For all your hard work and stress in 2012, you deserve a reward

Here is your basket of puppies.



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  1. Kitty Pile-Up!

  2. hmmmmmmmm I wonder if your ‘html’ code would work.


  3. YUP it works. You can use your ‘html’ or ‘html thumb’ codes and show the pic in a comment. However, if you use the full one instead of the thumb, the pic can’t be too large or it will just show a piece of it. I used the html thumb code to be safe. If you click on the pic the large one is displayed.

  4. Great! Thanks! Now that I know how I may be in danger of posting too many, but I’ll try to restrain myself. 🙂

  5. That would be wise, monkey. Moderator Kitty Bill doesn’t like to see too many cat pics unless they are of his own perfect self.

  6. The house of Reps is voting now… watching cspan.

  7. Nice of you to bite the bullet and watch those sleazeballs for us.

  8. Cute puppies! They look a lot like Bill….hmmmm….naww…couldn’t be…..but then again, it’s MKBill…hmmm……

  9. No problem… It has quite a few Repub.s voting Yea.

  10. Basket of puppies and chair full of kittehs – adorable.

    I just watched a Jon Stewart clip from 2007 where he owns John Bolton. It makes me feel so much better about that pig attacking Hillary the way he did. He is an utter ass and after looking through the skeltons in his closet it is clear he had Romney’s ear as well as Bush’s. This made me lol:

    More on Bolton the dolt:

  11. Oh geeze it’s a vote to take up the Res to vote on it. 👿

  12. Okay, they’ve agreed to take up the bill as is and now they will debate again for a couple of hours and then vote again. Sigh… off to have dinner.

  13. goofsmom, do we have to bend over now or in the morning when the stock market opens and our retirement funds disappear again?

    I think it is wonderful that the Tea Party powers expire on Thursday. This just might be the last time they hold us hostage while they do absolutely nothing to help the situation. Destroying the country so they can make it better is what they said they will do and they’ve proven again and again they really do believe that raising taxes for everybody is better than raising taxes for just the rich and they say this as the other hand is claiming they believe we are Taxed Enough Already. They are freaking bonkers and are every bit as contrary and disruptive as the Occupy movement – they just do it after bathing and they do it while waving a flag and thumping a microphone to tell you what to do with your uterus. Michele Bachmann and her gay cure clinic husband can go right off the fiscal cliff for all I care and they can take the whole right wing nutjob party with them.

  14. Dittos Karen. I can’t stand watching the debate part because they all just posture and waste time.

  15. yea they are only going to debate for 1 hour.

  16. Eddie Munster is not going to reveal his opinion on the looming crisis. He is holding his cards close to his chest and is watching the other players carefully. He has those feet stuck firmly in political mud and doesn’t want to piss off the right or the moderates who are willing to compromise to save us from another recession. But he says “give me a break” when called out on his reluctance to commit after his two main 2016 rivals voted NO. Uh oh, he is going to piss off his far right home boys if he says yes.

  17. Adorable puppies!

  18. I’m watching the congress critters on the internet while I run around doing chores. A few of them are making sense for a change. It isn’t even painful to watch them. Issa was the worst and most cringeworthy so far. Hoyer and Pelosi were better than I’ve seen them in a while.

  19. The for real vote has started.

  20. Happy New Year, Uppity and Bill and Uppityites!

    I’m trying very hard to forget that the next four years still hasn’t even started yet….

  21. voting now. 180 votes so far and it looks like it will pass with a wide margin – 2 to 1 or so, not as wide as it had in the senate but enough to show some version of compromise.

  22. HUGS LORAC and smothers her with xxxxooooooo. HI!

  23. 122 to 72 now. It will pass.

    *puts vaseline back on the shelf*

  24. {{{LORAC}}} THOSE AREN’T HUGS! THEY’RE BRACKETS TO KEEP YOU HERE!!! Happy New Year lorac!!!!

  25. Orders a vegetarian, gluten free pizza with extra tofu to be delivered ASAP, and pops open a bottle of champagne stolen from some pengys.

  26. You just made Uppity a very happy woman. She misses you for some reason… nobody can trash the joint like you can. I even put up with your, ugh, disco, FCS.

    159 to 105

  27. It passed the house. Whew!

  28. Hey ((((Lorac))))

  29. There are so many add-on turds to this bill that they had to pass a sewers worth. They are porky pigs, the lot of them. They do that, it is their routine for as long as I can remember. We got 153 pages of pork added on to a highly flawed bill. No reason to celebrate it but at least, it is a step up from not passing it. Either way, we are screwed later on. They still have sequestration – and they changed our nuclear policy in this bill FCS. Bad enough all the pork – do they have to cram crap onto every shingle they put out there? Bastards, the whole lot. Fire ’em all for holding us hostage.

  30. {{{{{Lorac}}}}}

  31. I agree whole heartedly Karen. They couldn’t help us with out getting their pork in return.

  32. Love the puppies and kittehs!

  33. Oh gosh, you guys brought tears to my eyes! And you even remembered all my quirks favorite things! 🙂

  34. Lorac! It is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good to see you! I have thought of you EVERY SINGLE DAY and glad you are well! Happy New Year and don’t waste four more years on these clowns, they aren’t worth it.

  35. Oh and by the way Lorac, I received my 2012 report from word press and it seems that your Munsters post got the most hits all year. In fact, it still gets hits.

    These are the posts that got the most views in 2012. You can see all of the year’s most-viewed posts in your Site Stats.

    1 Remember Marilyn from “The Munsters”? 112 comments July 2012

  36. The roll call.

    *does the lorac is home happy dance*

  37. Happy new year. Maxwell the pig is back in Geico commercials and this time he’s on a plane, which would bode well for Hal, since Uppity once told him she’d date me “when pigs fly!” Fear not, milady, this guy aint getting on a plane. Maxwell might make a better date I fail as a lurker, too= sending UW that smoking dog item she had posted months ago, crashing her computer and getting a ton of demerits, which I hate more that lima beans. Damn. Sorry Upps. The commercial=

  38. xxoo UW I missed you too

    But I know you just have this thing for people of the Lesbanese persuasion lol

  39. Yeah I am a Lebanese magnet.

  40. Hal you KNOW you love my email demerits!

  41. Lorac’s here. Happy Dance Happy Dance!

  42. I’m very worried about Hillary. I was looking around the last couple of days, and most “Hillary blogs” seem to have a lot of “former Hillary supporters” who are now haters. I knew it would be safe here.

  43. Yeah I know about the ‘Ex Hillary supporters’. I just stay away. Some of them are people I never believed supported her to begin with though. Shrug. I am worried about her too, we talked about that here awhile back. I have thought she hasn’t looked well for awhile. I think the job aged her too. I mean, she was the only adult in that administration, and that had to be rough.

  44. Yes lorac this is the place for Hillary supporters!!!

  45. The very thought that Horseface is going to take her place at a time like this frightens the crap out of me. He could fuck things up in a NY minute with his Limousine Liberal attitude.

  46. shucks. You’re a good bunch.

  47. You are so right Uppity. Hillary has worked herself ragged! All the while the POTUS slacked along. As a matter of fact, Marine 1 just picked up the POTUS so he can return to Hawaii! I don’t know why he even came back to DC, it was Joe Biden who actually worked on the deal. And now, poor, poor Bawack has to west….west and wewaxation for poor lil’ bawack.

  48. Yeah we are a good bunch, but you left a hole. Seriously. We FELT you gone.

  49. Chuckle, oh yes, you pass me so many demerits my cup runneth over. Jeez, both Fredster’s LSU Tigers and my UW Badgers got field goaled to death. I’m never watching bowl games again….until tomorrow…

  50. I hope MKBill doesn’t mind if I post this one pic to see if it works. I had to show you how right you were that Tigger looks like a big ol Bengal cat. He’s my best bud, even when he comes and lays on my face in the morning after sleeping in the bunny’s litter box.

  51. Hal are you like Al Bundy when you watch those games?

  52. I’m very touched, UW.

  53. It’s true imust. Everytime his shit hit the fan he sent the big gun in and that was Hillary. While he golfed.

  54. I read where she clocked a MILLION miles in the air. Cripes. I’d be dead.

  55. I’m ashamed to admit it, but I can’t remember what that post was about lol

  56. If you left cspan on, you’ll see that they are NOT voting on Sandy relief in this congress. Northeast Reps are practically begging Congress to do this.

  57. Yeah the munsters post. Who knew? The thing is, I get hits to it all the time, still.

    The most popular post was Egyptian Women – Then and Now.

    Not sure what the diff is between popular and most read. I think it’s because so many people LINKED to it and still do.

  58. imust, thanks for the lorax poster and the disco!
    karen, thanks for the veggie food and the KISSES!
    goofs and sophie, thanks for the hugs!
    UW, thanks for the snoopy dance!

  59. Nope they are giving a big Ef You to the people who lost everything in Sandy. I have no idea what makes these people tick. They included a tax break for Goldman again and Disney, and told the Sandy people to eat it. What are these people thinking?

  60. You’re very welcome lorac! Thank you for all your great posts and comments!

  61. That’s strange. I added the thumbnail html. *sigh*

    I was freaked out with worry about Hillary myself. Last year there was a young man washing windows next door and he fell on the concrete and got a concussion. He must have screamed for 15 minutes lying there before the ambulance arrived, but to my shock he got up and walked to the ambulance. Once he got to the ER he begged for them to let him go. Said he was fine. They kept him. He still died from a blood clot to the brain. Goes to show you can’t take someone’s word for it that they’re fine.

  62. I thought the Lily Relay would get the most play in 2012.

    2 “Empowering women” through Pole Dancing. 37 comments April 2010
    3 Food Pyramid News: Listeria monocytogenes. It’s what’s for dinner! 89 comments August 2010
    4 The 2010 Darwin Award Nominees 11 comments January 2011
    5 Cockroach of The Week Award goes to: Scumball, Lawrence Clement 31 comments March 2012

    I think the Listeria and Poll Dancing are in there because people do a search for them all the time and of course, the blog pops up on the search, so they get hits.

    Likewise, people search for ‘Munsters’ and Darwin.

  63. monkey that is very true when someone hits their head. They say they are fine and they feel fine, and then hours later they bleed inside their head. People should NEVER take a hit to the head lightly.

  64. Damn.
    Okay gang you have GOT to see this cat

    Monkey if your litter doesn’t have bengal in it, I’ll eat my shoe. I’ll load him into my files and post him here so people don’t miss this cat.

  65. I just looked at that old post – I think it’s people searching for “big breasts” and somehow they get that post…..

  66. Well, at least POTUS gets to go back on his vacation now. Wheels up a little after midnight.


    Also, his $400k salary is safe from a tax hike.

  67. Hahah big breasts, you’re probably right. I see all kinds of search terms that boggle my mind.

  68. wow, youtube has a lot of complete movies…

  69. oh shoot I didn’t mean for it post the movie – but if you go to youtube where that movie is, on the right there’s a huge list of lots of full movies

  70. Yes they have TONS of great movies, lorac. I look for them all the time.

    Cat lovers, you see Bengal here or what?


    there, take out the Xs and you can see lots of free full length movies on youtube

  72. You can put em up lorac. People might be interested. If not they won’t click. I’m always looking there for movies too.

  73. Wow, lotsa movies!

  74. What? You’re encouraging me to trash the place in the late hours? Moi?

  75. Remember the time I responded to something here, but accidentally posted it on another blog?

    …… I guess I haven’t changed much…..

    crayfisher/myiq blog now will think I’m nuts….

  76. “Cat lovers, you see Bengal here or what?”
    Looks like my ex-cat; same markings, same size. He was a great cat but mean as a snake; would attack anyone not family. Came from a distinguished line of barn cats.;

  77. You must be right, Uppity. I was just looking up Bengals and he is in fact very sociable, and extremely athletic. He can jump as high as my chin to catch a toy and will do twists and turns in the air. Quite the acrobat. He’s also been by far the most demanding of my attention. He gets bored no matter how many toys and tunnels and cat trees.

    I read Bengals can like to play in water. I had to laugh. Whenever I’d go into The Kitten Room to feed them the water would have kitty litter in it. And it didn’t matter how far from the litter box I’d place it, it always managed to contain lots of kitty litter. Finally, I caught one of them splashing their paws around in the bowl. Ha.

    Thanks, imust. His mom is a tiny black cat so it appears about the only characteristic he got from her is green eyes, but she’s incredibly good-natured as well.

  78. heh, SHV, unfortunately, and sometimes fortunately, cat personality is hereditary. Must have had one mean mama or papa in that barn. Feral line. You should have considered him a watch cat and you didn’t even have to walk him!

  79. Be true to yourself, do what you always think is best and never give a crap what other people think, and you will always sleep well.

    So you posted there instead of here? ROFL. I won’t even ask what it was.

  80. LOL since when did you ever need encouragement to trash my blog in the middle of the night?

  81. “considered him a watch cat and you didn’t even have to walk him!”
    A couple of times, police responded to home alarm and when they came in to check the house, the cat cornered them on the stairs. He would also do the rub on the leg, purr, “I’m a cute kitty” ploy and then draw blood when the sucker reached down to pet the “cute cat”. What a great feline!!!

  82. hahaha the cat who changed my mind about cats attacked a guy once and I loved it. The guy put replacement windows in my house and the seals broke in the first week. I kept calling him and he never responded. Since I was a BBB arbitration judge, one call and they hounded his ass. He came over and we were in my bedroom looking at the windows and he was so pissed he stuck his finger under my nose and told me to never dare report him again. My cat was sitting on a table and flew into the air and lunged at him. He needed a change of shorts, SHV I swear. He replaced that window in record time and was very quiet while doing it, one eye on my cat all the time. I loved that cat.

  83. Ghandi 1982

  84. SHV, this was my attack cat. See the paws? 7 toes.

  85. My Fair Lady

  86. Lorac, I see they have MISERY too.

  87. Oliver! 1968

  88. Before I discovered my Lebanese roots, my 8 year old self was certain that Mark Lester (plays little Oliver) and I were meant to be married one day!

  89. It’s true he was a cutie.

  90. Misery with Kathy Bates? Oooh, that’s a good one.

  91. I captured that one. Gonna watch it again.

    I wonder what little Oliver looks like now?

  92. “Ewwwwwww here he is.”
    I don’t have a clue who that person is but I do like the four screw door hinges!!

  93. Oh my, Mark Lester didn’t age well did he? The hinges are definitely better to look at….what a disappointment! I actually liked the guy from HR Puff n Stuff, he was also in Oliver I think….I’ll look it up!

  94. Yes very handsome hinges by comparison.

    SHV, that guy was Oliver in the movie. Goes to show ya, a cute kid can really go to hell as an adult.

  95. Did you see the photo of my attack cat, SHV?

  96. Jack Wild! I looked him up. He died of cancer. I’m afraid Jack Wild didn’t get cute as he got older either. Maybe it was because he was ill and an alcoholic??

  97. lol, lorac, that was a freudian slip you posting at the wrong blog. lol.

    paging dr. lorac…

  98. imust, you and lorac have lousy taste in men. No wonder…

    Great cat pics. And hinges. It is so important to pay attention to detail.

  99. “Did you see the photo of my attack cat, SHV?”
    Looks like a real sweetie!!! BTW, thanks for the recommendation, Al loves the 19 that she got for X-Mass.

  100. Hey! He was a boy when I crushed on him not a man!

  101. ” It is so important to pay attention to detail.”
    The details….the difference between a car and a box.

  102. Ah, I knew she would, SHV.

  103. Well as a minimum, imust and lorac don’t do much long-range thinking. LOLOL.

  104. I must have been caught in the infamous spam because I know I posted that Upps is really onto something with that Bengal comment. I never seriously considered it before but the more I look into it the righter it sounds. It also would explain why they were so *exhausting*. I was up every night for hours playing with them and then might get a few hours sleep before they were literally bouncing off the walls of the room next door. The kittens I had before were never such livewires.

    It was time to move them out of The KItten Room the day they knocked the flat screen tv off the table using it to climb to the top of the bookshelf. They’d been doing that for months, but finally got too big.

    I have watched Misery more times than I can count. It’s my favorite Stephen King movie. The first time I watched it I thought Kathy Bates was a little too unintentionally humorous. But I guess I actually like that about it now.

  105. SHV that cat LOVED teh camera.

    If I laughed at him, he would whack me in the head with one of those clobbering paws. He also loved water. I don’t mean, like, I mean loved. Would get in the shower with you. As is often the case with orange cats, he was a major clown. He was the cat who learned to open the bathroom faucet to drink from it. Unfortunately it was left on all day many times. The water bill was proof of his habit. He was also known for carrying bras and panties downstairs to the living room when there was company. I think you get the picture of this cat now. He was so big, I once brought him to the vet and sat him on a chair in the crowded waiting room, when a couple I knew from work to be major A Holes showed up with a miniature pincher. There was nowhere to sit so they zeroed in on Bomart. They asked me if that was my cat and I said yes, you can remove him if you want to sit down. lol. Then she said, he’s very big what does he eat? I said he eats Miniature Pinchers.

  106. Lorac !!!! Great to see you back here. I missed ya too don’t ya know. Ah darn the puppies are cuties. But then so are my old guys. Well Karen glad you could stomach watching congress me I had to go to work so I can afford what ever it is they will stuff down my throat tomorrow.
    Again gang Happy new year. I sure hope it is not a repeat of 12 or worse.

  107. Yup I just fished you out, Monkey, had no idea you were there. It does sound like he has some characteristics that go with what I would say, are very strong indicators that there could be some generation of bengal in that litter’s blood. He’s long isn’t he? Another flag.

  108. Waving to Utah. xo.

    Gang I am heading for bed. Clean up after yourselves, you hear?

  109. LORAC!!!! We missed you! What a happy surprise! xxoo from me & laker!

  110. Waving back at Uppity and saying good night. Heading to dreamland myself. See you all in the AM.

  111. Boy, Uppity. Your cat was some character. They come to take after their owners a bit, eh?

    Yes. Tigger is looong. And he likes to stretch out across both arms of the chair to show it off. He also loves my monkey pants. Just had to throw that in to explain my username, LOL.

  112. Yay! Lorac was here! It’s a Happy New Year!

  113. Okay Monkeypants, I figured out why you keep landing in spam. It’s AOL. AOL changes IP addresses everytime you log off and back on. WordPress does a check when you login and it doesn’t recognize your new IP address, so to ensure nobody is impersonating you, they put you in spam because this is a moderated blog, where a person’s first comment lands in moderation, once you are approved the system recognizes you by your name and IP. But AOL does not give you that constant IP address. This is not a problem so long as you know you might land in spam more often than you would like. But we will always fish you out, sometimes fast and sometimes I won’t see it very quickly if I am not here. If you want to avoid this and you have a broadband connection, it would be best not to login from AOL and to login from your broadband connection using Firefox or IE. That way your IP is stable. If not, then know we will fish you out of spam when you land there.

  114. Boy, Uppity. Your cat was some character. They come to take after their owners a bit, eh?

    Heh Heh.

  115. And yesterday’s winning search phrases in my stats are:

    “daruma cornholio”
    (No kidding. I didn’t make that up)

    “stay away from emasculating women”
    (translation: Don’t hook up with a woman who doesn’t offer you voluntary servitude)

  116. Lorac !!!! Great to see you back here. We sure missed you!! 🙂

  117. You mean Bil and Bernadine, right? His co-psycho spouse is Bernadine Dohrn.

  118. Oops sorry Bernardine, that’s it.

  119. My money is on Greta. Tina Brown is a sleaze. She took so many shots at Hillary in the past that it’s a wonder Hillary isn’t a strawberry barrel. Don’t even get me started. I took the beast off my read list because of that shit.

  120. Tina needs some push back. She doesn’t sound like she’s going to correct her lie mistake.

  121. I just went to the DB site and read (skimmed really) Tina’s latest piece. She talks about how Hillary is our rock, or “ship of state” as she calls her. Wow Tina, ya think?

  122. Well, I disagree. Greta had a whole bunch of Hillary haters on for weeks and nodded in silence as they said horrible lies about her and the benghazi horror. Then, after the GOP got out of control bat-shit insane daily lunatic CDS ranting, she finally said she believed Hillary was ill. But that was a long time coming.

    Greta is also saying Tina said Greta was on O’Reilly and Greta is ranting that she wasn’t on O’Reilly. Greta is wrong about that. Tina wrote that O’Reilly chimed in – in the Attack Hillary War – not chimed in directly to Greta. Greta took it out of context.

    This is all Tina wrote: (not happy defending Tina, and clearly she misstated the direct quote, but Greta layed down with Liz Cheney, Fox News, Hannity and Bolton and other dogs and woke up with fleas)

    Greta Van Susteren joked that this appeared to be an “immaculate concussion.”

    (Second and seperate sentence)

    Bill O’Reilly chimed in, saying he thought Clinton could at least make a phone call.

    For Greta to claim Tina said she was on O’Reilly’s show is a lie.

    That said, they are both evil partisan idiots. Fox News and Brown and her ilk can both go shit in a hat and wear it.

  123. imust, it says something in the article on the Weathermen wanna-be duo about them having extreme philosophy, so maybe they are politically motivated. Ayers was SDS then spun off to a radical extreme and the other part of the group, the Todd Gitlan part, remained peaceful and in the vein of MLK. These two are heroin addicts, so it might just be paranoid delusional arming themselves against zombies or who the hell knows what. Enough to blow up a manhattan bldg sure does ring the Weathermen bells though!

  124. Tina Brown corrected the piece. It was Laura Ingram who made the immaculate concussion remark.

  125. Funny how teh Obama crazies aren’t complaining that Starbucks is getting a Fiscal Cliff tax break though. That’s okay cause they love starbucks. Like it’s okay that Microsoft and Apple use slave labor in China, it’s not a problem. Walmart Bad, Apple Good! Bunch of little hypocrites in training.

  126. Brown was very wise to do so. And not on page 14. Brown and Newsweek, a match made in heaven.

    I would expect slime like that from Ingram.

  127. I understand that Karen, but the truth is, she never said it. She works for FOX, just like Hillary works for Obama.

  128. The article in the beast was written by Lauren Ashburn. I looked at her past pieces and they are pretty much non-explosive since she was previously a USA Today person. She wrote some pro-wimmenz pieces and seems to be a bit of a moderate feminist.

    I made a mistake. Laura’s last name is spelled Ingraham or something like that. it has an H in it. Now there is an obnoxious piece of work…

  129. Nobody at that shitty network treated Hillary better than Greta in 2008 and the piece she did following her around was awesome. I think I have it posted here somewhere.

  130. Greta is a better journalist than the actual journalists. She interviews people like a lawyer, without inserting her opinion for the most part. She asks tough questions and then follows up her questions and rarely interrupts.

  131. I just gotta post the article that made me unregister from Daily Beast. I am going to go find it.

  132. Upps, so many idiots, so little to say that is worth saying. I am glad some folks in the media are sticking it to those lunatic right assholes from hell for attacking Hillary and for making a whole new generation of young idiots who listen to Fox and hate Hillary. They should get a GOP card punched everytime they go on web-sites and just like the obama bots of 08 attack Hillary with lies.

    They are so afraid she will run in 2016 and beat their asshole candidates even if she never leaves her house, that they must pre-emptively accuse her of being the she-devil, murderer, alinskyite, bottom feeder, incometent, obama ass-kisser, etc. that has no basis in truth. They are scared of her. She is better than the lot of them. She must be destroyed. We know this. We’ve seen it all this time – day after day – year after year – and the one thing they all have in common is their anti-Hillary remarks all come back to haunt them later on.

    Karl Rove, Dick Morris? Are they finally gone for good? I hope they take the other extreme bullshitters with them to the land of the exiled Fox contributors who lie and twist the reputations of good people.

  133. Here it is. Check this trash out, and check out the infant who wrote it. I wanted to find a way to have her thrown into that shithole Afghanistan wearing spiked heels and walking on rocks, the little shit. One would almost have to imagine they are reading a high school quarterly newspaper to grasp her.

  134. Dick Morris is an attention whore and he got his, the toe sucking ingrate. If it weren’t for the Clintons he and Donna Brazille would have been selling shoes at Payless.

    Rove lost all his credibility among the Million Dollar Contributor Club. I hope he tanks and has to move into a 1000 square foot home in the near future.

    Karen, Greta is noted for letting people rant themselves into stupidity and then chiming in after they have turned themselves into embarrassing ash.

  135. oh, Upps, I know Greta did great pieces on Hillary and was very fair to her and even seemed to admire her. I thought at the time that Greta was going to vote for Hillary. Greta also did pieces on S**** P**** that were fair and honest and didn’t treat her as a bimbo idiot. Greta is not a wimmenz ladder kicker and she supports them. That said, she pissed me off the last few months because she was accusing Hillary of being in hiding and she was doing it in her own subtle way and she did it by discussing it and not disagreeing (at first, not till weeks went by) that it was over the top. Her Greta-wire board has changed from 08 too. There are far more extreme comments, right wing CDS people, than ever. There were some in 08, it is after all Fox, but they are now way too insane to allow Pro-Hillary comments to appear without ganging up with CDS responses. This 2012 election, once again, brought out a lot of ugly non-sense and viscious lies. Glad it is over. Soon, hopefully, we can get back to normal angst and distrust!

  136. Oh UPPITY, that article is cringe-worthy and stomach churning. ICK.

    “I know it’s considered chauvinistic to focus on what powerful women are wearing instead of what they’re saying, but we live in a visual culture, so get over it. ”

    Get over it? Now where did I hear that before… oh, clearly, this woman is a prime obot. Her remarks that Hillary is no avant garde Michelle when it comes to fashion is laughable. As if!!! Thank GOD for that!

    Give me her pantsuits and her hair any way she wants it and her dowdy pumps and if she comes back to work in an old pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt with paint on it and a pair of stinky sneakers it is okay with me too. Hillary is more than an – EMPTY SUIT.

    And I’ve seen Hillary in Oscar de la Renta, and she rocks it with style.

    This Betts person is a fashion columnist, so it is her job to comment on pink shirts and boob belts. What the hell do we need her for these days? We are beyond that, woman.

    This link might work to her archive:

  137. Karen I never look at her board. It was always full of the rightest of right wing crackpots. It’s Fox. Hillary bashing is SOP over there, in fact anybody with a D after their name could solve world hunger and still get bashed at Fox. It’s just a very partisan place, a choir to preach at. Like MSNBC, same crap, different crackpots. lol.

    I haven’t watched Greta in a long time so I really can’t comment on what you saw except you saw it and i believe you. I just also know she tends to let people yap and make fools of themselves. She’s a lawyer. She wants them to stick their own necks in their own noose. Wish I had seen it so I could comment, but see, that’s what you get for watching Fox.

  138. NY and NJ tell Boner they got the answer “right here” as they grab their crotches in unison and say bada-bing-badda-boom. Longer than Ike, Katrina, Andrew and Gustav. They are PISSED. The country wants NY/NJ tax dollars, right? But help is slow to aid those people. Somebody is going to get a dead fish in newspaper any day now.–election.html

  139. Yes! Tax breaks for Starbucks and Fuck people who lost everything in Sandy. If that were in the south, you can bet all those big R boys would be howling for aid money, which they would promptly spend anywhere except on the people who were harmed.

  140. Ironically the crankiest people in Congress come from states that get the MOST money in REAL Entitlements. And most of the money comes from those big horrible blue states they despise. Now when those states need the help they tell them to go Eff themselves. Every senator and house member from a blue state should vote NO to sending them any money and see how well they do then. Some of these dirt poor states would be dead meat without aid money from taxes paid mostly by those rich large-population “slicker” states. Their own states give their poor nothing but spit and then get the gravy from the Fed.

  141. I haven’t had TV cable in years. I do not watch FOX or any other show except now and then on breaktime at work if I have to be in the lunch room with it on, etc. I watch clips on youtube now and then when I look for specific things mentioned in articles. I read what her guests were saying in Media Matters when they had a very long list of Greta show offenders so went to see the clips of Liz (spit) and the rest of her horrific guests. She nodded. Simple body language agreement but agreement nevertheless. She was complicit in her silence over and over. In 08 she surely sang a different too. Et tu Greta? YEP, Hillary has more knives in her than Julius did.

    And the worst of them, I agree with you, are the ones who support her and say… I still support Hillary even though she isn’t worthy and is a sell out and has been in hiding and I wish she’d do the right thing, and obama has control… and all kinds of other bullshit. Makes me nuts!

    I love and support Hillary and what she is doing and what she has always done is the damn level best she could do in given circumstances. She runs rings around all the others and has long ago earned the benefit of the doubt. Those Hill fans who nip at her are worse than the Cheney’s – they at least are honest in their contempt and deep seated hatred and fear. The Hill fans pretend to like her but give her a thousand paper cut death.

    Sorry I am so active today! I slept 11 hours and woke up and had a pot of coffee. Time to take a break from this machine. LOL.

    Still psyched that lorac is back. 🙂

  142. Starbucks should get tax breaks! They practically brokered the deal for the fiasco cliff…..all those baristas writing “come together” on those coffee cups! Why, why they all deserve a month long vacation in Hawaii, tax payer funded of course, for their hard work!! Hey, it works for the POTUS.

  143. America’s poorest states
    10 Oklahoma
    9 South Carolina
    8 New Mexico
    7 Louisiana
    6 Tennessee
    5 Alabama
    4. Kentucky
    3 Arkansas
    2. West Virginia
    1 Mississippi

  144. America’s richest states, population paying more federal tax dollars, ya think?

    10 California
    9 Delaware
    8 Hawaii
    7 Virginia
    6 New Hampshire
    5 Massachusetts
    4 Connecticut
    3 New jersey
    2. Alaska
    1 Maryland

  145. What a coinky dink!! Some of the richest states are the closest to Washington DC!!

  146. Karen, honey, Media Matters is not a place I go to get an objective story. They are REALLLLLLLY FAR LEFT. It would be like going to Breitbart to get objective information. I’ll bet if you saw the whole shows vs what they showed you, you might not feel so bad. Really. Media Matters loves to play only those parts that suit.

  147. Uppity Woman, on January 2, 2013 at 3:29 PM said:

    Gee, I don’t see New Yawk on that list.

  148. No, imust. The richest states are closest to NY!

  149. Fredster, because the vast majority of NY is outside of NYC and the richest NYers live on CTs Gold Coast.

  150. richest NYers live on CTs Gold Coast.

    Then how are they New Yawkers?

  151. They are from NY and/or work in NY, and live in CT. They are NY-identified.

  152. Ah Soph…I was just teasin’ with ya! 😉

  153. Good. Because if you still didn’t get it I was going to make an example using the T of LGBT!

  154. Sec. Clinton has left the hospital! **Warning: Don’t read the comment section unless you want to get angry.

  155. Uppity, don’t be so quick to be bad-mouthing the southern folk for anything that had to do with Sandy relief. First of all, it got hung up in the House and not the Senate. And it was Boehner who pulled the bill.

  156. Good. Because if you still didn’t get it I was going to make an example using the T of LGBT!

    You would have lost me on the analogy there. 😆

  157. What has happened to journalism????

    Over thirty minutes, NBC news reported on Twitter that Hillary Clinton had left the hospital:

    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has left NY Presbyterian Hospital. She was admitted Sunday for treatment of a blood clot in her head.

    — NBC News (@NBCNews) January 2, 2013

    Twenty minutes later, NBC offered only this sorry retraction:

    UPDATE: Early reports mistakenly saying Hillary Clinton was released from hospital have been confirmed to be untrue.

    — NBC News (@NBCNews) January 2, 2013

  158. Hey Fredster I ain’t badmouthing the southern folk, I’m badmouthing their ‘leadership’.

  159. New York isn’t on that list for another very good reason. Over the past decade and a half, there has been a major mass exodus of businesses and people who need jobs. NY is VERY unbusiness friendly in the most horrific ways. It’s not just about labor and the taxes at both the state, county and city levels (while the tax base goes down as people flee), it’s about the utility companies owning the Consumer Protection Agency in a revolving employment door fashion, such that the cost of heating your home is outrageous, the cost of electicity is ridiculous and even the cost of water has skyrocketed (mostly taxes). Governments at all levels are perpetually trolling for things to tax, as are school districts that find obscure laws from the 1940s and tax things like cell phones. This is all in addition to double-digit property tax increases in many places yearly, both at county, city, town and school levels. Business now just drive right by NY. Having won the award as the most dysfunctional state government in the nation something like 15 years running, you might get the picture that pretty much nobody is coming to NY. While populations in many counties have been drastically reduced, these counties keep the same number of legislators, staff and public employees. Rarely is there a layoff or a downsizing of any kind.

    I had an interactive chart at one time showing states where people are leaving and where they are going, and NY was all Exits and no Entrances. No kidding. And yes, some rich New Yorkers also live in other neighboring states. That’s their right. If I were that rich I would prefer CT too. Some of the really rich make residences in states where there are no state taxes. WHen it comes to your wallet, NY has VERY little to offer except to participate in the Emptying of Said Wallet. NY City thrives but it is at the expense of the rest of NY, which seems to be circling the drain.

  160. imust, the word “journalism’ is a misnomer now. Our media is lazy and dumb. Nobody wants to get off their asses to get any facts, they just rip the AP news off the screen and juggle it. If it’s inaccurate, ……Eh! Lazy dumb bastards with good faces and some of them don’t even have that.

  161. No, imust. The richest states are closest to NY!


  162. Maryland is a good example of benefit from DC. It’s in many cases a bedroom community for people who work in DC. They are idenitified with DC.

  163. Hey Fredster I ain’t badmouthing the southern folk, I’m badmouthing their ‘leadership’.

    Yeah, but the leadership in the House is from Ohio. Cantor was ready to bring the bill to the floor (moi saying something nice about lil Eric?) and Boehner pulled it.

    if you are talking about “leadership” in individual states, well screw ’em. They pulled that shit on us post-Katrina. There was one jerk from Utah that said no rebuilding in a flood zone, etc. Turns out his district in Utah was on a fault line so a legislator asked if we should preclude any rebuilding in that area of Utah if there was an earthquake. 😆

    New York, New Jersey and CT got hit by something they’ve never dealt with before and deserve all the Fed support they are eligible for. And as I’ve said before, it will not be a quick fix. Hell, in my parish, we just got a grant for redoing part of the sewer system. Water is heavy and it tore the hell out of the pipes and stuff underground.

  164. Upps said:

    Maryland is a good example of benefit from DC. It’s in many cases a bedroom community for people who work in DC. They are idenitified with DC.

    Yeah, that’s all of those S.E.S. folks making the 6 figures who live out there.

  165. Yes of course I’m talking about “state by state” leadership, Fredster. Every one of them vote (Congress). When they want aid they scream like stuck pigs. And the states they hate vote Yes for them, because of the people not because of them. And then, of course they disseminate the money to their goombahs. Look at the waste your own poor state endured over Katrina. Most of the people in real need saw nothing, but the big boys whose awnings and porches got scratched got rebuilt. You know the reputation LA has for money in the hands of its politicians. Anyways, yes I mean each and every one of them who refuses to give help to New Jersey, NY and CT. If those three states ever withheld their federal tax money, those same ‘leaders’ would be scratching looking for all those entitlements for the poor THEY help to create. They should be ashamed of themselves. But then if you look at the list of the poor states, you know why. Because their politicans never help them. Look at your governor for starters. I know how you feel about him so sorry if you just ate. lol.

  166. “Karen, honey, Media Matters is not a place I go to get an objective story. They are REALLLLLLLY FAR LEFT. It would be like going to Breitbart to get objective information. ”
    Basically most/all sources of information for the general public, MSM, internet, etc. are agenda driven rather than “fact/truth” driven. The same trend can also be seen in more “hard” information sources, ie. science, finance, etc. The story, opinion piece, etc. is constructed beginning with the conclusion/agenda and then worked back to support the bias. I suspect that this has always been true but with media consolidation and MSM acting as organs for the govt in power, trying to get a hint of what is reality is becoming almost impossible.

    That said, with a little research into more primary sources, it pretty easy to show that much that is put out as news/fact is bullshit.

  167. Then there’s just pragmatics. It’s incredibly expensive to live in NYC, so people live in neighboring states and commute. For example, Jon Stewart is a NYer and lives in NJ. The commute to NYC is actually much easier from NJ and CT than it is from any other NY county besides Westchester or Putnam.

  168. That said, with a little research into more primary sources, it pretty easy to show that much that is put out as news/fact is bullshit.

    Sadly, this is true.

  169. Both FoX and MSNBC have been caught doctoring and editing videos and photos. Nobody is held accountable. There should be prison for people who knowingly do this.

  170. RIP Patti Page

  171. Aw Patti Page was beloved.

  172. New law in Kansas: 4 cat per household limit!!

  173. I almost hate to mention the b/w grainy photo of that zimmerman guy used by the media. The original was in color and his face is bloodied, and his nose is broken. Lotsa red. Somebody did that on purpose. I’m not saying it does or doesn’t change a thing, but somebody did that on purpose and why did they do that? Why can’t they report actuals instead of creating the story?

  174. Go to McClean VA and you find DC people too.

  175. Oh man, Kansas. lol. And their point is?

    And what about people who work with rescue orgs and foster? A holes. Spice kittens would be against the law in Kansas. All righty then.

  176. Considering the abject poverty in Kansas, they might better limit number of kids per household. lol.

    I think that law can be challenged.

  177. Uppity, one look at On the Record’s long list of lunatic guests with a far right and way slanted political agenda will tell you how Greta has changed. She’s had nothing but the biggest trash talkers in her party on for months now. All the biggest goons get to voice their opinions immediately following the exact same discussions – coincidentally my ass – that they did on Hannity and it is followed up on their late night shows and of course before Hannity there are the early shows – and they all cover the exact same agenda and they do it for days on end, weeks on end till their viewers are chanting along with them and craving their Hillary bashing and perpetuating it on the boards.

    Those Hillary comments we see resurging every where are Greta viewers, they are Hannity viewers, they are Factor and Caputo viewers. They didn’t come across this on their own. They learned it from their so-called “fair and balanced” news sources, including from the buffoons who have Greta’s ear and her microphone nightly.

    Media Matters points it out and I go see if it is true. Of course that is just one of many places I go to find out what is going on. It is clear as day that Greta has Rove, Rudy, Liz, Palin, Morris, Bolton and every other blow hard. And Huckabee FCS. He is going to support Santorum as the best thing since sliced bread. I am a little too far left to put up with the batshit crazy rightwing lunatics who are out in full force these days. They are doubling down on stupid and I can’t wait till they are gone. ICK and ICK. Blue and Red teams both suck all the air out of the room. MSNBO – Tweety, Maddow, Olbermann and Russert will never be forgiven for their role in obamamania.

    I read far right crap and far left crap. Then I make up my own mind.

  178. Okay–I should have looked it up first…I just typed what I heard on the TeeVee.

    It’s just the city of Wellington, Kansas, not the whole state. There’s more to the law than that:

  179. Ah that’s a bit different than a whole state. That would be very challengeable.

    Hey I’m seeing on twitter that the congressional bastards let the Violence Against Women Act expire. Anybody know about this?

  180. What’s more to know except that in addition to screwing the Northeast, they screwed women simply by never bring the legislation to a vote.

  181. Karen, I don’t think anybody not far right is willing to go anywhere near FOX at all. It’s kind of rare to see a Democrat there. Like a unicorn.

  182. Joan Walsh just uttered the words “Clinton Derangement Syndrome” on MSNBC on a segment about the RWNJ’s saying Hillary faked a concussion.

  183. Sophie, I can see where they could have a freudian slip on VAW Act. They probably enjoy kicking shit out of their wives and mistresses.

  184. Joan Walsh calling out CDS! HA! Good one!
    Does this make sense? Hillary leaves hospital then comes back?

    I read another article that said she only left to go get an MRI. What?? The hospital she was in doesn’t have an MRI?? Also, why is she walking out? Hospitals usually require you to leave in a wheelchair.

  185. Obama drops GMO investigation, and wishes us all a mutant year full of Roundup and unknown future effects.

  186. That may be upps, but she doesn’t have to have Rush and other supreme conservatives on her show. I looked for a list of her guests but couldn’t find one. Even Rendell famously said Fox was good to Hillary and we agreed with much surprise – but now it seems they are back to being as devisive as they were during the Clinton and Bush years. They made a good attempt at fair and balanced for a while. Obama vs Romney/Ryan might be what drove them back to their old ways. At least that station removed Beck, blech.

  187. imust, that video said she was gone for an hour or so for tests. I guess there was some test she needed that was better done at another facility. Could be they have a super duper new machine somewhere and they wanted her to get the tests done at the best possible place? It is good for her to get out and walk about and get some air too. I would bet they are bringing her in good food from the local restaurants and she doesn’t have to eat, ugh, hospital slop. I imagine she is also wearing clothes and not a hospital gown. Only the best for the best.

  188. Karen, the “slop” at Columbia Presbyterian isn’t the usual hospital fare! My mom was there and the food service and cafeteria weren’t that bad.

    Upps, here’s some info from MaddowBlog on VAWA:

  189. Upps, I have a feeling Lisa Jackson is resigning because he is going to make unheard of till now attacks on the environment. He is not a friend of nature and I argued that in 08 with all my nature groups from the Sierra club to Green Peace. They were skeptical on his lack of any record in that department and in the instances he had a record he sided with Exelon and GE and not the people. More than anything I was worried he would sell out to polluters and harmful GMO type legislation and screw the people. He is no Clinton/Gore, that’s for sure.

    The pipeline will be approved. Fracking in every backyard. And drill anywhere you please. I can see him reversing the gains Clinton made.

  190. I know karen. Every report says something different. One report said she was gone for only 15 min! Why wouldn’t that hospital have a good enough mri or other equip?

  191. Sen Kirk, after suffering a stroke, changes his tude about medicade and how medicade people with stroke only get 11 rehab visits.

    See how it works? reagan had to get alsheimers to decide that funding it is a good idea and stem cell research is a good idea.

    What can we glean from this other than Congressional Rape Apologists need to get it in their asses repeatedly in a dark alley to Get It. I’ll bet Paul Ryan’s plastic hair would be all mussed after that. I would eagerly await Santorum’s interview five minutes after the occurrence. We could put him on the stand and make him describe the whole thing and ask him if he actually enjoyed it and was he asking for it?

    They could send Mr. ‘Shut that whole thing down’ in as the initial canary in the mine, since he has nothing to do now.

  192. Okay, now I read a report that said she was taken elsewhere on the “sprawling hospital campus”.

  193. Interesting thing about Jackson’s EPA is they tightened mercury standards on corporations during her stay. However, inundating our homes with mercury light bulbs is okay.

  194. Karen Rush rules the republican party through fear, that swine can go wherever he wants.

    The only reason most of FOX treated Hill well in 2008 was they hated Obama more.

  195. OMG this guy is hilarious. Al Jazeera is buying current tV so the hashtage is #Currentaljazeerashowpitches

    “Desperate Goatwives”

    “Dancing With The Mullahs”

    “Who Wants To Marry a Third Grader?”

  196. “Pimp My Camel”

    “This Old Tent”

    “Married To Children”

    “Seven Brides For One Brother”

  197. So is she home or in hospital. Still4 has her home.

  198. lol on the goatwives tweets.

    Jackson has a lot of praise for getting a lot done in a hostile arena. She got things passed that were turned down by obama and not signed into law. Her kid has asthma from air pollution, so she takes it personal and she worked her ass off to make changes. She gets high marks from my friends in that field and they do not give praise easily – bashing both the left and the right toadies with abandon.

    Some interesting reads on her departure:

    I know Clinton set standards that Bush tried to undo and couldn’t. I fear for us again as I think obama will cut deals and screw us over. He was so non-involved in the gulf spill. He is just not the “nature” and “animal welfare” type of person.

  199. Here’s Chelsea’s tweet:

  200. Think our gal is staying in the “good place” at Presbyterian? I hope so! I’m sure it’s not covered by her fed plan but maybe she has one of those supplementals that pays so much a day for each day you’re in the hospital.

  201. state dept says she was discharged according to cnn:

    and gabby giffords is dead and the gunmans name was ryan…

  202. The hospital I would use says this about private rooms:

    The majority of commercial insurance carriers and Blue Cross/Blue Shield do not pay for the cost of a private room, whether the room is patient requested or medically necessary. Private rooms cost an additional $30 per day. The private room difference will be due at discharge. Medicare will pay for a private room if it is medically necessary.

    Oh! but I would want one of these:

    Princeton has two VIP rooms located on 6 North and 4 West available for an additional charge per day. To request a VIP room, please notify Patient Financial Services for assistance at 205-783-3963. Our VIP rooms offer a small sitting room adjacent to the patient room. Patients staying the VIP rooms receive the same level of nursing care as other patients on the unit.

    Yep, gotta have that separate sitting room.

  203. Getting ready to watch some college bowl game. BBL

  204. This newest Hillary report doesn’t make much sense to me. It’s possible she may have been taken to a facility with a more powerful MRI, although I find it hard to believe there is a NY hospital with a stronger MRI than New York-Presbyterian. A 3.0 Tesla MRI is normally considered high strength but some research hospitals have even stronger ones. I suspect Presbyterian is one of those. The most powerful one I know of is a 9.4 Tesla at the Univ. of IL at Chicago. And 15 minutes for a MRI of the brain and head? Never heard of that and I have had many of them. The last one I had took three hours ( without contrast, then with contrast and jackhammer, etc. ) .

  205. Hillary is home? That’s official? I find that really odd. I hope she hasn’t been released too soon.

  206. Yeah, Fred, surely she was given a special room. All the city hospitals have VIP rooms. I remember John and Yoko at the childrens hospital with Sean when he was ill. They were down the hall from my cousin. You bet they had top notch care, food, service. Even restaurants go out of their way to usher VIPs to the best tables and bring trays and bottles compliments of the house. NY has lots of celebs, some are tops and some are not so special, Hillary was Senator there and that holds lots of doors open for life.

  207. beata, some local medical center might have some swanky 3D machine, or some kind of magic view machine that is cutting edge. Some of the machines in NY are fantastic. Years ago I stood in front of a screen and a machine swung around my head and my full dental images, amazingly clear and perfect, appeared on the computer in front of us in seconds. No need for xrays. My dentist here couldn’t get the records because here in the woods they will not have compatible software/hardware for decades. Here I stick my finger in my mouth and hold down the metal circle holding the film just like I did 30 years ago in NY.

  208. beata, it might also be that she just went to another building on the hospitals complex. The press might have it totally wrong, of course.

    Anyway, what matters is she is released and going home to her own bed.

  209. Really, her reps ought to be a bit more forthright about all of this. It breeds more crazy ideas when you confuse people. Nobody likes a wild goose chase. But then we don’t know if the press is pulling things out of their asses again. It’s better to just do a daily report at State site.

  210. Gah. You were in mod, Karen, WP thought you were a apammer with all those links. Cripes.

  211. I kinda thing Hillary can afford the extra cost for private room. They aren’t going to put the SOS in a double. She has the SS with her at her door too. Nobody in her position should be hanging out sick in front of the public. She’s sequestered as she should be.

  212. somebody go to the state site and check pls.

  213. I am sorry I haven’t written anything for tomorrow. I’m really tired.

  214. Sorry about the links, upps. I am going to crawl in bed and read my book after this! I am half-way through a good read.

    I just came from one of the first Hillary sites I supported. I went there daily for years and now it is so alien to me I don’t know why I even still lurk there occasionally. I removed it from favorites so I have to grab the link anew each time I go. Someday, I will stop my curiosity and stop going there because it is never enlightening or educational and there is no sympatico feelings at all.

    Sandy victims cars, just a few of the 230,000 in NY that are garbage now. I lived there, near the beach, for 47 years without ever flooding, most of the victims never thought this could ever happen to them.

  215. USDA Grant of $500k to develop a GM pig. h/t sophie.

  216. Don’t apologize to me, Karen. WP is stupid.

  217. Karen, if it makes you upset, just don’t click the link anymore. That’s what I do.

  218. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{LORAC}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  219. And thanks for the puppy and kitty pile-ups!

  220. Went to Still4Hill site. Hillary is home now. She was discharged tonight. State Dept. statement said she is eager to get back to the office and that they would let us know her schedule as soon as it becomes available.

  221. karen for Clinton, on January 2, 2013 at 1:57 PM said: Edit Comment

    Thanks for that comment, Karen. Spot on.

    The Hillary haters so fear her and are such disgusting twirps, she could (heaven forfend) commit Seppuku on national television and they would say she didn’t plunge the knife in deep enough. Cowards, all.

    My only prayer is that she recuperates quickly and fully and continues to make mincemeat of all of them…

  222. LORAC! WELCOME HOME!! Missed you.

    Happy New Year UW, Lorac, and all.

  223. Ya got THAT right, Ani.

    I want her to stick it up their noses, make fools out of them, which isn’t hard.

  224. And she will. She has been doing it for years.

  225. I kinda think Hillary can afford the extra cost for private room. They aren’t going to put the SOS in a double.

    Oh I’m more than certain she can afford it! 😉

  226. A little belated, but hearty Happy New Year wishes to all just the same!


  227. UW at 2:35, Milstein = private rooms. Quite the uppity place to recover. That is to say, when you aren’t lounging in the evening in the main private area with a baby grand, and the piano player is serenading any who avail themselves of the moment. Everyone is expected to dress and behave in the area accordingly. The uniforms are quite upscale for those assigned to the area. A regular ol’ swanky 5 star hotel experience. Except, it is a hospital. Top notch too, ALL the way! Go Columbia Presbyterian!

  228. Crier not surprised you know the place. The problem is, when you feel like dog crap you don’t feel like dressing and couldn’t care less who’s at the piano 🙂

    When i think of the times I have been hospitalized, I just wanted somebody to entertain me with some demoral stat.

  229. The piano tastefully permeates the atmosphere. Seems soothing to all around. Hopefully it can be enjoyed as much as possible. Even by all the SS that probably swarmed the place.

  230. Hopefully she did not feel horrid, and could enjoy the ambience, despite the burden of her medical dilemma. Hope everything continues to progress well for HRC.

  231. I wonder if blue cross ever tells hillary the procedure her doctor wants to do isn’t approved.

  232. Sorry Mrs. Clinton but before you can have that med, you will have to first try this other one to see if it works.

  233. The Presby folks ran her care on the house tab. They are all probably gushing all over themselves with the exquisite state of the art care rendered, so they can pump their rep out to the rest of region. Self promotion, for whatever BCBS fed plan does not pay later.

  234. On the other hand, if they make things good for her state of health, and she recovers beautifully, they learn something by which the critical aspects may apply to the care of others. That in turn can be used to take care of other people. She receives great care and does well. Docs learn how to take care of similar problem in other people, and then other folks benefit from the learned experiences. Teaching institutions can pass life-saving techniques and care to other medical folks as well as patients.

  235. She’s a national treasure at this point, whether her J detractors like it or not, and not just OUR nation’s treasure. I am sure they will make sure she stays that way

    I don’t think that hospital has to worry about pushing its reputation. They are the envy of many already.

  236. Hey if I was on staff there in any capacity, I would have volunteered to work on Christmas for free if necessary just to be one of the people who would help her.

  237. She’s a national treasure

    Indeed. Hopefully she will perk right up in no time. But it is time to put her feet up on the couch, set her globetrotting diplomatic skills aside, and take time for herself. Bet the docs set her course, just like they did for Bill after he was there for his open heart surgery. After her R&R&R (rest & relaxation & recovery), she will pop back out to vist with all of us again, completely refreshed and revived. Spirited back as usual.

  238. “Uppity Woman, on January 2, 2013 at 8:36 PM said:

    I am sorry I haven’t written anything for tomorrow. I’m really tired.”

    “Uppity Woman, on January 2, 2013 at 11:41 PM said:

    Hey if I was on staff there in any capacity, I would have volunteered to work on Christmas for free if necessary just to be one of the people who would help her.”
    Why aren’t in bed asleep????????? :>)

  239. Doctor I can’t sleep annaconta i’m not feeling that good and am kind of uncomfortable. Which is why I’m tired. Could you come here and examine me please.

  240. HRC would have been honored to have UW scurrying about on her bahalf.

  241. Is UW up past her bedtime???

  242. Out here (in my city) the hospitals are in big competition with each other. They’re all moving, if not already there, to all single rooms. I’m guessing they probably have VIP rooms where Hillary was – hospitals usually have some extra big rooms, they sometimes have a table with chairs in them, or they might be a corner room with windows on 2 walls. I’m guessing, though, they might have had her in an isolation room. Those are usually on every floor, available for any TB patients – they will have a door in, then an ante-room, then another door into the actual hospital room. If they used that kind of room, the security could be in the outer room, and give Hillary privacy while still protecting her.

    Sounds like (hooray!) she got to go home. But about the MRIs, I was thinking why someone might have to go elsewhere.. Sometimes people need a standing MRI, or the open kind for a claustrophobic – that might have to be done elsewhere. Also, really, really big people here have to be transported to the zoo to get an MRI, the one they use for the big cats and elephants I guess. I don’t know what they do in towns with no big zoos!

  243. I see Kim Kardouchian is pregnant by that Scheeve she dates. She couldn’t even take care of her cat and had to rehome it. Maybe she’ll do the same with the kid. This will wear off fast with her vain and shallow self. I wonder if anybody told her about stretch marks? And the chink a baby puts in the social routine? I will bet 20-1 she will breasfeed in public for the cameras so she can show all the boys her bodacious tah tahs. God, she’s disgusting and America’s 20 somethings emulate her.

  244. Presby has MRI’s. Lots of them.

  245. xxxxoooo Utah, socal, beata, ani, foxyladi, and the big J (NES!)

    (and more kisses for karen)

  246. I was always a runner, and when I was young I used to follow the professionals (in runners’ magazines, races on tv, etc). Bruce Jenner was a god. I didn’t hear about him for a long time until last year, in relation to his being married to the mother of those Kardashian women. Ye gads, I was so shocked to find out he was attracted to people like that.

  247. “Could you come here and examine me please.”
    Wrong kind of Dr. I was plumber who rebuild kids screwed up hearts. I think this mid-night blogging has something to do with age; Al and the cats were out like light at 9:30. Of course she is up at 4:30; I did that shit for 35 years..poor Al. :>) not

  248. Bruce Jenner must be quite pleased with the mother of that odd brood.

  249. I think someone who tweets should tweet back to Chelsea that we were all thinking good thoughts for Hillary. Can a tweet be sent “private”, or can other people always see them? If it’s private, the website address could be shared – but maybe not if it’s public, because the haters would come then.

  250. Some lady on CNN just said that the Kardashian/Kanye baby will be the USA’s royal baby. No kidding.

  251. Yes, CNN lady, because most people love rap and people who interrupt other people’s award presentations, and superficial women who are rich with no talents. Pfffftttt….

  252. Oh for Chrissakes. I can’t stand it much longer.

    So this is American Royal? A rude SOB who trashes a woman with twice his talent and a do-nothing who is famous for being famous?

  253. lorac, you can DM her.

    I tweeted her when she tweeted that Hillary would be recovering fully and is doing really well. I tweeted that we loved us our Hillary.

  254. Yep. Apparently the Kim/Kayne baby will be born in June just like the William/Kate baby! They’ll have their royal baby and we’ll have ours!

  255. I would prefer if nobody pushed the blog at Chelsea to be honest.

  256. Cripes, lorac, you kissed everybody cept me. I iz chopped liverz!?

  257. I do hope she doesn’t have a girl. I wouldn’t want another generation of talentless Kardouchians of hooker fame. You know she’d turn a girl into her.

  258. Well whatever gender the baby is….he/she already has a TV reality show deal….not kidding.

  259. Damn I drove lorac off looking for my kiss.

  260. Rap is such bullshit. It’s like pretending Barack is a genius. This is a pretend generation. Nobody in their right mind can possibly say that any of these rap clowns will be remembered as Talents. 50 years from now people will be laughing at that shit.



  262. I feel better now.

    Need to email you about something. Look for it.

  263. lorac is around. Somewhere.

    Looks like ocare is taxing already.


    Two photos of Hillary leaving the hospital. Someone in the comments mentioned that the door they are exiting indicates it’s an eye clinic, Hillary is the only one wearing sunglasses, and that she is grasping Chelsea’s hand really hard – that it might mean a stroke with some eye damage. I hope not

  265. UW, you know NES is going to be so J

  266. Eh I burnt her out on skype earlier.

  267. Oh God, imust, the very thought of a reality show of that trollup and her baby just nauseates me.

  268. Someone way earlier in the thread mentioned that Lisa Jackson (?) is stepping down from EPA job. I read an article last week that said she is in a scandal, something about her using many fake email addresses in her job. But, you never know anymore what’s real and what isn’t.

  269. The Mayans got it wrong. In 20 years, Kris Jenners grandchildren will be:

  270. Chelsea statement

  271. Great news about Hillary! That’s our girl!

  272. Prob just trying to avoid the reporters crowd. Col is all connected underground. Prob went to have eyes checked by using the tunnels connected to Milstein to Harkness, then departed out the eye clinic doors. Can;t blame her for trying to escape reporters.

  273. Wearing glasses maybe becasue she had her eyes dilated?

  274. is there a link to that crier?

  275. I didn’t know about that with Jackson, lorac. Interesting. Read a few conspiracies though. lol

  276. check email lorac. have a question.

  277. Nope. Just a hunch. She’s the only one wearing dark glasses. Chelsea helping her. They are walking out eye clinic. Eye doctors check people out in their own clinics with all their equipment handy. They dilate eyes to check ’em. They certainly would want to be checking someone’s eyes if there was a clot in the brain area that could potentially affect eyesight. Everyone looks upbeat in picture, so things must be alright so far. Except buzzing reporters that won’t leave the Clintons alone.

    Let’s keep the postivie vibes going for HRC.

  278. crier, clot wasn’t at occipital lobe though. Behind right ear. Temporal, right?

  279. If you have any doubt that our press is riddled with stupidity, do you know what the caption to this picture is?

    Former President Bill Clinton, second from left, leaves New York-Presbyterian Hospital-Columbia Wednesday.

    like we didn’t know which one was him. Morons.

    Read more:

  280. Reminds me of that pic of Obama with Santa Claus, when they captioned it that Obama was on the right. THese people are complete morons.

  281. Clots can extend that direction though. Remember, brain veins don’t have valves. That’s why ya should never squeeze pimples on your nose/face. Infection can be squeezed backwards. Thus, clots can grow or extend similar concept. Or they can build backlog pressure on veins in the neighborhood, i.e., domino effect towards eye area and other brains areas. Cool anatomy pic here.
    Shows the veins inside the head. Imagine two way vein blood flow all throughout the brain. Clots block blood flow and can make a lot of swelling.


  283. Thanks for explaining that, Crier.

  284. I can’t pretend. I’m worried.


  286. towncrier, Cabela’s is as anti-obama as a company can get. I live near one and they put up giant anti-obama billboards so they are hardly a good example of the new taxes. The Texas store at the iowntheworld link was full of shit and said they oops, had a glitch that day on their receipts. They are out to get obama and all those lib-er-als up north.

    lorac, the lisa jackson scandal is not a scandal. She used a different email address, on purpose, on official accounts, for some emails – it is a bullshit story. She did not hide herself, it was just one account with one name and the other address for different types of contacts – not high level official but still official. FCS, they find bullshit to snit about and they just MAKE SHIT UP. It was all on her EPA computer. It was official, both accounts. I’ve read that story and the above tax story all over the place on Hillary boards.

    Don’t people care what they pass along anymore. It is the Breitbart world – smut and crap rolled up to be as smarmy as possible and touted as the truth. He had screws loose – who the hell would still go to that site. Upps banned him for a reason and a bunch of other FRWN sites. (copyright FRNJ – Sophie)

    We all occasionally make mistakes or forget to check things before we post them, but to cite some of the most heinous sites is just lazy.

  287. oops, RWNJ – copyright Sophie. far right wing nut jobs works for me too. 🙂

  288. oh and lorac, Lisa Jackson used the name of her dog. do you think if she was trying to hide her email address and be an alias that she would use her dog’s name? Her dog is well known among EPA people, she brings it to work.

  289. Cabella’s has to refund the money they overcharged to the customers, btw. And it is a Texas option to pass on MEDICAL DEVICE purchase taxes not hunting gear.

  290. I just did a google search of that non-story on the use of two offical email accounts – which btw are routinely given to everybody in the EPA, whether under Bush, Clinton, or Obama and other Gov’t agencies so that routine email isn’t meshed with important email forwards, etc.

    There are 3 million website mentions of it. The first few pages are all the typical disinformation sites from the hideous Pajamas and Hot Air and Freeper ignorant propagandists to the Newsbusters, Daily Caller, right scoop, washington examiner, washington times and other propaganda hideous tabloids. If any of those papers are read for whatever reason it would be a good idea to double check what you read with a legitimate news source. I see a certain person who links to RWNJ links all the time with abandon – despite the stories being fully debunked everywhere legitimate.

    The Lisa Jackson attack is just one of so many currently out now. There is the Right Wing version and then there is the truthful version.

    What they’ve done to Hillary has me hating them more than ever. This is war. They cannot do this to her again. I will not let them do it again. They will be attacked right back by all of us who have seen this movie before many times and know the score.

    I will stand up for Jackson and for Hillary and for any other woman or man attacked with obvious propaganda. I am mad as hell at what they are doing to our girl and I am not going to take it anymore… Mad As Hell/Bitch – hell yeah!

    Lay off, RWNJ’s – we know who you are and we are sick of your shit!

  291. When the EPA stops covering for the shit China sends us and making excuses for lead and melamine that no mfgr in the USA would EVER get away with in a plant on USA turf, and when they stop having reps to China being wined and dined by them< I'll pay attention to them again. But when they started declaring "acceptable levels" of toxic materials just for China, I checked out on them, period. They let toxic drywall into this country and then told home owners to rip it out at their own expense. If that wasn’t a last straw I don’t know what is.

    One more thing. I want to know why they clamped down on corporations for mercury and concurrently are about to force Americans to fill their homes with mercury-laden lightbulbs with an entire EPA Hazmat page dedicated to them. When millions of these firestarting broken putrid excuses for light land in our dumps, let’s see how well that works out for us. Do people really think others are going to evacuate their homes and use special standards to cleanup and dispose of these broken $6 pieces of shit GE makes in China for pennies apiece? Really? AYFKM?

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