How Hollywood and Wall Street Advertisers Represented Women in 2012

Do I really need to add anything?



I won’t even get into toymakers and their nauseating Pepto Bismal Pink TV Ads telling little girls they should aspire to become princesses.

You tell em, honey! They might even let you Do Math one day!


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  1. I don’t necessarily need positive role models in advertising, but I do get weary of the titillating ads used sell something that’s not sex. I think less of companies that resort to the cheap shots.

    You would think men would be more insulted and outraged by those kinds of ads since the message is that they won’t buy anything unless you give them a boner.

  2. I dunno. When Mattel does all those pepto bismal pink ads where the little girls want to be a princess, I get annoyed.

  3. I put her in the post.

  4. Yes, I find the Pepto Bismal pink irritating and Riley is my shero, but statistically, little girls are attracted to the pink things and not the gray and green things, and corporations are well aware of this.

  5. LOL. I thought a good cocktail for this New Year’s Eve would be one called the Cliffhanger. As it happens, there are about 2.5M hits on Google for “cliffhanger cocktail” and it seems every one has completely different ingredients!

    UPDATE: It seems this is the most popular mix:
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  6. I think the advertising has much more of an effect on the national psyche than a few movies. The ads are short (which match our attention spans) and are frequent and have a more subliminal effect. So it would be Madison Ave., not so much Hollywood that needs to be targeted.

  7. Clarifying what I wrote earlier…while I don’t need positive role models from advertising, I also don’t want their negative role models. In other words, I’d like them to just sell their product on the merits of the product itself.

  8. Sometimes there is no merits of the product :lol:.

  9. Ain’t dat da troot, foxy. lolol.

  10. Sophie, it’s a FISCAL Cliffhanger. Hahahaha.

    I think maybe little girls are attracted to pink because they see all that pink for little girls. Parents make pink rooms. Everything is All Pink In Their Face All The Time.

  11. I myself have always hated pink. And the only doll I remember actually “Playing” with died the day I played with it, I played Doctor with it and decided it needed surgery immediately.

  12. It’s finally snowing here…forecast said it would start early this morning. NYC is getting big flakes and we’re getting cute little granular “thingies.”

  13. Now we have flakes.

  14. We’ve had a lot of snow here and it is far from done. Got a call to come into work for overtime if I can make it in. I am going to bundle up and drive real slow.

    If there are any classic rock fans here – you will get a kick out of the great job Heart does (with Bonham’s son Jason on drums) and Kravitz too on Zep tunes – a 22 minute tribute with great intro.

  15. Flakes? I’m buried over here. My tricolor collie is completely white out there. I pulled the gate to lock her in and it came off its pins because I had to force it thru snow that had just been shoveled last night. Flakes? I’m gonna smack you!

  16. we’re getting cute little granular “thingies.”

  17. Light rain on the west coast.

  18. In the words of Ahmed, The Dead Terrorist:

    Silence! I Keel You!

  19. Karen, that was outstanding! (I could have done without the numerous cuts to the Obama’s.) Truly an excellent band. I went to high school in the 70s, when everyone brought a guitar to school and we all had the sheet music for Stairway to Heaven in our guitar cases!

  20. Love, love, love Stairway to Heaven.

  21. Loved the video!!

    Thanks, karen. (I agree with Sophie about the numerous cuts to the Obama’s).

  22. I’m no big fan of Sheryl Crowe, but this is posted over on Team Hillary Clinton’s FB page. I’m not sure who Crowe has in mind for a woman in the WH, but for me there is only one qualified candidate.

  23. I watched the Kennedy Center Honor show becuase Led Zepplin was being honored and I really enjoyed Lenny Kravitz and Heart. I was not happy to see that the honored David Letterman because I still do not forgive him for making an ugly sexual comment about Palin’s young daughter. Off limits, poor judgment, unacceptable. He’s as bad a Limbaugh who made ugly remarks about a very young Chelsea. All unforgiveable!

    And poor Caroline Kennedy…

  24. The time to put a woman was in 2008 and 2012. The woman was Hillary Clinton. I don’t know who I’d like to see as president anymore.

  25. That poor girl. What a sin. And what a prehistoric shithole the middle east is.

  26. The forecast was for 1-3 inches of snow. We’ve passed 3 and the snow is still falling. Lucky I have all the liquor I need.

  27. imust, I know what you mean. There isn’t anyone else of her caliber around–in either party.

  28. I believe Gillibrand will be a presidential candidate, but not in 2016. Only inept men are allowed to skip everyone in line.

  29. Might I add that men are often depicted as beer guzzling couch potatoes, not very bright, who need their very own ‘cave’ in an already overcrowded home. The inference being, at least to me, that the women’s ‘cave’ is the kitchen.
    Ad agency types need to get out more.

  30. “I think maybe little girls are attracted to pink because they see all that pink for little girls. Parents make pink rooms.”
    It would seem that the Nature-Nurture question for color preference would be fairly easy to determine but there doesn’t seen to be much in the current literature. The few studies that I could find were conflicting. One study found female preference for red-green in girls and green-blue in boys that was the same in British and Chinese children; suggesting a biological cause rather than cultural.

  31. That’s interesting SHV, especially since the only way you can get pink is to add white to red, whereas green and blue stand on their own, which probably can be translated into women need help. lol. It kind of harkens back to the brain Dominance thing before the “Girls are right brained and boys are left brained” thing got blown to bits during the days of Corporate Brain Dominance Testing used to put together project teams in the 90s, finding fairly often that the most upper left brained creatures in the room were…gasp..girlz. Sometimes there was a retest because how on earth can a girl be more logical than a guy? Lots of head scratching occurred in those days. I know this because I did some of the “testing”. Then Meyers Briggs Type Indicator testing showed up front and center and did the same thing.

    Seriously, if you grow up with a certain comfort food, you want that comfort food all your life. For some it’s meatloaf. For others, it’s mac and cheese. It stands to reason that if your room is a certain color as a child, you might transfer that color to your subconscious as The Color that is Right For You. Rather than a study, it might be a good idea to trace the origin of Pink Is For Girls idea. I’ll just bet it goes back to Advertising. Pink For GIrls has been around a LONG time so that it is now ingrained, to the point where it is segregated just for the soft, weak girls in toy stores, coomplete with the GIRLS’ TOYS sign.

    By the way, SHV, I have missed you.

  32. Might I add that men are often depicted as beer guzzling couch potatoes, not very bright, who need their very own ‘cave’ in an already overcrowded home.The inference being, at least to me, that the women’s ‘cave’ is the kitchen.

    Hey I know some of these couples!

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