Darwin Award Practice Compilation

I dare you not to wince.


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  1. Owwwwwwww!!!!!!

  2. Some business for you, Tony. lolol

  3. Holy Cannoli! I hadn’t looked outside before I took the dog out. We are getting a boatload of snow. Practically a whiteout. I lost a pound just walking through it. God bless my UGGs.

  4. ROFL Fredster. What a fucking moron.

    And he still waved the pistol around so he could also shoot somebody else. Idjit.

  5. Upps, had he not tried to be Quckdraw McGraw that probably would have never happened. idjit is right.

  6. Upps I think you all are supposed to get what passed through here yesterday, except naturally as snow.

  7. Fredster, it was a shock. It must have all fallen in like two hours.

    socal, the guy clearly needs to go back to gun safety school, he’s pathetic. I wouldn’t even walk into a range if I saw him there.

  8. Bet Uppity shed tears when that huge wine rack went down. Yep, we are getting another big storm this weekend, which means you should get in a few days later. The last one dumped up to 20″ of ccold dandruff in WI.

  9. Probably a hair trigger revolver. Moron.

  10. No wait, looks like a 9mm. he had to have squeezed. What a tool. Got his fat thigh streamlined.

  11. Yeah, I think it was a 9mm.

  12. We are getting a flood of rain here. Oh, and anyone who missed the Kennedy Center awards tonight be sure to catch the rerun. The early clips of Makarova are the closest we will come to seeing the Goddess move.

  13. You got rain? Trade ya!

  14. He be limpin’ for a long time, Fredster. Maybe forever.

    LOL in slow mo you can see his pants move when the bullet went down them. Guess he won’t be a big blowass showoff anymore.

  15. Scuse me but…

  16. Why am I wishing for enchiladas?

  17. got that gif saved.

  18. LOL Hal, I would’ve thrown myself on the floor.

    Whoa. 20 inches. But that’s not anything new for Wisconsin, is it?

  19. Thief!

    But I freely admit it! 😆

  20. Oh well, I need to find something to eat. (verrry late dinner!) I goofed off watching football so now I have to dig through the leftovers.

  21. I love an honest thief.

  22. The idiot shooting himself is pretty funny, but who is pictured on his target?

  23. I don’t know who the guy on the target is, but whomever he is, he won the duel.

  24. If you were caught with an illegal gun magazine, would you be arrested or would you be ‘investigated”. David Gregory is being “Investigated” beause he’s important. I would LOVE to know where he got that magazine. But i bet the police would be happy to arrest the person who gave it to him, but not David Gregory. No sir.

  25. You know they fired the Ft Hood MURDERER’s judge for telling him to shave his Jihad beard according to MILITARY REGULATIONS, while he STILL GETS HIS MILITARY PAYCHECK. Yes that’s right, this piece of shit is getting paid waiting for his MASS MURDER TRIAL. New judge says he can keep his beard. If this FREAK were an Atheist or a Jew or a Christian, he’d have been executed by now instead of us having to put up with his Islamist BULLSHIT. And then people wonder why good citizens arm themselves.

  26. And then people wonder why good citizens arm themselves.

    Nope. Not wondering that at all. Just wondering why so many kill the innocent instead of the guilty.

  27. Normal people don’t kill the innocent. Which brings us back to our BROKEN mental health and Criminal Justice systems. Guns + Psychos + freed criminals, that is three parts of a problem and we are ignoring two of them. We will fix NOTHING.

    A guy bludgeoned his own grandmother to death with a hammer, was released from prison after 17 years and shot to death two firefighters. He had no gun permit and they still haven’t determined where he got his weapon. Do you see a problem here?

    Crazy people and criminals should not have guns. Too bad a permit means nothing to them, anyways. Maybe if they all served their full terms (including “LIFE”), we could reduce this kind of crap significantly. And maybe if we stopped ignoring dangerous people because the law makes us “Wait” till they kill somebody, we could reduce this problem even more.

    People will always go crazy or snap. You cannot stop it all but you can sure put a significant DENT in it, but not by gun control only. But itself: useless.

  28. I hear ya. I am not saying to take all the guns away. I have never said that. I do want to remove automatic/assault weapons. (Tough shit that my vocabulary sucks–they all know exactly what I/we mean.)

    We have discussed guns (or any weapons for that matter) in the hands of the unwell and the biggest problem with that is that there is no test for the unwell. (I suspect that many of us would be disqualified from gun permits simply for some of our comments here since 2008.) So, if you blame it on the mentally unstable and there is no way to isolate them, we still fix nothing.

    Even IF you could reliably identify those who should never have a gun, you still can’t keep them from getting guns. If there were such a test, it would have to be administered to everyone who would enter your home in order to be effective. If you think a permit means nothing to these guys (and I agree that it doesn’t), consider how little regard they have for sanity or sanity tests.

    Related: Lohud published a map of all the gun permit owners in Rockland and Westchester counties in NY. (http://www.lohud.com/interactive/article/20121223/NEWS01/121221011?nclick_check=1)

  29. Look at Amy Bishop. This psycho killed her own brother when they were young. She then fled with the shotgun (yes, shotgun) and waved it around at drivers, pulled into a service station and waved it there, tried to steal a car. So, having been spawned from a rich and influential family, the DA called it an accident. He later became congressman Delahunt(POS). Years later, she does a bomb threat. And then years later, this same psychopath kills a room full of her colleagues because she didn’t get tenure (probably because she’s crazy). This nutcase should have been in prison for life long ago. And not released on good behavior either. Gun control? Means nothing to them.

  30. These psychiatrists and parole boards who release these killers and monsters should be held accountable for their ineptitude when they release these animals onto the street again. I’m sorry, but I am very biased here and admit it. You haven’t lived in fear until you are living on a street with a psycho who killed your neigbhors’s dogs and had your name on his ‘hit list’ and tells you he can read your mind, while nobody did a THING about it. I am NEVER giving up my gun until our mental health system and criminal justice system protects ME from THEM instead of the other way around. Gun control? Means nothing to them.

  31. I understand your position. Unfortunately, we are not able to identify with certainty all of the real threats. I don’t want anyone who is not a real threat to be locked up just because he or she give other people who have more social or political power the willies. Certainly, there are people who are certifiably real threats that have been set free and I am with you on the “accountability for their ineptitude” front.

    At some point, the law-abiding, good-guy gun owners will have to acknowledge the possibility that their gun could end up in the hands of a criminal or insane person, unless it is secured so well that it is useless as protection. Still not asking to take them away–just asking for an honest conversation.

  32. I really have no problem with reasonable gun control, I just don’t think it will matter to the kind of people who do these mass killings. I am never going to own an assault rifle. I just want to protect myself because I am On My Own. Rapists go free, Pedos go free, psychos are unchecked, murderers sever a fraction of their terms and I am not going to be a sacrificial lamb for a legal and mental health system that doesn’t give a shit about me because they are busy feeling sorry for psychos and vermin.

  33. While I agree there is no test of the unwell, and you cannot predict if someone who is well will become unwell either. But there are plenty of very sick puppies walking the streets because they get to choose if they get treatment or not. Meanwhile, others are threatened and afraid of them daily. What other recourse do they have when the system cares more about the guy hearing voices that tell him to kill you, or the guy who molests children, or the guy who has raped before?

  34. Other problem with gun control is a gun owned by a ‘well’ person in the home of someone who is dangerously unwell. That’s what happened in your beloved home town.

    I just honestly think ANY gun control by itself, without addressing the other issues in this country, is worthless.

  35. Still not asking to take them away–just asking for an honest conversation.

    I think you and I are having that conversation. Too bad the people in charge aren’t.

  36. Exactly, which is what I meant by f there were such a test, it would have to be administered to everyone who would enter your home in order to be effective.

    Also, he was never officially diagnosed as dangerously unwell, or even moderately unwell. In fact, the arguments are going back and forth to this day about just how well or unwell he might have been.

  37. Yes, we are having that conversation. We can do that because we acknowledge that there is NO ONE ANSWER and that each of our opinions are based on our own lifetimes of experience.

    I do think the problem is about our attitude as a people. We could have just as many weapons but fewer killings with different attitudes.

  38. OT but if you saw my kitchen floor right now you would say Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. My dog will NOT stay inside long enough for me to do anything but warm her with her horse blanket. She loves her glorious snow! She’s a sheepdog, they instinctively want to be outside in winter. It’s a real struggle with her today and she has destroyed the floor Mr. UW says leave her alone and let her do what she wants. So I just let her back out there and she’ll let me know I’m sure IF she EVER wants to come inside again. Yeesh. I don’t know why I worry, she has that double coat and she’s NEVER wet on her skin. It’s a good thing I don’t have kids. lol.

  39. Well it’s pretty hard to adjust the attitudes of criminal minds and violently mentally ill people, Sophie. You and I are not the problem here. Adjusting our attitudes isn’t going to fix problems we have with our systems. If anything, we have failed to protect the innocent because we are so busy protecting the guilty, the dangerous and the repeat offenders.

  40. Also, he was never officially diagnosed as dangerously unwell, or even moderately unwell. In fact, the arguments are going back and forth to this day about just how well or unwell he might have been.

    Would you consider a guy who bludgeoned his grandmother to death with a hammer and was freed from prison unwell, or at least dangerous?

    Would you consider a neighbor who knocks on your door to inform you he can read your mind and is going to kill you one day “Unwell” AND dangerous?

    Would you consider a young girl who kills her brother with a shotgun and threatens others with it after the fact, a danger?

    Then why do we do NOTHING but force the rest of us to buy our own protection?

    Would you consider a pedophile released from prison living next door to you and your children a danger, knowing the cure rate is as close to zero as you can get?

    Nope, we can’t see them all, but we can SURE see some of them and most of us are not satisfied with the “We can’t do anything until they do something” response.

  41. I hate to say this but I really think we have raised a generation of seriously desensitized people. They see death and murder and blood and guts so much on TV and in movies, and on the internet,not to mention violent video games, it doesn’t even bother them any longer. People get raped and killed on the street and they don’t care to even do a thing other than walk right by, cell phone on ear. To them, it’s all a video game.

  42. Here is what we have become.

  43. As you might surmise, I consider all of those people unwell. I was just pointing out that Adam Lanza would not have been prevented.

    But we both know that the current mental health system and criminal system each give “extra credit” to those who are socially and politically better connected and demerits to those who are not. We would still have psychos roaming the streets because their uncle on their mother’s side (or some such nonsense) is someone important in this town.

  44. Yes it is true that special treatment is afforded to special people. Right now, if you or I had an illegal gun magazine like David Gregory held up on TV, we would be arrested first, questions asked later. He, on the other hand, is being “investigates”. Amy Bishop is also a great example. Look how well that worked out.

    I have read that Adam’s mother was waiting for a hearing to take custodial control of him, and that a hearing was ‘scheduled’. I would like to know more about that and whether red tape and lenghty waits held that process up If this was so, that shooting could have been prevented. I have a hard time imagining that this boy didn’t show signs of disturbance. Often, parents hide these things out of shame, love or fear. Then there are parents who try to get help and can’t get it in any meaningful way, like that woman who wrote that blog post “I am adam’s mother”. Not to mention the people in her comment section who were in the same boat.

  45. And the press completely skipped over Adam’s father. Figures.

  46. I have been fairly quiet on the topic of guns most of my life because I don’t want to own one nor do I want to prevent other people from owning one. I was going with the peaceful co-existence line.

    Lately, though, the Internet conversations have not been nearly as civil as the one we’re having (putting it mildly). If “popular” opinion is to be believed, I am an idiot who hates the 2nd amendment because I won’t arm myself, don’t want armed guards in schools, don’t want armed teachers, and certainly don’t want packin’ civilians in movie theaters.

    What happened to freedom FROM crap? I am not an atheist, but I hope they get louder and more obnoxious because the core of their argument is righteous.

  47. We had a Blizzard but like all things it passed. 🙂

  48. Well! you´ll are taking about guns and morons with guns, but I am absolutely and totally in love with the kitty in the header.
    Gorgeous, I want one just like him!
    Can I have a belated Christmas gift? Please?

  49. Sophie, honey, nobody thinks that about you here at all. I personally think you are an excellent debater and while I am not always in accord with you on everything, I never totally disagree with you because you make your points very well and without rancor. I love our debates. And that’s that.

    Belle, go ahead and take the cat, we have more just like it.

  50. That header cat reminds me so very much like my RIP soulcat. Same marks, same expression, same tude. He’s a keep it’s true.

  51. Foxy, we got a LOT of snow. My dog has been nonstop LET ME OUT THERE NOW! LEAVE ME HERE!

  52. I think we found Imust’s pengy. The one left standing after the party and finishing off the bottle of bubbles must belong to her. The things they pick up from their owners. Tsk, tsk. Looks like a drunken, warmed, escaped from a sno-globe pengy if I ever saw one.

  53. My old neighbor’s Golden used to be down-right depressed all summer and sulked under the a/c vent all day and night. This was in NY on Long Island and it wasn’t that hot even but she was miserable. Come winter that dog was in glory. When you shoveled you had to toss each batch into her face. She was so happy – digging in it, rolling in it, making paths, helping people shovel and prancing around in love.

    Big hairy dogs loves them their snow. My neighbor kept an old carpet scrap at the door for her and toweled her down with rags.

  54. Uppity, thanks for the reassurance, but I was not talking about anybody here! I really meant “Internet conversations” OUT there. The comment section on nearly every Newtown article online contains numerous comments that say, “only an idiot would think…” and “those libtard that believe…” And there I am, realizing I think and believe what idiots and libtards think and believe. Sometimes I leave a comment and sometimes I click the pixels away. But more and more I am amazed at the sheer numbers of people who say and think like they do and I am afraid. I am afraid of being a prisoner in my own country. This is but one little aspect of it.

    Either I am too sensitive or I am just good at logic. If someone says, “only a moron would drink raw milk,” as I raw milk drinker, I conclude that the person thinks I am a moron.

    Of course, there may be people here who think I’m an idiot, but they are too kind to say so (or too kind to say so here!).

  55. No I knew you didn’t mean us, Sophie. And I know what you mean. Pretty much i am not reading may blogs any longer. Too much nasty angst to suit me. And I gave up caring long ago what people on the internet think of me. Or anywhere else for that matter.

  56. Yes it’s true about pengys and booze, Karen. They Learn by example. Such a shame the poor thing is a lush now and we know why, don’t we?

    My dog does.not.like.summer. She LOVES winter and wants all of it she can get. I just give in to her because she has so much fun out there.

  57. Sophie, only an idiot would think you are an idiot.

    I think basically my views on guns mirror your views.

    I wouldn’t own one. I think some reforms must take place regarding guns that are “over kill” military style, highly destructive ammo, etc.

    I do not want to limit gun owners from lawfully owning “sensible” amounts of protection with background checks. I do want safeguards in place to prevent arsenals. Lunatics, ignorant and careless goons and criminals all need to be checked. Violent people should be prohibited. I think we all know or have known someone in our lifetime who has a gun and has a violent streak and is a threat to others.

    Something must be done. And yes, as soon as I state my views somebody comes along and accuses me of wanting to take their precious weapon away even though I have never said or wanted to say any such thing. It is a gun-toters knee-jerk reaction every time the word “reform” is used. The NRA is out of control and they are armed and dangerous. The amount and kinds of ammo sold since Newton just shows you how these gun-intensive-people are terrified their extreme guns might become outlawed someday. They are armed to the teeth and ready for an invasion – they are not just protecting their homes from a potential intruder. There are people here in NEPA that I work with who live alone and own cabinets full of guns they rarely use. It is their culture and I will always find that culture alien to me.

  58. Sophie is not an idiot. Karen is not an idiot. Uppity is not an idiot.

    My pengy didn’t pick up boozing from me. If anybody is to blame, it’s the Big Cat in the header hugging the giant bottle of bubbly.

  59. imust is not an idiot! There’s the cat in the big header with the big bottle for all to see!

  60. Karen, a while back, Eddie Murphy did a bit on bullet control instead of gun control. It was pretty funny but as I think about it, it makes a lot of sense. He said to charge a lot of money per bullet so that if you used it, you meant it.

  61. Thank you Sophie! Now that’s what I’m talking about!

  62. There will always be events like this. People get careless. Now why didn’t that man return to the theater and stay there till it opened? Why didn’t he call the cops to report his loaded gun wasn’t in his possession and it was in a place where anybody could find it and use it?

    This is criminal as far as I am concerned. He should never be trusted to own a pet let alone a weapon.


    When reporters called his home he yelled “get a life” into the phone. Bad choice of words for a man who endangered school children.

  63. This story about negligence and guns was heartbreaking. He accidentally killed his 7 year old when he left the magazine in and put the gun on the dashboard. What. An. Idiot.


  64. Re karen’s link: Yet another Gun Safety Ignoramus.

  65. Go ahead. Take on MK Bill, see how well it works out for you.

  66. Never understood why any gun owner would bother joining the NRA. It’s like animal lovers joining PETA. You end up hanging out with extremist crackpots sooner or later.

  67. Go ahead. Take on MK Bill, see how well it works out for you.

    I haz secret weapon! Remember that cute, innocent little kitty we relayed across the Northeast? Well, let me tell you about her adolescence!

  68. National RIFLE association besides. I think they started out as a hunter group or something. Now every nut holed up in a shack in Montana belongs. Utah, I hope will notice that I didn’t say Utah instead of Montana.

    Some people DO collect guns though, not for shooting them or having an arsenal all but for their rarity. But what do I know, I only have one, and it’s only purpose is to make sure the latest rapist or murderer or nutcase they let out of prison or who went off his pills learns it was a mistake if he chooses my home to visit uninvited. Sorry to say the law isn’t interested in protecting me from them, so I’m on my own. When they stop letting murderers, pedos, rapists and home invaders out of prison, and when they stop doing nothing about violently mentally ill people until they kill first, I promise to give up my Glock. You have my word.

  69. Sophie, Bill says he wants to jump her bones.

    He’s such a pig.

  70. John is ready to have kittens again after Jan 7th sometime. He said he has to contact his “kitten dealer” and arrange a drop off. Can’t wait to see the new bundles of joy and their mamma kitteh. Lucky bunch of critters to land a home with foster dad John. And lucky us to see it.

  71. Uncle Bill, behave yourself you pervert you. Our little girl is just a child and besides that she is not B&W or B or W so leave the little TL alone.

    Sophie, you’ve got quite the spunky little vixen there to keep an eye on. I would imagine she has not calmed down yet and is still a roaring little tornado of activity and curiosity. What a cutie, she is. She might need a glock to protect her from uncle Bill…

  72. I’m getting to know @meninburkas. They have these videos of men in burkas doing things to show mean what it’s like to be in a burka. This group of people are very funny and profound all at once. Nice people too.

  73. Bill says he wants to jump her bones.

    Lily says, “Billy Boy, how does it feel to want?”

  74. I think the lovely cat in the header is a she. MK Bill introduced her to the bubbly and got her preggers. The little kitten to the left is the result. MK Bill should be ashamed of himself, but alas, he is not.

  75. Are you ready for this?

    An Italian priest has provoked outrage after putting up an article that said women were partly to blame for encouraging domestic violence by failing to clean their houses and cook properly and for wearing tight and provocative clothing.


  76. Karen, yes, she is very much still a cutie, but she is terror on four feet! She made it clear to all of us that she is the alpha and we are her minions (like the ones in Despicable Me).

    I’m not worried about Bill. Lily takes on the 19 LB cat (Sofie) like nothing. Bill would be hiding behind Uncle Joe!

  77. That priest isn’t just ignorant and biased, he is aiding and abetting violence against wimmenz and could easily be viewed as an accessory to murder. The article says ONE THIRD of the Italian women have been victims of SERIOUS domestic violence and 127 were murdered in one year due to HONOUR. Way to go, Padre. Keep them uppity wimmenz in their places. They are born without penis so must be ready to cook and clean and fuck and raise kids and do as told to do.

    AMAZING. Modern day Italy is one step above the cave men days.

  78. karen, that priest doesn’t know shit. He’s telling us what would make him beat a spouse, not what drives all domestic violence. Fricken a-hole.

    I have a theory that johnson size is inversely proportional to propensity for domestic violence. I wish data would be collected.

  79. In fact, I wish a whole lot more data would be collected. There are a ton of “facts” that people simply accept because of the ring of truthiness.

    I used to buy into the Liberal state = welfare state meme. Then, in the early 2000s, I learned that the Red states (on the whole) got more than they gave in tax $$ and the Blue states (on the whole) gave more than they got.

    I did a little more research and learned that Liberal MA had the lowest divorce rate in the country and TN, OK, AR were 47, 48, & 49 (highest) out of 50. (NV is highest.) That totally contradicted what “most people” would have expected, given the religiosity of the time.

    During the election, there were all these testimonials from small business owners about not sucking at the govt teat, only for the fact-checkers to find out, lots of those businesses existed solely on govt contracts! I’m not against govt contracts. I’m against their sanctimonious hypocrisy.

    I wish far more data was collected where it currently isn’t. I want to know:
    • The political party (or the last two presidential election votes) of everyone who goes to get an abortion.
    • Ditto for everyone who gets any subsidy from the govt (except seniors and military).
    • Ditto for everyone in the military. (When I was in, most folks were Ds, even though Jimmy Carter was Prez. Ever since then, Rs assume most military is R. It could have changed after Ronnny Raygun, but considering who joins up, I’d be surprised.)
    • The johnson size of every guy who owns a gun (and the size of his gun).
    • The johnson size of every guy who ever hit his significant other.

    I think it’s time to get data and put to rest our truthy biases.

  80. That church has no use for women other than they should make baby Catholics. Lots and Lots of them. Lots and Lots and Lots of them.

  81. I wouldn’t want to be a research assistant with that list.

  82. It is true that the red states get most of the entittlement money, not sure if they use it for their massive numbers of rural poor though. What is amazing is they vote for guys who want to cut them off.

    Hey what about my gun, I got no Johnson!

  83. I want my johnson!!!!

  84. Uppity, I’m only going to tell you this once: you don’t need a johnson.

    Also, there’s a joke that ends, “with one of these, I can get all the johnsons I want.”

    (P.S. I said, “of every guy” not every one)

  85. LOL, imust! But you get gloves…

  86. I wouldn’t want to be a research assistant with that list.

    ROFL. I guess measuring penises is not your thang.

  87. But but but Sophie, if I had my own johnson I would never even have to leave the house! I would be self-contained! Like a worm!

  88. ……..watching imust troll google images for pics of portable johnsons

  89. I want the pretend-size not Actual size!

  90. Penis guns? Imust image searching, you say, verrrrry interest-ink. Calling Dr. Freud. Or Dr. Lorac would do nicely.

    *empty hammock swinging in the wind and snow on the deck*

  91. Yes, perhaps the hammock!

  92. I was just scanning article headlines to find something to read and came across one author who insists they are sooooo politically savvy and can predict 2016. It will be, hold your breath, Hillary vs Santorum.

    One, just because there are one million articles saying she *should* run it isn’t going to happen. Hillary said she isn’t running. She said this fairly often and in many ways. We should take her word for it. We shouldn’t count on some yahoo writer who is busy doing political masturbation in his head coming up with ideal attack prone candidates.

    Two, not even the Republicans are stupid enough to fall for that Ricky the Dickey schtick for long. He was terrible for Pennsylvania and he’d be even worse as President of a country in 2012, the modern era. He might have had a shot in 1950. Today, not so much. California and New York would fall into the sea if he was elected just to get away from their new leader.

    Hillary vs Santorum. For President. Some people do not deserve to write columns with national exposure. Good comedy piece, though.

  93. Hillary vs. Santorum. Please God, yes.

  94. Hillary vs Santorum? I’d pay to see that one.

  95. If she finds out it’s Santorum, she would run just for the fun of it!

  96. She wouldn’t even have to leave the house to win.

  97. General Norman Schwarzkopf, dead.

  98. What an ‘Effin’ a-hole. For days, with these kinds of tweets. Idgits.

  99. And she knows there is no medical supervision, how, again? #anobody

    I just hope she doesn’t have something worse.

  100. I’m getting worried about her.

  101. She’s going back to work next week, but she can’t travel on long trips for a while.

  102. I’m getting worried about her.

    Frankly, last time I saw her I thought she looked burnt out.

  103. The pics at still4hill’s year end review do often show an exhausted Hill. She’s in need of lots of time off to rest and recoop and go on real vacations. I am glad for her that she is going to rest on her laurels until she figures out the next stage of her amazing life.

    God Bless her and protect her from those out to smash and bash her.

  104. Speaking of the Vain and SHallow generation, at Christamas dinner, the younger women couldn’t stop talking about her bad hair. No kidding. I looked at them and said, you travel a million miles in warring territory and let me know how important your hair will be at the end of your day. SOS is not a fashion show, it’s tough work.

  105. Reminds me of tha moron over at the daily beast who wanted hillary to spiff it up with some spike heels. It was like reading a bi-monthly high school newspaper article. Imagine spikes on that terrain in that shithole Afghanistan.

  106. This is why the world is the way it is–the sense of priorities is shallow.

  107. They are late 20s early 30s, one of them pushing 40 and they looked and acted like 15 year olds no kidding.

  108. Argued with them about facial tattoos too. Like somebody is going to make it to CEO with a skull on his face. Oh no, they said, it doesn’t matter. Yeah I said? Watch. Nobody is going to promote somebody as a company representative with shit engraved on thier face, and FORGET anything international. SO one of them says she knew a couple of guys at work who have great jobs. And I said, you work for an insurance pusher, they don’t have to leave the office to underwrite. Don’t expect any of them to ever be division manager. Can you name me one division or national exec in your company with a tatoo on his or her face?

  109. Eh I was lucky to talk to them, they spent most of the day humped over their iphones and blackberries. lol.

  110. I wanna be CEO!

    You used to be pretty, freak.

    Close your eyes. Imagine your son bringing her home.

  111. Future president of the United States…

  112. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh yea he’s got a future.

  113. Jaysus he deformed his ear lobes!

    I want you to meet our new Senior Vice President…………..

  114. Ready for the Annual Stocholders Meeting.

  115. oh gawd…what if it really doesn’t matter and one of these people becomes president?!

  116. Director of Public Relations

  117. Of course, since i’m back at work I have no time to read, much less comment. i had a few things to say, but decided that I’d fiish with all the comments before I supported Sophie’s, imust’s and Upps’ comments . . . . But When I finally got to the bottom of this thread I was so freaked out that I could scarely forma thought – much less string together emough words to make a sentence.

    Holy cr*p! What happened to these people????? O.M.G. the last one – the Public Relations guy blerghhhhhhhhh. I wonder if his mother still speaks to him or ackknowledges him as her progeny. I’m gonna have nightmares now.

  118. YIIIIIKES! Damn, that is some ugly ass stuff. You people are on top of your game tonite. Very good thread.

  119. Hey imust and I were holding back.

  120. oh gawd…what if it really doesn’t matter and one of these people becomes president?!

    It’s pretty clear from those conversations I had that it DOESN’T matter to the generation that has proven that 25 is the new 15 and being a Kardouchian would be a dream come true.

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