Happy New Year To Uppityites, And That Means You Lurkers Too!

I personally have no resolutions except to keep doing what I always do. Hey, it works for me! I’m not sure why people make New Year’s resolutions, but I suspect it’s because they want to disappoint themselves as early as possible every year.

How about you? What resolutions will you be making and breaking?

For those of you who prefer utter pathos on New Year’s, here’s is Same Auld  Lang Syne, Dan Fogelberg, RIP.  I know it sounds corny, but I miss Dan. I always had the sense that the world was a better place with him in it.


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  1. Happy New Year to all you gorgeous and handsome Uppity-ites! I have only one resolution — to keep writing and speaking my mind. It took me a long time to get back the courage i had as a kid and i wish to keep that going. Wishing you all a joyous, prosperous and creative 2013 and all that you wish for!!!!

  2. Ah, it wouldn’t be New Years without Uppity putting up that video. Yes, he was very talented.

    Fluffpo says Hillary is expected to recover fully, thank god. They are also saying that bark wussed out on the cliff thing. Here’s Krugman:


  3. Just because this is a great song & a hunky period of Claptons life:

  4. Robert Reich IMO is a little troll who lives under the stairs and wants more than anything to be invited into the house. I don’t have a whit of respect for him. I remember well in the 90s when he was trying to stick his troll nose up W. Edwards Demming’s ass and the old boy was having none of it. He was a laughing stock of corporate America and he still deserves that title. He enjoyed showing up at successful corporations, strolling their plants with his hands clasped professorially behind his back, and trying to tell them how to run companies that did things he knew nothing about. I could get more specific but for now I’ll just say I just discount everything on this earth he says. He is in his usual perpetual state of disgruntled critcism because RR always knows more than everybody else, the poor little Napoleon Complexed sulker that he is. He has gobs of constant didactic advice that nobody asked for. He is, however, a super duper hit among the people he is most like – Out of touch academia ‘experts’ who never lived in the real world for five minutes and therefore love showing everybody how smart they are while blowing theory out of their asses that has no value among those who live in reality. So I’m going to wait and see what more stable less desperate people have to say as this thing unfolds.

  5. A very happy, safe and prosperous new year to all. May you all enjoy good health and happiness.
    My resolution is simple. Write 2013 on my checks not 2012. Will I break it ? Most likely lmao.

  6. Happy New Year wishes that we all can stay a bit sane in this asylum. I think I have finally made it to the top in the cyber sewer. Way back when, I was called a troll, among other nasty things and kicked out of kos for my non-loving bark posts; now I get a tweet from Chris Erion @oc_f1fan, full of nastiness, calling me a troll.

    When I see how poople like him have been trashing the candle-lighting pages for Hillary, that was bringing forth so many good wishes all over the world, I guess troll is kind of a compliment.

  7. Well Twandx in this case you have some company, that guy is the guy who trolled our converation on twitter about Hillary the night before last, called us idiots and fuckwits, said her concussion AND her clot were lies and worse —and then he reported me instead of the other way around, and got me suspended. WHat a………..troll. Twitter doesn’t check what really happened, they just dump you, so beware of him, he just wants to trash you off twiitter.Dances got him back though. Heh.

  8. No problem, upps – I’ve seen these agent provocators before. They just want attention and one shot is all they get from me with no “naughty words” for them to hang me up by. I stung him though – he just claimed “idiotwise” was not a word and left my words for Hillary relatively unchallenged. I like to always leave them sweating and pawing the ground.

    @oc_f1fan Your comment proves the rule – “it takes one to know one” idiotwise you are top of that class.


    Chris Erion

    @twandx No, my comment did not prove that and “idiotwise” isn’t even a word, so you need to learn how to spell properly. Goodbye you troll.

  9. Well you’ll be happy to know I told him to go take his meds and another person ask him if his mother drank during pregnancy, which he attributed to me because he wasn’t bright enough to trace who said what with more than one @ on a retweet. So he ‘reports’ me and when you get suspended you get no chance to tell them to go look at what really happened, they just force you to check off boxes admitting you are offensive and won’t do it again. no kidding. You have to confess even if there’s nothing to confess about. So much for twitter. Anyways, Dances got him back so I’m sure he had to do the same thing.

  10. From now on when somebody insults me on my timeline without an invite, I’m just doing to report them if that’s what twitter wants.

  11. Speaking of wierd twitter people, I know some of you think Roseann Barr is the cat’s ass but she slammed me before the election. I was following her and answered one of her tweets with a satirical remark about Obama and she took it literally and called me a sheep or some kind of shit. Anyways I just unfollowed her because I concluded that for somebody who had a comedy show, she didn’t have much humor personally and let’s face it, people who don’t get satire aren’t too bright. I never stopped to think that somebody else wrote roseann’s jokes for her and I was writing my own. So yesterday, roseann barr decided to follow me, presumably because I was being pretty funny about congress. I won’t be following her ass back.

  12. I resolve to stop falling for it when my cat rolls around on the floor, showing her pretty tummy, and acting like she wants pets. She just wants to tear up my hand. So I’ve finally learned my lesson. Well, maybe. Until next time.

    Happy New Year, Uppityites!

  13. You know you love the pain, Beata.

  14. Happy New Year, Uppityites! And all the lurkers too. 🙂

  15. Happy New Year, Uppityites… you fearlessly daring, brilliantly aware, hilariously witty, compassionately-passionately involved Human’s BEING!

    On my knees for our beloved, admired, globally respected Madame Secretary… Wife, Mother, Friend of Humanity…

    Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton

    …that the best is yet to come… FOR HER.

  16. … correction on Hillary Clinton:

    Friend TO Humanity.

  17. Oh, and…

    CLINK !

  18. Happy New Year, Uppityites.

  19. Love Dan the Man…

  20. And this one:

  21. For you, Upps:

  22. Wow.. Bill and his child look really plastered or hungover or something.

  23. A very happy, healthy and wholesome 2013 to all the Uppityites!
    And just like “Ani”; embrace your dreams and fight for them.

  24. belle I just keep sleeping till I find a dream I want to embrace.

  25. For example, I had a dream the other night that…….uh………….nevermind.

  26. “Live Long! It p*sses them off!”
    I do it to piss of the ex….she is still paying big premiums on a many 100k$ life policy, betting I will croak… soon.

  27. OT but I gotta say it. I am sick and tired of watching something on TV and next thing I know, somebody is projectile vomiting. What is it with this trend? I guess they ran out of convoluted shit to desensitize the zombie generation with. What’s next, watching someone take a crap? Is there no end to the bad taste on TV?

  28. Seems like a good reason, SHV!

  29. 2013. Who says 13 is unlucky? May we all have luck and good fortune smile on us as we count the days ahead and feel blessed.

    Bill, corrupting a minor, shame on you.

  30. I totally agree with you about Roseanne, Uppity, and it pains me to say it because I loved her show so much and watched it many many times. I posted on her blog briefly a couple years ago and witnessed so many shenanigans. Her changing her OP’s to make the commenters look like they didn’t know what they were talking about, changing ppl’s posts, going off her nut over perceived slights. Making claims out of the blue that “no one’s allowed to address me directly.” You had to walk on eggshells.

    I concluded she’s not much of a feminist, either. There was a woman-hating lawyer posting there claiming there was no such thing as misogyny and he was not winning the argument. The fool posted under his own name (because he was promoting a book), so when he disappeared and then somebody posted a couple weeks later that he had committed suicide and left a long, gutwrenching poem about his life of being abused, I smelled a rat. A big play for sympathy. Sure enough, I found posts he had made in his name after his “suicide” on other blogs. With his very strange writing style of long strings of periods between and after sentences. When I pointed this out she went off on ME.

    Misogynists, (and often lawyers, LOL) will do ANYthing to win, or feel like they’ve outsmarted you. I was well aware of this and you think she would be too, having been around. One of the first things I encountered back in the 90’s when I started posting on the internet was a guy who faked his death. So it was not unbelieveable to me. I knew I would look like a completely callous person questioning this “poor guy’s suicide” but hey, I had the proof. LOL. Those “poor pitiful me” misogynists really make me mad. Well, anyway. I lost all respect for Roseanne.

  31. And Happy New Year, btw. I love reading the comments. I have 5 cats (4 of them feral kittens that I caught in the back yard with their mama) so I feel like I somewhat fit in, LOL. One of them is a tuxedo boy. And I’d never tamed feral kittens before so I really had my hands full. Now they’re just over a year old and they’ve already cost me a fortune in cat food and toys, but I wanted to do it right. I hadn’t had a kitten in 30 years and I wanted them to grow up as healthy as possible. I never dreamed I could keep all those cats but it turned out NO WAY I could give them up for adoption.

    They’re 2 of everything. 2 boys and 2 girls. 2 tabbies. 2 long hair and 2 short hair. 2 have extra toes. 2 have white bibs and feet. And the littlest one is extra adorable because her white feet with extra toes look like she’s wearing oven mitts.

  32. It might be a good thing Huntsman wasn’t considered for top Diplomat. He might be right but he has a hell of a way of being blunt these days!


    I’m going grocery shopping and I am hungry. I blew my strict diet every day since Christmas so I just might clear the shelves. If you live in NEPA consider yourself warned. Stock up before I do. Protect pies and brownies, chips and dips, anything with pasta and cheese… Its winter, I am burning the calories in the cold…

  33. Upps and Monkey, Roseanne has always seemed a little bit bizarre to me. And I am from NYC, so take it to the bank she is a tad of an oddity.

  34. monkey, pics needed of the kits.

    One week or so to go till new kits appear in the critter room. Oh boy!

  35. Happy New Year, all! I see Michelle Bachmann is trying to agitate to get the O man to abandon the executive order pay raise for Congress. Maybe she is not bat shit crazy. If I did as piss poor a job as these twits, I would be lucky to hang on to my job. What an overweaning sense of entitlement.

    So glad that Hil is getting better. I was concerned that she would not and then the John Bolton types woud be claiming that she committed suicide to avoid testifying.

  36. What a great job still4hill does every day, but especially now when we are all thinking of Hillary and praying for her during her final days as SoS – that she leaves office feeling well.

    Awesome reminder of a special New Year: http://still4hill.com/

  37. Oh boy, karen this is going to be harder than I thought. I was just looking through pictures of the kittens and in most of them they were at least 6 months and already pretty big. It was so hard to get pics of them when they were tiny, they moved so fast. But I’ll come up with something!

    I don’t mind Roseanne being odd, but being dishonest bothered me. I was really disappointed but then I’ve gotten used to celebrities not being nearly as bright as I expected. Like Uppity said, when they’ve got great writers they look smart.

  38. I think I figured out why Roseann is following me. She trolled my name off the followers list of Hawaii Rep Gabbard who is also vying for Inouye’s slot. Gabbard is a woman and I did a few tweets to let woman know it’s a chance to put another woman into the Boys’ Club. Gabbard followed me first which is how I learned about her.


    Now, trolling Gabbard – that’s raw slime. SO I fixed her unfunny unbright ass and blocked her.

  39. A safe and happy New Year to all! (Get well wishes for SOS Clinton!)

  40. I haven’t posted pics on a blog before so I hope this works. The boys Tigger and Buttons here. Buttons because his nostrils are black and it looks like he has a button nose. And Tigger who is really bouncy has lived up to his name.

  41. Well, that didn’t work. Sorry. 😦

  42. Fixit Fairy fixed it for ya. It works now.. Very cute kittehs

  43. 2 grey mackeral tabbies with almost bengal spots on one. And a predominantly black tuxie with a REALLY great blaze between his eyes.

  44. Sorry Danita I just fished ya out of spam. New commenters go into moderation. It didn’t recognize you because you didn’t call yourself djmm. You should be all right now.

  45. Thank you so much, Uppity! I’d post more if I knew which link code to use. 😉

  46. you don’t want to use [IMG]. Doesn’t work on wp. use just the standard http:// link. Feel free to try them out here, we can always delete the mistakes.

  47. When you’re a moron and you have a gun, you’re just a moron with a gun.

  48. I just had amazing pizza. I was sooooo in the mood for mushrooms. Hit. The. Spot. I walked three miles today in the cold. I am indulging now. Brownies with turtle topping in 5, 4, 3, 2, yum.

  49. Cute pic, monkey. Enjoy your beautiful babies.

    That guy seems to have not gotten in a shot the big cat before it rolled him off the rocks like a baked potato. Hope the asshole got hurt and the animal didn’t. Animals would be better off if we people were extinct.

  50. Mushrooms aren’t my fav thing on pizza, but I can pick them off. Gimmee a piece.

  51. I like mushrooms on pizza as long as they’re fresh and not canned. I prefer pepperoni and black olives (both, together). A GOOD plain cheese & sauce pie is my favorite, but requires a trip to the Bronx to get a GOOD one.

  52. Did someone mention PIE?

  53. ROFL!!! Happy New Year, Your Pieness!

  54. I’ll have a pie delivered to the site. Half mushroom and meatballs and the other half extra cheese. Grab it while it is hot and be generous with the delivery boy, his taxes might go up after tonight.

  55. Happy New Year Sophie and all the Uppityites, esp. Uppity and of course, MKBill!

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