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  1. How should one dress for the fiery apocalypse, anyway? After all, it is casual Friday.

  2. There is also this Star Wars:

    However Regan is dead, Luke turned out to be an obot and Disney now controls the Star Wars Universe.

    Is 007 available?

  3. I can’t even begin to tell you how much money military contractors made on Reagan’s star wars fantasy, and how much of it was wasted. It was a huge joke, I know this for a fact, and billions flowed.

  4. When SS is on the chopping block and the guy who put it there gets named man of the year it is a sure-fire sign of the end times. Maybe not the world ending, but the end of the middle class, the end of the pretense that one party is better than the other, the end of retirement…

  5. Uppity back to the other thread. Weather it is city or out in the out back killers are killers regardless from where they hail.
    What has changed is this imo, discipline. We do not punish kids today like we did say in the 60’s. Spanking a kid is a huge no no and considered abuse. Now we have to reason with them and it has been going on for many a year. Long enough to see the fallout. Many of these kids that never had a switch taken to their back side are now parents of 10 year old or older. Some kids our ages grew up never being spanked but they did not get away with stuff because society would not tolerate it then either. Now we have little ” Johnny Rotten” throwing a tantrum n the store knocking shit all over until he gets what he wants and no one does a thing. Back when I was a kid even the store clerks would have reprimanded Johnny Rotten and his parents. Teachers in my day would spank your young ass for getting out of line now they have their hands tied.
    If you did not pass a test you failed and if you sat on your butt and did not study and turn in your work you failed and repeated that year in school now you move on no big deal and working hard for an A and scholarship means nothing. All you need is a trumped up special circumstance or a good throwing arm and bingo you go to college free.
    Little Johnny Rotten can take a knife or gun and kill and at 18 in some states 21 in others he has to be released and the record of his crime gone. Now that he has been in the system for several years among others that might have some far worse is he a good boy or will he be angry enough to take out a theater. You guess.

  6. Well I am having a party Sunday.with or without the Mayan’s. 😆

  7. May be a hot dog roast, 😆

  8. Or Marshmellows. 🙂

  9. I can’t find a new Mayan calendar anywhere!

  10. This statistic is cause for pausing and thinking about it all. Guns will exceed car deaths in 2015. That is alarming to me. The sheer number of cars in the country, each one so potentially dangerous, and yet, guns are more dangerous. They need to do something drastic. Clearly.

  11. dwp did you try amazon? They have everything. Maybe on eBay? Someone must have the new calendar.
    As for me, I’m home wrapping Christmas presents in case the Mayans were wrong. I have to go back to work on Friday, so I’ll have to wear my work clothes. With luck, it’ll be a slow day. Maybe the patients I work with won’t have heard of the Mayans.


  12. I am thinking I am going to have a large,spicy meal on the 20th, fueled with a ton of beer, then wake up at midnight to use the bathroom, and will plug up my crapper. Ya want to talk about The Apocalypse? How about the Hillbilly CrApocalypse? 🙂

  13. I bought a telescope to view the event the other day. I have a 30 day return policy lmao

  14. Karen gun deaths will rise with the population. Factor in other things too rather then just cars. Cars have become safer and as gas prices increase the amount of cars driven is declining and rapid transit is in more use. Statistics can and are slanted. Also factor how many stabbing deaths there are or beatings or drug abuse deaths. Stats are there to push a point. They are always tilted to the point they want to prove.

  15. Here in Ogden most commuters to SLC use the train. Their cars are in their garages. Why battle snow and traffic and high gas price when you can get a month pass for less then a tank of gas ? You are there in 15 minutes and you hop on one of the electric trains there that drop you off anywhere in the city. Of course car deaths are going down. No surprise there. Changing gun laws will not stop a killer from killing or getting a gun. Just remember how many criminals we armed with automatic weapons via the very ones that want to take yours.

  16. Your stat says 85 killed daily by guns, 53 are suicides out of the 85. Is that a fair stat to put up against car deaths ? If there were no guns for the sake of argument would we save the 53 from killing themselves or the 32 from being clubbed or stabbed to death ? Guns are just a tool used by killers or to knock yourself off because it is painless. You do not feel the bullet you blew your brain out with.
    I think back in history before guns and it brings me to the blood lust of the British and Romans. Swords, maces, axes lions , racks the list goes on. As long as there have been people there has been a blood lust from some and enjoyed by many.
    Look at a traffic accident and even when the road is clear to move along majority do not because they want to see blood and guts and talk about how horrible it was. People look for photos of the dead. It is not going to change.

  17. Ask yourselves this and answer it honestly and fairly. How many here looked to find the video of Saddam being hung ? How many looked to see Osama photo in death ? How many looked to see what they could about Benghazi ? How many do you suppose where out there in cyber land hoping to get a glimpse at these dead kids ?
    What is the reason for looking and why did you ?
    I have said my piece on gun control I am strongly against it and will never surrender any one I own willingly. That is all I will say on this matter. I am off to get some things done have a great day all.

  18. Ewwwwwwwwwww hillbilly, you are disgusting, which is why we love you.

    Utah, I don’t disagree with you with one addendum: I think people should be investigated more carefully and I do not think anyone who has a history of mental illness that historically leads to violence should be sold a gun. That doesn’t mean they won’t get a gun, however, since illegal guns seem to be easy to acquire. I have said repeatedly and I am still saying that the REAL problem here is our BROKEN mental health system, no follow-up, inability to hospitalize people if their voices tell them they don’t want to go. The entire system is useless and all you have to do is look at the histories of these killings to understand that. The entire laundry list of mass killers is riddled with sick people with a serious history.

  19. New Mayan Calendar. ROOOOOOooooooooooooooFLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL.

  20. I knew I clipped that photo. This was from one of the slideshows we linked to. I cut this piece out. I would say Visitor’s were a little TOO welcome. No metal detectors? Does a community think that because the neigbhorhoods are all “good” that there aren’t psychos that can live in one of those homes?

  21. Another sign of the end of days? Russell Brand interviews two westboro phoney church fools.

  22. Uppity agree. Hell Ted Bundy did most of his dirty work here and in Idaho and Colorado but hailed from back east. Why ? Because it is easy to grab someone and go out into the nowhere here and not get caught. Had anyone of these girls been armed might have been different.
    Here is what I am saying
    But everyone must feel as they do and if disarming folks is what they feel will end violence they obviously do not look at the numbers of murders in gun free countries.

  23. You know maybe the nation does need to split. Those who want to be told how many squares of toilet paper they can use to wipe their ass can live like that, me I will continue to use as many as I want. LMAO

  24. Nobody should EVER interview those Westboro pukes. They deserve a complete publicity blackout. Scum.

  25. Uppity agreed on Mental health thing. A pill prescription is not fixing the real issue. Some do not get well period. Some are born pure evil seriously and I guess that too could be a mental issue but they are just evil. Nothing by way of a ban will ever fix that NOTHING. We are ignoring the real issue.
    Charles Manson is EVIL. I guess he could be clinically insane but he also could just be a evil killer. I do not know. Anyway he is tucked away at least but honestly he and society would have been better off if he had been fried. BTW no guns involved in those killings.
    How do you determine if a person is insane or just plain evil ? Or are they hand in hand ?
    I think we are a nation that thinks we can fix all including the unrepairable broken. Some people can not be fixed and just need to be tucked away. Pills and therapy do not work.

  26. Agree Westboro loons are the same kind of whackos as the guys that shoot something all to hell. They are so whacked out that someday when folks pay them no attention or do the wrong thing one of them will go off because they were told by a higher power to do it, mark my words.

  27. Utah some people are just wired wrong it’s true,but for the most part, some people can’t be fixed because they don’t take their meds. There are illnesses, such as some Schizophrenia, that can be controlled by medication. Problem is, you have to depend on the patient to take it as directed. Some stop taking it when they start to feel better. Then all hell breaks loose again. It’s kind of like stopping an antibiotic in the middle of its cyclenbecause you feel better. If you don’t complete the meds, you get sick again and possibly sicker. If we really want to do these sick people some good, we should find a way to time-release their medications without a need for their reliability with their meds. But first, we need to find the legal way to treat them without their consent and without having to jump through weeks or months of hoops and paperwork. Lanza’s killing spree is the result of a drawn out system. His mother wanted him to get treatment, wanted him hospitalized and she had to be waitiing I don’t know how long for that “Hearing”. Meanwhile, this sicko had plenty of time to arm himself and kill people. We need to attach more importance and speed to these cases. What mother would be filling out papers to take control of a son’s mental health if she didn’t have to? This was a serious issue that had a horrible outcome because our mental health system is BROKEN.

  28. Truer words never spoken Uppity. Again what we need to do and what we will do are miles apart. It is easier to demand taking guns away then addressing the real problem. Either way you are trampling on rights but in the case of a gun owner that is sane and the case of an unstable person do we really need to argue who’s right should be stripped ? Kids rights end where parents say they do because they are incapable of proper decision making so should the clinically unstable one have the right to decide weather or not they need meds ? I think not. I like the timed release idea and mandate they show for an injection or what ever as needed or be hunted down and locked up. I knew one of these nuts in Las Vegas. She was ok on the days she took her meds but when she did not it was obvious by her weird out bursts and anger issues over dumb little stuff. Quite scary. When I spoke to her about it she said she either did not have the money for more or she forgot. The money thing should never be an issue EVER ! I as a taxpayer am willing to fund their medication in the interest of public safety. But the I forgot thing I can not address unless we mandate they have them always.

  29. Here’s a piece of work from the National Review who blames the school shooting on……..are you ready?

  30. Flirting with Phelps of Westboro Baptist Church. Watch what they do to him, it’s hilarious.

  31. It disgusts me the way the repub think tanks/Faux News crowd leap on every tragedy and pronounce it to be the fault of women, gays, any lifestyle they publicly disagree with (while they indulge in it privately). They look like fools. Its a pity the media gives them a public forum.

  32. Uppity, ROFLLLL!

  33. Socal no disrespect but it is not just how repubs jump on a tragedy. Let me see here but isn’t it the Dems that are yelling it is the fault of gun owners ? There is always the blame game and it always goes political. The fault did not lie with God being angry, women , guns or any other thing these two evils can come up with to blame. The fault lies with our inability to force someone unstable to take meds or be locked away.

  34. Ok, I have a bizarre story that I’ve been meaning to share with you all the past few days, but haven’t been able to get online til late at nite. As most of you have probably surmised, my hubbie works for a school district and is involved in the building and remodeling of schools. Well the past few weeks, he has been hearing from a lot of his old friends about a certain new school, that is not quite finished yet, but open to a small number of students. It is haunted.

    This new school was the brainchild of one of the most despised school dist. bigwigs, who had grabbed big power in the city for a few years, made tons of dirty money, & had terrible ideas (this school is one of many), and was finally brought down by…a woman! A woman who was head of hubbies union as a matter of fact.

    Anyway, the bad guy decided to create a school out of an old hospital that used to be a morgue. Hubbies many friends have told him of many stories about the place, lights turning on and off, tools rolling around, weird noises and footsteps coming from areas where there aren’t any people. One of hubbies closest work buds is one of the head guys of the project. He says it has been a living hell. He would retire if he didn’t need the medical insurance for his dying child. Many of the guys and women that work under him have been pleading with hubbie to take them on at hubbies current job. One of hubbies most reliable workers, whom he has been friends with for years, went there last week to complete something and he said he was walking down one of the corridors, carrying a heavy power tool in one hand, swinging it as he walked, and all of sudden the arm that was holding the tool was arrested and held, and he couldn’t move his arm! He said he is never going back.

    This school is only partially open now, but it seems to me to be a really bad idea to put a bunch of kids there. We have enough screwed up kids these days. I don’t know what the ptb think about this.

  35. Utah, yes, very true, although I would also like to see stricter laws about gun ownership, no gun show sales, no nuts being allowed to buy them, no military stuff etc. While there will always be nuts that want to kill people, the fact is that it would be a lot easier for people to stop a maniac wielding a knife or regular gun than one of those machine gun type things. Also, the countries with stricter gun laws than ours have less murders. Its a fact. Yes, people kill people, but they kill them much easier and faster with guns. We have all kinds of laws restricting various things for the sake of safety, many with huge inconveniences, like at airports, why not something as dangerous as guns?

  36. Does a community think that because the neigbhorhoods are all “good” that there aren’t psychos that can live in one of those homes?

    Yes. Maybe they thought it was America.

    By the way, you had to be buzzed into the school. Unless of course, you had a machine gun, then you didn’t need to get buzzed in as we learned.

  37. Also, yes, I think this latest tragedy is a great deal the fault of the mother. She owned guns, taught her unstable child how to use them, and apparently left them where he had easy access to them. They say she was a good person, but she must have had very bad judgement. Her guns should have been in a gun safe, and she shouldn’t have taught him how to shoot. She obviously was concerned about his mental stability.

  38. no disrespect but it is not just how repubs jump on a tragedy. Let me see here but isn’t it the Dems that are yelling it is the fault of gun owners ?

    But in this case, can we agree that a gun killed those kids and not two guys getting married?

    You know, I have never been into guns. They don’t excite me in the least. Yet I have never wanted to make guns illegal. I would like restrictions on automatic weapons and I know I am not using the correct jargon, but I really don’t want any person to be able to own a weapon that fires multiple rounds in rapid succession, whatever it is technically called. I don’t see the need for them at all. CT has some of the toughest gun control laws and the manufacturer specifically designed guns just inside the letter of the law. I find that despicable.

    That all being said, you gun aficionados need to find better spokespeople to go on the air for you this week, because the folks speaking on behalf of “law-abiding citizens owning guns” are not doing you proud. They sound, at best, like a bunch of children who will be mad if their toys are taken away or like their guns are compensating for some anatomical shortcoming.

  39. Sophie, agree.

  40. Re the school having an entrance where you have to be buzzed in, these machine pistols make our modern security systems obsolete. So what to do? Make schools and banks and other buildings like guarded vaults because the NRA wants citizens to be able to own machine guns?

  41. Latest header is sweet. That nice pengy is giving that snowman a hat!..

    Socal – what city is that possibly haunted school in?

  42. There was a guy on the radio talking about not having his liberties compromised. When there are cameras everywhere and we have to get a cheek swab to go inside a school (and why stop there: library, shoe store…), will he be happy? When everyone in America’s psychological test results are posted online (because that’s next), will he be happy? TSA, GMOs, the Patriot Act–were all okay as long as we don’t have our “liberties” infringed compromised.

  43. Well, all our arguments aside, whatever Obama and Congress decide to do, you can bet it will be the wrong thing and won’t be worth spit.

  44. Sophie, even America has psychos. Goodness knows we learn about them more and more every day. NO neighborhood is safe so long as our mental health system is BROKEN.

  45. By the way, you had to be buzzed into the school. Unless of course, you had a machine gun, then you didn’t need to get buzzed in as we learned.

    This would be funny if it weren’t so tragically true.

  46. Thanks goof, keep watching, the Christmas headers change every day up to Christmas. 17 of them to be exact.

  47. Socal what’s a machine pistol.

  48. DWP- Saturday is day one PA- (post apocalypse) Sunday is day 2. We can use sticks to write in the dirt and rocks to scratch notches as a calendar.

  49. What guns did lanza have, does anybody know what they all were? I mean name.

  50. How the hell did he get in the door with that and not be seen.

  51. Socal I don’t doubt your story. I had experiences that convinced me many years ago. It was several things that removed all speculation from me for good. There is more to the world than meets the eye.

  52. I think he shot out a window

  53. He used that rifle to do the killings.
    He also had a sig Sauer and a Glock on him.

    Interesting info about that assault rifle, they are being sold as home protection guns and 1.5 million have been sold in the last five years alone.

    THeres also some interesting profile information here, apparently she went to the range with him to bond with him. Problem was he was nuts.

  54. He had a Glock 10mm a Sig Sauer 9 mm and a bushmaster AR 15. I read the bushmaster was left in the car at the school but that report might have been wrong – like much of the reporting was.

  55. @ goofs:

    {indignant snort}

    The definitely haunted school is in the County of Los Angeles!

  56. I just checked the current story. The 4th gun was a hand gun he left in the car.

  57. Upps, a “machine” pistol is just my own slang for those guns that spew out a lot of bullets in a few seconds. If I am ever living on my own, I can see myself getting a small semi handgun like yours for protection.

  58. Sig Sauer is a full size 9mm pistol.

    They didn’t say what model glock he had but looks like mom liked the big boys.

  59. goofs, I’m not really mad…just joking!

  60. socal 😀 NP.. I live in the IE and was curious if it was close to me… 🙂

  61. She had to teach him to shoot to bond with him? We bond with our kid by teaching him music, and taking him great places, to concerts, museums, plays and sports events, and traveling to interesting places.

  62. IE isn’t LA county is it?

  63. IE is Inland Empire and is not LA county.

  64. The AR 15 although deadly looking is not any more deadly then the glock or any semi auto unless you have illegally changed the firing mechanism. You shoot the legal AR 15 just as you do a glock or again any semi auto. It is not a M 16 which is fully auto. They shoot one round per pull on trigger like any other just expel the cartridge automatically and send the next bullet in automatically. 223 shells are cheap and it makes this gun wanted by target shooters. A 22 semi auto will hold 15 to 18 rounds and difference is they are in a tubular holder but will shoot same as the AR 15. It is hard to get an AR 15 to spray bullets like a M16 but not impossible if you have the know how and the right stuff to do it but same can be done to any semi auto. Not more then a handful of people can do that. The AR 15 is no more dangerous then any gun on the market. I made a mistake in my above post what I meant was the M 16 sprays when trigger is held down and I do not know anyone with a M 16.
    Prejudice abounds when it comes to the look of a gun. The link I posted above shows two semi auto 223 guns. One the public or gun control nuts are not against but the other they are. Same gun, same firing mechanism and same result in the hands of a loon.

  65. karen, I’ve also had experiences with ghosts or paranormal or whatever its called. Its very scary to me. I avoid anything to do with that stuff.

  66. imust very good, yep I’m about 40 miles east of the city of LA. 🙂

  67. I knew IE meant inland empire, just wasn’t sure if any of it overlapped with LA.

  68. I still am home from work – sick as a dog. I shouldn’t use the kindle in bed. I should go to the desk top not this tiny tablet with auto correct and toy key pad. 🙂

  69. I have relatives in Yucaipa & Highland something (Park?).

  70. I’m home today also. But sick with terrible headache. Dizzy and vomiting.

  71. East Highland maybe? I’m in Riverside. 😀

  72. This is not a snark. Please debate point, if so inclined.

  73. This, of course, is a snark.

  74. The shooter’s mother showed bad judgment, but what about the father? Why did he leave his ex-wife alone with their mentally deranged son? I understand that he sent money, but clearly both mother and son needed a lot more than that.

  75. Thanks for bringing that up Jen! No one’s asking about the father.

  76. Is San Bernardino part of the IE?

  77. Yes, IE is Riverside and San Bernardino Counties together.

  78. Welp socal it appears he wasn’t interested in concerts and museums, but he was interested in shooting.

    I don’t suppose he found much very interesting considering he was crazier than a rat in a coffee can.

  79. Oh Jen, I am sure it was all just too stressful for Dad. So he did what all good dads do, he dumped the problem onto her.

  80. My twitter isn’t working, I am having a nervous breakdown. Can’t tweet, can’t retweet, timeline frozen, everything is at a screetching halt.

  81. Planet X must be interfering with Twitter. 😀

  82. I did manage to snatch this twit pic and quote though

    “Nothing says I have a tiny penis like this”

  83. I can’t even log off of twitter.

  84. Mayans

  85. It’s firefox. It has frozen my twitter, I can’t log off, I can’t even end twitter using the windows task manager.

  86. LOL Sophie & Upps!

    NES, I just read a couple of days ago that the snake is willing to compromise on SS & Medicare.

    Also, thought your second tweet was spot on!

    Time Rag really sucks.

  87. Lakerwade wants me to post this for him. Its a vid that experts say is faked of a golden eagle snatching up a toddler.

    The guy on the website Laker got it on says that they are working with the eagles to quit snatching toddlers and start snatching the Kartrashians instead!

  88. Just wow.

    Top Conservative Publication: Shooting Occurred Because Women Ran The School

    in general, a feminized setting is a setting in which helpless passivity is the norm. Male aggression can be a good thing, as in protecting the weak — but it has been forced out of the culture of elementary schools and the education schools that train their personnel.

  89. Karen here’s something to make you feel better

  90. Was a time when women were the teachers. Men just hopped on when the salary and vacations got better. It was traditionally
    wimminz work, thus the pay was crap because women didn’t really need to work, they had husbands.

  91. Sophie have you seen the tweets on that piece. Tons of tweets on the Husky 12 year old Boy they think could have taken care of the problem. Assholes.

  92. I remember those days. I had Miss Beadle.

  93. Yes male aggression was a great thing, just ask Lanza. he brought some of that to school that day.

  94. I wouldn’t want an eagle to get a kardouchian, the eagle might catch something.

    I had an employee who went home from work one day and found that her Siamese cat had gotten out of the house……..and…..her tail was broken. She was very upset and brought the cat to the vet and they had to amputate part of it’s tail. To make it worse, they acted very much like they suspected she abused her cat. She was in horrible tears the next day. But when she got home the next day, her neighbor yelled to her, Was that your cat the hawk tried to grab and dropped? Damned thing grabbed the Siamese, which probably looked like a large rodent to it, by the tail.

  95. Malala should have been the Time Person of the Year. Once again the faux prez got an award for doing nothing.

  96. He’s offering to take another 400 billion out of medicare, doctors are dropping medicare left and right now, imagine after that. The payout to the doctors is PATHETIC. They cannot survive running office overhead on that kind of income so they are dropping medicare patients and replacing them with other patients that have insurance. It’s down to survival now for General practitioners, and specialists don’t have to take that shit, they have plenty of people with better insurance. As it is, we have a shortage of general practitioners now. This is becoming a travesty. You can’t throw a couple of bucks at a doctor and expect him to put up with it very long.

    I’ve said it already and it’s the truth, I PErSONALLY know seniors who got letters from specialists saying they no longer accept medicare assignments.

  97. This is one of the comments from Sophies link about the “feminized school setting”:

    “xxxxxxx · Grand Canyon University
    You see, bullets cannot enter a man’s body against his will. The male body has a way of shutting that whole thing down, just as a woman’s body cannot be raped with her consent. Haven’t you been paying attention?”

  98. Yeah, men shut that whole thing down.

  99. Upps, that fb page is asking me to log in. No can do. I only lurk at open fb pages like the critter room. Not a member.

    My high school in Queens had security fence with barbed wire – to keep us from cutting class and to keep out dealers. It was the early 70s. We had metal detectors in later years. Security guards – we called them narc’s and security cameras. They had one way in and all doors out emptied into a locked yard. It was a prison but it was seriously protected.

    We had race riots the first year the school opened. That was why they secured it to the Max. Might be the thing to do at all schools.

  100. That woman that wrote that horrible piece is so full of shit anyway. When I was in Elementary school a million years ago, it was all women teachers, staff, nurse, principal & vice principal. I remember well in Jr High & High School we had male principals who were total wusses, also some male teachers who spent their time hitting on my girlfriends and myself, or outright molesting. (Not saying there aren’t good male teachers of course)

  101. I don’t know why Time changed it to Person of the year, it’s always a man. They have only had two women since 1927 and one of them was Wallace Simpson because the king abdicated the throne to marry her. I’ve been nasty tweeting @Time all day.

  102. Damn Karen, it’s a spice kittens video. Go to the facebook page, it’s on there. I’m not logged in there. I have no facebook page. John’s FB is open so I got in and found it.

  103. Karen, John talks about “Fan pages” for fans of certain cats. Do you know where they are?

  104. Yeah, I just clicked on the fb link. Karen, I’m not on fb either but it had the vid of the spice kittehs.

  105. socal you are right. Women teachers have dominated elementary schools forever.

  106. Time’s Person of the Year is a joke anyway. Didn’t they have “everyone” as the Person one year recently? Time isn’t worthy of Hillary or Malala. Either is Newsweak. Obama. Fcs.

  107. Upps there are links in the comments on john’s page to the three adopting families. I’m on the damn kindle-urrrgghhh. They are all log on type face book pages. I see updates only at critter room.

  108. There were plenty of men in the Batman movie theater. As I recall, there was one “man” who ran out and left his girlfriend and baby behind. I think he even got in the car and drove home!

  109. i just clicked on huffpo and the headline is: Social Security Sellouts and then there is a pic of Nancy & a pic of Barky underneath.


  110. btw, Sophie, we all laughed at the funny weather report.

    There’s a small town in France that has access to some obscure mountain that the Mayan doomsday nuts think is the only safe place to be on Friday, that they will be picked up by a flying saucer or somethiing. Anyway, the poor little town is overrun with these nuts, and now they have closed all access, blocked off the highway leading to the town.

  111. Karen are you feeling better?

  112. Last week it cost us $100 million to operate congress. Two pieces of legislation were passed.

  113. I called my general prac doctor today to schedule my yearly checkup and they told me they are delaying checkups of people without any special needs because so many people are going in there with the flu and they don’t want anyone to catch it. I was thrilled because I got the flu last year for the first time in decades ……from sitting in that waiting room with all those sick people. Just as well anyways, as I have had my fill of specialists this past month.

  114. Upps, I hope your recent Dr trips have worked out well.

    Independent report on Benghazi is out. It criticizes two depts of State dept, but debunks Fox News, et al, conspiracies:

  115. I’m doing okay socal. I do have a small kidney stone I should be passing soon enough, though. It’s a small bugger, about the size of a lentil. Little bastard lets me know it’s there though.

  116. Fox News and MSNBC will rot your brain.

  117. Seriously socal, if the Mayans had any brains they would still be here. The Dinosaurs fared better than they did.

    I really hate despising people who no longer exist, but this year has done it for me.

  118. There were plenty of men in the Batman movie theater. As I recall, there was one “man” who ran out and left his girlfriend and baby behind. I think he even got in the car and drove home!

    What a great catch.

  119. I have a sis-in-law who gets a lot of those. Also dad-in-law. I hope it goes quickly.

  120. Well, laker had a good week. He received a large cash gift and then a man we scarcely know (from India) sent him sets of tickets for two basketball games at Staples Center (L.A.). Very kind of him to do that for a kid he just met.

  121. Agree about the Mayans. Can you believe all these nuts fleeing to a mountain in France? How would the Mayans know anything about France?

  122. Link to the mountain in France. Its supposed to open up and a space ship comes out and they fly away.

  123. Kidney stone go away. Sending you good juju.

    I fall asleep in spurts. I have a book and the kindle but my eyes are sore-sensitive.

  124. There is a sucker born every minute. Barnum was right.

  125. If I lived next door I would have sent you some fresh chicken soup by now.

  126. Me too! Hope you get over this quickly karen.

  127. Here you go Karen, lots of natural remedies:

  128. Sophie, that site cheered me up. I won’t actually be making any of those treatments but the word “elderberry” always launches me right into the whole Python skit. “Your mother is a hampster and your father smells of elderberry” – laughter is good for what ails me!

    I am living on poached chicken, steamed broth veggies and tea – mostly.

    Thanks. 🙂

  129. Ok NES, pickeled it is. Just stay away from Uppity, she might drink you down like the worm in the tequila before the space ship comes for us.

  130. i have a question here, has anybody ever taken Flovent or any other corticosteriod nasal spray? I’m reading the label on this bottle and one of the side effects is anaphalaxis. This is not really a side effect unless they include death in the description. You suffer anaphalaxis and you die, it’s as simple as that. Unless I take this stuff while sitting in an emergency room, I am afraid to use it. As I have mentioned in the past, my brother died from anaphalaxis. In a doctor’s office. So I just want to know if I am just being a paranoid idiot and if one of you knows about this stuff and, I’m sure the anaphalaxis is rare but then I learned that statistics mean nothing unless you are one of them. Any people with knowledge of this stuff here? It’s the nasal spray.

  131. I only took inhalers a few times in my life and that was 10 years ago. I really did not like them. My ex boyfriend had occasional asthma and had inhalers and sprays all the time.

    Due to your history you have reason for concern. I would call the doctor and mention your blood relation death and your well founded fear. If there is an alternative medicine he can prescribe – that will not kill you – it would be preferable!

  132. I use a corticosteroid nsal spray everyday. No side effects yet. But if you are concerned about anaphalaxis, ask your doc about it and maybe she will prescribe an epipen if appropriate for you.

  133. And I wish I didn’t use the male “he” in that sentence. Old habit.

    I was so sick the last few days I woke up thinking today was friday. I have 24 hours left before the end. Cool. I still don’t feel up to snuff. I might need one more day off to recoup. Breathing is sort of essential.

  134. Yeah I was thinking about the epi pen. I don’t know if I can take this stuff, seriously. Statistics mean nothing until you become one of them like my brother did. SOMEBODY has to be that “One in a million”.

  135. I paid twenty bucks for this shit and I have a feeling I am throwing it away. But I stil need some help with the pressure in my ears or I am going to fall and crack my head.

  136. Karen, this is a nasal spray, the goal is to clear up my ear pressure problem which is probably secondary to sinuses. It’s hard to get it right with people like me because of the migraine issue. But after all these years, I have learned when something is not migraine related and this falls into that category.

  137. If the pressure is from inflammation in the sinuses, try an anti-inflammatory. Works for me. Sometimes I don’t take my nasal spray because it’s just nasty, so I take and anti’inflammatory and mucinex and lots and lots of green tea.

  138. I just called my Dr office and she’s gone for the next two days onto Christmas so they are going to ask the NP if there is an alternative. I told them I am not going to take this stuff. It can cure me or it can kill me and I am not willing to flip that coin.

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