A Message To You on Christmas Day.

Merry Christmas to you all, from my heart and my home to yours!

I spent many hours searching for the song I would put up today. There have been so many songs applicable to Christmas along the way, but I wanted to select one for this Christmas Day that both captures the spirit of Christmas and can be dedicated to the little children who were senselessly lost in Newtown Connecticut–and their teachers, and their Principal, and Adam’s mother.

I watched and listened to countless youtube videos and, ironically, I harkened back to this one over and over again. I hope you can see why.

Have a special day and do not forget to hug all the people you love, if not today, then as soon (and as often!) as possible — whether you celebrate Christmas or not. And always remember what really matters in life. Put all other things aside by comparison. Try not to dwell on what you do not have because, if you do, you might miss the beauty of what you DO have.

Have a special day. Every Day. Including this Christmas Day.

This is Pachebel’s Christmas Canon with Chorus of Children who are not unlike those angels who were lost.

Merry Christmas, Little Ones. If we do indeed rise, then I will say: If anyone deserves to rise, it is each and every one of you. We are sorry. Very sorry.



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  1. Let There Be Peace On Earth. And let it begin with me.

  2. SWP what a kind thought.

  3. And here is why I own a gun.
    This is what we get when a POS kills his own grandmother and then we let him out of prison in 17 years.

  4. Wow, Upps, what a tear jerker! Also greatly enjoyed the Nutcracker choices. Good advice in your post and also from SWP. My poor brother is still in the hospital, so my main focus right now is with him, in fact I may fly up there this week.

    Anyway, wishing all of you lovely Uppityites a peaceful and happy and safe holiday! Love you all!

  5. Adorable header!

  6. Shit! The last thing I wanted to do tonight was to cry and especially at something like this. However, I can only imagine what the parents are going through this Christmas.

  7. Fredster, just missed you next door. Yes, its hard to bear. And now these poor firemen.

  8. Try not to dwell on what you do not have because, if you do, you might miss the beauty of what you DO have.

    Well said!

    Merry Christmas to all!

  9. Santa is real, and nobody will ever convince me otherwise.

    Merry Christmas to Upps and Uppitys everywhere!


  10. Socal said:

    Fredster, just missed you next door. Yes, its hard to bear. And now these poor firemen.

    Saw it and replied. Was doing my post for Tues. Bad wx heading this way so wanted to get it done. Prolly won’t be on the puter very much.

    re the firemen: Sometimes I wonder if the world deserves to exist anymore.

  11. Merry Christmas to you and to Bill!

  12. Best Christmas wishes to all of you and high hopes for the New Year. A special thanks to Uppity for all she does.

    Just was able to read yesterdays blog so another thanks for the info on google, Upps.

  13. Hey Crier! Here he is in the flesh. i follow him because he’s so nasty he’s lovable.


    I’m done making the fruit salad and now I have to get dressed and go to my grand baby’s (and son and d-i-l, too) for Christmas. Can’t wait to see her eyes light up when she sees the tree w/presents and all. (She’s 2 and beautiful.)

    utah ~ I hope your baby gets better and can come home w/you really soon. Sorry to read about your emergency and the surgery.

    Also I’m sad to hear that Charles Durning died last night. I enjoyed his performances so much. Did anyone see him in “Home for the Holidays”? He was a wonderful actor. I’ll miss him.

  15. Jack Klugman also passed on.

    I had a most delightful time with him in a restaurant in DC in 1992. A delightful man! RIP Dude.

  16. Lorac, if you are reading this, I miss you.

  17. I see the Bikers did indeed come through to effectively shield the Newtown mourners. I knew they would do that, bless their scruffy hearts.

  18. Merry Christmas, Uppityites!

    I hope Santa, La Bafana, or whoever brings your gifts, brings you a smile today!

  19. Merry Christmas, Uppityites! I hope you all have a wonderful day! Thank you Uppity for this fantastic blog and thank you to all the great commenters. I learn so much here and enjoy some good laughs as well.

    A friend gave me a book for Christmas entitled “French for Cats”. Tres clever with charming illustrations. I highly recommend it for cat-lovers.

    My cat has been hitting the book hard and this is what she said to me this morning: “Je ne veux pas m’amuser avec mes jouets. J’aime jouer avec les choses qui ne sont pas, a proprement parler, des jouets de chat. C’est la vie.” ( “I do not wish to play with my cat toys. I like to play with things that are not, strictly speaking, cat toys. Alas, they are not very durable.” )

  20. I miss Lorac, too. My girl with the Midwestern roots. Heck, we go all the way back to Taylor You-Know-Who.

  21. Taylor. Oh, I am getting that rash again!

    What. A. Phony.

  22. I am NOT teaching that cat French!

  23. From the Providence, RI Rescue page on FB:

  24. SWP’s comment sent me in search of this:

  25. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all and especially here at Uppity’s place. 🙂

  26. A very Merry Christmas to each and everyone. While I am not really doing much I have tons to be thankful for. My girl is fine. The vet says tomorrow night if she keeps up the bounce back. He feels as I do that recovery at home is better for an animal then in a place they do not know. Although very groggy this morning she was excited to see me. Fear is rushing your beloved pet to the ER and not really expecting to bring them back home. I am all mush when it comes to fur kids. I might be a hard hearted soul to some but trust me when it comes to animals I am old softie. They are going to put her back to sleep today. IV fluids are all she will be getting then to a liquid diet for the next day to see that there is no issues. If she is fine he might release her tomorrow night.
    Reason I figured a obstruction is she just went down and seemed to have stomach pain and that is when I found some bits of rubber and the outer cloth covering of a tennis ball and put two and two together. Her hoarse gravely bark will be music to my ears. I do not know how long I have with her as she has already reached the life span of an ACD but her doc says she is not done. Bad heart and all she acts like a pup most the time. I must say that these two and that rat thing I just acquired seem to know they got a cushy deal here lol.

  27. Utah, thank you for the update. I hope your precious girl will be home with you very soon and feeling much better. Love and peace to you, softie, and all your fur kids!

  28. Bonsai! You sick bastards!

    Rabbi Shmuley Boteach on Wednesday blasted Christian conservatives like Bryan Fischer who suggested that Americans were to blame for the tragic shooting in Newtown, Connecticut because they had abandoned God.

    “The fact is that is the ultimate statement of heresy,” he said on CNN. “This is not a religious man.”

    Numerous figures on the Christian right, including James Dobson and Mike Huckabee, have linked the horrific mass killing of 20 young children to issues such as prayer in school, abortion and same sex marriage. They claim these issues prove the United States no longer respects God.


  29. Utah I completely agree she’s better off home with you and I have NO DOUBT you will rally her back to health.

    While none of you actually know this Rough Tough Utah, I do. You would be heartened to know some of the things I have seen her do for hopeless animals and people. She understands that the only real good deeds are those which are done quietly.

    End of message.

  30. Well Uppity they have to blame someone lol. Surely the blame can not be with them now can it ? I mean they serve a good all loving and forgiving God and they themselves are all loving and giving like the God they serve right ?? ROFFFFF
    Beta and all ty for the warm wishes to my baby girl. It has been trying to be sure but it just reminds me how much I love and depend on my ” wrecking crew” .
    Again may you all find peace within yourselves and enjoy your holiday. I hope 2013 will be a good year. I have my doubts as to how good it will be but so long as you have your health, family and friends it is all good. Trying maybe but all good.

  31. * Wink* TY my dear friend.

  32. Oh not to worry Utah. I won’t completely blow your cover and ruin the “I’m a Mean Son of A Bitch” personna. That would be a travesty and a loss of a great source of entertainment!

  33. Wishing all here at Uppity’s and of couse Uppity and MK Bill a wonderful Christmas and a blessed New Year.

    I am spending a quiet day with Goofs and the hubby. We had a number of touch and go times with the hubby this year. I heartily agree with all that have posted. We have to hold our loved ones close and realize that Christmas is not about the material gifts but loved ones and dear friends that are the only gifts that really matter.

    Sending good thoughts and prayers to all.

  34. ROFFFF Uppity. You know me. I can be mean and nasty but honestly I prefer not to be. These ignorant bastages that want to control me force me into ” out of control ” lmao. I can be mean to humans but never to an animal. Guess that means you all are safe from me losing it and shooting up the joint lmao.

  35. Goofs, Wishing you and hubby and the Goofster a lovable day.

    I’m glad you wished MKBill Merry Christmas. he is being quite fractious over at his twitter account.

  36. Whew, glad I got that in there! Don’t want to be sent to the dungeon. 😯

  37. Beautiful post! Merry Christmas Uppityites!

  38. ACK Utah. In honor of her girlfriend who is sick, my dog just puked a pile.

    She went over to visit the elderly neighbors she adores and stays with for hours and hours and when I picked her up she politely puked on the entrance rug. I suspect they were feeding her those horrid Snausages again. this is a dog who is accustomed to eating handmade biscuits which she recognizes are about to be handed to her when someone says “Biscottiiiiiiiiiiii”. Her system is not designed for Snausages.

    There have also been times she returned home with sauce stains on her mouth, having had a bit of the taste of the meatballs. But she never pukes those up. No sir.

  39. Goofs got his present this morning. A beautiful gift bag (with the handles cut off and not glitter or anything on it), stuffed with white tissue paper (no nasty color dyes). He promptly proceeded to shred it and spread the debris around the family room! 😀

  40. Yes I will NEVER forget when my RIP cat Roni was literally SCREAMING one day when he was about 6 months old. He got wrapped in one of those bag handles and it was cutting into him. I could not even get a scissors under it without causing him more pain that’s how tight it was. NEVER leave handles on paper bags around cats, folks. Please.

    As for shredding. There is no shredder like a cat. Give your shreddable paper to him always. Nobody will EVER put it back together again. This goes for $20 bills too. This, I know.

  41. Bill’s hero

  42. Merry Christmas Uppityites!!

  43. Bad news folks. Utah’s dog has had a major stroke. It doesn’t look good. I’m going to try to give her a call and I am off to Christmas dinner shortly. Will keep you posted. Pls send Utah some of those loving UWite vibes.

  44. Oh Utah (((((hugs))))) I hope your dog is OK, sending positive vibes.

    Enjoy your Christmas dinner Uppity.

  45. Sending ((( comfort, hugs, and prayers ))) for Utah and her beloved dog.

  46. So sorry Utah. Positive thoughts your way.

  47. (((utahwoman)))

  48. Hugs to Utah and Kahlua and family.

  49. UW, glad to see Grumpy Cat imparting his version of pleasuse with us. Ho ho ho!

  50. Bon Noel !!!

  51. Hugs and good vibes to Utah! My poor brother still in hospital, still no improvement. I’m hoping they move him to a better hospital down in Seattle.

  52. (((Utah & Kahlua))) Sending prayers and good thoughts!!

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