Ronald Reagan, Patron Saint of the Deliberately Confused, on Social Security and Deficits

CookieJarI’ll tell you what Social Security IS related to instead of General Fund deficits. It’s related to the $2.2 Trillion, yes, Trillion, swiped from its Trust Fund, AKA money forcibly removed from paychecks and specifically earmarked for retirement, which instead was dumped into the General Fund for important things like bike paths and spiffing up parks in politicians’ districts, caviar for  government agency parties,  and other shit that goes on just before re-election campaigns. This was done regularly through the years by thieving Congress members (who previously referred to themselves as “Stewards”) who all belong in prison while their assets are seized.  If you tried this with someone’s savings account or trust fund, you would be reading this from Rahway Prison instead of getting a shot at blaming your victim.

See I Can’t Find That Missing $2.2 Trillion In The Commission Proposal and watch Saint Ronnie tell his sycophants what  people with normal IQs already know but they seem to have a deliberately difficult time grasping.


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  1. SS wouldn’t be part of balancing the budget if in fact the trust fund existed. The entire purpose of the trust fund was to provide a cushion to fund baby boomers during their golden years. That’s one thing I will give Al Gore credit for, he was absolutely correct about needing to put SS in a lockbox.

  2. The entire purpose of the trust fund was to provide a cushion to fund baby boomers during their golden years

    Oh man do I ever disagree. The parents of the baby boomers benefitted exponentially from the payments of the baby boomers into that fund. It is the reason so many of them live well into their 90s. The PURPOSE of the program was to fund ANY retired generation using the payroll contributions of their children, eg, the following generation of retirees. The problem here is the children of the BB generation (created by the bb generation) are a selfish I WANT IT NOW people who, while pushing 40 in some cases, still depend on their parents’ retirement savings to supplement the lifestyles and choices they cannot afford, while treating the same generation that supplements them with disdain. Spend all mom and dad’s money and then cut them off when they are old besides. These are the voters who love the thought of socialism, are products of American schools that disdain capitalism. These are the populus who think everyone should have a living wage whether they work or not. The From Those Who Have Much (read middle class who work) To Those Who Have Little people. This I blame on the BBs themselves for raising these kids to think every day is Christmas and everything in life is due to them for free. But please do not imply that the entire program was designed for the BB generation, because it benefitted the “Greatest Generation” whose contributions were comparative peanuts. The idea was to give back to them. And that is what the idea should ALWAYS be for the elderly. The trust fund not only exists, but it would be shored up quite well if it hadn’t been raided and replaced with bullshit non-negotiable paper worth less than an IOU from a bag lady. Now they don’t want to pay back what they stole, and are trying to punish their victims instead. They owe that money back and they all belong in prison

    The idea here was to respect and care for the elderly of ANY generation henceforth. A country that doesn’t care about its elderly has NO MORAL COMPASS.

  3. P.S. The baby boomers weren’t even a glint in their parents’ eyes when social security started in 1935.

  4. Worth less than an IOU from a bag lady, ROFLMAO!

    It’s true the “Greatest Generation” took much more from SS than they ever put in. The SS system was set up to be funded by current payroll taxes. The workers fund the retired seniors. However in the 80’s they realized that the generations behind the boomers were much smaller and hence would not be able to fund the boomers, inverted pyramid So they increased the payroll taxes, raised the income limits and did a few other things. This was done during the Reagan years and called the SS solvency plan or some such shit. The entire concept was to create a trust fund to be available starting right about now. I know it’s shocking that there was ever a time when politicians thought about the future, LOL!

    In other words the boomers were to fund their parents SS AND part of their own SS. That is what makes this whole theft even worse IMO. The rat bastards in DC used money paid by workers, intended for retirement as their personal slush fund, knowing what that money was intended for.

    Obama’s payroll tax cut……..give away is adding insult to injury and yes the younger generation wants to keep it lower because many of them don’t give a shit about their parent’s generation.

  5. 1983, that’s when the changes were made. I knew there was a commission that did a big study, that’s where I vaguely remember the talk about the boomer generation being too big for the generations behind them. Guess who headed up that commission? None other than Alan Greenspan, this was prior to his fed chairman days. I wonder if he droned on and on about men’s underwear sales, LOL!

  6. Agree that Obama’s payroll tax cut was absolutely IRRESPONSIBLE. And more than a little STUPID.

    If the cost of healthcare remained proportionate to everything else in this country, I think medicare would not be in trouble. It is what happens when you let private entities Price Fix, and that is exactly what insurers do. They are not onlly killing Americans, they are driving people away from the thought of being doctors. Which will in turn kill more Americans.

    Back to Social Security, I thought Long Range Thinking in DC meant six months. lol

    I will repeat, if you did to someone’s trust fund what they did, you would be in Rahway and your assets would be seized. Bernie Madoff is a boyscout next to these people.

  7. It’s true the “Greatest Generation” took much more from SS than they ever put in.

    But only because a dollar was worth 20 times more at the time. It’s not really their fault. Their contributions were commensurate with the economy, a time when a loaf of bread was ten cents and a doctor’s visit was 2 bucks, and that two bucks bought more than fifty bucks buys now.

  8. Hey one more thing. I know seniors got a 1.7% COLA for next year. Anybody know what Congress members’ COLA was? Hint: I bet it wasn’t 1.7.

  9. I would actually feel sorry for the next generaions’s future in retirement if they were such arrogant selfish, self-indulgent little snots. Same goes for my fight over things like women’s rights. As I watch the third wave fritter away rights someone else handed them (like everything else that has been handed to them), because Hillary’s hair is more important to them than anything, right along with their manicures, I am beginning to get that FUck Them feeling all the way around. I got mine. Now you go start all over again.

    If the next gen gets their ignorant, uneducated wish, they will die in poverty. And they will have nobody to blame THEN but themselves. And the politicians they adored who did this to them will be long gone and not looking for their votes. Good luck with that, kiddies.

  10. UPDATE: This story below changed faster than a baby’s diapers. The link now says SHOTS FIRED, police wounded, no comment on ‘suspect’ dead, alive, or otherwise.

    Peeeeeeeee Uuuuuuuuuuuuu Fox.


    Three police officers were shot dead in a police station in Gloucester, New Jersey. Suspect Obvious Killer has been shot dead.

    FOX VIdeo

    MSNBC probably won’t bother covering it, if it were a pedo claiming unfair treatment, they would be right on it. After they research the terrible childhood of the freak who killed the three cops, we’ll hear from them. Oh and one more thing:It’s all YOUR fault.

    One more thing: WHy do we call freaks who kill ten people in front of 50 witnesses and are taken down or into custody on the scene “Suspects”?

  11. Interesting tidbit about SS funding and treatment in the budget.

  12. Looks like Congress will get 0.5% or possibly nothing if the “fiscal cliff” deal includes extending pay freezes.

  13. Budget and Social Security do not belong in the same sentence. Treatment has no business in the same sentence with Social Security. Let’s just say we already got The Treatment from these thieves. And they didn’t “Invest” the money they stole. They spent it. Congress is no investment. It cost us 100 million to run congress two weeks ago and they passed two pieces of legislation. But a good time was had by all.

    O.5% is too much for these creeps.

  14. Incidentally, the NY Newspaper that published an interactive map of all the people in two counties who own handguns, complete with their names and addresses so people can harass them, got a dose of their own medicine. Furthermore, they gave every criminal in the counties a birdseye view of who doesn’t have guns, safer places to rob. I don’t think I remember more irresponsible “Journalism”.

    And here is their dose:

    A list of their names and addresses, with maps to their homes, links to facebook pages, photos of zillow interiors of their homes, etc etc. Let’s see how THEY enjoy The Fear they generated for others. Note: Facebook pages being taken down at a rapid rate. Home of the publisher is gorgeous, $1 million plus pad. To use their rationale, it is all PUBLIC INFORMATION, after all.

    Remember this when you put your home up for sale on Zillow. Every thief in America gets to stake the interior out.

  15. Kahlua is home. I have decided though due to all the info from the tests run that should she have further issues to let her go in peace. Right now she is doing fine. Weak but doing fine. Her heart meds have been increased some and now she is on aspirin therapy as well. As she walked into the hose from my truck she had to take a scoop of snow. She so loves snow and would spend the day out in it playing. I have to work today so hubby will be home with her. She does appear to have perked up a tad bit since coming home. TY all for your well wishes. I hope I get more time with my ” kid with fur”.

  16. (((utahwoman and Kahlua))) ❤

  17. I’m so glad you have your baby at home Utah. I know she will be so much happier with her mom! Good to hear she’s perking up a bit too.

  18. Hey Utah. Good decision.

    Utah and I talked so long yesterday my ear was red. NES will be so J.

    I have no doubt that puppy will do better with you. I think she’s got some miles left in her. Just tell her to lay off the damned tennis balls.

  19. Prayers to Utah, Kahlua and family. Hang in there and as Warren Zevon once said – Enjoy Every Sandwich.

    Fiscal Cliff – those foreign newspapers should have pictures of our citizens with our empty pockets pulled out of our pants inside out. And our very thin wallets being squeezed for the very last dimes. I am already working tons of overtime, now what? How do we keep couging up a bit more?

    This is now the law of the land and it seems a tad bit of wasteful spending in action. The rent was free (taxpayers already pay that) and most of it was on gadgets for 500 transition people – if I read that right. Whatever they spent it on, fireworks and Pepsi stadiums and “president elect possum” seals seems like it should come out of their own damn gazillion dollar election funds.

  20. 5.6 million dollars flushed down the toilet. I can’t believe we are paying for this kind of shit. How many years have we been doing this for candidates who end up losing????????????

    And talk about smug. You spend millions of taxyayer money because you are so arrogant you think you have it in the bag?

    And isn’t the GSA the org that made those videos poking fun at how they fuck the taxpayers with their elaborate parties and favors?

  21. Kahlua was able to walk into the house and even showed interest in the snow! That is VERY good news.

    Utah, may you and Kalhua still have significant time to spend with each other, and when it is her time, may she pass peacefully at home, surrounded by love. Isn’t that what we all wish for our pets ( and ourselves ) ? Blessings to you both.

  22. TY all. It means a lot to me that folks care about a dog they never met. Or for that matter a people lol. Thank heavens for pet hospital insurance or I would be eating ramen noodles for a long time lol.
    Hey as I told Uppity yesterday I was not expecting this the way it happened but I also got a grasp on reality that she has already lived longer then she would have had I not had her heart condition diagnosed and treated years ago.
    She has had 7 good years and those were years she was not going to get had I not gone and taken her out of the Las Vegas shelter that day. They had an outbreak of distemper there and killed over 1000 dogs and cats. I pulled 400 + and got them into rescues with my group and this little hell raiser was just determined she was going to come with me and move in lock stock and fur and she did just that.
    Uppity I thought about what we talked about and looked at the kids and decided yesterday that when the time is right there is another pair of ACDs out there destined to become the Wrecking Crew part duex. But for now the original wrecking crew are here and next week if all goes well Kahlua and Whiskey will go up on the hill and run havoc.

  23. Sending lots of Prayers to Utah, Kahlua and family.(hugs) 🙂

  24. I assume this applies to dogs as well as cat. You catch a clot really fast and you can beat the effects. These clots are almost always rear quarters–saddle. So catch it fast and you can fix things without that horrible pain and paralysis. That’s what happened to this lovable puppy. Utah and I talked about the saddle massage and keeping things circulating is what it all takes to help out. I kept a cat going for three years that way, with the aspirin and enalapril and massage. In the end, that cat died of something else we never knew he had. That was the cat I lost last year. So If anybody can pull the circulation thing off, Utah can. Simple as that.

    Utah, hopefully our blog veterinarian, Val, will stop by and offer some good stuff too.

  25. Hey Utah, I took the Clydesdale to Pet Supplies Plus and she picked out another duck.

    I know I am a huge source of entertainment there. Here’s how my dog’s toys roll: She sits in front of the toy display and I proceed to pick out toys and squeak them. Now, she seriously prefers ducks or variations, such as geese, if they QUACK. Yes, that’s right. My dog doesn’t go for that silly squeak. She wants Quack. So She sits there and I do this and people watch as I demonstrate the damned things for my dog. She picks the one she wants and then carries it around the store with her till we check out, rarely forgetting to mouth it and “Make squeak”. Which is what I say to her when she has a toy in her mouth. So we then walk around with my dog quacking all over the place. While this is very cute, it’s not so cute at 3 AM. But nevermind.

    Note: The only plushie that doesn’t quack that she loves is her raccoon, Rocco.

  26. My daughter has a few quacking toy ducks. We hold it up to the parrot, beak to beak and they both say “quack” at the same time. His timing is excellent. As soon as he hears the duck he chimes in perfectly. Funny.

  27. LOL Karen.

    For my dog, it all started with her breeder, who gave her to me with a duck. She obliterated that duckie and I had to go find one just like it. We actually laughingly had a little duckie funeral. I have a pic somewhere, lol.

    Anyways, if they ever stop making that yellow duckie that goes Quack-Quack-Quack three time in a row, for a total of 9 quacks, there is going to be hell to pay.

  28. @Utah: Sounds like your fur baby was mighty glad to be home. Give her lots of TLC. Warm wishes going your way for you, hubby and Kahlua.

  29. I am so pissed at our “representatives.” Between FISA, Social Security, and the fiscal cliff, they are beyond out of touch with people–they are against the people. They are voting (or not voting as the case may be) AGAINST us and WITH their overlords. We are nothing to them. Both parties still blow.

    Seriously, why would a fricken Democrat vote FOR FISA? What the hell is the rationale?

  30. Sophie, I have been on the fence over FISA for a whle now. Every time they thwart a potential attack makes it worth it in many ways. I would rather give up liberties than risk mass death of another super attack on the US. I also changed my opinion about the TSA airline groping and x-rays. Whatever they need to do to keep us safe is okay with me. The world changed in a drastically reduced quality of life way and I don’t see our freedoms returning to the way things were. The ugly can of worms once opened is the norm now and if they need to spy on us and pat us down then so be it. Everytime they stop a bomb from going off – we win – we save life and limb.

    I was the first to balk about it years ago but now google and facebook spy on people and they aren’t even protecting us!

  31. Karen, I can’t go there…that’s like a parent beating a child into submission so that the nuns don’t.

  32. Here’s the thing Karen, they shot down every amendment that would have made it more American.

    If they did 9/11 because they hated our freedoms, then FISA and TSA means they won.

  33. Charles Krauthammer looks like he has the same plastic surgeon as Michael Jackson.

  34. Utah, I’m sending prayers and hope for the future. I’m happy for you and Kahlua (and Whiskey as well).

  35. SophieCT, I’m with you on your last 3 comments. ALL of them.

  36. Uppity, thanks for the post and the rant. I agree. Evertime I hear SS or Medicare called an entitlement I go bonkers. I also agree these politicians need to be in prison – along with Jon Corzine who is still walking around.

    SophieCT, agree with you about FISA and the groping and all the other infringements and violations of the Constitution. To paraphrase Ben Frankling: Those who would trade liberty for safety deserve neither.

    I’m watching the Adams Chronicles and seeing the struggles to get our country on its feet and answerable to the people.

    I hope everyone had and is continuing to have a wonderful holiday season.

    Utah, glad your fur person is home and doing better. Hugs to everyone here.

  37. Un-fricken-real. Lily likes chipotle bacon! I am convinced there is nothing she will not eat (except raw cayennes, which she rejected outright).

  38. I remember the first time I saw Krauthammer, I was horrified. I thought he was the closest thing to a living Frankenstein I had ever seen and said so, and then somebody shamed me with his story. Krautie had been paralyzed in a horrific accident, his body was broken beyond hope, they practically had to put the guy back together, including, i think, his face. He apparently lives a life of constant pain and at least we can say he supports his own self when he could be a government dependent in his condition, even though sometimes he pisses me off with his commentary. lol. Anyways, politics aside, I look at him differently ever since then. Fortunately, he had no brain injuries, that is clear, as I have a feeling his IQ is extremely high.

  39. Sophie, are we sure Lily isn’t an undocumented illegal alien kitty?

  40. Senneth, every time some crackpot talks about how taxpayers are paying for social security as an “entitlement,” i give them their Saint Ronnie now.

    In keeping with the very evil people they are, some of congress started using that word to anger people. It’s a lie and they know it, but then that’s what evil does.

  41. Upps, you need fixit fairy for yourself. TL is the mexican border cat.

    There is a Dylan song, Hattie Carrol, that has a line “now is the time for your tears” and that line is all I can think of. The India gang-rape victim who spawned the national-wide protests is dead. The nation is gripped with anger and there will be change there. Here too, hopefully attitudes will change. Her body just didn’t shut that whole thing down – her body shut down permanently due to a violent crime.

  42. RIP Fontella Bass. I loved this song when I was a kid and it was a big hit on AM radio. It’s in my playlist to this day!

  43. karen, I hope they change the charges to murder. I am sickened by the whole thing.

  44. Home for lunch and a Kahlua check. She is eating and up and going. Have her on a soft food diet for now but she was grateful. Hubby said she took a long nap on the sofa with her pillow and blanket. She never covers with the blanket she wads it up and puts her paw on it lol. Guys I am just giddy happy to have her home and she looks lots better then when I first brought her in.
    Uppity I think I have one of those ducks. Can not allow the wrecking crew to have it or it would get shredded. Might just have to save it for Needlenose.

  45. utah, was wondering about your cute doggie today, am so glad she is home. You will not believe it, but my bro also got released from hospital today. He’s at my Moms, his wife and daughter are sick. Funny coincidence they were in at the same time with the same thing.

    I would love to go to the pet store with Needlenose and see her pick out what she wants.

  46. Upps, great post. It would be nice if that clip of Saint Ronnie was played over and over in the capitol on all their tv monitors. I think the cola for congress critters should be -50%! Heh.

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