Post Holiday Pick-You-Up Compliments of Ozawa

De-Stress yourself. You deserve it.


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  1. I know you will all be horribly disappointed to know that Ben Affleck is not running for Senator of Massatoooositts. —-Although, he has pointed out that he loves America and will therefore continue his work in the Congo. Would someone please explain to him that the Congo is not in the USA. He also says he will continue his work stopping hunger in America. So is the SNAP program, which unfortunately, gets bigger by the day, so he might want to rethink his approach to his lofty goal.

    What a loss for MA, for sure…..

  2. You will also probably be interested in knowing that, while everyone was embroiled in a presidential election the result of which was easily predictable months ahead of time, Amy Bishop copped a plea of guilty to murdering her colleagues in Huntsville Ala—which was witnessed first-hand by people she failed to kill—in order to avoid the death penalty she so richly deserves. Shortly after her mini hearing where she was sentenced, she appealed. Such is what is wrong with our criminal justice system in the USA. Well that, and the fact that a corrupt DA and former Congressman Delahunt, gave this killer of her own brother with a shotgun at close range—after which she waved the firearm toward others when she fled the scene —- a free pass, reserved by politicians only for the privileged and influential families……so that she could kill her fellow professors in a snit several decades laster. And people wonder why gun sales to normal people continue to rise.

    Also, several of the families of the victims expressed an aversion to her death penalty. I’m not sure I am as nice. I would have wanted her burned at the stake in the public square immediately.

  3. Yep, two Americas exist–the elites and the rest of us.

  4. Ah Upps – burning at stake like a witch is a bit sexist – I would perfer to go racist and suggest she be given a Japanese punishment the death of a thousand cuts. It would take longer and we could all enjoy it as a tv serial. 😉

  5. Ok that sounds good to me, twandx, so long as we can add some fireants for effect.

  6. Since the day after Thanksgiving is Pie For Breakfast Day, I submit that the day after Christmas is Cheesecake For Breakfast Day.

  7. Just finished yesterday’s comments so hugs to ((((UTAH))))).

    There are many actors who think because they played a nuclear physicist/neurosurgeon/admiral/teacher/whatever that they somehow gain all the knowledge necessary to actually do those jobs through some special psychic channel and therefore are just so much smarter than the peons. I think this is why so many are so committed to Ferdinand and Imelda. They too do nothing by play act and think they “know stuff” when in fact, they do not know much of anything at all other than how to tell their assorted men and ladies in waiting to handle those pesky details. Why bother with leaning anything the old fashioned way.

  8. How are Utah and Kahlua today? Hugs and prayers going their way.

  9. Well there was that one guy who made B Movies with monkeys and he got to be president too.

  10. Sophie I haven’t heard from her since she told me she was going up to the vet’s again to be with the dog. I fear she may have had to do that awful deed. I was unable to talk to her on the phone last night because she had already left before I read her email. She’s a very private person that way and I won’t impose on her unless she asks me. If I connect with her, I’ll keep everyone posted. I do know she’s devastated and her silence is not a good thing. The dog was doing better and then had the stroke, she had a weak heart to begin with and was elderly for an ACD, so I don’t hold out great hope here.

  11. You have GOT to read this Jack Klugman story, to help you understand what these pieces of shit known as senators do to bills that save people’s lives. And how a deliberate episode of Quincy put one of them to shame enough to revive the bill and of course, the senator I am not naming (you have to read it) stuck his name on it besides.

  12. Well there was that one guy who made B Movies with monkeys and he got to be president too.


  13. OK utah just emailed me and her dog is still alive but still not well. She is on her way up there now to discuss with the vet. I know this is a hard one for her. Everyone here who feels the way she does about a pet knows this awful feeling.

  14. While everyone was sleeping, the Senate passed a bill that allows warrantless email monitoring. Original language that required a warrant was sneakily removed ………actually rewritten in November by that POS “Democrat” Patrick Leahy.

    Just as Senator Leahy planned, that POS

  15. The feeling is unbearable. I put my two elderly dogs down together, brother and sister and together like one dog from birth, and although they were beyond saving it was sheer torture for me. Not them, they were out of pain and free. I still miss them. It was the late 80s.

    I still have their collars and leads with tags attatched. Someday there will be two shepherds wearing them walking at my side. Again.

  16. Sending Prayers to Utah and her Baby.

  17. Yes it’s always done for them, not for us, Karen. It’s the most selfless thing we do for them.

    I sitll have the collar of a dog I had when I was 12, believe it or not.

  18. That Jack Klugman story is lovely. If he only did that one thing in life it would have still been well lived.

  19. Interesting read–the Klugman story.

  20. Hugs and prayers for Utah and her girl.

  21. Hello everyone. TY for all the well wishes. Update. Missy lo lo is very very sick but we are going to move forward and try to bring her through this. I just can not let go when there is still a chance. Her heart is very enlarged as I knew it would be. She had an enormous amount of fluid build up along her lungs and heart and it has been drained and her breathing is better but she is not over the hump yet. They are giving meds to dissolve a clot that did pass into the lung. She is resting comfortably right now and I have to wait and see how she does for the next several hours. She was happy to see me this morning for the little time we had before they took her in to run tests and then drain the fluid build up. She is asleep now so I will wait it out. They said that it is kind of like 6 to 1 half a dozen to the other.
    I know there might be some here thinking I am going too far but you do not know the love I have for the wrecking crew. First these were fur kids no one wanted and were destined to die. They have given their all for me and then some. I have traveled the states just me and the crew and hardly a moment they were not with me. This to me is like saying good bye to a child. I can not just toss in the towel because it is a dog. To me there is not any value too great to put on their lives. Uppity thank you for keeping in touch and just knowing you were on standby to talk me through this means the world to me. Should things turn out to go the wrong way I will need you that is for sure. Kahlua is not going to go without a fight. So long as she is out of pain and not suffering I have to give her that chance I hope all understand. Her Doc says it is not a sure thing she is done so I have to hang on to that.

  22. (((((Utah)))))

  23. Hang in there, Utah. I don’t think I’m being presumptive when I say this whole blog is rooting for you and Kahlua.

  24. Utah I know you wouldn’t do this if you thought she was suffering and you know I’ll support you no matter which way you decide to go. Pls check your emails.

  25. Like I said, I had the good luck of being in Klugman’s company one evening in the 90s and he was first and foremost a gentleman and a very interesting person, definitely not an Oscar. lol.

  26. Huh. Utahs dog & my brother both in the hospital with clots in the lungs. Thats pretty weird.

  27. socal, warm thoughts and prayers for your brother.

  28. No irony here, right?

  29. Sophie, thanks for the good thoughts!. When I read Upps comment about Reagan, I swear to god I was going to make the same comment you did at 11:52! Great minds think alike.

    My brother is showing a tiny bit of improvement with the clots, but now they are going to test him for cancer. One of our childhood friends here is a doc & he is going to look into it himself. My bro does not fit the profile for blood clots, so he is worried about what caused them.

  30. Socal, I think clots are normally caused by circulation issues. Or there’s that type of clot like I think Russert got, which was from flying in the same position or staying in the same position too long. I assume they have him on uber blood thinners which is why they are keeping him.

  31. So sorry about your brother socal, glad there is some improvement. My niece had a blood clot in her lung, it was secondary to a viral infection. That was right before Thanksgiving, she’s better now.

  32. Decent article on all the causes of blood clots.

  33. Thanks for that article. What I mean about bro is that he has a physically demanding job, and is always active. Hyperactive, he is adhd, always doing something, working or some kind of sports or play. I’m adhd myself, but bro has always been way more hyper than me. So they are going to look into cancer & some other things. Poor dude. He is dying of boredom in the hospital, but in lots of pain. He felt something pop in one of his lungs today and could breathe better after that. Blood clots are weird things. I remember that nbc reporter dying from it in Iraq, forget his name. And a dog getting it? That seems weird & I’m sure Utahs dogs are plenty active (love the “wrecking crew” name for them). imust, am glad for your niece!

  34. We sat next to a large group of Kartrashians, in all their fakeness & heavy makeup glory, in the bar at Trader Vics last nite.

  35. Ewwwwwwwwwww socal. Ewwwwwwwwwww.

  36. Socal, people in shape can have heart conditions too. I’ve known a few

    That was Russert. He died of a blood clot and it was pretty easy to guess why when they said he had just returned from that plane ride.

  37. They are annoying. And get more stuck up and entitled every year. The youngest girls (mid teens I think) checked out laker when he got up to go to the restroom. Also the brother that is believed to be gay. He said Kim was standing in front of the mens room (apropos) texting on her pink phone.

  38. I was thinking of the one that rode around in the tank in Iraq. He was good looking and younger than Russert. Yes, true about heart stuff, which I think is hereditary. We have heart issues in our family, but no cancer yet.

  39. The K’s went to the same basketball game we went to (Clippers), one of them is married to a Clipper. Trader Vics is a block away from the stadium. Laker loves their fish & chips.

  40. Yes socal dogs and cats can throw clots, usually in rear quarters. I had to worry about my late cat throwing one because he had a murmur. he took half a baby aspirin daily and a heart pill. He did great for years and that wasn’t what killed him, but I had to massage his back legs and check his feet for pinkness to make sure he never threw a circulation clot.

  41. Just read a tweet that G H W Bush is circling the drain.

  42. I did not know that about dogs & cats. Ah, it was David Bloom I was thinking of. He was “imbedded” (I always thought that was stupid for journalists) and rode around in a tank too much and threw a clot.

  43. Yes a tank could definitely do it.

    Clots are why they make sick people in hospital get out of bed even if they are feeling really awful. And right after surgery too. To avoid clots.

  44. We were just Scotched up enough yesterday to end up doing group Gangnam style dancing. I have a vid of my cousin and am hoping she will bribe me to not show it to anybody.

    That crazy guy made it to the white house. I would’ve paid money to see michelle doing it.

  45. ACK! I found the DC show with the Obamas! Gangnam Style!

  46. Gangnam Style Christmas lights. Be glad they aren’t your neighbors

  47. Better. (Or worse)

  48. Yes Uppity when I saw that article about HWB I immediately thought “congestive heart failure”. Although it’s kind of hard to figure out why he would have that when he always was so active.

    Even though Utah is probably not reading, i just want to let her know I am so sorry she is going through this with her beloved friend.

    OK, this has been kind of a mixed day for me- so where’s the rest of the scotch?

  49. Mary Luke, I have about a quarter of an inch left in the bottle. But it’s yours.

    They say his fever spiked and he in ICU now. you’re right though. That cough is a giveaway.

    It’s nice of you to wish Utah well. She’s a good egg. Rescued many an incorrigible dog from the needle and rehabbed them.

  50. so where’s the rest of the scotch?

    Right here. Hic.

  51. RUt Roh, hope she gets that last drop first….

  52. Oh, look–a fairy brought a fresh bottle.

    Cardhu Scotch

  53. Thanks! Where’s yours?

  54. Uppity! Don’t you remember that Cracker Jack commercial?
    Q: What did you learn in school today?
    A: Sharing.

  55. Thank you Uppity and Sophie. Isn’t it wonderful how virtual scotch never runs out, doesn’t break the bank, and leaves good times with no hangover.

    PS: Uppity, I really needed that Strauss. Scotch and Strauss. Close to human again.

  56. Yeah Strauss is good for what ails ya!

  57. Q: What did you learn in school today?
    A: Sharing.

    You handed me single malt. To hell with that sharing shit.

  58. Hey if I thought everybody would send me good scotch, I’d give my address out. But I just KNOW I’ll get 20 fruitcakes instead.

  59. Did you ever try Cardhu in real life? Smooth. (And a very reasonable price for a smooth Speyside single malt.)

  60. No to tell you the truth, I never had it. I’ll give it a go next time. Better be good.

  61. It is good. Tell ya what–if you don’t like it, I’ll finish the bottle for you.

  62. Big of ya!

    Gotta go walk the clydesdale. Be back.

  63. Die Fledermaus: “Champagne was to blame…for everything you can name!”

    Scotch & Die Fledermaus?

  64. Kahlua is holding her own right now. No further issues after getting the meds today. Praying that this is going to be the end of it and she makes her way back to me. I am starting to grasp the reality she might not be coming back though. She rested comfortably today and her pulse ox is back where it ought to be. TY again everyone for the kind words. My wrecking crew mean the world to me and I think this will affect Whiskey quite badly. Tomorrow we will most likely know weather or not Kahlua is going to make it or face that ugly choice. Uppity you have mail.

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