zombie apocalypse with a bolt-action rifle.

  94. BTW the AR 15, AK 47 and Ozzie are not fully automatic weapons. They do not hold a hundred rounds or more like the M16 which is military. These guns described as assault rifles are semi automatics as well. They do not spray hundreds of rounds like a machine gun. They look mean but a 22 semi auto can do just as much damage and your glock or 9mm will do worse damage. Difference is you do not have to pull the trigger to let off each round you can just hold it down and expel all shots. Your so called good semi auto hand guns or rifles that will be acceptable for a limited time are just as deadly. What I mean y limited time is once this banning grabs hold again it will not stop !
    Remember this, Columbine shooting took place during the assault weapons ban that was in affect at the time. Did it stop them from doing what they did ?

  95. If you have a (D) after your name you can say and do anything you want.
    Unless you’re a woman.

    I think it means that you’re getting Detention.

  96. Might I point out we already have zombies running around ready to eat your flipping face off. Bath salts anyone ?

  97. Whatever Utah, thanks for splaining REAL auto, and I still do not see why a hand gun that requires you to pull a trigger can be called semi-auto, other than there’s no hammer like a revolver. And tell me a .357 can’t make a doorway for you, but that’s not semi automatic. And a hair trigger? If you ask me, people who don’t know shit are making rules about shit or think a useless rule is going to change all the psychopaths walking around the mall waiting to freak out. I have no idea how an AK works as I have no intention of owning one and had no idea they weren’t fully automatic. And speaking of deadly, a shotgun is going to blow a hole through you and make a new doorway at the same time. How about a 44 magnum? Redecorate, anyone? To me the only danger for use of a 9mm as a mass murderer’s tool is the use of extended magazines. Like I think that nut who shot Gabby did. Not sure why anyone would want that kind of magazine either, but some people DO like to target shoot.

    Not sure about banning going the same way as smoking. They banned AKs before and the time law expired or something. But the truth is an Adam Lanza would have done the same shit with any gun he could have gotten his psycho hands on. And all the gun talk takes away from the discussion we really need to have about our BROKEN mental health laws and system. It’s time we stopped burying the truth under the rug because it’s uncomfortable.

    And you point about how I have to pull the trigger every single time I shoot does not an automatic OR a ‘semi’ automatic make. I just happen to think that a 9mm is safer than a revolver with a hair trigger and much more likely to successfully protect a woman than a heavy revolver that kicks her ass.

    In truth, if the laws of the land weren’t so well designed to help out pieces of shit who break it, I would never own a gun. When I see life sentences start to mean life again, when I see rapists in the slammer till they are too old to get it up and when I see crazy people forced into controlled treatment and not released if they do not respond, when we stop “furloughing” violent offenders, when I see home invaders in prison for life and horrible murderers executed before they are too old to care, I’ll give up my gun. In the meantime, I am going to keep my playing field as level as possible. I just don’t feel sorry for these people who do these things because they endanger MY life and nobody cares. When a defective ten year old shoots his mother point blank (incidentally with a shotgun), and I hear the law favors his release at 21 because he was a juvenile when he showed his PSYCHOSIS, there is no way on this earth innocent people are safe any longer.

    But I am definitely not into that invasion stuff.

  98. Utah, it’s a litle odd to compare Montana to a highly populated state. If everyone in NY City carried, there would be blood in the streets. You don’t have to be a psycho to shoot somebody, you just have to have a really bad temper. And where the population is dense, there are lots of people with really bad tempers.

    Which brings me to “Law enforcement”. I think we should be a lot more selective as to the mental status of who we pick to be police officers. I know some cops who shouldn’t own guns themselves. How may times to we have to read about cops who rape, cops who kill their wives and kids and crazy bastards like Hiram Monserrate, who not only should have never been a cop but it’s absurd that he became a state senator, the sick bastard.

    People with mental issues should NOT be allowed to be police officers and I think they should be tested yearly, lest they go over the edge. Sometimes, I fear cops more than the criminals and that’s saying something.

  99. Hey maybe they want to force us all to turn in our guns so Holder can sell them to Cartels for some nifty “revenue”.

  100. I did not use the words arm and carry properly–I used them interchangeably. Careless of me.

    My point was that when people buy guns for protection (or suggest that more people should have them for protection), said owners would not always have them ON themselves (like sleeping Mrs. Lanza). I did not imagine that teachers having them available would be wearing them throughout the school day. Of course, wearing them would make them available in the moment of emergency, but teachers wearing them is something I never want to see. If it comes to that, why bother pretending we have a civilization?

  101. Sophie as a former High School teacher, the last thing I want to see is teachers carrying. If you’ve ever seen some of the ill-tempered characters in HS school today, they could easily get into a snit and take that gun right off of the teacher. And use it.

    In the “old days” we used to throw kids like that out of school. Now we keep them so they can disrupt entire classes all day. Once again, we continue to cater to the worst among us with our laws.

  102. Uppity you nailed it as far as we cater to the worst among us. That is why I have a gun as well. I hunt and target shoot as well. I enjoy going out and shooting skeet. I love my shotgun. But I am as good with an arrow too. Now I can tell you this if you have a person armed with a compound bow and many arrows that massacre in the movie house could have been even worse then it was. Silent and deadly. Thing is people love their guns for many reasons but it is not to go shooting hell out of a school or theater. Our teachers carry as I said. Many are packing and yet there have been no incidents where a teacher cut loose on a classroom. Could they ? Yes but do you not think they most likely would have anyway regardless of weather they could carry or not ? Psycho is just that. I strongly agree that are mental health system is screwed up. We diagnose all kids these days with some issue and drug them. Then once we have them on drugs we forget about them because they are cured lol. If you have a kid that has a real problem ten to one you can not afford to help him anyway and no one will do it because it needs done they want money. It is a fad to have a therapist these days. So it is a big industry and caters to those who need to feel cool they have a head shrinker they visit weekly and can talk about at the club house. Some poor sucker with a dysfunctional kid that really needs help will not get it and bingo another mass murder.
    Thing is it is not the weapon they use it is their make up. Killing has always been a part of our world and so long as there are people there will be murder. I like my AR 15 it is just fun to go out and see how many targets you can hit. It is fun but does that mean I am going to take it and spray a store with bullets ? I may think differently then others and that does not make me a nut. If anyone thought ahead about things like hurricane Sandy and maybe even a worse event these guns I talk about could save your life and what is left of your property. Remember the shit we heard about in NOLA.
    This government has been after our guns for quite some time and too many people agree. I love history and studied it well and fact is we tend to repeat it often. We never learn.
    As for living in cities like NYC oh heck I was raised and lived in Los Angeles for years and even in the 60’s it was way too populated and still I knew so many folks that had tons of guns and fact is they carried because California was and still is I think a open carry state. Seeing a man come into a store with a gun on his hip was no real surprise. But I think LA banned open carry years and years ago . I remember in the late 70’s my husband walked right by the high school in LA county with his 30.06 deer rifle because their was a gun shop right next to it and Harbor division of the LAPD stopped him and they talked about brands of rifles. Now he would most likely be shot.
    We have in the last twenty years branded the gun a killer not the killer !

  103. One very sensible suggestion I read, don’t remember where, made the case for a panic button, similar to those used in banks, in classrooms and school offices.
    We need a serious review of our policies for treating the mentally ill. Confined treatment, with compassion, would be kinder than jail or living on the streets, which is basically, our current policy.

  104. I can’t even get a copy machine that works at my school, can’t imagine a functioning panic button in all schools.

  105. Not a bad idea Conner. But you’ve got to wonder how the H he got into that school with those guns. I saw a sign nearby one of the shots of the school grounds and it said “Visitor’s Welcome”. Are you kidding me?

  106. You get to pick your own method of sacrifice since you’re such a sport.

    Eff!…I missed the sacrifice thang. Oh well…then I choose to be pickled in a fine single malt.

  107. If he hadn’t murdered her too, wouldn’t she probably be facing charges for him having access to those guns in the house, given his obvious, deteriorating mental state???

    She wouldn’t be facing charges, but she’d be sued in a civil law suit for negligence. In fact, I’d be surprised if her estate isn’t sued for the same.

  108. I lost my virginity several times.

    All the best ones do.

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