I don’t feel like writing, so…

………..So I figure if I show you something that makes you go SQUEEEEEEEE!, you will get right to the part where you forgive me.

Because, sometimes cute is just cute.


Carry on.


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  1. Mine, mine.

  2. I would love to get to play with one of those. Pref a small one. So adorable.

  3. Ah, why tease the little critter? If the guy needs his ball back just offer a treat and little guy will let go.

  4. Cute! (For the record, we would be fine with a jpg of a shoelace!)

  5. I did the dirty sock post once and it got three digit comments. lol.

    I would love to get to play with one of those. Pref a small one


  6. twandx, it’s from a weekly physical exam of baby in captivity. Probably checking his responses. See the tape measure nearby? I did that one video post a few weeks ago of the exams from week 1 through week x.

  7. still cracking up over “Big Bang Theory” Sheldon to his assistant: “Your ovaries are squirting so much goofy juice you don’t even know which way is up.” They really went wild with the distaff taunts this time. Sometimes you just gotta roll with it.

  8. Play yes but a small one please. 🙂

  9. The republican bloggers are as nasty as can be in their remarks to the survivors of Sandy. It brings back those good old days of the Bush response to Katrina. Why did I expect them to help yankees going through a very rare and horrific crisis?

    NY had to fight for aid for 9/11 even though the whole country acted like it happened in their own backyards. They just didn’t want to help out those afflicted first responders with their actual fed cash. Wall Street is good for investing from Kansas but they don’t want to help the actual street when it is blown up to kingdom come by terrorists. Sheesh. Makes me want to boycott corn.

  10. Okay, black and white cat. Black and white kittens. Black and white pengys. Black and white puppies in a basket. Black and white panda.

    One Bronze Cat. Priceless.

    Those puppies were adorable The panda is a little cutie pie too.

  11. If Hillary was still the Senator from NY I would bet that they would not have delayed that vote. They would have done it before the fiscal cliff vote because she would have had it all lined up for them properly and she would have forced it to be more streamlined. She was a great senator and she accomplished much.

  12. A cockroach saga. Could be a mini-series. Twisted and sick.


  13. You don’t have to boycott corn, Karen. NY CT NJ and PA grow their own. We don’t even eat their frigging corn. Like Sophie tweeted, tie Sandy Relief to the Farm Subsidy bill and that will take care of it. We’ve given half a trillion to Kansas through the last decade for corn ‘disaster’ relief. And for their scam ethanol rerun, so Tom Daschle could be on all those boards and get filthy rich.

  14. That little guy is indeed adorable. Having seen the pandas in DC, it is amazing that even the adults have the cute factor going for them.

    If you need extra SQUEEEEEEEEEEE! time, here is a longer video of Xiao Liwu’s exam:


  15. Ignorant people are saying there’s too much pork in the Sandy bill–as if the people whose homes were wiped out added that pork themselves! Remove the fricken pork then and pass the bill.

  16. Speaking of ignorant people, this hastag #WhyIsMyPaycheckLessThisWeek is generating some really ignorant tweets.

    As folks know, the payroll tax holiday that ran for two years expired and was not renewed in the fiscal cliff deal. Personally, I’m glad because I am suspicious of anything that keeps funds from Soc Sec.

    So, either a whole bunch of people on Twitter don’t know that or they’re just ratf*cking.

  17. Grew up eating plenty of PA corn (straight from the fields). Never thought about getting corn elsewhere unless one was traveling and picked some up from farm marts in neighboring states. MD and OH have corn as well.

    From yesterday’s post:
    That twit to Shatner was great. A lot of the researchers around this area that work at Goddard and NIST were inspired by Kirk and gang. I would agree that there seems to be little on to inspire the next generation (oh my, an unintentional bad start trek pun).

  18. 15 billion to this guy’s state for corn ‘disaster’ relief and he thinks Sandy people should just go fuck themselves.

  19. Obama was irresponsible to hand out a tax holiday with our deficit. He should be indicted for that and we can’t blame the R’s for that one. He pimped it because he is just as much of a shit as they are. If he hadn’t done that, we wouldn’t have to listen to these raving maniacs about how their paycheck is less today.

  20. Mt Laurel let’s try it this way, I stole it from your link. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  21. I agree Sophie. Two years of less money going to SS, what a great idea! I wonder how much SS lost vs. how much each worker kept? It’s like when Bush gave some kind of tax relief that amounted to $13 a month or something. Like $13 a month is going to really make a difference in my household budget. As it turned out, the $13 was offset by Gov. Arrrrrrnold who took the $13 in state taxes!

  22. Compilation of all of baby panda’s exams from Day 1. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  23. Watching that ball video and all I can say is


  24. Agree Mt Laurel, corn is aplenty here in the NE. Of course we aren’t doing the ethanol scam rerun from the 70s. People in NJ are still freezing without heat. If the corn freezes, we send Kansas ‘aid’.

  25. Agree Mt Laurel, corn is aplenty here in the NE. Of course we aren’t doing the ethanol scam rerun from the 70s. People in NJ are still freezing without heat. If the corn freezes, we send Kansas ‘aid’.

  26. I think a lot of people are going to be surprised when they see their paychecks. There appears to be a disconnect – all the obots heard was that their savior would not raise their taxes. They seem to have forgotten that returning to the status quo would have the same result. And notice that O has stayed away from that topic and ran right back to Hawaii. He could have just gone to Camp David in the first place or stayed put on the islands because flying to and fro cost us $$$$.

    Plus in a area where the minute details of pay grades/COLAs/step increases reign (I am in for an earful at tomorrow adoption event from all the feds), the last minute freeze lift for Federal workers was to offset what was coming but once again it is a two edge sword. Those most likely to feel the pinch may/may not be included and the freeze lift may/may not result in an actual increase in take home pay except for those outside the actual worker bee pay schedules.

  27. Can someone here, savvy to the ways of the Senate, tell me who put the pork into the Sandy Aid bill? In particular, the Alaska fisheries.

  28. In Italy:

    [Toldo the cat] visits his master’s tomb and brings him little presents on an almost daily basis a year after the man’s death has moved the inhabitants of a village in central Italy.

    “He brings little twigs, leaves, toothpicks, plastic cups. A bit of everything really,” Renzo Iozzelli’s widow Ada told AFP on Friday from Montagnana, a mountain village near Florence.

  29. Well, I’m not savvy in the ways of the Senate but Mark Begich (D) introduced it. He beat porkmeister Ted Stevens in the 2008 Senate race. The reason given was that salmon fisheries haven’t been doing well, and presumably there will be a big market for Alaska salmon since GMO salmon was just approved. AND they’re not going to label it. Sooo…the only way you will be able to be sure you’re not getting GMO salmon is by buying what’s labeled Alaska salmon? Course fish is mislabled so much of the time that I’m sure some will end up being labeled that, when it isn’t, just to sell it at marked up prices.

  30. Looks like spammy just ate my fish post. Or was that MKBill? 😉

  31. Sophie, from what I’ve read the bill had some pork but it was not the hysterical level that Fox and company screeched about. Some of the added items were bribe money for votes – as always happens. “If you vote for it we will put your pet project in, wink wink” standard operating proceedure of congress since the first congress met.

    This is an AP story that was widely covered – but it is a huffy poop link:


  32. “The measure includes $11.5 billion for the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s chief disaster relief fund and $17 billion for community development block grants, much of which would help homeowners repair or replace their homes. Another $11.7 billion would help repair New York City’s subways and other mass transit damage and protect them from future storms. Some $9.7 billion would go toward the government’s flood insurance program. The Army Corps of Engineers would receive $5.3 billion to mitigate flood future risks and rebuild damaged projects.”

    pork? FEMA relief. Community development to repair homes. NYC subways that were destroyed for their first time in history of carrying millions daily. Govt’ flood insurance program that people pay for. The army corp of engineers to rebuild… it adds up to zero pork so far…

    they lie. a lot.

  33. I hate that the congresscreeps are allowed to pack irrelevant items into a bill. A bill should be about one thing. Its disgusting the way they slide crap in these bills, for purely political purposes. Graft for their own area & also to point fingers at someone in election time.

    I also didn’t like the ss tax “holiday”. I want my damn soc sec when I retire, I don’t want idiots screwing with it.

    Upps great tweets about that Kansas creep. The nerve! Another thing that galls me about these farm subsidies…ahem…entitlements, is that they go to farms that are huge and grow the frankenfood shit. Organic natural produce and dairy is more expensive becuz they are on their own.

  34. Alaska, Gulf Coast, New England states, etc. were bought off for their votes as always. The people who didn’t want to vote for it were probably the ones who didn’t get their pork added to the bill and are holding out till they get theirs for their votes.

    And they wonder why we hate them?

  35. Karen, I’ve seen that article (and a million others). What I don’t see is any article citing a bill number or more to the point, naming the names of the individual(s) who added the pork. That’s what I wanna know.

  36. Karen, thanks for that.

  37. Another ignorant tweet:

  38. Right from disaster central on Long Islan it mentions the Alaskan politican bragging he got his:


  39. The Alaskan fish from the Japanese Tsunami pork adders: Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska), Sen. Mark Begich (D-Alaska) one dem and one rep. same story different letter.

    And Amtrack is not pork. It is disaster central and a necessity big time. It is how they would evacuate people in the event a hurricane did hit New York. I mean, they could just move New York and sell the land back to the Indians for some beads but as long as it is still on the water they are going to need to do something for the tens of millions of long term inhabitants suffering from this rare event.

    “The Senate also accommodated Amtrak’s president, John Boardman, who asked for $336 million, which includes $188 million for a down payment on building two new tunnels.

    Sandy flooded the two existing East River tunnels, and the best fix for future storms is building two new tunnels, Boardman testified before the Senate Commerce Committee. The tunnels are used by the Long Island Rail Road.

    His testimony showed “a compelling need to make that infrastructure more resilient, which includes adding prevention improvements and redundancy,” the Appropriations Committee aide said.”

  40. There it is!
    [Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska),] said the bill would fund “Alaska-specific concerns stemming from this season’s salmon shortfall and the rising threat of debris from last year’s earthquake and tsunami in Japan.” Murkowski, an Appropriations Committee member, said she asked for $20 million. The Senate bill, she said, includes “$150 million in fishery disaster relief, to be shared among multiple states, and $56 million for marine debris efforts in several states.”

    So, to summarize, Republican Senator adds pork in exchange for Yea vote and Republican Congress claims they won’t vote on it because the Dems made it too porky.

  41. When I lived in NY on Long Island by the sea on a small beautiful and now destroyed island called Long Beach, we were told they were working on evacuation plans in the event of a catastrophe. They worked for two years around the time of 9/11 and worry over nuclear evacuation, on how to get us off Long Island since the only way out is to head west and then over a few highways to a few small bridges in Queens and Brooklyn that would already be entirely inundated with traffic from those boroughs. You’d have to see a map of NYC/LI to get the full picture but suffice to say many millions of cars would have to go over a few lanes of road to two lane bridges.

    They finalized their evacuation plan. We get locked on the island and we all die. No joke. They put concrete zipper type barriers on the highways that in the event of an emergency would be put at all the exits from Long Island. They are in the bushes along the highway near the borders of the boroughs. We would be stuck and barricaded in.

    I was so glad they spent two years coming up with that plan and then put it on the front page of all the NY papers one day. That was it.

    I never quite got over my distrust of politicians after that. My best friend had a boat and we made alternate plans to evacuate if need be. Pets, kids and food first.

  42. Karen, I think they should have asked for tons more money to make the subway watertight, with submarine-like hatches. Seriously, I was astonished at the video of the subway tsunami.

  43. Yeah, Sophie, they’ve been playing politics with our lives and the damn Fox freaks are yelling it from the rooftops and they’re getting people, their sheep, to believe their lies as always.

    Bastards all of them. Rot in hell. My old neighborhoods are suffering and they are all great people – cops, firemen, school teachers, middle class workers galore – save them! Let them REBUILD their lives.

    These people do not take handouts. They lived in nice houses near the water and worked their asses off to afford those homes. The salt of the earth, the most wonderful people live in those towns. I sold real estate there and spent a lot of time in those homes.

    This is truly political spin and so sickening. Crooks and Liars, all.

  44. karen, you can ride that boat to CT and I’ll come pick you up at the shore!

    I get you though–there is no escape from LI, even without their barricades. Anyone ever in rush hour traffic on LI coulda toldja that.

  45. Exactly Karen! They spew the most ridiculous lies, untruths, half-truths, false equivalencies, straw man arguments, and so on and PEOPLE BELIEVE THEM! I just don’t get those people. Really. And some of them are otherwise fairly bright!

  46. Sophie, I learned that lesson from Jefferson Airplane, 1971 Bark!

    Crazy Miranda
    lives on propaganda she believes anything she reads
    it could be one side or the other
    Free Press or Time Life covers
    she follows newsprint anywhere it leads
    but still she can’t seem to read and nobody
    knows nobody knows what she needs it could be love
    All the pretty ladies textbooks
    tell her how to have the “next look”
    The Bible tells her stay as plain as you are
    she wants all the pretty boys beside her
    to write some pretty words to guide her
    to tell her than they love her body as well as her mind
    she wants some kind of sign–a sign of love
    oh never mind–she’s not your kind.

  47. I’ve heard of Long Beach, good to know.

  48. Just trying to think of what Kansas produces that I can’t get in my own state. And there you have it. And I have to get insulted by some rep from Bumfuck who things corn freezing is a terrible thing requiring subsidies, but people freezing in CT NY NJ is no big deal.

  49. Corn in NY. Check
    Beef in NY. Check
    Chickens in NY. Check
    Pork in NY. Check
    Potatoes in NY. Check.
    Produce in NY and everywhere else. Check.

    Ok no rice. Does Kansas produce rice? Nope. Check.

  50. LOL that tweet. A guy from Missouri, the poorest fucking state on welfare in the nation, calls the rest of the country deadbeats. Priceless.

  51. Come on now…..have a heart….you don’t feel sorry for this corn?

  52. socal, it was all of long island not just little long beach. It was the entire east of NYC all the way out to Montauk Point.

    The barriers are on the major east-west expressways on the sides of the roads with a zipper machine to put them across the highways. There are three major east west roads and if they stop them then they stop millions from getting out. The streets are not thoroughfares for distances, only the highways are exits.

    The studies were done based on what it would take if there was a problem at a nuclear plant. They could not answer it, they could not save millions of trapped people.

  53. imust, where do you get these graphics from? You have a very visual mind! Great job.

    Kansas is good for speeding tickets too. I drove to the west coast and back and the only time I got stopped was in Salina, Ks. The limit dropped from 75 to 65 and I got nailed by an arrogant trooper.

    They have flat lands uppity, miles and miles of flat lands with nothing to see as far as the eye can see. And they have farm land. That’s all.

  54. karen, nothing special, just google images.

  55. Uppity, you can also get wheat from NY (and VT).

    There is NOTHING the northeast needs from Kansas (or Missouri either for that matter). Not a thing.

    I can see kissing CA’s ass, seeings how they can grow almonds, pistachios, and figs (like our own Mediterranean on the Pacific). Plus they’re a “giving” state.

    KS and MO crack me up–exercising their power of the purse strings over the states that filled the purse to begin with.

  56. Is it New Jersey corn? Because if it’s New Jersey corn, I’ll save it. They have great corn. And they grow it without subsidies from the taxpayers.

  57. California is pretty much capable of growing everything we need that we don’t have. Too bad politicians hold them hostage for things like little smelts. When it comes to growing, California is paradise. And Kansas hates them too. lol.

  58. Ah looks like poor Monkeypants got spammed again.

    It’s AOL monkey, they change your IP address everytime to restart your computer. If you have broadband, I suggest you login from there, otherwise, Ole Uppity can’t help it that wp sees you as impersonating yourself. lol.

  59. OMG that story of that cat in Italy is soooooooooo sad.

  60. Sad, but sweet. People don’t always think of cats as being loyal like that. Most people think cats are aloof and could take or leave their humans. Not true.

  61. Nothing could be further from the truth, Sophie. Cats are very attached to their humans. They are not at all like i thought they were before I got to know them.

  62. Oldest swiss bank pleads guilty to aiding Americans in tax evasion through secret accounts. This is a first and a precedent. Soon the dominoes will fall on the american swiss bank account crowd.

    I’ll bet we will recognize plenty of names too.

  63. My mother had a cat that used to bring her presents like that all the time. And the mail.

  64. OT: This is a disgusting story. High school football players laughing about a girl at their party being raped.

  65. Upps, the Swiss banks are going to drop some karma bombs. Cool.

    Just came from still4hill and there is a wonderful uppity woman link on the left border with your boxing kitteh. Never noticed it there before.

    There are some hard to look at bo pics with hill, them holding hands and what not. She is something else, I don’t know how she is so positive and so forgiving and so able to let the past go, but she has proven it over and over with her ability to go on Fox and face Bill O Nutbag. She worked in the senate with men who eviscerated her and her husband and she won them over. She is able to rise above and find understanding and peace and work with anybody.

    There’s an old saying about the Clinton’s having a revenge list type thing and clearly that couldn’t be true. A regular saint that woman.

  66. All of Long Island??? wtf? How can they do that? They should have some type of evac procedure.

  67. Kansas State got their butts kicked by Oregon in last nites Fiesta Bowl. Good karma for them.

  68. Well, you’re right Upps. (Don’t you get tired of always being right?) Sorry to be so much trouble.

    I’ve been so close to all of my cats, though I started out a dog person. Losing my last kitty was especially rough. I didn’t think I’d ever get over it, and I probably won’t. That’s one reason I’m pampering these new kitties so much, I know. Would rather spend it on food than vet bills.

  69. I don’t know how she is so positive and so forgiving and so able to let the past go…She is able to rise above and find understanding and peace and work with anybody.

    Because she has her eye on bigger things. While I certainly think she would have enjoyed being called Madame President, I think she wanted the job more for the things it would allow her to do for the country, the world, women, etc. That’s why I think she was willing to be “his” SOS–she probably figured it was the job that would give her the best shot at achieving some of her lifetime objectives.

    I really think Obama just wants to be called Mr. President and ride in AF1.

  70. No trouble at all monkeypants. I just worry that you might be annoyed and wanted you to know I can’t control it. I know what you mean about not getting over losing your cats. It’s horrible. I fall apart. But stil, it’s worth it for having known them. I have learned so much from cats.
    ……….spoken as I sit here with my feet on my dog and a cat is behind me pawing my head….

    (Don’t you get tired of always being right?


  71. Oh. My. Gawd. Would you look at what this walking trash does? And this country owns our debts?????

  72. Stop the torturing!!! That is tooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!! And I am squealing. I have a big piece to write on Hillary and I just cannot make myself start it. Still getting over thinking about that dreadful blood clot. Oy! I must write….. I must write…..


  73. Just wondering how much money was raised from private donations for Sandy relief efforts and where that money went. I just checked one source and found no figure on the amont raised. I know Congress is derelict in this matter, but it troubles me that large amounts of money were likely raised, but victims are without heat. Surely, some disaster relief money could have gone to buying them generators or kerozene heaters. This reminds me of the big fund-raising for Haiti and three years later, they are still a mess.

    Can’t trust anyone.

  74. I don’t know how she is so positive and so forgiving and so able to let the past go

    As with all seasoned leaders and, yes, politicians, she understands the art of Timing and it’s importance.

  75. NY AG reports $400 million raised for relief.


  76. Yes karen, please if there is a God, let the names on those accounts leak. Might be a quick way to clean out Congress, for starters.

  77. Those high school boys were raised by swine. I hope their so-called parents are proud because the rest of the world is glad they didn’t spawn their little shits.

  78. Mayor Bloomers will probably use the money to make candy illegal or something.

  79. ” I have learned so much from cats.
    I spent the afternoon making 40 lbs. of cat food and the little shits slept all day; showed up for dinner. I’m not sure what I learned from that.

  80. locations of gun owners in Texas.

  81. Carville really addressed CDS on CNN today. Here is a portion of it on HuffPo, but he went on longer and blasted Bolton and said that every Dem he knows wants her to run in 2016.


  82. Gotta love Carville, he’s fiercely loyal to the Clintons, unlike those ingrates Donna Brazille and that Toe Sucker, both of whom would be selling shoes at Payless if it weren’t for the Clintons.

  83. Indian woman throws herself from train to escape rape. These people are animals.


  84. Speaking of ingrates, Judas Richardson is running off to N. Korea on a “personal” mission despite US Dept of State objections. More disrespect for Hillary. I’ll just bet Horseface is going behind her back and telling Richardson to ignore her since he’s the SOS-in-waiting. I hope the N. Koreans hold him for randsom.

  85. Richardson. He is sooooooooooooooo cooked.

  86. There was an honor-killing in India this week also. A brother beheaded his sister. The report I read said the incident did not get a lot of press because of the bigger rape-murder story. And we keep sending US jobs to such critters? Shameful.

  87. A brother there also killed his sister there in that shithole a couple of weeks ago…..and brought her head to the police. No kidding. These people are freaks of nature.

  88. I hope the N. Koreans hold him for randsom.

    And I hope the Big Dawg doesn’t go to rescue his sorry ass.

  89. There seems to be an increase in rapes lately. Maybe it’s time for women to get vigilante about it. Globally.

  90. Gun sales among women aren’t up exponentially for nothing. Women are sick of this shit and they know the law protects the scum and not the victims. So they are learning they are On The Own and acting accordingly. More and more we read about women young and old killing these bastards. I hope it happems more and more so that these pieces of shit are afraid to even try. The only way to slow this down is to remove these vermin from the gene pool. If the law won’t execute them, then women will. It’s Time. Sorry but it’s true.

  91. Big Dawg will NEVER rescue Richardson from ANYTHING, the traitor.

  92. Just rolling across bottom of tv screen – CA appeals court just overturned a rape conviction because the victim is single.

    I don’t know anything more than that, but based on that, it sure seems like someone is saying that rape is an affront to the husband not the victim, and if there’s no husband, there’s no damage….

    sorry, no link, I’m going to look for one

  93. I spent the afternoon making 40 lbs. of cat food and the little shits slept all day; showed up for dinner. I’m not sure what I learned from that.

    I’m dying here!

  94. oh, sounds like greta is about to address it….

  95. I must say the reward was that they licked their bowls clean. Turkey-Chicken-Liver, Taurine and other health stuff….Yummm

  96. I am so sick of this shit. I think every woman in this country should arm herself. Enough is enough. Shoot them in the head, cut their dicks off and stuff them in their mouths and send the message. I am not kidding here. If women don’t fight back they are cooked in this country, day by day it is getting worse and the law enables these bastards. Forget the courts and the police and anybody associated with the law. They not only don’t give a fuck, enough of these cops themselves have raped women. Enough is enough, ladies. learn to shoot. Now. And get a dog. Not one you can fit in your handbag. A dog. If you have to bend down to pet him, he’s not a dog.

  97. Glock really should send me a check. I’ve talked a lot of women into buying their guns.

  98. “Glock really should send me a check. I’ve talked a lot of women into buying their guns.”
    And Husbands….Al’s not bothered by recoil but the .45, .357, etc. were a little large for her hands…the 19 is a good fit and the operation is simple.

  99. Here’s a video pertaining to the CA rape case. The rapist was freed based on some obscure law. I also read elsewhere that the judge took the prosecutors to task for not doing a better job choosing the charges they brought against the rapist.


  100. Apparently woman was asleep, her boyfriend was still there when she fell asleep. This stranger snuck in after boyfriend left and “pretended” to be her boyfriend, she was asleep but woke up enough to return kisses. First court convicted him, either because he tricked her or because it’s rape to have someone asleep (anyone who can’t consent), but they don’t know which reason the jury used.
    Then in appeals, lawyer argued on basis of some old 1800s law that says it’s only rape if you’re married and someone else has sex with you.


  101. I hope somebody shoots that fuckwad in the dick really soon and walks away. The only way justice is going to do its job is when they are forced to take note that women are sick of this shit.

  102. Yes SHV it’s perfect for women. First time I tried a .357 with a hair trigger, it dischaged twice on the ground. .45 is out of the question for most women. Glock 19 is exactly as you describe, good fit, easy operation. I’m never going down first if I can help it.

  103. “I’ve talked a lot of women into buying their guns.”
    Women are a increasing % of the market. A new gun store/indoor range opened several weeks ago; about 20′ from home. The store is new, well lighted, no dead animals on the walls and when I was there, four of the seven employees were women. Also about 1/3 of the accessories were designed for women, purses, holsters, designer style shooting glasses, hearing protection in colors other than black, etc.

  104. Yup SHV, women are buying and everybody knows it.

  105. UW: I don’t want a gun and I am not prepared to do murder (yet), but I have nothing against a half a dozen women showing up, beating the crap out of him, macing him, and handcuffing him to a public fixture in nothing but his skivvies and a scarlet R on his forehead, making clear that this is about honor and he has brought shame to society.

  106. Well Sophie, that sounds like a fun party I would like to attend too. Except I say give him to a dog while he’s chained there.

  107. “Enough is enough, ladies. learn to shoot. Now. And get a dog. Not one you can fit in your handbag. A dog. If you have to bend down to pet him, he’s not a dog.”
    If it’s one or the other, a “real” dog is probably better protection.

  108. Y’know, the whole gerrymandering thing is really backfiring on the Rs. Right now, House Rs who voted for Sandy relief are afraid they’re going to get punished with a primary next time around. Usually, the challenger is so way out there that they either can’t beat the D or if they do, can’t govern once in office.

    I think state legislatures should all vote for MIT to write them a redistricting algorithm. (Not to be confused with Al Gore rhythm.)

  109. sophie, it appears that your idea about half a dozen women beating the crap out of some guy has taken root in India. Here’s a video and story about a politician who is accused of rape and some women and some men dish up a little physical abuse. I think theyare a bit too timid about it, but it’s a start. The accompanying article is worth reading too.


  110. I have been observing an interesting psycho/social evolution in my area. Crime is going up, shootings, property crimes, etc. From the local “news”, wouldn’t have a clue but a neighborhood blog documents what is going on. One nice, older neighborhood is increasing being hit, initially with car/garage break ins, then home burglaries, now armed home invasion with robbery. The people in this area have traditionally, for want of a better description, been “white guilt”, creative class progs…as opposed to being Liberals. Well comments on the local blogs following a crime used to be “poor kid has been failed by society”, or comments about incarceration rates, etc. Now, it’s “I’ve bought at gun, why aren’t the police on our streets more, why don’t they keep these kids in jail, etc.”

  111. comments on the local blogs following a crime used to be “poor kid has been failed by society”, or comments about incarceration rates, etc. Now, it’s “I’ve bought at gun, why aren’t the police on our streets more, why don’t they keep these kids in jail, etc.”

    Funny how that happens…

  112. Wow SHV, you must have healthy cats!

    Been reading the highlights here to the dudes. They are mindblown. So much interesting things end up here that I wouldn’t hear about otherwise.

  113. I drove to the west coast and back and the only time I got stopped was in Salina, Ks. ……….They have flat lands uppity, miles and miles of flat lands with nothing to see as far as the eye can see. And they have farm land. That’s all.

    Oh, Karen, Karen, Karen! The midwest lover has to object! I know you’re talking about the midwest in general, but if you ever were to ride RAGBRAI, the yearly bicycle ride across Iowa (Missouri River to Mississippi River), you’d never call it flat again!

    But I have learned there are two types of people. There are those who like mountains in the way so they can’t see anything, and then there are those who prefer less cluttered landscape so that they can look out and see for mile after beautiful mile! (one guess which I am lol)

  114. A whole lotta stuff happens in our comment section, that’s for sure,

    I am SO going to bed, but first, I must ask you socal, do you make or are you famiiliar with the Greek roasted potatoes with lemon and beer? With lamb if you wish? I am SO IN LOVE WITH THAT RECIPE. Delicious! Hats off, Greeks!

  115. Anybody who knows enough to add Taurine to home made cat food is one good cat food cooker.

  116. “Wow SHV, you must have healthy cats! ”
    It’s not that much trouble and one batch takes up a small freezer shelf and last ~5 months. A year ago, I thought that there must be something seriously wrong with a person who would make food for a cat. Maybe there is!! :>)

  117. SHV, very cool that you do that. When I get a cat, I will bug you for the recipe.

    Upps, I never heard of adding beer. Sounds good. Please describe it. I make fab Greek potatoes of course.

  118. Lorac you’re so funny!

  119. Look how generous the teapublican party is with aid for Sandy victims:

    “A $9.7 billion bill to pay flood insurance claims from Hurricane Sandy sailed through the House on Friday with an overwhelming bipartisan majority, just two days after Republican officials in New York and New Jersey exploded in outrage after a much larger relief bill failed to come up for a vote before the end of the last Congress

    The flood insurance measure now goes to the Senate, which easily approved a $60 billion Sandy aid package in late December that leaders in the Republican-controlled House declined to bring to the floor.” (from huffpo)

    There is supposed to be another bill later in the month for more money, but what bastards. A drop in the bucket compared to the corn entitlements alone, as you guys pointed out upthread.

  120. I think this belongs here lol

  121. Awww, that was adorable. Cute kittehs!

  122. Ok Sophie, I’ve been thinking about your idea for rapists and decided that chaining him somewhere in his skivvies isn’t good enough after he ruined someone’s life. So how about you do all that stuff and THEN we shoot him.

  123. And I just read all our angsty stuff about the Republicans and concluded that we were all saying similarly bad shit about the Democrats a few years ago. Therefore logic serves that both of these parties aren’t worth spit and that, whether we like to admit it or not, there are some worthwhile people in them, it’s just that they have been drowned out by the extremes. For example, I don’t think Boehner, save for his penchant to make himself look orange, is such an unbending guy. I just think that he is being bullied by that fringe that forces the rest of them to walk with two feet in one shoe. Remember the crazy Democratic fringe? Well guess what, they’re still there too.

    I honestly think that this bully fad in these two parties will come to an end eventually and normal people will just drown the fringe out. I would like to see Rand Paul get his ass trashed in an election but it probably won’t happen because he represents angsty fringe voter of which here are enough in his district. I’d like to see that stale and sneaky POS Harry Reid tank too, but ditto there. I don’t think that right now the Democrats offer any better alternative to this mess Congress is either. Ironically, while we speak of bullying in schools, these cockroach fringes set the example for it.

    What this nation really needs is a national referendum that term limits all of these cockroaches out of office. They won’t make the law themselves, why would they? But the one neverending theme here from both these parties is, when they are in power too long they begin to stink like a house guest who never leaves. If they had term limits they wouldn’t be bought repeatedly by special interests and develop a symbiotic and lifetime financial relationship with them.

    Our congress is crusty, entrenched and useless to the American people, and the only way to fix that is to make it so nobody gets too comfortable in congress and turns it into their life’s income generator.

    I think we all need to take a deep breath and recognize that removing power from one bunch of shitbags and transferring it to the other bunch of shitbags isn’t boding well for America any longer.

  124. Lorac, which I had seen that sooner, that is so cute. We should put it up for the people who don’t read comments.

    Alas, that poor big boy in #3 was rescued and on a diet but he had a heart attack right after he got all his publicity. I believe they stressed him and I blame the people who rescued him and used him for some publicity. Which shows you that sometimes these animal organizations can be just as toxic to animals as anybody else.

  125. Socal, here is the exact recipe i found and used. I have seen the potato recipe without the lamb and it doesn’t have beer, but speficically, I am in love with this one.

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