Happy Festivus to the Rest of Us!

Feel free to air your list of grievances in the comment section and know that nobody cares what they are. Speak now or shut the hell up. Also, please know we reserve the right to ignore you.


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  1. Feel free to air your list of grievances

    There’s not enough time nor is the comment space big enough.

  2. Double damn google! Used to be such a reliable search engine but now all one gets is ads. A pox on them.

  3. Here’s a Festivus grievance:

    Now, I like looking at houses where people overdo the holiday lights, but I don’t think it should count if you live in a warm place. Nothing says holiday commitment like untangling lights outside in the bitter cold. Anyone can do a light show where it’s always warm and there isn’t any snow but it takes real love to do much more than some lights around a pine rope draped over the split rail fence in the freezing cold.

    In that link, I give props to the Idaho family and bring the rest as a Festivus offering.

  4. The original techno lights crackpot family is still the winner. Posted in 2005, they awakened the tackiness in America and it caught on. Who knew?

  5. Ok, this is cool. I’m probably the last person on the whole Internet to see it!

  6. Seizure Quality.

  7. Bahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaha I beat you on that one too! Only I have no idea where I put it up because I keep forgetting about those silly ‘tags”

    I bet those poor sheep were freaked.

  8. Oh man those border collies can herd! Did you notice you can pick him out through the entire video?

  9. If somebody tried one of those house light shows where I am they would end up hospitalized. I am sure of it.

  10. My grievance today is: R stands for retarded and D stands for demented. The Rs are begging to let us go over the cliff/raise all our taxes. At the same time they are insisting they want no new taxes. And yet, entirely illogically, they do not care if their lack of compromise causes higher taxes, causes a recession, causes heartache for millions in the process. Romney was for no compromise too. Their response to the questioning of their apparent hypocrisy was “we are so sorry America; we have to destroy you for a little while before we make things better.” Are they really THAT dumb?

    Cut my future SS and raise my taxes until then? Oh, just peachy.

  11. Hey, I can see rudy the pengy from my house!

  12. NBC liars are right now saying that the media was considerate and respectful in Newtown.

    Fact: Everyone in Newtown wants the media gone.

  13. Here’s more on that story of the dental assistant being fired for being too attractive. Seems to me the boss should have been sued for sexual harassment instead.

  14. Oh yeah the media was really respectful hunting down and snagging traumatized children for interviews.

  15. R stands for retarded and D stands for demented.

    This could almost catch on.

  16. Upps, all week long, they’ve been everywhere. People will be having a coffee at Dunkin Donuts and they come up and ask How has this affected you? Did you know any of the children? Did you know the shooter? And if people say they don’t want to talk, they still get pressed with questions. They come up to people’s cars at funerals. They have no sense of boundaries.

    The road from Newtown center narrows as it goes into Sandy Hook. There have been vans with satellite dishes parked on both sides of the street, making it difficult for residents to get through.

  17. I was going with Repulsive and Deranged, but will accept the new definitions.

  18. Sophie, we would really love a post from you on this after Christmas. Tell us what was REALLY going on with these vultures.

  19. We might better go with Repulsive over Retarded, which is a deroggatory term that rightfully hurts the hearts of people who have development disabled children, sisters, brothers, etc.

    So which is it. Repulsive and Deranged or Repulsive and Demented?

  20. Agree with UW@ 5:28 PM.

  21. I work in that field for many, many years, Upps and am immune to that term since I have said “the office of mental retardation and developmental disabilities” also known as: OMRDD a billion times.

    It is calling someone a “retard” that is insulting. I certainly meant no offense. It is something I am entirely surrounded by daily by choice.

  22. Karen, Good Grief, you would THINK they would have enough SENSE to reassign a different name to themselves.

  23. In my world we use that word to describe slow learning as opposed to mental illness, for example. We use the word for a type of truck slowing system too – a brake retarder- slowing down.

    I would never say XX is a retard or Xxx is retarded. I would say Xx suffers from retardation – which has always been the name used for the condition. There are petitions to change usage to other terms but not really needed. We use lots of kind terms for “our guys” but mostly we just use their actual names and pet nick names.

  24. Yes I see the difference, Karen. I just think that maybe the word “Retard” has caused so much stress that any variation of the word seems to have been affected along with it

  25. I just checked wiki and that word is used for the topic. I am on kindle so the link might be wonky.


  26. Of course the purpose of using it for Republicans was an insult – but I only directed it in my heart to politicians. Not my clients – I love them.

  27. I agree that the term mentally retarded is not insulting. But I don’t like using the term as an insult. But I know you are a kind hearted person karen and would never insult people with cognitive disabilities. 🙂
    I have a daughter with physical and cognitive challenges so I’m probably more sensitive than most.

  28. But I know you are a kind hearted person karen and would never insult people with cognitive disabilities.

    But she did! She insulted Republicans. (And, totally unrelated, she ate a pengy.)

  29. Yeah the pengy meal is very telling. Karen Karen Karen. Tsk.

    SMH. SMH.

  30. SMH?

  31. Well I just don’t think that people with retardation or who are cognitively disabled should have to bear the stigma of being even peripherally associated with the current Republican party.

  32. Funny how we have no problem agreeing at least 50%.

    Democratic party is demented and deranged and it’s hard to choose which to use.

  33. Shaking My Head.

  34. You gotta love our Karen. Even though she steals our food with annoying regularity.

  35. Demented, deranged…..despicable, dishonest…..they all work.

  36. Happy Festivus to the Rest of Us!

    The goatfuckers are not happy with you, UW.

  37. Repulsive, repugnant…..reprehensible…

  38. Yeah–no shortage of derogatory D-words.

  39. We can all agree the name Regressives fit the Progs of 08 perfectly.

    Imust, give your daughter a hug from me.

  40. Will do karen! 🙂

  41. Sen. Crapo (that is his name) was driving blotto.


    We can all take comfort that he is a mormon and a social conservative and is so sorry. Sorry he got caught.

  42. The banking committe, ca-ching. I bet he wishes he really did abstain instead of claiming to be dry and putting his party hat on.

    You have to love Romney’s kid, Tagg telling the world today that his dad didn’t want to be president and that Ann and the kids wanted it more than he did. He was reluctant and didn’t want to run. Well that might explain why he came off as just a tad aloof and distant.

    And not into it. If I gave him money I would want it back.

  43. Christmas in Long Beach, NY – a place I loved to call home for 10 years. Great story. Great town. Great people. God Bless them.


  44. Karen, when a cat falls off a shelf, he walks away and pretends he really wanted to do that. That’s what the “Romney didn’t want to be president” meme reminds me of. It also sounds like “My dad is really too good to be president but he did it as a favor for all of you peons and he’s glad he doesn’t have to lower himself to the job”. In any event, he got his wish, then.

    I think his son needs to STFU because he’s not doing his father a whole lot of good. Romney’s pride is hurt. We get it. Every loser in an election has to deal with that. It’s also always best to deal with it with dignity and good taste. In this case, I think Silence would really be Golden. Same holds true for family and friend surrogates. Mitt’s not news any longer. The election is over. He might have had better news for himself if he didn’t make that 47 percent remark, or worse, if he didn’t pick a rape apologist and Plug Puller for VP. That’s my analysis and I’m sticking to it. Anybody who knows me knows that the day he picked that POS was the day I was Finished with Mitt Romney. Surely I was not alone. Plenty of people didn’t like what we had but became mortified of what we might get instead. It was not a pleasant choice. The republicans truly snatched defeat from the old proverbial jaws of victory. They just couldn’t help pimping thier old distasteful extremes. And the arrogance, rudeness, rancor, bitterness, threatening tone and other distasteful and inexcusable aggressive behaviors of many of his followers were a rerun of 2008 Obots. The irony was so thick, it was worthy of head-shaking.

    I also think there is no useful purpose for his son or anyone else to still be talking about a presidency his dad didn’t win. Period. At this point, Mitt Romney falls into the same category as Mondale, Dukakis, etc etc. He ran He lost. In ten years nobody will even remember who he ran against without thinking about it first or looking it up. This is because there was nothing historical about his run. Just another white guy running for president who lost. People still thinking about Mitt for president aren’t doing their own health or the impression of themselves very much good. It’s not healthy what I am seeing. But then what do I know? I refused to vote for Romney or Obama. And since i refused to vote for Romney, I am obviously an idiot, very dumb or a stupid moron, depending on the day…new labels I have never enjoyed in the past. Who knew?? But then I always consider sources.

  45. I do believe I coined “Regressive”. Seriously. Like i coined Barky. But we have to use a “D”. to make it work, right?

  46. Uppity at 2:46AM, Hear, Hear! Also, I think the son is something of a fame-whore. Loves being in the news. I don’t believe for a minute that Mitt didn’t want to be prez.

  47. Degressive?

  48. Why of course this kid didn’t mean it. Right.


  49. Honest Mom, it wasn’t me, it was the voices!

    Okay honey.

  50. I still surf around some sites to catch up on what is going on with people who have self-exiled themselves from this place or who have abandoned ship or the few who didn’t like being told to “behave” when they were getting too spunky and funky. I am sentimental that way.

    In 08 I originally was a daily haunter of the Caucus Blog of the NY Times. I read that rag my whole life, even through the bush war cheerleading years, and they did originally come out and endorse Hillary in the primary so I was a happy camper for the most part. Then those obots came in ever bewildering and increasing swarms of vile filth, lies, projections, attacks and slime spewing and I was seriously outnumbered by the basement dwellers. I ran out of there like my hair was on fire when other blogs started to tout Hillary.

    I found a few that claimed to be Hillary blogs but who had a long solid history of being RED STATE blogs and many of the members attacked me with old republican lies that never were true. i cannot undo the tangled webs in their brain dust of lies that have been embedded there as “facts” for decades. Hillary killed Vince Foster with her own two hands and they cut up his body – insane type stuff. Grassy knoll stuff.

    But then there was Uppity. We could laugh, we could oooh and ahhhh at pet pics, we had been through the dem ranks together and we passed a bong around as well… And most of all our Uppity don’t take no crap from nobody. And if they want to roll in the mud and oink and call other people pigs then let them wake up when somebody hands them the mirror. Who are the morons again? Which site constantly has propaganda that isn’t even close to the truth spread far and wide by its members who link to Republican MADE UP NEWS sites? Who wastes their time reading utter inuendo and lies put out by a bunch of seriously flawed politicians? They do. But we are morons for not voting for the GOP who want us to fall off the cliff so they can protect gazillionaires.

    And Upps,btw, Thanks.

    Spot on Upps. Keep holding up those mirrors!

  51. And thanks for regressive, barky and for pie.

  52. I never wanted to be fabulously beautiful and rich. LOL.

    Have a great holiday, Uppityites. Adopt a cat or let one adopt you.

  53. Hey I can’t take credit for pie, it was here before I was, besides I think imust has nibs on Pieness.

  54. Eh Karen everybody has the right to like what they want to like, do what they want to do and yes, even vote the way they want to vote. Including you and including me. I just don’t call supposed friends names for doing it. Haven’t done that since the days of school recess. In real life, we all learn to respect our hosts in their own homes. We don’t eat a great dinner there and then bitch about the dessert. We don’t start a fist fight right there over coffee either. This hasn’t seemed to spill over into participating on blogs. The good news was, having been through it in 2008, it was way easier to intercept proactively this time around. Saved loads of insults, pain and aggravation. It’s all behiind us now, no sense of me or anyone else festering about it, I’ll leave that to others to do that, as if it would have made a difference. I know what I did, and I know why I didd it and it saved this blog. War zones don’t suit me one bit. That’s my choice. End of story. As for the rest…… We endure. It’s what we do.

    You know what the good part of hating both sides is? I expected someone awful to be president and I wasn’t disappointed!

  55. I always Agree with Upps. 🙂

  56. She da Kats Meowwwww!!! :mrgreen:

  57. Fear will do that. Hahaha just kidding xo.

  58. Honest Mom, it wasn’t me, it was the voices!

    Okay honey.

    I would add something else but somehow it’s still not right to joke too much, but you have to wonder if that was some of the attitude in CT. with that guy.

  59. Fredster, I read that she was trying to have him committed and was awaiting a hearing. Otherwise, he might have been off the streets before that fateful day. He probably killed her because of that very thing. He killed her in her sleep. And it wasn’t meant as a joke. It’s meant to show what goes on every day in this country.

  60. Norad tracking Santa,
    Nearly 2.5 billion gifts delivered and I got nuthin’

  61. No, my son didn’t mean it. He’s my son! He’s my son. he’s a good kid.

  62. I once caught a kid start a fire in a trash can in a media room full of kids. His old man was an attorney and showed up to intimidate and cross examine me, demanding I prove I saw it. I told him to go fuck a duck. And I got away with it. Because his son did it and I was sick of that kid pulling dangerous shit on everybody else. Once I met his old man I understood who enabled him and I told him so.

  63. karen @ 11:23 am — Your comment sounds divisive and judgmental. Did you mean to be? There seems to be a litmus-test/witch-hunt aspect to many of your politics-related comments, and they can be discomfiting. From what I can tell, Upps’ political mind — and its brainchild, this blog — is more free-ranging and eclectic than the orthodoxies you propound. Else, she wouldn’t tolerate a Hillary-loving moderate Repub. like me, for example.

    There are some Uppityites who haven’t commented here in a while, but they are beloved nevertheless by others here. I hope they find their respective ways back, eventually. In the interim, it’d be nice if they were not impliedly slammed.

  64. Hey NES. What I wrote was in reply to Uppity’s remark at 2:46.

    UW wrote: And since i refused to vote for Romney, I am obviously an idiot, very dumb or a stupid moron, depending on the day…new labels I have never enjoyed in the past. Who knew?? But then I always consider sources.

    She wrote that because a certain neighbor and most of the “morons” who post there called US morons for not voting for Romney. So yes, I meant every word I said. And compared to the things the Romney voters and obama voters say – we certainly aren’t as emotional since we did not even have a horse in that last race of “morons” – i am just using that word since it was used repeatedly by old friends to describe us fence sitters and third party voters.

    So if you want to come here and find fault with me responding to UW and me responding to her response to the people who called us morons. Well, do so but do not be surprised if UW comes by and erases this and your remarks. She hates this shit.

    I am highly opinionated and political. Skip my comments and do not purposefully engage me then. And if you are offended that we were offended for being called morons then, oh well. Grow some skin.

  65. Uppity@2:23: How sad that she wasn’t able to get it (the commitment) done.

    In La, they used to have a parish coroner thing where you could go to the coroner and present evidence or a statement, whatever and get a 72 hr. hold on an individual who could be a danger to themselves or others. However I don’t even know if that exists anymore with lil Booby’s cuts to health care in the state. His latest after discovering a “hole” in the budget was to eliminate hospice for anyone on medicaid. 🙄 God or goddess help him because some of this is going to bite him in the ass sooner or later.

  66. NES, far as I can see, she was responding to my comment about being called names because I and others are just too dumb to have voted for Romney, or some such shit, And, since you mention it, I was personally slammed as well. I know you witnessed this. However, I have to say that it isn’t just ‘one neighbor’ who did it or do it. And my point was taken by her if you will, and she ran with it, because I started it. Or something. Yeah I had too much wine so this is the best I can do. But IMO, there WAS a striking similarity to the kind of threatening tones and name calling we experienced in 2008. And this is why I nipped it in the bud and was just expressing that I don’t regret it one bit nor do I apologize for it. And hell, I’m a moderate myself. I hate extremes and it’s no secret I think the two parties are hijacked by exactly what I don’t subscribe to.

    And yeah, I do hate this shit.

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