New Year’s Eve Times Square Live Feed

InvisibleChampaigneSettle down in front of the warm fireplace, eat some popcorn, cuddle the kitty, pet the dog, think about those resolutions you have no intention of succeeding at……and watch the crowd at Times Square ring in the New Year while losing their wallets to a pickpocket.

If you have nothing to do today, or if you don’t want to do anything that you really should do today, you can watch them put the finishing touches on their preparations and see all of New York’s obsessive-compulsive people show up 12 hours early to get a good spot. Or something.

Look for Bill’s header to change regularly today as the inimitable Bill prepares to celebrate with the pesky, pushy penguins who perpetually insist on hanging out with him.

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  1. brought up from downstairs:

    A pengy champagne parade! Hooray, I will take one bottle and a straw.

    Guess who the most admired woman in HISTORY is? *grins madly*

    Happy *hic* New Years.

  2. Love those bottle-toting penguines. Also love that Hillary is still the most admired woman in the universe. And she has the accomplishments to support that admiration.

  3. I am lighting candles and Praying for a full recovery
    We love you Hillary. 🙂

  4. Baby kitteh in hat. Too cute.

    Heartwarming to see there are lots of vocal Hillary supporters today who are blasting that “vast right wing conspiracy” right back to the hell where it sprang from decades ago. Go PUMAs. Go Hill-fans.


    GET WELL SOON. xoxo

  5. Forgot the linky-dink:

    lotz of menz too. Yea MENZ for HILZ.

  6. Obama about to make a statement on the fiasco cliff….oh joy.


    You know it!

  8. Well, that was a lame statement. Looks like he was deliberately trying to piss off House Rs just so we could go over the cliff. Hard to figure out who to detest more here: POTUS or Rs. They’re a matched set.

  9. Then he gets to stand at the podium and act like he’s saved us.

  10. My New Years Resolution is to not write 2012 on my checks.

    God speed Hilary. Thank you for your service to this country and may you get well and go on to enjoy your life.

  11. Oh Yea and to the bastards that can not even leave you alone during your illness and have respect for your family may they meet a big big big bastage armed with a louieville slugger and knock some common decency into their thick caveman skulls. Over and out.
    Kahlua has been picking up great folks. She is playing some again out in the snow. We have tons of the stuff and it is coming down again today. Walked out to get something in the yard and sunk to my knees. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

  12. Happy New Year, Utah and Kahlua!!

  13. I think I’ll have a drink of Kahlua in honor of Kahlua! Oh no…too early….

  14. Those pengys each have their own bottle of champagne…smart pengys.

  15. imust a couple of the pengys have already lost their hats! The pengys are getting blasted. 😀

  16. Utah, great news about Kahlua! Sorry about the snow.

  17. Yes everyone have a drink of Kahlua !! I know I might be hoping for more then is possible but I just do not see this girl giving up just yet. She just came in from another romp in her beloved snow. Man how can a animal love snow like that ? I opt to let her live her life out on her terms.
    Darn Imust now a shot of Kahlua ( drink not dog lol) sounds good.
    Again I want to thank everyone here for the warm support during some dark times for me.
    And a pox on tennis balls…………
    Happy New Year to each one of you. Please be very careful if you are going out. Me I never venture out of the house on NYE. Fools game considering it is snowing to beat the band here too. Going to play some video games and eat some home made turkey soup with good crusty bread after I finish the spinach/artichoke dip I made and the bean dip and fresh salsa lol.

  18. Party at Utahs!!! Bring Kahlua (the drink), snow shoes and more chips.

  19. Bring chips! No fries, chips! No coke, pepsi!!

  20. And pie. Bring pie!

  21. Utah, I’m staying in too… Even without snow or rain people in So Cal manage to have accidents all over the place. It’s been a long tough year, I’m not even sure if I will stay up to ring in the new year.

    I’m not giving anything up for new years that I didn’t already have to during the year. Hardest was sugar.. Sigh!

    Wishing everyone a great New Years and I’ll be monitoring the blog header. 😀

  22. Update: Hillary’s blood clot is positioned in vein between her brain and her skull. She has NOT suffered a stroke.

  23. She is being treated with anti-clotting drugs and will remain in hospital for at least 48 hours, her spokesman said.

    Mrs Clinton, 65, is due to stand down before President Barack Obama formally begins his second term in January.

    At the time of her faint, she was reported to have had a stomach virus and to have passed out after becoming dehydrated.

    Doctors discovered the clot during a follow-up examination on Sunday, her spokesman Philippe Reines said.

  24. Sophie, loved your comment at the neighbors. I lurk with my hands bound and duck tape over my mouth so I do not explode at some of the comments. I rarely lurk. It is better for my health and well being.

    imust – cheeseburger

  25. Karen, most days I lurk like that as well but sometimes the duct tape bursts!

  26. Interesting Upps, some of the “experts” said it must be in her leg because they are giving her thinners and they wouldn’t do that for one in the brain region they said because they do not want the brain blood thinning if that is where the clot is. I guess it is safe to give the thinners if it is under the skull and not in the brain.

    You might remember I slipped on ice and cracked my head open on my deck gateway post. It bled like crazy and reopened for days everytime I tried to unmat my hair or put water on it – it would bleed again. Hurt like crazy, headache, hard to sleep – I did not have a concussion but I was close. The doctor asked me questions and I answered them all right so he ruled out concussion on the phone. It was a blizzard – I could not drive myself to the hospital. He told me to have somebody call me every few hours to make sure I was okay and to try to stay awake till I was sure I was okay. My roads weren’t plowed till late the next day and by then I was much better.

    I can imagine how she felt, how her head was gushing blood and she was alone – but hers was much worse. She was dehydrated and had the virus on top of the fall. Poor Hillary. And those bastards attack her and are still attacking her. May they rot in hell.

  27. Yes just heard that about Hilary. Very very dangerous in my opinion. Glad it was caught and hope she has a 100% recovery. She most likely will be on Cumidin now which will limit some things she can do because of possibility of bleeding. Still wish her the best. As I said in the past Hilary and I do not agree politically much but I admire her brass overies and her ability to stand up to the guys in their world. God speed Hilary.
    Party at my place ?? Ok then got to make more dips lol.

  28. I’m off for errands and a party (staying over, so don’t worry).

    In case I don’t get to log back in later, Happy New Year all you Uppityites!

    Statement by Dr. Lisa Bardack, Mt. Kisco Medical Group, and Dr. Gigi El-Bayoumi, George Washington University

    In the course of a routine follow-up MRI on Sunday, the scan revealed that a right transverse sinus venous thrombosis had formed. This is a clot in the vein that is situated in the space between the brain and the skull behind the right ear. It did not result in a stroke, or neurological damage. To help dissolve this clot, her medical team began treating the Secretary with blood thinners. She will be released once the medication dose has been established. In all other aspects of her recovery, the Secretary is making excellent progress and we are confident she will make a full recovery. She is in good spirits, engaging with her doctors, her family, and her staff.

  30. It could have started anywhere, Karen and traveled. if they didn’t find it, she would have surely had a stroke. Venous thrombus, or whatever they call it, are the bane of frequent fliers. It’s what killed Tim Russert. Staying in same position without getting up and moving around is very dangerous. Clots form and then they travel. If not caught, it can easily kill you. Often they start in the leg and when someone has a leg clot it’s considered an emergency because it CAN travel to the heart or the brain, lungs, etc.

  31. Upps, life is brief and we never know when our number will be called. She dodged it this time. Hopefully she lives a long and enjoyable life. Nobody can blame her for wanting to enjoy herself for a while. She more than earned it. My sister retired after being a work-a-holic and soon after became a cancer survivor to boot. She is enjoying herself now and is doing exactly what she wants and when she wants to do it.

    Hillary has said she needs to exercise – when she is ready she surely will, but a little resting on her laurels might be just the thing for now.

    From what I read the clot was a direct result of her head injury from the fall. Anyway, she is in good hands now. That hospital took great care of Bill and saved his life and they will do the same for her.

    From one AP article, for example:

    “The kind of blood clot in the skull that doctors say Hillary Rodham Clinton has is relatively uncommon but can occur after an injury like the fall and concussion the secretary of state was diagnosed with earlier this month.”

  32. I’m working tonight but we’ll be doing a little celebrating there. Happy New Year to all the Uppityites. May 2013 bring us a little closer to peace, tranquility and goodwill – and some sanity in the halls of DC.

  33. Karen I was a workaholic once. Then I figured it out.

  34. People are wondering why doctors didn’t catch that clot two weeks ago. The answer is simple. It wasn’t there then. To even assume they didn’t do an MRI on her immediately is silly. The FOLLOW UP MRI found it.

  35. Happy New Year Uppity!

  36. Hiya Sonrisa!

  37. “Congress collapses from exhaustion after doing job”

    Hundreds of congressmen complained of headaches, dizzy spells, and extreme fatigue after putting in what sources called “a six, maybe seven-hour day.”

  38. LOL! Poor things should develop better work habits. Everyone knows you need a stretch break after 4 hours at the negotiation table. Guess they would not hold up well on a chain gang busting rock, which is where they all belong.

    I wish the idiot press would stop trying to find some scandal related to Hillary’s medical condition. It’s not like there are not plenty of real scandals out there waiting to be exposed if they would just get off their lazy butts and do some of that investigating stuff.

    Happy New Year to all Uppityites.

  39. Stretch, not streach

    :::Fixit Fairy visited you:::

  40. I tweeted the GOP to tell them to take heart, the yearly fake kabuki dance will be over soon and they can get back to working on controlling women again soon.

  41. Been lurking off and on since my morning commute to work.

    Utah~ I’m so happy about Kahlua. What a joy it must be to see her in the snow.

    The news about Hillary sent chills down my spine. I can’t believe the asshats on twitter. may they and the rest of those carrying the CDS virus rot.

    As for Congress collapsing from exhaustion ~~~~~~ if they actually did some work, they’d either not be in this pickle or they wouldn’t be such wimps and fall apart the minute they had to do some actual work.

    I’m going back to lurking now, and maybe watch a movie later tonite.

    HAPPY 2013 to all.

  42. That kitteh is much to small for that bottle of Champagne!

  43. Hey anybody seen WLM?

    Goofster, he’s just a baby. And I suspect he’s gonna open that bottle and Hooo Boyyy it could be a mess. Bill looks scared!

  44. Yep, the little kitteh is a chip off Bill all right! I think Bill is worried the cork is going to hit him. 😆

  45. Have to wait till around midnight I guess.

  46. THey reached an agreement. Now they can go eat that caviar they found a way to get us to pay for.

  47. Thank God she is on the mend. I still think she may have had a stroke because working with those idiots in DC would give you one. Have any of those idiots suffering from Clinton Derangement Syndrome back pedaled? NO. I hope they stew in their own venom.

  48. I’m not holding my breath on the deal, they still have to vote it in. 👿

  49. Gotta pass it first so we can find out what’s in it.

  50. yeah, that’s always worked out well for congress. Idjits

  51. It never hurts them. It’s the rest of us it doesn’t work out for.

  52. They don’t care about us, they just say they do when they want our votes! My prediction for 2013… We work harder and get paid less. 👿

  53. Well it’s almost time for the East Coast… HAPPY NEW YEAR Uppity and all Uppityites!!! MUAH

  54. ACK! Bill’s system went down.

    But now the cork is popped! OMG look!

  55. Sombody got hit!

    Happy New Year everyone!

  56. “To even assume they didn’t do an MRI on her immediately is silly. The FOLLOW UP MRI found it.”
    Idjits!!!! The same people that said that she was partying in the DM. You can bet your ass that Hillary has had multiple scans and extraordinary medical follow up. If she clotted her right transverse sinus and had no symptoms or damage she is damned lucky. Of course the wingnuts will say the MRI is a fake.

  57. Times Square looks wild!

  58. Nope, not the same people though, SHV, presumably Hillary supporters. I use the world Presumably with that a lot.

    And YUP, I have NO DOUBT they didn’t “MISS” a thing with Hillary.

  59. What do you think the actual sequence could have been SHV? From a medical standpoint.

  60. I’m assuming correctly then, that the clot formed AFTER the first MRI? Lucky timing that they had the follow up when they did.

  61. That poor pengy… naughty kitteh!!

  62. Yeah he blew the cork, Goofs. Now he won’t be pestered to pour that drink.

  63. Bill is no where in sight, must be off partying with the rest of the pengys.

  64. Saw someone on twitter call it a “Benghazi Clot”. No kidding. You can’t make this shit up.

  65. Happy New Year Beloved Uppityites! We’re home watching the Ref and laughing hysterically. Its so funny, Dennis Leary, Judy Davis, Kevin Spacey & Glynis Johns.

  66. Upps, I read the twitter war on last nites thread. What vermin. God bless you Hillary, you’re in our prayers and thoughts!

  67. Yeah socal and some creep harassed our timeline and then I got suspended instead of him.

  68. Karen, thanks for the info about Hillary.

    Upps, great tweets…hilarious!

  69. I’m going to learn how to twitter next month. I didn’t get half of what you and Sophie were talking about.

  70. “What do you think the actual sequence could have been SHV?”
    Who knows and that is a major part of the “problem”. I don’t know who has made the decisions about release of information but a person of Hillary’s standing in the govt should have little expectation of privacy.

    After her “event” her press sec. should have stated clearly what happened, how she was treated and what was the “plan”. None of that was done.

    Reading the tea leaves, I assume she had a pretty severe case of gastroenteritis and had significant vomiting and diarrhea. She probably said she was OK and leave her alone. Got dehydrated, had a fainting/syncopal episode, fell and hit the right side of her head. May or may not have lost consciousness. Had an MRI which was OK. Followed closely at home and possibly had increased symptoms (repeat MRI on Sunday??, unusual for “routine follow up” unless symptoms demanded it or it was just easier because she is a celeb). The clot in the vein may have been in the process of forming and wasn’t a total block; might explain the lack of symptoms but that is just a WAG.

    Again the lack of timely, accurate information has created more problems.

  71. Yeah SHV, I figured it formed later and maybe she got a severe headache or some such symptom so they gave her an immediate MRI.

  72. Is that cat in the pic with the champagne cork a Maine Coon?

  73. Re: Information, SHV: The thing is, they DID say she had a stomach virus, got dehydrated, fell and hit her head. had a concussion. SO they didn’t really hold back except for minute details. They did a release after she was hospitalized again with the clot. Not sure what else they could say.

  74. Hell no, socal, just a tuxie alley cat.

  75. I had a hematoma between the brain and skull a few years ago. I took a header down concrete stairs.

  76. Oh you mean the post pic? No, he’s a grey mackeral tabby.

  77. Upps I meant the pic at the top of your post, not the header.

  78. I had a concussion when I was a kid. My brother let me play ball and they said I could “catch”. I got hit with the bat. Seriously, I swear you can feel the crack down the front of my head. Splains alot, hey?

  79. He’s pretty.

  80. ” SO they didn’t really hold back except for minute details.”
    It all come down to the details; those pesky details are the difference between going home from the hospital in a car or a box.

    Did she black out from the fall ? and the minor detail that she did have a head scan. What was her medial follow up at home, etc. etc. I suspect that your guess is correct, she developed a headache and they scanned her again.

  81. OK I see, SHV.

  82. I guess they protected her in a sense that I’m sure a person in her position didn’t want them telling everybody she was puking her guts out and crapping her brains out, though.

  83. Yeah he has brown ticking, socal.

    Maine Coon = lotsa long hair, bushy tail. Large cat. Large.

  84. A very Happy New Year to all!

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