SOS Hillary Clinton admitted to hospital with blood clot secondary to the concussion they said she didn’t have


Hey Hillary Supporters, not including you fake ones,  and there are plenty of you:  Here’s an ongoing rundown of what your election 2012 BFFs had to say about Hillary’s concussion:


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  1. That last Buzzfeed tweet says it all…if you’re wondering whether the “concussion gate” crowd feels terrible….probably not.

  2. imust, you’re right–probably not. But they’re not that bright, as you can tell from their tweets and comments.

  3. I always believed she was truly ill. Indeed, I feared it was worse than we were being told.

    I wrote on the last thread that New York-Presbyterian has one of the best neurological and neurosurgical departments in the world. I am so glad she is being cared for there.

    This is such terrible news. I am crying.

  4. MT means Modified Tweet. You’re supposed to use that when you change things in the original Tweet. One guy was so despicable, I did a Major MT. Here’s the original:

  5. GOP backs off of social security talks as fake part of the Fiscal Cliff.

  6. Here’s my RT:

  7. Yeah like Sophie tweeted to the shitbag who wrote that Human Events piece, they flew her all the way to Presbyterian from Dominican Republic.

  8. This one?

  9. Hope you all know you CAN reply to any of the tweets in this post by clicking REPLY and telling them what part of your ass they can kiss.

  10. Feel free to tweet to this shitbag to replied to this tweet.

  11. ………and here he is…

  12. Priceless. Simply Priceless.

  13. What do you even say to a guy like Chris???

  14. If anyone would like to light a candle for Hillary, you can do so here:

  15. imust, you say something like this to him.

  16. Lighting a candle for Hillary now.

    Meanwhile, WaPo is reporting chained CPI is off the fiscal cliff table for now. Maybe they can find some other ways to stick it to the worker bees.

  17. My candle is lit.

  18. Oh don’t worry Hugo, they’ll think of something.

  19. Got it Uppity!

  20. Ummm….Uppity….that Chris guy called you a name….[running and ducking]

  21. The guy’s a “truther”….

  22. Rise Hillary Rise. I never meant it more than right now!

  23. I put that on her candle!

  24. Yeah it’s because Dances retweeted wrong, ot wasn’t my quote, and he took advantage of it. But he has me blocked so I did a tweet that said he has me blocked instead of taking his meds.

  25. What a chicken he is on top of it!

  26. I think he’s a kid.

  27. Chris says we’re harsh.

  28. Well that statement answers the burning question many have about where WILL Hillary be for NYE???? sheesh!
    She’ll be in the hospital idiots!!!

  29. Chris calls us idiots for believing the concussion AND the clot and we’re harsh.

  30. He reported me for spam. I am suspended. Go report him for spam.

  31. Okay, how do i do it?

  32. I just brought myself back up by telling them I will be a good girl. REPORT HIM, use the BLOCK FOR SPAM

  33. Okay I did it, but he blocked me…will it still work?

  34. I guess a blood clot will make those “brain cancer” speculators happy. Evil bastards. Hill is going to dance with Bill at Chelsea’s babies weddings. And we will still be toasting her then too.

  35. Little shit spammed our convo and then reported me instead of him being reported.

  36. Grab the glass from the pengy and the bottle from the cat. I need a drink!

  37. Sorry Uppity. How do I know if my reporting him for spam worked?

  38. FCS, she can’t even have a blood clot without people becoming assholes.

    imust, LOL about her NYE plans. I crack up every time some pompous idjit demands to know where she will be! Like, right–she’s supposed to clear her schedule with you before making plans!

  39. CNN’s Sanjay Gupta, a neurosurgeon, thinks the blood clot is more likely to be located in a leg rather than the brain. He says blood thinners, which Hillary is receiving, are usually not used for blood clots in the brain.

  40. Hey I got them all from Buzzfeed tweets. So they copied what I copied. lol.

  41. So, I guess if you get into it with a RWNJ on Twitter, their best insult is to accuse you of sucking at the teat:

  42. this was the original tweet I was replying to:

  43. Jaysus, Sophie, what an infant.

  44. Where is that guy? His tweet says December 31 and it’s the 30th. Probably not even in America.

  45. Beata, it’s really easy to get clots flying all the time and sitting in that same position.

  46. Sophie just do what they do, report her for spam.

  47. Atlanta:
    Huge UGA Dawg fan! Die Hard Tea Party member & Big fan of less Gov’t and More American Freedom. Lifetime member #NRA

  48. Oh this is well done! 8 people who said Hillary was faking, complete with their full remarks.

  49. Of course, I called him/her a pissant first, so I am culpable. But seeings how this is the century of the preemptive strike…

  50. Exactly.

    That’s what happened to me. the guy attacked first and then reported.

  51. LOL! Paging Dr. Selde Thorsten.

    What makes that a-hole think she has the right to see Hillary’s medical records? And whose money dose she intend to spend in this investigation she proposes? These people sure can’t think things through.

  52. Oh please. GMO Pigs now? Is not even bacon sacred?

    the USDA has announced a $500,000 grant for research on developing genetically modifying pig genomes

  53. I tell you this GMO thing is getting frightening. They have to collect long term data off our bodies and i don’t want to play. This is why they won’t label. They have no idea what the longterm effects of what they are doing is. All they ever say is “There is no evidence”. Of course there isn’t, it’s too early. Reminds me of when they pulled that HRT crap on woman. Collecting cancer data, the scum bags. People died for this.

  54. Hugo, exactly what I thought, which prompted my reply of “Who the F are you, pissant?”

    So, I guess my reply could be considered reasonable and customary. 😉

  55. If this is inappropriate, please delete…

    A farmer named Kelvin in Texas (I do not know him–found out about him through a FB link) has an organic dairy farm. He was feeding his cows alfalfa, but when GMO alfalfa got approved, he could no longer guarantee his cows could be truly organic (wind blows, bees fly, pollen co-mingles, etc., etc), so he is looking to build this system for feeding his cows organic sprouts. He has the whole thing figured out and needs $20K. He’s halfway there. The deadline is Jan 3.

    If you feel inclined, here’s his Kickstarter page:

  56. Ah Tea Party. Splains a lot. They have to hate Hillary by default. Must be in their charter.

  57. Not inappropriate at all soph.

  58. Ah Tea Party. Splains a lot.


  59. I wish I could buy this house….except I don’t have millions of $$ and it’s in MN……brrrrrrr……,0,3105594.story

  60. Be glad, imust. Weather notwithstanding, that place is probably a money pit.

  61. Does Rhoda come with it?

  62. I kinda look like her, so I’m hot, right?

  63. But they’re studio apartments with teeny tiny kitchens. You couldn’t even bake a pie.

    And the cold. So cold, that if you throw your hat in the air, it stays there.

    Ooooohhhhh, Mister Graaaaannnt…

  64. I kinda look like her, so I’m hot, right?

    You look like Rhoda? All this time, I was thinking Linda Ellerbee.

  65. ROFL!! Uppity looks like Rhoda Morganstern? I suppose Sophie looks just like Mary Tyler Moore? Okay, okay…I look like Mr. Grant (j/k)

  66. Sophie and Uppity in the early days…..

  67. I don’t look like anyone on that show.

    I looked like Oscar Madison’s secretary. The one who would go, “Hanh Hanh Hanh Mr. M.” played by Penny Marshall.

  68. Nah I just said that to get you all worked up.

    I look like Ted Baxter.

  69. Nah I just said that to get you all worked up.

    I look like Ted Baxter.

    I was going to say Sue Ann Nivens. 😉

  70. I could have said Georgette. Murray Slaughter?

  71. 😉

    Hey! I’m Chuckles the Clown. 😆

  72. Got a video of The Man Whose Face Is Not Finished up above thread. Three demerits.


  73. The nation’s ammunition supply/inventory is down 93% since Obama’s re-election.

    Fredster, do you have anything to do with this?

    Nope, not me. But that was going to be next after I get the other things.

  74. A pengy champagne parade! Hooray, I will take one bottle and a straw.

    Guess who the most admired woman in HISTORY is? *grins madly*

  75. Godspeed, Hillary. Let’s just hope she is ok. These haters and idiots make me furious.

  76. Hmmm. guess I missed all the excitement last night. I am glad Hillary is being treated at such a great hosptal.

  77. Even if, she God forbids passes, they will say Hill is faking

    They are not worthy to wipe her ass and they know it…hence, the fever hot hate that don’t quit …just saying

    Sending prays for Hillary .This woman has worn herself out.


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