As Always on Christmas Eve: The Nutcracker

Christmas Eve is the very best time to listen to The Nutcracker, conducted by my very very very favorite Pixie Maestro, Seiji Ozawa and the outstanding musicians who perform joyfully for him.

Miniature Overture

March Of The Toy Soldiers

Dance of The Sugar Plum Fairy

Russian Dance

Arabian Dance

Chinese Dance

Dance of the Mirlitons

Waltz of the Flowers


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  1. Your tree. Your cat.

  2. Ellen Show – cats in trees. (other albums are great too – cats in hiding)

  3. Wow, Karen, this is getting scary. I had that third photo loaded to put up in comments today.

    Get outta my head.

  4. That;s puuuuuuuuurty. 🙂

  5. Yeah I always listen to Nutcracker, even when it’s not Christmas time.

  6. Love The Nutcracker. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all here!

  7. All I can say is Ozawa is the BEST and that Chicago was willing to give him up is simply shameful. I thought it at the time and said so. I can hardly go through this time of the year without “The Nutcracker” and Ozawa makes it a most special treat.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone in Uppityville.

  8. (I have some thoughts that I’ve shared with some colleagues about the attacks against Nancy Lanza and the role of the mother when she may be the ONLY person who will take the time to share life with a child who is troubled and alientated from the world. I briefly tweeted a comment asking about comments r/t where the father was. I don’t think anyone responded. Maybe after I’ve read the article, I’ll have more to say.)

  9. I too tweeted several times asking if anyone has seen or heard from Lanza’s father. Nobody seems to think that’s significant at all. His son killed 27 people including his ex wife and he’s AWOL. Even he left her out of the headcount.

  10. Ozawa was the Boston Symphony’s gain, leslie. I for one am very happy about that. Everything he’s done is a special treat!

  11. Peter Lanza made a statement on 12/15 and that was it:

    I don’t know what to think of Nancy–I keep vacillating. The Lanza’s both knew he needed “special attention” even though he didn’t have a record or a diagnosis.

  12. I’m going to be leaving soon for our annual feast of the seven fish. (I know–it’s supposed to be a fast, but my family doesn’t know how to do that.)

    I put two gates up blocking the family room because this is Lily’s first Christmas and she thinks the tree and ornaments were her present.

    I wish everyone here a very Merry Christmas!

  13. Also leaving for the seven fishes, Sophie! Fasting? What’s that?

  14. Well I just don’t know what to make of his father. I would think the press would be interested. For all the rumors about HER, how about a few about him. maybe she needed those guns for more reason than one. Was he an absentee father? Did he leave her with the brunt of the problem (lol like that never happens). Seems to me he is very good at AWOL, must be experienced at it.

    I found that article very interesting. All the blaming of her is supposition yet nobody thinks Dad is worthy of any scrutiny.

  15. On the way out the door. See you all later! Hope Santa brings you good things.

  16. I am going for the 7 baked goods plan. brownies, pie, cake, cookies, lasagna, pizza, meatballs. And non-baked item to wash it down – chocolate candy of assorted variety.

  17. Sophie, only two gates? Uh-oh.

    *wishes Sophie left a kittey-cam pointed at her tree tonight*

  18. Merry Christmas to all. Safe travels, warm wonderful meals and wine by the firesides of your loved ones.

    And may all find peace and tranquility, even if only for one night.

  19. Merry X’Mas, Happy Holidays, and a lovely New Year to UW and all Uppityites. Love yas. xo

  20. A very Merry Christmas to all!

  21. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night! 😀

  22. Stopping by to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. I have a very ill ACD at the vet hosp right now so not so happy here.

  23. I am going for the 7 baked goods plan

    LOL SO much for the seven fishes.

  24. What’s up with the dog, Utah?

  25. I am back and I am stuffed. It’s snowing out there–white Christmas!

  26. Kahlua had emergency surgery today. Blocked intestine. Because she has a bum heart she was not doing real well. Just got a call that she has picked up a bit. My baby girl is a fighter. They are going to keep her there for the holidays and maybe look for a Friday release if all goes well. She chewed up a tennis ball and guess it lodged in her intestine. Got to tell you I have not been in a very festive mood. Vet bill is the size of a mountain but she is worth every dime I have. I mean if I had to take a loan on my house she is worth it to me.

  27. Oh shit Utah! Damned Tennis balls have done this before. They’re second only to rawhide bones. Rip righ thru them and then they lodge. Damn. I am glad she’s picking up and I can IMAGINE what that bill is going to be like. I know if she gets over the hospital hump that you will nuture her back to good health. I have no doubt of it. I know this has got to have been very stressful for you and I know how you adore that girl, pulled her out just in time to escape the needle, you di.

  28. Utah, sorry to hear about Kahlua–she is lucky to have a Mom like you, that’s for sure.

  29. Happy holidays, Uppity and Uppityites!

  30. Just got a call from the ER hosp. She is up and walking. They are going to sedate her again for the night though because she is my nut nut and if anyone who knows me knows that girl has a zest for life. They said I could drop by to see her tonight so going to run. Yes she got that thing I don’t know where because I do not allow them to have them. Anyway will keep you updated Upps.

  31. Hey thanks, Blog Wife!!!

  32. Oh good Utah. Not surprised. She has a good life with you and has no intention of checking out of it. Glad they are letting you see her, that will go a LONG way to speed her up.

    Agree about tennis balls. I do not let my dog have them. I read on one of the dog blogs a few years ago about how a woman found her dog dead when she came home. He had been playing with a tennis ball and got it lodged in his mouth and suffocated. Tennis balls are ot a good size for big dogs, as you know. So I avoid them like plague. And rawhide is very dangerous too. Remember when I had to bring my dog in because she couldn’t close her mouth and ended up having a chunk of rawhide lodged? I toss her a raw meaty bone now and then for her chewing and don’t buy any of those cooked bones for splintering either.

    You and K are very lucky. FOr starters, she’s lucky you recognized what was going on, she could have lost her life. Damn tennis balls.

  33. Just got back. They put her to sleep for the night after I visited her. She was sure happy to see me. Oh Uppity I just do not know what I would have done if she had not made it. I realize I will lose her and Whiskey too someday but not this way. I just have no idea where that damned ball came from. I choose their toys very carefully as you know. She is sleeping now and I will run down first thing in the morning to see her and sit with her awhile. I want her home but know they have to keep her. This was very hard on her and the risk of infection is too great to take a chance. They have her on an IV and are giving antibiotics that way.
    I can tell she is not giving up. I brought her blanket and pillow to her. A bit of home helps .
    Even though she painted my hardwood floors twice lol and the numerous other shenanigans she has pulled on me I adore her and would miss her terribly. Whiskey is such a sweetie and she ids the anti Whiskey lol. Never a dull moment with her so honestly something like her getting a tennis ball does not surprise me. I am going to comb the house and yard to see if their is another one somewhere. All I can think is some kid tossed one over the fence. I have found other balls in the yard from time to time.

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