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  1. Lorac, I was just talking about Kansas being flat prairie. I was on 70 headed east and after the Vail pass thru the Rockies everything was lowland. That New Year kitteh vid was adorable.

  2. That white fluff ball pup is smaller then needlenoses fur pile after grooming.

  3. I liked your comment on the last thread about Reid and Boehner, Upps. Did you see the story on the two of them outside the oval office as the fiscal crape was heating up and they were angry? Boo Hoo told Reid to fuck off, twice. About time!

  4. Brought up from downstairs…

    we were all saying similarly bad shit about the Democrats a few years ago

    Indeed. The people of both parties are being poorly served by the Party leaders (insiders, overlords, TPTB, whatever you want to call them).

    My point there was that I think the Rs thought they had the whole thing all sown up with the gerrymandering and now they are the victims of the monster they unwittingly created. Same on the D side, we saw some of the Progs acknowledge they weren’t happy with their creation either–for awhile (and way too little too late for my tastes).

    I think we all need to take a deep breath and recognize that removing power from one bunch of shitbags and transferring it to the other bunch of shitbags isn’t boding well for America any longer.

    Agree. I think that’s what pisses me off most about the Rs–to my thinking, they were contractually obligated to end the Obama nightmare and they fucking blew it, right from the beginning of their primaries. Actually, it began sooner with that astroturf Tea Party “movement.” You could tell they really had no intention of unseating Teh Precious, it was just a show. If Mitch McConnell was serious about making Obama a one term president, he would have worked to make his party something to vote FOR. Didn’t happen. Still isn’t happening. The Rs excel at alienating ordinary citizens. If not for gerrymandering, they would not have Congress. People voted overwhelmingly for D candidates for the House. They should keep that in mind, but it’s still not where they’re looking.

    Their power triangle of media (Rush, Fox), their wealthy, and the religious (anti-woman/gay/science nutjobs) keeps making it worse. Listening to their election post-mortems is pissing me off because they are moving further away from the facts (if that’s possible) and do not look like they will ever become the balance we need. They don’t recognize that the more ridiculous they become, the more power and credibility they give to the extreme Progs.

  5. Good day all. Uppity you must stop posting cute puppies it just makes me want to go out and nab a few. lol. It is a whopping 8 degrees outside and I am freezing my arse off because Kahlua has rebounded for the time and knocked me on my butt in the snow. So tell me again why I love an animal that lives to torture me.
    As for the politics no matter which party is in control and which is fighting the controlling power we are screwed because we all gave them the power to begin with. I strongly agree that term limits would be the best start to taking back control. Also think they ought to be paid far far less. If there was no way to get rich b going to Washington we would see folks do it to actually do what is right for the people. Imagine the likes of Harry Reid having to live on the pittance he thinks folks on SS or a military person has to live on.

  6. I’ve always thought that Obama winning would make the far Right even Righter. That was my hope with McCain. I was hoping if he won they would move more toward the center.

  7. They’re not getting rich because of paychecks…’s pay out or pay back….or kick back, whatever you want to call it. Term limits are not a good idea IMO. The system is designed with term limits…’s called voting. The problem is we don’t hold their feet to the fire and vote them, or even threaten to vote them out.

  8. Cat person, here, but I want that puppy, now.
    What kind of dog is that and why isn’t s/he snuggling with me as we type?

  9. The mega-wealthy decide for the party bosses who gets to run at all. That’s why it’s ridiculous for us to fight over candidates–it’s not like we’re arguing for good choices. It’s as if we were in McDonald’s arguing over the the nutritional value of the Big Mac vs. the McRib.

    It’s almost not even worth it to argue over issues anymore, since the lines have been drawn by both sides and most people’s views meander left and right. Most people are not for None or All of anything.

    We are left to argue over posturing on positions!

    I am not sold either for or against term limits. I would like to see campaign finance completely reworked. What if a congresscritter could only take contributions from their district residents? That would be a level playing field for both sides. What if Senators and Governors could only take contributions from their states? What if presidents could only take contributions from registered voters in their country?

  10. As Uppity predicted: Domestic Violence-Related Homicides have doubled, and even tripled, in many cities in the United States this past year. Around the world, same crap… including…

    New Year’s Eve – I went into my bedroom, heard a noise at the window seal, which I thought was a stray cat that I’ve been feeding.

    Nope. Came face to face with a FRICKING Peeping Tom. Not over it yet – which is pissing me off as much as the mere existence of such a FREAK OF NATURE!

    Let’s see: Isn’t this yet another, predominantly MALE trait of the ‘superior’ gender?

    Wow, us WIMINZ have made so much progress, when it comes to this VIOLATING OUR LIVES shit!

  11. P.S. Thank you the SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE(SSS)!!!

    I’ve needed them… as a reprieve from the other one, courtesy of a patriarchal-trained terrorist.

  12. Well you can expect Violence against women to increase even more since a certain bunch of fuckwads in Congress let the VAW Act expire so they could kick the shit out of their own wives and mistresses. These people really hate women, gang. The only thing that separates them from Islamists are our laws. And they are obviously working on that. I tell you, arm yourself, of suffer.

  13. In my days in an apartment I had a peeping tom outside my bedroom window, turned out to be an old boyfriend choking his chicken. Actually just a guy I saw a couple of times and dumped. Apparently he thought that should turn me on. He met up with my .32 pointing at his dick. Well it was my brother’s .32 he insisted I keep it. Glad he did. Needless to say, he left.

  14. I have a problem with where the “arm yourself” argument could go.

    When women get raped or beaten, they ask “What was she wearing” or “What was she doing out that late?” or “What was she doing in that neighborhood?” As if, it was her fault for living.

    I do not want to add to the litany, “What did she expect–she wasn’t packing.” As in, it’s her fault for not being armed.

  15. You just gotta love Huffblow. Why you don’t even have to gawk at tabloids in the supermarket checkout line when them around, do you?

    No, Huffblow, she’s not after his money, she has a penchant for decrepit walking cadavers with pee stains on their pants. She probably won’t have to worry about that prenup, Huffblow. He’s going to be dead soon, if he isn’t doing the Weekend At Bernie’s thing already. And it won’t be too soon either. The world will be a better place without this pig.

  16. Loophole decision on rape case in CA met with outrage.

  17. More on the “alleged” rape case in Ohio. Yeah alleged alright. Anyway, remember it was the HS football players laughing while a rape was going on at a party.
    wrong link this is what I meant to post:

  18. Has to be the money honey!!!! :lol;

  19. That CA loophole rape case Lorac brought up is sick. There was a book on arcane laws called The Trenton Pickle Ordinance which got its name from tossing tainted pickles in the street in Trenton NJ as against the law and punishable with some torture of the 1800s. You would think with all the attys in these USs we could have clear cut and sane laws.

    Whynot, I had peeping Tom’s when I was young and it is truly terrifying to take a shower or run outside with a bag of garbage – even in daylight. I always felt violated and paranoid. I dumped water on him from another window. I had more than one and in a few locations – different first floor windows. Call the cops.

  20. Seriously, Sophie, that’s a stretch. Personally I would love to hear that argument just once, because I just know it will result in more armed women. I’m telling you, the law does not care about you any longer. How many of these cases do we have to see before we all get it? The courts refuse to punish abusers until they kill. Restraining orders aren’t worth spit. Even if someone goes to prison, he’s out doing it again in a flash. Women. Are. On.Their. Own. They can either because victims all the time or they can have a fighting chance. Besides, you don’t have to kill him if you don’t want. Just remove his dick and family jewels, kick his cell phone about 20 feet away, and then decide if you want to bother calling 911. Worst part will be cleanup, which is why tile is always good for door entrances. I’m sorry but I feel nothing for anybody who wants to break into my home and do me harm. I want first nibs. If he even gets past my dog.

  21. Imust, I watched some of that long and sick vid you posted and it was sick. That punk is evil and inhuman and some of his peers at least tried to tell him his “dead jokes” were not funny. It was too sick to watch even. His parents raised a psycho.

    I didn’t get the whole story but clearly this kid either knows who performed the rape/kidnap/murderer or he was directly involved with the sports team party members who did this crime. The coach must be so proud. That lump of crap has a full scholarship too I thin I read. May that young woman RIP. So sick.

  22. karen from what I understand, the girl (16) was unconscious, perhaps due to alcohol or something else?? This was all going on in a house at a party (at a coach’s house I think). Rape was happening in another room.

  23. Drunk is not an excuse.

  24. That white fluff ball pup is smaller then needlenoses fur pile after grooming.

    lol that’s actually true. The whole litter is smaller.

  25. I don’t think it’s a stretch, particularly since I agree with your statement that we are on our own. I would prefer to find a solution that involves a massive change in societal opinion so that we are not on our own (therefore needing to be armed).

  26. Bless your little idealistic utopian heart!

  27. No it’s not an excuse. But that’s why I think the idiot in the video keeps referring to her as “dead”.

  28. The problem with arming women as you suggest may be that if women were to begin to defend themselves more then the definition of “defense” would change. She would be accused of murder and sent to jail.

  29. Yeah well I’d like to see them change the rules of defense when someone jimmies your door and enters your home. I wish them luck with that one.

  30. imust, why do you say that in the future tense? It is that way now. There was a story a few years back where a rape victim got sued/arrested for using mace or pepper spray and the argument was that the negative effects of rape are temporary whereas those from the spray were permanent.

  31. A gun woulda been permanenter. :

  32. Yup, foxy, a gun is permanenter!

    And seeing what people do in the comment section of some blogs and how people respond to Tweets, No, I would not feel safer if everyone were armed!

  33. Well, I won’t go into the emotional conflict I’ve been through over this, because I didn’t even THINK about grabbing the gun – but instead the phone to call the police – who didn’t arrive for two hours – because of it being New Year’s Eve. Honestly, I think I SHOULD have, just in case… but didn’t, for some reason, I have yet to figure out.

    On the other hand:

    The man in the home across the street walks his dog with a gun in his pocket – daylight or dark – doesn’t give a crap what anyone thinks when it comes to defending his person. He’s a really nice guy – except when it comes to any kind of threat to his safety. He’s locked and loaded. (Someone knocked on his door at four in the morning once, and he opened his door with his shot gun in hands.

    Now, it seems to me that when women take that position, we get all kinds of crap for it – and not only do I realize that I am woefully, negatively “conditioned” about that, but horrified by the thought of shooting – killing someone – and/or having to “defend” myself over whether “I adequately assessed that my life was in danger, thus justified.”

    It really, really frustrates me that I am so “conflicted” over it.

  34. Sophie, good point. As good judgment and IQ levels drop and gun ownership, especially heavy artillery numbers go up, it is bound to cross a line of balance. The answer is not going to come anytime soon. More serious crimes ending up in prison sentences with less cushy perks. More judges willing to put them in said prisons and a court system that doesn’t slap criminals on the wrist. More police and armed guards in bad neighborhoods doing their jobs. More education of gun owners and education levels increasing in general especially in the at risk poverty class. More incentives for street weapons to be turned in by junkies for cash. All kinds of things would help a bit but it is going to take overhauling the way things are and people joining together to stop the rhetoric and start to use their heads to stop the violence. God Help Us.

    I’ve lived in a gated community because I live alone and appreciate having a security guard to call if anything at all happens. When I move to Florida I will likely live in a 55+ gated community with neighborhood watch and citizen and security guard – gate – patrol… because I do not want to feel threatened in my own home.

  35. Adorable Love Cats link from John at the critter room. His new fosters will be there very soon. I keep checking for the cam.

    scroll down to see some remarkable and cute as hell pics:

  36. These are anectodal stories. I’ve written posts and posted MANY links about women removing these POS’s from the gene pool just like they deserves, and nary a one of them was charged with murder because it is OBVIOUS it was self defense. Now I have to go collect them up again, which truly pisses me off.

  37. I know. Let’s start with googling “Woman shoots intruder”. Please find me one where she got prosecuted for murder or successfully accused of doing worse than the perp. 243,000 results on the search.

  38. this search contains the words Woman Kills Rapist and therefore, you will see it includes “Attempted” rapists. Guess how many hits? 84,600,000. Pick out the ones who are in jail for murder or successfully sued by the perp. And then subtract. lol.

  39. Blind dog has Seeing-Eye cat! Very sweet!

  40. Is that puppy a Westie?

  41. Upps, thanks for potato recipe. I will def try that out. My dudes love my Greek potatoes, I guess I will them tonite.

  42. imust, that “hactivist” group has now posted further info on the coverup – if true, that town is in deep….

    According to their article, the coverup is so involved that the father of one of the “rape gang” boys is a cop – and his mother is the prosecuting attorney for the two boys who were charged… nah, no conflict of interest there.. (and one of the houses the rapes occured in was hers, too)….

  43. I think that seeing eye cat or its dog has to be gone by now, unless they were very young. Very heartwarming for sure. I saw my dog and Joe protect my RIP cat Roni whenever he had his syncope attacks before I got him diagnosed and medication correct, and it would bring you to tears what they would do for him. From that day forward, the dog always gave him the big dog bed and the dog would sleep in the cat bed, all crammed in. I have hotos. to this say, my dog still sleeps in that cat’s bed more often than not, even though it sticks to her butt when she gets up because it’s too small. lol.

  44. Oh John’s got more cats! Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  45. socal what’s different about the potato recipe from what you make? Maybe the beer is there for only the potato and lamb recipe? I tell you this is delicious but I DID make it WITH the lamb.

  46. Thanks for doing the research, Upps. I will certainly rest easier knowing that it’s legal and safe to use deadly force to protect my domicile and virtue.

  47. Sophie, nobody in their right mind takes it lightly, but the truth is, these shitbags are out there and there are more and more of them because our laws are too lax. Most of them aren’t at the rodeo for the first time, you know? Bottom line is, it’s you or them. Me? I think I’m worth more than they are.

  48. Lorac, You landed in spam a few times. Go figure. I fished you out. You can do it yourself, you know. You have The Power. Hint: .ru is Russia or Romania

  49. Utah should be weighing in any time now. I’m sure it will be colorful.

  50. Thanks, Upps. I didn’t want to be presumptuous – I haven’t been around in a while lol

  51. Upps, I am not taking it lightly. We discussed a number of things, the legal ramifications of self-defense being but one. Still, I don’t see myself defending the fort with a gun. Not saying it’s right or wrong. In order for it to be effective, one needs a warning; being surprised from behind makes the weapon worthless.

    What I am saying that it really fucking sucks to even have to consider how to defend yourself from people who have no regard for the boundaries of other human beings. It sucks that more and more people will be carrying guns, thinking they’re protecting themselves when they may not even have the skills or temperament to handle a weapon properly. It sucks that I don’t feel comfortable having a political argument with my neighbor because he might have a gun. It sucks that my niece and nephew can go to a friends house whose dad might have a gun. I was under this naive impression that very few people actually owned guns. There are way more than I thought. I was under this naive impression that I lived in a different kind of place, but I don’t. Anyone could have a gun and anyone could go off the handle.

    Y’know, I was thinking about going to church tomorrow for Epiphany but thought better of it because it occurred to me that some well meaning parishioner might be packing thinking he or she is doing the community a service.

  52. Re: guns…. I was very unhappy that they published that list of gun owners out east. If they had done that where I live, I’d be terrified – because they’d be putting a target on my house – all the bad guys would know I have no gun, and they can come in and rape, rob, whatever…

  53. Actually, lorac, they only know who has a gun permit. A permit doesn’t mean you have a gun and lack of a permit doesn’t mean you don’t. I think the paper shouldn’t have published it. That being said, a government permit is a public record. Every single other public record is available online. For example, when you get a permit to put on an addition to your house, all the paperwork is usually online, including blueprints showing exits and entrances. I find that creepy too.

  54. This was a VERY irresponsible thing they did. For starters, they endangered people identified, because we all know that the far left can be as horrible as the far right. I believe this was the deliberate intent. Call them up. Harass them, you get the picture. I read where there was a widow at one of those addresses whose husband owned the gun. He died five years ago and the gun was gone. She was terrified. Disgusting. Despicable. Worse, they gave all the criminals a nice road map of where to go to rob or invade. All they had to do was check a street location they had targeted and check the map to see if they DON’T have a gun. No gun! Easy mark! Thirdly, these people held legal gun permits. To mark them as criminals instead of criminals was not only insane, but deliberately malicious. Overall, this was just about the most malicious In Your Face abuse of newspaper power I have seen in a long time. In turn, a blogger posted the names and addresses of the sons of bitches who work at that newspaper, including every single staff member, innocent or not. Now they knew how it felt. Furthermore, the publisher’s home was listed on Zillow, I posted that links somewhere too and on that zillow page, the INTERIOR of her Million dollar-plus home was listed in a bunch of photos, room by room. For staking out. How did SHE feel then, huh? A dose of her own medicine. I posted a link yesterday or maybe the day before, who knows, whereby this despicable newspaper had to hire armed guards to protect themselves. Too fucking bad, now you know how what YOU did feels. Besides that, hiring armed guards…….there was no irony there, was there? The people who hate gun people? People who Out people and place them in danger are despicable, loathsome defects who deserve everything they get and they deserve the same treatment.

  55. Got it! here’s a link to the comment that contains the link to the blogger who exposed them right back, and a link to the publisher’s home listing.

  56. lol lorac, presumptious R Us!!! Besides, I didn’t remove you as full mod because I didn’t want to and because I trust you, even when you are gone! I told you I understood and you were still and always welcome and I’m glad you took me up on it.

  57. Yes Sophie it does suck. You think I enjoy feeling this way? Of course you don’t. But I just don’t think your wish is very realistic. There will always be criminals and there will always be psychos and there will always be crime. The very best a person can do is shore up against it in the saame way we shore up for the seaon’s flu or the way we prepare for a hurricane. It’s just not practical to imagine that ‘society’ can take care of this.

  58. Ah I see the newspaper publisher got the photos of her GORGEOUSLY appointed home removed from Zillow. The whole thing was simply beautiful in and out and SMACKED of Limousine LIberal who just got to eat her own shit. I’ll bet she thinks twice before she holds others hostage to fear and danger again. SOmetimes that kind of lesson can spread to OTHER irresponsible news outlets. This would be good because what this publisher did was simply UNCONCIONABLE.

    I wonder how many women were on that published map, hiding from abusive partners, stalkers, etc etc. If I were Gannett, I would fire that entire news staff. But then I have never known Gannett to have a moral compass. Read the old book, CHAIN GANG, written about ten years ago to get the full flavor of how despicable Gannett is, and they love them their despicable local publishers too.

    Gannett Gannett, read all about it.

  59. There will always be criminals and there will always be psychos and there will always be crime.

    We are a nation of laws. At least that’s what they used to teach in my public schools. I wasn’t expecting America to turn back into the wild wild west in my midlife. I live in what used to be considered a safe area with what used to be considered good schools.

    As reprehensible as you think what the newspaper did was (and it was), it was their right–the one right before the right to bear arms. I do agree with much of what you said, but which rights trump the other rights?

    One thing I don’t agree with is calling it “irony” that they had to hire armed guards. I bet they never expected threats from the “law abiding” gun owners.

    P.S. If you google my real name, you get a lot of hits regarding my donations to Hillary, because it’s part of the public record. I find that creepy too. I’m screwed if any future hiring manager has CDS.

  60. Also, having grown up with the Journal News, which was then acquired by Gannett, I am amused at all the folks calling it a liberal paper because I found it annoyingly conservative!

  61. LOL on CDS managers!

    Yes we are a nation of laws. Laws that used to have teeth and have been whittled at until, even murderers now serve ten years and are back on the street. Our laws have been manipulated to help criminals not victims. We even call dirtbags who kill in front of twenty witnesses “Suspects”. We see rapists get off on technicalities. We see rapists’ cases drop when their vitcims commit suicide. I am sorry, but there is something very wrong with our system of justice and our mental health system as well. I’ll give up my gun when the law gives up blowing criminals. I don’t see the nation as heading toward the wild west, Texas notwithstanding, lol. What I see instead is a nation that recognizes our laws have been defiled and they have no recourse but to be prepared so as not to become a victim. That is all. Wild West isn’t people like me who go to the range once a year to make sure I remember my gun safety and make sure I can shoot straight. That amounts to the majority of handgun owners in the USA. I don’t carry but I sure wished I did last year when those two pitbulls attacked me and my dog while the owner stood there with her finger up her ass. Other than that, I never recall wishing I was carrying my gun. But if I had to I would. For now, my gun is for my safety and I feel better knowing I have it. I am often alone here for days at a time and people know it, and my dog and my gun are what are between me and some piece of shit who thinks he’s entitled to some of my stuff or a piece of me. That’s not the wild west, that’s proactive self-preservation thinking.

  62. Sophie some of Gannet’s newspapers ARE conservatives and slimy ones at that. I had to live with one of them. It is VERY obvious that this newspaper that printed those names is ANYTHING but conservative. The real point is, Gannett doesn’t care just so long as the advertising money is sent to them every week. But they are hugely manipulative and VERY dishonest and they attract publishers just like themselves…..and if you read that book you will see how well they control things when they feel they need to.

  63. I was thinking about all kinds of things that a parent may want to know about the home they are sending one of their kids to go play at. I can think of two ways to get this information out there, but I’ll mention them at the end of the list.

    – do the kids participate in underage drinking/drugs?
    – are they having underage sex?
    – have they had abortions or sent a newborn out for adoption?
    – are the kids good students? Are they progressing at least normally in school?
    – do the children ever have arguments when they are playing? and if so, are they able to self-regulate themselves, or does it get all out of control and need a parent? If they do need a parent, is the parent available?
    – do their kids bully other kids?
    – have any of the kids ever seriously hurt any other kids?
    – amongst their toys, are there toy guns?
    – is there a dart game easily accessible with which a kid’s eye could be poked out?
    – amongst their video games, are there games in which the whole point is to shoot, torture, and rape, the primary victims being women? where are those to be locked up when your child visits?
    – do the kids who live there have lice?
    – have the kids had all of their immunizations?
    – is there a foster kid in the home who may have experienced many traumas, and now is quite warped?
    – are the kids allowed to explore interests and activities not necessarily traditionally allowed based on gender?
    – are the kids given opportunities to express themselves creatively, such as through art, music, sports, writing (within the home, especially as so many schools are cutting these out except sports).

    – do they serve organic produce?
    – do they wash their produce before serving it?
    – are the meals well-balanced and nutritional?
    – does the family sit down together to eat?
    – is meal-time encouraged to be “family time”, a time to be all together and talk with others?
    – are phone calls, door bells, and texting prohibited from interrupting family meal time?
    – do they serve milk or water with meals, or do they survive on soda?
    – is the peanut butter locked up so that your allergic kid doesn’t get sick?
    – is everyone encouraged to clear their own plate, and maybe even help with the clean-up?
    – are there healthy snacks in the home?

    – does the house have greenery which may attract bees, in case your kid goes into anaphylactic shock. Is the appropriate emergency medicine available in the home?
    – are there animals in the house, in case your kid is allergic to them or is deadly afraid of them?
    – apart from allergies, what kinds of dogs? are there pitt bulls? are there chihuahuas that aren’t going to stop yapping the whole time your kid is there?
    – have their animals had their shots, and is the paperwork certifying such easily accessible?
    – are the pets well cared for? Are they loved and a part of the family? Do family members push and kick them?

    – are the parents encouraging the kids to continue their education after high school, leading to a life of work not welfare?
    – do the parents belong to the PTA?
    – is the father as involved and responsible for the kids’ needs as the mother is?
    – do they have a safe, reliable mode of transportation?
    – are they securely employed?
    – what values are being taught to the children? Are they being taught to think for themselves?
    – do the parents have a good relationship, or are they going to create a huge sense of tension in the home?
    – is their relationship with their own kids such that the children feel loved and safe?
    – is it a household where the only adjectives and nouns are “motherf*cker?
    – do they encourage and participate in recycling?
    – do the parents drink/use drugs/participate in gangs?
    – do they encourage open communication in the home?
    – do they read to their younger kids?
    – does the father have a pornography addiction? Is he a pedophile who prefers young girls or young boys? Are the children in the home likely to come across this pornography, in magazines or on a computer? Is the father safe to be around young children or women?
    – do the parents encourage the kids to have chores, to learn team work, to learn what it means to be part of a family?
    – if there are guns in the house, do the parents have a personality type which would preclude them being safe with the guns? Are they macho and impulsive? Are they extremely anxious and jittery, likely to shoot first and ask questions later?
    -Do they participate in their child’s learning and growth at home, by teaching them, helping with homework, going on their own field trips, finding ways to make play educational?
    – anyone have any charges for domestic violence, elder abuse, child abuse, rape?
    – how do the parents discipline the children? How do they plan to discipline yours?
    – if by some chance your child became injured at their house, what would be their plan for dealing with that?


    – is the house kept clean? Is it cluttered and unsafe?
    – does the house have plenty of books on bookshelves?
    – cfl lights?
    – are any poisonous substances locked away or out of reach (paint, anti-freeze, pest control products, bleach)
    – if there are liquor and cigarettes in the house, are they out of the sight and reach of the children?
    – does the house have bedbugs?
    – does the house have child fences barricading the stairs in the home?
    – are their outlets “child safe”?
    – are there guns in the home?
    – how are the guns locked up?
    – are there bullets in the guns 24/7?
    – do they have a pool with no child gate?
    – are electrical tools all put away and not within the reach of the children?
    – do they play inappropriate and demeaning music in the house?
    – is there a first aid kit in the house, everyone knows where it is, it’s easily and quickly accessible?
    – are there games or a nearby park, so there can be good old fashioned, creativity-creating, fun, or does every available “fun” thing involve technology?
    – do they have house/rental insurance in case your child is injured on the property?
    – do other adults or older teenagers not in the immediate family routinely enter the home without announcement?

    Okay, so the two ways to get this info:
    1) Have it all printed in the newspaper for every household in the town, maybe on the internet, too
    2) OR…. The old fashioned way. You know, there was a day when parents would meet parents to get to know each other the real way and get a feel for if their child would be safe there.

    Some people want a publicized list of where guns are so as not to send their kids there. Maybe that’s the lazy route. Because is that really all you need to know? This is ALL important info, put it all in the paper!

    Why bother meeting the parents, when all you need to do is check the paper and make sure they don’t have a gun? Well, you could go meet the parents and {gasp} ASK THEM! if they have a gun! Arrange to have lunch together at their house with both your families and turn your spidey sense on, and ask questions. And then you could also learn about all the other problem issues, that if there, are far more likely to harm your child than the gun would. It would certainly save us from having to violate innocent people’s privacy on so many issues.

  64. While I can not really understand some peoples mindset on guns I say they have a right to feel as they do. What I disagree with is their stepping on a right to own guns or to control them.
    It is a proven fact that gun control aka banning so called assault weapons has not worked.
    Taking away guns only affects the mass numbers of folks who obey the laws. I just can not get how some feel that banning anything stops a criminal from doing what is banned. That is what makes them criminals. The only affect gun laws will do is to make it more expensive and harder on a honest person to defend themselves or to enjoy the hobby of shooting. As for women owning guns I say bravo more need to and need to learn to shoot. The only way to stop rape is to kill the bastard that thinks he has a right to take you against your will. No court in this land will put them away for life so ladies you need to put them away for life by putting a bullet in their pea brain.

  65. With that checklist, those kids aren’t going to have any friends. You crack me up, Soph.

    Ah I see Utah is here, and you must be tired because you didn’t really blow a gasket.

  66. Lice. I’m scratching here just thinking about that one.

    I bet limousine liberals use that checklist! Another way to get all that information is to sneak in their house and snoop. What if they are poor and can’t afford organic food. Or should gets never hang out with people who don’t have a lot of money. Ah nevermind, I’ll bet you’re kidding with that list and my leg is pulled.

    So I better go to bed.

  67. Hey, that’s lorac’s list! (All Lebanese really don’t look alike!)

    And going by lorac’s list, I am no longer allowing myself to come and play over at my own house.

  68. Oh shit there i go again mixing up lorac and sophie. I never learn.

  69. I just realized, I failed that checklist. lolol.

  70. And going by lorac’s list, I am no longer allowing myself to come and play over at my own house.

    OMG ROFL! Me Too! Maybe we can hang out with each other!

    Lorac, this is briliant. Gotta add Religion though or it’s not done.

  71. bedbugs. LMAO

  72. But Mom, do I hafta go play at Auntie Lorac’s? We only get to watch NOVA and she only gives us kale chips.

  73. I was just trying to point out how silly I think it is that people want gunowners’ information published so they don’t send their kids to those houses. #1, they could just ASK the parent of the new friend, rather than needing everyone’s information published in a newspaper, and #2, there could be many dangerous situations in that house that you’d never know if you just went by a newspaper list of gunowners.

  74. You need to add raw milk to that list. Lots of parents won’t let their children go near unpasteurized milk.

  75. LOL I KNEW you’d find one!

  76. Listen Lorac, I’d rather than have a gun than Lice!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. You know, all kidding aside, gun safety is a real issue in this country. I think people should be forced to take a gun safety course as part of a permit and maybe even recertify now and then. I mean, I have to have my car inspected every damned year, I have to renew my notary license, etc etc. I know it would be a pain but it sure would help avoid idiotic accidents if gun safety courses were required periodically. LIke that moron in the other thread who shot himself playing Cowboy. There are lots of idiots out there like him. That includes shotgun and rifle handling too!

  78. Oh, and I didn’t mean for people to be sneaking over – it just blows me away that people don’t talk anymore. You wanna know if your kid is safe at a new friend’s house – go meet the family, go see the house! People used to do that. I can’t believe they’d rather it be published info, instead of just meeting the other set of parents. Lazy parents, focused only on the reactionary issue of the day, IMHO.

    People might not want their kid playing at the home of Mormons. Shall we list all Mormons’ names and addresses in the paper? OH, and certainly they may not want their kid playing with a kid who has gay parents. Let’s publish the names and addresses of all the gay people… see how silly that is? Just go meet the parents of the new friend, otherwise, you’re* just a lazy or not very involved parent, and maybe it would be wise for OTHER parents to keep their kids from YOU!

    *you = generic

  79. Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! The Loracs eat organic. How come WE don’t eat organic!!! I want organic!!!

    Maaaaaaaaa! Mrs. Lorac made me eat a carrot! Can YOU imagine!!!!?

  80. Don’t worry about the lice, honey! They don’t eat much!

  81. Maaaaaa, Mr. Lorac came home drunk and beat the dog.

    Don’t worry honey, long as he doesn’t have a gun.

  82. Nah, it’s not organic, I buy my produce from Vons, they have more variety than the foo-foo stores. I only go to the foo-foo stores for special stuff I can’t get at Vons (they actually have a bunch of vegan/veggie stuff- but sometimes I have to go elsewhere)

    for whomever lives where there isn’t a Vons, it’s a regular grocery store like fry’s, ralphs, jewel, piggy wiggly, albertsons, etc

  83. Yes, now you’re getting it! lol

  84. well – except there’s no MISTER Lorac lol

  85. Lorac, who said they preferred having the information published in the paper?

  86. Yup, it’s true, Lorac.

    But today it seems parents barely talk to their kids, much less the neighbors. Sophie is onto something accidentally though. There WAS a time when we all left our doors unlocked and everyone in the neigbhorhood knew who your parents were and could call them if there was a problem. And there was a time when everybody’s parents treated you like they were parents and looked out for you. Something DID go wrong somewhere. But they DARE to blame women for going to work and wanting to achieve. My mother was a successful businesswoman in a man’s domain and i can assure you she knew where I was and what I was up to. Right from her office. I was raised not wanting to disappoint my parents and that is lost now too. What the eff happened? I wouldn’t have THOUGHT to break the law, violate someone’s property or give someone’s parents the finger like some of the shit I see. You learned to respect adults and their property. There are just too many things that disappeared that made people need to “Protect” themselves. I don’t care if you all laugh but TV is a big influence here into the breakdown of America. There is just no end to the disgusting shit that kids are exposed to now, such that they are desensitized to things that should make them sick. And along with that, vieo games are so violent it’s a wonder ANYBODY grows up not being a criminal in one form or another. These games make rape all right, shooting at each other all right, all the things that are not all right are all right in these games. These two things alone are creating a violent and insenstive society. And texting is growing social misfits besides.

  87. Lorac I can loan you Mr. Uppity. he probably could use the break.

  88. Sophie, I see it all over the net, people saying they like the idea of the list, because they could see which houses not to let their kids go to. They weren’t saying they *preferred* it to meeting the other parents, meeting the parents apparently never occured to them!

  89. LOL I can see it now – I could open a Lebanese retreat, where men can go to seek relief from their very sexual wives lol

  90. With drumming, hammocks, and vegan cuisine?

  91. Dunno about the Vegan thing. He’ll go for lots of rides. to restaurants.

  92. But he picks up after himself and won’t be any trouble. Unless you want something fixed. He can fix anything, just give him the yellow pages and a phone.

  93. You might be better off taking me. I can fix anything. lol.

  94. He can fix anything, just give him the yellow pages and a phone.


  95. Nah, the drumming might make them feel sexual. The hammock is for me, unless Karen lost it hehe. Probably the vegan food though, because our job would be to make the men remember how much they appreciate their wives and how wonderful it feels to satisfy them. We’ll get them to the resort, give them some relaxing times, then make it such that they’re eager to go home to their wonderful, normal wives lol

  96. My gun control……………..MAKE THE FIRST SHOT COUNT !!!

    Good night all

  97. Tell you this. I’ve seen Sophie’s cooking and I’m game. I’d probably eat a lot more Vegan meals if I hung out with her.

  98. Oh, UW, I’m in dire need of fixing – come to help me – fix ME, fix ME, fix ME lol

  99. sophie is Lebanese AND from the planet Vega(n)?

  100. ROFL! NES would never have it!

  101. Nope Sophie eats meat but she knows what to do with those veggies let me tell you.

  102. but Mommy, why can’t SHE be the J one for ONCE?

  103. Here ya go Lorac

  104. she sounds “bi” to me,,,,,,,she plays with both sides…… hmmmmmm,… lol

  105. Hey NES got there first!

  106. sophie is Lebanese AND from the planet Vega(n)?

    GAWD NO!!! Omnivore here, who loves animal proteins and fats.

    BTW, there’s a new Lebanese restaurant nearby–really Lebanese. You guys want to go check it out? 😉

  107. You ought to get together with her, I don’t have a lot of experience.

    I think we should arrange this.

  108. I could never be vegan. I love quiche! Heavy cream, eggs, cheese, probably some bacon all in a pie shell.

  109. I like Lebanese food. Got a friend who comes every summer and steals my grape leaves. In turn I get a boatload of back stuffed. Works for me!

  110. I’m with ya Sophie. I could never give up quiche. Or chicken. Or pork. Or beef. Or lamb.

  111. I could go meatless for fairly long stretches at a time but I’d rather not. But I could not give up all animal-based foods. I love my butter, eggs, cheeses, milk, ice cream, honey, etc way too much.

  112. Cheese! No way i give up Cheese!!!! I love Cheesus!

  113. OMG it’s after 3 in the morning. WTF am I doing up?

  114. lol me too. It’s this damned place.

  115. Phone call at 3 am NY time: Hillary, let me first say how worried I was about you, and how happy I am you’re home again and doing better.

    but on to business: yeah, just as we were afraid, these two can’t join our 3 am club – they’re just not up to it. It will just have to remain you and I 🙂

  116. Well I see the night owl club is holding forth again. 😉

  117. She did what a judge is SUPPPOSED to do. Enough of this squishy crap. She’s right. It takes a certain defective mind to do these things. People who do these horrific things are NOT ‘having a bad day”. They are bad people who require a lesson and punishment –and they bear watching.The old “he paid his dues” argument is baloney. For some things, there aren’t dues high enough to erase the scum that they are. And some of the records we “seal,” that’s bullshit too. This is all confirmation that the criinal gets more sympathy than their victims. The story she told is about little defectives who are the reason people need guns to protect themselves.

  118. Check out NOW.MSNBC’s link title on the Mom who (beyond a shadow of a doubt) rightly, courageously defended she and her kids:

    Yep, this is what it says:

    “Trigger-happy Atlanta mom shoots intruder in the face 5 times”

    Here’s the page that contains that text link (first link on left column – at the bottom of the page under: “Most Commented”)

  119. Well good on her! She made sure he was removed from the gene pool and won’t ever be doing that again. And fuck MSNBC. Like to see what they would say if it were their wife or daughter or sister.

    Edit, damn! He didn’t die. He will suffer for the rest of his scummy life though. Bet he won’t be doing THAT again.

    “took matters into her own hands”

    ALLEGED robber. She should have shot him in the heart.

  120. And, THAT is ONE of the reasons why so many women feel as conflicted as me about owing-being well-trained in the USE of guns, and society has a hard time with women in combat – conditionally speaking. imho.

    On the other hand, let me make this perfectly clear… I will, unto death, tear you to pieces, TODAY, if you physically assault me, my animals or a child… and, if you threaten me or look suspicious in the least in my neighborhood, I will 911 your ass in a heartbeat… go figure…

  121. Uppity: Key words in the link at the bottom: “Trigger-happy.”

    Isn’t THAT an interesting, subliminal message – to us – “bat-shit crazy, overly emotional, ball-busting b*tches???

    P.S. I admire HER – and, he got EXACTLY what he deserved, given the the circumstances.

  122. Why Not, if women are to be ‘conflicted’ they need to be conflicted about whether they die or the POS in front of them dies. Then it becomes a No Contest issue. I would have shot the POS in the chest. With an extra bullet just to make sure.

    When people shoot five times it’s because they are terrified. It’s a natural response, as in I Must Stop This Thing From Harming Me! I would say that bastard is lucky she didn’t empty the gun in him.

  123. Why Not, if women are to be ‘conflicted’ they need to be conflicted about whether they die or the POS in front of them dies.

    I get that, I do. I suppose, no matter what, I will always be ‘conflicted’ at that visceral level, where violence makes NO sense to me, whatsoever.

  124. And yes, how terrified she must have been – it was she and her kids OR him; he who had no regard for her inalienable right to be free from she and her kids being harmed by the likes of a him.

    I’m telling you, just coming face-to-face with a peeping tom is haunting me more than I could have imagined. Her intruder has, no doubt, left an indelible mark on her life – and her kid’s as well.

    Watch him plead “not guilty.”

  125. Watch him plead “not guilty.”

    Yet another major reason why it’s too bad he lived. Next will come the trial where his victim will be told she asked for it. Better he was killed dead right inside her home where his mangy ass didn’t belong.

  126. this gives new meaning to cute as a button — those eyes.

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