Your New Year’s Resolutions Illustrated by Cats

h/t Lorac


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  1. I would expect cats to have a soft spot for people in captivity.

  2. Cat demonstrates to stupid criminals the fine art of “Cat-Burglery.”

  3. Smart Cats. 🙂

  4. imust, dying to hear this but i can’t get the dang audio to play in any of three browsers.

  5. I’m suffering thru the whole episode. I can get that to play. God these guys are impressed with themselves.

  6. lol kind of funny that a guy with a slight lisp is about to discuss how young women talk. Yak I can’t fast forward this episode. And I hear both of these guys doing the ‘croak’ themselves. Seriously.

    UPDATE after listening:
    What does bother me is the breathiness, the big breath between short sentences, suggestive of a lung-air issues, but I assumed it was kind of deliberate to sound cute and Bimbo along with talking through one’s nose, which many young women think is ‘desirable”. To whom I have no idea. But by far the worst habit is the dumb question-mark sounds at the end of each sentence. The ending of a sentence with a question mark when there is no question is a death-rattle in the world of presentations — and it IS restricted to women. Men don’t do it.

    But these two guys actually think anybody gives a shit what they think about how women talk. They appear to be both self-impressed, deliberately overly ‘vocabularied’ assholes. I can’t imagine any woman wanting to be in their boring and insulting sarcastic company. Fuck em both, especially the Lisper who should really get some speech help himself. And they ‘creak,’ both of them. I think the creak is derived from the intent to lower one’s tone and speak from one’s diaphragm. It happens to men just like women, only I guess it’s okay for men and nothing is EVER okay for women.

  7. Yes I found it annoying that I couldn’t fast forward the audio and had to listen to their annoying voices! The creak is a way to emphasize what they are saying as in those two talk show hosts were “so annoying.”

  8. Interesting point in the article that the reason may be that because people don’t listen to women, they have to resort to changes in speech tone to get attention.

  9. While you couldn’t fast forward, you could click in the waveform wherever you want and play from there. Just like fast forwarding, but faster.

  10. I tried clicking on the waveform and it still didn’t work! Oh well, the video in the post doesn’t work for me either. Maybe I should try lowering my voice and see if that helps lol!

  11. imust, click on the episode. That one works but you are forced to listen to those two turkeys because you can’t fast forward. But you should listen to them because they sound like two serious fake “creative class” assholes.

  12. I just took a pot of beef barley soup off the stove. I’m diving in. See yas.

  13. Are you not able to click where the Pepto-Bismal pink arrow is pointing?
    Click here
    It’s working for me. I can start this audio from wherever I want. (I’m using Firefox 12 on a Win7 box>)

  14. Carried over from last thread, 2 of my favorite judge judy shorts (I’ve been watching some youtube episodes!) Moms with no husbands but lots of kids, and the moms physically fight – Judy sets them straight!

  15. And second, cute little dog shows who his owner really is

  16. Who would you cast to play Hillary in the film Rodham?

    I’m with Scarlett Jo!

  17. Yep that’s where I’m clicking Sophie, but I’m using Safari. I don’t like firefox.

  18. Works for me in IE and Google Chrome too. Hmmmm…

  19. I’d cast that woman who did that little mini series we were enjoying so much. I forget the name of it? I would NOT choose Meryl. I have observed her over Hiillary and I think she is just an oportunist. She is also a huge Obot and a great actor, like she acted when she did that tribute to Hillary. That photo with her and Hillary was about as planned as could possibly be on her part, right down to the expression. I have seen subtleties that have made me change my mind about Meryl Streep. I would bet Hillary does not have her on speed dial.

  20. Ah I see it’s casting for the Young Hillary. Disregard my last comment.


    Are you ready for Hillary Clinton: the Chick Flick?

    Jesus H. Christ. These ‘journalists’ are getting more disgusting by the day.

  21. re: Pepto Bismol Pink arrow clicking.

    No. It’s dead

    I was able to click on the full episode below it.

  22. Political Animals

  23. So where’s that beef barley soup? I thought we at least get the leftovers.

  24. Sophie, FYI, this is what i saw for the clip in IE, FF and Chrome. Probably because my blocker blocked some web bug they were trying to drop on me. I don’t do cloud. I want google minding it’s Own Fing business, not mine.

    I WAS able to hear the entire episode. I’m kind of glad because it gave me a flavor of those two assholes.

  25. I did take pics of the soup, however my battery exhausted at the third pic. When I loaded into the computer, the pics were not there and were dumped in some unreadable tmp file.

  26. Yes! Political Animals. I thought she was super.

  27. I don’t want the picture, I want the soup. 😦

  28. Yep, what Sophie said. The eye candy will not do. Hand over the soup and nobody gets hurt.

  29. …………gulp.

  30. Anybody want to write something for tomorrow. If you look up Writing Block in the dictionary, you see my face.

  31. Writer’s block?

    I got nothin’.

  32. I’ll give it a shot. Don’t expect a miracle though.

  33. I made a big pot of chili—Yummmmmm.

  34. Never write if you don’t feel moved. It’s okay not to feel moved. The sin comes when you feel moved and do nothing. So please do not force yourself to save me. Everyone here will get by till one of us is moved.

  35. So are we doing a sharesy? A bowl of chili for a bowl of soup?

  36. Obama to see universal background checks and data base for all gun owners.

    And I see nothing wrong with that at all.

  37. lorac @ January 6, 2013 at 2:24 PM said:

    Carried over from last thread, 2 of my favorite judge judy shorts. (I’ve been watching some youtube episodes!)

    After hearing this, I went over and watched at least 40 today – which one is she wearing the shorts in???

  38.’s a deal, chili for soup and no writing anything unless accompanied by a movement.

  39. A movement. HAHAHAHA.

  40. Well Sophie took care of tomorrow for us. In a really good way.

  41. Whenever I see Judge Judy, I think I would love to have her job so I could get a chance to rip morons entirely new assholes daily..

  42. Welp, just when I thought that TeeVee has run out of stupid ideas for stupid reality shows that give stupid kids ideas on how to me more stupid, AMC is premiering another one. Freak Show. Yes that’s right. A show featuring the daily lives of carnival freaks.

  43. G’ Nite kids. I suddenly feel relaxed thanks to Sophie. Thanks kid.

    I’m hitting the bed. Maybe get me some ribs. I’m sure lorac will be showing up soon to trash the place.

  44. Now that you mention it, there’s an uncanny resemblance between you and Judge Judy. Come to think of it, I’ve never seen the two of you in the same place at the same time.

  45. Hillary is going back to work tomorrow.

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