How To Wrap A Cat For Christmas

RIP FlippyCat, your hundreds of videos on youtube brought much joy to many, good boy.

And here’s how it’s more likely to go with YOUR cat.


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  1. Hahaha! Torties rule the world! They don’t put up with crap.

    FlippyCat is a sweetie. My tortie, not so much. But she is beautiful and I love her in spite of her “issues”.

  2. Flippy did MANY videos, he was an old boy and very popular on youtube. He passed on from CRF at a ripe old age, but his videos live on.

  3. What a beautiful cat, but, then I’ve rarely seen an unattrative cat.
    Was this vid done by those two cute engineers featured on “Must Love Cats?”

  4. Beata torties are lovely cats. It’s always been my belief, however, that they know they are different and therefore have their rights to certain eccentricities.

  5. Sue, no, Flippy (top video) was a longtime youtube channeler. The cat’s owner worked with dominoes and made all kinds of elaborate things with them and at the end of each creation, Flippy won’t knock them all over. Check out the channel, click on the youtube link in the video. Flippy was a very mellow cat and also very old. He pass on a year or so ago.

    The other video is just a youtuber kind of doing a response to Flippy’s video.

    Like you I love the Engineers.

  6. Flippy Cat tribute

  7. One of Flippy’s domino videos. Flippy Cat Channel. LOTS of domino videos.

  8. Flippy is a sweetie pie and I Iove how he enjoys being swaddled by the wrapping paper.
    That was one secure cat. RIP

  9. Yes I would say Flippy lived a great life and was very loved. He died of what happy cats die of in old age. His kidneys just checked out. Given the choice, Flippy would definitely still want to be here. I am always warmed when I see a cat that secure and beloved.

  10. We have interrupted our Christmas header series in preparation for the end of the world. These same crazy people always fuck up the year. Pick a year. Any year.

  11. Ugh, that Benghazi report doesn’l look good for Hiilary’s chances in ’16. Anyone here who thinks otherwise is Fooling himself/herself. Let’s hope there’s another report on the failures of the WH and the CIA on Benghazi (and there were many!), else history will record that incident as a failure of Hillary’s leadership.

    I’m thrilled she’s missing today’s hearings. Last thing we need are video clips from the hearing playing in ’16.

  12. I’ve never believed that she would run in ’16 much less that the MPTB (male powers that be) would allow it. I’m sure there’s a male historic demographic waiting in the wings.

  13. Well biting the dust for Barack is the standard isn’t it? And the boys in the band are all to happy to help make that happen.

  14. Sorry if this is a repeat, but Robert Bork died.

  15. Well he will live on in the special word created in his name.

  16. Scalia’s hero.

  17. OMG I died laughing over that water cats video. The how to wrap a cat was cute but I got to watching the other too. I had one cat out of the gozillion cats I have had that actually liked water. Most would have left you looking like you had encountered a razor blade killer for getting them wet.
    Mitzi however thought she was a dog and did what dogs do. She would like to take long walks to the river, ride in the canoe, ride in the car, follow me everywhere. She was a pound cat that reached out of her cage and snagged me as I walked by in search of a black cat and that was it I took her home instead. She was a military surrender and they had begged the shelter not to kill her and get her a home and guess she knew she had better grab me before it was too late.
    She was a big fluffy gray cat so don’t know what breed she was if any lol. I never knew breeds because I always owned one that were strays looking for a warm nest.

  18. What water cats video?

  19. NES, I’ve said a hundred times Hillary has no intention of running in 16. The press cannot let that story die down – it sells copy.

    I am in total disagreement with you. I do not watch TeeVee and I do not read political boards for the most part. I have been following the state department daily briefings and read the reports and the ARB, Pickering and Mullin do not site her whatsoever. Yes, she is the head of a vast agency, but seriously, the people who’ve stepped down are the ones directly involved in the oversights. Her letter makes it clear who is actually to blame.

    Hillary is injured. If she wasn’t she says she’d be there testifying gladly. She has nothing to hide. Congressional funding was to blame. They requested the coverage and were denied it.

    Seriously, people have been spreading such crap about her and they have those long knives out just waiting to stab her. They will have to find some other dirt now. This is over for the most part and just like the whitewater horror show they didn’t get to destroy her.

    Dance, Hillary, Dance.

  20. I do remember when she requested significant funding for security at embassys. I should try to find that story.

  21. Still for Hill sums it up very nicely everyday. I read the briefings at the state dept and there. Then I read what FOX and other republican tool sites are saying and all they do is SPEW LIES and twist it all.

    It will all come out in the wash and for the next month we will fondly and with grateful hearts thank her and wish her the best.

  22. It is in the report Upps. She was cleared. She it titular head of the vast agency and she ceremoniously took the blame. She personally has no need to step down and this might mark her service, it is a huge event and a horrible one, but it isn’t as bad as, oh lets say, a certain republican excellent statesman who got up and lied to the whole country for his leader, to push us into war and then lived to regret he did so, forever maring his service.

    Benghazi was terrible. A true horror. The cost of war and peace is often death.

  23. Well I wish her the best. great vid Upps. 🙂

  24. Trumpka says Hooray for us and fuck you old people.
    In fact, Trumpka always says Hooray for us and fuck the rest of you. He doesn’t give a shit about women. He doesn’t give a shit about gays. He doesn’t give a shit about old people. he doesn’t give a shit about anybody but his own special interest and that is what is wrong with this creep. Kindly remember as you read this, that this is one of the POS union leaders who pimped Obama care and then got a fucking Waiver because it was so bad.

  25. Doesn’t he look like Hitler in that pic of his big self with arms outstretched? My union is AFSCME which is under AFLCIO. The big boys are going to screw themselves right out of their mansions with their greed. Their newsletters are so filled with propaganda that it should be renamed Pravda.

  26. yikes. Site should be Cite, I hate when I do that.

    slinks away.

  27. Karen the problem is deeper than that. The problem is we actually imagine there can ever be peace with a bunch of animals on two legs. That goes for the whole godforsaken middle east, it’s like the Jurassic Park of the evolution of Man

  28. Best comment there

    And Alan West caught a bus ticket out of Washington.

    Then there’s the guy who says she can’t have a concussion because it requires a brain. Imagine calling hillary brainless and you understand the dick mentality.

  29. I inherited a Tortie a while back and she is still going strong at 18. She loves to sit on tissue paper and wrapping paper. She treats that paper with tender paws and gets really upset when the other cats try and shred her “bed”.

    Did you get an alternative nasaly spray? My mother has used Nasonex for years (corticosteriod nasal spray) and has had no major problems. I, on the other hand try to avoid. I have had anaphylactic reaction to bee stings and to some foods and always have Benadryl on hand. I worry when I see anaphylaxisas a side effect on medications. I just use sailine spray and mucinex. Sometimes some oil/drops for ears.

  30. Opposition to a public school airing the movie, “Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown” as a violation of the constitution.

  31. Mt. L, I got some Simply Saline and am taking pseudophendrine. I hope it works. So far, not much. i am also allergic to bees like you. Considering this is how my brother died, this is not a coin I want to flip, although I am staring at this $20 nasal spray, knowing that if doesn’t kill me, it can cure me. I am feeling really miserable**

    ***Yeah I know. How can you tell the difference…

  32. Can’t recall the site but someone suggested that Hilary’s symptoms, such as light headed/fainting are consistent with what they have seen in patients with this year’s strains of flu coming to the ER and added that she would have been exposed to other strains around the world. I know I have had several emails from Medscape and the like noting that flu season started early and already gaining steam. One of the reasons they always encourage the elderly to get flu shots as early as possible.

  33. Yes shockingly my doctor said that the thing I am dealing with is going around too. Also, I read where they produced the flu shot this year and the strain of flu it protects against isn’t the flu that is currently spreading.

  34. Uppity, you might be able to return that medicine unused to your pharmacy with an explanation. They are supposed to go over side effects and things when you pick up medications. They cover their asses and some of the larger chains (Rite Aid, CVS) have you check a box and sign for drugs saying you pass your right to speak to the pharmacist. They still just might take that nose spray back and at least give you a store credit. I am not too proud, I’d try to return it.

  35. Greta finally came to Hillary’s defense and chastised the nasty little boys and girls who snipe like little trolls over at Fox. She has been on my shit list since that Liz Cheney series of shows but at least she still has more class than the rest of those buffoons all together. And please, spare me the Charles Krauthammer worship I read at some of these sites. FCS the man is often so far out there he needs a rope to pull him back to earth. He is high on his own superior air and tries to act modest between being a smug asshole. I do not watch TV but when I do see clips I am astounded that people watch this CRAP all the time. I read transcripts sometimes and it is way clear that way that they are just spinning lovely threads of horse manure brainwash.

  36. I had all the instructions included on a sheet from my pharmacist, Karen. It’s how I read the side effects. I opened the box and overall, since it is not a sealed nasal spray I do not think I would take it back if I were a pharmacist. There is no way of telling if it was used. I don’t go to a chain. I go to one of the few remaining dedicated pharmacists on earth and he’s exponentially less expensive and one hell of a nice guy. But I don’t thnk I can return it. Here in NY you have to sign two things to get any medications, some medications can’t even be called in any longer and prescriptions can’t be mailed. And you can’t sign for somebody else, so you can imagine what bullshit that is. I had to sign for my sick cat, and I made a snarky joke about how I can’t get my cat to sign personally, and I thought WTF NYS is just plain as full of shit as DC. These people make laws with their heads square up their own asses. I’m fall down dizzy and I have to drive to my doctor’s office to get my migraine meds tomorrow. I have to sign for pseudoehedrine like a goddamned criminal becuase some bags of crap make metho out of it or some such shit. And I can only get a certain amount each month so i don’t cook Meth. What a bunch of bullshit this all is.

    I am just so sick and tired of all this bullshit I don’t even know what country I am in any longer.

  37. I’ve been out of work since Sunday with cold and respiratory symptoms – UGLY coughing up green bubble gum thick mucus.

    95% of the people at my job had flu shots this year and yet when I called today they said they have two confirmed cases of Type A flu.

    I don’t think I have the flu/viral illness. The doctor gave me antibiotics and they do seem to be helping after taking them 3 days.

    Whatever you get, take care, there are nasty things going around today – I think our entire media caught a case of it a few years ago and fried all their brains to mush.

  38. The list of this kind of bullshit is endless. The cost of hot water heaters tripled because of government requirements, the result of some asshole Effing around with his hot water heater when he didn’t know shit about it and scalding his dumb ass. Air Conditioning units are triple thier sizes now (Central units) because of mandates and the freon charges etc with a shitload of air mandates that make it cost four times more. Prices for the units went up exponentially. I don’t think people realize how much of the increase in cost of things has to do with Washington DC and their pet rock projects. Soon you won’t get lightbulbs 4 for $1.95, instead you will be payiing for purtrid light thrown from a mercury laden lightbulb that will cost you six bucks, and evacuate your whole damned house if you break one. Furnaces now cost your first born to replace and the ‘efficient’ ones are so efficient they suck and you have to fiddle with them all the time, and they sound like a fucking train coming through when they kick on. Washing machines lock up when you start the water and you can’t throw that last thing in before the cycle, because some psycho put a baby in the machine. Now it takes nearly two hours to wash a load of clothes with the new machines. You can’t walk to the closet to get a hanger without your steam iron turning itself off because some other asshole burnt their house down or something. If you are too fucking dumb to turn off your iron, get a timer for five bucks and leave the rest of us the fuck alone. They are literally RUINING everything that worked well before they got their hands on it and I am just sick of it. It’s just endless what they flying assholes are doing to us and none of it has a whit of impact on anything that is good in the end.

  39. CDS is in full bloom. Thanks FOX. It is like 2008 all over again.

    Here is the obvious truth for anybody who knows her character:

    Kerry, leading the Senate hearing, said, “All of you who know [Clinton] would know she would rather be here today.” “I assure you, it is not her choice” not to attend, Kerry said of Clinton. “She looks forward to appearing before the committee in January.”

    The comments are stark raving ignorant Right-Wing propaganda.

  40. Karen honey, I’m gonna raise funds to send you to get a nice massage to relax you. I say let this play out. It always does. Hillary is no dolt. Deep breaths….

  41. If everybody ready for the end of the world tomorrow?

  42. Went looking for the spice kittens pages – that helps me calm down!

    Here is the page for sage and mace:

    basil and pepper:

  43. Is everybody ready for the end of the world tomorrow?

    Sure–piece of cake (or pie)–it’s a lot easier to prepare for the end of the world than a rapture or an apocalypse. Really not much to do but wait.

    Actually, I think we have this all wrong. It’s the end of the calendar, not the end of the world. There will just be blank squares on the calendar where there used to be days. No more deadlines, birthdays, and so on. We’ll be just living each “day” as its own special thing.

  44. Yes but the rapture comes at the same time, Sophie. World ends, everybody gone. Some up, some down.

  45. So, let’s party like there’s no To-Maya tonight!

  46. A little enhanced scope of work for The Lord, by adding the drunk to the quick and the dead.

  47. Yay Rosie has her own facebook page. I see she got to take her pink fur ball with her too. Did you see her video? She looks VERY happy.

  48. Hey check this out

  49. If you have a mayan friend, a good gift is probably a new calendar.

  50. The History channel has a two-hour show coming on at 9 PM here called “The End is Now.”

  51. Water Cats

  52. Watch that Tuxie and the glass it was great

  53. Boehner dropped Plan B due to lack of support. I think they didn’t want to vote in case the Mayan thing turns out to be something.

  54. Hahaha Utah that video’s a riot. The Tuxie! And the kid trying to throw the cat in the water and fell in himself. hahahah.

    I had a Aqua cat who was a riot. He knew how to open the faucet. My water bill was horrible. he would get right in the shower while it was running. Then he would walk all over the house and leave footprints.

    OMG watching the rest, I gott use this one. GREAT find!

  55. Sohphie fox did a 30 day end of world watch show starting Nov 21. Wait I got a pic…

  56. You can’t make this shit up.

  57. Utah I forgot to tell you Snack was watching that video with me. lol.

  58. Oh no ! Snack watching that will lead to disaster ! Oh dear I guess I got to come rescue poor poor Joe and Needlenose. Snack attack coming soon.

  59. Show Snack this and tell her to appreciate Needlenose

  60. Aww, love that Flippy cat. The other vids are cute also.

  61. Damn, this show sucks. It’s all about “preparers.” Who wants to live in a bunker eating beef jerky? One guy has a solar powered battery bank. What if the sun goes out? Guess he didn’t think of that.

    I don’t really have a plan. I guess I’ll have to wait for FEMA.

  62. He’s a very cute Tuxie, Utah. But I’m sorry to say there is something very wrong with him. His panting pattern is not normal. And I hope the owner figured that out by now.

  63. A different kind of Christmas greeting, #@$*-.

  64. Who wants to live in a bunker eating beef jerky?

    I know! I’d almost rather be Taken!

  65. The kid who fell into the water instead of the cat had it coming. That’ll teach him. Don’t mess with kittehs.

  66. Karen, that’s definitely a woman I wouldn’t want to be a neighbor to. Very crass.

    Oh, and yet another lying cop.

  67. Yes Uppity I saw that as bad too but liked the fetching thing. I noticed a fan in the background and assumed it was very hot in the house to cause him to pant. I had a cat pant once and he was very ill and had to be rushed to the vet. I lost him. Came on just like that and no warning. He was in heart failure and kidneys were shutting down. Before that he seemed so well. No issues. Maybe because he was 13 that was all the life he had.

  68. I’m thinking that kitteh in that video was possibly ever excited and hyperventilating. She’s a really cute cat. Reminds me of my RIP soul cat. Doesn’t remind me of Snack, Utah. Snack would be saying WTF I ain’t chasing that shit around unless you give me something for it.

  69. For those of you who wonder what Utah and I are talking abut, Snack is my Tuxie. You never see much of her. Neither do we. lol.

  70. Hey, I didn’t write “Oh, and yet another lying cop” in my comment. I don’t even know what that refers to. All i care about is kittehs. I just love cats. I really do.

    Upp, stop messing with my comments! LOL.

  71. I was wondering where the link to the lying cop was lol

  72. Oh shit, sorry. lol I’ll fix it.

  73. I think it’s cool how some cats walk on water! Lily drinks water from the glass like the one in the video. Lately, I can’t get her away from the tree. All of the ornaments have now been moved to the top part of the tree.

  74. Bahahahaha on the tree. Been there. The two cats I have now never bother it, but boy I had a cat once who would take it down and I’m not kidding. They like climbing trees ya know? She can get up there. Hahahahaha.

  75. Scuse me but….


  76. Goofs favorite thing to do is take down the tree. He likes to climb up to the top and ride it all the way down to the floor! Naughty kitteh 😀

  77. That little rat I just adopted Carrie thinks ours is a dam scratching post . Have had to upright it several times !!!!!!! Man animals can bring you joy and it is a good thing they do or I would not have them lol. Never use glass ornaments after having cats. Lesson was learned.

  78. Hahahaha! I learned about the glass ornaments the hard way too! Kittehs should come with an instruction manual !

  79. Yes about Snack. I remember when she homesteaded Uppitys home without permission bag and baggage and was quite put out to find she would have to room with a dog. Poor Needlenose tried to befriend her and Snack was having nothing of it. As I remember Snack was having nothing of anything but what she wanted. Anything change there Uppity ?

  80. My cat and my sisters cat were spending Christmas at my mothers apartment along with two large dogs and children. That tree had to be tied to the wall with rope since they all thought it was their toy shop. We lost the glass ornaments all during those years. I miss those days. We have pictures of the animals playing “top of the world” as soon as we left the room. Crash.

    At home I had a small tabletop tree most years. Less mess and fuss.

  81. Well there is improvement Utah. Problem is it’s not with the dog. SHe’s very affectionate now, with me and comes running down the stairs sounding like a boulder when I call her. She’s still conning the dog into trusting her and tripping her up and, of course, the Anteater forgives her and trusts her again the next time. Only a dog would do that. She still steals the dog’s toys and hides them, makes them quack and squeak at a distance to drive her nuts, but at least she has stopped dropping them in the water dish. Homesteading is a good word for what she did, I always called it Squatting. She’s pretty much a No Trouble cat, but for the fact NOBODY knows she’s here. I am not kidding. NOBODY who comes here has ever seen her. lolol. You ring the bell, Friendly Joe is right there on the table near the entrance to check you out and get him his Ooooooohs and Ahhhhhhhhhhhs Ain’t He Handsome! People always ask me if he’s up for adoption. As you know, I tried to place Snack, but it got increasingly difficult to place a cat nobody can see. Hahahahaha. So, pretty much everyone thinks there’s only one cat here.

  82. Hey Goofs! Did you notice that they take the tree down in slow motion?

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