Hillary released from hospital as CDS crackpots plan to pull fresh conspiracies out of their asses.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton leaves New York Presbyterian Hospital with husband, Bill, and daughter, Chelsea, in New YorkSecretary of State Hillary Clinton was released from a Manhattan hospital Wednesday evening after doctors said she was making “good progress” in her recovery from a blood clot near her brain.

Clinton, 65, left New York-Presbyterian Hospital Columbia at about 6:30 p.m., accompanied by her husband, former President Bill Clinton, and a security detail.

She appeared pale and stoic with her hair pulled back and a gray scarf around her neck as she headed to her Westchester County home in the back seat of a black van — one of three in her motorcade.

“Her medical team advised her that she is making good progress on all fronts, and they are confident she will make a full recovery,” said Philippe Reines, Clinton’s deputy assistant secretary of state.

You can see the most unflattering photos, where the press stopped just short of Tabloid Sepia-tones, here.


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  1. Please post further Hillary comments here at this post.

  2. Upps, why did you say you were worried? They look cheerful.

  3. check ur mail UW

  4. Never thought i would ever link to Cheetoland but it appears that KOS has a neurologist who explained some things. h/t Crier.

  5. Crier knows much about this stuff so she might be able to help some more. Lorac on the trail with another neurologist she knows too.

  6. socal because she looks awful and because I almost thought she couldn’t see in the pics.

  7. That Kos post is very revealing. Certainly explains a lot.

  8. UW at 2:17, Thx, but Crier only knows to do searches on the internet. UW on the other hand, can teach us about these nebulous concepts.

  9. Well I’m thinking my opth. doesn’t use dilation drops any longer. he has a machine for that test now. Costs extra but worth it. I hated dilation and am thrilled i don’t have to do it any longer. So I would imagine that hospital has that technology too.

  10. I am worried too. I know they all have smiles, but they know the cameras are on them at all times.

  11. UW has a great way of explaining things.

  12. I fixed that link so it’s not encrypted, sorry.

  13. optos retinal scanner
    No dilation drops.

  14. Cool machine!!!

  15. Yeah that’s the one I was tested on.

  16. It’s like Star Trek nowadays.

  17. he pulled it all up on his computer and showed me inside and behind my eyeballs. It was fascinating, and best of all, no dilation, which I always despised. He can tell if you have high blood pressure, diabetes, a whole range of things besides.

  18. http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/clinton-leaving-hospital-concussion-treatment-article-1.1231669

    Hey, 2nd photo in this article has Hillary being driven away from hospital and she has a big smile on her face!

  19. Like I said, I’ve done the scan twice, so it’s been around a couple of years at least.

    They have videos there of Dr Oz trying one out. Imagine being able to look inside, behind your own eyes.

  20. lorac, that photo was when they left and then came back, or so they said that’s what they did.

  21. I’m not sure which eye doctor machine it is, but they can “see your cholesterol”, too – it’s the only place in the body that they can see if you have cholesterol build-up without cutting into you

  22. Mehmet Oz. A Columbia doc. When he isn’t on teevee.

  23. Can they read your palm from there? Or check out your DNA? Seems quite cool.

  24. Yeah I think that’s the machine, lorac. I tell you, it’s awesome. First time I saw mine, my jaw was dropping, it was that fascinating as he explained everything and gave me a clean bill of health on things that weren’t even part of an eye exam just a few years ago.

  25. What’s this? Didn’t she just play Sarah Palin in a movie? The article says it’s going to cover the Monica episode and years. Is this actress now specializing in hit pieces? Anyway, she looks nothing like Hillary, and no one should play Hillary, because Hillary is alive and has a present and future, and why do we need a movie about all those years ago? I object.


  26. Just more trash, lorac. Kind of a way to collect up all the CDS garbage in a theater.

  27. Yeah, well he told me that he could see some cholesterol in my eyes, which really irritated me, since I haven’t eaten cholesterol since ’97. Grrrrr….. but yeah, it is a cool machine.

  28. lol on palm reading crier. If he could have he would have. He’s very cool

  29. NES is a columbia lawyer. We’re covered.

  30. okay, my retinas need shut eye now.

  31. me too. nite.

  32. I wouldn’t read too much into the sunglasses. If I was leaving the hospital after being ill, getting a concussion, being on drugs that are hard on the body, sleeping (or trying to) in a hospital bed, I would be wearing my shades also. Here in socal, most of us wear them on cloudy days. She looks tired, but she should be. This is a shock to us becuz we’re used to her being so strong and energetic. I think she’ll pull out of this. I hope she takes the time this year to really take care of herself, healthy diet, exercise, stress relief.

  33. imust, I’m with you on Hillary — I’m worried about her recovery. And, I don’t for a moment believe that we’re getting anything close to the full story from her reps or the doctors (for which I’m actually glad…her opponents and rivals (in both parties) shouldn’t have that ammo against her). I’m going to see if her friend will put my mind at ease.

  34. I’d wear dark glasses too if I were to face the flash bulbs and car headlights. Most of us over 50-60+ have eye conditions that make such light very painfull. Wish my eye doc had that machine instead of mega dilation drops.

  35. With all the talk now in sports about the effects of head bumpsand how important it is to have them treated short and long term, one would think the boyz would be cranking out stories about footballers and hocky players faking head injuries so they would not have to take the chance that their faces would get uglier or that they looked fat in their uniforms- NOT!

  36. You have got to read the evil bastards’ comments at the dailybeast link in NES’ tweet. You will not believe that such raw evil could exist anywhere. And people wanted me to vote for people just like them. You jest.

  37. Furthermore, there just doesn’t appear to be more disingenuous, hypocritical, opportunistic creature than Tina Brown. I hope she goes down with newsweek and disappears into obscurity. No wonder she attracts the worst garbage in her comment section.

  38. I cannot believe i actually clicked on the Kos link. Still trying to shake the excess orange powder off the computer. However, that was the most straight forward article I have seen on Hillary’s condition.

    Winter light (especially reflecting off ice/snow) can actually be far worse than bright sun so someone coming into the glare of daylight after a hospital stay is going to find the light harsh. Add in the ever present camera creeps and it seems a like a very good idea to shield ones eyes.

    Age does seem to make one more sensitive. I have been known wear sunglasses inside (at work – at home I can pull the drapes) on really bad migraine days. Also often wear them at adoption event in pet stores all year long. The light through those large walls of windows hurts my eyes.

  39. Uppity
    How are you feeling? Did you get an alternative medication?

    My mother is still having problems with the one side. The ear/throat/sinus area.

    My boss and another co-worker are out with whatever it is that is floating about this year (not the flu). In the 20 years I have worked here, they have rarely succumbed to anything more than a very rare cold.Sick days for the guys are for strains and sprains from weekend projects and surgery for related problems.

  40. ML, up and down with the sinus and ear thing. I opted out of the steroid nose spray, after I paid for it of course. Bet I could have gotten it in Canada for five bucks. I inherited most of these migraine/sinus issues from my father and remembered something he used to do with a pot full of steam and a drop of eucalyptus oil. So I bought one of those vicks sinus steamers and a bottle of the oil and have been using it, along with Simply Saline spray and an occasional pseudoephedrine. I am not having that fall down dizzy feeling any longer and the pain/discomfort is bearable. So at least I can shrug through it. The weather is not helpful to these things when it’s the way it is out there right now, as you know.

    On the positive side, I did ditch that little kidney stone, which is a relief both figuratively and literally. So I figure I’m good for another 100,000 miles at least. To be honest, once I found out I didn’t have any of those things that REALLY worried me, I was grateful enough not to complain about the rest. It did remind me of what’s important though. Thank you for asking!!!!

  41. lol first time I ever posted a cheeto link but I thought it gave us what we needed to know. Crier found it.

    You know I cannot believe my dog. It is so Effing Cold out there and I continue to have to DRAG her back inside from out there. If imaginery sheep counted, she has herded a couple of thousand of them in the past week And I hate to brag but this dog is self-cleaning besides. and Joe takes care of her head-cleaning. I am not sure how this breed does it, but they never smell like a dog, and if you brush off the snow and leave them alone for an hour, all the white on her is bright and shiney again. Other than the professional grooming I do quarterly, two of them to dispatch her undercoat during molting, I have never had to give my dog a bath. She might deposit globs of fur that look like tumbling tumbleweeds, but she’s a really clean dog.

    By the way, for you dogsters who have larger dogs and want to give your dog a fun dose of glucosomine and condriotin for their joints, start early before the dog gets older and tr ythose dried chicken breast strips that contain the G and C in them. It’s a great way to take care of your dog’s joints proactively and have the dog LOVE it instead of a pill or powder on their food. She waits for that chicken breast every morning. I give her the Canyon Creek Hip and Joint ones and she loves them. Costs about the same as your thirty day supply of pills or powder and at least the dog gets something good to eat at the same time.

  42. Our late Akita loved to sleep in snow drifts. Unlike our Old English sheepdogs, she never matted.

  43. Oh Akitas LOVE LOVE LOVE the snow. It was an Akita I adored who convinced me to get a dog. Whenever I went over to my cousin’s home, which was often, that dog just treated me like I was a highlight of her life. She was this huge big white plush stuffed animal who scared the crap out of everyone who saw her. I adored her and had to volunteer for the pain of sending her off at age 11 because the family was just so ripped apart. She went with a smile, the one she always had unless somebody was trying to harm her family or her property. In that case, you were dead.

  44. Most of us over 50-60+ have eye conditions that make such light very painfull.

    That is me I’m sitting here curtains drawn against the Sun wearing my golfers hat. lol

  45. There is now a conspiracy about Gore and his partners selling Current to Al Jezera. Glenn Beck and others tried to buy it but were rejected.

    Why did he sell it to the oil based Arabs instead? Mr. Faux Greenie and partners sold it because they got 500 Million Dollars. Period.

    Money makes the world go round. Gore’s share is approx. 100 Mil.

    Not bad for a shitty network.

  46. Karen if you get a chance check the last thread comments for hilarious suggestions for programs on Current with Al Jazeera.

  47. Al Gore is not a popular man and so goes his network. he is not a popular man because he not only was too high above every one to EVER take questions (as in don’t question me, peon) but he was the classic example of Do As I Say Not As I Do. His credibility problem followed that. The guy uses more fuel in a month than any one of us use in five years. He lives in a mansion and just as soon as he moves to a 500 sq foot place all run on power cells with a windmill in his backyard and he drives one one of those pregnant roller skates in winter, and just as soon as he stops scarfing down red meat while telling everyone else to go vegan, and just as soon as he starts to lead by example, which Limousine Liberals are simply not able to do, Al Gore will be worth something useful to the earth. Till then, he will continue to champion unions while building his “People’s Car” (price starting at $100k lol) in another less labor-costly country using grant money from the USA taxpayers. His Inconvenient Truth contained a number of Convenient untruths which the UK made him correct before ever letting their school children see it. Not so here in the USA where Al was riding the Messiah wave He made $350 million off of his Global Warming lecture (and that’s what it was, a lecture to the dirty masses) while having one of the biggest carbon footprints Evah. Furthermore, he couldn’t wait to make 350 more millions trading pretend carbon units.

  48. I saw those Upps, loved the “goatwives” and other jabs. Great stuff.

    And agree about Gore. He was my hero. I loved the man in his “earth in the balance” days and in the Clinton years in the WH and when he ran against Bush and when Inconvenient Truth first came out. Then things changed, my eyes slowly opened and I said (along with masses of other people) “hey, wait just a damn minute here” when he started to make it clear he wasn’t who he claimed to be – anymore. I do think he was once sincere. If not then I fell for a con-man and sopped up the lies for many years. We all have, they are so good at it, politician skill.

  49. Hey! If the Al Jazeera thing really happens, can we give them Keith Olbermann?

    Oh wait……..he got fired. Nevermind. Boo Hoo.

  50. Does anybody know how to get rid of that In Your Face Who To Follow area on twitter? I mean I wouldn’t spit on some of their recommendations of those people were on fire and don’t need them to tell me who to follow.

  51. And one more thing before I sign off. Did you all notice how they couldn’t resist talking about what Hillary was wearing on the steps of the hospital and what Chelsea was wearing in the pic where she is trying not to break down and cry? I hate these fucking people.

  52. Uppity, don’t forget to change your picture of Hillary in her infamous orange pantsuit to “17 years” – as per that Gallup link I put up the other day. She broke all records for first place. 17 out of 20 years at #1.

    Let the CDS people choke on that number.

  53. Karen, my Al Gore trajectory follows yours. So, I wonder what happened to Al. Did the election leave him jaded?

    I would have advised him differently on a few things when he was running:
    1. Do NOT distance yourself from Bill–that’s a right wing meme and it’s all wrong. Everyone Bill stumps for in this election will win.
    2. Do not pick Joe Lieberman as VP–he adds nothing to your ticket and only CT Republicans like him.
    3. Do NOT give in on the recount. Voters are counting on you.

  54. I just saw a sick story about a man who ran for Congress in New Mexico but was kicked off the ballot due to petition irregularities. He was caught on camera slashing tires, 54 of them, of his opponent and others. He was released and was caught on film again. Sounds like congressional material to me. People would have voted for him if his ballot wasn’t tossed out for cheating.


  55. They’re saying on the news that Hillary is going back to work next week. She probably has some stuff she needs to wrap up. I was looking at one of those links with the Hillary hater comments and one of the morons asked “what place Foggy Bottom is”? Good lord.

  56. Sophie, good points about Gore. I also am so disappointed in him as a human being.

  57. STOOpid criminal……

    And I must admit, I still have a soft spot for Al Gore and the Gore family.

  58. So excited are we. Today is Joe Lieberman’s last day as a Senator from the great state of CT.


  59. Far be it for me to comment on appearances but this is too awful a statement to pass up. Hey Sophie! One of yours?

  60. I noticed that Chelsa had a firm grip on her Mom’s hand. A very strong Mother-Daughter moment. I also noticed they actually had on winter coats. You know – for cold winter weather. Very practical. Far more so than most of the men have on (but I am sure they were not mentioned)..

    What were people expecting – sleeveless designer dresses and no stockings. I think that is Imelda’s department. Ferdinand is a clothes horse as well. All those empty suits (copyright NES) on nothing more than a brittle aging hanger.

  61. Sorry… ahem, Rosa Delauro:


    okay, seriously, an interesting looking woman. It looks like she has a lot of fire in her belly though and fights for people. Just an impression and I know nothing about her, but I think I would like her.


  62. Yes, karen, you would like her! She’s 69 yrs old and still kicks ass! She’s from the next county over from me, which includes the city of New Haven. My Congresswoman is Elizabeth Esty. I don’t know if she will be any good, so I’m watching. She replaces Chris Murphy, who was such a good Congressman, we made him a Senator. (We only made Blumenthal a senator because Linda McMahon scared the crap out of Republicans and Democrats alike in her first time around!)

  63. Too funny: William Shatner tweets a real space station engineer and gets a Star Trek reply:

  64. I’m out of context on this subject but I need to say this due to another blog pissing me off. My best friend on Long Island has been paying insurance and FEMA flood insurance for 30 years for her modest home. She lived in NY her whole life, owned boats, lived near water for 56 years and never had a flood. She flooded so badly with Sandy that she still cannot go into her home and is staying with her grown daughter, her handicapped grown son and her 5 rescue cats in her daughters tiny apartment. They are on air mattresses and very crowded but make due the best they can. They have worked on the house daily (when they come in from their businesses and jobs) but still have so much mess to clean up and mold and crap to deal with that it gets heartbreaking and exhausting. She has gotten some money back but has laid out a fortune for dumpsters, help with ripping up floors, walls, insulation, removing appliances and a boiler system replaced, etc. She paid a FORTUNE into the Fema program and her home insurance and yet she will not get back much save for the depreciation on the items that are covered. She is fighting for the big things but so many little things are just not covered and gone. I’ve talked to her everyday, she is not bitter towards Congress for not voting – which amazes me since it pissed me off and I wasn’t a victim. She just hopes things speed up and she can go home and get the horrible smell out of her belongings. And most of all, she prays that when they do put in new floors and walls and replace some of the things she lost – that it doesn’t happen again. — now times that story by many thousands of people who are in the same situation as she is. I lived there 47 years. I know Long Island people and they are the salt of the earth and pay their damn taxes without complaint and fly their flags.

    God Bless NY, NJ, CT and other area victims of Sandy. It might not have been a hurricaine when it hit but it caused 9 feet of water in a house I have lived in and that stood for decades and never flooded before this. They even lost their trees, 3 story trees that were there my whole life. So much for handouts and greedy NY’er blowhards.

    I LOVE NY. And they are victims every bit as much as any other disaster victims in these United States where we have always helped our fellow citizens.

    My friend is waiting patiently to get her wonderful home and life back and it is no fault of her own. Her home was built 9 feet above flood stage. The surge was just that high this time. They never thought this would happen. They had antiques downstairs that were not insured and that were sentimental and now garbage. It is a pity and a sin that they are waiting for money to fix things. They paid insurance dues. Probably paid a few hundred thousand dollars in insurance premiums since she built that house. Shame on Congress.

    I’m going to work soon and had to get that out. People are jerks.

  65. I know you’re all chompin’ at the bit to buy something from the Obama Inauguration Store! Here’s your chance!

    Get ’em before they all sell out!!!

  66. LOL imust.

    Forget the medallians. I’m going for the Rocks glasses for when people bring me Scotch blends instead of single malts!

  67. SophieCT at 717, Shatner has serious fans everywhere! What a guy!

  68. Who would dare bring you a blend?

  69. Haha that response to Shatner was a riot. I’ll bet star trek influenced many into science and aerospace, unlike the tasteless worthless shit we see influencing young people on TV today.

    Karen what a horriic nightmare your friend is living and unfortunately, she’s not alone at all. You are right, just because they are yankees they are being screwed. This is bullshit and you are right, people suck because they are mean and nasty and narrow focused assholes. This is inhumane shit being played upon states that have helped many and are learning that no good deed goes unpunished. They might remember when these assholes’ turn comes around again. That would be karma.

    imust, OMG those medallions, it all reminds me of the stupid shit everyone pimped with Obama’s name on it in 2008 and after he won. I have so many posts on them and tons of links to some of that shit. But Chia Obama was the most fun. Remember when they actually thought we were going to make a holiday named after that turkey?

  70. Karen, Re: Rosa Delauro, a monsanto lacky. Her husband made plenty of bucks consulting for them and she was the one who almost succeeded in that bill to drive small farmers out of business. I wouldn’t spit on her if she were on fire. Fortunately the bill got somewhat adjusted, but make no mistake, Monsanto owns some of these people.

    Memory lane trip.

    Sophie, you might find my personal story in this link interesting beyond what DeLauro tried to pull. I think it is what you strive for and honestly, I miss it.

  71. Who would dare bring you a blend?


  72. Who would dare bring you a blend?

    People who don’t drink Scotch 😉

  73. Can’t trust anyone. I remember your beautiful story but didn’t remember the details or the culprit.

    Sophie, she does seem like a good person. With the Monsanto connection it goes to show we have to read the book and inspect with zeal before we buy.

    If Hillary didn’t run in 08 I would have likely supported Edwards. Shudder. I reasearched bo and could not vote for him. Richardson would have been my second choice. YIKES. I scared myself!

  74. People who don’t drink Scotch

    Odd creatures, don’t you think?

  75. Karen honey, you got to remove some links from your blog read list. It’s so much more peaceful that way. Someone very wise once told me something that stuck with me for life. If someone is too emtionally expensive in your life it is best to treat that person like a dead person. I think this holds true of blogs that upset you as well. I know it’s my practice. My read list is trimming down considerably. Try it!

  76. Have you all read the latest press briefing at Still4Hill? Some of the press are really….what’s the word?……idiots!

  77. And today’s winning search phrases showing up in my hit stats are:

    caning fun
    woman beheaded
    pole dance

  78. Yup imust. They’re not only idiots they are trolls for anything salicious and have no intersted in actual real news. One thing you can bet on, Hillary won’t be flying, it’s even dumbfuck stupid to ask and either they know it and are being malicious or they ARE dumbuck stupid. It’s a tossup.

  79. Intent on being dumb. And mean spirited.

  80. Wow, great one from the vault Uppity!! I wish I’d hung out here back then.

  81. Bummer about Rosa. I think we may have had this conversation in the past–about her husband. But my memory is not like yours. I remember her on the local news recently railing about Sandy relief.

  82. Hey you’re here now! And you can always troll the archives.

  83. imust, thanks for that link about Hillary. I wonder if NES has talked to her contact yet.

  84. Karen, am so sorry for your friend, and all the other poor people who lost their homes. Its outrageous that they pulled that bill. Republican pols never want to help liberal states. They suck.

  85. My mom is hoping Hillary will run in ’16. My mom is 82 and figures Hill is her last shot at seeing a woman president. Also, she loves the Clintons.

  86. Man, we missed shave ice day with the Obama’s. I never heard of Island Snow. We always went to Matsumoto. (I love shave ice–it is a bazillion times better than a sno-cone. It is flufffy, like snow, whereas a sno-cone is granular. Then there’s the flavors. Mmmmm…karen, you would die.)

  87. I wish you could do more customized searches in WP. Something with boolean options that takes advantage of all that metadata. For example, this word near this other word, in the title [or post or comments] only, with this tag.

  88. From your lips, Sophie. Boolean is unheard of in WP and it just pisses me off.. But at least 50 percent of the problem on this blog when searching is my fault. I have consistently been too lazy to use tags on my posts. I should be hung for that

  89. According to the wordpress annual report on this blog, I have 3584 posts published, that doesn’t include the ones I pulled and put in the Private section. So I should be doubly hung.

  90. Wow, another boatload of snow. Pretty though, looks fluffy like mashed potato buds. Kind of sparkly. Dog is out there checking things out.

  91. Wouldn’t it be great if Hillary was allowed to spend the last days of her tenure briefing Kerry and saying goodbye to the people of the State Department, whom she loves and who love her?
    Of course, I’m dreaming, it’ll be all Benghazi and 2016 from “friends” and foes,alike.

  92. Upps, that is mind boggling. This place is a treasure trove of info, especially about women’s issues. You should win an award.

  93. Unfortunately, Sue, you are Right On.

    Yeah socal, the Drop Dead Will Ya, Uppity? Award.

  94. It should be a bronze…of MKB.

  95. UW, MAJOR kudos on your writing prowess!

  96. Something to make you snicker.

  97. The envelope please……….
    And the “Uppity” goes to…………….

    Uppity Woman of course!!

  98. HAHAHA I should sidebar that.

    Winner of Uppity Award

  99. Very nice award, imust. Imagine what Freedom Fairy come come up with that shiny gold cat award as a header….

  100. Search term I just found in stats.

    “funny cologe classroom girl pic pakistani”

    Obviously the searcher didn’t go to “cologe”

  101. Unfortunately FF has been very busy so I don’t bother her for headers.

  102. imust, you rock! Great Uppity award!

  103. That Inauguration swag is gross. 10-barf-bag vomititious.

  104. NoEmptySuits, on January 4, 2013 at 11:03 AM said:

    That Inauguration swag is gross. 10-barf-bag vomititious.

    Oh yeah!!!! 👿

  105. Uppity at 9:56, yeah, I removed that site from my “favorite book marks” many months ago. I stopped commenting there a few years ago. It is just amazing to me to see it for what it really is. It is like watching a car wreck in slow motion. You don’t want to look but you have to know if there are any survivors and if anybody is going to be a hero and survive. Not likely. Partisanship is a very ugly thing. It makes people twist the truth to fit their ugly party lies and make excuses.

    Upps, thanks again for this place. Some of the sites have so many ridiculous comments and links to lies that it would take all day straightening them out and pointing out how clearly wrong they are. And it isn’t worth it because when they are given the truth they all gang up on you and act like bullies and call you a troll and worse for pointing out their errors.

    I won’t go back. Sad to see it dead and buried though. I used to tell people to go there and defended it daily. What the hell happened? They became what their accusers said they were. Seriously.

  106. Upps should get the Uppity Cat award but we could also buy her a pair of obama cufflinks at least so she doesn’t forget the wonderful years of 2007 – 2016. Something to remind her of the messiah of politics.

    *ducks and runs as cat comes flying through the air aimed at my head*

  107. Uppity, i’m going with the fools in our so-called congress being “dumb-buck stupid”. i was wondering about the flying too. Each and every one of these morons who have made us the laughing stock of the world this week, aside from slandering an honorable woman, should be put in stocks. Yes, I say, bring back stocks for idiot congresscriitters.

  108. OOOOOOOoooooooo I like Mary Luke’s Stockade idea!

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